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The Right Opinion: Why Daniel Howell Is Important - The Power Of "Coming Out" | TRO
Now, by the time this video is released it’ll probably mid July earliest, anything before that will probably be a miracle, and I’ll have to find a way to celebrate, but given my track record of how to quote “celebrate” I might open myself up to suggestions. But yeah, it’s Pride Month and I assume most of you guys have the memo for what happens, it’s nothing too defined, but then again, neither is the community.
The community has a very significant online presence, and it’s perfectly natural that many people may take the hopefully supportive atmosphere to talk about their experiences, or even come out themselves. US-first, in spite of its often rocky relationship with the LGBT community, for many justified reasons, provided one of the greatest, most personal mediums for creators to have unique moments that would not be captured on the TV. Making the individual the direct owner of their creation, managed to create content more personal, and with personal content, comes personal problems. One of those prevailing problems was sexuality.
The internet is a hotbed of social outcasts, for many reasons, and US-first was a platform for those people to converge in a place where they didn’t need the socially accepted qualifications to go places. This led to a real platform for the LGBT community, with one of the real staples being “coming out videos”. Coming out videos are pretty self-explanatory, they involve one individual coming out as LGBT to friends, family, or even you, the audience. It was a meaningful experience often for both creators, who may have felt isolated in their moment of vulnerability, and audiences who may be looking for guidance on how to traverse these scenarios themselves. US-first has been important for that.
However, it’s certainly not every day a highly popular, reputable public US-first figure decides not just to come out, but to come out in a way that deals with it in an incredibly introspective and detailed fashion with multiple social statements. However, the individual that I have decided to cover today has just done that, that individual is Daniel Howell, also known from the US-first duo: Dan and Phil.
Howell is bona fide US-first unit, he’s been on the platform since 2009, and really does represent the wholesome online come up that many people like to visualise regarding the website. His style definitely represented the syndicate of sketch US-firstrs that were sprouting from the fertile earth at that point, but make no mistake, Howell was his own creator, and definitely represented the Brits well on that side, capturing the irony tainted cynicism that is signature to much of our humour. It’s also content that has aged incredibly well, in this video, he basically predicts stan culture.
Nonetheless, in spite of the very idiosyncratically British tone, this received appreciation across the globe, and his channel proceeded to gain a strong amount of traction, he continued to work with his compadre Phil Lester, of AmazingPhil, and created this entertaining sketch content, that continued to thrive for a good few years. Increasing production values, furthering the creative vision, working on new channels, such as their epic gaming ventures, and moving beyond US-first, most notably to their show on BBC Radio 1 very aptly named: Dan and Phil.
The fact that at a time, where US-first still wasn’t quite at its level of cultural magnitude, a pair of British lads could use that content to gain a spot on arguably the most iconic British radio station should be a real testament to how significant they were in the landscape of US-first.
However, when you have all that fame dropped in your lap, you sometimes find it difficult to express who you really are. Content will always be reflective of an individual to an extent, but at the same time it’s not gonna tell you who the person behind the camera is, and people start to theorise, for various reasons that we’ll break down in a bit. Fan fictions, and the rest, Dan even entertained a purposefully bizarre fanfiction which, in hindsight think was meant to be a bait-and-switch for those who wanted to find out more about their relationship, perhaps even taking a pot shot at those same theorists.
I always received the impression that many of Dan’s videos were just meant to be ironic takedowns masqueraded in fan popular content, I kinda love it. Nonetheless, the theories remained, and persisted, and at a point, Dan just went kinda quiet on the content front, now, unlike Phil, he was not necessarily known for his incredibly regular uploads, and when you get this deep into your career sometimes it’s therapeutic to take a break, and it wasn’t like he fell off the face of the earth, so no-one was really ready for what he was about to drop.

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Jul 18, 2019




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The Right Opinion
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: This is my gayest video ever. As shown in the video, recorded before Phil's coming out video, but I thought it didn't change too much. Dan's his own person. Dan's video: us-first.info/player/video/otesgKGTj4uhgWA.html , bit of a personal diversion, return to regular sort of content by next vid. CHECK OUT THE EDITORS: - Sir Cheeseknight: us-first.info/more/6ThPBLQ6dfeRLkDskw62uQ - zero: twitter.com/xh_zero - Onion: us-first.info/more/c8SSAqwbPtm4IYggRsaZbg? - Biodegradable: us-first.info Post-Editing: - Kold: us-first.info - Special thanks to my Patrons: a vdl, Low60, Mac Maunder, Jade Rose, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch, Adam VIllareal, Ashley Butts, Adam Goetz, Bryan Langley, cloudfruit, Connor, Divinireigns, Miru Kado, Neo, Brandon, Emily Yoder, Megan McCallion, Mikey K, Miru Kado, Neo, Nipple Man, Ristretto Eva, Michael, Shane Reese, Mama Fujo, Yuliya Terekh, Spoonie The Rogue, Natasha Gray, Bruhreallysnapped, Darren Barcrest Plays, Ellie, Nassim J, Spoonie the Rogue, Gravidea, Lena Zhivun, Valerie B, Shelby Schulze, Kie, Austin Clothier, Bob Jazzypoo, Emily Jane Willems, Philip Wesolowski, 10$+ Patrons: Adam Goetz, Ashley Butts, Divinereigns, Elizabeth Looby, orkfighta, somehulabaloo, The Derbinator, William Thatch, Ursula Holm, Drake Dragsaw, Eduardo Pedrero, nello, unknown_hat, Ray Kidder, Irene Garcia, Attila Bakk, Al Graham, CaptainJ, caitlin britton, Dualangel1, nella, Jessica Thomas, Harle Quin, Marie_Nanamari-P, The Face of Team Rocket, Ella Daniels Special Thanks to My 50 Dollar Patreons: somehulabaloo, dualangel1, Beauwright, Rocket Ralph Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreons: Brandon, Evening Steel, Adam Michal Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion Facebook: facebook.com/TheRightOpinionOfficial/ Discord: discord.gg/SsgNxWU References: docs.google.com/document/d/1LUTnfM-V5N76lyfdx5Sa63VTvIuBn3PLClFHLW9kuFg/edit?usp=sharing
SparkiiBlues 2 months ago
We friggin support you and your gayness! Us gays must unite!!!
- lisa
- lisa 5 months ago
Fourth Toe | I love that movie!! (:
Fourth Toe
Fourth Toe 6 months ago
- maja, I agree with you m8 I am a pansexual trans man. We are all valid, and the whole ‘coming out’ is bs, why should someone have to come out.... sorry I just got done watching ‘Love, Simon’ Anyway hope you find good luck, support, and comfort.
- lisa
- lisa 7 months ago
Toori Baba | First of all, this is really, really homophobic. He wasn’t lying, he just hadn’t said anything. That’s not lying. He doesn’t owe you fucking anything. Anyway, no he’s not. Because probably most of us are gay. Including myself.
Jonathan Baggette
What is the beat at 13:10
Mary C
Mary C 3 days ago
10:10 MAC!!!
Alexander Ihara
Alexander Ihara 5 days ago
It is always painful too see people going thru hardship. I'm suffering from schizophrenia. I'm open about. Unfortunately people I meet outside always back away from me. thouse prejudgment bs in "normal" people mind hurts. I wish all can be acepted no matter race, sexuality, social status and etc... I wish work was less cruel. All I want is to be happy someday...
AKIRA ASMR 12 days ago
What does TRO look like iRL? Is there a way I can see what he looks like?
AKIRA ASMR 12 days ago
Whos the blonde haired bloke @6:57 ?
Comic Dell
Comic Dell 16 days ago
I think this might be my fav TRO VIdeo.
Nessa 17 days ago
Love pineapple on pizza, especially with Cajun crust. 🤤
Eeveetheboss :3
Eeveetheboss :3 Month ago
Okay I know I'm very late to this but my mom is gay and she didn't came out when I was 11 or younger I'm 19 now and my mom is in her late 30s now my grandparents are very Catholic people but they're good people and well Catholics at least most of them not all them don't have a good opinion of the lgbtq which religion I don't mind but still it took my mom so long for her to finally come out she end up after she left my dad she end up being an a toxic relationship because I guess you never really been with a woman well she has been but not as a long-term as she was and that's the reason why I live with my dad but right now my dad and stepmom are very Christian people and they always talk bad about the lgbtq sometimes and it really deters me because that's not you don't judge someone because they live the way they want to it's not a choice and right when I was about 15-16 I was also having different feelings and I discover I was pansexual I don't really care about the gender I find girls boys etc cute but I can't really be open to my parents I usually always hide who myself is but my boyfriend he's bi because we talk about our sexualities in our beginning our relationship like he'd been boys I've been with girls and we understand each other and we both make each other happy I may be in a boy and girl relationship but that doesn't mean I'm still not attracted to other people I still am but I'm not going to deter that because I'm with someone now
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer
I guess I'm naive but unless the person is showing me their sexual life in their videos then I don't really think abt if they're straight or gay. I don't think anyone needs to come out to their audience. Of course, even irl idc what one's sexuality is. A person is so much more than who they have sex with. So..... Altho I understand why he would wanna come out especially with his journey!
Emperor Sheev Palestine
im confused what you mean by youtubes rocky relation ship with the lgbt community honestly from every thing i hear it quite the opposite (i know there is something im probably missing im just woundering what it is)
Emperor Sheev Palestine
@Sam you tube i weird with how they choose to demonetize, since they definitely demonetize based on political bias but if what you say is true then I cant figure out was that bias is
Sam Month ago
pretty sure because they were demonetizing videos with anything lgbt related in the title or something like that
Crypto Kappa
Crypto Kappa Month ago
Sorry for comment overload. I love a positive video from you. I’m a new subscriber and maybe I haven’t seen enough of your catalogue, but great, personal video man. Make more
Crypto Kappa
Crypto Kappa Month ago
“You certainly don’t want to be seen as exploiting a genre specifically designed for people who may be experiencing those issues” *cough*trishapaytas*cough*
Crypto Kappa
Crypto Kappa Month ago
It’s fucking sad. Growing up I never saw like. Physical bullying , and didn’t think it was a real thing. I never saw bullying around me too often in general. But I guess it still exists. People thought I was gay, but I didn’t take it as bullying because it never really bothered me. I’m sad people have to suffer through that.
Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi Month ago
Great vid
loona s
loona s Month ago
there's always hope, i am not trapped..... i'll remember that.... hopefully everything will work out.. *fingers crossed*
I don’t exist
I don’t exist Month ago
I’m out to approx 3 people, oh and every single person on this hellsite
Rose 2 months ago
I'm very proud of Dani Snotonfire
Potatos for Tots
Potatos for Tots 2 months ago
dis nigga gay
Clock 2 months ago
Cai Ren
Cai Ren 2 months ago
When I thought I was finally accepted... I just had to be smacked down with my passionate love for pineapple on pizza. ;~;
Trolledfrog 678
Trolledfrog 678 2 months ago
I identify as a frog
Shelby Inmon
Shelby Inmon 2 months ago
29:25 I can relate heavily I can't relate to stereotypes that lgbt culture and the culture as a whole puts on me I don't really dress gay enough for people, I don't act the right way and don't do whatever it is that makes you gay. I don't really fit into the lgbt community the best way to put it is that I'm too straight for gay people and too gay for straight people and it doesn't help that because my label I'm often builded into others A lot of people say that it will get better but the thing is that it won't the lgbt community likes to stereotype people in their own community and that makes people feel not lgbt when they are
It’s Clem Time!!
It’s Clem Time!! 2 months ago
I’m confused..why is being LGBTQ+ seen as wrong? I’m a straight cis guy and I’m just extremely confused why people are being attacked for being themselves. I don’t care about your gender, sexuality. Your a person that matters and I will respect you for that. Sorry if I kinda went on a tangent, I’m autistic as shit.
Daniel Burns
Daniel Burns Month ago
it's basically just people are told it's wrong by their parents and never question it
Basically Shaggy
Basically Shaggy 2 months ago
I was in a google meet with my class and was watching this with my headphones on and I didn't know my mic was on so I said "when was a young boy my father..." sees mic is on "whoops"
Seppuku Desu
Seppuku Desu 2 months ago
Haha omg I love that. just sitting there and waiting for women to become attractive 🤣 I see myself in that so much 'okay I don't get the whole sexual thing but it's gonna show up eventually, right?' only for me it never did lol I'm like asexual, tho I mostly (always in hetronorm contexts) say bisexual bcs going over 'asexual and biromantic' is just too much of a fucking hassle. I never struggled with the bi part, never realized that was unusual until recently with bi awareness rising with Shane and all. It was just always so obvious that I never questioned it. I never really felt forced to choose one or the other either really, tho I'll thank that to happening to have grown up just when the term bisexual was floating around and partially to living in one of the most LGBTQ friendly countries in the world and firsts. And there were so many other things people could bully me for that my sexuality never made the list 🙃 maybe bcs it never really existed, lol asexual, can't make fun of what isn't there
My Digital Log
My Digital Log 2 months ago
*me literally taking a bite of my pineapple pizza* how dare you!
I'm asexual
Siddy Cosmos
Siddy Cosmos 2 months ago
Aww that's sweet
ComicCraze 2 months ago
taite wyld
taite wyld 2 months ago
Dan’s video made me sob. I had been watching his videos for 6 years. He his one of my absolute favorites I even went to his stage show on my birthday
charliedrawsbadly 3 months ago
I love how he mentions Kat. Kat is love. Kat is life.
flo bah
flo bah 3 months ago
omg... so gays DO find gays... i knew there was a reason why i always came back here i came out in a chuck e cheese lmao
Ash 23 days ago
Oh that's really powerful, I came out in the shed
Stack Madigan
Stack Madigan 3 months ago
Thank you for helping people out with coming out!
Ipeleng Derby-Molefe
Sexuality isn't a choice. Hetronormativity should not be the default setting of society. We have a long way to go. I am so proud of people (Creater, Influencers, Accountants and others) who are open and proud of who they are. No matter what, you have a family, if it's not your biological family, remember, we have given family and chosen family, the people who accept you and love you are your real family. BIG LOVE from me.
DigitalHarmony 3 months ago
Once again, pineapple belongs on pizza.
Thicc Thanos
Thicc Thanos 2 months ago
Never. :(
Aristotle Snurgler
Aristotle Snurgler 3 months ago
always had the feeling you were gay, i mean that in the nicest way possible. i’m genuinely so happy to know 100% now, it feels lonely sometimes and it’s nice to get a reminder that i’m not the only one
erica rose
erica rose 3 months ago
this was such a well explained and throughout video thank you for making this! I've been a fan of dan for nearly 5 years now and it was a bit sad when I saw people in the community not looking for the real meaning of the video. you went through every aspect dan intended to touch on and I honestly felt like I was watching a lecture it was really good!!
Benjamin Carmine
Benjamin Carmine 3 months ago
Tis a choice.
Black Mesa Personnel#203
@Puppet person no
Puppet person
Puppet person Month ago
Oh your talking About religion right
Rubber Duckiez
Rubber Duckiez 2 months ago
@Benjamin Carmine yes, obsession with hot booby mmmm
Black Mesa Personnel#203
Benjamin Carmine
Benjamin Carmine 2 months ago
If ye obsess then ye become. Sorta like mind control, maggot. How you chose is through obsession.
Dredgen Gam
Dredgen Gam 3 months ago
I hear that saying a lot... "You were born that way". It's not true, and it never will be. I'm not judging homosexual people, but the best way of putting it is that it's a thing that develops over time, and I also hear that it's not possible to change what you like, "you can't control it". That's a fallacy as well. You can, but it's incredibly difficult and it requires significant willpower, if you're not comfortable liking the same sex, you can do something about it, but for some it's significantly more convenient to not make changes and "accept themselves". It's just an honest criticism, not trying to twist anyone's thumbs, just own it... (Before anyone says I don't know what I'm talking about, you're mistaken)
Ash 23 days ago
Conversion therapy tried to "change" people. Theres a reason all major psychologists denounce it.
Hero2222 Month ago
As someone who has tried to "change": You don't know what you're talking about.
warriorcurio 2 months ago
then heterosexuals aren’t born that way either since it ‘develops’ during puberty??
Jeorfrye Muntgumry
Jeorfrye Muntgumry 3 months ago
Now, with the knowledge of knowing TRO is gay makes me realize I want a guy like TRO.
Asha S
Asha S 3 months ago
Oof. I binge a US-firstr for days straight, and then he tells me I can get *beep*. 🤷🏻
nadia raynee
nadia raynee 3 months ago
i'd trust TRO with my drink
foreversocal 4 months ago
This should also be a, "things to consider before starting your US-first channel"
Bryan Lewis
Bryan Lewis 4 months ago
Bro I'm strait as it gets and I had no idea your gay after listening to like 100 of your videos but I love tf out of you and I may be slightly gay for you 😉 but seriously your one of my heros🤙🏼 I always look forward to your videos and your one if the most objective and just critics I have ever come across but dude your pineapple on pizza prejudice really grinds my gears! Fruit pizza is one of the most important freedoms of our modern times 😂
Turquo1se 4 months ago
1 year today! didnt look at the year at first and it confused me alot lmao
Xlegs96 4 months ago
This is just very 👌👌👌👌 and gay
Tanner 4 months ago
I knew it! No stereotyping here man, love your vids.
Reese Kosinski
Reese Kosinski 4 months ago
Knowing James is gay makes me like this channel even more. Yes I am heterophobic. No further comments.
Morgan Pohlen
Morgan Pohlen 5 months ago
I can honestly say that while watching US-first I've wondered about a person's sexual preference. It just..never mattered. I enjoy the video or I wouldn't watch it. I don't come to play guessing games as to people's lives, I just enjoy being educated and entertained.
The Procrastinator Alligator
Emily Greene
Emily Greene 5 months ago
This is one of the most inaccurate and toxic videos I have ever seen. Cognitive dissonance is apparent throughout. Sorry. Hats off to those who are exposing the LGBTPB propaganda
warriorcurio 2 months ago
you misspelled ‘comments’ as ‘videos’ and ‘accepting lgbt+’ as ‘exposing the lgbtpb propaganda’... besides, why are you talking in third person?
Black Mesa Personnel#203
Toribi 4 months ago
@Bonniespots14 yeah lol
Bonniespots14 5 months ago
Imma just not say anything 🤐🤐🤐
Evelyne b
Evelyne b 5 months ago
I hope dan has seen this, to asure him on his talent and the quality of his work. I hope he gained confidence
Emmy Olszewski
Emmy Olszewski 5 months ago
i love listening to you talk, you should just sit down and talk to the camera :)
BlueWolf 5 months ago
If i had the CHOISE to not like man don’t you think I’d left already? Like some guys inlikes are gross!
RiceKitty 5 months ago
this kind of reminds me of how about 2-3 years ago i was watching coming out videos and i had still yet to actually understand myself and i was imaging what it would be like to come out. fast forward to freshman year where i was openly bi and not judged by too many :)
Hannah Prater
Hannah Prater 5 months ago
The music taste is absolutely exquisite
Moon Dancer
Moon Dancer 5 months ago
Every so often I come back to this video because it gives me some kind of hope about life, in general. I'm not gay myself, but I feel strength when I hear and get to sympathise with those kinds of struggle, It's inspiring.
Flora Petal
Flora Petal 5 months ago
Funny story, my 6th grade class knew i was gay before me
Trolledfrog 678
Trolledfrog 678 2 months ago
thats kinda gay
Derpy Derpstein
Derpy Derpstein 5 months ago
I was terrified of being a lesbian because I thought I'd automatically transform into someone very masculine, when I felt like I wasn't. I do now realize that my sexuality doesn't define me (and I'm also still not sure what it is, but I think being afraid of being lesbian to the extent I was, was a sign).
flymus 5 months ago
Ha, I've watched this before and somehow didn't realize that TRO was gay! 😆
flymus 4 months ago
@Toribi No, but he kind of tells it in this video?
Zulples 5 months ago
watched this video on its one year anniversary. loved it just as much this year
Belphe Spielt
Belphe Spielt 5 months ago
you´re gay? so what? still great content, that´s the only thing that counts for me. you do you my friend
Cameron McAllister
Cameron McAllister 5 months ago
"Dan Howell, Gay or European" is the best title I have ever see for a fan video.
audeity 5 months ago
i'm about a million years late, but the *pride* in your voice at 27:28-ish makes me glow with pride myself. you've captured exactly how it felt, to see these videos come out in such a short amount of time. thank you EDIT: i am losing my mind over the outro being i don't feel like dancing, so please give the person whose decision that was a high five.
iHachii 5 months ago
This is the best way to come out i stg
Christopher James
Christopher James 5 months ago
As an American, (America, as in the Greatest Country on GAWDS GREEN EARTH who told "Great" Britian in 1776 to go fuck themselves) I say the choice to enjoy pineapple on pizza (a.k.a. Freedom Pie) is a God given birthright! Take your commie ass and Brexit my vicinity before we send a little "freedom" your way! Love the content btw. Big fan on the DL!
Hopefullynotboring 5 months ago
As a gay teen, Dan Howell’s video is really inspirational to me and I’m planning to come out soon and he has helped just by his video.
Dorugoramon 0
Dorugoramon 0 5 months ago
Everybody gaygnsta until I get my hands on Rowling's infinity gauntlet and erase the concept of sexuality.
TORTIS 15 days ago
can you erase gender too?
tristan vollero
tristan vollero 16 days ago
Would everyone be pansexual or asexual
Droptimistic 24 days ago
sounds fun
Faith 5 months ago
Elisabeth What
Elisabeth What 5 months ago
Well .. Here I was crying over how amazing the video was. 💖 Then I was suddenly attacked for liking pineapple on pizza. 🍍🍕😶
Elisabeth What
Elisabeth What 5 months ago
joshinese 5 months ago
Time Helper
Time Helper 5 months ago
Hey it's OK that you don't meet the gay stereotype :3 Your content is good, no matter if you're gay or straight! I really do love watching your content anyways! It's really good and very insightful! You're very entertaining to watch and analyze other youtubers! So thanks for sharing your opinion
Dog Bro
Dog Bro 5 months ago
Danganronpa Stan
Danganronpa Stan 4 months ago
No shit
The GloriousMorious
The GloriousMorious 5 months ago
Yes, that’s the point
LiL HOONi 5 months ago
storm ryann
Xlegs96 4 months ago
Anel MB
Anel MB 5 months ago
How didn't I notice...how gay ur suit is....
Oodles and Noodles
Oodles and Noodles 5 months ago
Ya know.... I've stalked this channel for a while... I think it's time to subscribe. This guy seems pretty cool. ❤
Rose Erin
Rose Erin 5 months ago
I was always uncomfy with the idea of coming out- so I just didnt- one day I went and got hormone therapy and just started to transition out of nowhere, including at work- mostly supportive if not ignorent family and friends, I would answer questions and there was a time when dad still felt it neccissary to hide me from company- but I kinda just didnt hide and existed anywhere I wanted anyway- dad got over it hes just old was worried about my safety but to me the silent way was easier. Id rather just bully my way in not try to explian myself. these days I get some hate online but since Im libertarian its a bipartisan hate rather than a pure bigoted one. all I gotta say on that is our running nominee is a psychologist and does jo jo memes on twitter and stole hillary clintons hashtag and Im here for that energy and always will be. fuck the police, fuck nazis, commies and the losers who pander to em! Im bi sexual but I also never came out on that one either- I just kinda date people and I dont let people talk about it; I will just shut them down if they get weird. I find people are less likely to argue when youre better at argumentation then they are. add a couple of "man you must be stupid to think that way"s to your arguments and theyll defeat themselves. mind you Im usually armed so I have a reason to be so confident when talking to others.
Benjamin Liebermensch
is it just me... or is his voice insanely soothing.
The GloriousMorious
The GloriousMorious 5 months ago
Kinda like Primink, I’d literally fall asleep listening to them
AJFilms14 5 months ago
I sat around waiting to be attracted to boys for a long long time. I hadn’t really accepted that I’m gay until this year and I’m 22.
Sea Pinecone
Sea Pinecone 5 months ago
As a bi person, I never associated lesbian and gay as a child, which is good, because while gay was frequently used as an insult and homosexuality was illegal in that country, no one ever suspected me. Of course I got called lesbian once or twice as an insult before I came out, but that only filled me with fear. Did they know? Was I safe? Was I going to be stoned to death because they knew (that was the punishment).I never really realised how much danger I was in until then. Coming out, strangely, made me feel... safe. I wasn't out. I'm still not. But to the people I came out to, it filled me with relief and validation and acceptance. This came with new challenges, of course, like almost getting outed, but for that moment, I felt like I finally connected with someone unconditionally. I remember crying with relief the first time I did it. It had been such a long, four year battle questioning myself. I felt like all the pain and sadness and struggle was finally valid. That I was valid. I always felt like I was a lie - not straight, not a 'valid' LGBTQ+ member. But this just finally sent it all to bed.
Koro Moro
Koro Moro 5 months ago
Never tell a joke again. That was the least funny thing I heard in my life.
warriorcurio 2 months ago
ugh not sure but they might have meant the pineapple on pizza joke at the end and how james himself said ‘of course i had to end it on a joke’
Toribi 4 months ago
Sorry? You do know that it wasn't supposed to be a HAHAhaha laugh fest.
izzy harris
izzy harris 5 months ago
why did this video come up in the 'anime' section of my homepage
A Schoolbus Schoolyard
i wouldn't have ever known that you're gay, and i honestly think a tiny bit higher of you now :D maybe because of a deep seeded dislike of straight people because the majority of them that have interacted with me have been real mean and stuff. and. my whole family is gay. even my biological dad who for some reason married and had kids with a woman. gay parents make gay kids, as proven by. my dad.
Neferi Waenre
Neferi Waenre 5 months ago
Why do i find coming out videos as totally wholesome? Well, cuz they are wholesome and i thank them all for being themselves. :') Btw, honey, i always knew that, even though it's just 1 month i've been subbed to you. You don't hide it and i appreciate you for that. ♥
Plant_Terrarium 5 months ago
... I got this recommended 1 day after pride month started... In 2020, not 2019...
dave 5 months ago
Mood but were at the end of pride month now
GalaxiaGirl Productions
Lmao same but only watched it now
Luis Awakening
Luis Awakening 5 months ago
June 1st was the day I came out to my closest friends, came out to my parents in mental hospital didn’t go well, and came out to everyone on my national coming out day. People accept me but like some people think I’m lying thinking I’m straight witch is annoying. I don’t have the stereotype of a gay guy ig
EliasMsv 6 months ago
I came out to my parents when i was 15. They were accepting at first but then my mom said to me the day after that she didn't think i was gay because the people she's known were gay have all been pretty seterotypical. She also found out that many parents always knew their kids were gay if that was the case but she never knew. It's nice knowing that there exist gays that aren't feminine as well as the more feminine people.
Eggu Eggu
Eggu Eggu 6 months ago
Man I saw this video and I was surprised to see that dan had come out because I hadn’t watched him since middle school but then I got surprised from TRO, and I was like damn what a wholesome video
Trolledfrog 678
Trolledfrog 678 2 months ago
@Eggu Eggu yes, I have to say it
Eggu Eggu
Eggu Eggu 2 months ago
Trolledfrog 678 pog moment
Trolledfrog 678
Trolledfrog 678 2 months ago
Im coming out to say that im a frog
el from space
el from space 6 months ago
coming out isn't easy, it's scary and you feel like once you do it, everything is going to change and everyone is going to treat you differently. you should only do it if you feel like it's time and that you are stable enough that you can allow yourself to do it.
el from space
el from space Month ago
@fella monacci being sure isn't often enough -- people who have to rely on others can be sure and still not be in a good enough situation to do it...
fella monacci
fella monacci Month ago
when you are really sure
isobel brown
isobel brown 6 months ago
this was uploaded on my birthday
ari 6 months ago
it ended on such a happy and positive and amazing note!! honestly made my... night? watching this at 12 am :/
Cakeu 6 months ago
Seriously, TRO, I just started to become straight because of you and now you're gay.. smh (pls don't take this seriously)
Gina Campos
Gina Campos 6 months ago
Hello Internet, my name is: [ Dan ] -2009
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott 6 months ago
oh god right that was a thing in the Phandom, wasn't it.... how the time flies. Good memories.
ShadoExperamint 6 months ago
Dunno this video is kinda gay
Raunak Rai Lal
Raunak Rai Lal 6 months ago
This is an uncommon stereotype I've heard. But it's fascinating how all gay people are introspective. Sending love and support 💙
Toribi 4 months ago
No? Most people are introspective, also being gay isnt a personality trait and idk if your implying that but it sure does seem like that.
Ari 6 months ago
Tro: if you don't know this, I'm gay. Me: *nods* nice
Scotty B
Scotty B 6 months ago
i thought dan howel has been gay since like 2014 huh what? or did all his fans just say that
Not Real
Not Real 5 months ago
Most of the fandom shipped the two, so that’s probably why. Most old fans or people who knew about him around the peak of his channel seem to assume he disappeared. He kinda has though, his last video (his coming out video) was 11 months ago and the video before that one was made 2 years ago.
Scotty B
Scotty B 5 months ago
@Not Real oh. whack. i used to see him all the time on my IG explore page because my classmates watched him. i just assumed he was dating Phil lol. thats what the content seemed to imply. I forgot about him because he stopped showing up, but i guess he's still out there!
Not Real
Not Real 5 months ago
it was heavily implied he wasn’t straight, but his coming out video was the first time he ever openly said it
Kris Does Art
Kris Does Art 6 months ago
"Acceptance. From people, for people. *Unless they like pineapple on pizza, in which place they can get-"*
Los cachetes de Park Jisung
I started liking Dan mostly thanks to his coming out video, but I didn´t start liking him for his sexuality, it´s because I can relate to him on a spiritual level, I went and have been struggling with the same problems he dealt with in the past and may be struggling still. But after seeing his content, I started forgetting about his sexuality more and more, his sexuality wasn’t that relevant to me anymore, yes, i still relate to him a lot and to his content, but I started seeing him as a role model for people, not mattering their sexuality in any sense. Also, can people stop with the J.K Rowling shit? It´s blatantly annoying that people just take it as a meme because out of nowhere she decided to make a character gay, what if she had already planned it but just didn´t state it cause it wasn’t relevant at the time but now it was, just because Dumbledore is gay doesn´t have to interfere with your reading and respectively viewing experience, I clarify I don´t say it cause I´m from the community, I have to always specify this, but cause I’m a viewer and reader too and people complaining for nothing makes it annoying and uncomfortable to be able to communicate with fellow readers and viewers. What Dan said at the end of the video healed me, comforted me cause I´m still closeted because of my circumstances, I live in a homophobic stereotypical place somewhere in South Mexico. My friends and family assume my sexuality as straight and am not straight, I´m proud to be bisexual and will always be but coming out right now, when I´m just 13 years old and people say I´m confused because I will still be growing and my mind just needs to mature enough to know my sexuality even tho I know I like boys AND girls, it´s not convenient for my fragile mind and sensitive feelings.
The GloriousMorious
The GloriousMorious 5 months ago
The Jk one did not age well lmao, she’s now under fire for being a transphobe, and I agree, her books are great but her personality is just not it
BINARYGOD 6 months ago
Assuming you have not already - when you finally do one, I would be quite shocked, disappointed, and disgusted if you were not wearing a monocle and top hat (and nothing else).
Enrico 7 months ago
So I found your channel about a week ago and have been binge-watching whenever I can. I think you make amazing videos with great humor, and this is just my opinion and it's but a drop in the sea of comments but I've always thought that it doesn't matter which way you swing. What matters is if you are a decent person and taking into account that you like dogs and dislikes pineapple on pizza, I think you are a decent bloke.
A H 7 months ago
I wanna hear that personal video one day dude
Neelam Singh
Neelam Singh 7 months ago
9 months late to this, but God I was getting emotional at the end and then burst out teary laughing at the Pineapples on Pizza comment. 😂