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The Right Opinion: The Rise Of GradeAUnderA - Ascent Of An Internet Hero | TRO
Intro: I thought it’d be neat that we begin this video with a story because I love a good story like anyone else. When I was growing up, I wasn’t really the type of person who used Twitter, or any the social media sites that I used today, I remember when I was around 13, I was at school, and back then the only app that was really considered fashionable was Facebook, now this is before it was taken over by the Minion moms, but just take my word, at one point, Facebook was cool, I promise guys, please don’t reject me.
Whatever, at that time it was also cool to follow ridiculous numbers of Facebook pages, and before they were taken over by cash farmed sponsorships they had the capacity to be pretty funny, to my juvenile brain at least, however, it was one day that I clicked on one of the videos, I highly doubt I could find it now, but I remember it being this page called UniLad, and I clicked the video, and it was this guy, with this really strange accent, talking about Manly Drinks vs Girly Drinks? Basically mocking the gender stereotypes behind alcoholic beverages.

And to be honest, I didn’t really know what to think, it was alright enough, and I did agree with the sentiment, I’d personally take cocktails over beer and so on any day, though I do like penis, so I might be biased. Either way, I didn’t really think too much about it, my life had very little to do with US-first, the man in the video was GradeAUnderA, or Grade for short, he is a commentator with a very distinct style, I’ll talk about the styles that he was inspired by in a bit, but as you can see from that clip, it bathes in its rather amateurish charm. Currently Grade sits on just shy of 3 and a half million subscribers, and is very prolific in the commentary community for both good, and not so good reasons, but I didn’t know that back then, I was just a pleb.
Fast forward a couple years and I was much more engaged with the commentary community, all this drama with Leafy was transpiring, I wasn’t really an avid viewer of him but I was thoroughly involved in the whole feud with Keemstar, and I remember really rallying behind Leafy, I think I even sent him an email in support, that was incredibly sad. Not just the sentiment of it, but the fact that I used email, I’m like Benjamin Button because I used to be a boomer, but now I’m a epic woke man.
Then iDubbbz’s Content Cop dropped and I had my perception completely 180’d, everything I thought was fact, was not, and iDubbbz did a great job at destroying Leafy, who only managed to destroy himself with his response video, proving he was well out of his depth, but maybe that’s a story for another time. Grade was dragged into all of this because he’d made videos on the situation, and jumped on the train, in fact he’d been heavily involved in the drama, until the Content Cop, in which he just dropped off the radar. What a surprise.
And after a few more months of videos, people just kinda moved on, there were a few thought pieces, asking where he had gone, how he had fallen from grace, and so on, everyone kinda knew he’d return, and at the turn of 2019, he did. How long he’ll be around for again we don’t know, honestly he might have left already, but at the same time his return did complete the arc that I felt necessary to make this video.
I always felt there was more to his story, because my two experiences with his content were radically different, covering themes that could’ve been related to a different channel, my perception going into this is that of a person who became something else than he initially set out to be, from that person on my Facebook feed, it never felt like he was setting himself up to become another channel caught up in drama, so today if you’re not familiar with the tale of GradeAUnderA, I want this to be a learning experience not just for you, but also for me, understanding his rise, his peak, his fall. But we’re not just going to be documenting how it happened, we’ll ask why it happened, and maybe provide some opinions on the whole situation, let’s just hope they’re the right ones.

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Apr 11, 2019




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The Right Opinion
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The Almighty Walter
i thought i was reading the description for a minute
Chunelle Maria Victoria Espanol
... Its kindof funny how I learn so much about internet from here... Like I am so ignorant with TF my classmates are talking about until this Quarantine... So Arigato Gosaimashita, Daghang Salamat sa imoha, TYVM TRO!
Vespene Protoss
Vespene Protoss 11 months ago
Is GradeA coming back? I loved his complete ownage of Vegan Gains
VidzCC 11 months ago
grade pb died
KnotLetis 3 minutes ago
Cri-ti-ci-sm, not crit-ism
X Fade
X Fade 2 hours ago
how the hell does 11:17 > need a oscar. wtf is wrong with you both.
true warrior
true warrior 5 days ago
His turned into manix now
Alicia Fleming
Alicia Fleming 9 days ago
Tro: dont make too long videos Also tro: makes a 3 hour or more long videos
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 13 days ago
He sounds like that guy who calls his MA!!! regarding the ugly cat.
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
I remember me and my big brother watching his videos. Those were good times....
Finesse03 25 days ago
No one who isn’t unrealistically dogmatic cares what the blue checkmark comrades think, just look at the god of hipster ceo’s , jack. Grade was brilliant going after popular but seen as cancer to everyone outside their fan base. Jinx was an absolute moron who stole content and ignored fair use rules. Hope he got sued.
Finesse03 25 days ago
Vegan gains, other than being insane, is easily one of the most easily dislikable and unbearable people in history, from simply watching parts of a few videos. Really quite the talent.
JD8 Month ago
"From homosexuality to Mean Girls." What's the difference?
Leading Auctions
What was the very First US-first Drama video?
Phenix Month ago
The good days
super ninja
super ninja Month ago
Grades rlly changed yt
Your ordinary Boy
Jhon swan edited!!!!
Nick Month ago
rip bianca
Loyal Theorist Girl 101
TRO: facebook was famous but now Im embarassed to say its even cool Me: 👁👄👁
Marfnl Month ago
How the hell did I become a grandfather youtube!? All this BS was not to long ago, I remember a time where you had a proper channel when you had a channel template. Dame I have been on this platform for a LONG ASS TIME. before 720P, you only had 360. Don't believe me? Have a look at my content. or reader just don't because it sucks. I remember there was no capture card. I remember for console I use to play true our DVDR and use to save the gameplay on a rewriteable disk. I remember I was one of the first people to have proper screen recordings of my playing some Resistance fall of man on the brand new PS3. after that, we got the Camtasia studios capture card. You had to be SUPER Good to record gameplay. Why?! Because you had a video delay of about 1~2 sec Only the real ballers had a special video signal splitter, but even those got you video lag, but not 2 seconds more like half a sec. Hell it feels like the mobile phone all over a gen, and I'm 29
William Gardner
William Gardner Month ago
Grade a's interview joke wasn't even original.
Keith Davison
Keith Davison Month ago
I’m pleased these opening credits didn’t last going forward
myflock 2.0 myflock 1/2
what a basterd!!
Sleepy_ Studios
Sleepy_ Studios Month ago
Grade: *Returns* Everyone: THE KING HAS RISEN
Obviary Month ago
19:26 that's my phone alarm so i freaked out for a second
TheTopazCactus 2 months ago
i dont care if he is making crap bout drama, its still grade
Six-piece chicken McNobody
probably should’ve watched this before the fall🤡
thedarkknight1971 2 months ago
If you like these kind of videos, I follow Sgt Ducky, one of his funniest vids is "Ducky's Spicy Bag" hahaha 🤣🤣😎
Paulo Paulo
Paulo Paulo 2 months ago
19:07 this clip *oozes* irony
SWEET JUSTICE 2 months ago
Tro’s videos are like watching a tv show or movie based off a book
TheRealMattKronik 2 months ago
1:11 Can verify. I was on Facebook back when you needed a .edu email to sign up.
Rainbow Asteroids
Rainbow Asteroids 2 months ago
A Dose of Buckley is a humorist, god dammit
Jeremy Bob
Jeremy Bob 2 months ago
This is shit
Diy_CaT 2 months ago
"Vegan Gains isn't really... popular.." Lmfao VG is such an asshole.
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker 2 months ago
not the hero Gotham needs, perhaps. but the badly drawn hero it apparently wants.
migo magno
migo magno 2 months ago
10:36 Daft pina: That's where. You're wrong.
Pembroke Love
Pembroke Love 2 months ago
dad dy
dad dy 2 months ago
so basically he became a souffle twice
Raven Blue
Raven Blue 2 months ago
*”listen this is playful banter right”* **Proceeds to threaten**
Bueno Excellente
Bueno Excellente 3 months ago
He is back for season 4! so that’s cool I guess
Nicole Thiel
Nicole Thiel 3 months ago
Dose of Buckley. I haven't heard that name in years
Colin S
Colin S 3 months ago
Wait, at 18:20, is that the Ray William Johnson that's been doin ya mom, doin doin ya mom?
Chris Leone
Chris Leone 3 months ago
RayWilliamJohnson... You guys remember how mad he was at Google Plus? Anywhore, it's time for the comment question of the day!
HeyItzRosie 3 months ago
if you're looking for a channel similar to GradeAUnderA, then consider checking out Sam O'Nella Academy. He hasn't uploaded a lot of videos recently but he has a lot of funny videos lol.
liongirl8188 3 months ago
I remember the beginning of me souring on Grade was his video on why you shouldn’t need to tip servers and refusing to accept any criticism of how that’s completely unethical to do in the US
SideFX C4T
SideFX C4T 3 months ago
U probably know this but he left coz he was depressed.
ArdentZombie95 3 months ago
2020 and I still like a dose of Buckley. Thanks autocorrect
Thúy thinks twice
Thúy thinks twice 3 months ago
Ricardo 3 months ago
Fun Fact: The redditor "bonaboy" still has his reddit and still is active
Bass Player
Bass Player 3 months ago
...cuz if u need girly drinks to get drunk. Then ur not then kind of guy who should be getting drunk.
step fitz
step fitz 3 months ago
Was the cocaine and hooker addiction part a nod to ItsAGundam?
George 4 months ago
To everyone who didn’t know GradeAUnderA is back! He took a break cause of depression :(
BoogieMonster Mom
BoogieMonster Mom 3 months ago
Does he usually upload once a month? Just wondering because I'd really like to subscribe but I seen his last video was a month ago, so I'm kinda worried maybe he still just doesn't want to donut anymore. Just don't want to subscribe to a dormant channel ya know?
tii ii12
tii ii12 4 months ago
Anyone have the name of the song played in the beginning
SovietUnion 666
SovietUnion 666 4 months ago
The Right Opinion is my teacher during Quarantine. I'm happy
Ben Dakin
Ben Dakin 4 months ago
takes cocktails over beer? username does not check out
Some Gem
Some Gem 4 months ago
Ciaran McGuinness
Ciaran McGuinness 4 months ago
I think we can all agree that the biggest cancer to come out of US-first Drama is Daniel Keem aka Keemstar.
Coenie Oosthuysen
Coenie Oosthuysen 4 months ago
Anyone else here because of Sgt Ducky?
User 4 months ago
Hes shit ngl his accent is annoying as fuck
User 4 months ago
m1att92 4 months ago
Came here because Ducky, subbed for the dope intro beats :D
E E 4 months ago
I would simp for gradeaundera
Jon Martin Arthauer
Jon Martin Arthauer 4 months ago
Who is TRO and why is his name in so many of The Right Opinion’s video titles.
The madhouse Animation
Putting this whole video in 1 sentance: a drunk man with the best chin
Caliburr__ 4 months ago
Bonerboy, the hero we didn’t ask for but the hero we needed
darth ultor
darth ultor 4 months ago
19:20 where is the slayer screen???
Lewis Njagi
Lewis Njagi 4 months ago
This pops in my recommendation After grade uploads new video DREAMS
Lewis Njagi
Lewis Njagi 4 months ago
@Just Call Me Mark yep
Just Call Me Mark
Just Call Me Mark 4 months ago
Lol 😂 me too
McKitty Stars
McKitty Stars 4 months ago
literally jus popped over from the video he released today lmao
its imas!
its imas! 4 months ago
I made video about him
The Oppressor
The Oppressor 5 months ago
to this day Grades Tricker Treaters video kills me.
Adam Finnigan
Adam Finnigan 5 months ago
Hey hes back now yay
MrSbib 5 months ago
I'm so happy he's back
Joemarie Does Stuff
Joemarie Does Stuff 5 months ago
i'm not saying my name
He made this video and he quit, what a coincidence. I’m glad he’s back now tho
Dialga236 5 months ago
grades back with 1 genuinely good video and then a video about the h3h3 keemstar drama that i havent even bothered watching aside from leaving a comment. his drama content sucks.
A Really Bored Individual
Anybody else catch the cheeky command and conquer soundtrack in this vid?
TNinja0 5 months ago
Imagine being popular and just leave the arena because you didn't know you've won that round.
13:36 I keep seeing this guy...he real?? Who is he...Anyone..??
How is he useing the word "Right"..?? In the literal sense...or maybe a 'Winged sense...what/which ever that means..?? All apologies if this comes off as a "Stewped questtone"...
1-2-3 yeetology
1-2-3 yeetology 5 months ago
he is back
XE NO 5 months ago
Welcome to 2020 where after a year we’ve had 2 new videos and (apparently grade will be back to his new upload schedule)
Quadratic Residue
Quadratic Residue 5 months ago
this video is how I found reddit
Funny Name
Funny Name 5 months ago
I mean the ridder does do a lot it's just hard to see and missing a hand or leg would make it really hard
Chris Bartek
Chris Bartek 5 months ago
I sense something, a presence I've not felt since...
Samuel Parfitt
Samuel Parfitt 5 months ago
thesE aRe SO FUckINg BORiNg
Ryudex 5 months ago
I just watched a 36 minute video about a stick man with a big chin
Furz nugget
Furz nugget 5 months ago
I’m watching this is 2020 I’m so glad that grade is back
NinetyUnicorn 5 months ago
At the end you said you don't like making massively long videos so do them over several which is ok however... Your latest video on DanPlan is almost 2 HOURS LONG!!
hy w
hy w 5 months ago
His racist test video is a masterpiece.
Tristan 5 months ago
midelcitizen right?
midelcitizen right? 5 months ago
So he came back
Red hatter Yeet
Red hatter Yeet 5 months ago
He has returned
Mr Doggo
Mr Doggo 5 months ago
He has returned!
aOxygenbreather 5 months ago
Should be.. Vegan *Grains*
Tijan Sigin
Tijan Sigin 5 months ago
19:10 wait... beef over those old jokes?! those are older than either of those channels.
Jeff Pink
Jeff Pink 5 months ago
Why do people hate Grade because he "got into drama" it doesnt change who he is for me
Shadoww 5 months ago
Good job US-first, you recommended me the right thing
Mr. Megalodon
Mr. Megalodon 5 months ago
Hes back btw
Samatar Koseean
Samatar Koseean 5 months ago
Hey dude, later in this video I can literally C&C music. Damn, I never knew that you are a C&C Player. Keep up the good work, mate.
Colin Martin
Colin Martin 5 months ago
Truly a twat
Callum Loves Gaming
Callum Loves Gaming 5 months ago
My man has come back from the grave
I_Ziellos_I 5 months ago
Juris Dumagan
Juris Dumagan 5 months ago
Honestly I dont give a fuck what he talks about, I just wanna hear his voice.
Declan McGuinness
Declan McGuinness 5 months ago
Nobody: GradeAunderA:...hey so uuuuhhh basically
Samuel Hallam
Samuel Hallam 5 months ago
Did he do bad things yes is he beyond redemption you decide
Mike Thomo
Mike Thomo 5 months ago
He is actually back now... hopefully
Andreja Gradišek
Andreja Gradišek 5 months ago
And now agien in 2020 the rise