The Tea Spilling Saga - How Jeffree Star Became More Important Than Jake Paul | TRO 

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The Right Opionion: The Tea Spilling Saga - How Jeffree Star Became More Important Than Jake Paul | TRO
Careers were launched, reputations were established, and people were, once again, falling head over heels for drama that seemed so inconsequential in many of our lives.
Summer 18 was around the corner, many were anticipating the shenanigans that all of these characters would be caught up in. Or at least we thought they were.
Because, as the holidays dawned, there was a distinct lack of interest.
In fact, fellow US-firstr Nerd City released a video in which he documented all of Jake Paul’s antics over the summer, antics that were arguably much worse than anything originally documented in 2017, and yet, if it hadn’t been for some very ruthless marketing, in spite of its excellency, it probably wouldn’t have even reached its current view count. 700,000, not bad, but hardly the peaks of the drama over the previous year.
So where had all the views gone?
I think it’s time for a story.
I think we’ve had enough of those sorts of storytimes.
Anyhow, I have a Twitter, and like most people with a Twitter, I follow people. When people follow me I typically check out their account to see what sort of individuals I’m appealing to, and in some instances they may be US-firstrs, for whom I’ll check out their channel and see if their Twitter’s worth keeping up with, and at some point over the summer a person by the name of TeaSpill followed me. I checked out their channel, around fifteen thousand subscribers, not a bad amount going on. So I thought, “You know what, I’ll follow them back, see what happens with their channel”.
They also had their subscriptions public and because I have a bit of a vanity project going on, I often check my most popular subscribers, see whose attention I have, and I noticed they were subscribed to me but fairly low down in the pecking order. However, with every passing week I noticed them climbing, gradually and then rapidly ascending, and I thought to myself “What on earth is going on”, this channel was going from 15k, to 30k, to 60k, to 150k.
So this is when I found about all these people, Laura Lee, Manny Mua, Jeffree Star, NikkieTutorials, so many more, and if we were going by their thumbnails and titles, this was a non stop festival just pure drama, and to be honest, they looked like people who loved a bit of spice. So what of this new rise to the top for such individuals?
Well they’re members of what is known as the “Beauty Community”, now when you’re as good looking as me, you don’t really need any makeup to stay beautiful, however, as implied, these are a set of creators who are focused on the testing of commercial beauty projects. But this isn’t any old beauty community, we’re not talking about Zoella here, as interesting as that is. No, we’re talking about the community that has birthed the tea spilling phrase, and embodied a culture like no other. And you’ll soon see what I mean.
This sort of content seems to have been performing fairly successfully for a while, the most prominent creator in this community is Jeffree Star, who has a fairly hefty ten million subscribers. The content has definitely diversified in the last few months, but I think that’s okay for someone like Star, whose definitely playing off his somewhat buoyant personality.
With the rise of channels like TeaSpill and other content creators reporting on what’s going on, it seems there must be a lot to discuss.
As said, there are a load of other prominent figures in this community, and really the question that I want to answer at the end of all this is why? Why did people start caring about the drama of a community that had been functioning fairly competently for years prior, and why should people care, or should people care?
These are all questions that many of us here will seek to decipher today, because honestly, I’m just as confused as the rest of you.

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Oct 5, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
CREDITS BELOW: - J Aubrey: us-first.info/more/YvEb6iLPxLPZTe6NcUUUeA Still running behind schedule, I know Shane Dawson’s documentary series on Jake Paul will definitely make him more popular in the moment but definitely look at this from a retrospective point of view. Shane Dawson will have his time soon(ish). - TeaSpill: us-first.info/more/j-qit6AuiqQnHUnY3qLc3g CHECK OUT THE EDITORS: - Ziosity: us-first.info/more/EDnzwVAE3lreHrN3GIWlJg - Blunderly: us-first.info/more/vGNl_iR19qLadAEIOouFAw - Lanooski: us-first.info/more/xfVbuWXJAPQ26tL6_BeLng References Part 1 - Ziosity Nerd City Video: us-first.info/player/video/r9yYjG-GpnqFapM.html My Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion TeaSpill US-first: us-first.info/more/j-qit6AuiqQnHUnY3qLc3g TeaSpill Twitter: twitter.com/TeaSpillYT “These guys”: us-first.info us-first.info us-first.info us-first.info us-first.info Laura Lee’s Apology: us-first.info/player/video/hteMq6mmcqZjaac.html Good video clip from Nerd City’s video: us-first.info/player/video/r9yYjG-GpnqFapM.html Part 3 References - Blunderly Shane Dawson Series on Jeffree Star: us-first.info/name/PLaGL4End-91BhoJF0jwE4D8-1D4M7bl9L&disable_polymer=1 Jeffree Star Old Drama: us-first.info/player/video/osaWa2qgo4qRoZM.html Jeffree Star TMZ: us-first.info/player/video/a8ihgml9nH6AmnE.html us-first.info/player/video/arCino2We3p7nYk.html us-first.info/player/video/qKqtZYSbhIeabHk.html Beauty Channels: us-first.info us-first.info us-first.info us-first.info us-first.info us-first.info/more/ucot-Zp428OwkyRm2I7v2Q People commentating on Logan Paul: us-first.info/player/video/pKuihpyilntmbJ8.html us-first.info/player/video/ht6em3-neYOKd2Q.html us-first.info/player/video/n6eMnJh4m6OLjZM.html People moving to timeless topics: us-first.info/player/video/hpKMoKpjk3doqXk.html People moving to reaction commentary: us-first.info/player/video/i55tlWx6emV7pnU.html us-first.info/player/video/sLJmoJl1k5yXnKM.html us-first.info/player/video/Z5p3qYt3pZRroJs.html Deeper Videos: us-first.info/player/video/oJWlnX-MlJmDi2A.html us-first.info/player/video/idpreZx7Z6F6ipc.html us-first.info/player/video/d9qJaY6nc46mqJs.html us-first.info/player/video/Y5WMarCcemaanHU.html us-first.info/player/video/Z56hlG2oqJR9iZc.html us-first.info/player/video/gbuHZn6DZYuFpXU.html us-first.info/player/video/p7pqdJqWnXx6fGA.html us-first.info/player/video/hrmvfKaVoYB8dpc.html Part 4 References - Lanooski Channel date: us-first.info/more/j-qit6AuiqQnHUnY3qLc3g/about?disable_polymer=1 us-first.info/more/ZF8rswpPhDhLDIFacEelHwabout?disable_polymer=1 us-first.info/more/FmQrMVmCyaUrKGYSJxfKkQabout?disable_polymer=1 us-first.info/more/7tRIdXRbGO6OKUKpZAjjugabout?disable_polymer=1 Tea Spill and Here For The Tea Synchronised Trailers: us-first.info/player/video/rcuoZbGKcqaVbXk.html us-first.info/player/video/mJugmnmWoK92iIU.html Deeper Videos: us-first.info/player/video/oJWlnX-MlJmDi2A.html us-first.info/player/video/idpreZx7Z6F6ipc.html us-first.info/player/video/d9qJaY6nc46mqJs.html us-first.info/player/video/Y5WMarCcemaanHU.html us-first.info/player/video/Z56hlG2oqJR9iZc.html us-first.info/player/video/gbuHZn6DZYuFpXU.html us-first.info/player/video/p7pqdJqWnXx6fGA.html us-first.info/player/video/hrmvfKaVoYB8dpc.html Tana Mongeau/Dawson Collabs: us-first.info/player/video/i8qfdJmcd2V0aIU.html us-first.info/player/video/gZuJeomqg32fZ5M.html us-first.info/player/video/jNGIaIN5hYmZgHk.html Good article on the situation with evidence and so on: www.vox.com/2018/8/28/17769996/laura-lee-jeffree-star-racism-subscriber-count More articles: www.polygon.com/2018/8/20/17758972/jeffree-star-laura-lee-gabriel-zamora-nikita-dragun-youtube-beauty-vlogger www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/a22814166/beauty-bloggers-laura-lee-jeffree-star-manny-nikita-racist-tweets/ www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/7063647/laura-lee-youtube-racist-tweets-jeffree-star-gabriel-zamora/ “Sincere apology video”: us-first.info/player/video/qZ1rfZhifK6Aenk.html us-first.info/player/video/hteMq6mmcqZjaac.html
Nice Material
Nice Material 6 months ago
@Marc more specifically, ballroom culture
Pineapples 9 months ago
What’s the tea in the commentary community? 😁
Lucas Seven
Lucas Seven Year ago
The term tea comes mainly from gay culture and drag culture. It’s usually spilled at a Kiki
Darric P.L.
Darric P.L. 2 years ago
23:00 We went from crazed edgy memers to beauty guru's but one thing that hasn't changed is our affinity for tea.. hehe miss the old gang thou...
Darric P.L.
Darric P.L. 2 years ago
Rich Lann
Rich Lann 4 days ago
That Jeff star dude looks like someone transitioning from a Marilyn Manson phase to a I have no idea what the fuck phase
The burntoutlighter
Tea = "T" = Truth
Faith Runtz
Faith Runtz 16 days ago
Right as TRO says, “Take it away, my good man” a Liberty Mutual commercial interrupted and I was so confused listening to it until I looked down at my phone and saw it was an ad.
Lara Jayne
Lara Jayne 22 days ago
Honestly in the beauty community, I love Bailey Sarian because she is amazing, talented and funny without all the drama! Plus she does murder mystery make up Mondays 🥰❤️ love true crime and she is so talented with her make up!!! Same with Stephanie Harwlore 💕 love her content and they definitely need more love!
UnblessedPuppy Month ago
It's so utterly bizarre to hear such an old Southern slang popping up in the beauty youtubers. And they make it sound even more ridiculous than when my great grandmother and her ladies went on about it. To their credit, they're just as Machiavellian. The focus on destroying competition via accusations of racism is incredibly ironic though.
domS Month ago
why was jawbrey so angry?
TeKnoVKNG23 Month ago
It's interesting to see all the Shane Dawson stuff on these older videos, lol, basically just shows most of these US-first "celebs" are giant piles of crap in real life behind the scenes. Hope to see you do a video on him at some point now with the information that has come out.
Beauty Demon
Beauty Demon 2 months ago
Here in 2020 and oooooh girl. The drama in this video was small potatoes compared to the past two years.
Cassie Wright
Cassie Wright 2 months ago
"I dont know how long this will last" Laughs in 2 years later
it's me
it's me 2 months ago
how jeffree star became a lying asshole who can't tell the truth for the life of him is friends with a predator and has tea about how james charles is a predator and has evidence but refuses to tell the police cause why not? moral of the story he's a dumb bitch his fans are dumb bitches cause they stay staying he's changed when they ALL know he's not
Sydney Parks
Sydney Parks 2 months ago
Here after dramageddon #2 and I love how TRO is talking about how such a large situation might not happen again, then it happened again twice 💀
Shea Marie
Shea Marie 2 months ago
Gosh watching this now is such a trip.
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 2 months ago
“Tea” actually came from the black trans community
Frankie M
Frankie M 3 months ago
For those who aren’t familiar with drag/lgbt lingo. Tea or rather T means Truth. “Spill the T”, “Spill the Truth”. “What’s the T”, “What’s the Truth”.
Lara Oude Alink
Lara Oude Alink 3 months ago
I will forever be amazed that so many people expected any kind of authenticity or integrity from these beauty guru folks. The are fake fake fake, all of them, and have never been anything else.
Vapid 3 months ago
isn't the trio in beauty kinda similar to the commentary (Well, the shit side at least) trinity of leafy, grade a and keemstar?
Linnea 3 months ago
every time i see clips from laura lee's apology i crack up
Stefanie Jacinto
Stefanie Jacinto 3 months ago
lmao me too
Dragonsnaps456 3 months ago
I wonder why US-first is recommending this to me now???
Stephanie Jackson
Stephanie Jackson 3 months ago
How do you get that music in your background while educating us on your perspectives and research and opinions.?
Audrey Atchley
Audrey Atchley 3 months ago
This video aged like fine wine
A Fiery Mess
A Fiery Mess 3 months ago
Tea Spilling is the most pompous and presumptuous name for this.
Oliver Von arx
Oliver Von arx 4 months ago
Dawson!? Involved with beauty stuff!?! With THIS face!?!? He looks like a fly!!!
Rayven Hitt
Rayven Hitt 4 months ago
Gabriel Zamora's singular tweet is much more innocent and judging it so harshly is "being too PC". But Laura Lee's are... Oof. Not even edgy humor, just plain racist from a malicious position.
Danielle 4 months ago
Now that we're in Karmageddon, I think this is all fairly relevant again. I don't know what it all looks like to people who don't consume beauty products, but I do. A lot. And all this mess is something I like to keep up with because I'm mad I've ever given most of the beauty community my money for their products. Especially Jeffree, considering I've been following him since he still had his original teeth and Myspace was relevant. I don't know much about the Pauls, I just know they're garbage and I wish they'd go away.
Ragmatical Rachel
Ragmatical Rachel 5 months ago
Idea: How Jeffree Star is still being cancelled and Jake Paul is still getting away with everything 2020 | TRO
Mone’ 5 months ago
TRO is the only thing that got me through 2020
goldfish 5 months ago
the little high pitched noise that starts around the 10 minute mark is driving me INSANE
Chant Surname N/A
Chant Surname N/A 5 months ago
TRO: "Aye have a Twitter account..." Me: Searches Instagram like an idiot. Finds nothing.
Metalshyguy 117
Metalshyguy 117 5 months ago
Jeffree is ugly imo
8:25 well I was about to fall asleep but I swear I felt a liquid slowly running down the sides of my face shortly after that and it was red but my eyes are too blurry to see what it is should I be worried Based on a true story
Music in the intro?
Catnip Boi
Catnip Boi 6 months ago
still wondering why it’s called tea and not anything else...
Givememycookie 4 months ago
Well that's a good question like why it's not "spill the coffee"
Kathy Lnrd
Kathy Lnrd 6 months ago
Tea is capital T for *truth*
DMT Infinity
DMT Infinity 6 months ago
*"You can put makeup on a pig, but it's still a pig."*
Vault-Tec Newsman
Vault-Tec Newsman 7 months ago
EMERALD ROSE 7 months ago
You’re an amazing creator 👏🏽👏🏽
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490] 7 months ago
At this point the “teal” metaphor is killing me.. It’s so overused
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490] 7 months ago
Sometimes I’ll fall into a rabbit hole of drama and then afterwards I’ll hate myself and fall into an existential crisis. It’s so repetitive and stupid...
ALR 7 months ago
PLEASE do a gabbi Hanna breakdown
Brad Lively
Brad Lively 7 months ago
spill the tea has been a saying in canada since before i was born 1985
Manchesterz Finest
Manchesterz Finest 7 months ago
anyone else find it funny how two men are the biggest names in the so called beauty community.... jeffree star looks like a fucking walking corpse
Skrab π
Skrab π 8 months ago
Wait a fucking minute, what happened to your voice..
Joli 8 months ago
I think the thing that pisses me off most about this whole dramageddon situation is that Nakita Dragun got off relatively scot-free despite herself also making extremely racist tweets and her 'apology' video being more dismissive of her comments and the effect they had on her audience than actually apologizing for ever tweeting them and promising not to do it again and that she learned her lesson. You know, how apologies are supposed to go.
Oktavia Cemerys
Oktavia Cemerys 8 months ago
I'm not here to say that people are born important and talented, but I think we can all agree that Jeffree Star is an exception.
JStyxx 9 months ago
Jefree creeps me out. No offense to him, but still.
Jayden 9 months ago
7:20 was really surprised to see Andrew Camarata
Susana I. Gonzalez
Susana I. Gonzalez 9 months ago
This is why I don’t watch makeup videos anymore. Hypocritical egotistic dumbasses who talk shit and can’t take a hit. Yea I can talk shit about you but don’t come after me.
Ben Zédrine
Ben Zédrine 9 months ago
Superweird all of this if you watch this real stoned and don't have a clue who and what you're talking about
Pineapples 9 months ago
What’s the tea in the commentary community? 😁
TheBfutgreg 9 months ago
0:10 forgive me for being unenlightened to Jake Paul's content, but is that a pool of fruit loops? Also commenting on these expensive city properties with tiny swimming pools...what's the point? I remember visiting a Las Vegas house with a similar pool and was kinda underwhelmed. I am very blessed and thankful to live in the Midwest where having a 20ftx40ft pool and hot tub is relatively affordable
Jonathan Stoos
Jonathan Stoos 10 months ago
Yea....whose the smoking hot one with the bronze makeup and the braces....damn
Love Laneonthebeat Montes
The makeup industry is huge! As far as watching them, it's not my cup of tea, but I do enjoy watching Jeffrey Star from time to time, but not for his beautiful face (that looks good without any of the glitz and glam), but for his personality and his tattoos! Still, to each his or her own. When it comes down to what each individual likes, I guess it's there own preference. I happen to like people who have convictions and own up to their own mistakes without faking the tears. We do know the difference.
Love Laneonthebeat Montes
Wow, they all viewed this video! TRO you made it! That dream house you wanted so badly is right around the corner, and I for one, can't wait until you finally move in!!
glassy28 10 months ago
13:35 who is she? Does she have a US-first channel?
AgentPedestrian 10 months ago
I feel really weird watching US-first channels as I often get hit with commenta about target or regular demographic and I rarely fit it... either I'm being severely suckered by the algorithm or I am an outlier Any way what I really mean is that yeah I watched most of this drama go down peripherally. Always nice to have a refresher though
natalie c
natalie c 11 months ago
j aubrey and TRO a dynamic dio
Miky ॐ
Miky ॐ 11 months ago
imagine those people on the street , without filter and make up ... some of those you wouldn't even bring them closer to 1 mt. i have lot of transgender and gay friends , but those are ill
Eliza Hoelzle
Eliza Hoelzle 11 months ago
I have never seen a beauty community post without a cuss word..
Rafaela Moy
Rafaela Moy 11 months ago
Am I the only one who's freaked out by Jeffree Star? He looks so evil, that's what Mister Burns would look as a drag queen :'(
Lady Cheyne
Lady Cheyne 11 months ago
*Bunny Boi*
*Bunny Boi* 11 months ago
Please don't go down my hole
Teddie Blue
Teddie Blue 11 months ago
Azalea Year ago
Jeffree Star has *ALWAYS* been more important than Jake Paul!! JEFFREE is a *social media OG!!!*
Chris Stratton
Jesus you are a wind bag dude... I mean - I typically agree with you but fuck - 5 minutes would have left you not repeating the same basic concept 18 different ways and making the same points over and over again. It's the primary reason I don't watch your vids.
Angel Feather
Angel Feather Year ago
I was sucked into the beauty drama community for awhile. It did get boring after awhile. It just doesn't have the entertainment value I was looking for. Besides, I don't even like makeup. lol
Ally027 Year ago
a year later and seeing clips of jeffree’s dogs daddy and diamond... 🥺😭
Robbie Nick
Robbie Nick Year ago
The drag community started the “tae” phrase the. Everyone else took it
blndrndmguy ok
The term "tea" is from OOOOOLLLLDDDD age, where you know all the elder women got together for afternoon tea at the day, to gossip? They were actually "spilling tea"
AleksDaVoid Year ago
*ahem* jAuBrEy
Jon Pilchard
Jon Pilchard Year ago
i thought this came from the spiffing brit
Khum Dhan
Khum Dhan Year ago
making racial jokes isnt racist.
V M Year ago
Spilling the T, not tea, originated from black women, copied by gay men and drag queens
Rachel Year ago
Omfg I want a whole video of Laura Lee getting roasted by Twitter comments set to Mr. Brightside 😂💀💀💀
lonely lucifer
Ok i give up, i tried really hard not to love this mindless crap. I'm an atheist/skeptic community subscriber. But i fucking love this crap! Its my guilty pleasure. Ive subscribed. Thank you for putting this all together. I can't afford the brain cells to watch these people myself.
Autymn Tears
Autymn Tears Year ago
I'm only opining this: Who the fuck REALLY/TRULY cares about these zero nobodies whom are calling theirselves "influencers"? I mean... who the fuck are you actually influencing that aren't your typical sheeps and tools (read: easily gullible fools)??? I mean, IRL (not YT life), there are now 7.7 BILLION humans existing on this sorry planet... some of these are high school bullying on social media. Like, high school wasn't already a shite time to get through and over with? Social media AND monitised industries, such as YT needs to die a painful death. Get a fucking job, you lazy hookers. You're not as funny, entertaining, or whatever it is you believe you're doing for clicks. Your fake arsed fake bullying shite and fake arsed contents are just fucking fake... y'all!!!! DO YOU PAY TAXES ON ALL EARNED INCOME? Cos in America... don't fuck with the IRS.... no matter how many millions you've got.
I don’t know who Lora Le was but I know here apology video
Jason Wacome
Jason Wacome Year ago
I'm sorry...mabye I'm old...all I see is all talkers....not doers
Mila Love
Mila Love Year ago
This may just be one of the best US-first channels I've found thus far. I'm down the rabbit hole.. that is some twat with way too much time on their hands
HSeaW Year ago
Somehow, that one clip of someone pouring tea into a wine glass annoys me. >:(
Blood Cotton Candy
If this channel followed the League of Legends trend around 5 years ago tis would have been called The Rito Opinion
bornstandin Year ago
WTF with that background noise?! 😬
Dylan Flanders
I started US-first to learn how to do makeup then I got into beauty drama channels and at some point I was so tired of the toxic nature of the beauty gurus that I preferred the laid back commentary community and now I have to listen to tro to sleep.
Baf Baas
Baf Baas Year ago
All of these are kinda offshoots of reality TV and in particular Drag race imo. And Drag race got their cultural influences from the drag and ball scene so the words shade and reading and tea are all historically based from there. In other words, we gay folk luuve to gossip and luuuuuuuv dramamama.
alyxskyler Year ago
It’s probably just me (and I accept that) but I don’t feel like Jake Paul was ever important. Just a loud, egotistical person who did crazy things for views and social media “hype”. 🤷‍♂️
manifestgtr Year ago
The US-first beauty community looks a lot like ”the theater kids” in high school who spent their free periods sitting in the auditorium, making “sassy” rhymes out of their inside jokes.
Twist Visuals
Twist Visuals Year ago
0:39 Billa 2!!! Didn't expect a Tamil film to pop up!
Ubu Ibme
Ubu Ibme Year ago
ugh, that background music loop is insanity inducing. ...
DuckAlert Beats
Are we all *really* sure we want to keep talking with a straight face about this narcissistic, nightmarish new world? Can't imagine what it's doing to the phyche of civilization, honestly. We seem to have gone Beyond Thunderdome.
Ap3 Year ago
This is so surreal to watch after everything that went down between Tati and Charles
Mauve Year ago
Wait why’s the voice changed Oh wait it’s someone else 😂
rassberry jam
rassberry jam Year ago
Is the right opionion actually gay like in his bio
Bear Nunnemaker
samuils Year ago
This drama is so bizarre, seriously? She is crying her eyes out over her non racist comment? Racism is thinking that ones own race is above another, it is thinking and stating that other race is inferior. Now, considering the actual meaning of the word racism, what was racist about that comment of running away from police? Was the comment insensitive? Sure, it was, but it was not racist. What if the same comment was made about white people? Would it be racist then as well? The problem with the community at large, is that some people are placed on pedestal, which created reactionary culture, along with victim hood culture and snow flake culture. I think that for the most part, the reason so man fled away from her, is overblown apology for a stupid comment.
dumbnoodle Year ago
time for tea party
Kat Alexander
Kat Alexander Year ago
When was he not more important than Jake Paul?
McFinnaPants Year ago
Huh. I guess this generation really does yeet straight into traffic. Good.
Michael Mullins
Literally a rock is more important and has more intelligence than the entire Paul family
Truckin Convoy
2 words - Bitchy Queens That's all it is :)
Cotton Candie
Cotton Candie Year ago
And here I've been convinced that beauty channel drama existed purely to market dead end psychopaths lives into something slightly more palatable than smoking crack in the gutter. Algorithms promoting them pass as a sort of charity.
Andrew Putnam
Andrew Putnam Year ago
Jeffrey star looks terrifying
Drastic Year ago
When you said tea spilling, I thought you meant the Boston Tea Party of 1773 where American colonists spilled the British tea into the Boston Harbor to protest taxes. I never really understood the new meaning of tea.