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The Right Opinion - What Happened To Zoie Burgher? The Sad Truth Behind A Destructive Persona | TRO
Monday the 7th of May 2018, 10:09 am Eastern Standard Time.
The sun shining, the flowers blooming, the day advancing.
However, not everything shone, not everything bloomed, and not everything advanced.
In fact, in the world surrounding Zoie Burgher, the forecast was quite adverse.
In a series of revealing Tweets, she let the world know of her condition, her circumstances and her state. Literally and figuratively.
The once renowned sexual provocateur had taken a sharp nosedive into oblivion. A sad story, but how did she meet this fate? But more importantly, why?
Hello Ladies and welcome to The Right Opinion, the home of a twat with too much free time, and today, I take a look at: Zoie Burgher.
The Sad Story of Zoie Burgher
I think the best place to start with this story is an embellishment on the current situation. Zoie Burgher or was a Twitch and US-first streamer. Sounds fairly, unexceptional, doesn’t it. Well, Zoie was a streamer, with a twist, and a few twerks too.
She originally started involving herself in social media around the year of 2013, while she was attending University, relatable, at least, I assume it was around then as that was when her Twitter account was created.
Yes, back in 2016, she became extremely notorious amongst anyone within the commentary sphere, for being particularly provocative with her content. But there was a lot more going on beyond the surface.
As a Twitch streamer she was banned four times. However, finding her feet on US-first, she hit 1 million in the space of two months. That is pretty incredible. I remember when I first came across her, and I was almost stunned at the speed of such growth, even with the reputation garnered being carried over from Twitch, it seemed she was destined to smash the platform. After all, there’s always gonna be a demographic for her sorta content, right? Zoie Burgher, face of US-first.
Didn’t quite happen, did it?
In fact, as quickly as the success came, it just halted. And as of right, now she is on the same subscriber count that she was on in December 2016. Given that her ascension was only in the space of a few months before then, the sudden cessation was almost unbelievable.
Now, it’s not exceptional for someone to fall as quickly as they rise, and there are many scenarios in which this has occurred, but for something as consistently, well, dick hardening for many young whippersnappers, a stagnation seems at least, slightly more difficult than she made it out to be. Plenty of other provocative females on the platform have been known to flaunt their physicality, and they can hold onto their ground.
On top of that, it wasn’t like she hadn’t tried to branch beyond just shaking her ass. In fact, she had also attempted to start up her own little brand, known as Luxe, it’s clear that she invested a lot in this. And we’ll investigate that more in a bit. However, when the first generation of this little squadron exited at the end of 2017, Zoie greeted 2018 with open arms and vowed to give the next set of recruits all new and exciting opportunities. Mansion shoots, production filming. Zoie had a vision!
However, on the 8th of April that came to an end, with Luxe dissolving, for reasons that shall be discussed in due course. And just over a month later came that Tweet. Followed by numerous more Tweets that represented a unique turn in character from the rather explicit streamer.
Where there is a rise, and there is a fall, there is an explanation, for both. I thought I’d conduct my own little enquiry into the little details that led to the ascent, and subsequent descent for one of the most immediately provocative characters.
So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Jul 17, 2018




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Sunkissed TV
Sunkissed TV 8 hours ago
Love the X in the background!🥺
Elaine Lat
Elaine Lat Day ago
I won't be surprised if she has an OnlyFans account now.
Matt Baxter
Matt Baxter 5 days ago
Sounds like some Kankick right around 3:23 , no?
Daniel Gregor
Daniel Gregor 5 days ago
Bro, coming from a well established arsehole with too much time on his hands too, you're vids are class. Thank you for the time and effort. So much bullshit on here but you add some kind of weird, thoughtful, progressive normality to the world. Keep it up.
Penguin 5 days ago
If only she waited for only fans...
isaac M
isaac M 9 days ago
So she basically has the personality of a wet cardboard box
Nerd Drinks Coffee
Nerd Drinks Coffee 11 days ago
Zoie Burgher:exist Me:Wait a minute who are you?
MegaRoo 11 days ago
Wait wait wait, did Ms. Onlyfans make a video on Zoie Burgher? Hahahahahaha, that's rich.
Dalton Cook
Dalton Cook 13 days ago
Dude this chick was like a pioneer kinda, look at the world now 🤣
Antony Drossos
Antony Drossos 13 days ago
18:40 I recognized this track almost immediately from my youth......... GAWD, I feel old...
Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson 13 days ago
Almost invariably, when I eventually hear of these stories, I am singularly unimpressed by the attributes of the women involved. I can't see it. I don't get it; these boys want prostitutes, without the physical contact? I can appreciate this man's skill at burning to a point of powdered bone residue.
Johnny 6-feet
Johnny 6-feet 13 days ago
Am I only one who's seeing an best slightly above average looking woman with big boobs?
Wendillon 11 days ago
It's not just you. She's pretty, but not particularly unique looking.
Ashley B
Ashley B 16 days ago
I’ve been binge watching hours of your videos in the past two days. Tiger woods, mangos, dexters laboratory??? I’ve seen it in a couple videos and I don’t understand! What am I missing! Lol
Pearl Kohler
Pearl Kohler 16 days ago
Strippers aren’t hookers :/
snottington 17 days ago
i searched up the video in the search bar
Connor Locklin
Connor Locklin 17 days ago
Sooooo.....basically just a youtube cam girl? Hope this gets more interesting.....
Ijneb1248 18 days ago
Belle delphine did it way better
Elizabeth Flynn
Elizabeth Flynn 20 days ago
Not digging this video edit. Its driving me craze!
Elizabeth Flynn
Elizabeth Flynn 20 days ago
Getting better, so thats a plus.
John Doe
John Doe 20 days ago
Instrumental sounded like what, kid? That was a Tupac "Hit'em Up" BITE of an instrumental....so much for "..breathing music" lol 18:37 EDIT: Take money...get out the way yoo, get out the way yo.. Biggie Smalls just got shot... .....Maaaaan...you talking smack lol
Princess 21 day ago
this video is informative but the amount of slut shaming and referring to zoie as nothing but her reproductive sex is dehumanizing
oh shit here we go again.
23:48 what's the name of the character?
cruz griffin
cruz griffin 22 days ago
I subbed because you can breathe music
Thomas MacDonald
Thomas MacDonald 24 days ago
She needs an Only Fan, pretty sure she'd do good there.
Justin Burchette
Justin Burchette 24 days ago
I've never heard of this girl before, idk who she is; the only thing I DO know...is I'd hit it 🤷🏻‍♂️ that's all I wanted to say. Have a great day 🙃
KathrynAnon 27 days ago
That introduction was AMAZINGLY done.
Nick Koehler
Nick Koehler 27 days ago
The funniest part is at 6:55
Elijah Stephens
Elijah Stephens Month ago
What’s the anime at 23:49 ?
D___ C____
D___ C____ Month ago
My issue with her "breakdown/it's over" video, was that she was crying and realizing her mistake, but she was also naked while she did it. I felt like she was being honest, but still somewhere in her head she was still trying to use her body to get views and donations.
SRrIN Month ago
9:35 does anyone know what the background instrumental is? I've heard it somewhere before, either another video or a rap song, its killing me
Ijneb1248 18 days ago
Its slipknot by xxxtentacion but i dont remember what the sample is actually called
DeadHead Gaming
DeadHead Gaming Month ago
I had never heard of this chick until my sister mentioned her one day. I looked her up, watched her stuff and I remember saying "this girl is gonna be an absolute mess".
TheRealKcaos Month ago
"Not everything advanced" invading_russia_in_winter.mp4 Im from germany and currently out of breath because of laughter xD
liam Month ago
qntainmnt Month ago
if your last name is burgher you should consider daily self harm.
TwentTii Month ago
theres no way this video is monetized
AussieAnnie62 Month ago
'Stircumstances' 13:56
Whirlwind Sky
Whirlwind Sky Month ago
Omg its ThisOffendsMeTV at 7:18!! Love that guy! He is now more a reaction channel (for music) and he is absolutely hilarious, to me. Never thought I'd see him in a channel outside of his community.
DuckyDae X
DuckyDae X Month ago
Twitch and US-first clearly weren’t the best platforms for her, due to their demographic but I’ve got no problem with how she decides to make her money, it’s her body and her choice. Blokes just get pissy because Pornhub is free and now women are actively deciding to keep their tits behind a paywall.
TaLorde Hornbro
TaLorde Hornbro Month ago
Set your own hours. Be your own boss. Twerk from home - HA!
Dana Muise
Dana Muise Month ago
you made your point half way through and just kept repeating yourself
Chowder boiii
Chowder boiii Month ago
Those bookmarked links tho
Balls Month ago
that clip of idubbbz gf aged well...
Fred D.
Fred D. Month ago
Zoie launched her OnlyFans a few days ago. It was inevitable.
thrash bin
thrash bin Month ago
Slap bass? Sounds great. But it ain't for this slap ajss bjtch
Sidd Nair
Sidd Nair Month ago
5:48 ... thehehehehehehehe
Stephania Month ago
i love the style of the first editor 👌🏼
Julian Alexander Joya
Where is tor’s 1 million subs he deserves it.
Ghost of the Tenth Eye
boys. what did those punborn links go to
Ajaws2414 Month ago
That’s what happens when the simps run out of money
so mad bro
so mad bro Month ago
That's a big personality
Florida man
Florida man Month ago
5:08 Just leaving this here for myself.
sonic23233 Month ago
Or a dancer
Yutilitarian Month ago
Watching this video felt like reading 177013 😭😭
Um Bongo
Um Bongo Month ago
A tragic pitfall awaiting any attractive person with something to shake for money
Tyler Runkle
Tyler Runkle 2 months ago
Ryn Ayaun
Ryn Ayaun 2 months ago
She’d make a killing on OF without being too explicit 🤷🏾‍♀️
Dylan Gamezz
Dylan Gamezz 2 months ago
He didn’t say anything about saying that she would leak her own nudes at 1 mil
Robin Parker
Robin Parker 2 months ago
hearing a british guy say "shaking that ass" and "busting that booty" wasn't something i knew i needed until now
Gurza 2 months ago
I think the appeal of watching certain people instead of just porn, also comes from the fact that they are (pseudo) famous for something else (technically). That's probably why the... ugh.. "Fappening," was such a big deal for many (OK, most), because it's not just some person who's nude, it's a famous person who is! It's the age-old psychology of "I wonder what they look like naked," at work; and the coined "thots," whether intentionally or not, are playing into that (among other things, like thirsty gents). That's my theory anyway.
teddybouka 2 months ago
No idea who she or rice gum are, I’m such a boomer, I still love your videos, great writing and presentation.
Kailee Garcia
Kailee Garcia 2 months ago
That’s the girl that called Jenna Marbles “2008 hot”
Bell Wolfie
Bell Wolfie 2 months ago
Rambling Warning: TRO has such a calming tone. I could not know who the hecc the person he talking about , I could still listen. Actually, TRO was so calming that today right before lunch I passed out, woke back up, and when I checked back in my room, I realized this video was playing. Right before, I listened in but then got tired because the night before I only had like five minutes of sleep, grabbed a pillow and took a half hour nap. So now I can think of five reasons(that I can think of) why TRO is a great creator: 1. His documentries about people are great, they're long(but not boring), worth it, and have so much effort in them, his Nicoado Advocado video for instance. 2. He isn't biased(correct me if I'm wrong). 3. He doesn't wave is sexuality out in the wind like a receipt in a hurricane (it's nice that he doesn't make a big deal out of it). 4. He doesn't come off as aggressive in his videos(which is good because if a person's tone feels like they're screaming at you, you would be less likely to listen to them not matter what they're saying because it sounds forceful and angry). He actually sounds very calm and soothing. And(Bonus) 5. His videos can be used in a way like ASMR if you're super tired and need to go to sleep if you wanted. If you made it this far into my comment, congratulations! Dang, this is lengthy-
Georgi Stoikov
Georgi Stoikov 2 months ago
The song at 18:41 sounded more like Hit em up from 2pac than the song you said it ripped off 😅
bluejam 2 months ago
your casual misogyny is jarring
Maddi Noelle
Maddi Noelle 2 months ago
Doesn’t she have a family channel now with a. Kid and her husband?
DarkZtorm 2 months ago
Charles Copeland
Charles Copeland 2 months ago
A definitive explanation of putting all your eggs into one basket.
KaMui1987 2 months ago
You pulling out "Don't Look Any Further" by Dennis Edwards feat. Siedah Garrett was my highlight.
BentMenu 2 months ago
Ngl I put these on to listen to while I grind cod camos....
Beard Nye The Drum Guy
Yeah they probably used the song because it was a tupac song called shoot em up not whatever version you showed. I mean that one is the same progression but different notes as well as a lackluster beat. The 2pac song however hits hard.
Joseph Arenas
Joseph Arenas 2 months ago
Thats crazy i was thinking hit em up by tupac and you took it even further back
Dady DZ gamer
Dady DZ gamer 2 months ago
6:07 Scarce be wildin' tho 😳
trevor peterson
trevor peterson 2 months ago
She should have just become a FinDomme. xD
Sαiŋтessα 2 months ago
Wilhelm 2 months ago
Zoie Burmudshark.. :P
Retrocidal 2 months ago
She went to fare to fast and if she would have played the gane ahe be around making tons i wish i was a hot girl then i could help my disabled dad and my sick puppy and maybe get a real home
Tailcoat Games
Tailcoat Games 2 months ago
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 2 months ago
Thank god for Only fans these days
Jon dow
Jon dow 2 months ago
*Left wing establishment is scared SH!TLESS of the angry mob of violent left wing Identitarian ideological extremists & the media is covering for if not outright inciting there criminality💩 going on in the streets.* *Honestly after the appalling behavior of the radical left💩, afitnA💩 (spelt backwards), MLB💩 (spelt backwards) all the looting, rioting horrid violins💩 they have collectively done what I would have thought impossible before the George Floyd riots,* *they have shown that they are even worse than Trump (In spite of the long, long, LONG list of the SH!TY things he and his conspirators have done in the last 4 years).* *So I think American Left deserves 4 more years of President Pussy💩 Grabber💩.*
Ijneb1248 18 days ago
Jon dow
Jon dow 2 months ago
Rocky Rider
Rocky Rider 2 months ago
Why pay to watch? Because there is an interaction. Sad but true
Laurel O'Brien
Laurel O'Brien 3 months ago
Personally I think it’s fine if a girl wants to shake her ass in a game stream, you’re getting what you pay for if you enjoy it. She’s not scamming anyone 🤷‍♀️ unfortunately for her, she just didn’t have enough personality or strategy to make that work for her
2Hot2Handle 3 months ago
Uh, the real problem with Luxe, her brilliant all-female gaming team, is that it's not a gaming team at all. It was an attempt to emulate the Kardashians. Her target audience was male gamers, and the vast majority of gamers do not give two shits about the Kardashian image. Now her team could've worked if there was a lot of drama and conflict (which is why people watch Reality TV or anything else that's not porn), but it there was neither drama nor conflict. The women were also not even playing games, which defeats her whole purpose. In other words, she did not know her market, did not know her product, and as a result failed to attract an audience. Also, she wasn't hot. I can't believe boys drooled over this chick. What are we coming to nowadays?
Zandor Clegane
Zandor Clegane 3 months ago
I thought this woman was trisha paytas
Re Exist
Re Exist 3 months ago
3 vids bookmarked
Mugen Lusk
Mugen Lusk 3 months ago
lol never heard of her, watching it in 2020............ your videos are just to good TRO one love from Scotland ✌️😎
Gabe Barbieri
Gabe Barbieri 3 months ago
"Luxe"?? Yeah, nothing more luxurious than having to shake your ass on camera to solicit rent money out of middle schoolers. Like, that is so completely the opposite of luxury.
Thanmay Duggavathi
Thanmay Duggavathi 3 months ago
Sherlock Holmes of the internet
Ayomide 3 months ago
Why did I think her name was zoe burger 😭💀
Jiri Hepnarov
Jiri Hepnarov 3 months ago
bc it is
。紙の神 3 months ago
"But with all due respect to her craft--" So none?
Uptwn Retro
Uptwn Retro 3 months ago
Lmao watching this makes me remember im blocked by her in Twitter 😂
RedVelvetRabbit 3 months ago
"Gaping issue" 😂🤣 i am far too immature.
Happibunni Art
Happibunni Art 3 months ago
I think if you now was made noticed earlier she would have been safe as she could have made sure her fans there where 100 percent same with patreon
Flo Vi
Flo Vi 3 months ago
Warframe ehy tro?😉
The King
The King 3 months ago
I only heard of her when Scarce simped for her
Sweet.T 3 months ago
funny how it's worse now, guys are paying for onlyfans and shit like that when the pictures are leaked anyway
Gorehounds Unite!
Gorehounds Unite! 3 months ago
Wow man you based on that screenshot you watched ALOT of Zoies content (mostly twerk streams) lol. Ok ok it was all for "research". I get it.....
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 3 months ago
I have no idea who this even is
WhyBe OhFree
WhyBe OhFree 3 months ago
I would like to hear his voice read horror stories
Debby Elliott
Debby Elliott 3 months ago
Maybe she can come back as a family blog 😅
sammy 3 months ago
Jesus... Literally ALL it takes is big tits to get so much support and admiration from men. This is exactly why I fuckikg hate all men. Literally.
47Mortuus 3 months ago
You ashume too much.