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The Right Opinion: Why This Fallout US-firstr Couldn't Avoid Drama - The Truth About Oxhorn | TRO
Contrary to the slogan, which I pretty much retain for branding purposes at this point, I don’t have much free time, and therefore I don’t play as many video games as I’d like. One of the games or series of games I’ve always wanted to play, but never quite got round to was Fallout, it seems like a fascinating concept, the dystopian open-world adventure concept really captures my attention. Fallout, as a game-series has been going for a few decades, and with its critical acclaim and popularity, it quickly obtained a substantial fanbase which spilled over into the internet gaming scene, and launched the careers of a lot of creators.
From an outsider’s perspective, it’s not just the gameplay of Fallout that seems to attract a lot of attention, but it’s also the lore, the stories, the mystery in a way. When playing games, we might experience something, that provokes a question in our head about them, makes us think, I wonder what the story is behind them. Like creators who delve into the mysteries of the internet for example, the gaming equivalent of these creators gained prominence with the same sort of approach, talking about the mysterious backgrounds of all these characters. And out of these roots came a US-firstr known as Oxhorn, the Fallout lore investigator with a creamy voice. His videos delving into various cases, stories and features gained traction over the 2017-2018 period.
Now this wasn’t Oxhorn’s first venture on the platform, in fact he is one of the older creators as the platform’s history goes. Prior to the Oxhorn channel he had a channel named “Oxhorn Movies”, in which he uploaded World of Warcraft related content, which was certainly… interesting to say the least.
This has 17 million views by the way, good luck ever obtaining the success of this sort of this content. He made the comment that he started making movies in 2004, and therefore he must’ve preexisted the platform with his interests he engaged in. However, in 2013, he decided that it was time to move on from this brand of content, and onto other ventures. He had a podcast that he called scotch and smoke-rings, he also had a website where had advised on beard care, and marketed products known as growabeardnow.com, and he had his own personal blog: bloggingwithclass.com. Now when someone’s on the internet for such a long time, it’s natural that they’ve probably got a lot of history, a lot of pages up there, that documents their journey. However, sometimes when we look over a person’s journey, we see a few potholes that they may have encountered, and we want to know how they would address it, these are two separate processes that can definitely shape the perception of a creator and the possible implications regarding their reputation.
I found myself confused about being contacted about such drama. Because drama has a normal formula, one side presents their case, another side presents their case, and then the beleaguered, bewildered audience try and pick a side on the basis of what truths they can hopefully take away, why would people want me to do a video on this bloke? As far as I could see, a fairly inoffensive Fallout channel that isn’t pulling so many views these days. Well, when I began to spend some time researching content, and watching the videos on it, I very quickly realised why people were messaging me, because the truths that I just spoke about, they’re very unclear.
The videos on him were long, I mean very long, and some of you creators clearly didn’t get the memo, because only I’m allowed to do long videos with pretentious rants, but I watched them, because The Right Opinion is a trooper, out on the front lines, watching the videos, so you don’t have to.

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Jun 9, 2019




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Sett 6 hours ago
Lol because if you apologize the thought police will forgive you.
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Byrne Day ago
Animals don't look at other animals and get horny !!! This is thee dumbest comment I've heard in a while . Does US-first attract IDIOTS
Tomas Smith
Tomas Smith Day ago
Honestly fuck that mindset that says "boohoo small creators shouldn't be punished for spreading lies muh punching down" People are just people. Dont be a dick to anyone, regardless of your views or theirs
Sevilou Day ago
Oxhorn is fucking based, that's all. Paused this video at 1:12 bye.
Ziggy Gunz
Ziggy Gunz Day ago
Are you ready? Let's go...into a commercial lol
i'm now tentative to support him, bc i mainly just kinda liked his content and i turn his videos on to play in the background while i work on things, but i think i'm going to treat this like i've been treating nimious since he came forward about past failures on his twitter: let them prove that they don't uphold the values they used to and that they're a changed man. if they ever prove otherwise, it's a quick unsub and dropping them for good. granted oxhorn's response video and general responses were...not handled as well as they could have been, i can only hope he's learned from that since then.
Lady Symble
Lady Symble 2 days ago
I will never consider him a Fallout you tuber. Wow was his best. He never caught up to the new wave of hateful gamers. Which is sad. They just didn’t understand him. He never really thought he was better then everyone else; it was a persona. No one can take away his years of success. Soybabies can take their 200+ genders and shove it. Oxhorn is still loved.
Crash's Game Vault
i like the dude's videos I don't particular care about what he's said in the past he's apologized for it and he's a changed person. also of course he'd like bethesda and defend them and seem like a shill, they've made his life better because he can make videos about fallout every day, I don't think he'd say something bad about them at all for that reason.
Jacob DeAquair
Jacob DeAquair 2 days ago
Hey I like ox he isn't the same person. And he doesn't involve any bullshit so he's good in my book.
Lukas Walkowiak
Lukas Walkowiak 3 days ago
Damn, 5:50 intro but still entertaining
Kevin Vance
Kevin Vance 4 days ago
Not to simp for him, but I got to respect him. the fact He makes a video EVERY day Giving the synopsis of a new thing in fallout lore. Managing to successfully merge letsplays, walkthroughs and lore summary all edited and narrated with a script. It’s not like he tries to just quit at the ten minute mark either. He could probably recite the fall out wiki by heart. I’m just impressed he was able to monetize such a useless hobby. Some people just don’t have thick skin.
Vex Valentine
Vex Valentine 4 days ago
Not a huge fan of Oxhorn however i do really like Averagebaters livestreams and while he may have been wrong on a lot it isnt his job to be, he is a banker and a comedian and i feel like the way it was painted here was almost disrespectful and other than this i haven't seen baters get into a single drama type video
Gene Thompson
Gene Thompson 4 days ago
I believe ox.
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson 5 days ago
Being christian=loving everyone=loving gay individuals.
Richard Landgren
Richard Landgren 5 days ago
A 400 pound man dissing masturbation? Wow, um, okay. 🤣
David Hütter
David Hütter 5 days ago
I think it's a really bold move to criticize somone for very little flaws, flaws most people have and aren't that dramatic after all, like it feel kinda bias how some criticism that was obviously just spoken out by various littel US-firstr for the sole reason to do so, still were viewed as valid criticism and the overly high expectations on oxhorns side like u literally did not even consider the possibility that he might have forgot something or that there could be a harmless reason for information not matching up, instead TRO, u ask yourself instantly if he's lying, what seemed kinda bias, anyway I'd enjoyed every other video so far and call me a oxhorn fan, I call u a greedy twat, have a good day
Udester Swag
Udester Swag 4 days ago
@Joey malaria regardless, it’s annoying because the first thing to come up when searching Oxhorn is this dumbass video. A waste of time and energy just like this comment thread.
Joey malaria
Joey malaria 4 days ago
@Udester Swag by that that isn’t what it’s about, it’s focusing on how he couldn’t escape drama he’s not in any way trying to expose him
Udester Swag
Udester Swag 4 days ago
@Joey malaria I have watched the video, while exposing may be a bit to strong of an adjective, it’s essentially bringing up tweets and drama that is so dated, and stuff that Oxhorn has already addressed.
Joey malaria
Joey malaria 4 days ago
@Udester Swag he’s not trying to expose but hey that would require actually watching the video
Udester Swag
Udester Swag 5 days ago
Yea this video is really just pulled from his ass, I don’t know why anyone would waste their time trying to expose someone with such weak arguments to go off of
johnnycaralta 6 days ago
I was a big fan of his content. Dude's a spineless worm of a shill though.
Luis Carpio
Luis Carpio 6 days ago
Im not a huge fan of Oxhorn, I do love Fallout76 but if you look at Oxhorns subscribers it has gone up dramatically since this video.
Haizlee 7 days ago
Let the guy make fun of someone, dude runs one of the best if not the best fallout channel on US-first. Who cares what his personal views are? Upload more fallout videos daddy
James Wilson
James Wilson 7 days ago
Have u ever made a video of u criticizing yourself? I dont think so I'm sorry your a dickhead and I'm not even a oxhorn fan...there should be a rule for these types of commentary channels that states u should make a vid on yourself and tell us what YOU did before you start making 40 fuckin minute vids shitting on people
Joey malaria
Joey malaria 4 days ago
Watch the video
ZeroChimp 8 days ago
That Oxhorn dude kinda sounds like a young Tom Hanks. Annoying that he feels he needs to use $20 words when it's not necessary.
TheSickGman09 8 days ago
I dont even like fallout but I remember delving into his content a few years back for like a month straight then never thought about him again. Didnt even hear about any of this. Crazy.
Cassandra Calder
Cassandra Calder 8 days ago
He's voice is nice.
Pedro 8 days ago
Damn he's pretty damn BASED. I've always liked his videos, now I'll enjoy them even more!
Trey Delano
Trey Delano 8 days ago
Bad taste in games??? Fallout is a widely respected game besides that shitty ass fallout 76
Trey Delano
Trey Delano 6 days ago
@Mehnem jeff I respect that they can like it just don’t see how but I would never attack some one over it
Mehnem jeff
Mehnem jeff 6 days ago
@Trey Delano i also personally dont like 76 but i respect the people who do its so dumb to hate on someone just because you dont like the thing hes enjoying
Trey Delano
Trey Delano 7 days ago
@Mehnem jeff I love fallout that’s why I’m saying and questioning him saying the fallout franchise is crap I agree 76 should of never been made or atleast had a feature like the original saints row where you can turn on active matchmaking for if you wanna play online but also have it to where you can turn online off and just play the story as the story I believe that’s how Bethesda needs to go about 76 also fix all of the bugs I was late to start playing it and only did two missions I’d like to finish the game by buying it again only if Bethesda can make these changes
Mehnem jeff
Mehnem jeff 7 days ago
Theres no such thing as bad taste in games we all have opinions i cant force you to like something
Derethevil 8 days ago
One thing i can say though. Players can be quite ridculous but also hilarious. I play Fallout 76 again. And i genuinely enjoy my time playing it right now. If you dare to say that to someone who has some weird hateboner for F76, they go rabid at you, like some 10 year old COD kiddie on steroids and Redbull injections. One of my friends also hates a lot on Fallout 4, having this weird relationship to it where he can't stop playing it, but also says. "It's only good, because the community mods are saving it." I can agree, that the Community does a lot for Bethesda. But what people always forget. If Bethesda wouldn't have released Fallout 4 for example so people can mod it, they would still be stuck with Fallout 3/NV. Yet everyone keeps saying "Fallout NV is so much better than Fallout 3 and 4." but everyone keeps playing Fallout 4. If Fallout 4 is so awful how everyone claims it would be.. why are you playing it? Your OH SO precious Fallout New Vegas has mods too. Stay there then. And yes. I did like Fallout New Vegas too, but it isn't this.. Jesus of Fallout games. Afterall you could say it is just a modded Fallout 3. But god save you, if you dare to say that to one of those moronic fanboys of Fallout NV. Fallout 76 had a rocky start. It had a lot of issues. And many things Bethesda did and still are doing to the game, are things i do have more and more a hatred for. But it isn't as bad as people claim it to be. I played it at the start and enjoyed it untill a huge nerf for weapons hit, making a weapons you grinded days and weeks for suddenly worthless. And only after i found a new way to at least have some fun with it, they swung that nerf hammer yet again at the new found weapon build i got to enjoy. And they keep on doing this. Just like recently they killed Shotguns. Now we just wait till they kill Rifles. But regardless of even that. The game can be a lot of fun. Especially with your friends. Even more so if you dare to go down a hole of a monthly subscription called Fallout 1st. I tried it. And i actually don't think it is that much worse than other games who try to pull your money out of your pocket. You don't need anything really from the Atomic Shop. You even get quite quickly a lot of "Premium Currency" by playing the game itself. And my biggest gripe i had with the game back then is gone with Fallout 1st itself. Other players. As with every game, there are complete assholes everywhere. Abusing whatever they can to ruin other players fun. I was in my CAMP. I build up a lot. I was taming my very first Deathclaw and went to cook me some meat. I heard how explosions were raining around my camp and in mere seconds my Deathclaw was a meatpile, which already by itself pissed me off to no end. But i kept calm. Saw how two assholes who were just messing with other people by griefing whatever they have shot at me and even with the PvP protection on, they melted me away like hot butter in a desert sun, laughing like the assholes they were. And that ruined the game for me. And after nearly 2 years i got back to it. Instantly bought myself Fallout 1st just to see how much more calm you can actually do stuff in the game by yourself. Also i never had an issue with "No NPC's" in the game. Where now the NPC's and system to talk to them even rivals New Vegas itself. So many options. So many things you can do. So many choices you can make. So i dare to say. If they continue like they do now and hopefully stop nerfing everything the moment players find something useful, the game is actually on the same path as No Mans Sky is now. A redemption story. But of course. For being able to see that, you actually need an open mind and at least some hope at Bethesda. Which both of those things are rare these days amongst players, as they rather follow some herd mentality everywhere. "Oh this big reviewr says it's awful. So it is. I won't even watch any gameplay or whatever to make up my own mind."
Cheeky_Gaming10 8 days ago
After you said let’s see what I give a shit about I got a burger add. Gg US-first, gg
CTJAudio 9 days ago
"Tied his religious views in a logical way" Oof, gotta pick one or the other buddy, can't have both. *Makes an appeal to nature fallacy* Yeah that's about what I expected....
Pedro 8 days ago
Atheist cringe alert
CTJAudio 9 days ago
@Xendra Nara those aren't views that are exclusive to the religions they belong in, that is the authors using their reasoning skills when coming.up with them, I'm referring to the supernatural claims and their inability to be born out logically or rationally obviously.
Xendra Nara
Xendra Nara 9 days ago
Saying all religious views is illogical is both disingenuous and simply ignorant. In Muslim tradition you have to kill livestock without them seeing the blade. It’s such because fear toughens the meat. Jesus advocated for giving to charity because society is better when everyone is doing better. The list goes on
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 9 days ago
1) Everyone doesn’t have to support the LGBTQ movement 2) All gay people don’t support the political movement and their tactics 3) You can support gay ppl and/or the movement without supporting and/or taking seriously cultural changes, pandering corporations, or pushy activists 4) No one is as perfect as they think. Our cultural has a serious self-righteousness issue. Sorry, but it isn’t the religious that are the most judgemental, censorious, and ideologically possessed these days. Religious folk don’t have everything figured out, non-religious folks don’t either, neither do you, mate. We are all just put here throwing our opinions around, learning, trying to make it.
Elwood 9 days ago
When was it made mandatory for people to like gays?
Elwood Day ago
@Joey malaria normie
Joey malaria
Joey malaria 4 days ago
I mean no ones saying that you have to like gay people, just don’t be surprised to not be viewed as a decent when you yell out your homophobic beliefs
Not Important
Not Important 8 days ago
xLionsxxSmithyx 9 days ago
The only thing I like about him is his Lore videos.. they are top notch and mostly relaxing.. I'm pretty neutral about him otherwise.
Cheeky_Gaming10 9 days ago
Can’t be mad at a old guy who still smokes wide cigars, has a bowler hat and a perfect beard.
Blood Eagles
Blood Eagles 10 days ago
The thing that’s bad with this is you used ur own opinion to persuade people to your viewers
Aurora 10 days ago
Oxhorn talks like YandereDev, I don't trust him.
Cody Thomas
Cody Thomas 10 days ago
Literally all the people trying to expose him deadass sound like they haven’t even left high school. like they all all sound like they are seventeen and eighteen
TEG Barryz
TEG Barryz 11 days ago
I have never watched a single oxhorn video but I can already tell this “the right opinion” guy is probably a commie, I mean the name implies that his opinion is the right one, if you have a different opinion you will be shunned by this virtue signalling twat. Here’s the thing, I might not agree with oxhorn but everyone has a right to their opinions, whether it’s hateful or not.
iwish todie
iwish todie 11 days ago
I dont wanna watch this a whole hour. Is he homophobic (now) or not? Is he this 'supreme gentleman' neck beard kinda nice guy or not?
Gerret shadow
Gerret shadow 11 days ago
Oxhorn is a fat hypocritical slob, look up Thomas Beckett’s videos to see why. This walking contradiction of a bearded hipster, is such a fucking husk of a shill it’s repugnant.
Ma1q 11 days ago
Imagine your whole channel being on bring others down and on other people
Ꙟ this guy hates Jewish people
My biggest issue with Oxhorn is that he has a Patreon, yet still feels the need to put 20 fucking ads on a 30 minute video.
3 Monkeys In a Trenchcoat
I was a fan of Oxhorn a few years ago. This drama I just discovered recently and I have no idea what to think. I don't know who's right and who's wrong, but then again I've always been told I see the world in black and white. This video didn't make me want to defend him or attack him, but it did make me informed. I appreciate that I was able to find this channel and this video
Brainy Smurf
Brainy Smurf 12 days ago
Most of the Oxhorn drama boils down to dumb sjw tier cancel culture bs. I've seen the handful of lore criticism and I actually agree that his defense of 76 is not great considering how bad and deceitful the game is. People need to start rejecting this cancel culture junk because it can be turned on all of you. You all can be cancelled over something you've said or done and if that doesn't work, wait a few months and the social justice sphere will morph to retroactively make something that was previously permissable a grave sin worth cancellation.
Bigbongblazer The Unicorn!
Dude that sounds like me saying bruh lol
Mr. Editor
Mr. Editor 13 days ago
Ethirius 13 days ago
I like his content but not him if that makes sense
it’s Laura man
it’s Laura man 14 days ago
do a video about belle gibson!!
Spidem 14 days ago
-US-firstr believes and does some bad stuff in the past -US-firstr gets called out on it -US-firstr says he's changed
Doppe1ganger 15 days ago
ah, he's a christian, that explains everything
LASAGNA LARRY 15 days ago
8 minutes in, and the strongest "allegation" is that Oxhorn once said, "Badgers don't line up to buy Playboy magazines of Badgers". Lmao.
ultimatetadpole 15 days ago
Dude can be as homophobic and sexist as he wants. The worst crime is trying to shit talk Obsidian. I'm not going to stand for anyone saying anything about New Vegas other than it's the best game ever made. Anyone know his adress? Got some IRA level stuff that needs doing.
Kalen Boies
Kalen Boies 15 days ago
I think the problem is people get tired of the mortality talk. He flip flops on a lot of stuff. In fallout 4 if you blew up the institute. That's 50 points. If you leave bot_shaun behind that's-300 points. So congrats you are now offically label an ass hat if you've done this. it's should hypocritical to be flippy floppy.
Nino 15 days ago
I dunno, I like his videos..... don't watch him for politics or such...
Cold Perry
Cold Perry 16 days ago
I love playing fallout 3 while watching his lore videos
Peen Standard
Peen Standard 16 days ago
NGL that personality joke made me laugh
Peen Standard
Peen Standard 16 days ago
Remember when we were allowed to make fun of trashy people
Sathlas Dalarayni Dridlen Dardeldreth III
You underestimate the toxicity of the Fallout community.
Ben Sadfleck
Ben Sadfleck 15 days ago
FEV powered toxicity
Willy Bean
Willy Bean 17 days ago
Whenever oxhorn is speaking there's a high-pitched whine behind it and idk what the fk hes saying because it hurts to try and listen....
Dramatic Rooster
Dramatic Rooster 16 days ago
Man your ears must be good to hear such a high pitch, I myself never heard such whines or pitches in Oxhorn's videos.
Banksie 17 days ago
TRO: & speaking of misleading -- Country Crock AD: this is Kansas 😶
Agi 18 days ago
There is nothing I despise more than when people try to use nature to defend their shitty beliefs. Sure, there's the whole "naturalistic fallacy" and the fact that it is indeed nothing more than a fallacy, but honestly, I'm more annoyed by the fact that they usually have no clue what they're talking about. Literally the FIRST video shows this! "Oh humans are the only animals to look at porn, we're failures as animals" no dude that's not only an incorrect interpretation, it's fucking wrong to begin with. There are SO MANY animals that masturbate beyond just the typical primate suspects (dolphins are a big offender), which is super weird to think about, which is why it's very rarely discussed. There are monkeys that practice prostitution for fuck's sake. Don't try and defend your shitty views with topics you know nothing about. At the end of the day, what these animals do or do not practice has no bearing on humans, but at LEAST do some research before you just say things.
Frosty Warden
Frosty Warden 18 days ago
Still remember watching roflmao on my dads computer when I started playing WoW. Good times.
Dusty Nut
Dusty Nut 18 days ago
People were mad because he supported fallout 4 and 76 and that he had opinions about drug use and masturbation? Lol If you disagree with him then just ignore him, but why try to cancel somebody over trivial matters like that.
Hunter Windham
Hunter Windham 18 days ago
Hey! Hey You! @The Right Opinion HEY! Guess What...Hahaha...You are meme...We are meme. Watch This XD: us-first.info/player/video/ps6veqigqpyHf3E.html EDIT: I did not understand a single word you said...For I am dumb.
TheLorddamian96 18 days ago
Amazing animation wow
Zach Simpson
Zach Simpson 19 days ago
Haven’t watched yet... but I never thought I’d see Oxhorn on this channel. A few years back I watched him all the time.
wolf paw
wolf paw 19 days ago
After this video i went and subscribe to Oxhorn
Dramatic Rooster
Dramatic Rooster 16 days ago
Ha ha, you won't regret it
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 19 days ago
Who fucking cares. Get to the point I dont wanna sit here for seven fucking years.
Super Sniper4848
Super Sniper4848 19 days ago
I got 11 oxhorn videos on my side bar
State Farm, You need insurance
I guess you could say he had a fallout of drama, am I right fellow kids?
Skayda Lee
Skayda Lee 19 days ago
I remember Oxhorn's world of warcraft videos. They were awesome. :)
Dizzy cord
Dizzy cord 20 days ago
But I mean come on, he is a good channel for lore and what not
Omar Hussein
Omar Hussein 20 days ago
He may look and sounds like an unimportant npc in red dead but his content is good for sleeping
liamking31 20 days ago
Oxhorn fans are cult level "it's contrary to my opinion, therefore it doesn't exist". like sure, the dude changed for the most part, but acting like it never happened as well as going onto this comment section and saying how much you like oxhorns content, ignoring how irrelevant it is to the videos topic. For shame you sycophantic paste eaters
ComradeDyatlov 20 days ago
I don’t think it’s all about OxHorn’s views on Fallout 76, I think it’s more about his pettiness and being thin skinned on trying to get other channels, both large and small, shut down.
justin westlie
justin westlie 20 days ago
Wait why do you put so many ads im disliking
Preston Montague
Preston Montague 20 days ago
Oxorns is cool that's all I need
Erfan Shahidi
Erfan Shahidi 21 day ago
Far as I'm concerned he can be a nazi but why should I care he make me entertain I like his work but I don't butcher his life for knowing him better I just enjoy watching him
ID10T TAN 21 day ago
I hate how freedom of speech isn't a thing anymore.
ID10T TAN 19 days ago
@Lyttle Punk fair dues
Lyttle Punk
Lyttle Punk 20 days ago
You can say whatever you want, whenever you want. But that doesn’t mean that other people won’t have something to say back. Freedom of speech ≠ freedom from consequences
Shoopda Duwop
Shoopda Duwop 22 days ago
I had no idea oxhorn made the WoW ROFLMAO video. I remember that being a "viral video" my dad was showing me when I was a kid.
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
I love his channel and had no idea about the drama.... I just absolutely love his voice.
Natanael Korakora
Natanael Korakora 23 days ago
Hey fallout 3 oxhorn has alot of intros
Cyntaria 23 days ago
I like his voice, at the same time the way he talks reminds me of yanderedev but this guy's voice sounds nicer
RedWolf777SG 24 days ago
I kinda like his fallout lore videos, not bad for a minuteman fanboy.
Chris The Meme Man
Chris The Meme Man 24 days ago
oh nooo!! A dude who has a different opinion and likes a game I don’t like!!! HES A BAD GUY!!!!
Shannon Pearson
Shannon Pearson 25 days ago
1 where you find the video and 2 he dislike that vid
Shannon Pearson
Shannon Pearson 25 days ago
fakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Marveyzing 25 days ago
the dude's lore is good and am disappointed that he did this a liked him
syrupdrinker xboxer
No no oxhorn loves new Vegas
Nihar Pednekar
Nihar Pednekar 25 days ago
Vinylicpumagaming single handedly the worst Fallout 4 youtuber who always has to spoil the game while doing simple guide videos.
Seneca Gordon
Seneca Gordon 26 days ago
he sounds so much like yandere dev lol
Magellan 36
Magellan 36 26 days ago
I'm so-so about the discussion in the video, but damn if that editing in the first part isn't something to behold
Spooky Jenkins
Spooky Jenkins 27 days ago
oxhorn channel dead as fuck so its all good
Yolo Swaggins
Yolo Swaggins 27 days ago
He's allowed to have shitty opinions, they don't really come through in his vids. Don't know what the big deal is, does everyone have to be an angel these days?
Chris The Meme Man
Chris The Meme Man 24 days ago
Even if you’re an amazing person people will still hate you. Like trump. Supported the black community a ton and everyone shits on him for racism. Still. So whatever.
Booger Thief
Booger Thief 27 days ago
I watched a few of his videos until it became evident he was a massive NCR fanboy, which is just incorrect.
Yankadacrank 27 days ago
All the drama aside, I can’t fucking stand him. That hat, the cigars and suspenders. Ugh. And him cutting swearing bits off of a fucking fallout video. Like come on bro. There’s so many annoying things about him. And oh!! One video, he got pissed at the devs for “messing up the lore” all the while he downloaded a currency reskin and didn’t realize it. Dudes a dunce bro. Also clearly gets shill checks from Bethesda. NEVER does he have ANY criticism. “Fallout 76 is a great and rich experience.” So pissed he’s the only up to date fallout US-firstd. It’s sad.
Phanitejaswi kolli
Phanitejaswi kolli 27 days ago
Most of hatred towards him is cause he loved fallout 76 that's says how toxic fallout fans are
GweenTea Day ago
Just the video game community itself is, thats super generalized but man video game fans of any genre will go rabid if you hate a game they like or vice versa
thats hot
thats hot 27 days ago
"pulling up old tweets" my least favorite part of the internet.
Gremlin Digital
Gremlin Digital 27 days ago
I always wished oxhorn would stop smoking because as much anger i feel towards people who try to make you angry i don't wish cancer on anyone.
Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm 28 days ago
Damn, Oxhorn based? I like him even more now
Oxhorn gives me the same vibe as YandereDev.
ICEFOX987 / 28 days ago
wait were you out of the closet before this video?????
The Fall of 76