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The Right Opinion: What Did Matt Watson Really Tell Us? The Truth Behind The Rabbit Hole | TRO
US-first is a monumental platform, with a lot of people, a lot of power, and thus, a lot of danger. There are currently 1.3 billion users on the site, an alleged 300 hours worth of content gets uploaded in a single minute, and if you go from video to video, then it can take you down multiple different rabbit holes and multiple different directions, it’s kinda weird to think about how much content is out there and how many things we might miss.
I’ve felt a whirlwind of sentiments of this, and initially expressed it in a Twitter thread that I feel is now obsolete due to this video, so I shan’t be referring it, because I’ve refined my thoughts a bit more now, but the background that I stated in the first Tweet is true, it was a probably bit more than one and a half years ago, I don’t know when to be exact, but I was just a small US-firstr, at the time I was doing some research with Kavos, back when he was still on around 20,000 subs, and someone messaged me talking to me about a situation they’d found.
The video came out, garnered around 25,000, 30,000 views at the time, and within a few days the playlists were gone, videos were deleted and if not the comment sections were deactivated, now, I knew that it was far from over. This was not the first time US-first has been caught up in this very specific issue, and I’ll definitely discuss this more later, but at this point there are more gates than an airport.
Enter stage left, Matt Watson, aka MattsWhatItis, a disillusioned US-firstr who decided to make a damning video documenting the problem on US-first, he wasn’t the first and he won’t be the last but he was definitely the most impassioned.
Matt, made the proclamation that this had to be dealt with, establishing the line of reasoning that US-first have not been listening to this persisting problem, particularly due to their alleged ignorance, and the only way to make them learn would be to go straight for their income, and thus their advertisers. So, Matt went on a passionate campaign about gaining the advertiser attention to hold US-first’s accountable, to force them to address this. His original video on US-first, is a passionate, dramatic rant with high level editing, and with perseverance he muscled his way to the front page of Reddit, and subsequently attracted attention from all arenas, not taking long to reach the ravenous media who were raring to report on US-first’s latest oopsie. Other news oriented US-firstrs decided to report it as well, providing their thoughts on the situation.
However, with such instantaneous momentum, Matt decided to do multiple live streams to consolidate his viewpoints and positions, but many people began to become suspicious about his credibility, and his integrity, and so certain creators took to Twitter, took to his stream, and even took to their channels to take him, and some of his narratives on.
Essentially, this has led to a load of back and forth, caused confusion, division, and frustration in the community, who can pretty much all agree on one thing but can create no consensus on what to actually do. I’m going to try and work out what we can do, but I also have a lot of criticism to hand out, because I am annoyed, for various reasons, we’ll explore each one of them now, I guess we should start a our home base, because there’s no place quite like home.

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Mar 23, 2019




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The Right Opinion
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Luna Norvell
Luna Norvell 2 months ago
Your editors are god tier
cheese sandwich
cheese sandwich 3 months ago
silly goof up
adam watson
adam watson 6 months ago
everything you do is fashionable, wdym?
Laura Spillers
Laura Spillers 7 months ago
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Christalyn Scott
Christalyn Scott 9 months ago
Hey, bud, US-first just posted their own channel on the site. You should go check them out. Working@ youtub.and leave some ideas they can use
HouseHosted 19 hours ago
I mean, you'd figure it would have been fine to just report the innappropriate comments...
Kolchian 5 days ago
I was worried it was our supermega boi for a sec
Bound4Earth 8 days ago
The dumbass doesn't even understand the term Bi-Directional microphone means. Explains a lot about him. What an attention whore PoS.
Møreign Fānce Døves
Matt's sus.
Lady Symble
Lady Symble 9 days ago
I think users/viewers and creators can be more proactive to help the ped.. situation. WE can all Keep our eyes open for this crap and report it correctly to YT. If it’s local also report it to police. YT can’t catch them without our help. So many drama, gossip, cheating , stupid shit creators out there. If they’d Spend a couple hrs a week shutting down some Illegal cams or vids, I can bet they’d feel much better about themselves. It takes a community to protect our most valuable treasures..our children! Don’t put it off on a corporation. They have TOS and clearly are trying. Mainly supervise your own kids during computer time. Internet is not a babysitter. Children who are not of contract signing age should not be creating videos on YT. Sorry; but I truly believe that.
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Byrne 9 days ago
If he wants to protect people go join the cops or the military . US-first is not the platform to try save the world . The romans and the Greeks considered pedophilia as common practice. It has been with us for a looooooong looooooooooong time. The only way these US-first heroes can help in this area is too simply report this behaviour or join the authorities. As pedophilia will NEVER go away . Great video man , well done .
Darryl Pigeon
Darryl Pigeon 13 days ago
MrTurtleTail 20 days ago
33:40 this has to be my favorite TRO quote ever. So badass lmao!
MrTurtleTail 20 days ago
This Matt guy actually tried to look up C P on pornhub. I'm sure he'd argue for investigative purposes. But I doubt it
Myra Bradford
Myra Bradford 23 days ago
This guy basically saw the terrible loophole that US-first allows and his entire plan was to stop the loophole by burning US-first to the ground.
i ape
i ape 23 days ago
hes looking for clout
Mrpooh Mc'Baggins
Mrpooh Mc'Baggins 24 days ago
Like killing a fly with napalm... Nevermind the collateral damage. Even the zealots want youtube fame. As if he's the moral compass of US-first lol
Deprimada 25 days ago
He wants US-firstrs to lose their jobs, probably because hes jealous because he thinks making videos is too easy and "not a real job".
matt watson? not from supermega?!?
milk box
milk box 28 days ago
hur hur matt watson from supermega hur hur
Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott Month ago
What about banning ALL content featuring children that isnt pre-approved. this already has basis for it in US law. a child shouldnt even be portrayed in public media without the express consent of parents. on top of that, slave-driving your children for views is akin to child labor.... since there is no gatekeeper like there was in the days of antenna TV, you could argue that a parent should have more barriers to exploiting child stars in the modern age and thus a parents consent is not enough.
Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott Month ago
I mean, the guy uses a blue yeti. next.
Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott Month ago
and right after the point in the video i made this comment he calls it out lol
Saint Dahomey
Saint Dahomey Month ago
What Matt Watson told us is that children should not be on youtube and that youtube should have an age restriction.
Elizabeth O'Ham
Elizabeth O'Ham Month ago
Hot take: under age people should not be uploading to youtube. Their mental and physical safety is more important. We would not tolerate unsupervised nine year olds wandering the streets twerking or wearing underwear. Why on EARTH tolerate it in a virtual sense? It's not penalizing a child to remove their image from a space they should not be in the first place for their safety and well being. Getting children off youtube would be better for kids generally and the platform generally for more reasons than pedos.
DK H Month ago
*Matt is like that girl from your high school that would always talk about you behind your back saying **_"OMG I wouldn't say it behind her back if I wouldn't say it to her face"_** and then when you call her out in person about it and want to fight she quickly changes her mind talking about **_"Let's just talk. Like I would never say things about you behind your back!"_*
Deon Carter
Deon Carter Month ago
He attacked kids US-first channels not the pedophiles 😂😂😂😂 the pedophiles was only in the comments but they didn't make the videos
Enkeliz Month ago
Press RB to flip wait how'd you do that?
Matt looks like the type of guy who would brag about his son getting an A+
CreeperSammyB !
CreeperSammyB ! Month ago
dude you are lucky to get THREEE CHECKMARKED USERS
J_Jammer Month ago
US-first should hire people specifically to find the videos like detectives. These people that are making the comments that are bad should be found.
Emilio Castillo
Emilio Castillo Month ago
Ran into this video, cuz rabbit 🐇 hole. And if I didn't sub because of your user name, I would have for the gates at an airport joke. Terminal... ahhhhh 10/10 ign
Sandwich Month ago
Matt Watson from super megammmmmm
AussieAnnie62 Month ago
funny how Matt made this movie us-first.info/player/video/np2kg2qCqqV3emg.html
HSLOLq HSLOLq Month ago
Like Water On Oil On Fire.
KiraRuby 2 months ago
No moi, it's your boy, Joined. 5:15
Cybpnk 2077
Cybpnk 2077 2 months ago
Ads wouldn't be a problem if people actually had a backup (main) job that doesn't involve a platform that doesn't have a boss besides AI bots. Everyone uses ad block anyways so what's the difference? Pepega Clap
Cybpnk 2077
Cybpnk 2077 2 months ago
Luna Norvell
Luna Norvell 2 months ago
Oh wow I totally thought he was gonna talk about Matt Watson from supermega
Dangr 2 months ago
“let’s just hope this one isn’t terminal” i see what you did there you clever bastard tro you
Sweet&Sour 2 months ago
Not to draw attention from the real issues here, but you're saying "pedophile" when you should be saying "predator". A pedophile is simply someone that feels attracted to children. And while I find that gross, it's not necessarily malicious. It's possible that some of these individuals don't indulge in exploiting children. It's not something that can be controlled and it's sad that some people are trapped with those intrusive thoughts. Predators, on the other hand, do exploit children. Predators are the ones that we should find sickening. Not all pedos are predators, but it's important that we address the ones that are. Children are vulnerable and they need protection. The ones looking at children, commenting on children, touching children - those are the people that need to be held accountable.
Katt 2 months ago
15:37 the bit we all came for
TFrills 2 months ago
You give youtube too much credit
Nosebluds 2 months ago
Not the point of the video, but TRO giving props to Pyro, my favorite commentary lesbian, really made my day
Carter Pitbull
Carter Pitbull 2 months ago
Having to register your id with websites would just help doxxers to find and hurt people easier. Pedos could find children easier, that just makes it worse.
LitAfuseiCantStop 3 months ago
That "clack" every few seconds in the background music is SUPER distracting.
trint k
trint k 3 months ago
How unsettling. Pedos should just jump off bridges and save us all the trouble.
MrShriven 3 months ago
remove minors from the platform altogether
HOLLEY ROCKS 3 months ago
Eh. That dude just seems like he is running out of content
Pain Incorporated
Pain Incorporated 3 months ago
US-first is garbage
Miranda Ann
Miranda Ann 3 months ago
majority of social media platforms are CP hubs. it’s knowingly spread on these sites. instagram/twitter are the worst. that’s why it’s upsetting that these videos are monetized.
marlene hernandez
marlene hernandez 3 months ago
33:44 caught me off guard there😆
GeorgeMazur29 3 months ago
As Boogie2988 said on the H3H3 podcast once, big advertisers don't care about the specific morality of video content. They just need a pretext for lower ad bids.
GeorgeMazur29 3 months ago
A bitter white dude who ruins a platform with a sensational cause being a pretext for a selfish agenda? Yeah sounds like a Redditer
Duc 3 months ago
ok i guess im the first emp lemon comment after the second video
Raxo 3 months ago
Matt Watson? From supermega?
Abandoned Channel
Abandoned Channel 2 months ago
Mr Smith
Mr Smith 3 months ago
He seems like a dude that was protesting a little too much. Overcompensating while assuming 20+ year old women blogging was softcore CP, and creeping on women in the street for a porn "prank" video...there's something off about him.
amazed92 3 months ago
wow this guy really expected every one of his vids to be in the trending list ... kind of tells you what he's really interested in ... his 5 mins of fame
AlisonChains13 3 months ago
I keep thinking of Matt Watson from Supernega
ok?? 3 months ago
I was only aware of Elsagate and PizzaGate
Because Sakamoto
Because Sakamoto 3 months ago
This is my first time checking out this channel, got recced the new Nikocado video and started scrolling down and felt obligated to do the funny - Matt Watson SuperMega?
Ezyk Artist
Ezyk Artist 4 months ago
i love biodegradables edits
peach owes me money
peach owes me money 4 months ago
who fucking cares if that girl was underage or not, i would fear for my life if a man rolled his car up next to me when im walking aLONE and made any sort of sexual comment to me. Did you see how that girl RAN in the opposite direction?? And his only defense is that she wasnt a teenager??
BoogieMonster Mom
BoogieMonster Mom 3 months ago
Right?! That whole situation is fucked. If she's really underage it makes it even more fucked, but regardless of which it is, her being of age or not, neither actually makes the situation better or appropriate in any way. It's an ignorant rebuttal.
Little Silly
Little Silly 4 months ago
Just saying, but if they employed about 1 billion people then they could definitely review every single video being uploaded, and I'm sure employing a bit less than 1/5 or a bit more than 1/10 of the population of the world is very feasible. I am also sure that there would be no logistical issues with suddenly multiplying their employee numbers by 100,000 or more in the span of a week, let alone the time the media would give them to fix it, which should be a year or three right? (This was entirely made to be sarcasm explaining why reviewing every single video would be, like TRO said, completely impossible.)
5A8R3 4 months ago
ther are more gates that a fucking airport...lets hope this one isnt terminal hahah brilliant
Moose Man
Moose Man 4 months ago
It confuses me when people bring attention to a problem and then when asked ‘so what should we do about it?’ They kind of throw their hands up and walk away. I mean.. offer something??? Even a little thing?
justcallmelucky •_•
I really watched the entire video
Jerome Sankara
Jerome Sankara 4 months ago
19:44 got me. Pyrocynical, wheres Petscop 2?
Mary C
Mary C 4 months ago
33:35 The U.S. Economy is garbage and anyone who can pay off their student loans on soap-cutting videos, more power to them. Maybe some of us will get to retire earlier than 71.
Bryan Lewis
Bryan Lewis 4 months ago
"She looks like a child... oh she's 23?" Biggot passing judgment based on his fucking assumptions with no substance whatsoever. It's amazing what these filters can do online these days even the 60 year old women can make themselves look like they're underage with just a couple filters so how can anyone pass judgement on anyone else based on how somebody LOOKS online. Especially when it seems like every woman of age is doing everything they can to appear as a minor on every picture on Facebook and all social media
Bryan Lewis
Bryan Lewis 4 months ago
Whether you agree or not... when people put themselves out in public people are going to view it and discuss it however they want. It may be creepy but it's not illegal so nobody is going to do a damn thing about it. I think I have discussed this more times than I can count the police are there to enforce the law not morality. There is a huge difference between morality and legality. And while we're on the subject there's countries where the age of consent is somewhere in the vicinity of 12 years old. So whose moral compass are we going to follow in a global community. I think those people would have a huge problem if someone tried to raise their age a consent to 18 just like we would have a huge problem if they try to lower ours to 12. It must be realized that online we are dealing with a global community where morality enforcement is an insanely difficult thing to wrap a mind around let alone create a single standard with which to punish individuals in multiple different cultures all over the world. I'm sure they find it quite disgusting for somebody to wait till 18 to marry a woman. I was raised in the United States where to me viewing a woman who isn't legally an adult in a sexual manner is disgusting to me. But I was also raised to play Devil's Advocate so I tend to look at all sides of an argument especially when it comes to morality. I have certain things that I would never stand for anyone to force their morals on me and I definitely would not try to force my morals on anyone else but the law is something that we have all agreed upon and is objective and we can shove that down someone else's throat and put them in prison in a lot of cases for breach. But until such time as we know what countries eat people are acting from and what the laws are in their area then it's really difficult to provide evidence and convince those people. Just something to consider when you pass judgement on another human being. They could just as easily pass judgment for you or something that's completely legal in your area but considered immoral and illegal in their area. And yet people say religion is the root of War but this seems like a huge problem with many people in many areas that has nothing to do with religion. Because morality and religion are two completely separate issues since it seems to be mostly atheist who are calling everyone pedophiles and creeps and child molesters
alex 4 months ago
never laughed harder than that pewdiepie video
Dexter Thomas
Dexter Thomas 4 months ago
3:11 is the a booger? If you're gonna be on camera, you might want to make sure the bats left the cave...
Willard Jr
Willard Jr 4 months ago
10:17 why was he reading my little pony book
8 Bit Nostalgia Trip
I'm pretty sure I've heard Google loses money on US-first
Marco Gutierrez
Marco Gutierrez 4 months ago
Matt Watson’s an out of shape Sami Zayn
Kyle Markinson
Kyle Markinson 4 months ago
It's funny, as I've only come across a lot of these channels very recently. The first few commentary channels I ever watched were Optimus and SomeOrdinaryGamers. The only reason I found any other channels was because of seeing a video review about Disney's Artemis Fowl movie by Swell Entertainment. I watched Swell's catalogue, in which I found Amanda the Jedi through their collaboration. I then watched Amanda's catalogue, in which I found Mista GG through their collaboration. All of this primed the algorithm to recommend me to TheRightOpinion, and I have to agree that all of these creators put out good content.
Mr London Go
Mr London Go 4 months ago
What is the 'problem'? I've wathced this whole thing and still don't know. sorry for being thick
Morgan Pohlen
Morgan Pohlen 5 months ago
The fact that people look down on US-first as a job astounds me..I mean..I was a professional wrestler for 10 years and got paid a total of $2 and a beer, literally. I did it because I loved it and honestly, I love US-first. I want to become a tuber myself, even if I don't make money. US-first is a platform for people to do what they love and talk about what they love while developing relationships with like-minded people and to actually make money doing that..well..hell that sounds perfect! Turning passion into cash is amazing, whether through yt or not. It's what everyone should aspire to, to do what you love and get paid for it IS the American Dream.
CaT Ash
CaT Ash 5 months ago
21:20 tell me that hair cant reflect bullets , dare you. That's a goddamn helmet.
The Anti Artists
The Anti Artists 5 months ago
Never thought I’d see Trevor Noah doing the floss
друг 5 months ago
I think hes heart is in the right place but the way he approaches it its super wrong also where he says that youtubers want there revanue over the childs safety i can see where hes comeing from but then again thats wrong because some youtubes rely on ads to survive
Amelia Hobbs
Amelia Hobbs 5 months ago
Am I the only one who was slightly concerned when he at the start for the video said how personal this topic is for him, and if I’m not mistaken please correct me when it comes to videos of this topic he somewhere in the video mentions how it’s personal it is to him. And as horrible as it is (I hope it’s not true) it makes me thinks he’s been sexually abused in his childhood or had a close person to him that’s had to go through that. I just wanted to know if if was only me who thought this or if it made me want to get to know the loveable twat we all see in Jan professional light
LiamChaun 5 months ago
Jeusus, dont scare me like that! XD I initially though you were going to talk about Matt Watson from Cyndago and SuperMega.
A Person
A Person 5 months ago
This guy is one of those pearl clutching assholes that doesn’t want to actually do anything except complain about it.
Feral Animation
Feral Animation 5 months ago
Wasn’t this dude an actor on riverdale or something? I think I heard that somewhere
Scotty B
Scotty B 5 months ago
p*rnhub has so many videos (that are monetized) of minors, of sexual assaults, of people being groped while unconscious, of upskirt videos, of r*pes, and the victims in these videos have been consistently ignored while their abusers get paid. i know what Matt said is still technically true, but some of these videos of people being violently attacked have millions of views, and the victims have no choice but to go public, begging people to get PHub to take the videos down or at least review them. They aren't the sex-positive, cool, modern company that people think they are. (just another reason to just get an Onlyfans and pay for the content you enjoy)
Charlene 5 months ago
Keemstar I see yeah there's a whole little group of you guys that protect US-first and that's what you're doing and that breaks my heart because I really liked you and I thought you weren't one of these guys but you are you're attacking a guy because he wants to go after advertisers and US-first for letting pedophilia thrive and that's what it does so please spare me I mean this is b******* this video please you're a bunch of bullies is what you are who probably are getting paid from US-first I wouldn't doubt it makes me sad cuz again I really liked your content but I definitely don't like this one at all you're either for pedophilia or against it shouldn't matter about the money the advertisers or the platform at the end of the day the only thing that should matter are those children PERIOD youtube is a bias community if you tell the truth or your conservative your gone rhe ones that remain have ro becareful or your lucky seems to me no what it is is passionate about the subject thisnis so bullish it makes me wonder the only manipulation i see here is from you protecting a platfrom that in my opinion knowingly PROTECTS pedaphilia again for it or not its not manipulative to be passionate about tour cause but again i see the usual youtubers wonder about that check sorry to see your one an id be happy to be qrong except I heard an saw your video si agree with 2 things tou said yes lets be honest your bullies who only care about the check i applaud Matt
Mindflayer 5 months ago
I thought this was about my boy Matt Watson from SuperMega
CH33K1BR33K1 5 months ago
Legit same, got worried for a second.
Dog Bro
Dog Bro 5 months ago
"this is wrong and I am willing to sacrifice you all to right it" Someone ain't getting on the survival raft.
The Shameless Kid
The Shameless Kid 5 months ago
Wait was this dude looking for child pornography on “the hub”, cause that’s kinda weird. Like why was he looking for it, when he said you can’t find it on said website that was weird.
Amibo Arra
Amibo Arra 5 months ago
39:00 Unas Annus! Unas Annus!
NicholasKreuz 6 months ago
Are we not going to talk about the fact that Watson stated he couldn't find any CP on pornhub?... He literally said he looked and couldn't find any. I feel like that at least deserves a weird look lol
Carianne Manning
Carianne Manning 6 months ago
Delete all family videos and all videos of children in general. Children under a certain age don’t know what they are really doing (aka being broadcasted to potentially MILLIONS) and don’t know the possible repercussions of being embarrassed etc. PARENTS SHOULD NOT FILM THEIR CHILDREN. You know how embarrassing it is when your mom posts you on Facebook? Imagine them documenting all your “oopsies” and putting on US-first for their millions of followers, disgusting
Tea Sesh
Tea Sesh 6 months ago
It just sounds like you are upset he effected monetization after his video.
blockhead 6 months ago
Matt Watson? From Supermega???
Monky 6 months ago
I'm late but, I made a nice song "One fine rope and a real good tree, *Then no more pedos no sir-e, A bottle of gas and a nice lit match, *Then no more pedos no sir-e, Take this rifle out my hand, *Take this rifle out my hand Or I just might kill a man *Or I just might kill a man One, two, three, four *One, two, three, four Let their bodies hit the floor, *Let their bodies hit the floor
CrackingCody 6 months ago
Side note: I'm not surprised you, and a majority of people out there, don't grasp the difference between a "pedophile" and a "child molester".... Pedophiles are BORN attracted to younger kids (16 or lower), but over 90% never act on those urges their entire life. Child molesters, on the other hand, DO act on the urges, thus why molestation is illegal (and I believe a federal crime in most countries), where-as being a pedophile is NOT. There is therapy for pedophiles, support groups, etc. A vast majority of pedophiles often kill themselves because they hate they have said urges, but they can't help it. What they CAN help is acting on them. 2 different things. It's like mixing up "sex" and "gender". They're similar, but different.
CrackingCody 6 months ago
Also, the content itself isn't perverted. Parents who upload videos of their children competing in gymnastics or swimming competitions aren't "terrible parents".... And having such a mindset is blatantly moronic.
Blake Robert
Blake Robert 6 months ago
Oh wait, this isn’t CarWow
local 6 months ago
i’ve never personally watched youtube rewind. from what i’ve seen of it on other channels, it’s just a big commercial for international investors. i don’t recognize over half the people i’ve seen in it.
Pisces too real
Pisces too real 6 months ago
youtube can use a bot to just screen any video with children in them. if you want a child in your video you have to have an adult agree to posting it by emailing youtube an id and a picture of themselves with a hand written code.
Wickedincarnate 6 months ago
Sony and Disney seem pretty convinced US-first needs to monitor each and every upload as they are uploaded to protect their copyrights and its starting to look like the courts agree with them.
fireroka 6 months ago
what triggered me is how he used his microphone
Shinkai Atusya
Shinkai Atusya 6 months ago
*Sees cockroach* Matt: *Uses Nuke*
Sophocles 6 months ago
I wish *I* was a twat with too much free time. I’m just a twat with too much responsibility and work.