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The Right Opinion: What Really Happened To Marina Joyce - Behind The Internet "Mysteries" | TRO
it was a fine Saturday morning, I was relaxing, putting my feet up, regretting my existence, like every other Saturday morning goes, and then, in a moment of spontaneity I decided to check my Twitter feed, the spontaneity was rewarded, because I saw no-one else, but the man himself, daddy Keemstar, saucing it up with a cheeky little feud, with… Marina Joyce of all human beings…
Suddenly I had to check my calendar and make sure that we weren’t back in 2016, because for any of you, who have blessed with not knowing who Marina Joyce is, she is a beauty slash lifestyle vlogger, who became monstrously famous for a very brief moment a couple years back, if you blinked you might have missed it, but if you had your eyes open you might have been blinded.
At the time of the drama, Marina had been doing US-first for a few years, her channel was performing alright, but it was nothing particularly special. She had been doing pretty much the same content since the inception of her channel, mainly her unfiltered personality, trying to connect with her audience, doing little games, and certain tutorials, and the sort of content that would attract fans of quite an innocent demographic, she was very happy, quirky character who was definitely not afraid of delivering wholesome messages through the platform, which, you know, we definitely need more of.
However, all that was to change at the end of July, 2016, a few days after she posted a video known as Date Outfit Ideas, a video that has now accumulated over 43 million views, yeah, that’s more than any episode from the Shane Dawson documentary series, though, of course, this video has been out longer so there is plenty of time for good ol Shane here to overtake her, but still, let me indicate how much of a movement this was in the moment. In one day she received 35 million views on her channel. That’s what we’re talking about here, it was a movement.
What was the source of this movement? Well one we’ve encountered in the past, one of mystery, the question of the moment being, what is going on with Marina Joyce, because in this particular video “Date Outfit Ideas”, Marina is seen as being a tad… zoned out?
And this, for a brief moment, threw the internet into a frenzy, delirium my friends, and the commentators dashed for their microphones, as the journalists reached for their keyboards to document the newest, weirdest internet sensation, people were asking questions, conspiracy theories were created, was she kidnapped? Was she mentally ill? Was it all for attention? Even the police were sent to her house to ascertain her well-being, well-being that they allegedly confirmed, although people were still somewhat suspicious. After all, a lot of her audience knew what she was normally like, knew her old videos, and her energetic personality, a personality that had been swapped out for a rather unnerving individual.
However, as mentioned, this was a brief trend, and with Marina, withholding the explanation, providing there was one of course, meant that many people quickly lost interest, after all, what’s a mystery if it can’t be clearly solved. Which is what leads us to November 2018, when Marina decides to release a video where she talks to haters, in a rather formless video which jumps from one point to the other, and talks about a philosophy that we’ll definitely address later. She goes out of the way to express how it’s necessary not to reveal the nature of her condition, a debatable, but respectable stance. Another theme that prevailed throughout the video was how she planned to stay out of drama.
So Marina, being the very anti-drama person decided that she would maintain this philosophy by… immediately having drama with the most dramatic person in the history of the dramatic world: good old Keem. You see, after this situation was brought back into light, Keemstar boldly claimed that the reason that all this occurred in the first place was because of content, not any specific content, but honestly, if this claim was true, it might have been multiple content for all we know. Now, when the initial situation arose, she was very quiet on the topic, she never really confirmed any of the theories, never really commented, and maybe that was for the best, maybe that wasn’t, we’ll debate that in a bit, but this time round it was different.
When Keemstar made these claims this time round Marina responded differently, this time outwardly denying that they even had a shred of truth, which, ironically caused the truth to be allegedly revealed after all these years.
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Nov 29, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: Sorry for this being late in the evening, had a nightmare with audio levels and copyright. A little retrospective for you guys to enjoy, in the next couple weeks I should have a few more videos on current topics, and one in which I actually become a tad irate, which is a rare occurrence to say the least. CHECK OUT THE EDITORS: - Ziosity: us-first.info/more/t5O7xWrO5B870aBvxcF0Lg - Corticera: us-first.info - Slacker: us-first.info/more/gRR_nHXj4fZ_QjRzhBqOKw - Cringestoph: us-first.info/more/gqS2Yn8f7dGraWb7j9e4uQ - Special thanks to my Patrons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder, Jade Rose, The Biotechnological Fragmentation Gr*nade, Charmed Skull, Colin Hart, Taylor Leibel, Hunter Antonelli, James Bryan, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Dr. Eastexapolitan: Internet Ecologist, Erica Davidson, Gaurav, Ginger, Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreon: Ryan - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr - References doc: docs.google.com/document/d/1OV7U3hpSI5UkBiF2AMpbdbZVbsZ55UVHX1xh8uZaGjE/edit?usp=sharing
Bongoloid Month ago
i got told by some one who know her is she got into raves illegal ones, can tell u heavy drugs there always, shes off her tits on something end on story
The Amateur's Journal
I've watched hours of your content and this is the only one that felt wholesome. Somehow that makes this video stick with me. Thank you for making my day.😁
Baby Genjo
Baby Genjo 6 months ago
Just came to say that all your editors are lovely and great at it
Milk Shake Kitty
Milk Shake Kitty 6 months ago
Alter ego or something else
niamh rattigan
niamh rattigan 6 months ago
The home of a twat with way to much time
Leanne Fotheringham
Leanne Fotheringham 16 hours ago
2:57 click it and pause, is that eyes in the back ground?
Marten Jakob
Marten Jakob 21 hour ago
This reminds me how much I thought that 2014-2016 was just one long year
teddy pendergrass
I don't get it. what happened? what did she say or do that made everyone think she was kidnapped? I couldn't understand her last word before the freeze frame at 2:35. everything up to that point looked like her usual shtick
tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn
“it’s up to you... whatever” honestly what a mood
Trevor Guyaux
Trevor Guyaux 4 days ago
35 million?! one day?! that has to be some kind of record that is insane. I love your channel, and just going through your old work and binging out when my household is asleep and I actually have peace and quiet, it is very nice. So basically, thank you TRO for chilling with me late night, on the reg, ur the shit.
Makalya 5 days ago
keemstar is nasty
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
Did she suffer from schizophrenia or was she a victim of abuse? My best guess is that her boyfriend was abusive towards her.
Corto Maltese
Corto Maltese 8 days ago
Maryna Joyce... Marina Joyce... Well thats a name I havent heard in a very long time...
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Byrne 9 days ago
Your quickly becoming my favourite twat ..... keep using that free time. And id say that guy was TERRIFIED of her boyfriend . I couldnt stop laughing at how harmless he is.
Brooke 10 days ago
"LET'S DIVE INTO-" Hey mom-
The Lost Chromosome
what game is he playing???? there's two clips where there is gameplay of a game that looks like Saints Row 4? but in the second clip it doesn't look like Saint Row 4.
Kodasa Sinclair
Kodasa Sinclair 11 days ago
Let's dive into... VAN GOGH LIVE!
deeelown 12 days ago
yeah, but why's there a floating piece of paper in the bottom left corner at 25:56 and a finger, coming from off-screen, pointing at the brand at 26:04?
Nikolaus Query
Nikolaus Query 15 days ago
When people are struggling with themselves, they act strangely, but subconsciously. When someone is called out on by one or more people on their strange behavior, they react in their own unique way. Their reaction can be dramatic and hysterical, or it can be bottled up and will result in passive acts toward oneself or others. On such a swift rise in her audience’s feedback and the outsiders’ retorts about their theories, it was overwhelming for her. It is like the difference between getting punched in the gut 100 times and getting stabbed in the gut with no way out of a fatal occurrence. With the first comparison, the individual has a chance at backing away or fighting back, but with the second, it happens so quickly and dramatically that the victim has no escape and is forced to endure the pain brought onto them. As the video provides, she may have been going through a traumatic experience. Trauma is damaging, psychologically and (conditionally) physically. As I personally noticed in the most recent video shown, her shift seems to have been a recovery through therapy and mental improvement. In my opinion, we do not need to know what happened in her life at the time. We only need to know that she has found her way and that she is safe. Her instantaneous absence from the US-first world is acceptable evidence of avoidance from negative attention that she was receiving at such an accelerating rate. This video highlights the most agreeable possibility of her change in behavior. Since she has seemed to recover from her mysterious personal difficulties, let’s let her be. The peace brought to people who ‘fake worried’ by the truth is certainly less important than the peace brought to her by acceptance of a lack of explanation.
Nikolaus Query
Nikolaus Query 15 days ago
In my opinion, fame and even a small audience can be the result of the curse of possible destruction of one’s personality and ego due to the vulnerability it brings to someone who is insecure.
Marls Berlin
Marls Berlin 17 days ago
I think she had a micro-stroke. She had some of the most common symptoms (like small moments where she doesn't know where she is or what she's doing; hence the panic)
Ivy Bell
Ivy Bell 18 days ago
What about the videos in which she talked about being a god and all that?
Ivy Bell
Ivy Bell 17 days ago
@Felisha Marie It was years ago, but I can try to find them
Felisha Marie
Felisha Marie 17 days ago
which one, can you linked
Manta Ray Cyrus
Manta Ray Cyrus 18 days ago
TBH being on the wrong meds can really fuck you up. SSRIs mess my head up BIG TIME. its to the point where i literally cannot tell something is wrong because i live in that moment. if i am sad, its all i feel, if i am happy, its the happiest i have ever been. it doesn't even need to be that high of a dose of one. i have been on non therapeutic doses meant for nerve pain (mental health doses are usually higher) and STILL got that side effect. So if she says its prescribed meds that fucked her up I believe it. did the same to me lol
Leading Auctions
Leading Auctions 21 day ago
From the thumbnail I could tell she was abused as a child.
Shroom 24 days ago
I remember this VIVIDLY
RK Ortiz
RK Ortiz 26 days ago
i hope I never see another generation like this..weird weird weird
Aaditya Singh
Aaditya Singh 27 days ago
LETS DIVE INTO *ad starts playing* a humble spoon that moves through *skip* MARINA JOYCE
Never thought I'd find myself tearing up at a commentary vid. "No one cares about you? Why should you look after yourself." That...I just realized how deeply that thought's been embedded in my mind. I didn't even notice it was abnormal until I heard it out loud. I'm in a better place now mentally and location wise, and I've been building a support group of friends. It's almost like I don't know how to feel genuinely cared for. It feels temporary, or fake..I'm constantly expecting people to be using me to fulfill a need, or that they'll eventually decide they don't want me around anymore and ghost (my parents sucked and my various preceding relationships with people involved emotional manipulators, narcissists, and psychopaths). Now I have genuinely amazing people in my life that have shown me in so many ways how much they care, and yet a part of me is still so scared to believe it that it's automatically blocked out. Thank you for doing this video. I know I'm two years late to the party but it's given me a lot to think about.
Jesus Robles
Jesus Robles Month ago
He said no homo unless u want it to be home lmao
chris lethbridge
Jimmy neutron
K. B. Tたぱっら
I agree 👍
busway27 Month ago
Yousor0 Month ago
Didn't she fucked off to Peru and built her temple?
ITZMrBlue Month ago
Looking back at this this reminds me of the whole poppy situation back then
a talking drawing
lol 4:04
Nicolas Shelley
Nicolas Shelley Month ago
The moment at 25:41 makes her look like she’s afraid for her life. Idk if it’s just me or not but bruh.
mars margaret
mars margaret Month ago
you clearly dont remember enough about this time on the internet to have a solid opinion on this.over halfway through and not a single mention of the scene culture that birthed her? embarrassing tbh
Aaron Finnerud
Aaron Finnerud Month ago
When he said “let’s dive into...” I got an ad for wawa
Tony Pajamas is my name
2:53 I love it 😂
ashleigh slater
ashleigh slater Month ago
I feel like your the kinda person who is into philosophy. Whats your discord? Intellectual convos are dope :)
Bill Kerman
Bill Kerman Month ago
Adult body but at the brain age of 6
Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith Month ago
This reminds me of an early youtube channel that was series of vlogs by the pretty girl and it ended with her going missing. No one knew it was fake until the next day. Like she ended up in a cult or something. I remember watching a video about on What The Buck. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
scoomplers Month ago
why is this 30 min lol
Loui G
Loui G Month ago
Why is the last of us theme playing in the background. Or am I insane
Jess Dixon
Jess Dixon Month ago
Remember when she tried to start a cult worshipping her and begging for money for a temple?
shred likeled
shred likeled Month ago
21:00 TLOU theme lmao
sonya From The H
Shes doing soooo much better now! I just went to go check
Torimani 2 months ago
Lmfao I remember that whole kidnapping shit lmao. I went down this rabbit hole and started to believe some of the things lmao.
A stranger on the internet.
I don't like Keemstar.
smoku goku
smoku goku 2 months ago
"Good old shane" Hoo boy, has this aged
Ange Lova
Ange Lova 2 months ago
it takes more energy to be miserable than happy you idiot. ps love you
Lara Jayne
Lara Jayne 2 months ago
That guy with the green hair, all I can think is he looks sort of like Kurt Cobain 😅
CorruptdollxStacy 2 months ago
Marine tends to do her thing
Husky Haga
Husky Haga 2 months ago
its funny how she went from scene girl to sk8er girl, then to classy and posh
K-SING MUSIC 2 months ago
In my semi right opinion😉I just don’t find the “She was Zoned out” accusation to be credible!
dibamidae 2 months ago
Matty Durant
Matty Durant 2 months ago
I just wasted so much time of my life waiting for this video to get interesting. I'll save u all some time...this video isnt necessary at all. Boring as fuck
Matty Durant
Matty Durant 2 months ago
Wait what did I miss in the date nights outfit? Nothing happened. Especially to warrant 35M views in a single day.
Buhnie 2 months ago
let's dive into: MEN
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
Wow. Vapid, and bland as baby food. Why would anyone care if she was on drugs?
Jet 2 months ago
9:20 what facts and logic? she just says 'im pretty sure a girl prefers nice guys'
Owen McGuire
Owen McGuire 2 months ago
Gotta love maple story
Oscuros 2 months ago
"Aversive" instead of evasive? Affirmative answers instead of firm ones? Affirmative only means yes, you know, it's not a better word than firm or concrete in that use. What I hate about your vids consistently is that your mouth keeps trying to cash cheques that your brain can't cash, because it's really obvious that you never read and have never read in your life. Right now that doesn't matter, but one day if you want a job it might, because being British, no one will tell you that, but they will certainly judge you on that, especially since you constantly try to talk a good one. You use prepositions wrong and there is nary a sentence most of the time without something wrong in it. Such a shame, really.
Kirishima • w •
Kirishima • w • 2 months ago
In her older videos she looks like someone from MovieStarPlanet (bet you haven’t heard that name in ages)
Iman Verdi Nejad
Iman Verdi Nejad 2 months ago
26:25 It got me good
Iman Verdi Nejad
Iman Verdi Nejad 2 months ago
“lets dive into-the blockbuster is back”
As someone who literally hallucinated as a result of two medications that didn’t interact well I can believe her behavior was a result of medication especially psychiatric medication that stuff is a real hit or miss and finding the right ones can often come with horrible side effects from the wrong ones
Android With Sick Coin Tricks
You don't know how kidnappers work do you? Since she's a US-firstr that had an audience, the kidnapper would ofc let her upload shit to make it seem like everything's normal. Have you seen YOU? Joe had what's his face in his basement and had him post on his social media to make seem like everything's normal, but not all kidnappers are smart like that.
Nick C
Nick C 2 months ago
bro.. The girl is on molly.. straight the fuck up.. girl just had a connect on some decent molly, she wasnt a hardcore user but rather just kind of experimenting perhaps? but unfortunate for her she just decided to put it on her youtube channel. I dont think she was kidnapped or any weird shit? She's just a really impulsive teenage girl with a weird personality and a LOT of naivete towards the nature of youtube and the internet as a whole. other than that? i dont think there is much to her? but this is a great video though!
Myukur 2 months ago
I feel like it could've been an eating disorder. Just my guess, but it looks like she thinned out over the years, not to any sort of deathly extreme, but noticeable enough. The way she zones out and her personality changes a bit is reminiscent of going through mood swings when starving yourself. It just really reminds me of what I went through, maybe I'm projecting, but that's what it feels like to me.
LAELA MEEKS 2 months ago
lets dive into AD:grammer and spelling
criminal senzuri
criminal senzuri 3 months ago
Conspiracy theory that all conspiracy theory videos are run by the same guy with the awkward disjointed voice
R 3 months ago
The moral is, dont have a personality on youtube, just be as the peons perceive u
Kiin Aden
Kiin Aden 3 months ago
I don’t even know who she is but I like watching videos like this
JustCommonCurt 3 months ago
I can't help but think that this is all some big ARG using an already established fan base to build hype.
Dank Mheems
Dank Mheems 3 months ago
Keemstar is a vulture on redbull. He makes money on pushing drama so far to the point of lying.
MÄRÏLYN 3 months ago
So...what’s the coup? Was she getting beaten up or something? It’s a bit rambling this video, like you’re taking us on the ‘scenic route’ rather than straight to the destination. Beaten up? On drugs? I must be missing something here.
Best Boi Doggo
Best Boi Doggo 3 months ago
Is it just me or does his anime appearance look like natsu from fairy tail
KFChildREAL 3 months ago
Is the background TLoU1 music?
Nonary Nine
Nonary Nine 3 months ago
Not just giving a straightforward explanation screams "wanted attention" to me.
the champion ribbit
the champion ribbit 3 months ago
Everyone goes threw a big mental change as they grow up out of their teenage years. Adult life starts to kick in and so does anxiety and depression knowing alot of things are changing. Wether it was drugs, lack of drugs(prescribed or not) or has a big impact on life. Who knows, only she does and she doesn't need to share it with anyone she doesn't want to, including the internet. Hopefully she's doing better now from whatever issues she was having.
john lea
john lea 3 months ago
high doses of medication can absolutely make you act and feel tired, confused, sedated; if she had a psychotic break or something, the antipsychotics could assuredly have had an effect on her behavior. abilify made me SO TIRED
Savannah Dwight
Savannah Dwight 3 months ago
Christopher Michael
Christopher Michael 3 months ago
Noticed green haired (ugh) guy had an upside down cross on his shirt.
Tori Vega's Girl
Tori Vega's Girl 3 months ago
Omg she don't have pockets on her pants to carry a wallet or keys it's too damn heavy to be keys or a necklace
A Wadoo
A Wadoo 3 months ago
Her personality changed dramatically, something powerful happened that affected her brain. maybe drugs!
천재핑쿠 3 months ago
i watched this again and (i forgot about the scream part) the scream sound effect activated my fight or flight response and my brain chose neither... it activated my motor tics........ ;w;
Mikayla M.
Mikayla M. 3 months ago
Is that the last of us music in the background?
Vintage Camera Girl
Vintage Camera Girl 3 months ago
The disconnected voice and tremor looks like m.s. I hope I'm wrong
Jiri Hepnarov
Jiri Hepnarov 3 months ago
I was thinking the same.
yardsard 3 months ago
How are you able to talk for so fucking long without saying fucking anything, my god youre insufferable
DJPurple Lover
DJPurple Lover 3 months ago
"let's dive into-" *an add suddenly appears* "WhaaaaT!???
Scssat 3 months ago
The issue with Keems comments and theorizing is their baseless nature compounded by a manipulative undertone and fanbase that believes all his statements. I personally don't think she owes anyone on US-first an explanation, especially if it relates to a traumatic experience, mental or physical. Maybe one day she'll be in a state where she feels able to open up, but putting pressure on them to share or forcing them to do so will likely only exacerbate any existing difficulties she's dealing with. Honestly shame on keem, he just keeps sinking to new lows in my books.
El Rang the bell
El Rang the bell 3 months ago
You said nothing about the live stream
Kanna Rio
Kanna Rio 3 months ago
oh my god I forgot about her
darknick 222
darknick 222 3 months ago
No she reminds me of sayori from doki doki
dingo 3 months ago
hearing angry tro is just... odd
B4n 3 months ago
Mariana looks so different now *I looked up her and she-*
Ze Alexis Arts
Ze Alexis Arts 3 months ago
A high dose of medication that would affect her like that seems to be similar to the effects of some PTSD meds and some depression meds
Lady X
Lady X 3 months ago
Never heard of her 🤣
Dax System
Dax System 3 months ago
this entire phenomenon was so weird, its really really clear, at least to me since i also am, that she's just really neurodivergent, people jumping to drug use and illness and stuff is really upsetting, because its just 100% ableism
Will Bundy
Will Bundy 3 months ago
TRO: lets get right into... Ad: THE FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING
Stacey Hawk
Stacey Hawk 3 months ago
'step forward for us plebians.....' lmao
Melissa 831
Melissa 831 3 months ago
She popped a molly and shit went left 🤔
Mandie Jones
Mandie Jones 3 months ago
That's absolutely PTSD. When I was her age I had a traumatic experience that made me act similarly until years of therapy brought me to stability again. Hope she's on her way there too.
SleepySapphic 3 months ago
marina joyce used maplestory music and im still losing my shit over it bc i was so addicted to that game as a kid looool
5.Alex.C.M. 3 months ago
TRO- Let's dive into Ad- ZERO CALORIES