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The Right Opinion: Why This US-firstr Can't Stop Eating - Amberlynn Reid | TRO
With the shift in cultural focus by many people, it appears that access to consumption and sedentary lifestyle has created what many view as an epidemic, particularly in countries like the US, where obesity has ballooned, there are many reasons why this might be considered. However, with the existence of fat people, comes the existence of fat US-firstrs.
Larger US-firstrs are nothing particularly new, you’re dealing with a platform that is based online, many people on the platform are not the most active, and they might even find appeal within their great weight.
However, from this transpired a new genre, this mainly revolved around weight loss, the reason should be fairly obvious: we as viewers, typically look for some element of ourselves in the creator, whether that’s something that we currently have, or something that we aspire to be, now when you have a weight loss US-firstr, this is someone that we should follow their journey with. We find inspiration in their progress, maybe you are an overweight person, but at the same time, you’re an introvert, or an agoraphobe, and don’t want to show your body at a Weight Watchers meeting, maybe they can give some advice on how to lose weight from the realms of the screen, although it may not be sufficient to make you lose weight on its own, they may provide inspiration, may provide you with that extra motivation, and then maybe you can document your journey online too, and inspire other people to come along with you.
The problem is that this vision doesn’t always happen, and sometimes people themselves aren’t strong enough to create that arc through their own volition, and thus the story changes very significantly, and because they’re documenting all on US-first, suddenly this augments into something much uglier, this is where we reach today’s creator, the creator known as Amberlynn Reid.
It was a late evening, I had worked on a video only to make the decision that actually, although I wasn’t a fan of the creator’s content, there wasn’t enough to make a video, so I decided to watching a few videos, I knew one of my fellow creators known as Danarchy had released a couple of uploads on these US-firstrs who were rather notorious for the handling of their weight on the platform and so, in my crisis I decided to sit down and watch them, and although he was a tad too insulting for my rather polite demeanour, he touched on some important points, that I definitely feel could be expanded on in a Right Opinion video, his content definitely does a great job at individually calling out the US-firstrs in question, but what is there beneath the surface? Well let’s talk about the US-firstr in question.
This is Amberlynn Reid, she is a 28 year old US-firstr from the United States of America, she recently become a target for a lot of US-firstrs, for a multitude of reasons, typically the cycle consists of her doing something, people reacting, people noting her rather counterproductive efforts to lose weight, people noting various other negative traits, such as her apparent compulsion to lie, and deceive her audience, and alleged manipulation of certain situations. Hell, there is a whole channel dedicated to exposing Amberlynn for her weight, that is some spicy commitment considering that many of these videos receive more views than Amber’s videos themselves.
Amberlynn appears to be a dubious character for more reasons than just her weight, and although I do consider many of them valid criticism, and would definitely implore people to look into that, that will typically be a secondary narrative of this video, because although I will definitely touch on that, there’s a lot of detail to these stories that I think you can only really see from the testimonies, and I don’t plan on addressing all of those. Though if you are interested, I’ll definitely reference and link some of the more controversial incidents sooner or later in the video, because there is a lot to cover.

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Mar 14, 2019




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The Right Opinion
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jarrel 5 days ago
hey, you forgot to include @airsoftfatty in the "popular fat youtubers" section
Lil Will
Lil Will Month ago
That moment when you pressed "Read More"
TheSlanksterWam Month ago
POV: you accidentally pressed read more
Darth Ceasar
Darth Ceasar Month ago
holy mother of read more..........
Joseph Sutton
Joseph Sutton Month ago
Aj :}
Aj :} 17 minutes ago
24:24 whats mario barth doing in your video-
Lead Belly
Lead Belly 4 hours ago
She absolutely has an addiction to food. I don't think she is gaining for the sake of creating controversy and thus views. Its her unhealthy means of coping with her failures, which have been compounded by criticism. I believe that she still holds onto the belief that one day she is going to prove all the haters wrong. Like most caught up in addiction, she needs help, and she cannot be expected to change on her own.
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 15 hours ago
She's a good candidate for gastric bypass surgery
Moonereta Aj
Moonereta Aj Day ago
A year later. Her face has caved in more and she looks like the purple thing from mcdonalds
anthony risola
She will continue to eat to excess because if she gets down to a reasonable weight she will become irrelevant. She would no longer get attention,which is the whole point of being on US-first anyway. As a morbidly obese person she is known,she is "special". Typical US-firstr-"Look at me! Smash the like button and subscribe!" It's her mantra.
Mark Paul
Mark Paul Day ago
I’m uncomfortable
Nadiali 2 days ago
This is like the complete opposite of the Eugenia Cooney case.
Jared Hise
Jared Hise 2 days ago
"Slip into weight oblivion" cut with oblivion made me laugh so hard.
Eileen Kauffman
Eileen Kauffman 2 days ago
I think people find her so infuriating, because she acts arrogant and entitled, and this rotund thing, literally, HAS NOT A SINGLE THING GOING FOR HER....... NOT ONE!!!! THE SHEER SIZE OF HER IS MIND NUMBING!!!!
The Raging Ray Show
When i saw her in the Mukbang phase i can just think of 🌝
EnriqueLovinLife 3 days ago
Wendy's is a hell of a drug.
Licorice Meat
Licorice Meat 3 days ago
Listen, being fat is fine. I love my body and I'm overweight. Being fat is fine and dandy, it's your body. It doesn't make you a bad person, but it also isn't an excuse to be awful.
EnriqueLovinLife 3 days ago
Don't let it get out of hand. A bad kidney is expensive to remove. Two bad kidneys are more expensive replace.
Licorice Meat
Licorice Meat 3 days ago
Like she's a beautiful woman, but that doesn't matter when she is so ugly on the inside
ItsMeHighGuy 3 days ago
She sounds like a perfect match for wingsofredemption
EnriqueLovinLife 2 days ago
@ItsMeHighGuy no, but they will make you have to remodel your bathroom.
ItsMeHighGuy 3 days ago
@EnriqueLovinLife then will they ban everyone from chat?
EnriqueLovinLife 3 days ago
If I ever open a wing shop, I'm making a rub called wings of redemption. They'll be spicy at first but leave a bitter aftertaste.
Helena Reilly
Helena Reilly 3 days ago
Really interesting video and subject but just really drawn out and long. Could have been 20 minutes by just (and excuse the wording choice here) cutting out the fat.
Casey Truman
Casey Truman 4 days ago
Why do you care about her weight
Eli Brandt
Eli Brandt 4 days ago
Don't call them fat they will get mad and crush you + size
17:56 OMG thats SOOO funnny
Daisy Mhm
Daisy Mhm 4 days ago
Took me a minute, finally got it. TRO: The Right Opinion 🤦🏼‍♀️ finally found someone dummer than Amber, me.
Tori Turner
Tori Turner 4 days ago
Not sure I agree with Tro on this one - most of the time I do. But as someone who has struggled with weight since my teenage years I honestly see her journey as very similar to me (mines just not public) but it’s Definitly been a rollocaster if loosing weight followed by weight gain and giving up. I’ve had periods of successful weight loss followed by periods of weight gain and not giving a fuck and eating what I want for ages untill I get the motivation to diet again. And the cycle continues. Maybe she dosent give a fu*k just because she is in that period of ‘giving up’ and ‘faluire’ As a larger women I can sure as hell tell you id pay any price to wake up in the body I wanted, I doubt a women would stay fat and unhappy with her figure just for some youtube subs and a few £££ a month.
inlightenme Canada
Hello from northbay Ontario Canada 🍁 new subscriber 👋😀
Bradley Harrington
Goon Cookie
Goon Cookie 5 days ago
Easedrop? Good lord 🙄
Goon Cookie
Goon Cookie 5 days ago
I actually think the Amber in her early videos seems more insincere than the Amber we have today, she’s terrible and isn’t ashamed of it now. The meek, tiny voiced Amber of yesteryear is all an act.
MegaRoo 5 days ago
I can't help thinking that her relationship with her viewers is similar to the relationship between an abuser and a victim. The abuser begins the relationship in a normal way but soon they start to do things that aren't ok and the more time goes by the worse it gets. There's always that same cycle, the abuser does something awful, comes up with excuses and a lame apology, promises not to do it again but always ends up doing it again. The sick thing is the only person getting hurt is Amber herself, she's her own abuser.
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl 5 days ago
I've never seen people so concerned with others health as is displayed when someone is overweight. "If we don't bully them, how will they know they're fat and unhealthy.. daah!"
BEER - OTFG 3 days ago
please don‘t confuse bullying people because they are fat with telling them they have health issues this video and a few other videos are talking about her personality and how she tries to justify all of her weight to herself while a bully would mock someone psychologically or physically and sure i get you sometimes people think the way to get someone to lose weight is to be rude which is just ridiculous but the way to get someone to lose weight is to support them trying to check if the person is falling back, helping with exercises and motivate them
Da Crammers
Da Crammers 5 days ago
Most of the video i was like.... her neck's gotta be there somewhere...
Zaikzolla 5 days ago
No one is born ugly we just live in a judgemental society.
Aaron P
Aaron P 6 days ago
So basically she's an over-emotional fat girl who lies to get as much attention as she can. It's nothing new man... It's a good video either way. Hopefully she seeks professional help because there's more than just an eating issue there.
Audrey Leckie
Audrey Leckie 6 days ago
Like her intentions were pure. And she just needs to make herself see what she is doing currently won't change anything
Buford Guthrie
Buford Guthrie 6 days ago
Alternative title: Female nikocado Avacado
Hanna Stanley
Hanna Stanley 7 days ago
the only thing imma say is that I feel nauseas when I eat scrambled eggs but I eat them anyway cuz fuck it lmaoo
Rose 7 days ago
She's down to 488lbs as at June 2020
Ruby 5 days ago
She weighed in a few days ago and she was 517. She’s losing again tho. Hopefully she sticks to the Jenny Craig.
Ashley Lamborghini
can we have an amberlynn reid PT. 2? :)
Hagen Re
Hagen Re 7 days ago
shes making a lot of progress...just in the wrong direction hahaha
The Cinema Cynic
The Cinema Cynic 9 days ago
It's sad watching her first video because she seemed so young and actually willing to commit. She seemed like a quieter, gentler, and more sincere person. Now look who she is today. Completely different and yet she still hasn't lost the weight.
Sadist 9 days ago
She's that type of girl my family and friends are comparing me *I'm anorexic now.*
atrofa1913 9 days ago
I thought she was Thomas the train wtf wow seriously I had to double look when scrolling my son watched Thomas so I really thought her pic on vid looked like Thomas wow
Bill Van Tassel
Bill Van Tassel 9 days ago
she dead now
Wendillon 7 days ago
Not sure where you got that from, she uploaded a new video yesterday.
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan 9 days ago
She's literally eating herself to death. It's not funny or entertaining. It's dangerous.
Yu Fang Tseng
Yu Fang Tseng 10 days ago
She needs a therapist more than anything else - she avoids her problems or reflecting on her current state, she doesn't really like herself and grew apathetic; these are all signs of depression. Some people with certain disorders (such as adhd) may be bad at resisting temptations or following through their plans despite wanting to, so there is definitely a potential of some underlying problems like such, along with other factors, resulting in her failure in dieting and losing weight. But in general, she probably needs care/treatment from all angles, with a therapist, a nutritionist, and a doctor to tackle her mental problems/obstacles, change her habits, and to make sure she is staying as healthy as she can be.
Taylor Adair
Taylor Adair 10 days ago
I'm anorexic and struggled so hard to refeed myself, and I had to slowly increase my calories from under 1,000 calories to around 3,000 a day to gain weight and it was physical HELL. (I was very mentally willing to recover, so I did tons of research and luckily pulled it off on my own before it was too late. It was risky to do it on my own, so I'm glad I'm okay now) I HAVE NO IDEA HOW ANYONE COULD WILLINGLY ENJOY EATING THIS MUCH. I don't personally believe she even has binge eating disorder like she claims to, probably something else psychiatric just imo. I think she loves the attention, and doesn't have any of the necescarry self control. I can't stand her victim attitude. She bounces from doctor to doctor and blames everyone but herself. She's so proud showing off her nasty meals. ICK.
Reid Martinez
Reid Martinez 11 days ago
I haven’t watched the video but all I see is the Reid last name and I’m like 😔 please don’t tell me it’s anything bad
Vivi 11 days ago
I don‘t see how obesity is not a eating disorder similar to anorexia, just in the opposite direction
Vivi 10 days ago
@Taylor Adair makes sense
Taylor Adair
Taylor Adair 10 days ago
Some people do have binge eating disorder, but I don't think everyone overweight has an ED...Some people just lack dicipline and self control. Depends on the person. I have EDNOS, so I definitely have compassion for people who feel out of control. Amber personally seems to enjoy playing victim and is way too proud of her overeating for me to believe it's a legitamite ED...I could be wrong this is just my opinion.
Andrea the Music Owl
3:00 that accent though lol
Black Man
Black Man 12 days ago
I don't know if it's just me or do you think of Riley Reid every time I hear her name
ᴛᴜʟɪᴘ 13 days ago
She get hurt because of her weight .. She comfort herself with food.. Put this on repet.
hachi 14 days ago
im 230 pounds and def need to lose weight, but god damn, do I wanna lose weight after watching this......
2PAC 13 days ago
Me too
luca kro
luca kro 14 days ago
Dont eat rice and fuxkin potatoes if you wanna lose weight pls for the love of god. Eat whatever the fuck just try to cut down on some things like bread but just go to the gym honestly that’s how you avoid getting those wings ex fats have.
lex rhyme
lex rhyme 14 days ago
amberlynn reid the land whalee!!!!
Agent Smith
Agent Smith 14 days ago
I'm no shrink, but it seems to me that she needs comfort around her. That means soft blankets, soft paper, soft towels, soft and sweet food, no regular workouts, comfortable and cushy chairs or sofa/couch, no work or job, no long hours reading, learning, studying or educate herself, no long walks, a comfortable car, comforting food. She reminds me of Boogie 2988 and other fat people.
Lee Pascoe
Lee Pascoe 14 days ago
What do you mean by mid rolls 🐘
Grappler Sama ☑️
I lost 80 lbs in a year, if I did it being weeaboo trash, all of you can do it too.......
Grappler Sama ☑️
@Wendillon and thanks! I hope you can do a fitness journey too!
Grappler Sama ☑️
@Wendillon just a combination of getting off of anti depressants and training every day in my MMA gym instead of every 3 days. I'm not buff per se, I'm kinda skinny but toned now. I don't look like a 30 year old anymore I look my age again. It really isn't that hard. Take a look at my channel, look at the first videos now look at recent ones.
Wendillon 7 days ago
Congratulations. That takes discipline and self-control.
Babbling Brook
Babbling Brook 15 days ago
She’s a beautiful girl.
Star Marchment
Star Marchment 15 days ago
i want an updated one covering all the new arcs!
BradleyVolk3 15 days ago
Apparently you can just be successful on US-first by having a problem in some way and talking to your phone's camera about it. Wow. You go girl. There is like 70 videos about Amber Lynn by other people. Who fucking cares??
Ashley Cantrell
Ashley Cantrell 15 days ago
she went from wanting to lose weight to being an example for already over weight people to say "holy hell i never want to be her size"
F2LMikey 16 days ago
Im a teen that weighs 83 lbs lmaoo
mariam al said
mariam al said 16 days ago
As a Palestinian having to watch a channel called "the right opinion" with a pic of a British man's cartoon in it is just sooo offensive. The fact that my country and many others are going through hell cause of your country's "opinions" since ww2 and then finding this on youtube as well is unimaginably painful. I have no idea how minorities watch your channel, but I assume they're just children
Mr.Galaxy 4 days ago
us-first.info/player/video/jM1nnZxkk2lnfZc.html&app=desktop Here’s a song about how to fix your behaviour
Freckled Fox
Freckled Fox 12 days ago
I didn't realize someone put a gun to your head and made you watch this.
Freckled Fox
Freckled Fox 12 days ago
Marney Olson
Marney Olson 15 days ago
I'm a 30 year old Canadian. This is a harmless commentary channel. I'm not downplaying what your country goes through, but not everything is about politics.
Wookiee Lover
Wookiee Lover 17 days ago
I actually feel bad for her. She clearly has some things emotionally to work through which is why she’s a binge eater. AND. On her channel. She gets SOO much hate in her comments I mean VILE hatred I’m sure that too contributes to her issues. It’s sad. And she gets more dislikes within minutes of posting a video. I don’t get hating someone like. That. If you don’t like her don’t watch. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Kyle W.
Kyle W. 17 days ago
The name of your channel scared me off for a while and the avatar having a red background but I’m glad I gave it a shot. Should have realized that in your country the color for the right/tories is blue not red lol
Jesse Lastname
Jesse Lastname 17 days ago
Quick note on the definition of "lolcow:" Typically the moniker is given if the person being mocked _continually_ produces content that's being laughed at. Hence, the term refers to them able to be "milked" for laughter.
GW 17 days ago
You dont eat like a normal person. Move someone thin in your house and only eat what they eat and move as much as they do.
Roblox Catching Gold digger
But you have to understand food is like a drug its hard to stop because you'll crave it and want more because usa and other countrys are making more unhealthy food and opening more unhealthy fast food restaurants its encourages people to eat and because of the addiction chemicals its addicting and they cant stop- me personally somebody who has lost alot of weight myelf its hard and not easy
Mr.Galaxy 4 days ago
Mind rephrasing that.
Mr.Galaxy 4 days ago
Hol’ up. Did you just compare something we need to survive, to drugs?
pianomanhere 16 days ago
We in U.S. are the fattest group of f**ks in the universe. You could see the descent into obese madness by looking at stats and even amateur films from the 1950s up to the present. The ethos should be "person acceptance," not "fat acceptance," which is going to lead to early deaths for many people. When people make themselves the subject of their channels, they should expect fans, hate-watchers, supporters and trolls. No public figure or limited public figure should feel exempt, and therefore has to deal with the mix.
kitten _
kitten _ 18 days ago
Potato bread is a thing now
EnriqueLovinLife 3 days ago
It's amazing. But not if you eat an entire loaf yourself in a single day every day
나는 자살했다
she lost more lbs than i weight lol
Nora Blueberryhook
Nora Blueberryhook 18 days ago
Don't know why ppl care so damn much
Teresa Riddle
Teresa Riddle 19 days ago
No we know why she claims she showers everyday. Watch to the very last clip. us-first.info/player/video/jtCsdnmpcmaqhmg.html
You give me cancer
You give me cancer 19 days ago
30:11 Actually sesame seeds are super high in calories, they're like nuts so that's a bad idea too.
You give me cancer
You give me cancer 19 days ago
21:30 I don't really see the problem with this, I'm the same. I was allergic to egg whites I think it was when I was a baby but I've grown out of it. I love eggs but sometimes if I eat them hard boiled or have more than one I'll feel pretty sick. I still try and eat them it's just sometimes I overestimate how much I can take and feel nauseous.
michael wilson
michael wilson 19 days ago
no sympathy for fat fucks. its just fucking greed, but they wont own their own behaviour
lex rhyme
lex rhyme 22 days ago
if they"fat activist" want to die then go ahead but dont ask me to follow or force me btw her weight and attitude is the reason people stay away from her, how could she force someone to love her when she always bitching about little things?
TidyThePYROBAT 23 days ago
Love the use of the oddworld intro audio by Biodegradable!
Shameful King Crimson
The thumbnail just gave me another face to punch, along with the many punchable faces
randomlly 24 days ago
stop being rude its ok to be fat
EnriqueLovinLife 3 days ago
It's pretty fun. I miss stuffed crust pizza and wings and beer. I also miss my liver function and sex life.
Mr.Galaxy 4 days ago
Hey you didn’t watch the video! Here is a quick guide while trying to spread misinformation on the internet’s us-first.info/player/video/jM1nnZxkk2lnfZc.html&app=desktop
N4miiyu :0-
N4miiyu :0- 14 days ago
kit katty
kit katty 18 days ago
This wasnt a fat shaming video so your comment is irrelevant
Lionstar16 21 day ago
No it is NOT ok to be fat because of all the health problems that develop from obesity - don't so bloody stupid
Irenic 25 days ago
I just find it so dumb that she gives up no matter what diet she goes with. It's not about trying diets, it's about staying consistent of them for a while until you see progress. My sister was chubby but also on the weightier side. She tried everything and wanted to give up so badly. But because of my mom's push and myself trying to stop her from eating junk, she was actually able to lose so much and now she's 5 kg away from a normal weight. But seeing her now you can tell she truly stayed determined in her journey and did well. What Amberlynn really needs is HEALTHY support from friends and family which could truly help her.
pill bug
pill bug 25 days ago
something I see a lot of is people seeing a fat person and immediately saying "work out". But when a fat person goes to work out, someone films them and shames them. I read an article where a guy was mocking an athletic clothing brand for having xxxL size leggings, saying "the woman who fits these leggings is not working out, she's sitting on the couch". But fat people deserve to feel welcome in the world of working out. They deserve to feel comfortable. People tell fat people just to work out, and then laugh at the concept of xxxl workout gear . They tell fat people to go to the gym and then become laughing stocks on the internet. It's just something that pisses me off. Do skinny people actually care about fat peoples' health or do they just not like the way they look? You get told to go to the gym and get mocked and ostracized for going
P S 25 days ago
Still crazy after all these years.
sarah marie
sarah marie 26 days ago
I honestly can see why people are so upset. Looking at Her old videos compared to now, she's definitely a COMPLETELY different person. She just doesn't give a shit to even bother trying anymore it seems. Her attitude and false accusations towards an ex.....my god, what went wrong?
Susel 27 days ago
She gives me narcissist vibes.
Susel 27 days ago
I don’t think she’s all there mentally.
Random WhittyName
Random WhittyName 28 days ago
Trouble retaining? Nah, she's retaining IT ALL. 19:35 Tell me that necklace doesn't look like salty pretzels all interlocked. [Change my mrpfhhf]
j0sH092 29 days ago
We burn a set amount of calories a day just by existing. Sitting, sleeping, playing a video game, everything burns calories. At her weight, it is unfathomable how much she is eating every day. For instance, I am 6’2 and 200. My BMI is a bit above what’s normal, but i strength train and do cardio several days a week to maintain this, this is also because I am an ice hockey goalie. I digress. If you do nothing and eat nothing, you will lose weight. This isn’t good for you, but it’s true. Amber is taking in thousands of calories every day. To gain weight at her size is insane to me. That would mean she is eating over her calories burned per day, which also at her weight, would likely be 3000+. So, she’s eating probably 6500-7500 calories a day. I want people to know this. I don’t have a point other than- this is not healthy. Work out. Jog. Bike. Hike. Do anything. Do not let this happen to you.
Lily Storme
Lily Storme 23 days ago
dude like, im in school right now and our meal plan literally has every single one of my fav foods - i’ve gained like 20lb, however, a few weeks at the gym and making more conscious meal decisions brought me back to a healthy weight. gaining weight was WAY harder like i ate pasta, pizza, and burgers every day for every meal for like 2months and gained 20lb like you have to WORK to gain. i can’t imagine... like i feel sick just thinking about it
Cat rymer
Cat rymer 29 days ago
Love your video. As always you are clear, concise, thoroughly fair and correct. Good Job Old Boy.
Deses Month ago
What I don't get is how can she have slip ups. Doesn't she make the grocery shopping? Why does she buy unhealthy food to begin with?
Turo Month ago
I just found your channel and want to keep watching your videos but a man can only watch 30+ minute videos at almost 3am for so long
Friederike Month ago
the dislikes is the amount of likes that she gets average on her videos just a thought
chris lethbridge
nuller87 Month ago
If a person her size wanted to lose weight she could drop the first 30 - 40 pounds in a month just by working out and changing diet. It's first when you hit a certain point it becomes hard. Be she CLEARLY didn't even try
Leah Hart
Leah Hart Month ago
People only hate watch her.
Scottish cunt
Scottish cunt Month ago
Average american
Lily Storme
Lily Storme 23 days ago
American here. Accurate.
great name
great name 28 days ago
As an American I can confirm.
Jennif S
Jennif S Month ago
am learning a shit ton about addiction and narcissism by watching the Amberlynn Catalogue.
Rachel Chainsaw
Rachel Chainsaw Month ago
Ad for marshmallows..so weird
Jana_Terminator Month ago
Thanks for including kilograms 😄
Unhumanized Month ago
Cant stop eating becauee monies! Thats honestly sad i hope people can get the help they need
MFD Month ago
She's the prime example of a fallen hero archetype. It's a sad story. But it's also a cautionary tale.
Steven M
Steven M Month ago
I have lost over 260 pounds, its clear she's has a food addiction. Every single excuse she uses I used. I had 90 percent of my stomach to lose the weight. Its been 3 years and still go to therapy to keep my addictive personality at bay.
BlackWACat Month ago
watching this while snacking at 3am god bless
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom Month ago
I'm guaranteeing shes drawing disability cause she got so fat she claimed she couldn't work.
sarah marie
sarah marie 26 days ago
Why are you commenting 3 things? Lmao.
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom Month ago
She changed when she realized her delusion could make her money. And 89 pounds ain't nothing for someone as big as her