Who Killed Andrew Finch? 

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Who Killed Andrew Finch? - re #dramaalert
Today we take a look an update on US news coming from Kansas, as Andrew Finch is killed in a swatting prank, arguably caused by a swatter who has since been arrested. Whilst news outlets discuss the importance of cod, playing call of duty or the influence of the video game in this death, we discuss the swatting death in more detail.
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us-first.info/player/video/Z5eLknpnZJmrnqc.html (Swatter has been ARRESTED! #DramaAlert Call of Duty Game Turns Deadly! ( INTERVIEW) by Keemstar / Drama Alert)
us-first.info/player/video/p697e4eZqI6idYE.html (Call of Duty ‘swatting’ death explained - BBC News)
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Andrew Finch was the man who was shot dead by police on the night of the 28th of December, by police, responding to a false call in which the SWAT team were deployed. He was 28, he lived in Wichita, Kansas, and he had two children. All from a hoax.
What had provoked this false call? Well...I’m not surprised, I’m just damn pissed off, it was a bunch of kids pissy over a Call Of Duty game, one of the team threatened to swat the other, the other said go on then, and they did, however the individual who encouraged themselves to be swatted provided the swatters with a false address, which is also not surprising, in fact if anything I’m surprised that the people who called the police were genuinely thick enough to think that someone would provide a legitimate address, but anyway, the team passed the information on to a known swatter: Tyler Barriss. As there are ways to conceal your identity in the case of swatting, they probably thought that handing it over to someone a bit more discrete they would outsmart this other team, but, honestly, it’s beyond stupid.
To make sure the SWAT team were there, Barriss, who also went by the Twitter account Swautistic made the interaction as dramatic as possible, claiming that he had shot his father in the head and that he was holding his mother and brother hostage in the closet, all while having poured gasoline over the house.
Obviously, this wasn’t the case, the police arrived and apprehended Mr. Finch. And according to reports, when he didn’t fully comply with police requests, one officer shot him, he was pronounced dead following transportation to the local hospital.
Swatting is not new, but this story sticks out because of its tragic outcome, one innocent man, killed because a bunch of kids were salty over a game with a one dollar fifty wager. With severe outcomes, comes severe consequences. And as soon as the outcomes were learned every individual involved was looking to point the finger, the swatter, the gamers, law enforcement, scrambling for justification or information that could lead to a clearer picture, but things are never that simple. Who is to blame?
There’s this song called ‘Who Killed Russell Jones?’ by Dolan B, a spoken word piece where he discusses the people who could have contributed to the premature demise of Ol’ Dirty Bastard from a first person perspective, defending their actions as merely participating in the culture. I want you to hold this thought while we take a trip into the current culture that preceded this tragedy.
Swatting is not a rare event, it has been a thing for years now, as Keemstar himself said, the first time hew as ever swatted was in 2010, and he was hardly a big fish back then, plenty of famous streamers and gamers have been the victims of swatting and in fact many would argue that it’s a risk you have to now anticipate if you want to participate in the industry. Once again, a majority of people realise that it’s a scummy thing to do, but gamers think “Well, it doesn’t have any particular long term consequences, it’s a dick thing to do, but they’re probably dicks anyway, so let’s do it”.

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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
One correction: apparently the two players were on the same team. Thanks to Raphael for pointing that out. Simple error, my bad. Rest of video's points still stand. CREDITS BELOW: Edited by: us-first.info/more/__5vQbBho-Ljhyl-04oszw - Special Thanks To: Nocty, Zany Jester, The Spanish Inn Physician, Yoo Toobah, Yerzi, Yeahsure, a7f, viirium, raener, The King Cow Show, Duster, LiquoricePepsi - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg
Drakilicious 2 months ago
Thats like asking whos responsible if a hit was put out on a person. The hitman or the person who hired them. Frankly both the cop and swatter should get charged. Especially the cop because for all he knew that was a hostage that answered the door. All to often the cry of 'I thought he had a weapon" is a justification but its not a crime to own or carry a weapon in america its your constitutional right and thus killing someone because they had a weapon or trying to justify it is not only murder but a violation of constitutional rights. I say this as someone whos worked as a bouncer, private investigations, and armed security and never had to shoot or kill anyone despite being in worse situations than an unarmed innocent man standing on his porch. Legit had to deal with disgruntled armed drunks and I didn't have an army of swat members equipped to the teeth backing me up. I feel cops these days are just chumps and pussies. Having a literal para-military force and being so 'scared' they have to shoot an innocent unarmed man... its disgraceful.
THE ASD KING 2 years ago
I think everyone in this story (not including the guy who died) needs justice
THE ASD KING 2 years ago
The Right Opinion I really think your channel is very underrated
Serious Sam
Serious Sam 4 months ago
So one guy ruined who knows how many lives with one phone call over 1,50...oukay...
Frost 6 months ago
it's unfair 20 years in prison is too light a sentence he should have been tried in a country where the death penalty is still allowed especially that we must not forget the racism behind this crime Tyler Barris swatting him just because he was white this is where his true intentions were hidden
Christian Bradley
Christian Bradley 6 months ago
To anyone watching this who wants to know what happened to the little prick who made the call, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for manslaughter.
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
There'd a lot and I mean a lot of swat accidents. And I'm not counting the swatting. Like a they toss a flash bang in crib with a baby in it. Shot people and turned out to be unarmed and the wrong address...etc the list goes on and on. Cops suck at being swat team, even before the swatting trend. Hell they don't even have paramedics on stand by. In the UK swat teams are trained to revive and heal the suspect after being shot to make sure he will serve his time or to have the ability to undo a tragic mistake or save a teammates. USA swat team don't do any of that and they can't even be bothered with having a paramedic near by who can do those things
Bo Kvarv
Bo Kvarv 8 months ago
Tyler Barris "TURD" MURDERED mr Finch by Proxy. nothing more nothing less, and he got the golden ticket and won the lottery with his silly charge, his charge should be felony murder and he should get life without parole
Worrawit Dulyavitya
Worrawit Dulyavitya 11 months ago
Chicken shit cop
Just ire nada
Just ire nada Year ago
Who is the murderer? The executioner or the one who orders the execution? He says the executioner but I say the one who orders the execution. Because if no one tells the executioner to kill anyone then no one dies, but as long as the orderer gives his command someone is going to die. In his case, he had done this many times and no one died until eventually someone did. But the thing is, the chance that someone would have died if he hadn’t given his command at all would have been zero. The executioner (officer) would have had no orders to follow and everyone would most certainly had lived.
Java Monkey
Java Monkey Year ago
You do not point a weapon at anything you are not prepared to kill. This is the most fundamental tenant of the responsible use of force. It doesn't matter whether or not have your finger on the trigger. It doesn't matter whether or not the safety is on. It does not matter whether or not it's loaded; the moment you point that weapon, you are accepting the possibility of ending a life, and the possible consequences thereof. If you SWAT someone, you are effectively pointing a weapon--or, rather, several weapons--at them, and if they die, it's because you murdered them, and the fact that you had to concoct a lie to tell authorities severe enough to prompt such a response from law enforcement is evidence of premeditation. Even if it doesn't result in their death, you still intentionally put them in the path of lethal force, and it's no different than shoving someone into oncoming traffic and the driver having the wherewithal to avoid hitting them. You still tried to kill that person, it's still attempted murder. Doesn't necessarily absolve the SWAT officer of all responsibility, as even in the event of a real crime, you are expected to exercise sound judgement and only discharge your weapon when you are reasonably certain that not doing so will result in death or grievous bodily harm to yourself or someone else, and there is protocol that must be followed to minimize that risk as much as possible. Still, these are split-second decisions that have to be made, and an officer can do everything they are trained to do correctly and still end up killing someone who posed no actual threat. That's unfortunately always a possible outcome. Whether that officer did what was incumbent upon him and things went wrong anyway, or whether he acted either negligently or maliciously, I don't know. But I do know the guy who placed that false report killed Andrew Finch, and anyone else who either encouraged it or did nothing to stop it were complicit in his death.
Locke Gaming
Locke Gaming Year ago
Directly? the cop..... who's responsible for the cop being there.... the dumbass swatter. so He did.
Travis McGrath
I live in Wichita Kansas. I don't really have a whole lot to add to the conversation but, I can think of at least two other instances involving trigger happy WPD killing unarmed civilians. One of which was a mentally handicapped man who they shot in the back. AND the officer who committed that particular shooting had two other similar infractions on her record. Something is seriously wrong with law enforcement all across the United States.
Nanael OverLock
The cops just murdered him, they didn't even try to understand wtf was going on. Just "Walk this way" and boom.
Szittya Year ago
90% cop 10% Barriss Both deserve death penalty.
skuzlebut82 Year ago
Police showed up, expecting an individual that had murdered one person, was holding 2 others hostage and had also covered the house in gasoline. The description of the house the caller gave isn't important. Andrew Finch should not have died. He was and is 100% innocent. The officer the pulled the trigger is 99% innocent. That 1% is because he is the one responsible for taking Andrew's life but showing up to a location, believing he was dealing with a murderer who had hostages, the officer and all officers were there, believing what they were told. Tyler Barriss and the other individuals involved are 100% guilty. Barriss is also guilty of other swatting instances and also calling in bomb threats. He has, as of now, been convicted of 51 federal charges. The asshat even manages to take advantage of the jail computer system. What does he do? He gets on Twitter and brags. He needs to be locked away for a few decades at least. And he is being sentenced on Friday for the federal charges alone and he is going to receive at least 20 years in prison and at most, 25 years. His charges here in Kansas, regarding the swatting death if Andrew Finch, the trial starts March 4th. It looks like he'll probably spend at least 30 years in prison. Not a lot of CoD in prison. :-D
I couldn't watch this. I spent several hours a few weeks ago, reading all about it (yeah, late to the party) and the whole thing pisses me off too much to want to get into it again.
Fumble N. Uts
Fumble N. Uts Year ago
I lived in the Sedwick County area a while back, and remember this event occuring. Really was sad to see, were generally a decently safe Metro area. May he at least be a cautionary tale.
Xuanathan Year ago
Can we get a south park episode about this?
A8HBU 2 years ago
6:09 So....postmodernism killed him?
A8HBU 2 years ago
Goes to show the kind of people who play COD.
Bo Kvarv
Bo Kvarv 2 years ago
TYler Barriss Killed him. It is called "Murder by Proxy" There, ONLY Tyler Barriss is responible, and ONLY him
Gabriel Fávaro
Gabriel Fávaro 2 years ago
Dude , its fucking simple , the police officer that shot was the killer. "He thought that he was reaching for a gun " , it doesnt fucking matter, he had the responsability in his hands, and he ended up commiting a crime. It does not matter who made the fake call , but this person should be punished too. If you think about through a Libertarian view , its even more terrifying. The state (policemen) has the guns and the coercitive power in their hands; someone makes a call; the state KILLS an innocent person; nothing happens to the state ; WHY ??? Cause its the fucking state.
The AMV TOP 50
The AMV TOP 50 2 years ago
The song is a rip off of Bob Dylan's "Who Killed Davey Moore?", which was about a boxer who died in the ring during a fight.
DEEDSHOT R 2 years ago
today we find out that the world sucks
BleuBear 2 years ago
My take is that the swatter killed him. Experience or no experience, the SWAT is a specialized unit meant to handle extreme situations. Shootings happen very rarely with SWAT teams. And when they do happen, they're held accountable which is why the shooter was suspended. However, SWATs are meant to be used in serious situations and they already have a preconceived notion that there's a shooter in that house willing to kill because there's already one dead. The argument that "the swatter has done this many times before with no consequence" is like saying "put a match on a tree many times before and put them out without consequence, how was I responsible for starting a forest fire cause the flame caught a bush accidentally?" Easy. Don't do what you're not supposed to in the first place. He's the reason that Andrew Finch died, and though the cop should be held accountable for the "bad shoot". This entire situation wouldn't have happened had he not: - Made a falsified 911 call, which is illegal national (but punishments and classifications differ in each state) - Swatted, which is on its way to being a federal crime, and is already a crime in California and New Jersey, and nationally illegal in Canada
Captiankirk games
Captiankirk games 2 years ago
It’s Tyler’s fault
Captiankirk games
Captiankirk games 2 years ago
Reviewtechusa told us it would happen
Captiankirk games
Captiankirk games 2 years ago
Sad on last days of 2017 lose a dad
Captiankirk games
Captiankirk games 2 years ago
Tyler and the cod players
James 2 years ago
If you attempt to solicit a hitman to murder someone, you are criminally responsible (such as the case of Richard Glossip). The Hitman is also criminally responsible in the event he carries out the murder, although may cop a plea deal or whatever. Based upon this precedent; whoever solicited the known swatter to make the call, and the swatter themselves, are responsible,
Strong & Grand
Strong & Grand 2 years ago
Amazing video, and it's the reason I subscribed! Also, a lot has happened since your video. I wonder if you will do a follow up on the whole case once all the parties involved are sentenced to prison and the state of Kansas resolves the civil suit filed by the family for the wrongful death... I would love to hear a follow up on it!
Madison Griffin
Madison Griffin 2 years ago
I live in Wichita, in the same area, I go to the high school that is not even a mile away from the murder. It’s ridiculous. I was so shocked. It couldn’t been anybody, it could have been my brother, my dad, my cousin, my uncle. Trigger happy.
Palace Of Wisdom
Palace Of Wisdom 2 years ago
Swatting endangers lives, misuses emergency call service and interferes with police work/wastes resources. It should get you jail time even if noone gets hurt.
MrWarners14 2 years ago
I find it repugnant and disgusting that *everyone* involved shirked responsibility over the murder of a person's life. The swatting gamer was a greedy sociopath, the police officer was irresponsible and ignorant and Activision are horrid for releasing a half-assed history lesson with lootbox gambling and toxic business practices. Fuck all of these people and I hope to god karma bites them all in the ass. Fuck this horrendous bullshit.
blastman8888 2 years ago
No charges for the officer this police department must train their officers to shoot first ask questions later none of the officers were in anyway a danger this officer just fired from their positions they could have waited to see if Finch fired a gun at them before they opened fire.
Elias 2 years ago
Lisa Finch, is now seeking a private investigation, the poor lady will be absolutely livid if she discovered the whole story. That the cost of his life was nothing more than. 1.50 cents . It's disgusting reality we live in. Furthermore, it best to note out how swatting become a form of harassment and how the victims are being blamed for what a degenerate having a power trip is doing, and the police who instead of protecting the victim and catching the criminal, they let them run wild, that guy had donr a bomb threat before he got to jail then released. I don't get why America treating this like isn't a serious issue. Even media nobody cares.. If a man going through mental breakdown because of some fuckwad thought its funny, its the streamers fault. Its messed up.
Tom Brown
Tom Brown 2 years ago
American Police are just frequently incompetent plain and simple. There's footage of exchange conferences between British Police and US police. In a mock up scenario of a man with a knife the american procedure involved ahooting the man to death with multiple gunmen. A Scottish constable then one manned the situation, disarmed the guy with the knife and pinned him, got him in cuffs, job done.
Baf Lange
Baf Lange 2 years ago
Finally a channel with a humble name
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
I'm a modest man
Hatmann 2 years ago
The person who called them, I can understand that the officer pulled the trigger, but he wouldn't have been given the chance to if it weren't for some salty kid who lost a game Fucking hell
Adam Arzo
Adam Arzo 2 years ago
Haven't even watched the video yet and I can tell you, and this isn't debatable, that Tyler is responsible for the murder of Andrew Finch. He indirectly killed him. Doesn't matter who pulled the trigger, doesn't matter what happened inside of that home when police broke down the door. Andrew had every right to reach for a gun in the safety of his own him. It's not his fault some vermin moron called police to his house under false pretense. Anyway - What's with the judicial system these days? Thought you were innocent until proven guilty. Clearly Andrew was guilty the moment that call came through. Anyone who says the police or anyone besides Tyler was responsible is a dead set moron. Had Tyler not made the call, Andrew would be alive today. Fact. Also - Anyone who swats someone after this case should be sent to prison for 50 years with ZERO chance of parole. 50 years is literally a walk in the walk if you are a swatter. Man the fuck up and take it on the chin, or do not swat.
monaxx 2 years ago
powerful video
Link Karlus
Link Karlus 2 years ago
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
NX3 2 years ago
Who killed him? The cop, the government. The caller should get some blame too, absolutely, but a FUCKING BALLISTIC SHIELD for 1000$ can hold a shotgun slug at point blank. I'm sorry government, there's absolutely no excuse why the police don't have those. Except that you're trying to save money at the price of people's lives and safety (both suspects AND cops)
Joes garage
Joes garage 2 years ago
Andrew Finch was killed by a cop in a swat team. It was a mistake.
Levi Van Dyne
Levi Van Dyne 2 years ago
I have a saying. "Life is fair, but people make it unfair." It's not that the world is out to get you or that one particular person of group of people have it out for you. Rather it's a culmination of multiple people who all have selfish desires, commit actions for their desires, and don't think about how it affects others. That's not to say that you should. If you try to not hurt others, you'll end up hurting yourself unfortunately. Instead you can act upon your instincts and later help or make it up to those who were caught in the middle. Just don't do anything irreversible.
EpicBapl 2 years ago
There is a decent case for second degree murder here.
Anona Mouse
Anona Mouse 2 years ago
He's been charged with involuntary manslaughter, so there is no specific law against swatting. He will most likely do a few years at best. If I had any say, he'd be doing a minimum of six years.
Xemgoa 2 years ago
Having watched the entire video... it still doesn't get any less depressing watching someone abuse the calls for emergency over a small pittance of money... But, to be honest, knowing this is all bad behavior from a couple bad actors, I would definitely pin the blame mostly on the players who misused that call just for a petty argument. I would also say only a little bit of the blame would be on the officer as well for not identifying something was off about this whole thing and the poor man who got shot who didn't cooperate... but I think that isn't the focus here. Now, as much as some people want to go off the chains on how to punish these people (since some wanna go above and beyond just to feel like they gotten any form of revenge and satisfaction out of it), I would simply locate these two and hold them accountable, first off is giving them prison sentence for a determined time. Second, as much as this would be a bit much and I can't think of anything better, I would think several strikes to their ass, going Canadian punishment style, would get it through to them not to abuse the system. If not, then I guess longer prison sentences and ... revoked permission to call for emergencies? ... No that might be too much. Maybe as punishment, the risk is their accounts being suspended or terminated? 3rd is that if anyone wants to blame some trait of their character or video games, they will be informed that these two were being petty and misinformed as swat to go attack someone over money and that they chose poorly on how to deal with it. Maybe I don't know what it is what I am talking about, but I sense that if some people are going to abuse Swat's over petty things, I do believe they ought to be found and held accountable. As much as people wanna go to the extremes or be hyperbolic about how they want these people found and to be treated as Adolf Hitler, I feel it's simply a case of letting these folks know what they did is NOT okay and punish accordingly.
Professor Voxi
Professor Voxi 2 years ago
We live in a world of twats
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Never a truer word spoken.
OnlyBro555 2 years ago
Gulag all of them
Dank, Danker, yet Danker
It's the two COD players who bear the most weight in my opinion. The officer is still guilty. From what I heard, the victim made sudden movements, which probably resulted in him getting shot. Either way that really isn't important as I wasn't there and people will try their best to find out more. Still swatting isn't just sending some officers to prank someone. Swatting is sending highly trained, armed men into a place for the sole intention of neutralizing a threat. The threat was marked to be a man who held his family hostage so they would be extremely cautious. If this call wasn't made nothing would happen. They pretty much put a hit on this man and the only way he could be "unmarked" is if he was confirmed to be innocent or killed, there is no in between and the only way they could see he is safe is if they got close to a suspected dangerous and armed man. They should have been aware of the possibilities, especially since one has swatted multiple times and the other gave a random address, most likely because he was aware of the danger. All I have to say is may the Finch family be taken care of and those idiots to fuck off and cry about COD for eternity.
CaraDoughnutLady7 2 years ago
I will never understand those people that try and swat others just cause they think it'll be funny or they're salty at the time. It's a stupid dangerous thing to do. Personally I think the people that decided to swat him are to blame, if they hadn't decided to waste police time and energy by making a fake call it would never have happened. Yes the guy that shot obviously was the one to physically do it but he'd have never been there in the first place if they'd never been called and the swat people are normally only called in when there is someone really dangerous and likely armed that needs to be taken down. So you have to remember even if the guy who called sounds completely unconvincing the police and swat have to take it as a serious matter and handle it as such. Maybe he shot hoping to wound him so they could get him sedated so they could arrest him and ended up shooting poorly as even trained people can have bad days and miss the mark, life is not a video game that auto-corrects your shots.
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones 2 years ago
With the current police climate in America his death was written as soon as Barris (A fucking twat) made the call. SWATing is one of the biggest forms of cowardice. I believe the perpetrators should be punished as if they committed murder, life sentences or the death penalty!
Luca #56
Luca #56 2 years ago
If I ever become a streamer, I'm going to ensure my local authorities that I'll be under no threat or danger in the event of a distress call made toward my address. I'll hand in my address and streaming platform handle so they can keep tabs on me.
KVLT TENDANCY 2 years ago
I would put the blame on all of the above, some more than others though. The gamers never should have gotten somebody swatted over a fucking game, no matter what game it was. The swatter is... well a piece of shit for making the call and many more like it. And the officer should not have shot somebody who was already apprehended. This was overall a scummy incident and I blame the gamers and the swatter far more than the officer who was put in a high stress level incident over some beef about a fucking videogame.
Mic Mule
Mic Mule 2 years ago
i believe swatting should be recognised as attempted murder and anyone involved should be seen as accomplices
A Person
A Person 7 months ago
Mic Mule I agree, but that might not really work as a deterrent. the problem with this is the age of the perpetrators are often anywhere from 14-22. The part of your brain that deals with recognizing long term consequences to your actions doesn’t fully develop until you are around 25. It’s the same reason young people are more likely to participate in extreme sports, try dangerous drugs, or get involved with criminal gangs and perform the riskiest jobs (murder, armed robbery) while the shot callers rarely do anything besides provide the cash to facilitate business or ordering a murder or fire bombing.
A Person
A Person 7 months ago
whatsgoingon07 why? I don’t typically feel bad for cops but he is also a victim too. He went in with information that he was entering an active murder scene with someone ready to shoot it out with the cops. To the best of his knowledge there was an immediate danger with an innocent person bleeding out and now he has to live with the fact he shot and killed an innocent man over some internet argument. As much as I dislike the militarization of American police, you also have to look at broader statistics like officers who struggle with PTSD when they are pressed into using lethal force by a suicidal person with an empty gun. Combine that with the culture surrounding police that you’re supposed to be this tough guy and help is for pussies. You end up with PTSD afflicted men jacked up on testosterone and adrenaline carrying military surplus weapons and armor not knowing if the next door they open will result in a 12 gauge slug through the face.
Asparagus Bear
I think Barriss got 20 years.
Including the cops
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Interesting, could work as a deterrent given the demographics.
ArkOfAges 2 years ago
The person that made the false call, without a doubt has to take responsibility for it. But I would like to stress that the officer needs to be held accountable too. Flapping your arms in a really high stress situation is NOT justification to be shot, from across the street no less. For all they knew, he could have been a hostage!
Drakilicious 2 months ago
@Shinkajo Never, and thats the reason stuff like this happens. I worked Armed Security and its an entirely different ball game because if you shoot someone wrongfully as private security you're going to face the consequences where as there are apparently no consequences for cops. Even if they get convicted or charged its typically reduced and they're released after the bad press fades off and they never face any real justice which is ironic given their career choice. Kind of a 'do as we say but not as we do' situation. If you want to become a murderer and get away with it join the police simple as that. Knew a lot and some of them are flat out psychos that go into the career to hurt and kill people. Im glad I didnt pursue a job deeper into law enforcement after seeing all the shaddy shit that goes on first hand..
Strong & Grand
Strong & Grand 11 months ago
@Shinkajo Some do. But I understand your view. Many don't.
Shinkajo 11 months ago
@Strong & Grand When do cops ever face real consequences?
Strong & Grand
@The Right Opinion I hope you do an update on this video in the future. The swatter got 20 years, the cop did not get charged or fired, and the other two defendants (the address giver and the swatting client) are awaiting trial. One has pled guilty. The other is going to trial soon. The mother gave an interview to the Daily Haze explaining the issues she has dealt with since the murder. It is tragic all around. Love your work!
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Yes definitely, if there's been a misconduct, the events preceding it don't exempt any wrongdoing.
The Special One 2016
It was the swatter fault and the one who gave the adress to the swatter.
He Who Must Not Be Named
The Special One 2016 the swatter was doing his boss.
Devin Plays it All
Devin Plays it All 2 years ago
And in Wichita of all places. Nothing aver comes in to Wichita, and nothing good ever comes out.
Devin Plays it All
Devin Plays it All 2 years ago
As a former resident of Wichita, I can say that the arguably outdated title of "Air Capital of the World" hardly compensates for Wichita's status as "Sex Trafficking Capital of Kansas". Combine that with the fact that the aviation industry is slowly leaking out of the city while Bardo and the Koch brothers desperately try to throw money at the sub par academic institution in WSU to try to breathe some life into their "innovation economy" and you have a recipe for a shitty ass town. I lived near the university and was routinely bummed by people for money and cigarettes. Everything in the town is both detrimental and an eyesore. If you want my advice, drop the civic patriotism, which includes this "we" shit, and do something that you can actually be proud of so you don't have to use the town you were born in as a placeholder for actual achievement. Fuck Wichita.
Curt Ray
Curt Ray 2 years ago
that is a dumb assumption on your part. we are the air capital of the world. again dumb comment
no cap
no cap 2 years ago
Good video. But why do you not do the editing?
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Time constraints due to University, I have a visual processing deficit, and I just wouldn't enjoy it.
KRD 2 years ago
in my opinion they all played a role in his death. from the idiots gettting mad over COD to the officer who shot the bullet. everyone
Steve B
Steve B 2 years ago
I've said from the beginning of this, the swatter, Tyler Barris, was the last line of defense to stop this thing from happening. He could have told them he'd do it and then not do it. He could have refused the request. He could have done a lot of things that didn't involve setting this into motion. The swatter bears 99% of the blame and I hope gets the maximum amount of jail time for it. The gamers calling for the swat make up the other 1%. I live near Chicago, so I don't have a lot of good things to say about cops shooting civilians. An investigation will be done, but the body-cam footage shows exactly what the cop said happened. Andrew Finch put his hands up, then dropped them without being told to and it looked like he was going for his waistband. This is a very sad case, but it's the swatter's fault, IMO.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Tyler Barriss definitely harnessed a lot of the power.
SomePerson 2 years ago
the kids and the swautistic guy killed him, the officer was just trying to do his job and andrew well.... he had a right to be so unwilling imo
Darker Elite the Pi Ninja
Well I was going to say I killed Andrew Finch, but now that I think of it not many people would understand a Spartacus reference so, uhh, yeah... btw the new avatar design looks bad, sorry.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
I get that, and it's not a new design, it's been in constant rotation for a few months now, for when I use full body.
1234567890 2 years ago
the officer killed him but the swatter risked people dying risking a persons death and actually killing that person are two veeeeery different things
absolute bs
absolute bs 2 years ago
Everyone involved here seems culpable to some degree. Growing problem and, as usual, justice system unprepared to deal with it. Great vid man!
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Thank you! :)
Greeley 2 years ago
If the swat officer had pulled the trigger because of what he was trained to do, he was innocent. If the swat officer pulled the trigger despite what he was trained to do, he is guilty. However, this doesn't make the man who called the police innocent. He was obviously guilty of making a false report, providing false information to the police, etc. But he might also be guilty of manslaughter at the very least. His actions directly caused the death of another, while he didn't intend to kill them, it shouldn't be counted as murder, but nonetheless a life was lost. Another factor is the kid who provided a real address to the swatters (the address wasn't "fake" it was someone else's address) in order to egg the guy on to swatting that address, he is to blame a bit too. Maybe it would be more difficult to argue in a court of law that his actions equate to manslaughter but his actions led to the death of another person that can be said for certain. Now I can see how we want to blame one person for it all, but there are multiple people here who made the wrong choice and it lead to the death of someone. I think in the best situation they should all be held responsible and tried separately for thier parts in this.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Good points, the only thing I'd say is we don't know the extent of Mr Finch's cooperation, currently we can only go off a couple accounts, which is why I'll wait for the independent review to be completed.
Greeley 2 years ago
Also it might seem insensitive... but fuck it, Mr Finch was not responding to the officers orders I'm pretty young, but even I know you should do as the police order you to do, even if...no, ESPECIALLY if you have done nothing wrong. He should have listened to the police
Greeley 2 years ago
Just rewatched the video and realized you said "false" address and not "fake" address. Sorry about that.
Greeley 2 years ago
In my opinion the only one here who may be innocent is the officer, but that's only if he was trained to shoot in that situation and did so. If he was not trained to act in this way, yet despite that still pulled the trigger, then he is obviously not innocent. Now that begs the question of whether they should retrain the swat to be more careful before pulling the trigger, or if their current practices lead to more lives saved than lost. But that is a whole different argument best left for another time.
MirthMire 2 years ago
Really, I think it falls on the swatter. Once you make that report, the police, an public asset is being used on the basis of your honesty. Even though it was a sketchy call, they go there and they have to behave like it is as what was stated. In that line of duty, where people who are made out to sound that dangerous, it turns into a life or death situation.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Adam Neuser
Adam Neuser 2 years ago
This should be on trending.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
We live in hope my friend
Gallus gallus domesticus
It doesn't matter *"who did it first/last."* The people who did wrong and played a part in the tragedy(Even if it was involuntary) should be held accountable no matter what.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
MirthMire 2 years ago
A little late to be part of the notification group, but a great video dude.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Thank you man glad you think so
Doco 2 years ago
Who killed captain Alex?
Doco 2 years ago
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Swan Venom 2
Swan Venom 2 2 years ago
Technically it's the cop that shot him, but I do believe the kids should be held responsible considering they were the ones who made the police go to the address. So if the kids didn't swat someone over a game he wouldn't of been shot in the first place
There's Always Another Way
@Swan Venom 2 maybe he was talking to "Thomas Mattuski"? The one who said: "This piss-poor excuse for a cop needs the death penalty ASAP and in front of his unit and station"
MoonBound 64
MoonBound 64 2 years ago
I wouldn't say both kids, I'd say only the kid that called should be responsible along with the officer.
Swan Venom 2
Swan Venom 2 2 years ago
Adam Arzo I agree with what your saying here but your first reply was a but extreme
Adam Arzo
Adam Arzo 2 years ago
The reality of the situation is that a negligent 911 call was the cause of a man losing his life. While I agree with your statement about the officer proving a law has been broken before enforcing anything, reality works a bit differently and it's been proven over the years by how officers act. The bottom line here is that the man who placed the 911 called caused this man to lose his life.
T2Darlantan 2 years ago
As said in the video, SWAT teams are professional. If your profession is law enforcement, you should show up at the address and determine a law has been broken FIRST before you enforce anything. He failed to do that, therefore it's his fault. The swatter is responsible for abuse of the 911 system, but the murder is the cop's fault.
UhRoachOh 2 years ago
I wanted to hear your take on this
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
I hope I reached your expectations
Obese Meme Productions
Looks to me like everyone involved killed him. Swating is incredibly toxic and I hope this finally stomps out this stupid trend
Raj Singh
Raj Singh 2 years ago
Did you see the video of the bodycam? One of the cops said "shit he's got a - *shot* - gun". What the hell could have a hand gun at that range in the dark with an AR trained on the man have done? The way Americans train their cops is disgusting. There are good cops, but they receive terrible fucking training and no fucking self control.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Agree wholeheartedly
Kappo 2 years ago
Actually TRO the two idiots who were feuding were on the same team and were feuding over the fact that they lost, that fact makes this story a little bit more sad and stupid to me
URTinyIndian 2 years ago
Raphael yea how fucking stupid is that am I right smh
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Appreciate the clarification, will add it into the pinned comment, didn't realise that.
BuxOfficial 2 years ago
They should all be held responsible. The guy that gave the wrong adress, the guy that swatted the wrong adress and the guy that got the swatter to swat the other guy.
BuxOfficial and the cop
Nernx Ultima
Nernx Ultima 2 years ago
@Ivan Back From The Card Shop what should he get stuck with? aiding to a murder?
Ivan Back From The Card Shop
Jude Lind it be pretty fucked up if the guy giving a random adress git the same consequences
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Jude Lind
Jude Lind 2 years ago
No shit to the editor but I think he or she forgot to DISABLE RESAMPLE as there are some clips where the saturation is ridiculously high. Slick transitions tho.
Kyle 2 years ago
The whole thing was screwed up and i think everyone should be held responsible
James Marriott
James Marriott 2 years ago
r u going too i62?/??
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
This is why you shouldn't have access to my account.
James Marriott
James Marriott 2 years ago
That's ok, and I know x
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Just joking, I love your beard
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Was until I heard you were going.
Jude Lind
Jude Lind 2 years ago
How do you upload so often ffs?
Jude Lind
Jude Lind 2 years ago
Now, I am imagining some British, well-dressed guy with rich parents lying in a cage, with a loaf in his hand, forced to make videos at gunpoint.
James Marriott
James Marriott 2 years ago
If he uploads at least once every 2 days I let him out of his cage
Jude Lind
Jude Lind 2 years ago
Too much spare time*
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Will power