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The Right Opinion - What Is Article 13 And Why Are People Worried About It? | TRO
Most of my videos I put out on my channel are topics that I think will have your interest, this is a general philosophy because I like to entertain people and try and find a balance between what I care about and what you care about, equally it’s a learning process, finding out this new information and sharing with you guys is a great experience for me.
However, every now and then, I know I have to make a video that won’t be the most fun to make, and will require a lot of detail, and today is that day my friends. I held off this for a while but I knew that I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t raise my voice.
So let’s talk about the EU, because during my time in America, I’ve been surprised to find that many people actually do not have a clue how it operates. So consider the next five to ten minutes a little crash course. EU is an abbreviation for the European Union, an organisation of countries that forms its own absolute body, often cooperating and creating legislation to maintain a more cohesive relationship.
It was initially borne out of the fact that politically, Europe has been a bit of a mess, and to provide almost a grounding, a central body would stabilise the lawmaking process, very modest intentions. Over the years, this has developed, with new institutions and initiatives being integrated and established, typically through treaties, which are essentially contracts between countries, that’s a very simplified definition but I just want you to have a general gist. The European Union that we know today was formed by a treaty in 1992 known as the Maastricht Treaty, which aided the transition of the European Union beyond just an economic community.
I’m not going to go into too many more details because they’re not entirely relevant, and honestly it’s not the most fun things to hear, however, it is of importance to have some basic information so that we can then apply that and think critically about what’s going to be discussed today and its implications. Because the European Union has been expanding its control over many different disciplines over the last few decades, and the internet has been of their interest for a while.
And there are many concerns over the ownership of intellectual property on the internet, given the new international realms it expands over. In the past everything that we watch on the TV has been run through a limited number of corporations who adhere to regulations that they can be reprimanded under if they don’t follow, the new domains granted by the internet has created a plethora of content that is exceptionally hard to regulate. However, over the last few years, we have become increasingly aware of this, with this awareness being raised, there have been filters instated to assure that people aren’t profiting off copyrighted content. For example, someone uploading a copyrighted song on US-first, may have it removed or monetised by the original artist. The internet is a place of new opportunity, but it also is a state of great lawlessness, many of us will remember the ads that they’d put at the start of a film saying “You wouldn’t steal a film”, because online makes all these forms of media much more accessible.
With this in mind, many sites like US-first are overbearing in the imposition of copyright restrictions, with many people, myself included, that they give too much power to the actual claimant to be the arbiter of the content. I’ve had this experience myself with my content in the past, situations where I’ve been claimed, appealed, and the appeal goes straight to the owner, and they reject it because they like money more than fair use, the only way I resolved it that time was by threatening a lawsuit. I don’t fuck around.
It’s pretty much understood at this point, that the internet isn’t going anywhere, however, this also means that other competitors, and governments will be under increasing pressure to respond to such freedoms, with new restrictions. Now, we’ve seen this in this in the US and the EU, this is not a new thing, we already have copyright directives for the internet to try and prevent illegal usage of content, although it is unavoidable to an extent.
But the European Union really want to up the regulation, with their new copyright directive, that closes in on many of the issues that they feel they haven’t been stringent enough on in the past. The most notorious component of this little document is something known as Article 13, which has prompted backlash and outcry amongst many of us internet dwellers. This outrage has been amplified by a collective of media outlets that have been reporting on the content.

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Jan 21, 2019




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The Right Opinion
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: This video is a tad late, had issues, but we're here. Ignore the vidcon comments, they're no longer accepting suggestions, I'll still be there though (I should have edited it out soon enough). Making good progress on Article 13 with negotiations facing strong challenges, we are definitely promoting the right sort of scrutiny, and you can continue that scrutiny below. The 21st of January is when the trilogue talks are supposed to have begun but have stuttered significantly so I am optimistic we're making the right sort of change. Contact Your MEP - saveyourinternet.eu/ CHECK OUT THE EDITORS: - TheWsGaming: us-first.info/more/j_5fezZGOEIKzPhZ5rO6ow - Biodegradable: us-first.info - hihi: us-first.info - Mullenax: us-first.info - Special thanks to my Patrons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder, Jade Rose, The Biotechnological Fragmentation Gr*nade, Taylor Leibel, Hunter Antonelli, James Bryan, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Dr. Eastexapolitan: Internet Ecologist, Ginger, Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch, Adam VIllareal, Ashley Butts, Adam Goetz, Bryan Langley, cloudfruit, Connor, David Cook, Divinireigns, Drake Dragsaw, Miru Kado, Neo 10$+ Patrons: Adam Villareal, Ashley Butts, William Thatch, Adam Goetz, Connor, Divinireigns, James Rai, Megan Claire, Alex Renshaw, Marc Special Thanks to My 50 Dollar Patreon: Connor Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreon: Ryan Part 1 References - The Ws Gaming Maastricht Treaty - www.cvce.eu/obj/treaty_on_european_union_maastricht_7_february_1992-en-2c2f2b85-14bb-4488-9ded-13f3cd04de05.html Article 13 - www.consilium.europa.eu/media/35373/st09134-en18.pdf - Page 56 Media on Article 13: www.wired.co.uk/article/what-is-article-13-article-11-european-directive-on-copyright-explained-meme-ban www.express.co.uk/news/world/1022148/Article-13-EU-copyright-law-explained-eu-meme-ban smallbiztrends.com/2018/09/article-13.html www.wired.co.uk/article/article-13-will-kill-the-internet-by-mistake www.alphr.com/politics/1009470/article-13-EU-what-is-it-copyright Susan Wojcicki on Article 13: us-first.info/player/video/qbyNd4WCfKGhqnU.html Other creators on Article 13: us-first.info/player/video/e7JigaZoZXd5l5M.html us-first.info/player/video/rsRqZHiDiZaFrac.html us-first.info/player/video/nb6Kam6DoaurYYU.html us-first.info/player/video/g5WfhZiJoJt7aZs.html us-first.info/player/video/qbGDgXl5iqd8rYE.html us-first.info/player/video/rsaenIyqeqSrq2g.html us-first.info/player/video/pZqigHp-hGqVgoE.html us-first.info/player/video/fdafga2miJSKlqc.html us-first.info/player/video/pdmLlpuHZH55q3k.html Part 2 References - Biodegradable Article 13 - www.consilium.europa.eu/media/35373/st09134-en18.pdf - Page 56 to page 59 Directive Referenced in Part 1 - eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32001L0029&from=EN - page 7 - Articles 3 and 5 when I mention accordingly Directive Referenced in part 3 - eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:32000L0031&from=EN - Page 13 - Article 14 Part 3 References - Hihi Article 13 - www.consilium.europa.eu/media/35373/st09134-en18.pdf - Page 56 to page 59 Lack of agreement - juliareda.eu/2018/06/not-giving-up/ Susan Wojcicki on Article 13: us-first.info/player/video/qbyNd4WCfKGhqnU.html US-first on Article 13: us-first.infoen-GB/saveyourinternet/?disable_polymer=1 Part 4 References - Mullenax Contact Your MEP - saveyourinternet.eu/ Susan Wojcicki on Article 13: us-first.info/player/video/qbyNd4WCfKGhqnU.html Other creators on Article 13: us-first.info/player/video/e7JigaZoZXd5l5M.html us-first.info/player/video/rsRqZHiDiZaFrac.html us-first.info/player/video/nb6Kam6DoaurYYU.html us-first.info/player/video/g5WfhZiJoJt7aZs.html us-first.info/player/video/qbGDgXl5iqd8rYE.html us-first.info/player/video/rsaenIyqeqSrq2g.html us-first.info/player/video/pZqigHp-hGqVgoE.html us-first.info/player/video/fdafga2miJSKlqc.html
Captain X
Captain X Year ago
Guess what, it got worse than before. The EU wants to destroy user content, we need to fight it outright.
Saw you in KSI's video lolmao
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown Year ago
You are a scholar and a gentleman.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith Year ago
Right opinion u shouldve asked KSI to boost Ur channel to a mil if not he owes u £1000
Amber Lecuyer
Amber Lecuyer Year ago
I got some app ad and it was two castles arguing over pineapple on pizza. Cheers.
Detective sans
Detective sans 2 days ago
Know what Dan said all hail robocopyright
Crystal The Rose Wolf
This must be why uganda knuckles and crash bandicoot is a dead meme :/
gordan orangutan
gordan orangutan 5 months ago
are you good with people sharing your vidoes to othersites?
Minimal Grammar
Minimal Grammar 5 months ago
You poor EU lads, I can't imagine having that many restrictions. *Justin Y. is mald LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL*
Jessica Cloney
Jessica Cloney 6 months ago
Hey babe, do more of these. K bye ♡
Michael Jackson Disney Barbie lalaloopsy Michael Jackson doll channel
*2020 Hey kids want some illegal coronavirus memes LOL*
tenebrous soul
tenebrous soul 9 months ago
1:03 most of us can't tell the difference between the UK, Britain, and the EU
tenebrous soul
tenebrous soul 9 months ago
Can I pay tro to just pronounce random words?
Alice 9 months ago
The EU is *extremely* corrupt, I'm not surprised they did something like this.
Meelek Edits
Meelek Edits 9 months ago
So a britt dislikes the EU, you dont say. Tho i would have thought you as an informed individual would be pro EU instead of anti EU, but that probably mean the places you get information from are at fault.
Markus Meridius
Markus Meridius 10 months ago
A big problem with EU law is they intentionally write their directives vaguely because they don't necessarily have powers to write into individual member states laws. What they do have is power to impose change in law or new regulations within a framework they dictate, each member state drafts the law to fit within that framework, or face penalties.
Sean T
Sean T 10 months ago
Article 69 is going to be the REAL humdinger
bas080 10 months ago
Artist and copyright holder are not the same thing. The Article mentions that the copyright holder, not the artist, has the right to claim.
IamFat 10 months ago
Welcome to the EU...congratulations on your first bribe. It will be one of many since no one got here without taking at least 15 before you stepped into room...so congratulations on your official inauguration to the most corrupt organization on earth.
Anika’s Corner
Ughh. Stay strong creators
Crowbar Jones
Crowbar Jones Year ago
Off topic but I love you
Adela Hogarth
Adela Hogarth Year ago
I would download a car.
vgfx_labs Year ago
The illusion of ownership. that's what's all about.
Anika’s Corner
pecovgfx wow
its sad for the fact i live in north a,erica. .... why.....we may one day get a nu
and here i was thinking europe is more reasonable than america
Chad Yu The Unfunny Man
I live in the eu for all my life Or used to be Idk if the uk left or not I can agree they fucked up
Rye on Speed
Rye on Speed Year ago
article 13: burger king foot lettuce
Ryan Lawler
Ryan Lawler Year ago
This entire article has a central and enormous flaw. US-first has one of the most concise copyright laws there is, presumably due to the shiton of content and content providers, where any copies material not being used in a transformative way (eg criticising art whilst it was made just to be watched) is a copyright violation. The issue with it is how explorative it is since any person or company can strike material. The issue with this article is that it's another Patriot Act but possibly even more controversial. The PA was a failed act where civil rights were disabled for just America and was hated because it showed how little the government trusts thier citizens. This could affect an entire contenant although read my previous comment to see any potential failings.
Ryan Lawler
Ryan Lawler Year ago
I honestly don't think this article will happen and if it does it won't be enforced. Even the corporations who wanted this are opposed to it now. Don't know why but my guess is because it would public favour and therefore business. If it is enforced, somehow, it will be another Patriot Act and probably civil unrest whilst maybe even getting the UN involved since this is expression which is s form of freedom of speech. If it continues regardless, it will fall hard since wel, we all know how policing the internet tends to work out.
Evil Paragon 4
Man, the EU could solve so many of its problems by just entirely federalising and adopting a loose legal and taxation system like the US. Of course the President would be a hot topic since are Slovenians and Portuguese going to be happy with constant French/German presidents who don't even speak their language? But overall, would solve democratic issues and many other issues of international interaction.
lovejax Year ago
is it me or is 26:00 sound like a rap
I must be an idiot, because I still don't entirely understand. Websites being responsible for the content they host, whether they know they have it on there sounds dodgy, but I still can't quite grasp the ramifications of what that means.
Goth Royalty
Goth Royalty Year ago
I’m in the Netherlands for the summer. I tried to access an article about my home state, Texas, and I wasn’t able to because of the EU restrictions. Irritating.
Astraea Star
Astraea Star Year ago
At the referendum I voted to remain in the union but since then I've done a lot of looking into what the EU actually is and I believe it is totally corrupt and if we had the chance to vote again I'd vote to leave. I like to be a part of Europe, I love the people but the governing body are overpowered and can't be trusted so I believe we'd be better off leaving the EU.
Shannon Slapp
Shannon Slapp Year ago
Thank you! So much.
Might Guy
Might Guy Year ago
Thank you for this video. Christ, I thought things in the U.S. were depressing, I had no idea that people had no control about what goes down with the E.U. and I thought the election processing was just like ours. The politics are definitely more convoluted, I certainly wish you guys luck and I wish there was something I could do to help.
Ritz Year ago
Top notch
ImABatGeek Year ago
As someone who is American and lives in America, I didn't fully understand what Article 13 was because the US-firstrs I saw talking about basically didn't go far into detail so I assumed it was just a law for better copyright laws what's so bad about that. Until I watched this video where you go deep into detail I understand why it's worrying and needs to be talked about more.
FarelForever Year ago
For me, #Article13 is a reason to leave the EU. Even if the consequences could potentially end up not as bad as we fear, all of this showed me how little the EU cares about me, how much they care about big corporations, and how much they feel like I do not deserve to upload anything unless all big companies in the world would ok it. I am an eurosceptic now
H Year ago
Random thought: if we take article 13 and make it a meme that mean it would Ban it self
Ralwor Year ago
Omg I saw a clip from the NorthEast end of my city during this monologue! Neat! Also, I think imma have to watch this again in a day or two cause woaaaaaah man! Lots to absorb.
Who needs names anyways?
I’m doing a project on article 13. Tysm ^^
Twiinii TrageDy
In the end it doesn't matter any way if we try to change something or not. We had a petition with over 6 MILLION people who signed it and it still got ignored and article 13 is a thing now....
Daxent Year ago
man those fucking tumb nails are beautiful who does them?
venussleepr Year ago
i think the eu fuckin sucks bro
July Ol
July Ol Year ago
It's not just that the younger population is less politically active. Its also that Europe has way less young people then 60+. And Generation Graveyard couldn't care less about how the Internet works. But they care about the money lobby is stuffing them with. And in Germany, the old farts especially care about a certain gas pipeline that they only got the majority for, because France helped with it. The rigid copy right laws were the price they wanted for the pipeline.
Nightingal3 Year ago
It’s all ogre now...
Golden Sim
Golden Sim Year ago
please make EU-Tube and leave the rest of the world out of this non sense @youtube
nxgan Year ago
Wow, and then nobody in Europe gets to enjoy US-first the same as the rest of the world. Sounds fair
Zakariya Shakilal
finally a video explaining it properly
ShadowXgaming Year ago
Lawmakers have an absolutely unacceptable lack of understanding with modern technology and the internet. Seriously, see the U.S. Congress trials for Mark Zuckerburg or Sundar Pichai. Lawmakers are lacking in even the most fundamental tech knowledge and I seriously believe that all lawmakers - in both the E.U. and the U.S. - MUST be required to have at least a basic education in the fields of technology and internet infrastructure before being elected. Seriously, why should we trust incompetents to make laws and regulations for something they have absolutely no understanding of? Why should we trust an Uber driver (who has never flown a plane) fly our airplane? I highly suggest you copy and paste this message and spread the ideas of this message as far and wide as you can if you agree with me. Heck, even a like to make this message more exposed helps quite a bit. I encourage you all to stop these madmen from flying our airplanes into the Pacific. -Shadow out
Lawgx Year ago
we lost....
Ilc1 Year ago
I'm just gonna enjoy not worrying cause Norway is not in the EU
OneMic yeehaw
OneMic yeehaw Year ago
Its still gonna effect all of us, sadly
MKT Year ago
I’m from the future It was passed😥😥
Jeppi02 Year ago
Article 13 and 11 is a piece of shit.
googly eyed joe
Thank you anime purple top hat man
Kawaii PewDiePie
Thank god I live in America. I swear, banning memes is the worst thing ever. Pewds better move to America!
Ven Year ago
Merlin Meurer
Merlin Meurer Year ago
PS4Criminal Year ago
So as an American citizen this doesn’t affect me right?
Trick Lessons Podcast
How is it not yellow vest time time in the EU?
brayden perry
brayden perry Year ago
I thought this was only for the EU
Mr. Fungi
Mr. Fungi Year ago
how to get away with not doing a research report: blame it on Article 13
The New Seorarek
Thats tough, too bad i dont live in the eu
Pura Vida
Pura Vida Year ago
Shawgrass Year ago
MrWolvez Year ago
Article 13 is STOOOOOOOPID
Nairue Year ago
R.I.P my guy. It was a good run.
Mouthy Mama
Mouthy Mama Year ago
It’s passed. I’m sorry
Two Insurance
Two Insurance Year ago
The sad thing is that his other recent videos, have gotten much more views. Giving the point that people aren’t going to do anything about the Article.
Sarrju Year ago
GoofyGooBruh Year ago
If this is in the EU is America safe from this “article 13”
dic Year ago
Moving to america as soon as I can Europe is a god damn mess.
Zyptan Year ago
I'm so happy my country isn't in the European Union.
Kyler Dougan
Kyler Dougan Year ago
Well you know the number 13 is unlucky
Fraser ODonnell
it's article 17 now
Tweak back
Tweak back Year ago
stfu pleb
While I certainly believe that creators of any kind have some sort of rights to their creation... but with the internet becoming more and more ubiquitous it will only become harder and harder to enforce copyrights FAIRLY... and by that I mean, it will be incredibly difficult to protect the rights of creators WITHOUT trampling on the little guys. The internet might as well be us humans talking to one another in person. Its just another means of communication... so policing so many interactions RELIABLY/FAIRLY will be nearly impossible. (especially as time goes on)
Francis fw wells
are thay trying to kill the internet
Noah Bloom
Noah Bloom Year ago
Animation Composer for After Effects
mouyeii Year ago
Really nice video! Maybe the best i have seen on this subject. Your/His perception of the EU is giving me headaches though. I do not know of his general opinion on the EU, however he does state "[...] maybe that's why I'm very cynical of the European Union. I hate the establishment." (24:04). Now You/He later (25:55) do/does show an example of criticism, directed at the already metioned European Commission. And while i of course can see the problem that comes with unelected officials, throwing away the peace the EU has brought, as well as the political, military and economical power, does seem extreme. I simply wanted to put this out there, knowing that I do not know Your complete opinion about the EU. I do hope you think otherwise, when it comes to a more general point of view on the European Union. Thanks again for the great video!
Mr Revolver
Mr Revolver Year ago
dude this is youtube there is no artists here man only money grabbers who use "Art" for ther income.
KeybladeMaster Andy
I can't help feeling this is going to be a New Age Prohibition, in that it won't actually stop as many people as it is supposed to. It will just force people who want things to remain the same to use VPNs or set up illegal sites. Fly under the radar.
Saphir Felup
Saphir Felup Year ago
I have to improve my English because I _definitely_ could use some subtitles right now which is sad because that is a topic that could heavenly influence my daily use of the internet. There are only so many good videos or understandable articles about in German, I found like two or three so far. You seem really well informed and I am sure that what you say is correct and important but I understand only like half the words (more, of course, but, like, everything related with politics). Anyways, as far as I see a great video even though I might miss some information.
Liam Year ago
Quality content
Dylan Year ago
Bro make a podcast it would be incredible
robvalue Year ago
I think this is all an attempt by Bilderberg's EU to shut down independent news/political commentary. It’s already clear google is complicit in heavily promoting the mainstream media when searching for websites.
Supreme Overlord of Dankness
Article 13 is back at it again!! France and Germany have come to an agreement on what sites will be exceptions to the article: The site has to be publicly available for less than three years, make less than 20 million euros a year, *and* have less than 5 million unique visitors every month. With this, the disagreements regarding article 13 has been "resolved" and they will shortly proceed to deciding on its precise wording and voting one final time in March or April. Since both Germany and France now wants article 13 to pass, who together has way too many MEPs, this will no doubt guarantee that said article will, indeed, become law. This is potentially *worse* than what article 13 could've been had it not been for this agreement. Make sure you contact your MEPs and explain to them that this new definition is even worse. The discussion surrounding article 13 has died down and absolutely *needs* to be revitalized. If there is no opposition, the law *will* pass. It's now that we need to fight back more than ever. Spread awareness!! The threat has returned, stronger than ever!
Erato Daergel
Erato Daergel Year ago
Very informative- thankyou!
Mia Almanzar
Mia Almanzar Year ago
Dude it’s been rejected chill😂
Raymond AndHisCat
If a video is posted outside of the EU, will it still be affected?
Miaraz Year ago
Phan Tom
Phan Tom Year ago
Yeeaaahhhh.... We kinda funny care (._. ) I do, but that's just me
Spartan War118
I'm sorry TRO But i didn't understand most of it Because i don't speak politics...
Spartan War118
In all seriousness I can understand most of it And i can see why this wouldn't be very fun to listen to or talk about So more power to ya TRO Keep doin' what you're doing!
Adam Z
Adam Z Year ago
Have you heard of Diem25? It's an organization pushing for transparency and democracy in the EU.
Ragnar Ivarsøn
Ass Pounder420_69
Should the US copy strike EU for using their stars for their flag
M B Year ago
Let's talk about the ban of porn in India
chillsherlyn Year ago
6:27 *me when my friend writes a story* (I don’t have friends)😢
Kay Thepenguinbuddy
Unlucky 13 😉*sorry for the dad joke*
Omaha Bibble Maddox
Article 13: The Order 66 for memes.
OUCHIE Year ago
Anonymous will attack EU if it happens
Jafoose Is Loose
Why does every smart, articulate, and quality content creator always have small sub counts. They only seem to blow up when they follow they trends. You deserve so many more subs and I believe one day you will have them. Even of you have to sell out for a bit I won't hold it against you. Go get your money you deserve TRO. MUCH LOVE
Because most people on US-first don't want to listen to essay-type videos. Most are just here for entertainment or humour purposes.
Crystal Vitagliano
The mere mention of-it makes me worry so much and terrified..
Maj. D Pression
I am not a huge fan of copyright to begin with. It's a system that technology is forced to compromise for, when it should be copyright compromising for technology.