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The Right Opinion: What Happened To James Charles Was Inevitable - Here's Why We Believed Tati | TRO
The beauty community, for all it’s make up, has some real savagery lying underneath, and we witnessed that last year when Jeffree Star got into drama with a few people, but most notoriously Manny Mua, and Laura Lee, and when the court of public opinion came out in favour of Star, damage was dealt that can still be witnessed to this day. The beauty community is truly brutal, a cheeky exposé or well-placed drama can really go for someone, for ages, you don’t see that in too many other places.
So when I saw that today’s subject: James Charles was experiencing a decrease in subscribers of unprecedented proportions, well, it didn’t surprise me looking at how cutthroat the beauty community has the capability to be, but even with that said it’s more than that, James Charles is not just any ordinary beauty creator.

This changed however, on the 10th of May, when Tati Westbrook, another beauty creator dropped a video by the name of “Bye Sister”, a play on James’s iconic phrase, in which she documents why, in spite of her extensive history supporting, and working with him, no longer wants to associate with him, these entail a series of criticisms that relate back to the way he has treated his friends, his inappropriate behaviour at certain events, and the fact that he promoted a brand that would be sensitive to younger children, in spite of the fact that he had said to Tati that he wouldn’t promote hers, due to the age of his demographic.
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[HQ] Hunter x Hunter (2011) OST 2 - Requiem Aranea! (Genei Ryodan theme)
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May 29, 2019




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The Right Opinion
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: Was a fun one to write because I decided to really look at it while it transpired, rather than just completely being the retrospective "wise guy", definitely gave me a lot more to reflect on when it was finally over. Hope you enjoy! If some of the Tati content footage is a bit low quality, that's because she removed the video while we were still editing. CHECK OUT THE EDITORS: - Sir Cheeseknight: us-first.info/more/6ThPBLQ6dfeRLkDskw62uQ - CynicSnacks: us-first.info/more/FKIgvMmcJtxTS9pdpCFwfg - Corticera: twitter.com/Corticera_ - Barknoorz: us-first.info - Mullenax: us-first.info - Biodegradable: twitter.com/BiodeEditable Post-Editing: twitter.com/MullenaxYT Check out Noda (@nodanah): twitter.com/nodanah?s=09 - Special thanks to my Patrons: a vdl, Low60, Mac Maunder, Jade Rose, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch, Adam VIllareal, Ashley Butts, Adam Goetz, Bryan Langley, cloudfruit, Connor, Divinireigns, Miru Kado, Neo, Brandon, Emily Yoder, Megan McCallion, Mikey K, Miru Kado, Neo, Nipple Man, Ristretto Eva, Michael, Shane Reese, Mama Fujo, Yuliya Terekh, Nassim Jahnke, Spoonie The Rogue, Natasha Gray, Bruhreallysnapped, Darren Barcrest Plays, Ellie, Nassim Jahnke, Spoonie the Rogue 10$+ Patrons: Adam Goetz, Ashley Butts, Divinereigns, Elizabeth Looby, orkfighta, somehulabaloo, The Derbinator, William Thatch, Ursula Holm, Drake Dragsaw, Eduardo Pedrero, nello, unknown_hat, Ray Kidder, Irene Garcia, Attila Bakk, Al Graham, CaptainJ, caitlin britton, Dualangel1, nella, Jessica Thomas, Harle Quin, Marie_Nanamari-P, The Face of Team Rocket, Ella Daniels Special Thanks to My 50 Dollar Patreons: somehulabaloo Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreons: Brandon, Evening Steel Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion Facebook: facebook.com/TheRightOpinionOfficial/ Discord: discord.gg/SsgNxWU References: docs.google.com/document/d/18crK6AO_FcmYHEvSyLBNFrHswXmviYdvqrdqfq3izyU/edit?usp=sharing
Nathyn Brendan Masters
You're videos are f*ckin' amazing! 😆😆😆
piyush jain
piyush jain 4 months ago
memoOfJacoboArbenzJuanArevaloN MohammadMossadeghLLJ the search nf
iknewsabowasnotdead 6 months ago
Okay I'm not even halfway done but CynicSnacks's part is so goooood 👌👌
homemade homo
homemade homo 7 months ago
I got real sad when you were stalking about the sexual assault allegations and how they make you even more angry due to the fact it becomes personal.. babe you ok? You need a hug?
26Connor K
26Connor K 7 months ago
The Right Opinion that’s a lot of Hunter x Hunter music bro
Unknown Legend
Unknown Legend 6 hours ago
44:47 "i just feel like its a ruse for Shane dawson's documentary" ooof summer 2020, you'll get your answers lmao
Steve Ingraham
Steve Ingraham 16 hours ago
Fuck Jeff.
CARAT Mom 2 days ago
This needs a part 2. If only because he literally predicted Beauty Drama 2020.
Orangeini3ni Autochini
I h a c k e d when the Zoldyck theme started playing. Who is editing these?! They damn near worked their way through the whole as score.
Soviet Films
Soviet Films 3 days ago
i really like the jazz he puts in his videos
Daniella H.
Daniella H. 4 days ago
OMG, TRO was really out here suspecting Shane Dawson's involvement months before that came out
Irock 56
Irock 56 4 days ago
Hes 19 a grown ass man, he can tend to himself!
Sam Haugen
Sam Haugen 5 days ago
That Jeff Star guy is hard to look at.
Elly3121 5 days ago
These guys, James& Jeffrey, are so weird & ugly!!! The way he is talking is so annoying 🤮🤮🤮🤮
10verNothin 5 days ago
"You're threatening to RUIN/Embarass him" "Tricking a straight man to think they are gay" WOW fuck off Ms. Dog-whistle. A guy exploring his questioning sexuality isn't RUINING them. Don't think we can't hear the homophobic undercurrents of "the gays predating and corrupting an innocent guy" and "but think of the CHILDREN" bs going on. Two people tangling and untangling their feelings for each other really is none of her business.
Aerithgirl 5 days ago
Please tell me you’ll be taking about the fallout this year from this for Tati/Shane/jeffree
Richard Landgren
Richard Landgren 6 days ago
Fast forward to 2020 and dollar store Marilyn Manson, aka Jeffree Star, is the one accused of drugging and raping a straight guy, and his makeup litters the shelves of TJ Maxx. These makeup people are just the worst humans. 🙄
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover 6 days ago
5:53 "On one hand, I was pleased. I was one step closer to becoming the most subscribed gay James on the platform." *Gay James intensifies*
Bethany Browne
Bethany Browne 6 days ago
I can’t imagine if someone called me out for all the dumb s*#t I said when I was a TEENAGER...I would make tasteless jokes often. I am a couple years younger than Tati and I would never behave this way towards a teenager as a woman past the age of 35.
Canal Targeto
Canal Targeto 7 days ago
Anna Koroknay
Anna Koroknay 8 days ago
The whole situation was handled extremelly poorly, starting from the crying over vitamins instastroy. But what annoyed me the most was Gabriel Zamora. Why did he feel the need to insert himself into this shitshow? Probably views and subs and followers. He is small compared to James, Tati and Jeffree. Tati in her video said that basicly she made the video because Gabrial called her out, after this years round 2 we "know" that Shane and Jerffee wispered in her ears for some time at that point. We can only guess what would have happened if Gabriel never said a thing. Maybe something else would have sparked the shitshow, maybe nothing would have happened. But based on what we can see now he didn't held James but at least he basiclly sparked Dramageddon 2 and consequently 3. And if I remember correctly he disappeared not long after.
IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers
Your all just a bunch of pedophile tranny gay terrorists that needs to be locked away of forbidden from dealing with humanity.
IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers
@Josh blhahaha thank you sir, my grade three teacher said the same thing at recess yesterday,
Josh 5 days ago
@IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers lol I must have really hit a soft spot. I'm sorry you're insecure sir
IMAGINE MY FREEDOMS third templers
Sorry definitely not, that's a mirror you see sir.
Josh 5 days ago
Is that projection I see?
h yusuf
h yusuf 7 days ago
You seem very unhappy and alone. Get help.
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
Well, how ironic, the beauty industry is ugly 🤭
Ginko 10 days ago
Why can't these people solve their issues with each other like normal people, privately; instead of as a spectacle for people? I mean I know why, but like... Fucking why lol
SydHaw !
SydHaw ! 10 days ago
You leave Benny boi out of this.
Studio Hillbily
Studio Hillbily 10 days ago
Undead Grandma
Undead Grandma 10 days ago
The galette looks way too white wth 😂
Amy Pinkerton
Amy Pinkerton 11 days ago
Me, after reading the Ebola tweet: African is not a “country.”
Tierra Butler
Tierra Butler 11 days ago
I feel like she takes advantage of society perception of gay men as predators to fit this fake narrative she created over some damn vitman's Girl bye
Olivia Katsuragi
Olivia Katsuragi 12 days ago
I'm loving the hxh soundtrack in the background
Margatatials 13 days ago
This woman is in her freaking late 30s and if she really loved this kid like she says she did then as frustrating as him doing this would have been for her she would have accepted his apology, instead she acted like the mean girl in a high school drama. What an immature and selfish woman
Lalane Sinocruz
Lalane Sinocruz 13 days ago
James is actually a really likeable person. He doesnt deserve the hate he used to get. He's thriving now tho ❤
Bradley Harrington
Bradley Harrington 13 days ago
37 she look 50
Tamino70 14 days ago
Tati is homophobic.....
Tamino70 14 days ago
So bored by miss "white privilege" Tati!!!
Se Se
Se Se 13 days ago
Lol I hate my job and I’m not even employed
Is that.... Is that the zoldyck theme?- idk my ears might be whack
Amy Wright
Amy Wright 14 days ago
"Not too much has happened this year"... ahhh the good ol' days!
Otaku-chan Anime
Otaku-chan Anime 15 days ago
I was about to say anything. But hearing Hunter X Hunter's ending theme yeeted that thoughts out the window and imma in a verge of tears from remembering *coughs blood* Oh yes, I saw James on Sam and Colby's channel lately. Tis why I stay far away from Make-up community, too much drama.
that one guy
that one guy 15 days ago
That dude talks out of the corner of his mouth when he lies
James M
James M 15 days ago
God I hated it when kids called me James Charles in school. It was only one kid who literally was called “Hum Hum” so I guess it wasn’t that bad.
TheBizzle1984 15 days ago
The funniest thing about all of this drama is that neither of those vitamins work anyway 🤷‍♀️ #fightingaboutnothing
Se Se
Se Se 13 days ago
Spot on 🤣
Wesley Ward
Wesley Ward 16 days ago
Pretending to be a woman gets boring after a while. That's it,
M C 17 days ago
Boy this video did not age well
Laura 17 days ago
The hunter x hunter ost all along the video tho ❤️
Wilma 18 days ago
This is why drama is my least favourite lesson.
Poke Emblem
Poke Emblem 18 days ago
This drama and video has given me a lot of respect for James Charles. He seems like a dumb, impulsive himbo, but he really knows how his community ticks and the psychology of his detractors. Like that comeback is absolutely beautiful.
。紙の神 19 days ago
One thing that makes me sad about this situation is that I really liked Tati, I think I would have greatly enjoyed her work if she just. Stayed unproblematic.
Drake Vegas!!
Drake Vegas!! 21 day ago
Some 30-some year old people bullied a gay kid over Flinstones Gummies. This is what the beauty community is all about.
Austin Burchwell
Austin Burchwell 21 day ago
I wonder how much of James sexual aggressiveness was ignored because he was gay and people were afraid to call him out out of fear of being a "gay basher" or something else.
M C 17 days ago
You are aware that Tati's Bye Sister video was debunked right? James Charles responded with his No More Lies videos with receipts & Tati produced none & when came out with Breaking My Silence video she claimed Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson "manipulated" her into making the Bye Sister vid
Ijneb1248 21 day ago
Not gonna lie i dont care about the james charles controversies i was just vibing to the music the whole time
Foxyoner 367
Foxyoner 367 21 day ago
The beauty community is that one shit that just can't get off
The Nerdy Retro Maniac
3:16 😳😳
Mari Animates
Mari Animates 22 days ago
Can people leave James the fuck alone. Let a nigga breathe for a few seconds 😂😂😂
DivineMalice9 God Real
the gods fixed the youtube. Excellent use of imagery
Mel Ferguson
Mel Ferguson 22 days ago
This isn't really relevant but I didn't know you were gay until this video and I'm?? So happy???? I'm always happy when US-firstrs I like are also representation
Katie Kadatz
Katie Kadatz 25 days ago
Why did it take me watching half your videos to subscribe smh I'm embarrassed
Thejonez Month ago
this could not be understood
Catuddi Month ago
I hear hxh music in the background- Not complaning.
Mara Henao
Mara Henao Month ago
One would say that the beauty community is very...ugly
Jacq Month ago
vibing hard to the HxH music
Gail Kelly
Gail Kelly Month ago
Im new to your channel and i really like you thank you. I will definatrly join your way channel take care stay safe and well.
Vandalla Month ago
Manny...... moowa
Vandalla Month ago
Tati is so lucky James didn't sue her
Kaitlyn Soucy
Kaitlyn Soucy Month ago
I am proud of my ear, barely made it 10 minutes in the video when I noticed the HunterXHunter music. Great sound choice, never thought it would be paired with James Charles drama though.
Jate Litherius
Jate Litherius Month ago
bruh the use of the hunter x hunter music in this episode is incredibly effective because of the emotional response built in from where the music originates, even though I couldn't recognize it until like 3 tracks in
Onii-san Month ago
Woooooo you got the whole hxh ost here. Did you finished watching it while editing this video!? Not complaining.
Kyle H
Kyle H Month ago
Ayy Hunter X Hunter OST
dead project
dead project Month ago
paint.net gang
The One
The One Month ago
John Dodd
John Dodd Month ago
Shout out for using only HunterXHunter Music this vid
massimo criscuolo
That hxh music really caught me off gaurd
Gladys Rodriguez
Not the hunter hunter suspense song 😅
I love how all of the music in this video is hunterxhunter
this guys here
this guys here Month ago
final verdict. tati is guilty. james charles was not guilty.
Hello sunshine Cake
I really do enjoy the hunter x hunter songs
No Name
No Name Month ago
I hate Tati!! the biggest hypocrite one earth 🐍🐍🐍
TheeOnlyDjinn- Deadeye
Jeffree Star is a very cold person from what i've looked up and i don't understand why he's successful
aphorg Month ago
Just minding my business watching a video about drama and SUDDENLY HUNTER X HUNTER BACKGROUND MUSIC like how am I supposed to focus on the content like this??
Ellie F
Ellie F Month ago
Even I found Tati's video hard to believe after a moment and I was a fan of hers at the time and at the time (and still do) found James Charles way too uncanny-looking to watch. He's scary-looking.
manifestgtr Month ago
Jesus H Christ...I just can’t bring myself to find this shit “interesting” on *any* level. Can we maybe just bring bullying back a liiittttle bit? Help dial down the annoying factor on some of these people? I’m feel like I’m watching the product of every anti-bullying campaign unfold in front of my eyes...
Kermit Month ago
Dude- 44:49
svampebob007 Month ago
1:52 oh man you know you're watching some fashion/beauty related content when the dude is straight up wearing a fucking safety pin as an ear ring... Yet when I'm walking with a bright yellow safety jacket that is intended for road workers, as a everyday jacket they claim that I don't have any fashion sense? Yeah what ever pin boys and girls. AAAnyway I have no idea what this drama is all about, I've just seen those faces plastered around US-first, and since it's still lock-down I'll guess I'll indulge in this sinful pissing contest of who's right and who's wrong.
MaryB jan
MaryB jan Month ago
Wow watching this now you hit the nail on the head! “For Shane Dawson’s documentary” absolutely
ghostgirl1971 inc.
All tati says is me,me,me,me.
Arunima Puthuparampil Arun
I don't usually watch these video but i listen to them while doing work. I recently finished hunterxhunter and while listening i thought i was going insane because i was hearing the music and omg i-
IAM HE Month ago
Insurance companies make turn problems into individual blames and excuses so when they paint their story they can manipulate their major stories as they like this how they crush all their victims because duty to defend is broader than duty to indemnify. So their story becomes broader-than the victim that they supposed to defend huh 🤔 That is always how they been twisting stories for their gains. But not with eternal wisdom that won’t slide like and is a great punishment even the entire world they are exposed as they shift to idols and pharaoh the dragon the beast and false prophet system. They are to big to fail so the wrath is accumulating more and more. See how they all fly into China 🇨🇳 now huh 🤔 1st world war and Second World War happen because of one person each time all insurance and injustice huh 🤔 Sensitive issues of true God get touched unjustly prepare for war. Isaiah 13 - Isaiah 48:14-16 SEE JESUS IS SPEAKING IAM THERE HERE huh 🤔 All Eunuchs are going to be beheaded because of the insurance injustice that was done ✅ and spirit of Grace was insulted they wanted to play Antichrist and mark of the beast 666 with God I Grace will show you how small grace problem was spoken since Genesis 3:15 👠 huh 🤔 You wanna piggy back the devil on grace huh 🤔 That is called seduction trying to throw the church in hell. That is called trying to decide even the elect NOAH - Job - Daniel ABRAHAM ISAAC JAKOB WITH 144,000 John the Baptist PAUL all of them huh 🤔 That is how they are caught on Ezekiel 38
Melon eating Wolf
Someone liked the music in HunterXHunter.
Sarah Luise
Sarah Luise Month ago
All the hets ate up that homophobic slander like it's McDonalds fries
i ape
i ape Month ago
there is a fetish in the gay community of turning straight dudes
used Toyota Prius four
You're now my go to for long drives
substance6 Month ago
This is ridiculous. How exactly do you trick a straight man into thinking that he is gay? HOW?! Ridiculous.
IDEKWIDH Month ago
9:10 who the fuck cares about there habits. If people have not realized what I'm about to say by now, then it spells out why people are willing to put up with this fake covid situation (letting the government test how much were willing to give up our rights). So here's my PSA: US-first is FREE for anyone to join. Secondly The majority of people in the world are not highly virtuous and of good character. So stop giving a fuck what people think of you online, and stop giving these people a platform. Recognize that 99% of what you see online today is meant to catch your attention. It's all entertainment and very little reality. So treat it as such, and instead of caring about these people you don't even know, spend more of your time focusing on bettering yourself. WITHOUT needing to post it, just to have people pat you on the back. Fuck what everyone else thinks. There is the reality outside of you and the reality inside. No one can control the reality outside, so strengthen what's inside. Inner-strength becomes you.
Lord Baion
Lord Baion Month ago
8:20 I bet it's a good idea for you to study into Carl Jung to grasp a more universal understanding of human thought itself.
Craig Usselman
Craig Usselman Month ago
Its weird how that woman "cries"wit no tears...
Wiktoria Starzyńska
Filipa Maria Costa
"i was one step closer to becoming the most subscribed gay james in the platform" ah. TRO's master plan has finally been exposed...
Han-Han Bui
Han-Han Bui Month ago
What I found really, *really,* funny about this entire situation is that the *same* people who commented under James’ IG, Twitter, and US-first videos telling him how disgusting he is, how they’re “Team Tati”, and how they think he should be in jail are also the *same* people who now comment under his videos saying “I don’t understand how people can hate James, he’s so talented.” Hilarious.
Claud Williams
Claud Williams Month ago
Did anyone else notice all the HxH music?
mara huatta
mara huatta Month ago
You are one sly dude, tasting the sourness over a year before the "breaking my silence" video.
ceicli se-i-sl-i
What happened to talking face to face and hearing each other out?
akasaki kawasaki
6:41 I'm sure that music is from an anime. Im not sure if it's from hunter x hunter or FMA
Kristen Month ago
Its hxh, you can see the music used in the description
Booty Crusader
Booty Crusader Month ago
is.... is it just me or does the first part of this video seem kinda out of focus?
Brie B
Brie B Month ago
Why exactly *is* the beauty community so toxic? So many ugly, drama obsessed, petty, fake people. Makeup and *true* beauty is _supposed_ to empower people. I swear the beauty community is just Mean Girls on a mass scale. I'll take the makeup advice, and watch the reviews, but that's it. Why do these people have to throw all their personal beef out there? Unless there's a serious injustice, keep that foolishness in your personal life, like the rest of us do.
Cole Phelps 1947
funny i am thinking i am bi but even still i wouldn't sleep with James Charles. because if i gonna sleep with a dude i would want him to look like a dude.
Jehan e.
Jehan e. Month ago
This whole thing is dumb but like Tati is pretty and looks good for her age haha idk