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The Right Opinion: What Happened To Toby Turner? The End Of A Career | TRO
When people look back on US-firstrs, and ask themselves who have been the most influential creators on the platform, there are many individuals that I’m sure come to mind, people who are relevant now, and people who used to be relevant, whether it’s Pewdiepie, Smosh, Nigahiga, Shane Dawson, or Ray William Johnson, Fred, TheAnnoyingOrange and so on. Many creators past and present have had a significant cultural impact.
However, when speaking to people about their childhood, one name that seldom seems to come up, is Toby Turner, or Tobuscus, or TobyGames, despite the fact that I’m sure that a huge number of people have watched at least one video of his. Two of his channels have amassed over 6 million subscribers each which is certainly a feat not to be overlooked.
Yet I feel that his story is one that often is overlooked, one that is heavily integrated in the culture that we will discuss today, and one that we can perhaps learn a bit from, and maybe seek to explain, how everyone forgot about Toby Turner, hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to The Right Opinion, the home of a twat with too much free time, and bless your face.
I’m sure not everyone is aware of who Toby Turner is but for a basic rundown he is one of the original US-firstrs on the platform, who began his craft in 2006, and twelve years later is still going, as mentioned, it’s not to the intensity that he used to, after he probably made a fat stack of cash in his time, or at least enough to keep him going, I can’t look into a man’s bank account.
He ascended to his peak around the turn of the 2010s, particularly encompassed by the success of his Literal Trailer series, on top of this he also had a gaming channel, in which he would achieve even greater results in terms of subscribers, in spite of a marginally lower view count.
Generally if you ask someone involved with US-first what has been their most recent experience with him, chances are it’ll be the allegations, now at the time this was created in a Tumblr post by an individual named April Fletcher and this information isn’t wholly relevant right now, but I am going to bring it back up in the future for why it is important.
Turner had three succeeding channels, had made videos that are pretty much iconic in many people’s childhoods, and had so much media branching out in so many various directions he almost seemed set to succeed, rewatching a video in preparation by FootOfAFerret in which he runs down the brief history of our good friend Toby here, he says this.
So it does indeed beg the question, what happened? Even I’m not entirely sure yet, but by the end of the video, I’m sure we’ll have a definitive answer.
Turner is still uploading content to this day on his channel, mostly more commentary facecam oriented, and talking about various random topics that interest him, some topics more trending, others more spontaneous, or personal to him.
Given the fact that I don’t think there’s really too much else to summarise in this situation, which is a bit earlier than normal, we’re running ahead of schedule lads but I consider that a good thing, without further ado, I suggest we get right into it.

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Jan 13, 2019




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30 years ago
30 years ago Month ago
The Right Opinion Jesus you poor thing you had to copy and paste all those links 😂
Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan 2 months ago
How about you apologize for the huge gaffe where you insinuate that because Toby Tuner seems like a nice man, through the lens of content he has created and edited himself, it is therefore it's unlikely that he sexually assaulted someone? That's ridiculous and incredibly insulting. It perpetuates the stereotype that men who commit sexual assault are creeps or weirdos on the fringes of society when that is blatantly untrue. Abusers can seem charming and non-threatening. The man who abused me held a PhD, was a lecturer and was well-respected in my university. You have no evidence either way. State the facts and move on. Your opinion on sexual assault is uninformed and unwelcome.
Yvelstro, professional cool kid
Text wall alert
04denboy Lel
04denboy Lel 5 months ago
You tagged all of Tobys channels twice lmfao
Chelsea Jones
Chelsea Jones 5 months ago
It boogles my mind how much research you do for these videos !! How the hell do you do this , but all this together and make it so entertaining and informative!! You have a rare talent and I hope you continue to grow .
Connecting The Dots
Connecting The Dots 11 hours ago
This bored me to deth.
Connecting The Dots
Connecting The Dots 11 hours ago
Brenden Barnett
Brenden Barnett 2 days ago
I just read her post and, while he sounds like a very unstable asshole who was doing shit that is wildly unacceptable, I didn’t see anything in there that definitively said he was a serial abuser; sounds like a he was just a dick. Also, on what planet does one shot of alcohol and some ecstasy make you not remember anything and make you tired? It’s an amphetamine, you’re not going to get sleepy. I’ve done a lot of drugs and I’ve never taken MDMA and not remembered what was happening, so that feels pretty sus.
Amparo B.
Amparo B. 3 days ago
He could have created the 1st 'team 10 house' type of thing. Back in 2016/17 he was living with other popular youtubers such as Cloudyapples and Melanie Murphy. They were planning on launching a gaming channel or something like that but the project went south. He was also into drugs and was a bit of a sex pervert!
frank facts
frank facts 4 days ago
Is all popular youtube content intended for stupid people, or, just most of it?
Rose B
Rose B 5 days ago
Bless your face.. The feels
Vandius 5 days ago
The word "meme" has existed for decades (since the 1970s at least) among psychologists other groups of the such. Also Metal Gear Solid 2 dove into memes and how they change society way back in 2001.
MegaRoo 5 days ago
The Pedo Bear bit still makes me laugh until I can't breath, I feel bad that one person writing a Tumbler post was able to affect his life in such an awful way. Thinking about the fact that the same thing can happen to any man, or woman, is fairly frightening.
XxPiRoXxX 8 days ago
That clip of him with the “give me my show and book deal back” is CRINGE. Yikes.
Felisha Marie
Felisha Marie 9 days ago
Joann Monkey
Joann Monkey 9 days ago
I haven't seen any of his videos.
Joann Monkey
Joann Monkey 9 days ago
you sure are thorough and do such a great job on these videos
Bird Man
Bird Man 10 days ago
a sick end to this whole story is how he’s a trump supporter now, YUCK
Go Deep Sheep
Go Deep Sheep 9 days ago
@Sam West still means he supports a white supremacist there is no excuse for that.
Sam West
Sam West 9 days ago
Why does his fucking political opinion matter.... you do realise someone can support a certain person but not support all there views or policy’s right ?
Psyduk x
Psyduk x 10 days ago
He was accused of drugging another US-firstr and r*ping her name was katers17 And he was stating dating Olga Kay. And when that came out that was the last time I heard of Toby
divine_one 11 days ago
"this was a long video" Well. Seen one piece or black clover. *sneezes in fairy tales*
Fern and Bacon
Fern and Bacon 13 days ago
God damn that Farmville parody commercial took me back
Snowy 15 days ago
Du-du-du-du-du-du-du do subscribe~
Rennieon 16 days ago
I miss the old days of US-first.
Liberty Or Death
Liberty Or Death 17 days ago
We stood by pewds... we shoulda stood by Toby
Star Marchment
Star Marchment 18 days ago
who was the original target audience..? i have no clue who this jabroni is :/
Demil G.
Demil G. 18 days ago
It would be interesting to see what happened to Smosh
Who's here after they found out he's a trump supporter lol
@bug eater Does it matter? I don't like Trump but come on maybe because of policies?
bug eater
bug eater 18 days ago
me!!! and no one else is talking about it!
chrisphoenix77 20 days ago
The wild thing is that in 2020, Toby Turner became an anti-masker, science denier, and pro-Trumper. Guess you can take the hick out of the woods, but you can't take the woods out of the hick.
RANK7YGO [Lorenzo]
RANK7YGO [Lorenzo] 14 hours ago
why the new comments don't focus on the anti-masker and science denier parts kinda upsets me a bit but i'm glad your comment puts that to light
sammi cooper
sammi cooper 21 day ago
hm okay turns out toby is a trump supporter so ew
Aamanda Zittlau
Aamanda Zittlau 10 days ago
Oof not at all surprised. It goes with his edge lord personality
nicolas sieh
nicolas sieh 21 day ago
toby turner? you mean the kid from fairly odd parents?
chris lethbridge
chris lethbridge 21 day ago
Try white cheddar smartfood
Aaron Westbury
Aaron Westbury 22 days ago
??? anyone else read the subtitles of the video at 30:09 ??? at least he thanked the editors at the end tho...
gabriel jimenez
gabriel jimenez 25 days ago
Regardless of whether he would survive US-first today or not, I still think we all failed Tobuscus. When he needed us, we weren’t there for him. We all believed in the allegations and at that time the Me too movement was too powerful, so in a way it is not totally our fault. The allegations were too much. Going back to this controversy, I believe he was innocent. Besides, Toby has not been the only one falsely accused by women, and WTF a tumblr post? Man Now that I’m 29 I feel very stupid for believing it once. I am very sorry Tobuscus for not being there when you needed me to support you. I will always be thankful and cherish the memories of watching your videos. I will always love you.
Daniel Huras
Daniel Huras 29 days ago
I will say, assassin creed brotherhood literal trailer and Crysis 2 literal trailer were peak tobuscus for me.
Poingo Month ago
Whoever edited the first portion of the video need to be fired
Zuaxn 27 days ago
Hilarious Looking Gen 1 Growlithe
Is this video not in sync with the things he's talking about? Like he mentions Harry Potter but it does show up for like a minute or two.
John Abramo
John Abramo Month ago
I feel bad for 2019 TRO thinking this is a long video, since he hadn't made the Nikocado Avocado one yet.
Seth Alvo's Grandma
I love how nowadays people really seriously analyze people making jokes in videos "Tobuscus had a way of words that only he could pull off" "NUGGET, BISCUIT, NUGGET IN A BISCUIT"
Jakob Holt
Jakob Holt Month ago
Am I going crazy, or is the editing and the commentary way off? Shane Dawson always comes up visually way off topic.
Jay Loudermilk
Jay Loudermilk Month ago
Should really tell the editor to chill on the vhs jumpy look, while it added some sense of mood or nostalgia, after a few seconds, it just gets really fcking annoying. Like you might need a seizure warning on this crap.
Korey Simerly
Korey Simerly Month ago
i’m a year late but i actually did just sneeze during this video!
Ol' Dreäddy
Ol' Dreäddy Month ago
I used to listen to 10 hour versions of nugget in a biscuit.
tennisian11 Month ago
catdogs king
catdogs king Month ago
I had an iPod in middle school and bought nugget in a biscuit. Then in high school got an android. 2 weeks ago I got an iPhone and for the first time since with my phone on shuffle heard that song
SoraMotto Month ago
Anyone else feel like the video and audio aren't in synch?
stuart ortiz
stuart ortiz Month ago
I was about to say the same thing
Ky and jordy
Ky and jordy Month ago
i’ve been binge watching ur videos lmao
Chonga 2520
Chonga 2520 Month ago
Its weird how you have to abstract from facts because it was so hard to explain why his content worked so well
Digit Gaming
Digit Gaming Month ago
This is my first time hearing about him
Anomalocaris Month ago
Wow what a bitch lol
Wick Picaro
Wick Picaro Month ago
Hearing about how Toby is actually genuinely talented with music made me realise I actually remember the entirety of his skyrim trailer song. Like, literally the entire thing. Kinda crazy after all this time, and now it's stuck in my head
SIGSEGV Month ago
nugget in a biscuit still holds up
Jenna Kelly
Jenna Kelly Month ago
my friend introduced me to him in grade 9 computer tech class and we would watch him on the computers after we finished our assignments (teacher didnt care). sooo nostalgic
chate wahaha
chate wahaha Month ago
That music makes me feel like my life is missing something but that is just me vibin at 3am
Joe C
Joe C Month ago
I highly highly doubt this will happen, but I'm hoping his career boosts back up and he becomes famous again. But if this is the end of his channels, I hope he knows he had a pretty good run
I was never a huge fan of him, but a few of my old high school friends watched him from time to time. A part of him will live with me forever, I think. Every once in a blue moon it'll pop back in my mind and haunt me for days. "Nugget, biscuit, nuggetinabiscuit, nugget, biscuit, nuggetinabiscuit, nugget, biscuit, nuggetinabiscuit, DIP IT ALL IN MASHED POTATAHS~!"
Naamek Month ago
"the creative renaissance" segment was really hard to watch cause of that fucken filter that was on almost the entire part x.x hard on the eyes
Naamek Month ago
makes the editing look lazy, like someone just slapped a filter over the whole thing and called it a day
julius ochoa
julius ochoa Month ago
TRO: dragon from the Neverending story. Me: it's TROGDOR
Aamanda Zittlau
Aamanda Zittlau 10 days ago
The dragon from never ending story is named Falcor tho... trogdor is from strongbad. Am I missing the joke?? lmao
Gigi Minnock
Gigi Minnock Month ago
I had a huge crush on Toby when I was 10 😅 I’m 20 now, yeah I’m aware that’s creepy. Anyway he was my favorite US-firstr for a very long time As a child I was uncomfortable with close relationships, his content was perfect for me at the time. I just wanted to add that because I didn’t recognize why I loved him so much until now
Naughty Dred
Naughty Dred Month ago
For any fellow UK people, that is a nugget in something similar to a scone. I don't know if that's better or worse, just letting you know
Naughty Dred
Naughty Dred Month ago
For any fellow UK people, that is a nugget in something similar to a scone. I don't know if that's better or worse, just letting you know
Hash Brown
Hash Brown Month ago
Stargate *UBISOFT* sparkle.
Alternative Artist
Alternative Artist 2 months ago
1:00 When I think of the internet I think of that one Russian dude trying to say the names of the US states A true icon
Kendall Bozick
Kendall Bozick 2 months ago
jeeeesusss.... i think i still know the lyrics to all of the literal trailers.... he was honestly my entire childhood 😭
nachosNapples 2 months ago
38:24 i was listening at work and had to make sure there was a minesweeper joke there
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
Can't say she is lying, but just because someone publishes something doesn't mean it's true. She does look like a typical, vapid, loose goose too.
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
I hated Fred FiggleFuck. I couldn't understand the appeal.
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
Never heard of this guy before. It's hard to understand the appeal of the basic guy, and his basic content, but like you said, back then everything was basic.
K-SING MUSIC 2 months ago
“Lous this meatloaf is simply shallow and pad-antic”..............💨Family Guy
yayimdancing 2 months ago
multiple allegations and ppl still take the man's side...... why are we not believing womxn in 2019-2020
Mason Simon
Mason Simon 2 months ago
God I remember so much of his stuff so fondly, then he just disappeared and I saw him again on petco commercials and followed them just for him and his dog. So much of his stuff shaped who I am today. I still say “bless your face” instead of “bless you.” I still quote other parts of his old videos. It really sucks that he doesn’t get credit for how much he shaped this generation
Nightstark 2 months ago
*Ryan higa. The former name was a play on racism
Reagan Janae Richard
Watching this broke my heart a little. I loved Tobuscus. Cute Win Fail was hilarious.
Isabel Ortiz
Isabel Ortiz 2 months ago
did you really make a cool cat reference.
emma 2 months ago
TRO fair enough to not privately believe some allegations, but when you have no definitive proof either way FFS why make a video fluffing this guy thinly veiled as trying to be neutral? Shit son, I was really appreciating your content up until this problematic bullshit. At least make a vid presenting HER side as well if you want to at least try to appear to present intelligent and unbiased opinions. How can you have the right opinion when you don’t present both sides of the story? This is absolutely drenched in confirmation bias, which is not ok given the amount of people you can access via your channel. I get that certain people are not going to be happy with this comment but I really don’t need to be liked by incels or boomers so have a great day.
anastaciya knoll
yeah it really rubbed me the wrong way when he said that he thought toby was innocent because he “didn’t seem capable” of doing it or something along those lines. and even if toby didn’t rape anyone he’s still a creep and a cheater, he doesn’t deserve sympathy for that
Lord Headass
Lord Headass 2 months ago
God looking back at how much people trusted a few bitches who were so clearly lying and putting as little detail into their stories as possible really makes me have less hope in humanity
Nathan Fowler
Nathan Fowler 2 months ago
Toby is a nice guy I watched his video when I was very young
Beatrise Avota
Beatrise Avota 2 months ago
Why is the audio of the video off with a delay. Like the audio is waaaaay ahead of the video, it's so frustrating!
Aimsbok 1
Aimsbok 1 2 months ago
Toby was my first favorite US-firstr and And he was the one of the reasons I wanted to be a US-firstr
CelestialBloo 2 months ago
I just got baited into an assault apologist video. I thought it was very weird the video spent most of the time praising nugget in a biscuit after disclaiming he got "accused" of sexual assault from multiple people. People like Toby are exactly why I hated youtube culture so much in the mid 2000s. I'm so glad that, for the most part, it's moved past that unchecked idol worship that inevitably lead to the surfacing of predators and painfully unfunny formulaic humor, but apparently people are still willing to defend actual garbage.
Brys T
Brys T 2 months ago
Tobuscus be like rn "time to become a weirdo rightie"
fishtie 2 months ago
mate multiple people coming forward with assault allegations cant be false. Like you said, the channel was already dying, they didnt have anything to gain really, and his career was basically over anyway. And sorry but saying that someone "seems nice" isnt a valid argument, that's the trick these people play, they seem nice and likeable. This isnt a criticism on the video itself, loved it as always, just annoyed at the mentality, like how Chris Brown and R-Kelly that you showed still have careers.
kymopoleia13 2 months ago
Megzilla Siren
Megzilla Siren 2 months ago
Christie 🖤🖤
Arwin Absinthe
Arwin Absinthe 2 months ago
I haven't watch any tobuscus' vid- Do do do do do do DO SUB SCRIBE!
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 2 months ago
Don’t love the editing at the start of the video but I really liked the new animation of your avatar
Tracer Films
Tracer Films 2 months ago
Sexual Assault allegations are very complicated and difficult to work through. In the event that they happen, the victim is often traumatized. By the time they end up reporting it and collecting forensic evidence, the evidence has gone cold and is no longer suitable for a case. The suspect is never charged, and goes on to do it again until the stars align to have him charged. There are also cases where the incident never occurred, as later admitted by the "victim". In these cases, there sometimes is forensic evidence. The "victim" and "suspect" go through the whole process just to find that the claim was not all together accurate. It's very frustrating for Law Enforcement and the victims when the evidence goes cold for legitimate cases, and when time and resources are wasted on illegitimate ones. Of course you can never tell 100% which are legitimate and which are not. Unless you were there, you can't say for certain. Then we get into these allegations, where people take it upon themselves to prove the assault without any evidence other than overwhelming word alone. These ones do a few things. They ruin the "suspect's" reputation. If it comes out later that the allegation is false, it's too late. The damage has already been done. If the allegation is true, it brings into question why the case is seeing "justice" through slandering and volume of statements instead of Law Enforcement. In conclusion, you never know if a claim is 100% true or not. In most cases, there is some truth to it. Don't disregard the victim's or suspect's statement entirely. Know that something did happen, and both parties have come to believe their side of things.
CocoCece08 2 days ago
In her case, it's hard to believe. Honestly, she says she's so "F'ed up from this drug that she didn't get out of bed for three days," yet shows up at a party with her alleged attacker?! Yeah, she lied.
starbtle 2 months ago
That Falcor song is just a rip off of Tragdor from Homestar Runner
The Merry Gambit
The Merry Gambit 2 months ago
To say that the accusations against Toby didn't basically destroy his channel and his career is a bit naive. Tobuscus was one of the first people to get "Cancelled" In this world we live in now you are no longer "Innocent until proven guilty" You are "guilty upon accusation" in the eyes of the internet masses. They hear a rumor and immediately pass judgement based on their personal biases. We live in dark and very judgemental times and I fear it will be humanity's or at least America's downfall. When you are quick to judge and condemn before listening to the other side of the argument or not try to see things from the other perspective you create a divisive judgemental landscape which propagates hate. Combine that with financial desperation and a pandemic and racial tensions and you have a powder keg ready to explode. I fear for the future if we don't change. The path to peace is through trying to listen and understand each other and through forgiveness not through fear, judgement, anger and retaliation.
Myranda 2 months ago
I'll always remember the literal trailers. My best friend showed them to me when we were in high school about 2012/2013 and we recited them all the time. Me and my youngest brother actually introduced our mom to nugget in a biscuit two months ago and now she lives in fear of saying mashed potatoes because we are awful meme demons
The Internet Police
The Internet Police 2 months ago
"Nuggut biscuit nuh- hey what's up?"
Amani Thorpe
Amani Thorpe 2 months ago
40:46 Funny how in a year a 4 and a half hour video and there’s barely a mention of length
R 2 months ago
U talk alot, my word
Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark 2 months ago
"This was a long, long, long, long video" ... (Looking at his new 4 hr video on Nikkocado Avocado) Not long enough dear Sir, not long enough. LONG VIDEOS ARE GREAT
Saurus 18
Saurus 18 2 months ago
Toby turner was the reason I could survive school, some where that even the teachers hated me. Toby turner was the reason why I could endure bullying and fists from people. Toby turner was the reason why everyday when i had panick attacks , suicidal thoughts, depression and more as a kid I could still look up. because i knew I could watch him at home playing minecraft. Hell! He's even the reason why I learned English. Idk if the allegations are true. . .but it still pains me to see my Hero fall so low.
Joe C
Joe C Month ago
@Saurus 18 I'm pretty sure it isn't true. But who knows? Either way, I still love the guy. Hoping he makes some sort of comeback
Saurus 18
Saurus 18 Month ago
@Joe C His word's have no weight on this bruv, it's the same as saying I confirmed that I have won the Superbowl, there is no proof and just words.
Joe C
Joe C Month ago
Toby confirmed it isn't true
a year later and i think it's still shitty how you brushed off the rape accusations. You looked at one tumblr post. And not the other women who came forward. You conveniently ignored his drug abuse too. Were you such a big fan that your bias affected this video? Disappointing.
GGR Makes
GGR Makes 3 months ago
Every bodies going down memory lane, and I'm stuck alone at the gates. Curse my habits of missing all the good stuff~
GGR Makes
GGR Makes 10 days ago
@Aamanda Zittlau Oh
Aamanda Zittlau
Aamanda Zittlau 10 days ago
Oop trust me, you didn’t miss out on anything good with Toby (coming from a former stan)
Gino Jansen
Gino Jansen 3 months ago
There is a video on youtube where Tobuscus is drunk and keeps on touching a girl on the couch while they are gaming, that still doesn't proof anything but i did miss that video in this video.
Vintage Camera Girl
Vintage Camera Girl 3 months ago
Why do all male influences have bowl cuts?
Karma geddon
Karma geddon 3 months ago
I hope that he can find happiness and continue to go through life happily and still succeed..
Karma geddon
Karma geddon 3 months ago
DigitalHarmony 3 months ago
“This was a long, long, long, long video.” Obviously before the 4 and a half hour long video on Nickacado 😂
Adri Pie
Adri Pie 3 months ago
Tobuscus 😭
Lark Altaccount
Lark Altaccount 3 months ago
Do I know who the hell this guy is? No. Do I only think of Timmy Turner from fairly odd parents when I hear that name? Yes. Do I like TROs videos so I’m gonna watch it anyway? Yes.
Olivia Bean
Olivia Bean 3 months ago
I've been in the sort of relationship that twitter post describes and it is hauntingly on point... if she is lying she is doing so with a good understanding of what that experience is like and that alone brings up serious questions for me. It's kind of like when a kid says something kind of disturbing that is could have only come from them overhearing a really messed up conversation/witnessing/experiencing something really messed up. This tips the probabilities in my mind. Sadly whether it's true or not police are so quick to drop charges when drugs and alcohol are involved it's more likely for him to suffer a vigilante murder than to ever be held accountable if what she is saying is true.
TheFlameIam 3 months ago
god i used to be such a huge fan of this guy but his stuff just stopped being funny esp with the annoying orange stuff? but imma be real i was just a bit too old for that i think i was like. .. 17/18? then i stopped watching and shit hit the fan. some ppl from the live stream critical role called him out on some stuff be did at a party & it was mad gross & i dipped for good. which kinda sucks bc some of his gaming stuff is mad funny.
Steve Greene
Steve Greene 3 months ago
Shout to I want it darker, ey man, good taste, good taste.