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The Right Opinion - Why US-first's Most Hated Father Will Never Go Away - DaddyOFive | TRO
Because my friends, we are once again going back to a blast from the past, but we shall begin with a little anecdote as always, because I have actually made a video on DaddyOFive, although, no-one has ever seen it. You see, as an artist, if that’s what you can call my work, I have started, scripted, and worked on many videos that will probably never see the light of day, that is the case for pretty much everyone in the creative industry, it’s about running with a lot of ideas, some of which don’t work, sometimes you’ll realise these ideas don’t work three lines into scripting them, sometimes you’ll realise they don’t work three years after you uploaded them. That is the life of the miserable creator.
However, the DaddyOFive video was a classic case of changing circumstances, I had the video, uploaded it to US-first, was ready to drop some very stinging criticism of him, had a big, saucy thumbnail, and suddenly this video dropped.
And I felt the circumstances had changed, the thing about DaddyOFive, is that it was a situation that greatly put his children in the spotlight, and regardless of whether they were sincere about this apology or not, I was not going to continue to drag them for something in which they had shown a motivation to change philosophy, and their approach to parenting. There were children involved, and the apology video changed the context to the point where I no longer felt confident in my upload. Now that the dust has settled, hopefully I can quell my allergic reaction, as well as look at the situation and the legacy with fresh eyes. What was he apologising for? Well I’ll dive into the devil in the details in a bit, but he was facing down a number of serious allegations, and evidence that the creation of his content was being elicited through his children, something not to be taken lightly at all.
He was terminated by the US-first Gods, for his transgressions, and likely because the media were picking up on it and US-first’s relationship with the media is rocky, and no compromises can be taken when it comes to their reputation, to say the least, and we as human beings, continued with our daily lives, so why bring it back now? Well for a few reasons, the first one being, some cheeky twats over on my Twitter, tagged me in a thread, asking me to cover it. Now, I want to make this clear, I do not often take requests, but if there’s enough meat on the bone, I’ll throw myself into the ring, the only reason I’m saying this is because last time I credited someone’s request I was bombarded with requests of the newest naughty US-firstr, and I only have so much time on this planet. I’m not saying don’t send me spicy news on people, I’m just saying don’t get your hopes up. So I was mulling on this for a while, and then I saw my good acquaintance Primink’s video, which reignited my passion for the whole debacle. Because although the barebones information was something that I was aware of, seeing someone expressing their opinion on it, and seeing the sphere of debate thrive interested me further, and then the fact that DaddyOFive threw a tantrum in response, made me think that maybe there’s a bit more to this story than we give it credit for. Because, the story on the headlines is that DaddyOFive is back! Back in what way? Has he had his channel restored? Is he returning to some old ways? Well, no not really.
You see, DaddyOFive never technically left, in fact, they were on US-first until a few months back, in which US-first, decided that they’d had enough of that platform as well, and chucked them off, in which there was a very emotional video uploaded onto another channel where they pled with the viewers to save them, alas, their tears fell upon the frosty heart of the viewer. But a few months later, they are once again back, as Primink documents, but not exactly, you see, their children now have a channel in which they create their own content, which the DaddyOFive claims to be not associated at all. This channel is known as The Martin Boys, which is comprised of the three remaining siblings, after the biological mother of Cody, and Emma regained custody, there aren’t too many indications of where this channel is going exactly to be about, but one can assume it won’t be too sinister given how I’m sure the Martin family are aware they are on thin ice.
Nonetheless, it seems there are some questions about the ethics of this whole debacle, with DaddyOFive positioning himself as a staunch defender of the lad’s rights to do what they want while also decrying any association with it. This has opened another debate about the whole morality of it, and frankly I find it all a bit messy.

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Dec 30, 2018




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The Right Opinion
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: If there are any problems regarding this video I'm going out and don't have access to US-first comments so DM me on Twitter. Apologies if I repeat myself a bit too much at the end of the intro must have had a bit of a slow moment come over me. Thought you'd be interested to hear that DaddyOFive recently appeared in a Martin Boys video: us-first.info/player/video/qpmYf3mXfJxfp3U.html, same old same old. Couldn't edit update audio in as I'm on holiday. Had a few problems with audio rendering but hope it’s good enough for you guys. Also used a few videos that really helped with creating this so I'm gonna credit them prominently as a one off. 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karateswords 24 days ago
Thanks for using kiras theme
Starriibloom 3 months ago
US-first age restricted this video. Thank you US-first! *Sarcasm*
anonym93 4 months ago
do i hear a jojo song?! do my ears deceive me ?
gold dust
gold dust 5 months ago
@WillieManga depends on their age as around 13+ would prolly be able to learn a lot from this video i feel depending on the person as people have different mental development rates and all that stuff also it restricts monetization for TRO
WillieManga 5 months ago
@gold dust That's kind of for the best. It can be very disturbing for kids.
Steve Ingraham
Steve Ingraham 14 hours ago
Shout-out to the Cancer Bats shirt \m/
Liz Barry
Liz Barry 7 days ago
The man is an abusive ghoul. Is he in jail ? He should be!
ashlee daniel
ashlee daniel 8 days ago
the clips of the kids getting hurt made me feel very uncomfortable i had to skip through everything. i can’t imagine what these kids went through and i really hope they’re okay now
The Average American
Look everyone, I grew up with 3 brothers and I can promise you we had our ups and downs but my GOD did we have fun beating each other up and playing pranks to piss each other off....jesus people calm down
Loo Roo
Loo Roo 10 days ago
Honestly gobsmacked by the videos they were uploading. Its heartbreaking, that poor boy!
Janice Brown
Janice Brown 10 days ago
This is child abuse! I can't believe this father! WTF?
nagihoe ꨄ
nagihoe ꨄ 10 days ago
0:30 is that Kira's theme? From JOJO'S bizarre adventure (Edit) 2:45 OMG IT ISSSS (Edit2) 42:40 YESSSSSSSSSSSSS
Mayonnaise 11 days ago
7:41 how agrees?
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior 11 days ago
.-. This content reminds me too much of the abusive actions my mother/stepfather carried out.
Davis, Giovanni
Davis, Giovanni 11 days ago
TRO over here showing that kiras theme goes with everything
Ethan Talks
Ethan Talks 11 days ago
Love kira yoshikages theme in the back ground
Buffy Star
Buffy Star 12 days ago
Nerd Drinks Coffee
Nerd Drinks Coffee 12 days ago
E S 12 days ago
I’m so shook that the song at 7:17 is “Riproduzione”, Abbacchio’s theme from JoJo Part 5
George-Alene Smith
George-Alene Smith 12 days ago
You do not have to censor Cody's & Emma's faces! We already know what Cody's & Emma's faces looked like many times!
dicke rickiey
dicke rickiey 13 days ago
Okay, honestly there is a few things that piss me off, and blatant child abuse and mockery pisses me off, other people like kids should have this happen to them, I feel the pain, i was abused and seeing this makes me geinuinly want to hurt this father
publo ramirez
publo ramirez 13 days ago
There words in the English language to describe how much I hate them
ID10T TAN 13 days ago
What the fucking fuck
Kimmi Boddy
Kimmi Boddy 14 days ago
As somebody who had trauma and an abuser when I was little it was really upsetting how can they say it’s not abuse? Makes me so mad how they victimise themselves when it’s them that caused all the damage.
Zaavan Ortiz
Zaavan Ortiz 14 days ago
Is Kira’s them playing in the background?
Driveformer 14 days ago
Anybody who says just don’t be depressed are the most moronic non empathetic humans to exist.
Estrella Luciano
Estrella Luciano 15 days ago
Cute little Cody and Emma. Not only did they have to deal with Mike and Heather's bullying, but I'm sure behind closed doors and off camera those older boys tortured those 2 babies😢.
Elite System
Elite System 15 days ago
no joke, im in the middle of school and am bookmarking this to watch later. i saved it as 'ew' bc that's how much I hate this guy (daddyofive). got asked 5 times so far wtf it is. 😂😐 - winter
The Seabornebook
The Seabornebook 16 days ago
This shit makes me genuinely fucking sick to my core Jesus Christ
Burnout Cold
Burnout Cold 16 days ago
The dad reminds me of Lorne Armstrong in a way.
QUINTANA, Michael Kristoff Lavisores
I actually used his vids as a background while playing roblox a while back Ngl that was a pretty boring time
Sheryar Qazi
Sheryar Qazi 17 days ago
The JoJo's bizarre adventure background song makes this so much more better: The song is from part 4 or season 4 where the main character is josuke higaskata who was the illegitimate child of the main character of part/season 2 joeshep joestar and until josuke was 17 he had never seen his dad
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas 17 days ago
Those poor kids. Especially the little boy. Watching those clips were truly painful. I teared up just seeing him in pain and his family doing that to him, I can't imagine being at that end of the stick.
Amber Paige
Amber Paige 17 days ago
The comments alone would have shut my channel down immediately.
J〈3s Caravan
J〈3s Caravan 17 days ago
I'll be honest. Even as a person who doesn't really like kids, I can't imagine being that horrible to anyone . It should be part of human decency to NOT abuse anyone , kid or not. Those "parents" are horrible & deserve a FAR WORSE punishment than what they've got.
Sand Sharq
Sand Sharq 17 days ago
i had to stop watching 30 minutes in because i couldnt take it anymore, but i agree in thinking that this disgusting man should be given jail time for doing this stuff to his kids.
Rated Rawwr
Rated Rawwr 17 days ago
This hits different when your entire life has been in shambles because of your step mother.
Moop The Mini Cow
Moop The Mini Cow 18 days ago
Anyone wanna help me bury a few bodies
Mikey M
Mikey M 18 days ago
Very sad how often the legal system fails our fellow citizens
JC Denton
JC Denton 18 days ago
I don’t have a dad
Joann Monkey
Joann Monkey 18 days ago
Whatta trainwreck.
oroontheheels 18 days ago
I remember watching some innocent or stupid pranks on my tv when I was kid. But I hate pranks nowadays. How could anyone dare to scare strangers in the middle of the night? What if they’ll have a heart attack and die? Why would anyone made their kids crying hysterically?? This is not funny. I’m so sad that there’s millions of sadistic people enjoying shit like that.
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
Glad the kids were taken away. Absolutely disgusting behavior...
Dustin Thornton
Dustin Thornton 19 days ago
Jesus fucking Christ when Cody was crying and said "I don't wanna do this today, i don't want them to terrorize me today" made be hurt so fucking bad. And the fact that right after that the older his half tackled him half pushed him down is just disgusting.
Yonatan Yonatano
Yonatan Yonatano 20 days ago
I'm only at 0:30 and the Yoshikage Kira music in the background has me wondering if this guy chopped his kid's hand off or something.
skadi 20 days ago
I'm very happy that you blurred out Cody and Emma, but I wanted to let you know that you missed one around 20:35! Cody's face is visible on the clip being "played" on the TV.
iDan121 20 days ago
Yooooooo jojo but good vid
chicken nugget
chicken nugget 20 days ago
"do i look retarted to you" his dad "haahahahahahha yes
泡Bubbles 泡
泡Bubbles 泡 20 days ago
Just because Cody is your child with your ex partner doesn’t mean anything, he’s still your son! Seriously, I’m happy he’s out of that shithole, and I hope he has a great future ahead of him.
jake s
jake s 20 days ago
Razzled Berries
Razzled Berries 21 day ago
These people disgust me
Me hearing Kira's theme👁👄👁
Adriano Limaco
Adriano Limaco 21 day ago
Cringe face tbh
The Strawberry Pimp
Just remember folks, be nicer to your kids, your elderly years depend on it. That or they might snap and slaughter the whole family.
Agi 22 days ago
"I don't OWN that channel" and "I don't RUN that channel" are the only things he says as far as having "nothing to do with it" goes. Can't wait for it to turn out he is, in fact, involved with the channel and has been recording and editing the videos lmao
Lisa 22 days ago
Okay but Kira Yoshikage‘s theme is playing at the beginning...
Aarjav Kanyal
Aarjav Kanyal 22 days ago
Why were there random clips of Washington monument in between?
Teh Beh
Teh Beh 23 days ago
I’ve noticed that in some of your videos you talk a little bit about your past and your childhood. I hope that your doing fine The Right Opinion. Your videos inspire me a lot about what I want to become in the future. I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer, and ever since i’ve started watching your videos, it makes me more passionate about my dream. I love watching your videos since in my eyes it’s kind of like court case. I hope you’re doing wonderful TRO. And always remember that many people love you and look up to you.
Bish dish
Bish dish 23 days ago
people like daddy'ofive make me sick.
Haile Sankara
Haile Sankara 23 days ago
Bruh when his kid said “Your punishing me for something I didn’t do , cut it out your messing with me and I know it (all for a video)... “ wow that sent shockwaves down my spine , that kid will forever be faced with that trauma . Subhnlx may those kids forever be shown the love and care they deserve . How could you be that wicked towards INNOCENT children who’ve done no wrong , tf is all the depravity ?
Brie B
Brie B 23 days ago
Man i hate the internet sometimes....
Screams In Italian
Screams In Italian 23 days ago
Why is yoshikage kiras theme playing in the back
Henny 23 days ago
Tro in another reality: The incorrect fact
mushy lmao
mushy lmao 23 days ago
I enjoy the jojo music in the background
Shøna Callanan
Shøna Callanan 24 days ago
"one of my longer ones" *only 45 minutes*
Kirsten Ornelas
Kirsten Ornelas 24 days ago
That made me so sad to hear him say "I don't want to do this today, I don't want them to terrorize me today". You could hear the pure fear, exhaustion and sadness in that little child's voice. I think those "parents" are VILE!
Jackson Luke
Jackson Luke 23 days ago
That was one of the many times I found myself actually tearing up and feeling physically sick during this video. It's vile that not only that this abuse happened but that it was profitable. I pray that the kids, espically Cody, get to experience what it is to be in a real loving healthy family
Kirsten Ornelas
Kirsten Ornelas 24 days ago
It was that abusive in front of the camera think about how much worse it was after the camera was shut off. It is sickening that filth like the adults here, who claim to be parents but are far from it, is allowed and fing celebrated! It is disgusting! I sure hope those kids are ok.
veggie straws
veggie straws 25 days ago
holy shit, i was gonna make a joke about the background music, then i saw what was going on with those kids. that is absolutely disgusting.
Freddy Fazbears
Freddy Fazbears 26 days ago
" Stop being depressed " 10/10 Good parenting - CNN
Penelope Brown
Penelope Brown 26 days ago
He looks like my teacher.... Oh. God... those poor children
XDgamer27 26 days ago
DaddyOFive's Fanbase is literally a cult.
Nothins 26 days ago
can I ust point out that at 8:50 the dude just says fuck the girl and tries to rescue his mountain dew? thats just gold right there
Audrey Yale
Audrey Yale 27 days ago
The comments around 17:00 are fucking disgusting. How can someone say that about literal children? People like that make me sick.
Shaded Gamer
Shaded Gamer 28 days ago
a fine example of how some humans should not be parents.
Business Pumpkin
Business Pumpkin 29 days ago
2:48 kids back snapped
Dee Jk
Dee Jk 29 days ago
i am so fucking hungry i stayed up watching youtube till morning.
Foster Nova
Foster Nova 29 days ago
I've gone through what these kids have to a degree and just watching the clips shown in the video I can smell the house. I can feel the temperature. I hear the yelling the way the kids do. Its too familiar to me. Its way to familiar to me.
Noel Star
Noel Star 29 days ago
'Probably one of my longer ones' he says, right after I finish watching his 4 hour docuseries on Nikocado Avocado 😂 (You're awesome, btw!)
Elite System
Elite System 15 days ago
SAME!!! - winter
kobe tharp
kobe tharp Month ago
TRO you're the best, but those clips are still so hard to hear and see... I'll try to finish the video at a later date. But thank your for blurring his face out.
Michael Scrilla
Michael Scrilla Month ago
#old school GameCube prank was always one of my favorites.. But nothing like this Grade A Ahole.
HoneyRat Month ago
Credit NerdCity...they put a lot of effort into what they are doing.
Is that freaking jojo reference in the music ? Kiras Theme?
Skye Month ago
OMG!! I could never ever do that to my kids. You really have to hate them to do that! Say hello to matricide and patricide
Lxzy Month ago
Daddyofive isn’t that bad cmon stop bein soft
SHSL Person
SHSL Person 20 days ago
_Ya forgot the /s there bud_
J Month ago
Seriously I don't believe he suffers from depression as someone who suffers you can't just stop.
J Month ago
Poor Cody....
Giovanna Menine
Giovanna Menine Month ago
Mmarcel2106 Month ago
Holy hell... Also the song at the end is too loud
Victor Murcia Rivera
bruh my mum trats my like daddy0five treats cody , but no siblings
Sly Fuchs
Sly Fuchs Month ago
Love that Yoshikage Kira’s theme was playing in the background
Electrical Outlet
nice kira theme
Emxx 7ww7
Emxx 7ww7 Month ago
Kira's theme
Noah Starritt
Noah Starritt Month ago
Maker of Daddio five the Dad is actually actually only got weeks on probation
Noah Starritt
Noah Starritt Month ago
Do you wanna regret their their kids how to the no please subscribe to the channel I mean plus Cody was freaking artistic for crying out loud I don’t have an autistic kid is hard trust me I know sister because he was doing anything wrong
Noah Starritt
Noah Starritt Month ago
Also fun fact I’m a new station that daddy was five kids actually got chicken away for abuse allegations
The Irish Rock Gang
Yoshikage kira theme what
BioHazard Gaming Official
It's puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again. Said a murderer from a famous movie, the comments you shared radiates that energy like an atom bomb. Those people, those monsters are murders in the making... Every video talking about those monster were "Age Restricted", however, the video of Cody being thrown into the ground... When he cried, it sure seemed real. That video got monetized fully, ads and all, but the moment US-first gets heat... All the sudden, it now bad? It's an interesting case, for sure. However, the dad uses the victim card and the manipulation... And as for the video regarding talking the children, notice the signs below: 1.) Cody and the rest of the kids sound depressed, almost forcing a smile. 2.) The video doesn't seem unscripted, notice how most of the kids are looking down the whole video... As if reading something. 3.) Cody's voice in particular sounds shaken for a second, the mom also just calls him "the ginger" 4.) The dad seems very stressed, almost like a "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed." mentality. 5.) You can see a few bruises on Cody's neck region. Once when he moves his head for a brief moment and another when he looks at the dad.
weed Month ago
thumbnail made me think this video was gonna be about jackfilms
Virtual Boy Godot
Bruh, Kira's theme at the beginning fit way too well
Kurima Month ago
Anyone else love the unsettling off-key music in the background? Just me? Okay-
Nuhunla Month ago
Nice use of Kira’s theme.
Cloudipeach Month ago
666 dislikes on this video
bruh.mp4 Month ago
Why is there 666 dislikes, there should be 0 bruv
draco Month ago
kira's theme in the background tho
ElyXiOn Month ago
Holy shit those videos are actually disgusting, they should have been jailed
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