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The Right Opinion: What Happens When Your Channel Goes To The Dogs - Brooke Houts | TRO
My content has been a long journey from 2016, where I would rant about domestic UK politics and figures who most people watching this video probably wouldn’t even know in the slightest, to 2019, where I make long form videos on drama and conflicts, and the sorts of mentalities that lie behind them. However, one thing has never changed, the fact that I do care deeply about the topics I discuss. Every now and then I get the comment about how I’ve changed from what I used to do and honestly I have, and it has brought me more considerable success than previous topics of interest, but honestly if I wasn’t interested in the topics I spoke about, if I wasn’t invested in it, if I didn’t think I had something to say, then I probably wouldn’t have the tolerance to talk about it for half an hour in multiple videos. Make no mistake, you don’t have to like my videos, but I definitely care about them.
And that’s the thing, I’ve always loved talking, in case you don’t have that impression already, and I love having opinions on everything, and honestly if I don’t have an opinion on something it just probably means that I haven’t had the time to look into it. I’ve always argued that it’s important to care about the content that you’re actually making, I obviously can’t sit here and look into the mind of every single person that I’m analysing in my videos, which is why I don’t tend to state intent, but I obviously have my own opinions on why I feel they made their videos, but it would be such a level of conjecture that I seldom include speculation. Personally, it’s always safer to side on the benefit of the doubt when making videos about people’s intent because I think a false negative is much more harmful than a false positive. If people take the assumption that a person is good, then that may still have grounds to be changed in the future about that person, however, if the community assumes a person is bad, then I do think it gives that person a tougher job. Nonetheless, when someone behaves in a way that I feel does underline a much deeper mentality of that creator then we should take the chance to call them out, not just for audience awareness of the specific situation, but of the underlying mentality that can often drive these incidents. This is where we meet Brooke Houts.

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Oct 9, 2019




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The Right Opinion
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Arthur Pendrake
Arthur Pendrake Month ago
The Right Opinion Crackhead
ツRobin 2 months ago
She just released a new video about the dog.
Andrei Zav
Andrei Zav 4 months ago
“A false negative is definitely worse than a false positive” - thought the people of Germany in 1930s 😏🤣
No Ro
No Ro 6 months ago
You should watch Bailey Sarian her true crime stories are great
Claire Pettie
Claire Pettie 7 months ago
LOVE Eleanor Neale. My favorite UK True Crime yt'er. Stephanie Harlowe and Bailey Sarian are also top notch.
sabrina 14 hours ago
Trigger warning before her hitting her dog PLEASE
Vishal Reddy
Vishal Reddy Day ago
Glad this came to light because of her poor editing skills. I honestly remember this blowing up the internet but didn't remember the abuse being this bad. Not saying those actions are justifiable in any situation but the dog wasn't even doing anything remotely hurtful to her and just wanted to play. I hope she keeps posting just so she gets all that hate.
okay now hackers give me her adress and i will go and rescue her dog from that monster SHE WAS GRABBING HIS SKIN AND SPITTING, YELLING WHILE KNOWING DOGS HAVE SENSITIVE HEARING. She's litteraly discusting.
Aryana Sayad
Aryana Sayad 3 days ago
my heart ached for that dog... hope they have a better home now
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
The dog came up to her in the most friendliest way and then she attacked it like a psycho...
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
Hate to see what she does when the camera is off....
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
Eleanor Neale is a total queen.
Chibi Shima
Chibi Shima 3 days ago
knowing what she did to her dog, it kinda hurts watching old content of her with her dog
Alexandra Medlin
Alexandra Medlin 4 days ago
Wait so the dog was rehomed right please tell me we know that monstrosity of a hag is not still in charge of that beautiful Doberman.
Alexandra Medlin
Alexandra Medlin 4 days ago
This shit really needs to put people in jail.
Shinigami Kiragami
36:00 anyone else notice the 2nd t? Lol
eh idk
eh idk 4 days ago
Love how, if a comedian makes a satirical racist joke, they're cancelled. Animal abuser with evidence online, still allowed on youtube and not behind bars. Unbelievable.
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego
I really did want to jump through the screen and drop kick the F out of her deadbeat ass
First and foremost: we care that you care... deeply.. oh do we ever...that said- by way of segue purely for the sake of controversy added to which it's fun saying "damn the torpedoes!" here goes nothing....wait for it...ahem..."cats are WAY better than dogs will ever be..." now that the floodgates of popular opinion has been flung open....feel free to UNLEASH THE KRACKEN!
Random Mūdū
Random Mūdū 5 days ago
John Wick wants to know her location
Thegreenjelousy 7 days ago
if you like her you should check out Bailey Sarian. But im sure youve found her by now.
Cyrodiin 7 days ago
I cant be the only one who thought her channel name was Brooke House... right?
Rich Lann
Rich Lann 7 days ago
I hate dogs, why do people like having something that licks its ass lick their face
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover 7 days ago
Brooke: "Since the matter (incident) I have invested in professional dog training and I'm learning so much." Me: As a grown adult you needed someone to _teach_ you that you can't maliciously smack and shove a dog around? You didn't already know that screaming and spitting are ineffective training "methods"? 8 days ago
The part she didn't shower, just throw the whole human away.
QuietBloom 8 days ago
Why do so many female U- tubers have two brown streaks on either side of their noses? And yes, I do know about of contouring - it’s not supposed to look scary.
Steve-0 Soad
Steve-0 Soad 8 days ago
I am appalled she has over 200k subs Good job Christians. Clearly gullible people. Please keep track of her.. She is abusing that animal. She does not care about it.
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
Its like she doesn't know what abuse is
Case 8 days ago
As a dog owner this made me sick what is wrong with this girl? What gives her the right to treat her dog like that? Give it up for adoption if your going to treat the poor dog like that or just don’t abuse it? Have a heart maybe?
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
She doesn't deserve to have a pet
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
Headmaster 🤣
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
I've never seen that dog abuse footage I was not prepared 🥺😢💔
Alicia A Morgan
Alicia A Morgan 9 days ago
I'm a doberman mom and this bitch better hope I never see her in public!! That dog needs to be removed from her. If she does this on camera,especially the spitting part, shes abusing that dog off camera. I have had many doberman and that dog is not being cared for properly at all. You cant be a lazy owner with a doberman they are high energy. That dog is going crazy shes not taking it out or exercising him. Her temperament does not mesh with that breed. That fucking pinch collar is horrendous for a puppy too
Halies 9 days ago
volunteering at an animal shelter...😂😂😂😂😂
Halies 9 days ago
why does she seem like she fucking HATES her dog so much that’s insane....
LindaDulcinea 9 days ago
The best apology would have just been her saying her dog has found a new family. It’s terrifying that she still had the dog after that!
Congruent Crib
Congruent Crib 9 days ago
I think the most heartbreaking part of seeing animals hurt is the fact they have so much innocence. The reason we love pets is because we can have a companion who does not judge and loves us unconventionally. Even though they have no clue about anything in the world but they still read emotions, when I’m upset my dog has come up to me and made sure I was ok. When I’m in my room my dog will go around the house looking for people; and while it’s annoying when my dog opens my door, he does it; looks me in the eyes, and then walks away. He does it simply to check and see if all is well. This alone brings me to tears because the love given by them makes no sense, but they do it because they love us. Days I’ve had major depression my dog has come up to me, given me kisses and will lay next to my bed assuring Ik not alone, but for what reason. That’s why seeing an animal being hit, pushed, slapped or yelled at is so gut wrenching. It’s why we cry when the dog dies, but don’t care when 100 innocent people die. I love you all dogs; especially the big wooffers, small dogs and just awkward cats. Big doggos have a place in my heart that can’t be replaced.
Gregor Meisen
Gregor Meisen 10 days ago
Tail docking and ear cropping is an illegal practice here where I live. Somebody who has no moral qualms with basically having the tail and ears of their dog surgically removed for the sake of cosmetic reasons is suspicious from the get-go to me. If the dog was not removed from her custody based on the evidence in the video, I don't understand how animal welfare works in America. People say "If a dog bites once, it has to go." But the other way around is true as well, if you hit it once, you shouldn't be allowed to keep it.
Halit Erez
Halit Erez 8 days ago
Thank you for noting it, I was going to write it myself. I don't understand how no one mentioned that! I saw the puppy with normal ears and later on and was immediately horrified by that... It's illegal here in Israel and should be anywhere in the world, and by that fact alone the dog should have been taken away from her! I't's pure cruelty, you can loose your veterinarian license for doing that! I have been volunteering in a pet shelter for the last 11 years, She should NOT OWN ANY PET. I have seen my my share of horrors, and that situation can escalate quickly :(
Drewmena 10 days ago
Her only video that sounds like clickbait but actually wasn’t Pranking my dog GONE WRONG GONE VIOLENT!
Drewmena 10 days ago
She would’ve gotten WAY more views if she had a non clickbait title like ... “Pranking my dog GONE WRONG GONE VIOLENT”
Mark Harris
Mark Harris 10 days ago
This is the first time in my life I haven’t had at least one dog, I can name and remember each one for over 50 years. Judy, Soames and then Lassie were the dogs that had an affect on my childhood and early adulthood. With Otis, Makeda and Franklyn effecting my adult life and Otis especially saw me through some bad times. I’m no longer able to walk a dog and I’m often too ill to even go out on my mobility scooter so it just wouldn’t be fair. I’m one of those people who like both dogs and cats and thankfully we have a brilliant 21 year old cat that has more character than any cat I've known. He is costing us a fortune in pet bills as he has a dodgy liver and a growth on his lower bowel, I don’t resent a penny and he is still very happy and spoilt. When you get a pet, be it from a good breeder, rescue place or the newspaper you sign a contract with that animal to treat it kindly and with respect. She did not do that, she used that dog for clout and nothing more. As for the guy with the miniature schnauzer, really? You let someone throw your dog around and you did nothing? You’re not on any higher ground in my book. To me she’s just like the Stauffers and has the same mentality of using a living being for clout. If you read my comment, which I doubt, I did it on purpose as it’s a pet hate of mine too. It’s like people mixing up 'lend' and 'borrow' and 'who' and 'whom'.
Marty Mcfly 88MPH
Marty Mcfly 88MPH 10 days ago
This bitch needs to learn how to take responsibility. Typical leftist
Michellina van Loder
How to screw a dog up. Horrible woman. Needs jail.
Mayonnaise 11 days ago
seriously never expected this much dog abuse. 4:12 the part that was the most shocking parts was when she yeets the dog out of the shot and held it down and spatt on it.
Sarah Shock
Sarah Shock 11 days ago
Nice Persona 4 music
joppo 12 days ago
Just walk your fucking dog guys and girls....
Benji Price
Benji Price 12 days ago
Gets a very hyperactive guard dog to put in a little apartment. Then gets mad because he cant expend energy.
Fleato 13 days ago
this is what happens when aggressively average chicks are given lots of attention
Baby Dabbs
Baby Dabbs 13 days ago
It's a whole year later, this is the first time I've actually seen the footage and I'm sick to my stomach.
Rose 13 days ago
I love that hairdresser hahahah
Sabine Graham
Sabine Graham 13 days ago
🤬🤬🤬I almost through up watching this b.. Abusing her dog..
Jessica Mathis
Jessica Mathis 13 days ago
I don't know how anyone can watch this footage of her abusing her dog, much less do it like this on CAMERA. Jesus. It gave me such a sick feeling.
Barbara von Bärbel
It's been a year and she still disgusts me.
Briana S
Briana S 11 days ago
Her channel with her bf is too much. He tries to defend her and he’s so overbearing.
Legendary Dogo
Legendary Dogo 14 days ago
When you hit your dog with no command that in my opinion is abuse sometimes dogs need to be put in position that is submissive but not slapping the dog while he is jumping I work with mastiffs and guardian breeds and I’ve broke up dog fights where your first reaction is too hit the attacking dog but not only is it inaffective but the dog will slowly loose trust in you
Aidenjjr 14 days ago
I hate her and feel bad for her at the same time. I think she deserved all the hate, but she can NEVER be successful on the internet for the rest of her life.
Fluffymiyster 8 days ago
To that second part, GOOD! You say that like it's some sort of human right to be internet famous. That's a privelage to be earned though it's given a lot of times to the wrong people. Thankfully, in a rare moment of unity, the internet got it right.
Haulistic 14 days ago
Some mistakes have huge consequences.
MJ SPINE 14 days ago
US-first has our backs: search Doberman beater on youtube and lololol it shows her channel at the top of the results!
f 47
f 47 14 days ago
She is a nasty person
X Oz
X Oz 14 days ago
Subscribed after the grammar lesson
that one guy
that one guy 15 days ago
You should be a teacher lol you just taught me more in less than a minute on grammar and correct English/spelling than my whole time at school and I'm sure there are plenty of errors in this statement, hahaha!
90% makeup
90% makeup 15 days ago
those clips are so so heartbreaking, no dogs deserve an owner like whatever that was also to me it sounds like she has a phobia of animals. doesn’t excuse her but def explains a lot
Heather brooke
Heather brooke 15 days ago
Wtf she just beat that dog. Wow 🥺 yeah she dug her grave
michelle_y_ell_y IG
I don’t agree with abuse and I don’t think she should be able to keep her dog or any new animals...BUT...hear me out. She doesn’t have great impulse control. This gives us an intimate view or look into her life and how she missed the boat on some critical social and interpersonal relationship skills. We can go over that and guess why or how, but that’s not anything we can have any amount of say about unless she sits in front of us and is blisteringly honest with a perfect memory and can verbalise it all. Not happening. The fact is, if animal control won’t take this seriously or take the dog away you’re left with feeling ineffective and upset that another animal is suffering at the hands of an abusive owner. Because let’s face it; what she did wasn’t that horrible in the annals of dog abuse - but the fact that, even by accident she uploaded multiple episodes of abuse - shows us how she doesn’t think about her actions and/or is capable of many more types and degrees of abuse that may be incredibly damaging. I wouldn’t put up with it, and my ex-husband did exactly what she did to our German shepherd and it was a contributing factor in our divorce. Because it spilled over to several horses we kept. So let’s consider the reality. The dog isn’t being taken away. And so many dogs sit in pounds after being forcibly or voluntarily surrendered and can be even more unhappy or end up euthanised. And let’s not take away from her plug that she’s volunteering her time. Let’s please say to her that she’s good for giving her dog the gift of educated ownership Let’s not scoff at her no matter how genuine this is, let’s encourage her actions of learning to behave herself around animals. Remember that most actions/reactions are done instantly and automatically which is why you should begin as you mean to go on and work hard to change your knee jerk reaction if it’s inappropriate. She could tell us to eff off. She doesn’t deserve true praise and credit for trying to what I think is genuinely apologising (she IS genuinely apologising but what we don’t know is the reason or intent, but this IS a genuine apology for some reason or outcome), she deserves credit when she can show sustained and altruistic behaviour. And who wants that poor dog to sit in a shelter? It’s a breed that carries a negative connotation, even though all I’ve met of that breed are oversized cuddle machines. It won’t understand. Like an abused child, the animals knows that life and love their owner and don’t know any better. So if the animal isn’t being removed, let’s teach her how to be genuine and treat her dog properly and help her see how to act and train and do right by that lovely puppy and helping other ones in her community. Remember. - we want the animal to be happy and properly cared for. Let’s show that we can take this egotistical woman who in a fit of rage and uneducated behaviour, hurt her dog, and show (on a public platform to millions like US-first) that she is helping the local animal community and receiving an education on training and appropriate care and behaviour whilst helping animals in need and showing others how to change and why it’s important to do so. Let’s not attack or care or worry about anything else, the rest of that drivel! Let’s focus on helping and learning and educating please.
Anushka Sarkar
Anushka Sarkar 15 days ago
The pupper just wanted to play ;-; Horrible *HORRIBLE* human being.
Samantha Purdy
Samantha Purdy 15 days ago
Thanks for that grammar lesson. My grammar is generally pretty alright but affect anf effect is a struggle for me.
Hue Ghanues
Hue Ghanues 16 days ago
lol 24:47 bandicam overlay +cursor lol
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 16 days ago
That dog needs exercise. The way he was running around her clearly shows that he's just an excited puppy. What a pity that such an ill-tempered person has been allowed to obtain an animal with such a loyal and trusting disposition.
Jack Timmons
Jack Timmons 17 days ago
Put that girl in a coliseum with a dog that ain’t so tame and see how she fares she had his time to shine so let the dog have his time to shine
Alexander Yurchenko
Why is there Persona music playing at 35:20 ? 0_0
Eden Skye
Eden Skye 17 days ago
That aint the type of dog to be doing that with
Aureux 17 days ago
So I never knew the difference between the two so thank you for explaining when you use affected and effected.
Louis Johnson
Louis Johnson 18 days ago
TRO is quality, but he wouldn't be as big without his slave harem of editors. Everyone has opinions, some people have good ones, and only a few can share them with *flare*
some random guy on the internet
omg that looked painful
Joann Monkey
Joann Monkey 18 days ago
Dobermans shouldn't be in small apartments either. Especially working breeds like a Doberman. That was the 1st incling of cruelty I saw. Beautfi, loving dog deserves waaaaay better.
Joann Monkey
Joann Monkey 18 days ago
Please tell me she found the dog a good loving home. That was really bad ! Some people shouldn't have animals, OR children !
Joann Monkey
Joann Monkey 18 days ago
I am looking you enjoy talking because I enjoy listening to you !
Nina C
Nina C 18 days ago
was that miss london around 29:20 or am I crazy?
Sebastien Ladouceur
What breaks my heart is that every time their is a cut in her video that poor dog was probably taking a beating :(
G’d Up w Gigi
G’d Up w Gigi 18 days ago
Aww if u listen to the dog he’s literally saying “ i love u” go bk and listen
Connor's Corner
Connor's Corner 18 days ago
Our dogs jump on us and yes it hurts (only when I'm already in pain) but I'm not gonna hurt them. We have a couple rescues and its heart breaking watching them flinch when you move too fast. It truly is. I don't get how anyone could hurt an animal as loyal and loving as dogs. We also have a ton of fish and a cat
K F 18 days ago
As a professional hairstylist, the blue/violet tint in hair is THE EASIEST mistake to make, especially for students (think: accidentally leaving toner in for just 1-2 minutes too long)! But it’s easily fixable and usually completely non damaging to the hair so in conclusion she is a Karen and made a absolutely huge heal out of a small mistake that was fixed in most likely 15 minutes
Karina Jane
Karina Jane 19 days ago
Spitting on the dog... for literally just being a dog. Bitch, you done.
Jaimie Boulianne
Jaimie Boulianne 19 days ago
She broke the law driving n recording lol
Will Luttrell
Will Luttrell 20 days ago
Yo, that Doberman is not going to keep taking that shit. It WILL snap and it WILL eat her stupid ass up. You push a dog like that to the edge and there will be repercussions that she, nor anyone else will be able to stop that dog from doing. Once it gets in it's mind that she's a threat, that Brooke chick is absolutely fucked.
ubiquitous_ 20 days ago
She says "That's not the person that I am". On the contrary, we know how really people are when interacting with people or animals that cannot defend themselves.
Mr. Birdman
Mr. Birdman 21 day ago
The worst part is thinking about all the times this kind of thing probably happened but we didn't see it...
Pau Ravaioli
Pau Ravaioli 21 day ago
Imagine if that dog was a small child, now imagine her treating that child the way she treats the dog yes, now im double disturbed
Dani 22 days ago
i love the ambiance music in the background so much
milk box
milk box 22 days ago
wow, nitw music at the end there! is that.. allowed? not complaining, i love that track, haha!
Anophis 22 days ago
ouch.. poor dog :(
LadyShay 22 days ago
I'm doing dishes while listening to this. My dog sometimes will be over by the sink to lick water off the ground. My reaction is to tell my dog to "Shoo!" NOT to forcefully hold her down and spit on her.
Wut?? ಠ_ಠ
Wut?? ಠ_ಠ 22 days ago
The dogs trying to engage with her. It isn't misbehaving. It's displaying that he trusts her and loves her. That warrants the exact opposite of punishment.
LC 22 days ago
so sadistic and terrible, the way she looked at he dog was evil
DreamFishr 23 days ago
i love my cat but she pisses me off sometimes. one time she stepped on my keyboard and erased all the effort put into an entire 6 page homework assignment that was due in a few hours. i shouted at her and aired my frustrations but not once did the idea of hitting her, let alone spitting on her, ever cross my mind.
Danny Morales
Danny Morales 23 days ago
She just doesnt ducking understand that she hurt a living being. She thinks that she’s offending people. That isnt the problem, the problem is that you’re abusing a living ducking being
Topaz May Memory
Topaz May Memory 23 days ago
Gosh 5 minutes in and like how dare she. That dog clearly loves her. This is further proof humans don’t deserve dogs.
Nicolle 24 days ago
Those clips of her abusing her dog make me so angry, dobermans are an especially energetic breed that need a lot of exercise and training because of their intelligence! It's my personal dream to own a doberman someday, but I won't get one any time soon because of how much space and attention they need to flourish. To see this woman just tackling her dog and spitting on him makes me so furious that people like her are even allowed to own pets when they don't know the first thing about raising one!
m666666 m6666
m666666 m6666 24 days ago
the fact that she didn't take the time to edit and would have seen the clip of her abusing her dog on camera says a lot about her general lack of care when it comes to her channel. She could literally talk about something niche and interesting that people would have enjoyed since there's so much to talk about in this world, but she chose not to since she's too lazy to research any topic and wants everything to be about her. It would not be bad, but she lacks the personality bc it seems that she looked at a video of Emma Chamberlain, and copied and pasted her personality without adding anything new. Just an ignorant, inpassionate and self-obsessed woman overall on top of her abusive behavior.
Brie B
Brie B 24 days ago
I get mad at my dog sometimes, everyone does. But what she did is UNTHINKABLE if you love your pet, even _when_ you're angry. I couldn't even be _friends_ with a person I saw do that to an animal. She'ss just nasty and entitled. And doesn't deserve to be an owner. From the looks of things, she probably just superficially wanted a "guard dog", looked up "good guard dog breeds" on the internet, figured it'd make good content, bought whichever breed was cutest to her, and literally just took one home without taking any time to learn how to actually train and care for a dog. Then when started resenting the thing when she realized she didn't want to put in all the work that was necessary. All that dog needed was exercise, which she definitely couldn't have been giving him, otherwise it wouldn't have been running around and jumping on things. You don't get to buy a dog, force it to live in a small NYC apartment, decide not to care for and train it properly, then get mad it doesn't do what you want. I'm sorry.....this is a big pet peeve of mine. So many people do this to their dogs. And then a perfectly innocent animal gets mistreated or just dropped at the nearest shelter.
I just don't care anymore !
Can't believe this has been a year already.
Kyle W.
Kyle W. 26 days ago
If you want YT crime channel check out Jim Can’t swim
Star Marchment
Star Marchment 26 days ago
i rly like her stupid nose tho :/ do u think it's real?
Alfred The Great, King Of Wessex
No, it’s ok guys. She’s a Christian now. 👌🏻
@Ara Seven Yes.
Ara Seven
Ara Seven 26 days ago
You're being sarcastic right?
Alexander Leonard
Alexander Leonard 27 days ago
She is actually a Llama who had a wish to become a human granted.
zlMik maq
zlMik maq 27 days ago
The funny thing is we are all like this but not everyone is "professionals" at hiding it