What Happened To FPSRussia? The Curious Fate Of An Internet Legend | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: What Happened To FPSRussia? The Curious Fate Of An Internet Legend | TRO
FPSRussia isn’t spoken about too much today, but you know, I think he should be. It’s hard to think of a better example of a creator who could create content catered to popular interests, while uploading videos whose style probably wouldn’t have worked on any other platform besides US-first. Yes, I have a hunch if the gents over at Sons of Guns suddenly started putting on slightly subpar Russian accents, the producers over at the Discovery Channel may have been rather unimpressed. Though honestly, it'd be the least of their worries considering what happened with the host of that show. However, for those who are a bit newer to the platform, you may not be completely familiar with the background of today’s subject: FPSRussia: aka Kyle, so the next five minutes or so will be focused on that.
Like every creator, FPSRussia did have an extensive history on the platform, starting on the extremely catchy name klm5986. He was originally a gaming channel, who went by the name FPS Kyle. I assume at some point he decided that what happened if he did gaming, but with a Russian accent, and thus FPSRussia was born, because initially this was also a gaming channel, a gaming channel that performed relatively well. Hell, there was even the odd comment that he was about to reach success, and boy did he, but probably not in the way that people predicted.
Apparently finding out that this accent was fake, was like finding out Santa wasn’t real. Well kids, if you’re watching this, Santa is as real as this accent, do what you want with that statement.

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Dec 22, 2019




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 11 months ago
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: I have noticed that one of the character stills is slightly poorly cut out, this will be corrected by the next video, apologies to anyone who suffers from the same pedantic tendencies as me. This was a more casual video that was delayed a couple weeks back, thought I’d release it before Christmas as a little extra, hope people enjoy it. As for people who want something a little more spicy, in the words of Papa John, stay tuned, the day of reckoning will come soon. I'm off to record another before I take a vacation. Love you guys
Leading Auctions
Leading Auctions 22 days ago
I have to say clicking this I did not expect a Brit to not be anti-gun.
ETHAN R Month ago
he just got out of jail
R T 4 months ago
The Right Opinion Hi everyone the video starts at minute 5:00
Zlinky111 4 months ago
@Bill Killernic So true.
John Loney
John Loney 5 months ago
00000000000000000L000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000L000000000000000000000000 will
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson 2 hours ago
the CIA probably took him out...
Kidd Buu
Kidd Buu 7 hours ago
Bro not gonna lie I thoght he had a second channel called HowToBasic
Thomas Ausbrooks
Thomas Ausbrooks 9 hours ago
ok but Keith shakes his head during the interview which is a common telltale sign of lying but I'm more than likely wrong
Mr. Moriarti
Mr. Moriarti 23 hours ago
I watch all your videos and this is the first one that profiles someone I have actually heard of! Speaks to your narrative talent.
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore Day ago
Holy crap, this story could've been told in 5 minutes.
bill jones
bill jones Day ago
Hell yeah the Deep State Democrats would bump that one guy off and frame the other guy for weed. Killing and ruining lives to those people is nothing to them. They look at killing people the same way you and I look at hobbies and Recreation.
JG Laboratory
JG Laboratory 2 days ago
but i can buy this oil from a store on my way home from work. this is shit, and things have to change. he didnt get caught selling drugs.... so why the drug dealer charge. fuck 12
Yo Joe
Yo Joe 2 days ago
Where is the GD link????
Charles Malone
Charles Malone 2 days ago
The feds railroaded him
Robert Benko
Robert Benko 2 days ago
Kyles grandfather came from Russia and had a Russian accent that Kyle picked up after years with his Grandfather... He use to talk with the accent to make fun of his grandfathers accent and that's where he got it from.... I'm russian and I must say he sounds like me and my friends and relatives who came over from the old country
SalveMonesvol 3 days ago
So, the state destroyed $400.000 of his property (guns) because he had 25 grams of mariguana.
maxx1991 3 days ago
He was awesome
maxx1991 3 days ago
Was FPSRussia involved in gun running NO ?
bigbearbland 4 days ago
While Kyle was going through his issues, I was in WA state being persecuted by the federal gvnt via a leftist Assistant US Attorney. Felon in possession of ammunition was the charge even though I did not have a qualifying felony conviction. I made the mistake of giving $10 to the Trump Campaign, register as a Republican and subsequently vote for Trump in 06'. Well this CRIMINAL ( he was running a criminal enterprise while under the color of law, ie violating my civil as well as constitutional rights) ended up getting me convicted and put in a federal dungeon for 3 years (2 halfway houses and a federal detention center/FDCC Sea-Tac). Upon my release I petitioned the court and got my conviction vacated, my rights restored, my gun rights back, applied for and am receiving a conceal carry permit and now am the proud participant of the 2nd amendment. I am going to file a 37.9 million dollar federal TORT lawsuit in federal court and because the shield laws do NOT apply, sue the Asst US Attornny's BOND and have his licence to practice law in the United States stripped from him, get him convicted of the federal criimes he committed and have him thrown in the exact same federal dungeon he had thrown me in. Never think that cops, prosecutors and judges aren't . . And don't think that it cant happen to you, because it can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.
Justin Lee
Justin Lee 4 days ago
He go to prison or jail? They are two very different things, you said both
sugar daddy Shane
So his in jail
Not Muselk
Not Muselk 4 days ago
5:32 he ran out of ammo
Бёди 5 days ago
Кто искал Русский коммент то он нашёл.
brendandonohue14 6 days ago
I can’t believe that one guy got killed. I never heard that ever. Something sketchy was most definitely going on behind the scenes. You have to be connected to some high up powerful people to have access to the weapons he was shooting
Natinol Pharma
Natinol Pharma 7 days ago
he's a co-host. He doesn't 'do a couple of episodes here and there'. he is the show.
Duchess 7 days ago
why the fuck is there a generic cringy hentai character popping out everytime he's giving a commentary?
Maabokar 7 days ago
Нихуя не понял
Shadow K reborn
Shadow K reborn 7 days ago
the goverment, as always, destroying the lives of it's citizens
The Drunken Bananas
Why did he go prison
Youtube Freak
Youtube Freak 8 days ago
I suspect that after the 2013/14 anti-Russia political propaganda push, being “Russian” and so popular made him a political “target”.
Original Content
Original Content 9 days ago
Tbh im expecting him to come back with a warship and shoot down islands for practice
MrAndrewHarley 9 days ago
Too damn wordy. 12 Minutes worth of information stretched into 29 minutes with parenthetical dribble. Is there a TL/DW for this?
TheZONE 9 days ago
I'm not going to lie I straight up forgot about this guy until I came across the video about him talking about almost being raped in prison and genuinely thought I was watching the interview with Timothy olyphant
s l u g
s l u g 9 days ago
off topic but oh my god how is he not deaf already,, where is the ear protection,
Gencho Todorov
Gencho Todorov 10 days ago
What a waste of time is this 30 min video...
MADDOXXX 11 days ago
FPSRUSSIA is not russian, my life is a lie ...
David Christian
David Christian 11 days ago
How people don't realize that in communist countries it is impossible make videos like he did. I wonder if you would have at least a .22 in russia.
Supreme Duck Gaming
Shrapnel metal was literally scared of Kyle...
Pearse f75
Pearse f75 12 days ago
I used to love that channel, it was all a bit of fun really and no harm to anybody but he had the right attitude to just get on with his life afterwards but I still don't think it's right that he can never own a firearm again , the Police and courts in Georgia are very harsh
Reggie Sharpe
Reggie Sharpe 12 days ago
I caught that Night in the Woods music at the end there, well played
Joshua Nofuckingway
My favorite FPSRussia episode was the 1 with “ the Honeybadger “
Hahaha So what you're saying is that
@5:36 bulls vs balls😖😂🤣😁
Shitposter 6 9
Shitposter 6 9 13 days ago
He’s actually quite successful on a podcast called pka lots of fun you should check it out
Vaporizz 13 days ago
fuck pigs
Sepher Agon
Sepher Agon 14 days ago
I'm Russian and I really thought he was Russian. I love this guy!
Erik D
Erik D 14 days ago
Are we forgetting he tried to get wings of redemption in shape lol
DawgBüs Adventure
DawgBüs Adventure 14 days ago
He could totally make a comeback! DemolitionRanch is exactly the type of stuff he was doing, minus the accent. Although... Matt does pull out some wacky personas from time to time as well.
Tucker Zinda
Tucker Zinda 14 days ago
Kyle will always be a Real Sweet Kid ❤
Robert Tulibacki
Robert Tulibacki 14 days ago
FPS is a US-first O.G.
Brando765 14 days ago
Okay so... what happened to Kyle & why did he stop uploading? Lol nobody cares about whoever got killed the vid ain’t about them
Lanfusmcnuff 14 days ago
America fails again and again lol
Aarnav Jha
Aarnav Jha 14 days ago
yo the music dope tho
Trever Elliott
Trever Elliott 15 days ago
One of the original gun US-first guys.
U13- Studios
U13- Studios 15 days ago
Dude you got a sub, don’t know who that guy is you Investigated/bio pic/documentary is the shit for the simple fact you did the work and explained it in a decent amount of time unlike other’s whom graze over pertinent information you condensed it fairly well with time got damn this was good👍🏾
Amber Something
Amber Something 15 days ago
Wait, wearing cargo shorts is sus? Alright we have to tell all of our dads to stop wearing them
Lazar 15 days ago
America=Land of freedom? Nah....
casanova419 17 days ago
Plot twist- The narrator accent is fake too. He can speak perfect English.
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus 16 days ago
@Andrew Hak I love you man
Andrew Hak
Andrew Hak 16 days ago
This is amazing you are amazing
Daniel Rosic
Daniel Rosic 18 days ago
I don't blame you, because gun ownership is practically illegal in the UK - but this is relevant: Which firearms was Kyle featuring in his videos after Ratcliff's death? Considering Ratcliff held the FFL, then Kyle's content thereafter should only feature conventional, non-NFA firearms, etc. If Kyle's videos continued to feature destructive devices, we must then presume he found someone else with an FFL. I'm not too familiar with this whole story, but if Kyle was making inroads with another FFL holder in the lead up to Ratcliff's death, that would be very suspicious. EDIT: as I continued watching, you explained how his content began diminishing. Even those flamethrowers are non-NFA I believe, meaning anyone can buy them. It's no surprise his channel diminished after Ratliff's death, considering Ratliff provided Kyle's access to exotic weapons, full autos, destructive devices, etc. I'm surprised he didn't find another FFL holder to hop on the FPS train. Any old gun shop must have an FFL, legally.
hueroski 18 days ago
Millions of idiots actually believed he was russian.
Jennjr Mcbride
Jennjr Mcbride 19 days ago
What happened to Kyle., well he's living a normal life now., I saw him the other day working on a job. He looks pritty good, staying in shape. Whatever he is doing, keep up the good work.
Tom Joiner
Tom Joiner 19 days ago
His fake accent fcked him
Braskus 19 days ago
Hef nice day.. :'(
AftermathRV 20 days ago
Woah wait, i know he talked about alot of controversy not too long ago, well, a few yeras ago. But he got shot? I actually didnt know that. Holy fuck thats depressing.
Lex 20 days ago
I really liked his 'russian accent'. I have a ukrainian friend, and when that guy talks english, he sounds exactly as Kyle.
P DIB 21 day ago
Our system is very flawed and should be fixed. Free country my ass.
Stephen Stryker
Stephen Stryker 22 days ago
In soviet Georgia, weed smoke YOU!
Doubtfull1988 22 days ago
Kyle is still a legend.
Blank Rogue
Blank Rogue 22 days ago
HIs prison stories are the best
SkankHunt42 23 days ago
I miss this man so much
shlups 23 days ago
Great. Not only is he a criminal, but he is also a racist. Had no idea he was such a fucker until today, when I did some more research on him and watched this video. Thanks, TRO.
daniel bean
daniel bean 23 days ago
Unknown and uncensored definitely not US-first today.
ImaEffinUnicorn 23 days ago
When you commit a crime while possessing a firearm, it turns into a felony IMMEDIATELY. Even if that crime is smoking a joint. Which makes no sense at all.
Rose B
Rose B 23 days ago
butane honey oil? dude it's butane hash oil
Insany 23 days ago
Emmm glp
k1ller_ b00st3r
k1ller_ b00st3r 24 days ago
He’s in PKA’s podcasts now
J Kelly IV
J Kelly IV 24 days ago
This was a wild trip Great video
Patrick Combs
Patrick Combs 24 days ago
Ah the good ole days. I miss fps Russia. It allowed me too live vicariously through him.
dominic liuzzo
dominic liuzzo 25 days ago
Here's how it goes. They don't want to lose so they charge someone with many related charges to one incident. Then when they plea down they take away all the charges that never should have been there in the first place. They can't lose that way
Cheryl Clark
Cheryl Clark 25 days ago
Honestly, I miss his videos, BUT, to get your firearm fix, just go to Demolition Ranch or hickok45 !!! Love both of those guys!!
Katie Babson
Katie Babson 27 days ago
As someone who actually studies law, I can tell you that the Supreme Court has repeatedly denied that the 2nd Amendment is a natural right. The Amendment was written with the intent of raising a militia. Blame Justice Scalia.
SpunkySpade 29 days ago
I don't doubt that Keith, while having the license to get the guns, he probably got some from not-so-sane people.
chris lethbridge
chris lethbridge 29 days ago
It was probably individually packaged that will get you a distribution charge
chris lethbridge
chris lethbridge 29 days ago
I wish I could find his old gaming video he was a god
Mr. Roboto
Mr. Roboto 29 days ago
In America it is well known they overcharge people so that you’ll plea to some charge. Unless you have a lot of money and time, you will be charged with something if you are a regular Joe or poor person.
Steven GENNERO Bootz
That guy from sons of guns was a real asshole
DrewsDoggo Month ago
look at the real mod application in discord aqua
schablam! Month ago
Reminder that the Government killed his weapons supplier
Johnny D
Johnny D Month ago
God I miss that original US-first. Why do large companies and slackavists have to ruin everything? Its hard to believe his awesome channel was nuked and his life damaged because backwards Georgia police hold on to unnecessary grudges.
E O Month ago
Lol this guy made a FPSRussia documentary.
God Emperor Trump
I approve this message.
Xander Blackmist
LOL American "justice system" at its finest in terms of coercion or coercive bargaining like that It is a regular happening and I wouldnt be surprised at all if the state cops of georgia just wanted to confiscate his guns
Joe Cullen
Joe Cullen Month ago
This actually makes the police sound retarded.... let alone very corrupt.
Finesse03 Month ago
Shady ass govt over charging him and fucking him, shame on them. Most thorough and honest video on this I’ve seen. You are fair and honest with the subjects, hell, you are more impartial than the propaganda masquerading as news, and you are honest about being commentary. Love the channel.
Oybraymuh 6billion
9:50 is why he was executed. 9th rank on youtube entire site list? It was just a matter of time until the feds vanned both of them. Who else would he be comfortable around? Fed agents. Feds silencing patriot social leaders on drug charges is nothing new. Fun fact: if you want the Feds to make you disappear, gain social influence and start talking about repealing the NFA or to Audit/Abolish the Federal Reserve.
tacfoley Month ago
He's either unique or he isn't - there are no degrees of uniqueness. There is only one, in which case he is unique, or there are more like him, which means he is NOT unique.
Mike Shinn
Mike Shinn Month ago
Dude had some great content. Watched a ton of his videos back in the day when my sons were in high school. Hope he is good and has a great future.
Adventures Of Ace & Bella
3:32 just my bookmark, move along
Travis Thacker
Travis Thacker Month ago
Notice the 1994 Social Engineer Hack for hire LLC. Your trail can start there if you really wanted to dig deeper into a long long story that I'm sure someone is willing to pick apart that has way more skills then the majority of us do. Unless of course the guy was just pulling crap out his ars and using that company as marketing hype to gain people's trust in the internet world at the time. Knowing hos birth date would be nice so that we could determine how old he was in 1994, the internet was not even very reliable in KY in 1994-1996 and mostly all dial up crap companies but a few SATCOM companies allowed for DSL via home SAT dishes back then.
Astral Beast
Astral Beast Month ago
Did you have to take elocution lessons to talk like that?
Valentin Gonzalez
What am idiot, had it going well then he had to fuck up his channel over some weed 🤦‍♂️yall just cant stay away from shit 🤷‍♂️
jj abraham
jj abraham Month ago
Why don't you post a recent picture of the fatass
Whose Republic
Whose Republic Month ago
Кароче пацанчик к успеху шел!) не фартануло
Mawande Shabalala
He's......not Russian?
TheLonelyMoon Month ago
kyles involvement with wingsofredemption was one of the most interesting part of the podcast