The Rise Of Emma Chamberlain - Did She Become Everything She Hated? | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: The Rise Of Emma Chamberlain - Did She Become Everything She Hated? | TRO
I first heard about Emma Chamberlain when a friend mentioned her to me in passing, told me that it would make a good video and there was a lot of content to discuss. I encountered here again when I was making my Beauty Community video, I was doing research of people who were involved in it, and she came up, now I didn’t include her in that video because I didn’t really consider herself necessarily part of that community, but she was working with individuals like James Charles and so I stumbled into her, I knew that there were a lot of videos being made, and I was like, alright, well she looks like a fairly regular lass, you know, whatever floats her boat.
There were more videos, and more videos, and I didn’t know what was happening, but now I finally had a bit more time freed up, I decided to look into it because now, with a bit of research I can fairly affirmatively say that this is a very interesting case. So, Emma Chamberlain is a 17 year old Vlogger, which you know is incredibly depressing but hey who cares, definitely not me, I don’t care. *Sigh*
Anyhow, she started her vlogging channel last year, and vlogging is an incredibly saturated genre, I’ve had friends who tried vlogging and it didn’t work out for them, mainly because I think it’s so hard to define yourself with something that like 99% of other people have, the only thing is that I do receive the impression that a lot of people enjoy vlogging, which probably explains the numerous creators, I mean, in a way, if I could do something like that, I probably would, one day, my friends, The Vlogging Opinion will I’m sure be a reality…
But Emma Chamberlain isn’t just any vlogger, in fact, many have branded her the anti-vlogger, and I think that’s a really interesting way to describe her, you see, her brand is definitely unique, and it’s clear why her ascension to the top of the US-first totem pole was so rapid, she has this very sardonic tone that doesn’t really fit in with the normal US-first vibes.
There has been this narrative drummed up recently that many creators themselves have fallen out of touch with the desires of their viewers, I’ve heard it increasingly of recent, and honestly, on one hand it’s a sentiment I agree with, particularly with that in the vlogging industry, but on the flipside I also feel part of that change has been undertaken by the audience, the shift in general sentiment, rather than the creators necessarily, that’s just made their ploys more transparent, on one hand, fame definitely pushes people out of sphere, but I think people are just increasingly aware of it. Emma Chamberlain definitely plays into that self-awareness, with the sort of snark and sass definitely needed, and we’ll explore the success very soon, but it does have its flaws.
And in the last few months, as noted Emma Chamberlain’s been in a bit of hot water, drama, after drama, after drama, firsty for a merchandising situation, and then for behaviours that show a double standard that didn’t match the attitude of her old content. This in a way, goes hand in hand, with a lot of the rise of commentary on these creators, we’ve definitely become more critical towards the vlogging community, this is for better, and for worse, as documented in my previous videos, on one hand it pushes the community for higher standards, on the other hand I think sometimes the criticism can lean into unreasonable territories, and at the end of the day it’s important that we, as creators have some sort of gauge on our own criticism.
I’ve often clashed with fellow creators over the notion of criticising our peers, because in many ways, a cohesive community is a functional one, and doing that is often seen as burning bridges, but at The Right Opinion, we always come equipped with a molotov cocktail, so cheers to that. There will be sometimes when I agree, sometimes when I don’t. Today we participate in that exercise of critical thinking because Emma Chamberlain has been the subject of extensive criticism, that itself should be brought into the light and scrutinised, just like Emma Chamberlain has been.

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Jan 27, 2019




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superbelalicious 11 months ago
the beeping throughout was really unnerving but I love your content otherwise
Brooke Bowers
Brooke Bowers Year ago
bravo brill editing!
Neiasaurus Creations
HERE WE GO : AD plays. "ANNA, JUNE 21st!" I guess TRO has become a movie advertisement channel. Damn son, that's a change! Are you okay, do I need to send seal team 7 to free you from big movie?
glaco Year ago
The background music is atrocious
theDank Savage
You do good work! Alot of Other commentary vid creators are coming off way to Cunty & Bitter! So keep on keeping on good sir...
Zorn1961 2 days ago
DUDE: You gotta quit. You are probably one of the most talentless, ignorant, OVER-TALKATIVE douchebag I've ever heard on US-first and in Life. Your Generation, like you, offer nothing positive to Society. No wonder why the World is so twisted-your generation is the most narcissistic, uneducated lot I was shocked and sad. Read "Riverside" Shakespeare. Listen to The Who. Pete and I are fascinated that you punk ass punks actually think your message has any meaning. I feel so sorry for you and your generation that "bloggers" are so watched and respected. Go dig grave like Rod Stewart had to do until his band "The Faces" hit big. I suggest cleaning toilets. U R SOOOOO BLOCKED
Antonia Tarsetti
Antonia Tarsetti 2 days ago
I’ve seen this girl in like 3 videos at the most and I was like...nahhhh I’m good...
A Pole You Know
A Pole You Know 2 days ago
The music at 18:52 is giving me a headache.
Raven 2 days ago
When she first started, she was that unique, funny and unironically relatable teen that people liked, including myself. She just became out of touch over time and denies it
Tiz Arrior
Tiz Arrior 5 days ago
N C 5 days ago
You worse than listening to a bevy of women. You talk to much, to much filler, just get to the poiny.
Sydney Gilmore
Sydney Gilmore 6 days ago
I would not touch a recent vlog with a 10 foot pole. It’s such shallow and unentertaining content. I used to watch people like Zoe and Joe for their personalities and their fun content. Vlogging definitely went downhill over the years.
Bad Word
Bad Word 9 days ago
literally know idea who this chick is
Nanaナナ 9 days ago
I'm pretty neutral towards her but playing devils advocate for a moment, how would 17/18/19 year old you react if you suddenly gained a massive following + sponsorships and became loaded... with your closest friends also in a similar position. Sometimes I do go “eh“ at her videos but I commend her, and am somewhat envious of her, for becoming so successful at such a young age.
She’s also only 17. She’s a kid. Change should be expected as she grows up. That said, I’ve never heard of her before now, so what do I really know?
Purple 11 days ago
I just hate it when well off youtubers/celebrities attempt to appear relatable by “acting broke” and generally are oblivious when it comes to how privileged they are. At some point, you start to have problems that are no longer relatable to the vast majority (and to your audience), and it’s just weird to try and market it as such. Yes, some issues transcend social classes/ethnicities/and whatnot, but sometimes...
Purple 10 days ago
this isn’t about Emma this is more general.
Super Joe
Super Joe 11 days ago
I honestly don't have a clue who half the people you talk about are.😂
David Meads
David Meads 16 days ago
Another person I've never heard of 😓😕
Caffeine Queen
Caffeine Queen 18 days ago
So tired of people being overly critical of others... About 95% percent of them would do exactly the same or worse were they placed in the same situation as her in the same age. I don't watch her a lot (mainly because I'm way older so I'm not exactly the demographic) but find her funny & smart (even if not 'book smart') and see no issue with wanting to make a living and spending on yourself if you want. No one is being forced to watch her or buy her merch. Sigh.
Aaron 19 days ago
Perfect explanation of this situation. She’s a person. The people made her money and their mad about it. It’s sad. She acts the exact same on camera!
Shehryar Ahmed
Shehryar Ahmed 19 days ago
Time to watch another TRO on yet another youtuber whose videos I've never seen and have no intention of ever seeing.
Upwards Of Average
she gave into temptation, and as we know, is never a good thing to do
Upwards Of Average
16:54 bruh what kinda school allows such short skirts
Upwards Of Average
5:54 The hair colour killed my brain cells
Bean Burrito
Bean Burrito 21 day ago
9:49 Oh, 2019 TRO. You have no idea lol
Mikey M
Mikey M 21 day ago
“Money doesn’t change a person. It just makes a person more of what they already are.”
Taco Borito
Taco Borito 23 days ago
The repetitive background music is not at all driving me to my destined insanity x
Kaleb G.
Kaleb G. 27 days ago
I dated a girl like Emma. She was fantastic at the beginning but that nihilistic, uncaring personality becomes too much. It drags on you. It makes you feel unwanted.
Philip Charles
Philip Charles 29 days ago
The background beeping music is monotonous & distracting. Sorry, couldn't finish the video because it was too annoying.
Kaela Wilson
Kaela Wilson 29 days ago
okay tell me im not the only one hearing the beeping around the time he talks about her pixelated merch? it really bugs me and idk if I'm just hearing it or what
Rowayyah A
Rowayyah A Month ago
I'm sorry but the background music is so distracting.
Stormy Ann Graves
This makes me think about how alot of people said (before his controversy) how they felt Shane Dawson changed after he started associating with certain people and flaunting a luxurious persona and lifestyle he had adopted in his videos while still trying to seem relatable that his audience couldnt recognize in his videos anymore and ultimately the friendships with these people, I would say, aided in the revealing of his own scandalous past that (to my knowledge) he never really addressed up until now when he's been called out by millions. He rose up with a very sarcastic self deprecating sense of humor that came off as relatable but once he got to the tippity top and started taking a look into other people's past and trying to convey how people can change, grow, and such.. he then literally got cancelled for the exact same thing- his own past. Maybe because he lost touch with his audience and they could start seeing through his seemingly wholesome authenticity as a creator who could do no wrong. But what do I know. Just rambling.
lord kanti
lord kanti Month ago
20:24 That high pitch tempo in the background music is really hard on my ears. It’s was like a dog whistle-car alarm. I was focusing so hard just to hear your points 😅
Finesse03 Month ago
Sorry, obnoxious every single time a teenage girl rants, holy shit.
I really like this channel... However video after video, I have no clue who these people are! Now if I did know em'...just imagine how much more I would like these vids!!! xD I guess I'm just lame like that... FML....self-awareness is a terrible thing!!!
I made you read this
There's people that expose themselves, that go to school. This just struck me. I am getting old. What is someone close to 30 supposed to do? I am pretty sure they have a harder time. A weird one.
DK H Month ago
"There is something about an underdog that really inspires the unexceptional" -Robert California
Wesley Robert
Wesley Robert Month ago
The music is bad sound like truck backing up
ADK Aquatics
ADK Aquatics Month ago
Can someone please explain what is happening at 3:16
Matthew Weston
Matthew Weston Month ago
That song playing at 23:00 has that high pitch pings and it's really annoying, other than that great video as usual lol
Yoop Noop
Yoop Noop Month ago
go watch Brewstew, low quality animation but he puts heart into the stories
kmk 9400
kmk 9400 Month ago
One reason why she’s famous: somewhat ‘relatable’ white aesthetic e-girl.
MiWFReaK 15 days ago
Im so confused what an e girl is. She doesn't look like what i thought an e girl is but perhaps im getting old.
Joe Hill
Joe Hill 2 months ago
Lol I'm stuck on how tro psychoanalised her favorite character in the office
Robin Parker
Robin Parker 2 months ago
basically... all i'm getting is she's getting hate for being successful. there is literally no reason to hate this girl. i haven't ever watched her content, i'm not into vlogging content, so this is from the perspective of someone on the outside. she is fine. there is no reason for her to be getting hate.
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
She was one of those kids who pretended to hate the cool kids, until she was accepted by them. Then her basic, vapid self came out.
yuckcrae 2 months ago
this is rude but damn she is ugly.
Robot Overlord
Robot Overlord 2 months ago
Her: “I’m not a celebrity, I can’t buy a 450 dollar shirt” Her after becoming a celebrity: buys shirt/Gucci I don’t see the problem
Peyton Blanchard
It’s not that there is necessarily a problem it’s more that Emma’s main selling point was her relatability people didn’t have to work to be like her because they were already like her when she became famous that selling point kind of went away
SpongeboyMeBob 2 months ago
"Seeing rich people complain is never fun" I disagree
Dylan Slaughter
Dylan Slaughter 2 months ago
27:00 in is that the sample to Rain the mac miller song off faces
Liam Collinson
Liam Collinson 2 months ago
I don't find her moaning about school very relatable I bet it was a super fancy private school not some public school
Point Blankl
Point Blankl 2 months ago
Bro is that Azucar at the end?
This just sounds like a lot of exposition on how a basic not so unique ass little kid got filthy rich for literally NOTHING. God i hate this generation
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 2 months ago
Is she related to Neville chamberlain
Sharose h
Sharose h 2 months ago
Ok she can change like anyone can but shes still annoying af & her bragging about name brand shit and money isnt something i find entertaining
Sharose h
Sharose h 2 months ago
Its always annoying watching youtubers brag about their name brand bs & how much they spend so yeah shes still fn annoying
Sharose h
Sharose h 2 months ago
LA seems to change everyone its like a dark twisted city separated from the rest of the world where everyone becomes self centered fake woke/liberals
Sharose h
Sharose h 2 months ago
I get people change but it is annoying watching someone turn into the very thing they criticized. And of course someone like her on youtube will lose subscribers/fans because they liked her based on that old personality
Sira Scott
Sira Scott 2 months ago
Dude, what is that high pitched tone? Y'all got a dog down the street howling...
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 3 months ago
To quote Aleezy Yeezy “Shut up Alfie!”. Freud didn’t know d*ck about women
mk 3 months ago
crystal ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ
i lowkey used to like her content but now its just very mainstream
K10Kelly 3 months ago
Was the beeping morse?
Greg Lane
Greg Lane 3 months ago
The Earl Sweatshirt beat at the end! If I wasn't already subbed that shit surely woulda earned it.
Sebastian R
Sebastian R 3 months ago
I don't know why but when you said that one of the most popular songs was the suicide hotline number I thought of hotline bling
Sonja Pond
Sonja Pond 3 months ago
I appreciate SO much that you put the ads in at natural points throughout the video instead in the middle of a sentence. Thank you!!
olena faerie
olena faerie 3 months ago
can you do a video about Antonia garzia ??? her edits give me literal sensory overloads and I'm not just saying that I started suffering overloads after my brain injury a year ago and her videos are too much to handle, I'm curious if people would find her funny without the edits because quite frankly she doesn't do anything funny she will literally stare at the camera and add 20 edits to make it funny, I just cant find people who over-edit genuine or funny. if anyone reading this finds her funny that's absolutely okay I'm not here to tell people what they can and can't like
Flamy Carfagna
Flamy Carfagna 3 months ago
Who thought it was a good idea to put loud annoying beeping in the background? It gave me such a headache 😫
Francisca Ribeiro
Francisca Ribeiro 3 months ago
This is what happens when people despise celebrities without class consciousness.
micaiah. 3 months ago
I literally can't watch an Emma Chamberlain video without getting bored af 😩 but I can watch TROs feature films all day so...
Danielle 3 months ago
Y’all...she’s only 19 years old right now. She still has growing to do. At 19 I wasn’t even half as accomplished as Emma. Lol From 19 to mid 20s people (can) change a lot. Let’s give her time lol
Tryintomake Adollaroutof15cents
I just find her annoying 🤷🏽‍♀️
Thetoygirl 53
Thetoygirl 53 3 months ago
My dads friend from college was her high school counselor and she wasn’t the greatest in college
MapleLeafAce 3 months ago
I don't need an analysis to know that fame went to her head and she got overly comfortable with having shitloads of money. Doesn't really need to be broken down point by point to see that. Happens with so many small-vloggers-turned-big. They get arrogant because they perceive themselves to be in a higher societal class, and then just turn into pricks.
Emma Waters
Emma Waters 3 months ago
I can’t stand people like her. Nihilism isn’t cute, least of all unearned nihilism.
Dignan 19
Dignan 19 3 months ago
[L] 3 months ago
can you choose background music that doesn't make my ears bleed next time? thanks.
itsmaya 3 months ago
Who thought adding that beeping was a good idea
Babitwos Alvarez
Babitwos Alvarez 3 months ago
I actually think her uniform is really cute lol
Trailer Trash
Trailer Trash 3 months ago
I love this channel
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Hill 3 months ago
Wtf she's driving. How old is she?
Brian Moyson
Brian Moyson 3 months ago
Her editing style/skill and her overall aesthetic create a raw, extremely endearing vlogging style. She uses her edits as an extension of her personality and communication of that personality, rather than endeavoring to create an "entertainment" product and persona. This was honestly a pretty shallow dive -- way too analytical of who is the person, rather than incorporating the whole product into your evaluation of her persona and US-first presence. There's so much more you could have done -- with a lot less rambling -- in exploring a really interesting and effective persona.
Thomas Cohnen
Thomas Cohnen 3 months ago
The problem is not that we should now cancel her, because she became what she hated. She never was the Robina Hood, the way her fans portray her and why they subscribed, in the first place. She was allways a white whiny girl complaining about everything (waaaaaah, school is too hard. Waaaah). And now she is the same white whiny girl, only richer. People shouldn´t have subscribed to her in the first place.
Olivia Magaro
Olivia Magaro 3 months ago
she has a beatles poster but i can guarantee that she’s only heard of hey jude
Andi Jenae
Andi Jenae 3 months ago
You know, I never watched Emma cause I was annoyed by what I heard about her and by her fans "energy" and I figured... well, fans imitate who they're fans of in tone, at least, so if I'm annoyed by her fans I'm probably annoyed by her. And I am. The clips of her in this are annoying for me. Lol.
Amelia Joy
Amelia Joy 3 months ago
I feel like the only way I actually hear about any of these vloggers is through commentary channels like these. And they're far more interesting
Madame Problèmes
Madame Problèmes 3 months ago
I love this random brit flex
Vaginal Flatulence
Vaginal Flatulence 3 months ago
8 minutes in and I’m barely hearing about EC....
Robert Smlth
Robert Smlth 3 months ago
Love your vids mate bearing in mind I was a skinhead back in the day that speaks for itself but I assume your gay which is fine never thought I'd say that!! But gay steps on and my respect for how much work u put in opened my eyes keep up the good work really love it
My Story
My Story 4 months ago
Okay so what? She can afford to buy things so whats the prob?
Bass Player
Bass Player 4 months ago
Meh she kept being herself even when she was changing. That's better then her faking a persona in order to keep up with her old image.
Blake Kennemer
Blake Kennemer 4 months ago
Was not expecting the Earl Sweatshirt instrumental for the outro
Kara Clay
Kara Clay 4 months ago
who's here for 999k?!!
Dana Baby
Dana Baby 4 months ago
Have you ever thought about getting in touch with Emma or any of the people featured in your projects ?? Lol that would be neat....i just got an idea, .Make your normal videos and then do a second part with the actual person ypur video was about BUT it's live and in real time seeing it for the first time ever to get their pure and uncensored reactions and not something that's heavily edited and pre recorded. You owe me if you do it and it blows up
Magui D
Magui D 4 months ago
fuck, I like this video but can't stand the beeping sound fxs that start around 18:55. They sound way too similar to the noise the pipes make when my upstairs neighbor turns on both faucets, or the tinnitus I get sometimes during the night and it grinds my gears so much.
Julia Kaz
Julia Kaz 4 months ago
Please consider different background music. I've noticed it being disruptive in several vids. I love your content tho still
Julia Kaz
Julia Kaz 4 months ago
That's why IHE is so popular. The nhilism is refreshing
Dr. Vikyll
Dr. Vikyll 4 months ago
Chamberlain just let nazi germany rise :P
COLIN TOSH 4 months ago
With success comes hypocrisy
Aidan Dillman
Aidan Dillman 4 months ago
Is it just me Or does she sometimes look like she didnt put her makeup on properly
atsuhiro sako
atsuhiro sako 4 months ago
ok but why does everyone know who imallexx is but not george james and will lmao
Natalie Cummings
Natalie Cummings 5 months ago
I’m annoyed. I share the same opinion. But now I went down the rabbit hole with you and even though I still agree with you, I have a headache. Thanks for always encouraging a deeper perspective...but aspirin is expensive! 😍🥴
aleksander 5 months ago
It’s almost like a young girl who grew up with the internet... grew up and changed 🤯
Wii The Second
Wii The Second 5 months ago
Is she that Skesksis from Dark Crystal?
Hipstatrolla 5 months ago
Great video, I just cant get over the annoying ringing sound in the background music.
Myrothios Kingslayer
You do alot of small things that make the video watching experience more enjoyable.