The Turbulent Tale of Yandere Dev - A Six Year Struggle | TRO (ft. Thafnine) 

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The Right Opinion: The Turbulent Tale of Yandere Dev - A Six Year Struggle | TRO (ft. Thafnine)
Intro Preview:
Ah anime… my favourite, what do people who like anime say... uwu? I’m gonna level with you guys here, one of my most commonly asked questions is if I watch anime, and although I have seen a couple movies when I was much younger: Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, I haven’t really had the chance to enjoy much of it, although I have heard great things, and I really do respect the art, some of the art is truly beautiful. Now anime has been relatively popular since the early 20th century, it obviously originated in Japan, and often represented the cultural zeitgeist at the time.
The development of digital mediums has allowed the art to flourish and expand into new genres. One of those is of course, the video game genre. There are many anime video games, and it was in the video game heyday of the 1980s that anime inspired video games, and video game inspired anime rose to prominence. Since then, their popularity has continued to extend beyond their borders, with the style attaining international prestige amongst a variety of audiences. I also want to take a moment to talk about manga, which is typically used to refer to comics and graphic novels, often created in the Japanese style, manga precedes anime, and although mangas may be made reflecting an anime style, they are by no means the same. However, there is overlap, that overlap can be demonstrated in many characterisations of individuals, this is where we meet the Yandere.
Yandere is a portmanteau (which is our word of the day) of the words “Yanderu” and “Deredere”, Yanderu meaning sick, and deredere meaning infatuated, deeply in love. So combined you reach the lovely idea that this person is in love to a sick extent, they will do anything for their senpai, even if that means often less than charitable activities. This personality trait is attributed to manga, however, it has gained popularity in anime as well, with many characters being modelled around that mould. The psychotic behaviour paired with an often cute design seems to be a good contrast that has become quite the rave, and it wasn’t until one very cheeky game developer had a very cheeky idea, how about we make a whole video game from the perspective of a Yandere.
That cheeky game developer was a person by the name of Alex Mahan, currently operating under the very fitting name of Yandere Dev.
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May 4, 2020




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 7 months ago
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DJ KaYLaR 29 days ago
He sounds like oxhorn
Random games 0
Random games 0 Month ago
wierdly long but k
Juan Matteo
Juan Matteo Month ago
Albeit late, thank you for showing the truth.
dibamidae 2 months ago
I love how you give everyone the credits
miLki Lilki
miLki Lilki 2 months ago
dumb Hour ago
I want only say...Yandere dev is a ONE BIG LIER :> He saying "please donate" or something and he say "the cash is for the game", but he buying for this money a f------ gamepass, PCs, game or something this >:C YANDERE DEV IF YOU READ THIS...KNOW THE ALL WORLD HATE YOU :D
Muffins 2 hours ago
Yandere dev doesn’t know how to be a fucking dev
_Killua Simp_
busy kat
busy kat Day ago
im only 14 mins in the video but i dont know if you guys know this but he bought a really expensive ... doll ... i think ... XD with his patreon money i believe ;-;
busy kat
busy kat Day ago
tro just said uwu ... that was cute XD
Rourke Baby
Rourke Baby Day ago
Did this man say "UwU" US WEEBS DO NOT SAY UWU
Emo_Raccoon Day ago
Okay but can SOMEONE explain to me why the guidance counselor or whatever her name is looks kinda like Bayonetta- Or am i just dumb?
Fat3 and F0rtun3
Fat3 and F0rtun3 2 days ago
mha, aot, and Tokyo Ghoul. :/ Steins;Gate
Nintendo Nerd
Nintendo Nerd 2 days ago
I feel bad for the other developer discussed around the 50 minute mark. Not writing fully correct semantic code and then not being open to criticism and on top of that the code only runs extremely inefficiently, fuck the yandere dev.
Matic 2 days ago
Also, I think he has a sex doll.
Caesim9 3 days ago
That last segment is really interesting. Especially his concern for "someone else developing a yandere themed game, taking all the attention and leaving him with nothing". It's a strange entitlement he feels to the "yandere genre", there are tons of games to a lot of genres out there and no developer mourns this but yandev wants to be the only player in this genre, opposed to competition leading to new ideas and broadening the market/ acception. And it seems like he's way too ambitious. That some solo devs managed to complete genre defining games on their own is a feat of some very talented people that are masters of nearly all gamedev crafts, while also giving themselves realistic constraints. He's giving Persona 5 and Hitman as the goal for his game, two modern AAA games, compared to 2D games of the 1980s and 1990s.
Sugar Plum
Sugar Plum 3 days ago
Yanderu is not a work....Yamu is the word you are looking for. It means to be emotionally down. Yanderu is the conjugate present tense of that verb. Deredere does not mean infatuated, it is a term meant to depict a person who is openly affectionate. I'm not into anime but am fluent in Japanese having lived here for 10 years. I hate when people who are totally unfamilar with the language and culture try their best shot at it I'm sorry.
sean gleason
sean gleason 3 days ago
wow so that guy ....used volunteers ....took 6 years .....got donations....blamed everyone .....and that game looks like it was made for the sega dream cast lol ......im sorry i mean no offense to the finished product but .....wow .....what an ass clown XD
MaryNuky 4 days ago
*shows silent voice* Me: *loud crying*
aionune 4 days ago
What the fuck was the point of adding cherry blossom petals over the video? Just made it harder to read screenshots
The Golden Thyroid Gland
Okay I'm going to play Devil's advocate, Maybe he isn't lazy or stupid. Maybe he just took on too much work for one person and because of his personality reacted badly when people became upset.
springchick19 4 days ago
He could just stop reading the emails.
blue 5 days ago
Poor guy sounds like he was having a full mental breakdown and the whole of his fan base were watching and demanding more of him, I can understand his fans wanting the game but this really sounds like a man struggling and cracking under pressure
Joel 5 days ago
At his peak, this man earned more money than a FUCKING ARMY VETERAN. This man does nothing, and earns the same amount as someone who has fought for their country and is wounded. I cannot believe this man.
Elsa 5 days ago
34:36 dont mind my timestamp
shimo clash
shimo clash 6 days ago
pizza mozzorera
Emma 6 days ago
is the bg music at 1:20 the fucking pizza mozzarella song from jojo part 7??
Potatosaur 6 days ago
It's just me who thinks the yandere dev looks like he have fetal alcohol disorder? Underdeveloped jaw, flat midface, folds between the eye and nose, thin upper lip, small eyes, smooth philtrum...
Potatosaur 6 days ago
I break when you put the intro of spiderman web of shadows over this guy being edgy
Potatosaur 6 days ago
8:45 that chain of "else if" really hurts my brain
Rikita Homma
Rikita Homma 7 days ago
Yanderedev seems like an entire nightmarishly overbloated beurocratic process rolled into one person
JenosideVEVO 7 days ago
Yandere dev has a degree? Makes sense why he's so arrogant with so little skill to back up his arrogance.
Bread Toast
Bread Toast 7 days ago
Yanderes are just insane simps. *change my mind*
Dystopian Overture
Imagine building a game so badly that even the most powerful rigs struggle.
Big Tuna
Big Tuna 7 days ago
My defense of the unity engine: store.steampowered.com/app/547360/BREAK_ARTS_II/
Kaleah Collins
Kaleah Collins 8 days ago
You forgot about h***** besides manga h***** animation has been around for a while La blue girl Bible black Vampire Hunter D and yes manga and h***** are graphic novels but they do have a plethora of animated movies as well
nio 8 days ago
I didn't know this game still existed, so when you talked about the email apocalypse, I thought " Damn the internet would have a BLAST with this guy" Well...
nio 8 days ago
This dude talks to his audience like you would talk to toddlers... "If you keep crying, I won't have time to calm down and then I will hit you with a brick uwu. Do. You. Understand."
Matt S
Matt S 8 days ago
Ok so he has zero management or logistics skills, isn't a programmer but insist on doing it himself(poorly), he isn't paying any workers...they are all volunteers! So what exactly does he do with the money he keeps asking for? He seems to be an insecure narcissist; his angry responses to helpful comments shows,to me, that he is not able to emotionally handle any type of criticism. He will never reach the level of success he is capable of because of his personality disorders. Obviously, I am not a professional psychologist and I am only drawing from my personal knowledge and experience with people that are emotionally similar. Just my thoughts.
Lily A
Lily A 8 days ago
Is it just me, or dose any else genuinely HATE Dev’s voice?
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 8 days ago
Imagine if Yandere dev worked in a real development environment. “Hey man did you finish initializing those variables yet?” “I haven’t started, because you guys, keep sending me emails.”
Jimmy Butson
Jimmy Butson 9 days ago
Why does yandere dev sound like oxhorn? Grating and condescending tone giving me ptsd
NeptuneDG 9 days ago
Chrono trigger
Mary C
Mary C 9 days ago
I blame all this on Boobs McKensie
Possibly Me again
Possibly Me again 10 days ago
Didnt he like rape someone?
Travis Medders
Travis Medders 10 days ago
Funny. With the love letter game that sadly got taken down. Couldn’t have yandev just idk... learn code. And remade the whole game. Becuase it took someome 2 weeks to figure out 3 years of the numerous more he’s tried making this game
NomNomerz 10 days ago
Blaming emails for not getting his work done is the equivalent of me sitting at my office staring at my phone, blaming all these darn tootin texts for me having to spend all day not doing my job. If you're a game dev, then I imagine that one of your priorities should be developing games. Emails should be a little lower on that list, I think.
Boi 10 days ago
I hate to see .. wasted potential this game failed it was the creators fault lmao also the dev should’ve been taken over by someone else who knows how to code
frank facts
frank facts 10 days ago
Manga and hentai are the same - limited motion being the common attribute
SxmplyAmari xo
SxmplyAmari xo 10 days ago
The home of a twat with too much time 😂😂😂
Aureux 10 days ago
I am not a professional coder, just someone who does it for fun or to design web pages and has done a mild step into animation and even I am horrified by that code. It looks like something I would have made when I was 13 before I knew about classes and variables.
Dovahkiin ChickenNugget
Todd Howard and Scott Cawthon are having a drink somewhere and laughing at this guy.
KA G 10 days ago
Thank god I never sponsored him with patreon or anything.
Scyobi Empire
Scyobi Empire 10 days ago
Yandere Sim took 6 years to release a single new NPC? You heard of Thrive, let’s look at what they have done in 12 years and the state of their developers (well anyone, it’s open source): Thrive has taken 12 years to make a single stage that is true to life and has only small parts and errors with development finishing on the Binding Agents (stage finish) and has a better PR, quality, helpful developers, consistent updates that aren’t just bug fixes, anyone can join and code, approaching the final aspects of the first stage (1/12 or 11), lets people mod it, realised the source code, didn’t complain/give up when they had to switch engines (3 times) and many more that I having experience myself.
w4fjhDU514I1 11 days ago
26:37 That quote about making the "most anti-SJW game in existence" is *so* embarrassing and sad. "Why won't the hateful gang of trolls love me?"
MelecieDiancie 9 days ago
4chan actually has morals too despite what a lot of people think
Shiraya 12 days ago
I remember playing this game like 5 years ago and I was like "can't wait for what this is gonna be like when it's finished" well.... at least we know now why it's not getting finished
Frans Ranges
Frans Ranges 13 days ago
22:46 Is something I can resonate with but then in terms of my livestream
the Asian yootoober
This video should be called "calm asshat Dev of a game that uses insults to win a fight, also he talks like a person reading a book to kids" by his sprite that he uses in his vid of an anime character looks stolen (if you know what I mean)
Anjellike1 13 days ago
He was too prideful to say he was mentally stuck and overwhelmed and didn’t want to keep going!🤦🏾‍♀️😩
Avocado King Rantaro Amami
When Yandere Simulator came out I was 8 years old, in elementary...Now I’m a freshman in high school and almost 15 years old yet Osana just came out :/
Rossovieta 13 days ago
*it quite clearly looks like a case of someone who never had any attention in their younger years and suddenly they've got it, and are more interested in maintaining it more than actually delivering a product. He wants all credit to be on himself despite how lackluster his coding abilities are. Asking for help only shows how incompetent he is, and he doesn't want that. He just wanna have control over everything for as long as he could, delivering a game is secondary. I'd bet good money he plans to drop the project once he had his fill of the attention. The game will never come out.*
Otaku-chan Anime
Otaku-chan Anime 14 days ago
Who's here after the IRL Yandere incident? About anime adaption: Not all anime is adapted from manga. This year, Webtoons have been adapted into anime. - Manga - Games (FF, Azul lane, Grandblue fantasy, Fate, Tales of series) - Original (No sources, just straight up only anime, no sources) - Webcomic
Jimmy Seaver
Jimmy Seaver 14 days ago
I know... well, pretty much nothing about coding, but when I saw YanDev's code, I _knew_ that had to be way too much code for something as simple as a character walking.
a depressed cool cat
ur right
a depressed cool cat
got it right,opinion?
Three of them Thangs?
Man, that email segment made want to reach out through the screen and punch his bitch teeth out of his bitch face. He sounded like a loser and someone who lacks competence and discipline.
ArsenicBurgers 14 days ago
So basically he didn't like what TinyBuild did with his code because he was too closed minded to learn how it works? Wow, that's just not how you conduct yourself. When you're working on something for 'other people', being openminded is key.
Khrysostamos 15 days ago
The Animes in order of appearance from 2:00 to 2:10 When They Cry Happy Sugar Life Elfen Lied Date A Live The Future Diary If you're new to Anime the only ones I can recommend for you is Date A Live, mainly because it's a harem but done right. All of the other Animes mentioned require a bit of thinking and attention to understand the plot and underlying themes and messages. If you're willing to dig your hands in deeper, definitely go with The Future Diary. The remaining 3 require a lot of attention and thinking to get the underlying themes, ideas, and messages (Can be really disturbing, you have been warned).
Hive 16 days ago
Why does almost every comment Defending Yandere Dev act like he is the second coming of Christ?
The way this guy talks grates on me like very few things do. He reminds me of some of the JW propoganda videos I've seen only with condescension instead of blind faith.
trashbasket 16 days ago
Thought you said "gay man" was dissapointed when my brain finally corrected it to gamer
Dramatic Gacha
Dramatic Gacha 18 days ago
Omg I can’t believe I actually gave this man pity when watching that video
Davis, Giovanni
Davis, Giovanni 18 days ago
i absolutely LOVE that you used "pizza mozzarella" in the background. subbed
Simone Watts
Simone Watts 18 days ago
I watched this entire thing, my god
Eve-chan Bushido!
Eve-chan Bushido! 18 days ago
TRO's lack of knowledge on anime and anime culture is understandable but dehskkslsla it's still pretty funny
Eve-chan Bushido!
Eve-chan Bushido! 18 days ago
can definitely respect the attempt though hdjdkkdls again not everyone can be an Anime Guru or anything
isa 19 days ago
using fucking shion when she isn’t a yandere 😔
suppichan27 19 days ago
THE GASLIGHTING around 23 minutes. "I don't want to be angry and abusive but you've forced me into being a jerk because you care about this game."
liam 19 days ago
MelecieDiancie 20 days ago
after having played and then discovered the history of katawa shoujo, i felt it and yandere simulator's developments were foils of each other if i recall correctly: both were started with a 4chan post pitching an idea, both are anime-based and ambitious games with a touch of lewd content, and both had long development processes, and the release of both games has/would be a complete miracle. but KS had much care done to avoid problems or controversy (the biggest problem with it was its name, which was only kept because it was already linked to the game), 4LS tries to keep its team together despite numerous members leaving, and of course it's actually (and miraculously, and for free!) released after exactly 5 years since the original post and YS still has much controversies regarding it (including a certain thing i am not going to mention by name here), the dev pushed out numerous people wanting help, and that of course, it's still in early development for 6+ years and it being released would be a miracle tl;dr KS also foils YS development even though 4LS is not a one-man studio
Cal Reed
Cal Reed 20 days ago
So... he became a lol cow?
Mel Ferguson
Mel Ferguson 21 day ago
This is so unrelated but I just realized that the name of the Yandere Dev's personification of his fans is named "green green"
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie 21 day ago
i’ve followed the game since 2015 and i voted for him to downgrade it for a hobby but i knew he wouldn’t do that. he’s too money driven to do that
Hazeljv 21 day ago
Yandere Dev out here talking about a game he could easily hire people to help him with like it's a doctoral dissertation or something
Anophis 21 day ago
I caaaan't stand the way he talks. He ALWAYS sounds like he's talking down to a bunch of kids.
Sara McCutcheon
Sara McCutcheon 21 day ago
“Mayn-guh” nooooo I can’t listen to an hour and half of mispronounced words 😭😣
ro ro
ro ro 22 days ago
Yandere Sim would be a interesting game if it was done by now. I remember when I still watched Mark and saw his playthrough. It seemed like a fun game. The problem seems to be that he wanted to create a master piece of a game and couldn't except that he have just left it at the first demo.
Blueberry Tech
Blueberry Tech 22 days ago
6:37 please no
Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen 22 days ago
Maybe YD should get in contact with Chris Roberts? ;)
PiperAtDawn 22 days ago
What's the music used for The End segment by Biodegradable?
The Quiet Gamer
The Quiet Gamer 22 days ago
Joshua Olson Cook
Joshua Olson Cook 23 days ago
Honestly, I never cared for Yandere Simulator. The thing that really turned me away from it? The whole “cat killing” thing.
Strawberry Bunny
Strawberry Bunny 23 days ago
TRO: Hype *Shows Yasuo*
Minty 23 days ago
Narcissistic Personality Disorder according to 'healthline' after 10 second Google search: - Grandiose sense of self-importance - Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success - Belief they're special and unique and can only be understood by other special people - Need for excessive admiration - Sense of entitlement - Interpersonally exploitative behavior - Lack of empathy - Envy of others or belief that others are envious of them - Arrogant and haughty behaviors or attitudes - Often having troubled relationships Now I'm not saying he's the living embodiment of textbook NPD but I'm not not saying that either. The only way to deal with a narcissist is to cut all ties with them and move on with your life.
Jeff 23 days ago
Jeff & Geoff are watching this. Like for real, this isn't a bot, every video I watch I comment something like this on. I am being serious, and while this is copy and pasted, I am watching these videos.
jess aiko
jess aiko 23 days ago
hhh flcl and kill la kill ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ
Jesus malamea
Jesus malamea 23 days ago
TL;DW ; YandereDev is autistic
Nikolas Humphrey-Howell
as much empathy for small game dev issues as i have for this man, Yandere dev has a bad issue with playing the victim too much. he takes a hand-in-the-air attitude without the fame to back him up. he also has an air of "im better than you" that bothers me beyond any excusable reasoning. he always speaks as if from some high horse and pedestal that he doesnt really have the status to be speaking from.
Ian Depressions_backup
@Nikolas Humphrey-Howell what about jay from the kubz scouts and Bijuu Mike? there channels were BUILT of of Yandere simulator. (That’s how I found them). If they just delete all there videos that have Yandere simulator their channels could lose there views and subscribers they have built for so long and it would all be for nothing.
Nikolas Humphrey-Howell
@Fulcrum 67 oh knowing both of them they ABSOLUTELY would. Mark and Pewds have standards and an audience and wouldnt stand for this type of thing. The double standards Yandev pulls goes against their moral codes.
Fulcrum 67
Fulcrum 67 23 days ago
@Nikolas Humphrey-Howell Imagine Mark and Pewdiepie find out what he’s been doing? They’ll delete their gameplay.
Nikolas Humphrey-Howell
it's also frustrating how he puts all his effort into these nicely-animated, well narrated videos, runs SEVERAL social medias, deals with the patreon campaigns, ADMINS HIS OWN SUBREDDIT and runs a Discord server, AND THEN complains about "THOSE GOSH-DIDDLY-DONE-DARN E-MAIL GREMLINS" holding up his magnum opus game. i think he has let the short-lived attention from Markiplier and Pewds playing his game to millions get to his head, it inflated his outlook on who he is and where he came from.
Rage 32
Rage 32 23 days ago
Who else is watching in 3012 when he's still working on the 2nd rival and has killed every critic hes seen?
H 24 days ago
Who the fuck is the second voice? No thanks 😔
Cupid The Rap-wolf
Cupid The Rap-wolf 24 days ago
Fun fact: Ppl who are obsessed with anime are usually called weebs. For example, my older sister is a weeb.
Cupid The Rap-wolf
Cupid The Rap-wolf 10 days ago
@Scyobi Empire Nope, ur called a patriotic Brit
Scyobi Empire
Scyobi Empire 10 days ago
Does that make me a Breeb? Because I’m a patriotic Brit?
Obama 24 days ago
“He used the update function” ohhhhhhhhhhhh
Mrpooh Mc'Baggins
Mrpooh Mc'Baggins 25 days ago
This clown was way to invested in making videos about he game then actually making the game. I was wondering where all that patron money was going. If he wasn't paying that young artist that's some fuckery. He basically did everything wrong with dealing with community. Just couldn't keep his mouth shut. As opposed to just keeping a simple dev blog and updating when needed with no commenting allowed he let everyone get in his head and live rent free. In the end he was a douche by pissing off the ones that were giving him $$$. Why the hell does he have a twitch channel? He's just milking these people now.
Potocto 26 days ago
damn, thats an lol xD gamer piss bucket uwu owo moment right there my pal.
Consternated Sheep
Consternated Sheep 27 days ago
You don't have to do something on a professional level for it to be worthwhile, and I think yanderedev would've really benefited from knowing that. He seems like he really would've enjoyed making a video game for fun, but now he's really miserable. Being a professional game dev just isn't for him and that's ok, he just needs to admit that.
Salomon Of Hungary
Salomon Of Hungary 27 days ago
I agree