What Happened To Club Penguin? The End Of A Childhood Gem | TRO (ft. Internet Historian) 

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What Happened To Club Penguin? The End Of A Childhood Gem | TRO (ft. Internet Historian)
0:00 - Intro
8:56 - Disney
15:46 - Cast Away
23:19 - Rewritten
31:17 - Online
41:10 - End Of Days
51:42 - The Fall Of Club Penguin
Today, we are going back to the gaming corner of US-first, because as I have proven time and time again, I am a gamer, and today we are looking at an online MMO which some would argue is unrivalled in the gamer spirit that it has fostered.
Now, you may have suspected an undertone of irony there, but don’t be fooled my friends, because back in the golden days when The Right Opinion was a young lad, full of zest and zeal, there were three games which shaped his online experience: those being, Runescape, Neopets, and the topic of interest today: Club Penguin.
I can’t remember which order I played them in exactly, though I could take an educated guess, but I still remember them fondly for being able to capture sentiments of wide-eyed wonder and imagination that seem far beyond my grasp these days, and I know this wasn’t just a personal experience, I’m sure many of you similarly reminisce to a time where such avenues felt like a genuine escape to a different world.
However, as time has progressed, so have we, and such memories fade into the background of a distant past. Nonetheless, I find some consolation in the thought that if I ever wanted to attempt to emulate that escapism again, those sites are, as of right now, ready and waiting to welcome me home… well, all except Club Penguin.
Yes, Club Penguin, an abandoned abode. Their tragic demise seemed intangible to many, for a site which had once boasted over 200 million registered accounts, and 30 million active users, however, its last few years have been plagued by drama and conflict, eventually culminating in a rather cataclysmic fashion.
For those who are unfamiliar, Club Penguin was an online game in which your character could take the form of a penguin, and participate in various activities all over this online world, full of many other colourful fluffy characters controlled by very real people. As a child it taught you the ropes of online safety, and interpersonal friendship. It had some pretty fun games too, and for the young mind, Club Penguin helped prepare individuals for what the internet was going to throw at us, which is an ever more important learning curve in today’s society. Yet, in spite of its relevance, it no longer plays this part in the online sphere, and today, we’ll be finding out how that happened.
However, to understand its end, we need to go back to the beginning, and maybe provide a little background for anyone who never had the privilege to roleplay online as a virtual bird, unless you’re one of those avians, of course. However, I think it’s time to bring in a friend. Now, if you’re familiar with today’s guest you may have recently seen me pull off a legendary voice performance on one of his newest videos.

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Oct 4, 2020




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The Right Opinion
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AstroBoy Cum
AstroBoy Cum Month ago
so weird hearing you say kelowna, go there on a regular basis. canada out >=(
Joseph O'
Joseph O' Month ago
Thanks for making this, ol’chap!
shpongle chunch
shpongle chunch Month ago
민군주 Month ago
Hey James! You should defo cover Cryaotic and all of the pedophile allegations against him, personally i’m a little confused about the whole situation and would love to see a video about it done by you and your take on the situation
Garcardo Sotan
Garcardo Sotan Month ago
It died when Disney took over. They don't know how to handle online games. Strike force for instance is a spiritual successor to a Facebook avengers game that was WILDLY popular, but died cause Disney thought making a new game, and not just new content was a good idea. Low and behold, it was not only garbage, but we still had the old game. So 1 year later, they shut it down, and a few months after, the sequel was gone. Now we have strikeforce less then 2 years after I want to say is the timeline. The first was amazing, but they don't understand that you can make more money off of DLC then you can with sequels for games like these.
just_a_boi3 5 hours ago
Nerd Drinks Coffee
Nerd Drinks Coffee 18 hours ago
Club penguin but its made by Onision
Halies 22 hours ago
i thoguht club penguin already shut down....
Drew M
Drew M Day ago
its still avaiable
Malyna Senger
So is this the drama that will define the millennial generation?
Duckey 4 days ago
CPO is one of the most disturbing servers ever thank God it was shut down.
problematic princess
I wasn't a club penguin kid I was a moshi monster kid lol
•smøl child•
This went from people being sad over club penguin ending to an adult engaging in illegal acts🗿
extreme man
extreme man 6 days ago
dont you know that theres club penguin rewritten
Mythical Cat
Mythical Cat 6 days ago
Why does everything start good and end bad
alex garcia
alex garcia 6 days ago
RIP club pengwin
Kyle Ehlers
Kyle Ehlers 6 days ago
I never played this game lol
Dante Deloden
Dante Deloden 6 days ago
watch the next club penguin game disney makes, theres gonna be a new villain named Riley.
Dante Deloden
Dante Deloden 6 days ago
its not called cp online for any other reason.. just sayin guys. the original site was used horribly by creeps.
nerftron354 7 days ago
At this point, I'm just waiting for Roblox to die already.
Float 3 days ago
Joseph McAuley
Joseph McAuley 8 days ago
been frustrated at having watched every bit of ih content twice, rediscover this channel, choose this video and get more ih. im in heaven now though i know it is fleeting i knew i must comment to savor this moment.
Pamela Letendre
Pamela Letendre 9 days ago
The Tim hortons and moose fight video touched me as a canadian. Well done boys 👏👏👏👏
Chris C
Chris C 9 days ago
Internet Historian > Jeebus Chris
Keychain696 9 days ago
Dang, so messy. Just for a game I love
AKIRA ASMR 10 days ago
Sir can I dock you please?
Old Shoes
Old Shoes 10 days ago
love the video, but it sounds like there's two different songs playing around the 40-50 minute mark. it's really distracting.
Mechanical Animal got banned
Are you a foster the people fan?
lostangel 11 days ago
well that was a ride. good lord.
Ashia Ens
Ashia Ens 11 days ago
Anyone else here play OurWorld?!! Lol I loved that game 😂
Terry Rodbourn
Terry Rodbourn 12 days ago
What really happened with rise of Feminism in Universities children stopped being born by millennial women! So less kids less child sites!
Aisha Rane
Aisha Rane 12 days ago
TRO's performance in The Swedish Job: Sundance Rejects was indeed top tier.
JaggedBird 12 days ago
Rewritten was innocent compared to Online. CPO/Virtual Pinguin was terrible in terms of its moderators. Trust me my niece almost joined it. Thank fuck my sister told me...cause I knew about the dangers of CPO's mods. Private servers are good and all, but the predatory nature in this certain one was awful. Anthony/Riley especially so. Hash text is not very secure either..even a software modder like me (I do mostly code repairing for games like Witcher 3 and visual ones for Dark Souls Remastered) could hack/decode it. It'd be something I'd not do but I'd be able to. It's that unsecure. I hate the thought of hacking, but this is just worrisome. A server for the older older fandom is great in itself in theory; it'd make a nice nostalgia trip... but for fuck's sake make it clear and keep kids off it. That's disgusting. CPO virtual Pinguin was fucking gross.
Lilly Broderick
Lilly Broderick 12 days ago
Who knew this was just the video I was looking for...only US-first
Fern and Bacon
Fern and Bacon 12 days ago
21:21 wait Kelowna like middle of nowhere Kelowna? I know it's close-ish to Vancouver (in that its in the same province) but come on. Kelowna?
NO Artist
NO Artist 12 days ago
These TRO videos help me work for some reason
Astropulse 12 days ago
What would a children's game be without a megalomaniac mafia creepy godfather.
Ya boy
Ya boy 12 days ago
US-first is trying to give me an ad but it won't play it's been 5 minutes help
Cubialpha 12 days ago
i really like this style of deep dive/internet history over the youtube drama content :) very interesting stuff!
super eagle
super eagle 13 days ago
This video makes me wonder if anyone's ever gonna make one of these long videos analyzing rockstar games' fall. Like yes, I am aware of all the videos covering this subject but there is none like these which makes a full summary of things and explains every stage in detail. Like that company went from creating games that marked people's childhoods to losing all but one of it's original founders, having such a toxic workplace that created so many whistleblowers you don't even know if a leak may not be false and turning their game into such a cash cow Elon Musk posted a meme about them on Twitter.
Squidiot Stories
Squidiot Stories 13 days ago
I made some of my closest ever friends off Club Penguin, sad to see it die.
Harshit Johri
Harshit Johri 13 days ago
Hey! Club penguin is still there! Its called club penguin rewritten now, and membership is free! Just search on Google!
Kim Tu
Kim Tu 13 days ago
That was one of the funniest intros ever... It made my day.
Medical Adhesive Strips
Weirdlikeafox 13 days ago
This is what the fat, lazy Disney empire does. They buy out media corporations or platforms and then make them worse than their original content. Yes, I’m talking also about Star Wars. They’ve also ruined their reputation with their horrible live action remakes. But they just don’t care, they have the money after all. Why would they need to put effort or integrity into their work?
rachelx avb
rachelx avb 14 days ago
wait but what about super club penguin?
Madame Problèmes
Madame Problèmes 14 days ago
MAN you can talk about potatoes you'll still interest me
Lil Chromosome
Lil Chromosome 14 days ago
13yo me: “club penguin is super cringe” Also 13yo me: “gotta catch those kingfishers on AAA and level my neopet after”
Meme Guy
Meme Guy 14 days ago
Real thing happend is when quackity raided club penguin island and then it shut down the severs the same day and came back up and then in 2020 it died
--莉· R I N A ·愛
My friends from club penguin we still talk ♡ we are still friends
Bruh_Gio_ 14 days ago
does anyone know any club penguin websites that still get updated and still have events? i found one last year that updtated like every month and had all the disney events but it got deleted and i only find old club penguin websites
Redstone Randomness
I wish I knew club penguin when I was young
VelleVette 15 days ago
Wow this was not where I was expecting this to go, but my mind is blown
witchywitch 15 days ago
Animal Jam that’s been running strong for 10 years at this point just in the background like: :T
forgotten Ones
forgotten Ones 16 days ago
How is webkinz still running
Ty 16 days ago
Us Millennials do not know shit about club penguin. That is a zoomer thing. (We still love you guys).
memelord 16 days ago
R.i.p game turned into stickers app
Gorose 16 days ago
Club Penguin made me the man I was today 😔👊
Nini 17 days ago
I thought Canadians were a myth (as I say it from the mythical land itself)
The pumpkinman
The pumpkinman 17 days ago
1:57 habbo hotel left the chat
IgotAIDSfromVOX 17 days ago
#notmyCP! Worst hashtag ever
SuperCrazyTy 17 days ago
Oh gods, the nostalgia. It burns
CTM_Creature 17 days ago
Oh wow, i can't wait to play old Club Penguin again! *NEVER MIND*
TheDreadedScythe 17 days ago
Yoooo...club penguin was toxic af..
pastawashcloth 18 days ago
i cant stop being reminded of hypixel china shutting down, although that was earlier this year hm might fuck around and research the history of hypixel because interesting yknow anybody know little minidocumentary things people have made on hypixels history?
The Drunk Raven
The Drunk Raven 18 days ago
Cover mini ladd!!
Trelior 18 days ago
Why is he audio of Tama's footage desynced?
Retr0 Nival
Retr0 Nival 18 days ago
Bruh the week before my I’m said I can get club penguin membership it got shut down
KitsunePlayz 18 days ago
NOO club penguin 🐧 😭😭😭😭😭
BTS_ ARMY 19 days ago
I’m born in 2003 and I never played club penguin, but of course I’ve heard of it before
penguin kid
penguin kid 19 days ago
I still have the DS games! They work too! too bad I missed out on the online game though.
1HMusic 19 days ago
I know that there has been a whole lot of “Bring Back Club Penguin” petitions, but can someone please create one and spread the word and don’t just leave the petition sitting there. We need youtubers who have a big audience to help spread the word and it would be awesome if we can just get a US-firstr like you to create a petition and spread the word about it. Club Penguin should go back to the near beginning and at least then we can give the developers time to create content while releasing old club penguin stuff and moving to the present of club penguin quite fast.
Congruent Crib
Congruent Crib 19 days ago
Club Penguin Puffels: cute basic pet Club Penguin Island Puffels: Furry shit
the meowfather
the meowfather 20 days ago
Club penguin terrost attack
the meowfather
the meowfather 20 days ago
I remember playing club penguin and then one day try to play it again the severs already were offline I thought bad internet connection.
Tmya Love
Tmya Love 20 days ago
i played club penguin and club penguin island
Mr. Recluse IV
Mr. Recluse IV 21 day ago
Although I hate this guys little "persona" he has I do enjoy his content so I will subscribe
Solar Lion
Solar Lion 21 day ago
do a vid of aphmau
LoneWolf EnderGrad
That raid shadow legend part tho
Kristian S.
Kristian S. 21 day ago
My dad had a couple work buddies get jobs there since they opened their offices in the same building. I must've started playing around the 2006 beta days when my dad told me about it since I was 11/12 years old and fell smack dab into the core demographic. My child brain broke when my dads friend gave us a tour of the office, I guess it was sometime in 2007 right before they sold to Disney. Ahh, good times. Club Penguin was the best thing to ever happen in my town lol. Now I have a friend who works for Lance's new company on Adventure Capitalist and Adventure Communist so I sorta feel like a child again.
George Murphy
George Murphy 21 day ago
Lol, I love this colab.
Den’s Videos
Den’s Videos 21 day ago
Would you believe me if I said I never got a chance to play Club Penguin! ☹️
That One Guy
That One Guy 21 day ago
The Right Opinion and The Internet Historian. A match made in heaven.
"he spelled out the N word in chairs" come on that's pretty funny.
battlefront gameplay
Anybody remember pirate or wizard 101
LockeRobster 22 days ago
"...When in actuality, the real Club Penguin was inside us all along." I can hear it in your voice, you're on the verge of cracking up weren't you?
ah kkaebsong
ah kkaebsong 22 days ago
I better not find out down the line that the team behind Poptropica were selling meth to kids and running over civilians for sport
Buckets 22 days ago
Glad to say I'm still playing Runescape truly the best MMO that still healthily competes with WoW.
smurger burger
smurger burger 22 days ago
Lol i played fucking poptropica. At my private school that was the shit. Everyone played it
Kelly Farrar
Kelly Farrar 22 days ago
So Apparently the anti MLM community has fallen apart because of some of the big creators leaving, and as I am watching these videos explaining what Kimberleigha did and shit, all I can think of is, I just need TRO to make a damn video so I can really understand this shit.
Maggie Holland
Maggie Holland 23 days ago
A Loaf Mill
A Loaf Mill 23 days ago
To be honest, didn't play Club penguin, I was a cool kid that played animal jam instead
Spookdevil 22 days ago
Think you'd be happy to hear that AJ is still thriving and there are some Animal Jam channels out there still streaming/uploading (like me pfft)
Lucinda 24 days ago
What is the song playing at 45:00?
Sleepy Kitty
Sleepy Kitty 24 days ago
Wizard 101 or S4 League anyone?
Chris Heiler
Chris Heiler 24 days ago
why is the sound quality legit better than my hearing 1:03
_Saviar _official
_Saviar _official 24 days ago
Why can’t someone give a fu€$ing 60 secs answer
Alex Benavidez
Alex Benavidez 24 days ago
"At one point I was invited to someone's igloo, which was decorated by spelling out the N-word with chairs." God, why the fuck did that make me laugh. That it so ridiculous.
Pupperdoodle 24 days ago
I’ll never forgive them for turning it into club penguin island where it had bad graphics and was just terrible and you had to pay for everything I just liked the old one better
cheng chao
cheng chao 24 days ago
I think it's sad Club Penguin never truely got to see it's full potential, there were a lot of interesting ideas and stories the team could have elaborated on before Disney acquired the game. It went from a goofy game with a lot of heart to an empty husk Disney only used for advertising, and that's really disappointing.
Aidan Harris
Aidan Harris 25 days ago
I just play in club penguin rewritten now
Ehro 25 days ago
Bro your mouth is way too close to the mic Back the hell up
cheng chao
cheng chao 25 days ago
Everyone talking about Disney, but jesus christ, that story about the private server mafia blew me away. What is this world we live in? That shit was insane.
Gamer56 25 days ago
Is it weird that i still have collectable cards for Club Penguin. Who ever remebers that is a legend.
DumbBoat FLOAT
DumbBoat FLOAT 25 days ago
Even tho I didn't play it at the time when it shutdown I got sad and the more I looked into it the more I wanted to play it and the sadder I got
Aisha Abdulaziz
Aisha Abdulaziz 26 days ago
I miss CPO so much. The zoom calls, fashion shows, murder mysteries, political arguments. THE SHADE. Man April was such a great time for CPO.
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