Why 6ix9ine's Crimes Pay In Music | The Music Industry Explained (ft. Vanilla Rice) 

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The Right Opinion: Why 6ix9ine's Crimes Pay In Music | The Music Industry Explained
When we talk about recent movements, obviously the first one that comes into our head is metoo, which obviously inspired many women to come forward about their sexual maltreatment by celebrities, primarily through the film industry, though it did have outreach into other sectors. Some very large names were taken down, while others very slyly sneaked out of the spotlight during the allegations.
However, there was one industry that was eerily quiet, that was the music industry, and now, there were a few, Russell Simmons probably being the most famous of them all, but that was more from an executive position, and even then, the coverage has been minimal. Which is surprising considering the claims are quite numerous.
Now, for those who are fairly familiar with this channel, you’ll know I’m a keen follower of music. If I wanted to start up my own review medium I probably could, I like to see myself as someone who ‘gets’ around 99% of music. Recently, there’s been a trend of what many regard as “Soundcloud Rappers”. Now, this was headed by names like Lil’ Pump, XXXTentacion, Lil’ Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, you know lots of lil’ people. I bet some of them aren’t even small.
However, obviously rap is a typically more gritty genre, and therefore some of its output is gonna be more controversial.
At the pinnacle of this controversy, one of the Soundcloud artists to emerge was 6ix9ine, and his music is “interesting”, hmmmm, that’s an appropriate word, however, that’s not the only thing “interesting” thing about him. However, I’m not really involved heavily in the soundcloud culture, but I do know someone who is.
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Feb 27, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
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koji 9 months ago
vanilla rice? more like vanilla ice
Aspergers Andy
Hey I didn't see a shoutout for my boy @NoahForWorld
Yonas Shinigami
Yonas Shinigami 2 years ago
I think this video is lacking research. Especially on the part of the guest. It only takes a few clicks to google the case of 6ix9ine to know what he did and why many people do not have a problem with it. As far as I understand it, he just was in a video where somebody else touched a Minor (how I understood it it was some kind of video from a random party where he was), and this video than was uploaded on fb afaik. So he himself never did "touched a kid". Imo is it questionable to hang out with people who touch underage girls on partys, but I can see why many do not think it is a problem. The narrative of "he touched a kid" roots in the beef between him and Trippie Red, cause he said "sorry, big 14 doesn't fuck with pedophiles". That's it. I expected more research on your part. The point you made in the Video I get and I think the rest of it is a good essay, but you should correct yourself on the matter of tekashi69
Dan Chase
Dan Chase 2 years ago
R.kelly has a sex cult for god's sake.
Khadijah Johnson
Khadijah Johnson 2 years ago
Kenzie Leigh
Kenzie Leigh 22 days ago
Who is this vanilla rice he’s so CUTE
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover Month ago
"Or you might have heard all of them, and thought they were one song." Quietly savage.
edwin gachoka
edwin gachoka Month ago
prism560 Month ago
this reminds me alot about the creator of rurouni kenshin. alot of ppl like the manga but then he when a did smt stupid
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis Month ago
The term you were looking for is “Human car crash”
Diy_CaT 2 months ago
What this video is under an hour...
Sweet&Sour 2 months ago
Okay but hear me out on this: "Are you DUMB, STUPID, or dumb -HUH?" is catchy af (I'm just kidding. I don't support him. That line just gets stuck in my head.)
R I Ponsaran
R I Ponsaran 3 months ago
I literally had to decrease the volume in 69's parts. My gush, I'm happy he's not big in my country.
PrinceRuby 5 months ago
what’s really crazy is how his career is still going. It’s not like he can ever leave home considering the amount of people who probably want him dead for telling on them.
Drunken Dads Production
Beautiful absolutely beautiful! Hahah thank you for making this a video
Randy Kirkland
Randy Kirkland 6 months ago
This isn’t music. This is a joke.
carmine441 6 months ago
I actually like 6ix9ine :)
Puro Power
Puro Power 6 months ago
If my son grew up to be like 6ix9ine, I would cut my dick off and throw it in the nearest river. Because I would have failed the human race with spawning that thing.
Move to my other channel pleb
his crimes do pay in music, as is music is so bad and he probably has to listen to his songs at least twice, and once is too much for any sane individual
Jack Porter
Jack Porter 7 months ago
The child catcher on crack.
Serendipitous Apostrophe101
He isn't just six nine he is just garbage get it right guys
PrinceRuby 5 months ago
no he’s rainbow trash
Magnumation 8 months ago
In the Vanilla Rice segment I hear the background music is Star and Gold by Brockhampton
Marilyn Belrose
Marilyn Belrose 8 months ago
I could never figure out how to pronounce his name in the beginning so I just referred to him as "Skittles mouth" and people knew exactly who I was talking about.
MonkParty 9 months ago
Brit trying to sound hood but just using a southern accent lmao
LemonsQHD 9 months ago
The fact that his name is 6ix9ine is already a red flag.
ladynikkie 9 months ago
0:37 R Kelly anyone?
Super Alsters
Super Alsters 9 months ago
I like the "flyingkiddy's" version
Res1514 9 months ago
Interesting watching this now in light of recent snitching.
Mugh Hungus
Mugh Hungus 10 months ago
Chris Brown should've just faded into obscurity along with Kanye W. and Beyonce. They're all no talent hacks that need 5 recording engineers to run Auto-Tune, time align and Cut & Paste a "song" together and abuse compression/limiting to make songs "sound louder". Music isn't about capturing a great performance of song in the studio, Hell there's a damned TV show where people Lip Sync, didn't Millie Vanillie get reemed for doing that ??
Taylor 10 months ago
This video aged like fine wine.
Johanna 10 months ago
I thought that dumbass was latino
Highlyfunctioning Thoughtaholic
Why does he look like a fucking skittle?
Michael D
Michael D 10 months ago
69's actions, whether based on knowledge or stupidity, whether liked or disliked (personally disliked), there's no denying that his career has been genuinely, masterfully executed. Because we've all, essentially, voted for this by allowing ignorant shock value to drive views. If you don't like him than stop clicking on videos that you know is filled with legitimate nonsense. Plain and simple. Do not like nor comment on videos, such as this one, that could help bring even more awareness to things you find morally corrupting and influential to a dumbing society(Sorry to creators, I hope you understand. Lol.) Especially without leaving this warning label.
sadie elizabeth
sadie elizabeth 11 months ago
the way our society tries to “ separate the art from the artist” is pointless
Person Oisels
Person Oisels 11 months ago
I'm not even surprised that the guy, despite being a repeat felon, only got probation for sexually assaulting a child. This happened in america after all and he's wealthy.
Teacup 11 months ago
Had to comment to ruin the 420 count 😂
skiie 11 months ago
I take issue with what Vanilla rice has to say because all sound cloud rappers are that terrible. I don't respect 69 at all after the kid touching. But i can defniltey say hes one of the guys that has lived the terrible childhood. perhaps there is some merit to how and why he raps the way that he does. but at the end of the day All sound cloud rap is terrible. Now that rap is even more accessible these new kids are just tearing it up way worse than what the late 2010 rappers did.
Namer 11 months ago
What kind of fucking comment is that? Some catchy Chris brown songs? Uh no, they aren’t catchy since they’re by Chris brown. The fuck is wrong with you?
arthur aa
arthur aa Year ago
His "songs sound the same" like all these you tube casts commenting on rap songs sound alike.....oh, sorry...nevermind
My Autobiography A Fanfic
You always use the "mal" prefix when you mean "mis".
Strong & Grand
Given Tekashi's recent criminal troubles... you would be possibly doing a video on how silly this entire escapade was? And the consequences of his idiotic actions?
NickBush24 Year ago
Compare the case of Ian Watkins from Lostprophets. When he was convicted of aggravated noncery, literally nobody defended him, and his bandmates made a new band without him. That's a big difference between the rock genre and the hip hop genre.
Pablo Alejandro
the blicky with da stiffy curse caused this video to do poorly but ya boi is here to click like just because
Aiber Lane
Aiber Lane Year ago
I honestly couldn't the difference between those two songs. Or more accurately, shouting with a beat behind it.
So imma keep it short and sweet for you, black people dont care abt sex crimes. or crimes at all really. Im black and i remember that r kelly thing happening and ppl still sing r kelly in the hall ways at school. it sadly starts in the house hold
Some Dude
Some Dude Year ago
The Michael Jackson reference didn't age well. Apparently the allegations on Michael Jackson got debunked in April 2019. Which is a great relief, Unfortunately we now need to add Elvis Presley to the list. He apparently had sex with a 14 year old when he was a grown man. Disgusting.
Vontux Year ago
The clear answer is piracy. Pirate music if its good but belongs to an asshole, you get to still enjoy it and they don't get the green. Same thing with youtube, someone puts out content you like but they're an asshole, youtube-dl with the --no-mark-watched option and they don't get the view count.
Matt Hinton
Matt Hinton Year ago
I wonna see somebody test his gangsta and beat the every loving shit out of him. Also since when could white people say N**** in rap
Tabby3456 Year ago
this is nothing new *chough 2X* Justin Beiber *Chough 2X* Cris Brown
Dante Deloden
Dante Deloden Year ago
I didnt get anything from this video but of a repeat of questions were all thinking... lol
Oni Bank
Oni Bank Year ago
Same reason why chris brown and r kelly are still around, because crazy fans will bend over backwards to defend their favorite artists
Mabusha Masekela
@ The Right Opinion I'm surprised to see you include Michael Jackson amongst your sexual deviants gallery. I would have hoped you maintained a more nuanced (right) opinion on the matter. Nonetheless the actual subject of the video is delivered with your usual excellence.
Jack Porter
Jack Porter 7 months ago
I know this comment is old, but could you link the evidence that debunked the allegations against Michael Jackson's sexual deviancy? I'm genuinely interested as there is a fair amount of people who believe he's innocent.
Johanna 10 months ago
For you a "right opinion" is only right if agrees with you?
Sad Aesthetic
Sad Aesthetic Year ago
You stupid? Dummy.
Mad Lad Winmill
Gotta say though, he has beautiful teeth when he doesn't have those annoying coloured ones
Mad Lad Winmill
I think even I'd be a better musician, here are some of my lyrics cOoL lAdS aRe CoOl, I aM nOt ( whoop ) bUt I'm PrEtTy KoOl AnYwAy Etc
CZHO Year ago
*plays 6ix9ine* youtube: NO MONEY FOR YOU
DreamLandBuds Year ago
get it bc 6ix9ine = 69 = funni number xd
This guy’s logic is really flawed. Your allegations aren’t true until proven guilty and he seems really sheltered. He acts like gun violence doesn’t happen all the time in bad communities. It’s pretty inevitable to happen.
3:34 so you’re complaining about the life he lives. Aight...🙄
David Banner
David Banner Year ago
I’m watching this as he’s rotting in prison. #justice
The AtomicToaster
69k views, *nice*
the one guy
the one guy Year ago
Comment #271 of commenting on every video I watch
jeff pewdiepie
The only person more uglyer than me is takashi 69
El Dorado
El Dorado Year ago
You speak like the music industry is about music and not... well... an industry... Their primary goal is profit.
Tina Sprout
Tina Sprout Year ago
Wow, I haven't heard a single one of those songs at the start. Blissful Spotify Bubble.
Ghost-Faced Hindu
Just waiting for 69 to go the way of xxx.
red 2 the electric boogaloo
sure he gets that street cred, but he's gonna be known as a chomo in prison he's gonna drop the soap
How do you not have more subscribers...damn.
Collin Harris
Collin Harris Year ago
I hate soundcloud rappers so much. Their music is so bad I genuinely think like 85% of his fanbase are people who like him just because it's the current trend, although it makes me even more angry. I guess this whole sound cloud rapper thing is just a rage indusing phase of humanity.
Sabrina Year ago
4:00-4:07 is me with a lot of people. Sub in whatever controversy, but that's my reaction of "what even is this world?"
Marrion Hues
Marrion Hues Year ago
R Kellys didn't even have the Internet and look how long it took to get him?
Marrion Hues
Marrion Hues Year ago
So it's like he wasn't using orginal melodies.
Tahjo Year ago
He looks like Zendaya's brother.
Sneakstr Year ago
I kinda like his music tho
Richard Vaughn
Rap music is not an accurate portrayal of urban life in the USA. Rap is a way for corporations to market to low income people through product placement and by re-engineering the social fabric of urban life to favor consumerism. Rap music is not a product of the ghetto as the ghetto is a product of rap music.
Richard Vaughn
Does this breh have lucky charms for teeth?
Jaids Year ago
us-first.info/player/video/l9SGdHyrdoSod2A.html but have you heard this song? WARNING: if you are under 14 or care about cursing in videos DO NOT CLICK THE LINK but if you have a sense of humor then go ahead
Erick Sierra
Erick Sierra Year ago
"There's allegations he's touched kids"... that means nothing in America when a "kid" is anyone under 35 and being attracted to a 17 year old is considered pedophilia. I believe in Europe "pedophile" means something, but definitely not the USA.
The Phantom of the Paradise
I don't listen to shit.
child molesting human garbage. end of story.
ds Year ago
with all due respect, I don't think anyone is able to 'get' 99% of music
Syd Beretta
Syd Beretta Year ago
Vanilla Rice has some good tastes, Brock Hampton GOLD off Saturation. I approve.
The Pauly Sinatra Show
Ghetto fuck
spacedoohicky Year ago
Crazy is sexy. So people who gravitate towards crazy because it's sexy unwittingly support crazy. And music is attached to sex. So it's a package of sex and music that can't be separated. So an "artist" can be pretty bad and get away with being a little to a lot crazy because it's what fits the industry. It's actually not inherently a bad thing but some people take it too far because they are full of themselves.
*misleading cunts.*
Set To FAIL Year ago
I do enjoy some 6ix9ine music, but I don't condone his actions. Often I think I try to separate a person and their work. I enjoy an occasional Mel Gibson movie, but I certainly don't agree with his personal opinions on Jewish people. It's a complicated issue in the modern world of not wanting to support people we define as "bad" but also wanting to judge projects/artistic endeavors on their own
adriana mendoza
Crunch Year ago
Sixixnineine wtf kind of name is that?
RED ROOM Year ago
Off topic but Vanilla rice (idk what his real name is) is kinda cute.
Basteal Year ago
I bet you wouldn't think he was cute if you found out he was a furry necrophile who licked door bells for 3 solid hours every night. I'm not saying he is that, or does that, but I bet you wouldn't find that cute!
RED ROOM Year ago
He's so ugly tho, who actually listens to his music?
Spown Year ago
we need a WWIII
esteban c
esteban c Year ago
Vanilla rice using brockhampton instrumentals
Samantha Pape
Samantha Pape Year ago
thank god he got arrested
JOMA Year ago
that "GOLD" instrumental in the background of Vanilla Rice's bit 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kevin Lester
Kevin Lester Year ago
Why do people attach themselves to rappers. Not only is the rapper corny but the nigga calling him crony doesnt pay bills.
helder pelegrino
oh yeah brockhampton beats
Bunny lhm
Bunny lhm Year ago
Minute in and I’ve already liked 😂😂😂 “many little people; bet some of them aren’t even little. Misleading cunts.l
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Year ago
Vanilla rice literally has nothing interesting or intelligent to say. Just quit please.
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Year ago
That blackish kid has the worst hair in the world. PS: does every single British kid have a commentary channel, or?
Clay-J Year ago
Working for him so well atm lmao
Vallis Daemonum
The only 69 he'll be getting now is from his new celly when his cheeks aren't getting clapped
badhinjana Year ago
looks they are testing his gangsta now
SemiAuto Thanos Car
man i wish he can host meme review'