This Teen Idol Manipulated Everyone - How He Almost Got Away With It | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: This Teen Idol Manipulated Everyone - How He Almost Got Away With It | TRO

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Mar 30, 2019




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The Right Opinion
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: REFERENCES IN THE DOCUMENT, AT THE FOOT OF THE COMMENT. This is a long one, I'm definitely gonna try and avoid these in the future and apologise if it's a bit too long for some people. Also wanted to apologise for the ringing at around the 35 minute mark, don't know how we missed that, and it doesn't last. CHECK OUT THE EDITORS: - Doco: us-first.info - Ethan Ulrich: contactmastereth.wixsite.com/ethan-ulrich - Corticera: us-first.info - Void: us-first.info - Mullenax: us-first.info - r1c3: twitter.com/r1c33 - Special thanks to my Patrons: a vdl, Low60, Mac Maunder, Jade Rose, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch, Adam VIllareal, Ashley Butts, Adam Goetz, Bryan Langley, cloudfruit, Connor, Divinireigns, Miru Kado, Neo, Brandon, Emily Yoder, Megan McCallion, Mikey K, Miru Kado, Neo, Nipple Man, Ristretto Eva, Michael, Shane Reese, Mama Fujo, Yuliya Terekh, 10$+ Patrons: Adam Goetz, Ashley Butts, Destiny Rollman, Divinereigns, Elizabeth Looby, James Rai, Marco Flores, Megan Claire, somehulabaloo, The Derbinator, William Thatch, Storykeeper Sparrow, Ursula Holm, Drake Dragsaw Special Thanks to My 50 Dollar Patreons: Connor, somehulabaloo, Evening Steel Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreons: Ryan & Brandon References: docs.google.com/document/d/1G4aWLtn6t3_Cc9o3Y4YFfOqv14l0Rrs_x3j8uFQiyH0/edit?usp=sharing
hugh neutron
hugh neutron 7 hours ago
Dude your videos are great I listen to them almost every day since I found out about your channel.
lana rose
lana rose Day ago
the WayBack machine really is incredible isn’t it lol
Kodie Kulp
Kodie Kulp 2 days ago
Releases 5 hours on nick avacodo
Basant Studio
Basant Studio Month ago
I really respect a content of a critical thinking mind..glad I found your channel.
Irish Tv
Irish Tv Month ago
The twat is related to Hitler
Potatoxchips 3 hours ago
The one power or advantage a manipulator has over someone is their attention.
HouseHosted 3 hours ago
This kid gives a bad name to pedophiles. Absolutely disgusting.
ItsMeHighGuy 12 hours ago
Jesus christ the amount of bullshit that started at 30:00. Cry me a fucking river.... that sounds like my childhood. Other then my dad didnt leave. But he was an alcoholic and smoked crack. But yet here I am today, never asked an underage girl for any type of video or pictures.
Wes Pauls
Wes Pauls 12 hours ago
"Why did you do it Austin, why???" "I had four biscuits and I ate one, then I only had three."
aditi joshi
aditi joshi 15 hours ago
ewww nooo whys he from illinoisss
Fang Wolfie
Fang Wolfie 18 hours ago
Genuinely never heard of this guy before so idk why I'm here
A Monroe
A Monroe 19 hours ago
Anyone with hair like that is WRONG.
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 19 hours ago
The second youtuber to read one of the comments was primink
Amanda O'Neill
Amanda O'Neill 21 hour ago
Sophistipop wow love it🤣🤣
Marten Jakob
Marten Jakob 21 hour ago
Hairstylist: "So... what will you have today?" Austin: "Okay... put a thin gel mixed with anti-frizz throughout, then lift me by my ankles into the air, next flush a toilet and ever so gently lower my head into the swirl... let the water do all of the work, ya feel me?" Hairstylist: 😳
Lee raps
Lee raps Day ago
I’ve never heard of this man like ever
Honest Man
Honest Man Day ago
I enjoyed the video ..up until you said Trump ...trying to compare him with Austin...and Got mad ...dont do that ... But then you started talking about sucking dick cause you a fan ..and it all make sense ....Your logic stops at Trump ...wow
Danta 20 hours ago
It's a tactic Trump deadass uses himself even as a Trump supporter myself I know he does this he didn't compare the 2 he used a famous example of the tactic so people could have a good grasp of a situation they've potentially already heard it
lana rose
lana rose Day ago
27:23 When he started talking about that i literally shouted FUCK YOU to my phone because that’s SO. DAMN. MANIPULATIVE. ALL OF IT PISSES ME OFF. I cannot even begin to express my hate for this idiot to use su*cide as a tactic to get his audience to brush off his disgusting behavior. That’s coming from someone who’s gone through all of that; you can’t use serious issues and mental issues to get your fan girls to pity you, no matter if what happened was real or not. If he wasn’t lying, then yeah bro i’m sorry that it went that far, but coming from him, i have no empathy and no reason to believe anything that comes from his mouth.
Elaine Lat
Elaine Lat Day ago
"He had this cheeky look at the camera and all you b*tches were expected to swoon appropriately." Harsh but he wasn't wrong lol
Big Bear Gaming
I personally never understood the draw with this kid. He's like any other cookie cutter teen fad -an adult with the visage of a child in high school and as entitled and manipulative as a child raised by a wealthy family whose never told them "no" sincerely a say in their lives. Not for nothing, he isn't even mildly attractive. He looks like a blonde version of Prince Charles when he was 15. And I am not at all shocked he is doing 10 years in prison for child porn.
dis-graceful Day ago
Hey TRO, I've watched a couple of your videos but this one made me a subscriber. Don't mind the longer content at all. I just wanted to say THANK YOU because this kind of predator is so real and current. It's also relatable to me as a girl who grew up on the internet, I know there were times I felt like I couldn't say no to people in perceived positions of power and the damage it can cause to those vulnerable people. You put it all very elegantly. I hope the nasty cretin watches this all the way through too. Then again, I hope he never leaves jail and doesn't get the opportunity.
PlayDead Day ago
As of November 24th 2020 he was transported to where he will spend his full imprisonment after being held in a jail for 3 years, he is now FINALLY going to an actual, full fledged, prison. He’s scheduled for release December 2027
teddy pendergrass
ok first off, sorry but I couldn't make it through an hour long video about a US-first Berber boy. but I looked this up and can't find much other than he is in jail. so what did he do? the parts of this video I made it through said he asked girls to twerk? there surely must've been something else though right? I mean, yeah this guy sounds and acted like a real scumbag.. but I can't have just been for twerking requests.
Danta 20 hours ago
He recorded lewd videos of underage girls the twerking is just where it started but it did escalate after he felt untouchable after manipulating his audience to believe he was sorry and that his rough child was a excuse for his actions so possession of child porn
Sahira Maldonado
You heard that folks! If you’re parents are divorced, have attended funerals and had a grandparent die...congratulations! You’ll be asking for twerking videos when you’re older!
skylarLuv 2 days ago
i hate it when people apologize in the same manner: a monotone voice, how they say "im not proud of it" or the same copy and pasted apology everytime my god.
FandomQueen 2 days ago
This guy is so similar to mini ladd like what the hell. The excuses of mental health and making the girls feel like he was doing them a favour is the exact same wtf
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson 2 days ago
Never just a dude w that hair cut .. davie whatever this dude yeah red flag 🚩 for me
rmgbbel 2 days ago
this guy....
pink cookie
pink cookie 2 days ago
I love 17:05 to 17:15 it made me laugh so badly.
Nico Cas
Nico Cas 3 days ago
Ive watched several of your videos and enjoyed them. You really seem to research your facts. Well, until this one and im not referring to the subject. Im referring to Trump. I am so sick of the fake news bullshit. Do some fact checking as in real ones before defaming a person especially one of the best presidents who has done more for my country (not sure if its yours hence the accent). Seriously, google what he has done. research from journalists who still have integrity and get yours back!
Danta 20 hours ago
He wasn't insulting Trump he was using a famous example of the same tactic Austin was using cause Trump uses the "I know a guy" tactic a lot even as a Trump supporter myself it's easy to see that he loves that appeal to authority
Joel 3 days ago
"Some boy with shwooshed hair, bent over his acoustic guitar singing into the camera" Anyone else just think of Wilbur Soot here?
Modeling STNA Britt
This was well broken down and informative. Subbed.
Shelby Watkins
Shelby Watkins 3 days ago
Austin before prison: x Austin after prison: O
Rohan Plantboy James
I don't know whos hair is worse his or Trumps?
Austin Fitch
Austin Fitch 3 days ago
another nice and long gay video about nothing. gg TRO
Aneurysm 3 days ago
7:47 Gotta love Whang
TheBfutgreg 4 days ago
7:57 I love this voice haha
Nate DS
Nate DS 4 days ago
I'm halfway through the video as of typing this... Am I to understand that when this guy is asked "why did you get underage girls to twerk for you" he said "it's cause my daddy died".
Pale Rider
Pale Rider 4 days ago
Deviant art furry ocs made by literal 7 year olds: shy, pretty, part of the demon family, crush: prob someone named Tyler, lesbian ( not trying to be offensive but it is like half of the time the same gender ), red and blue eye, black fur, emo, depressed, suicidal (I’m not wrong they always glorify depression), prolly has killed someone. It’s the truth
Ashelyn Rodriguez
Dude ik everybody handles grief and pain and trauma differently but his excuses are INSANE!! my father was not only also an alcoholic, hes a pedophile. Like an actual pedophile and molested me when I was 3. I have a wonderful mother and siblings but our family was dysfunctional after it came out to my mother what my father was doing. My home life was strange after that. I grew up to have issues with relationships. But I didnt become a pervert just bc my father is one 😭 I abused drugs and became a heavy addict...I fell in love for the first time in 2014 (before my addiction) and we started using drugs together 2 years into our relationship. ...the love of my life died a year ago. I miss him painfully every day...I try to fill that void and have used sex to do so but...I STILL DIDNT BECOME A PERVET. And a pushy one at that. Trauma making you desire sex all the time is common but with minors?? NO. being pushy about it?? Also NO. UNACCEPTABLE 😭 UGH im just so mad he used his past as an excuse. Sir...these were MINORS
chadabouttodie 3 days ago
hi! hope your doing better, i'm sorry you had to go thought that, you're really strong!
trip2themoon 4 days ago
I know a few former self-harmers (including my girlfriend) and it leaves permanent scars. Austin's arms and wrists looked fine, no evidence on them of self-harming whatsoever.
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 5 days ago
US-firstr: *guilt trips 14 year olds into sending inappropriate videos* UwU, sowwey I was in a dawk place
MintyGuppy 5 days ago
29:12 He sounds like a devientart undertale edgy oc's backstory
Jessica Garza
Jessica Garza 5 days ago
My brother who was 9, died when I was 11 by hanging himself. My father was an alcoholic who died of a lung disease when I was 16. My mother was a drug addict who OD'ed on Fentynel when I was 23. ...My entire immediate family is dead.... I have BPD, depression, PTSD, and anxiety because of the intense abuse my mom put me through - I am doing EMDR to help me with the awful memories.... And despite all that...You know what I haven't done and still have no intention or desire to do? Ask for sexy pictures of underage boys...or doing other nasty ass things for me. Your trauma is NOT an excuse to hurt someone else. AT ALL. Fuck you, Austin.
The Nctic
The Nctic 4 days ago
@Super Mario oh thank you for telling me
Super Mario
Super Mario 4 days ago
Jessica can block me, but can't delete my comments.
Super Mario
Super Mario 4 days ago
ArPeeGee posted this comment with 18k likes. Jessica stole this comment, so before you go feeling all bad for her, go feel bad for ArPeeGee. Jessica is thirsty. Jessica is a liar. Jessica is a plagiarist. Fuck Jessica.
KB0OTY 5 days ago
What a putz.
Will M.
Will M. 5 days ago
Jones' release date is the 31st of Dec, 2020 according to Google. He is reportedly being incarcerated at a federal correctional institution in Loretta. I don't know his level of custody or if he is in gen pop. I didn't go that far. I know what correctional officers and inmates do so I know first hand prison is not fun at all. Trust me, I'm sure he'd rather be free. Prison sucks so he's where he needs to be.
Fire Fly Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨Ʒ
He got ten years of prison? Well I guees our hands wont be the only thing clapping tonight
Super Mario
Super Mario 4 days ago
Underrated comment. ❤️💯
NAFISHA EVA 6 days ago
you listen to oliver tree?
Destiny Hester
Destiny Hester 6 days ago
My dad has schizophrenia and he's never done this. Austin is disgusting
Emily 6 days ago
He sent me a DM when I was 13 and offered to put me on the guest list for his show in Chicago. I commented on his post that I really wanted to go but we couldn’t afford the drive (it was 3 hours and through 3 states) and he said he really wanted to see me there and he put me on the guest list if I could find a way to Chicago 🥸
Dakota Meeker
Dakota Meeker 7 days ago
Yeah i went to funerals and my parents were divorced but i didnt ask underage people for twerking videos sooooooooo
Bleach98 Shinigami
Austin was 18 and that girl was 14. 4 years apart and times those two age together and then Austin would deserve 252 years of sentence, (which is life sentence).
Shon 7 days ago
I thought I would laugh at Austin Jones doing the twerking bit himself. Instead I felt genuinely sick, cause the clip really shows how disgustingly sick this person was in the head.
Isa Schiller
Isa Schiller 7 days ago
pfft i went to a mental hospital for suicide too and i dont wana see young girls twerk hes just a creepy awful person
Fat to Fierce
Fat to Fierce 7 days ago
that is the furthest i've seen anyone try to reach lmfao "my dad killed himself so I'm a pedophile"???
Kate 8 days ago
He was traumatised by going to funerals of distant relatives that he didnt know? Okay
one badmoto
one badmoto 8 days ago
I doubt he has a scar to prove of his claims of self harm. Would have sworn he was gay
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
And that is why I'm not a loyal fan girl to any artist 🤷‍♀️
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
Ick🤢 he tried to guilt his fans for his insecurities, sense of self -worth, and depression🙄 that is his responsibility to cultivate self compassion respect and love but as a narcissist I doubt he will ever change.
Ivan Tutić
Ivan Tutić 8 days ago
Ok but whats that song at 5:00
Bob Johns
Bob Johns 8 days ago
i remember this dude from vine... shit sick
one badmoto
one badmoto 8 days ago
So essentially he was like every single rockstar ever with a little less talent since he didn’t write them or create them musically.
Elayne Wright Berman
I have never heard of him until this
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 8 days ago
AJ had a look not good looks in my opinion 🤷‍♀️
Talyn has time
Talyn has time 8 days ago
Me @ Austin’s apology: How does death make you attracted to children? 🤔🤔🤔
A local Trashcan
A local Trashcan 8 days ago
But let the kids on like i
Justine Bourke
Justine Bourke 9 days ago
Why people like this have ANY relevence in ANYbody's life in ANY way at all is completely beyond me 😅 I'm here out of insufferable boredom, I must go pick my nose or my toenails ie; do something more worthwhile than this 😄
flami -
flami - 9 days ago
was that benji lmao 8:09
god, this reminds me of the allegations against andrew stein... eugh...
Xo_ SunnyPixels _oX
toxic avenger
toxic avenger 9 days ago
Ahhh the old r. Kelly defense
Dear Luciella
Dear Luciella 9 days ago
I remember when burning sun case shook the kpop world, there were girls that say to the victims that they should be happy oppa rape them...damn humanity
Coffee Cobra
Coffee Cobra 9 days ago
"I began asking for attention in the wrong way" you get reassurance from... twerking? Bro if my PTSD ridden ass wants reassurance I talk to my partner of 2 and a half years and still going strong. That's not an excuse. If you need an emotional bond with someone you don't get it by asking for nudes and no 'sorry I'm a guy' is not an excuse either, fuck you, some of us can keep our salamis in our pants.
Sofia Nicole Ramos Bruscagin
Whoever edited this video gets a goldstar from me. Not that it is much, but it means it's a good job. It's visually pleasing, it's not that plain, and a lot of details (at least that i see) are taken into account. Specially for the length of the video, what a patience. Well done editor
Nightmare Fanatic
Jasmine Diaz
Jasmine Diaz 10 days ago
he threw his life away
Squat On The Comet
Squat On The Comet 10 days ago
My guy primink
TearsofRainbow01 10 days ago
“I had a shitty childhood and THAT is the reason I force underaged girls to send me nudes...” Yeah sure...omg I’m gonna puke🤢
Downbacktwo 10 days ago
Man I remember Austin Jones. I was a huge fan (and a stupid kid). I remember defending him back in the day. Damn I was a fucking idiot. Edit: damn, can't believe it was only 2015 when that happened
MoniMon 127
MoniMon 127 10 days ago
i am so sorry but i cannot find him attractive-
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Byrne 10 days ago
33-million views. .... I never heard of this twat until now.
e m m y
e m m y 11 days ago
8:10 no. Just no.
anthony risola
anthony risola 11 days ago
When this deviant gets out of jail he won't be pretty boy anymore and hopefully his sorry ass will be very sore.
Take #19
Take #19 11 days ago
WHOOOOO.... Cares! No one knows who the hell this is.
Camielle Parent
Camielle Parent 11 days ago
The voice over for the comments sounded like primink
rer ortete
rer ortete 11 days ago
What a fucking creep.
angelic labrynth
angelic labrynth 11 days ago
Im at a small amount of shock because I remember him cause everyone, even teachers LOVED HIM. I repressed him after finding out those gross allegations
Magda Harms
Magda Harms 12 days ago
Yeah if you’re that suicidal that the hospital admits you, they’re not gonna release you the next day. 🙄
I like Cats
I like Cats 12 days ago
Holy shit I thought this was Sebastian at first
Pratorian of Terra
Pratorian of Terra 12 days ago
Wait...how many people are you a "fan" of?
Pickster UK
Pickster UK 12 days ago
What a piece of shit
Nwofка 12 days ago
I’ve experienced death, self harming, suicide attempts, rape, and much more, YET I’VE NEVER ASKED A KID FOR TWERKING VIDS,,,,?????????
Platinum Pagoda
Platinum Pagoda 12 days ago
Primink def voiced the 2nd comment. Nice one!!! I subbed👇
Malita Ashura
Malita Ashura 12 days ago
Austin is a manipulative person and deserves prison
Jake Tschirgi
Jake Tschirgi 12 days ago
I find it interesting that you single out Donald Trump as the only politician who abuses their power and hides behind the people protecting them. Plenty of gross videos of Joe Biden inappropriately touching young kids in combination with Tara Reade and her testimony.... doesn't make him look completely innocent himself. Perhaps a little self-reflection into your own idolization of someone in power would be a good thing. DT isn't a saint. The hypocrisy is kind of interesting. Even Biden's running mate is on record saying she believes Tara Reade.
Jake Tschirgi
Jake Tschirgi 12 days ago
@Angus Amo Swadloons Why does it matter when it was from? That has absolutely nothing to do with my comment.
Angus Amo Swadloons
Dude, this is from a year ago. Fucking chill.
The Proclaimed
The Proclaimed 12 days ago
Asking fans for twerking videos is one thing..... asking children for it is definitely out of line!
WaterFlame957 12 days ago
I never heard of him.
Freelance 414
Freelance 414 12 days ago
This man makes me sick, I fucking hate him.
Gerard Wise
Gerard Wise 13 days ago
You should do a video on jealousy
Megan Traxler
Megan Traxler 13 days ago
These docs are incredible... very good work on all those involved!
Julia King
Julia King 13 days ago
Just googled it, he apparently got 10 years in prison, which isn't nearly as much as he should've gotten but still quite satisfying.
Sarah Wampler
Sarah Wampler 13 days ago
before all of this got exposed, i actually saw him perform in Nashville and met him after the show. my friends and i met him after the show, and he asked my sister (who was over 18 but she DOES NOT look it) for her social media. when he dm’d her he asked her for pictures of her a$$ and we thought it was gross then, but when this came out we were so disgusted.
cynthia spencer
cynthia spencer 13 days ago
I respect how much time is put into EVERY episode and not a b.s. 10 min to 8 min video that only pisses you off for wasted time waiting through ads for less content than ads.
Big Bahadursingh Covers
discord.gg/rFSVstm83z pull up to have fun w us, especially at night, full of creators, musicians n artists n jus chill ppl : ) no judgement on who u r
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