Why Did People Hate Bully Hunters So Much? A Reflection | TRO 

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Why Did People Hate Bully Hunters So Much? A Reflection | TRO
What is inherently wrong with going after bullies, in game? And giving them what’s what.
Well today we’re gonna investigate that, and work out how such an organisation has arisen, and how it’s subsequently been lambasted by everyone and their grandmother’s, but before we go any further, to those who are out of the loop, by definition, what are The Bully Hunters?
Well the Bully Hunters were set up in light of harassment, and essentially, what they comprise of, is when you’re in game and you’re experiencing some twat, for example, there’s some spotty kid telling you to go and make a sandwich, you go on the website, and you go and call for a BullyHunter, that BullyHunter links up with your steam, so they can join your game, and they deal with the bully, they finish them in game, and leave them a message saying that such harassment will not be tolerated. Et voila! Capiche. The problem is no more.
But why would there be a necessity for something like this in gamer culture? Why would we ever need that? Well maybe to understand such we have to go back a bit
Once again, still running behind schedule, still wanted to talk on the matter. Aim to be back on schedule by sunday, hope you enjoy. Check out the wonderful creators out below if you haven’t!!
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May 3, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Once again, still running behind schedule, still wanted to talk on the matter. Aim to be back on schedule by sunday, hope you enjoy. Check out the wonderful creators out below if you haven’t!! - CHECK OUT THE EDITORS! - Coleo: us-first.info - Harius: us-first.info - Rambose: us-first.info - MrFluffySavage: us-first.info - Sir Cheeseknight: us-first.info/more/6ThPBLQ6dfeRLkDskw62uQ - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w - Special thanks to my Patreons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr
non_existant Year ago
Damn, you cant even feed your slaves.
Ariston Garza
Ariston Garza Year ago
The Right Opinion [) Hello, mr. TRO. My name... is my tag. I would like to cover topics as you do, and cover topics from my childhood. More specifically, what has changed, why it has changed, options on the change, etc. commentary feels overused however. I also can animate, have made thumbnails, and etc under many pseudonyms. I’m going to try to create a new channel. If there is anyway you can suggest uniqueness, without belonging to one specific community, I’d love to hear it sir. You and two other you tubers inspire me on the regular. If you don’t have time to respond, do not bother to. It takes a lot of energy to have a lengthy chat, and we both know university drains us. Keep at it, mate.
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
The Right Opinion amazing video by the way
Mark Donald
Mark Donald 2 years ago
Peach Family TRO is better just by being English instead of American though xD
Peach Family
Peach Family 2 years ago
Mark Donald Aw. You can like both. That is ok.
Chris Daley
Chris Daley 23 hours ago
I forgot all about BullyHunters lmao what a rediculos and flawed idea
lyn 21 day ago
Unhumanized Month ago
Imagine being told ill stop killing you id you stop being mean... lmao that wpuld make me go off harder
Finesse03 Month ago
Have to love the delusion that everything should be changed to suit the individual. Just ignore or deny the generally true biological behavioral differences between male and female. Anyone who claims to be shocked or upset that naturally more competitive males tend to talk shit and become more easily angered than females who tend to show more concern for maintaining group cohesion, hence being more polite and less confrontational, is either lying or not smart enough to resist the cultural brainwashing. Add a nice layer of condescension, assuming people aren’t smart enough or will just be good sheep and not figure out the bullshit.
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover Month ago
There is actually increasing evidence that children who play violent video games are more likely to display violent and destructive behavior. This doesn't mean we need to get rid of them, but if they're going to exist then much more action needs to be taken to keep those games away from kids. Right now game manufacturers have placed that responsibility almost 100% on parents which is inadequate.
You Died Wow
You Died Wow Month ago
Who are the people who disliked the video
DHIRAL Month ago
Can I get a reply plz? Or I will call bullyhunters!
myflock 2.0 myflock 1/2
because 2020 man the past was the worst
Halee Madisyn
Halee Madisyn 3 months ago
The CS:GO community is highly toxic, computer gaming is highly more toxic compared to console, but if you can't handle being spoken down to, mute or ignore them or just don't game. Lol
SoneMeister 4 months ago
So... what if a bully that got killed by a hunter, calls on a hunter to hunt the hunter who is now the bully?
KingFluffs 4 months ago
Because they became what they claimed to fight. And also falsified all the "Live" events of them hunting the "Bullies".
Kiri Seraph
Kiri Seraph 5 months ago
Will you ever cover gamer gate?
XAVIER MORALES 6 months ago
Yes, Animal Crossing does indeed make me more angry & volatile.
AzKat 6 months ago
2018: "video games cause school shootings" 2020: "5G will boil the inside of our bodies and control us like mindless robots" Can't wait for what the future has in stock, this shit gets funnier and funnier.
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
Gamer gate= when breaks up are way too public and become politcial
Data.Complex ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
12:58 the fact that the words bully and hunter have a space between them but hunter and 77 use an underscore is unreasonably frustrating
AFantasticCat 7 months ago
If you wanna strike back at bullying you go after the platform they are using to facilitate their activities. To do this you must first expose the bully publicly in some way and associate their reputation with the platform (thereby making the bully a liability to the platform). If the platform refuses to act you double down exposing the platform as supporting the bully. If they stick to their guns then you at least have done something which can become part of the platforms reputation and end up with bad press. The more the platform looks away from such public shame the more they are inclined to act. In this age of legal red tape the best court is the one of public opinion and folks at large prefer platforms which provide security because trust is the most important thing in business. These things can already be done but something more is clearly needed. A hub for calling out platforms which allow bully’s to thrive as well as the bullies themselves would have been the best course for bully hunters. Aside from all the legal stuff involved it could be worth the efforts to establish. Not only would it be a place one could find trustworthy gaming communities but also a testament to those not found on the hub as a bad environment to play in. There is a need and I hope someone with the power can soon fill that need.
Jameson Jones
Jameson Jones 8 months ago
I can't quite tell because of the accent but it sounds like he says "they wanna tell these virgins exactly where they can shove it" that's the most amazing thing I've heard...today at least. Bravo
Jason Skywalker
Jason Skywalker 9 months ago
I can't believe that some people don't know they can disconnect from games. Or find a group to play with. Or get good enough at the game to clap back. Or just throw some mud along with everyone else. Muting is an option as well. Hell, they could just not look or have in-game audio too, that works. Pretty sure team-specific chats are the norm in most online games too. Let alone the report features that exist. Man, non-gamers really don't understand how non-gamer friendly most games are nowadays, huh?
Selvin -
Selvin - 9 months ago
I honestly feel bully-hunters, and it's downfall, were the inevitable culmination of a series of issues. Firstly, you have the overall media. Why they will never really give a positive gamer story, and instead demonize them I believe is because of a lack of knowledge and familiarity with the community besides premade misconceptions. Secondly, the political pressures into gaming, by media and activists. Some people may point out that gamers are less hostile towards this issue from the right, but I believe it's 1 due to old norms being familiar, but 2 a less hostile history (which I'll get to. ) Thirdly was the gamers themselves. Gamers are notorious for NOT wanting to be fed, pushed, or 'forced' to view someone else's points, and, on occasion, want to be heard seriously, which is difficult when you're projected as something horrible by the main stream media. A prime example of this is actually GamerGate. A lot of people dont know, or forget this, but it didnt start AT ALL as what it became. Originally it was to be a movement against false ratings by critics on games for some money on the side (i.e. give me a 70-80 rating on this full priced game that's obviously at best, a 20-30, and you'll get money in return.) It started as a media corruption issue in a way, but got hijacked. This, inevitably PISSED OFF gamers. This stay was forgotten, as they were portrayed to just be acting out of pure malice, when it originally was them being the victims; their rightful concerns and arguements were hijacked into politics, and we can still see what they were angry about today (look at meta critics review of warcraft 3 reforged, or as some say, WC3: Refunded. ) This all came to a headway with bully hunters, which predominantly showed women as gamers, fighting against sexist trolling (kinda implying that's the only type of trolling in games) against a group of individuals that ALREADY are angry at the anti-sexism activists. It didnt paint the best picture. On top of that, the examples given werent even realistic, and showed yet again, a lack of understanding how gamers work. The reality is, a lot of gamers ate just shit posters, trolls; they find a dark humor in the cynicism of the world, and I can't blame them, it sometimes feels like the only way to laugh these days. They don't have malicious intent generally, but they find humor, comfort and power in these dark things, and that is just how it is. It's a projection of what they cant do irl into a game (I mean, what do you think would happen if someone publically told a woman, even as a friend and as a joke, "Go make me a sandwich "?)
koolaidmonkeysackz63 10 months ago
Bully Hunters literally only existed to sell headphones.
Skadi 10 months ago
There are milion and five more effective ways to deal with a gamer bully on your own than this... If you called a third-side person to the situation to rescue you, you have already lost the respect you needed to shut them up. I always tell people, that feminism used to be about "giving us choice to take a risk on our own", not to protect us from bad things in the world, it was to let us deal with that shit ourselves. Thats what we wanted. It was a fairly reasonable request. So thats what we got. And suddenly you need a help to make a pathetic kid to shut the fuck up? And then you whine about how bad you have it as a girlgamer? Seriously? Maybe if you stopped profiling yourself as a "girlgamer" and started being a gamer, your situation would be really much different.
Lexicon Devil
Lexicon Devil 10 months ago
Game footage was faked
Dave Williams
Dave Williams 11 months ago
The thing is harassment in online games wasn't really a thing pre 2007. You get a few mouthy twats but everyone else in the game/server would deal with him. It also helped that back then if you wanted to play the game you had to go to community managed servers. There usually wasn't any form of matchmaking. So this meant if an admin was on, unless the admin was an arsehole, mouthy twat would get warned to stfu and if they didn't they would get banned. Now with most games not supporting community servers and only supporting matchmaking nobody has the ability to immediately punish an asshat and for a Game Developer to take notice one person needs a large number of reports against them before anything happens and even then, bans go out in waves and that might mean 1 wave a quarter. So if there is never gonna be any risk, most emotionally immature people are just gonna go for it, burn down the world and then move on to the next thing
MondayMayhem 11 months ago
I only had three problems with these bully hunters: A) They tried to 'end harrassment' by harrassing others B) They never seemed to check if their said victim was really actually bullied and not just super salty. C) Their methods of 'sending a message' made no sense whatesoever. Competitive games like these often have noobs running around screaming hacker, cheater or bully just because a skilled player frequently targets them (which makes sense if the objective of the game is to eliminate enemies to win, so why would you go easy on a bad player and prolong your win?). So it bothered me a lot that they seemed to just buy into everything that was said and then went to harrass the so-called bully without even checking if it was true. (Then again, maybe the situations were staged, so who knows.) And honestly, with a game like CS:GO it was most likely not bullying and just someone being angry at someone else for something that was said or someone being killed ingame the entire time. That's normal and if you cannot handle co-op/playing against other players in a community that's already as toxic as can be, then you probably shouldn't play those modes. Simple as that. Or just go mute from the start, that solves ALOT of problems. All in all, their agenda seemed more like "gamer guys bad, must protecc females by harrassing bad guys!". And that really bothered and annoyed me. And their blame-game for the failure really showed that. Plus, killing someone in a game like this to give him 'payback' for his bad behavior is just moronic. It's part of the game. So what message is that supposed to send? Knifing someone in that game usually gets anyone riled up, because it shows how unattentive they were to their surroundings but even that doesn't 'send a message'. It's all useless.
joll tejada
joll tejada 11 months ago
whats a la-buy-doe?
OpGhost 77G
OpGhost 77G 11 months ago
How to stop a bully fry their wifi
Trevor Anderson
Trevor Anderson 11 months ago
There's tons of questions that bring down Bully Hunters that aren't even political. >What if the team is full and the only team open is on the bully's side? >For that matter, what if the whole game is full? >What if the bully is an absolute madlad at CSGO and completely destroys all the bully hunters sent after him? >What if the bully starts bullying the bullyhunter? >What if the bully literally doesn't give a shit? Like 99.99% of all trolls? >What if it's a comp game? Do you just have an assigned bully hunter following you around at all times that you invite to your party whenever you start a comp game, taking up a slot from one of your friends? >What's the minimum standard to be a bully hunter? Global Elite? Do you have to be a pro player? How are you going to select these people when the bullies are potentially very skilled? >How are you going to stop people from just inviting bully hunters to private games, wasting their time for shits and giggles?
Kenneth Billings
Kenneth Billings 11 months ago
Why did we hate them, because we hate bullshit artists.
A New Hero121
A New Hero121 Year ago
I mean I know I'm more aggressive when I'm losing at a game, I'm never shouting harder and throwing a controller somewhere I know I won't break it easily since I'm not a damn animal like many folks than when I'm losing at anything but a PvP game lol
Finna Dispute Wut U Said
Those bully hunters are completely unnecessary because the “bullies” they’re targeting aren’t bullies. Don’t get me wrong though, cyber-bullying is definitely a real thing. The people that say “just turn off your computer/phone/console” are speaking nonsense because cyber-bullying isn’t those scenarios where you would call a “bully hunter”. You’re not being bullied when some kid calls you gay in call of duty, or someone calls you trash when you couldn’t clutch a win in a game. Cyber-bullying is situations like when people use leverage over someone, such as info, pictures, rumors, etc. to taunt them, ruin someones reputation, blackmail them, etc. through social media. It’s situations like those where there should be an intervention, not when someone insults you in a video game. Not everyone is gonna be nice to you online, a lot of people are assholes. If some random stranger insults you in a video game, show them they can’t get to you and throw it back at them or mute/block them and go on with your life because they have no impact or relevance to your life. The world isn’t gonna coddle you, it’s gonna do the opposite. Toughen up and use the tools available such as muting/blocking and go on with your life. If you can’t develop some thick skin then you’re gonna have a miserable life.
Tyler Banks
Tyler Banks Year ago
9:28 what the fuck is that controller oh my god
Sammykid 2
Sammykid 2 Year ago
Looks like it was a failure. Laughs at bullyhunters. :D
m e o w
m e o w Year ago
If you can’t stop the problem itself, you gotta remove the source of it. But that’s illegal, so…
Softie Year ago
ohh rough. on one hand bully hunters was a total sham and embarrassment, but on the other hand it would be nice if any time I said "hi : )" in game voice chat, i wasnt immediately sexually harassed and insulted until i mute whoever the lonely 30 year old man of the hour is. its completely a social problem, not a game one. will probably get better around the time men on the street dont yell and follow me. aint holding my breath for that one.
LJC Year ago
What if you're playing a moba?
Kayo Year ago
Gamers are so oppressed...
Kilosjell Year ago
Since The Fawn of Time
Is the opening song a remix of "Daydream In Blue"?
I dont know, I would hunt griefers because how funny is it to P.O. someone whom P.O.s someone else constantly? Fruadenschaffer to the extreme. (Except for the possible misspelling)
Niina Lehesaari
I feel like the majority of the gaming people wouldn’t actually say messed up things and cross the line, regardless of gender. It’s kinda like the islam situation; the gaming industry is demonitized because of SOME are asshats. That does not mean that ALL of them are asshats. It’s just that the douchebags get the most attention.
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Year ago
GAMERGATE? I was there, best 2 years of my life.
where has this channel been my whole life? why am i only finding it now? btw i love the username its very arrogant and obviously a joke but some people will get mad about it anyways
Walkin' Tall
Walkin' Tall Year ago
From observing my 12 yr old son when he's gaming online, I've noticed he trash talks his friends more than he does strangers in game chat. He's usually in a private chat with friends, and the trash talk goes back and forth, as long as it doesn't get to out of hand, and as long as my kid isn't being a bully, while the other kid isn't saying anything at all, and is just taking it - I won't get on to him, which he's pretty good about not just being a flat out asshole. It's usually light hearted trash talk. No asshole bullying. But the rare times he is in game chat, his attitude completely changes, he doesn't trash talk strangers. (I say this because you stated the opposite - that most ppl trash talk in game chat, but when playing with friends are friendly. And I'm sure some ppl are like that, I've just noticed the opposite with my own son.)
Kenny Frierson
I don't understand bully hunter we already have Ice-T
Wick Picaro
Wick Picaro Year ago
I hear that Danganronpa chapter theme. I gotchu
poisenbery Year ago
Everything you said was true, yet you missed the entire point of the thing. No offense or anything, but it sounds like an outsider perspective. I've been in online FPS games for around 20 years. IDK if what you said reflects what the casual scene thought of all of this, but here is an insider summary: The logic behind bully hunters was as follows: Girl gamers get harassed online sometimes. Gamers are sexist towards girls. Anyone who has been gaming since the early days of Quake knows that flaming and "verbal hostility" is an inherent part of gaming culture. Online gaming has ALWAYS been a volatile place. The only thing that changed was that it became immensely popular in the past couple of years. That new popularity brought in the "normies" and massively increased the casual gaming scene. Some of those casual gamers drifted towards the more hardcore gaming side, and now they are experiencing culture shock. Bully hunters....are outsiders. They are trying to influence change and rally cry against a culture they know nothing about. Historically, that has ALWAYS been met with a fierce opposition by those who value that culture. EDIT: This entire video is a regurgitation of another video you watched on the subject. You really have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to this.
Walkin' Tall
Walkin' Tall Year ago
I found this video well articulated, and he had legit points. But please, if you know more, please make your own video setting it straight. I'd love to watch a video and learn your point of view.
Jack Gunn
Jack Gunn Year ago
Imagine they join and kill someone only for every other person to team up on them
JayCra456 Year ago
Fuck Australia! I am moving to Iceland
Drowned Crow
Drowned Crow Year ago
what a joke lmao
Jimmy Pratt
Jimmy Pratt Year ago
i love that i got a gtaV casino ad on this
8 bit smash
8 bit smash Year ago
We need a gamer pride month RISE UP GAMERS
Samuel Castro
Samuel Castro Year ago
Meanwhile I remember the days of the first Black Ops and how I'd just run around spamming a shotgun for kicks knowing it got under everyone's skin. Then I look at this and admittedly am glad I left the gaming scene years back.
Keith Filibeck
You are thinking too hard, Bullyhunters existed only to sell merch, they just bootstrapped to the social justice stuff.
N Youngblood
N Youngblood Year ago
This video has to be the longest run-on sentence I have ever heard. Take a breath, man!
Trouble Bear
Trouble Bear Year ago
The best way 2 bully someone is 2 say their wifi internet service sux 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trouble Bear
Trouble Bear Year ago
Bring back bully hunters lol I'm being harrassed by the zombies in call of duty 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Troy Quinby
Troy Quinby Year ago
I'm confused, is this video about gamer harrasment in general or Bully Hunters, because I had to look up what BH really was after watching this.
Alfred Tortelloni
Eewww, alpha men
Ted Comet
Ted Comet Year ago
8:47 tell that to extra credits
Cody Laighton
Cody Laighton Year ago
Why can't you just mute the fucker and block them?
Meeka Moonrage
It really should have been put on a lighter level. Sort of a friendly teas and show the so called bully rage
Ferocious Battle
The shill behind the promotion of the campaign, ZombieUnicorn had publicly stated she was very much going to abuse the DMCA system on US-first. She claimed anyone using clips of her 'likeness' would get hit with one. she wasn't a very honest person nor someone who would've been the proper candidate to pose as a promoter. Glad this idiot marketing ploy got shut down
Pepperoni Secrets
1:04 Danganronpa V3? Good choice Edit: And 11:59 for UDG is another good pick
LoL Darth Ynot
Bully hunter: *enter game Everyone (include victim): Get him! Meanwhile at BH HQ: "IT'S A TRAP"
RubberKitty Gaming
Once you start pushing a political movement in gaming its bound to fail.
Paarthunax 2
Paarthunax 2 Year ago
Silent Kirin a campaign to resist politics in games would also be a political campaign. Games are art and art can be political
Bailey Thomas
Bailey Thomas Year ago
The biggest problem Imo with bully hunters, is yeah, it's an issue, but you know what can solve it? In almost every game you can mute people, and in many games or on consoles, you can block people so you don't que with them again. Also as an avid gamer, there's assholes who insult everyone, but abuse gets way more gross and sexual when these people find women in games.
A Hateful Flower
Of all my years playing games, I going out on a limb and will say the most I've been *actually* harassed was about once or twice but then again, it didn't bother me because you have to remember what this individual must look like shrieking into his mic at home alone at some other random ass person on the internet. It ends up just sounding pathetic. Now I love going back and forth with someone, I love banter in games and getting competitive and t-bagging and casual insults. To me, those are fine. If they *aren't* fine to someone else, like many people have said, there is a mute button for a reason. People have equated *any* shit talking or anything they don't agree with as "toxic" and it honestly bothers me. I've met some *actually* toxic people on games and while not directed at me, I can still see it being an issue. People like to use words until their real meanings have been run into the ground and the honest to god problems now seem dumb and trivial next to someone just ribbing a bit or asking you to change tactics. Truthfully, the person who has ever come at me the hardest and the most relentlessly without cease and literally left the lobby and came back to join my team so the mute wasn't on anymore, was another woman. Yet, again, it was funny to me because here she was saying my 'voice sounded fat' and I was 'so ugly no one could ever want me or be friends with me' while I was playing with a group that included my best friend at the time and my boyfriend. It's funny and I can't take it seriously. This person has no idea what I look like, they don't know my friends circle or my lovelife they're just a sad person trying to hurt me because I was better at them in a video game. TL;DR: Toxic is an overused term and for anything less than genuine harassment and even then, just mute. This person doesn't know you, they're just pathetic humans mostly trying to get a rise out of anyone for their own kicks. Laugh and ignore/block/mute.
MFriz :}
MFriz :} 3 months ago
True. I just play games privity and ignore chats. Or play games with people I know and enjoy talking too. There’s no point in trying to reason with these trolls or explain why they are being rude over video games so just mute, block and report if you want.
TheCrowbar474 Year ago
People hated bullyhunters because it was poorly thought out and executed feminist propaganda. Designed to attack gamers and gaming culture as a whole. I believe there was a video showcasing how that whole event was staged. leading to even more ridicule
TMAG MFPP Year ago
Because it was bullshit. Didn't need a 20 min video for that.
NoirRaven Year ago
I don't care for the adage that, "most gamers aren't like that," and that most gamers "don't care," because the majority of gamers are still _male,_ so of course they're not going to care if a woman's bullied and any dude who is as well, is going to be seen as "weak" to them and either needs to toughen up or get out. TL:DR; Just because the majority isn't on board, doesn't mean the crisis need go unaddressed. Also, I don't see a problem with amping up a boys aggression in game, because that'll lead him to acting out and the more he acts out the less likely Microsoft or steam or any other platform will tolerate his presence and therefore kick him out of the community as a whole. Is that entrapment? Well, forgoing the fact that entrapment is technically a business level charge and isn't considered a charge on a personal level, yes, it is. However, if the goal is to clean up gamer spaces, then I'd say, catfish those idiots into getting themselves banned from any/all online communities. If they're bullying people, they don't deserve to be a part of the community in the first place. Remember, one bad apple spoils the barrel: so stop being so complacent and actively start driving these people out of community spaces.
Charles Donovan
Nice ad count bro!
A Person
A Person Year ago
This is the equivalent of paying your older brother and his friends to go scare the kid who pantsed you during gym class. Also how did they not realize the irony of “we will bully the bullies!”
sage huffman
sage huffman Year ago
"you're in a freinds group who I assume you wouldn't bully" *looks around nervously*
kalajel Year ago
"I'll stop killing you if you stop being rude." "Hum, reality check bitch: I'm the one who's been killing you."
flyter Year ago
you know, most of the time females are actually hit on more often then bullied in game.
Brylis Stormscourge
Really is just that episode of South Park where the anti-bullying campaign starts bullying others into supporting them
Donovan Campbell
That bricklaying scene at the end with the 7th dislike was hilarious
GigaSlayer 105
I still don't understand why people say "this game is bad because it has prostitution/violence/etc." even though it wouldn't be in the game if it doesn't exist in our society or they simply forgot about our entire history and would keep their mouth shut and understand that us humans are the most violent, dangerous and possible most evil creatures ever to exist.
Caryl Andong
Caryl Andong Year ago
"An eye for an eye and the world goes blind." Unfortunately people only went with the first five words than the whole sentence itself.
Caelichyth Calithileth
I'm an avid female gamer. I have a lot of female gaming friends. The only online games I or my personal friends care about are GTA or RDR. There are a lot less women who play those online "war" games because we're just usually not interested. It's not because of harrassment, we're capable of muting, blocking players and switching lobbies on our own thanks. I'll continue to play offline games or RDR2 online to avoid the whiney people expecting special treatment not to avoid men that might tell me to "get back in the kitchen" lol. Also for the record I'm terrible at PVP and only do Team based PVP in RDR2 and non of the men yell at me for being a woman just for being a loser Haha , most people really really don't care that women play games.
Eddie Dingle
Eddie Dingle Year ago
Here’s the thing: Don’t lie about your intentions, especially when it’s just to sell merch. Also, don’t generalize everyone. Note: I’m not a gamer. Last console I owned was a Wii, but I only had like, 4 games. Gamergate, like all things, had radicals on both sides. If what I’ve read is correct, it initially was about fair reviews and not hamfisting politics in games. The main female behind it was shown to have slept with several critics for better reviews. The shoving in of politics simply means that, don’t force them in where they don’t belong. For example, Madden games are simply football games, but if they altered it to make all the athletes trans, quadriplegic lesbians. Yeah, representation is important, but shoving it in unnecessarily, lessens the importantance
Nostradankus 6 months ago
I'm gonna have to correct you on some things. First off, the movement was started by allegations that Zoe Quinn, a indie-dev, had slept with journalists for better games scores. However, there is not conclusive evidence of this and the allegations were also started by an ex-boyfriend of Quinn. The idea that GG had anything to do with the integrity of games journalism is a justification for these allegations. This is easily observable when you look at the criticisms made: Few GGers gave a sht about the fact that sites like IGN obviously played favourites when scoring AAA games like COD or FIFA. Instead, the criticism always boiled down to "SJWs wanna take away our video games". This also leads into the next point: GGers are the ones politicising certain aspects of games. Having tantrums about how not being able to look up Jill's Skirt in the RE3 remake is a political move. How less female characters with DDD tits and chain-bikinis is "ruining games". How gay representation in games is "inherently political". This isn't really about their desire to make games better. They just don't want differing opinions within their hobby and see anyone who disagrees with their view on games as inherently antagonistic. That's why they believe any kind of change or representations is politically motivated. Because they don't agree with these politics. I'd recommend checking out this video, or the whole series if you have the time: us-first.info/player/video/mZuJpYKdm4t3nKM.html
Sklaverey Year ago
Quick matches and fights in them are so insignificant and so ever fleeting that "bully hunters" might as well hunt down people who stepped on your shoes and didn't apologize.
Ian Kittle
Ian Kittle Year ago
To quote the marvellous Code Ment (the abridged version of Code Geas) "I'm going to stop this violence the only way I know how. WITH MORE VIOLENCE!"
Ad Venturianist
As a male gamer... If my younger shy self from 10 years ago met a girl my age who was in fact interested in gaming, I'd take her as an apprentice. I'd be *overjoyed* to see that a girl has taken an interest in my hobby.
11:58 I never thought I would complement someone on the placement of their ads but that was good
Tabby3456 Year ago
why can't people realize the guy calling you "Shithead" mean your're winning and you can rub it in by winning?
Bulley hunters are people that have never been bulleyed, have been bullied but onley at a young age, or dont understand how being a jerk works.
Pixel Zed EX
Pixel Zed EX Year ago
Ah, the absolute insanity of thinking that by calling someone else to take care of your problem, you somehow eliminate it for good. Wonder if I should do a little skit on what it would have looked like if bully hunters were actually a thing.
Dejin Oda
Dejin Oda Year ago
Now then, being a woman myself, at first I would think this is admirable, but then I realize how many flaws it has and how I personally would deal with it. If I am indeed dealing with a Bully Hunter. I, being usually the defacto team leader. Would use the 'bully' as bait, and then take initative once we gain momentum after luring out one of their players and taking them out. This kind of targeting mentality brings down the whole team for 2 reasons. If a Bully Hunter is a teammate. I basically lose control over one of my teammates and we walk into the group fight a member down. If a Bully Hunter is an enemy, it's really easy to tear apart the enemy team just by taking one person out of the fight, even temporarily. Knowing that a known targeter is in the game, I just have to figure out who's the target, and I can bait the Bully Hunter. Seems they really didn't think of this at the time, but whatever.
Some Dude
Some Dude Year ago
gaming is always about bulling everyone and screaming git gut....not to show tits and say "hoooouuuw mean yoouu aaaa"
Alex Qwertyuiop
honestly, i thought they would be going around in real life and consolidating the victims and bullies about the situation, but instead they're just ingame white knights who cant do their job correctly and only do it to women.
Spects Year ago
for me i'd just play online without telling people my gender. win win.
Starry Nights
Starry Nights Year ago
this is essentially cheating if you think about it
Starry Nights
Starry Nights Year ago
because it would be ruining the game
zzDJChris Year ago
Dude, I simply adore your content, but I think you really missed an opportunity with this one. I mean, given the title and all. You really should have mentioned how the entire stream was orchestrated, as you can't just enter an already running game, showing that it was a farce all along. It was scheduled to be an hour long, yet only went for 30 odd minutes. The list of lies in that entire affair is way too long, and I think that's why "The Bully Hunters" were really disliked. Anyway, I just wanted to contribute a little to the discourse, and please keep up the stellar work.
kira64 Year ago
Never mind the fact that they basically give the unspoken "for a MALE, man the fuck up! This is about GIRLS!" vibe that I got from this so-called message.
Jeffrey McGraw
What struck me was that they appeared to be fighting bullying in game by....bullying in the game?
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Year ago
I could only imagine how amazing it would be if we had Bully Hunter Hunters. People who would go out of their way to invoke the ire of the bully hunters, with the sole purpose of getting a laugh. Bullies thrive on getting a rise out of you. If you just stopped responding, then they'd probably just shut up and leave you alone. Calling in someone to deal with them is basically giving them what they want.
Dejin Oda
Dejin Oda Year ago
I mean, knowing there's a bully hunter in the game allows you to think up plans to counter act their team. I'm a woman and I do kinda support the idea, but at the same time I want to achieve victory with my friends, so given the information I know. I can easily bait them into a trap and eliminate them, Thus, the enemy is down a person and we have the tactical advantage.
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