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The Right Opinion: What Did This Drama Channel Have To Hide? - Spill | TRO
Who is the man behind this channel, who am I? Well, to be honest, it’s not really of great importance, and I’d prefer to keep my identity mostly private, although at this point it’s a bit late for that. Big shoutout to the news websites who published my name.
However, it doesn’t have much significance in the general discussion, because I am just one person presenting what they know and what they think, and honestly, the people behind the respective US-first channels aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things, and it’s so bizarre that today’s situation seems more important to many creators than it would appear on the surface.
So let’s go back over to the tea community. The tea community has a lot of players in its complex game, firstly the large beauty creators who produce content for millions of individuals. This content is fairly unproblematic on principle, but as observed, their demeanour is quite melodramatic, and there’s a reason why melodramatic has the word “drama” in it. Along with drama came people with opinions on that drama, who would have thought, you might even say that many of these channels provided commentary.
Now, typically the people who provided commentary were individuals with some level of proficiency in reporting of this drama. Their style may not exactly be for everyone but they have an audience, and it seems that many of them are legitimately invested in the outcome of this drama. Many of these creators are quite tabloid, and some are as dramatic as the genre they cover, and honestly, that’s alright, as long as people don’t come to expect anything more from the channels. That’s what commentary is, opinion based ideas, and if you disagree with that person, that’s okay too.
However, at the same time, some people may want a more in depth perspective on US-first drama, a lot of commentators aren’t the most involved in that, and that’s fine, not everyone has the time to sit down for a 30 minute summary of something that really isn’t the most consequential in their life. Nonetheless, there is a demand, and that demand exists in every genre, so it was natural, within the beauty community, eventually a channel would emerge with more focus on creating long form content that focuses on the delivery and the depth of information rather than merely the gut reaction to it.
The channel that appeared to answer these prayers was a creator by the name of Spill, like the fairly simplistic name, their content never assumes too much about the subjects that they’re covering, and focuses more on the delivery of this information in a journalistic and well cited way, with the conclusions often being well informed and providing some sort of additional insight. They started their channel on the 5th of September 2018, and in the following year have accumulated a pretty healthy 930,000 subscribers. They often received praise from many audiences and creators for representing information in an unbiased and thorough fashion. Spill also appeared to be creating this more deeply rooted nexus, which is our word of the day by the way. This was represented by three additional channels, Brew, Grill, and On The Hill, which all have their own dynamic.They were good at what they did, however, perhaps a little too good.

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Nov 13, 2019




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1maginary.Dragon 3 months ago
Couple of jealous people
ComfortMsfit 6 months ago
Shout out Brandon
DeratedDesign 7 months ago
omg hiring a bunch of editors ur a corporation haha
Bob 1
Bob 1 11 months ago
I love how dildos were the first random thing you thought of haha.
JOD 11 months ago
sup the right opinion. oh yeah yeahhhhhhhh
Sohzy 22 hours ago
Well i have seen some brew vids and after seeing spill i was like wait wtf why is the style so similar
IdioCracy Official
I don't really watch Spill but I do watch Brew quite often and really enjoy there videos so now I'm just sitting here 10 minutes into this video wondering whether or not I've committed a sin
Ellie is Done
Ellie is Done 2 days ago
Maybe we were all corporations to begin with...?
Lia Cook
Lia Cook 2 days ago
“after i had my first job.. i hated it.. i hated having a .. boss .. i guess” sir?
Ellie is Done
Ellie is Done 2 days ago
Maybe we were all corporations to begin with...?
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 2 days ago
@11:40 - 12:00 : um yeah we call this life for most people
me who's watching being canadian: h-hey i make good jokes ! I think..
Erinlynne N
Erinlynne N 3 days ago
But wait... I love Brew! What's happening?! :'(
DanIsCheesus -
DanIsCheesus - 4 days ago
I love brew. Omg I love brew.
PaperMp4 5 days ago
Thomas Fernandez
Thomas Fernandez 8 days ago
Damn, and I liked Spill...
Chronicle _Cosmic
Don't like Spill at all. Now Brew, Grill, and Chill on the other hand 👌
J Thomas
J Thomas 9 days ago
I only watch 1 to 3 videos Of spill
AftermathRV 10 days ago
"i would hate for someone else to own my means of productions, and thats just one of the many qualms" ABOUT WHY TRO HATES COMMUNISM WOOO
Dylan Hunter
Dylan Hunter 12 days ago
I always assumed these channels where big corporations. There where just to many well made animated videos. I haven’t finished the video but does it really matter?
Winter Shows
Winter Shows 13 days ago
Renata BR
Renata BR 13 days ago
Who cares about Spill? Brew is fun. Grill and Chill are canon. I'm happy.
DJ Prey
DJ Prey 14 days ago
I don't mind or have an issue with them being company overall. only problem I have they told lies about it or so it would seem . I know you can fairly easily get paid even for a 70,000 sub account get paid by companies a sponsor of like £70,000 a year for that one of my friends has that at the moment
Karla Otte
Karla Otte 15 days ago
My semi-decent microphone doesn't work at all hahaha but my phone mic is honestly good enough, at least when starting out
Caleb Walker
Caleb Walker 15 days ago
I still like Brew and Spill
Ninja Medic
Ninja Medic 15 days ago
I believe they are a corporation. The first of their channels I found was Brew & I immediately recognized the voice of Brew. He sounds just the one of the voiceover narrators for the old travel channel documentaries from the mid 2000s. I used to be addicted to those damn top 10 specials & he sounds just like the guy that used to voice them.
Shima Sheep
Shima Sheep 13 days ago
No worries dude, just watch spill's vid regarding the rumors around them...the first half is slightly boring but at heart its just a group of 14 pol doing what they're passionate about, 4 ppl work on spill whilst the other focus on their own instrests ^^
Some dude that rips planet in half
i think brew is next...
Ki TheG
Ki TheG 17 days ago
“The first boss I had.... it was my first job....” bro..... he said that same sentence 5x in different ways within 3minutes.
Elitza Toth
Elitza Toth 17 days ago
He makes a lot of good points, although adding in his own personal opinions really takes away from the unbiased and factual standpoint thus completely undermining his own arguments. 😒
8Bit Miner
8Bit Miner 17 days ago
I honestly love Brew's content. I don't remember how the channel showed up in my recommended, but its still good.
Kerry Hubbard
Kerry Hubbard 17 days ago
I can't stand people calling gossip OE how
Teenage Stacker
Teenage Stacker 18 days ago
Thing is, corporations in Canada are very different then our neighbours to the south. Our tax system makes it so if you incorporate you don't have to pay as much for some taxes, making it in my eyes something that is just common sense to do.
xoxo Fernesha
xoxo Fernesha 18 days ago
jelu Playz
jelu Playz 18 days ago
I only like brew lol
Raesy 19 days ago
Was this video made for me. I'm literally watching this one year after on the same say... Friday the 13th. Wow
Not Someonelse
Not Someonelse 19 days ago
man but like brew actually pog
AJ Gentry
AJ Gentry 20 days ago
I dont mind spill. They do good research and theyre better than many other companies on this site.
Adriano Limaco
Adriano Limaco 20 days ago
at 35:11 my eyes hurt man
TJ436 21 day ago
I used to watch their channel, until it became “oNe SIp cOulD kIlL yOu!” Feels sad man Oh I was watching brew, same corporation.
Alex Pratt's Gaming room
TRO: the channel of a twat with too much free time
Ma'am Morg
Ma'am Morg 22 days ago
this mans accent
Jesse Rya
Jesse Rya 23 days ago
I think it's funny. The same people denouncing spill in this video's comment section are going to go right back to supporting films and music crafted by corporations specifically to appeal to them... The hypocrisy is palpable.
Camsters_Cool 24 days ago
Our southern sweet tea is the best your British tea is disgusting 🤮
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 24 days ago
Soooo It's still ok to watch Brew then...
Yasemin Kocatepe
Yasemin Kocatepe 24 days ago
Is it just me or was TRO hating on the On The Hill? It feels like he hasn’t seen past the first episode. The clip he showed was satire. The character is hated by the rest of the interesting cast and isn’t really the focus of the channel. He is just the stereotypical “protagonist” type. But, the amount of effort put into these videos does over-way this for me tho. AND THIS WAS MY TED TALK (idk how ted talks work)
cheng chao
cheng chao 26 days ago
in some videos instead of saying " i " she would say "we" so I automatically assumed it was a small team
Luca Brescianini
Luca Brescianini 26 days ago
Brew is a pretty good channel
Barney 26 days ago
20:31 Jesus christ, that clip reeks of "How do you do fellow kids ?"
BokkenRyder 26 days ago
Ye I also realized that working as a wage slave isn't for me. LOL
Otto Von Bismarck
Otto Von Bismarck 26 days ago
I never knew about spill, but i watched a few videos of brew's. I hated how his videos looked loke clickbait adds. "do this and you will lose 5kg in a week" "There are hot singles in your area" "How this man made 20000 in a single day! Bankers hate him" While his videos are neat, clean and educational, i wont really watch him because he stinks of clickbait journalism.
bouvardien 26 days ago
Gabriel Mota
Gabriel Mota 27 days ago
God damn youtube! I literaly just met this channel yesterday! why did you ruin it for me!
A F 27 days ago
Whatever, I love Brew. So by extension, I love Spill. Still love TRO though.
Hresvelgr 29 days ago
Well, we now have proof that TRO is a socialist and wants us to seize the means of production.
j0s3ph1n3 29 days ago
all the dislikes are from the people who work for spill
Just some Random guy
So why do you call yourself the right opinion when this is just the wrong facts
Nar 31
Nar 31 Month ago
Tbh I only watch Brew
Ma Month ago
I think the biggest problem is people comparing small channels and this channel because they think they are playing on the same level and that is nowhere near the truth. They are making people think they are better because most people say "well if spill can do it then the other drama channels can". That just isn't the truth and it's actually just kind of shitty.
hulk Hogan
hulk Hogan Month ago
El Gringo
El Gringo Month ago
whotf cares about tea channels
xXBlackKZoruaXx Month ago
not brew PepeHands
monty turner
monty turner Month ago
I feel like US-first shouldn't be about corporations,they should be community based without being biase. What was the ye olde quote US-first says...........Oh yea. "Broadcast yourself"
Aidan Drotzur
Aidan Drotzur Month ago
Dude I watch brew
Lil Will
Lil Will Month ago
Humans: This is working really good! Too good... I hate it Spill does something right and professional with a unique twist that we all live but slightly more animated and in it's own little group of personas. Everyone likes it until they do not because it seems too good.
jakmanxyom Month ago
Spill Girl: YOU CAN'T DEFEAT US, WE HAVE THE GOVERNMENT OF CANADA ON OUR SIDE [Paigey pulls out her paid-to-get-AWED-company-business-public-records card] Spill Girl: WhaA-NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Linus w
Linus w Month ago
I actually found the article where TRO's name is mentioned Heres a Link: www.cnbc.com/2019/05/10/youtube-faces-existential-threat-from-the-eus-new-copyright-directive.html you can use cntrl+f to find his name in the article
fire and ice nation the lost nation
I've only ever really watched Brew, however, I am quite interested in this. I never knew Brew, or a Brew-ESC channel would be under fire (you are the first time I have heard any conspiracy or controversy with and against them.) So, it is time to find out whether I shall continue to shovel down their content or begin to avoid them. UPDATE: Now that I have gone through the video, I shall continue to watch them. I was thinking this drama would be, darker? If that makes sense. Anyway, good day everyone!
FJ Narv
FJ Narv Month ago
For a sec I thought he was talking about Brew.
Yousor0 Month ago
I knew his name was Jeff Bezos. I fucking knew it.
Alex Corvus Cazador
I am halfway through the video and I still dont know what the hell is going on xD or whats the issue in the first place? XD. Did I miss something? I get easily distracted so I guess theres that.
Alyssa McCain
Alyssa McCain Month ago
The tone of her voice is the female equivalent to Yandere Dev's.
alex Month ago
wait wait wait wait wait i watch a channel called brew that has the same characters and animation as this spill channel. is that part of a corporation too?
Anonymous Month ago
It’s almost like regulations are antithetical to deregulations in both semantics and effect. Big businesses write the regulations that they can withstand while smaller business crumble, then deregulation allows those large businesses to stream roll through an open market. Lmao. It’s a big fucking game and most of us are pawns, not players.
Just Lillith
Just Lillith Month ago
Spill just clickbaits now
state of mind
state of mind Month ago
T-series literally sub bots and a lot of these celebrities like jimmy kimmel and dr. phil all they do is spam upload 8 videos a day and they barely get any views on the videos their channels are doing worse than so many channels that have less subs
Nick Month ago
I was subscribed to Brew (until now) cause I think some of the topics he covers are interesting, but I always thought something was a little off. Maybe it was the way he talked or presented everything as an absolute fact.
Keyana Victoriaa
Now they have a spill and matcha 🍵 🤔 interesting
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki Month ago
This is why I prefer to watch Anna oop not only is she funny but she’s keeps us up with drammaaa
Ionic man
Ionic man Month ago
I just want to ask, is brew in the same team as spill(he featured spill's channel)? i watched him because i was interested in his content, should i unsubscribe?
Róisín Grant
Róisín Grant Month ago
Drama channels making drama videos about drama channels. Meta.
im19ice3 Month ago
i dont even go here but :o
Tycoon Titian01
Tycoon Titian01 Month ago
Wait bright side is a corporation? No wonder there stuff sucks
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston Month ago
This bitch teaching preschool level business is annoying as hell and terrible at trying to teach it.
The Guy With T Icon
bruh moment, i drop my bread
Loyal Theorist Girl 101
When the people who talk about drama now has drama People: **GASP**
She always sounds so robotic
Milkman Month ago
who's the guy at 25:35?
Serinity59 Month ago
I can appreciate all her editing work,but i just can't get past her voice! It sounds so robotic and annoying.
TheErikjsm Month ago
Huh didnt know brew was a "side channel of some drama shit lol, oh well ill just stay subbed to brew and try to pretend thats info i dont know
Nancy K
Nancy K Month ago
Me too. I found Spill to be weird the moment I laid my eyes on it, but I was like, 'Nope, infotainment is enough for me.'
The True Nehme
The True Nehme Month ago
Who gives a flying fuck. These are good channels, are we seriously demonizing a group of content creators who wanted financial security. the fuck is wrong with you commies.
mecaka Month ago
Grill is, I think, supposed to be something like Internet Comment Etiquette, with the comedy being very surprising and vulgar and the main focus rather than sharing information.
Val Month ago
I dont get whats the big deal with it being a big group of people . Sorry im dumb..
Rasheena Rena
Rasheena Rena Month ago
i dont understand much how this started or how anyone wants to start shit with them in the 1st place
eLLy ???
eLLy ??? Month ago
Spill explained themselves check it out if your interested thanks. Edit. Also if you would like to get to the point where they ask questions or seem more relevant I recommend skipping to 28:04 mark in the video I have linked Thank you once again. us-first.info/player/video/rtKgqqN6caqsfXk.html
KudosK Month ago
Its just Animated BuzzFeed.
KudosK Month ago
Brew is weird too.
Lisa Gibson
Lisa Gibson Month ago
plot twist : spill is owned by Troom troom....
raffkaisa Month ago
The issue must have flown over my head or something. What is the problem with a company having a yt channel?
wedgoku 2 months ago
I Know this is an older video I just wanted to give my thoughts. I stopped watching Cable T.V years ago, the thing I liked about US-first is I'm able to watch the content I want on my own terms without having to be in a certain timezone bracket. The problem with US-first now is we have those same Cable T.V companies that I escaped from trying to destroy the platform with massive spam advertisements & the same shows I boycotted from the start. I don't like Cable T.V, I like watching smaller US-first channels with real people & not the fake paid BS you constantly watch on cable TV!
Anne 2 months ago
They use that music for every “deep” moment LMAO it’s so annoying
KiraRuby 2 months ago
25:59 LEAGUE OF LEGENDS YESSSS (Sorry I'm fangirling)
KiraRuby 2 months ago
I watch brew all the time even if he's fake! It good quality videos.
MissMonicaSilvia 2 months ago
Seems like you may have a personal bias against them
Adoriinu San
Adoriinu San 2 months ago
I liked the video when I saw the image of Edge. Great pun XD