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The Right Opinion: The Real WoahVicky - The Truth Is Never Black And White | TRO
So today we’re going to wade into one of the most unique stories of a cultural manifestation there is, and talk about someone who at a time of sensitivity, caused so much controversy, yet no-one really took seriously. That person is WoahVicky.
WoahVicky, originally branded as Victoria Waldrip, is the US-first phenomenon that could only be the product of the post-2016 reality that we appear to live in, I don’t remember where I was when I discovered WoahVicky, but it’s clear that honestly I was completely fine with not being able to remember, because Victoria here had a persona that is rather hard to forget. In fact I did cover her in a video a long time ago, back when I was making much shorter videos, however, I don’t really think I provided too much nuance than arguing that shock horror, WoahVicky isn’t African-American…
Now, if this is the first time you’ve heard of this character you may wonder why on earth I would have to argue such a presumed thesis, what would I do next? Argue that Arnold Schwarzanegger is Austrian? Who on earth would argue that such a character is identifiable as an ethnicity that they very seemingly appear to not represent.
Ah yes, Vicky herself… that was what of course made her rather infamous, you see, in the summer of seventeen, when we should have all been enjoying the sunny weather, storm clouds began to form, this presence, on Twitter, and Instagram, of this character. Who openly used certain sensitive words rather liberally, and justified it under the notion of her identity. Through this provocative behaviour she quickly gathered a following of a variety of individuals, I assume some people genuinely liked her, but many were also there to just dish out heavy criticism and to clown on her whenever she decided to provide her less than nuanced input on matters of race. Through this she quickly gained infamy, with many of the attention, whether positive or negative, snowballing into publicity, after all, “White girl thinks she’s black” is arguably some of the best clickbait, and also it’s an easy topic that people love to jump in on because although socially loaded, no-one’s gonna call you out for making fun of her, but why the hunger? Because although the appeal could be observed, it seems strange that people would develop such a desire to clown on such a unique brand of person.
I’ve spoken about this before in my rather old Lil Tay video, but there is this show called Dr. Phil, it’s basically aimed to be a more, therapeutic, professional version of shows such as Jerry Springer, the Pyrocynical to your Leafy per se. On Dr. Phil, he often invites a multitude of guests on who are undergoing conflict within their lives, whether between their friends, family, or themselves, it will often escalate with dispute, with Phil attempting to take a more mediating position and attempting to provide some form of counselling, this has had its fair share of criticism in the past and maybe I’ll dissect that one day, but for now there is one episode that I think is quite important to focus on, and it is of course the episode that includes Danielle Bregoli.

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Oct 27, 2019




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The Right Opinion
Editing credits below: "I like the longer videos", well here you fucking go
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy 20 days ago
I'm Jamaican vicky is 44 percent offensive Vicky has 44% of a brain
Nekoalsin 009
Nekoalsin 009 25 days ago
If God worked like this
bishop butler
bishop butler Month ago
Whats the song at 22:49 lol
ThePhantomGamer Month ago
Judging from how she grades, possibly everyone's
thommylicious Month ago
lol I was about to write "I like the longer videos". Its not about the duration, your videos are filled with interesting stuff - no stupid intro, no VPN advertising or any kind of this shit. This is like watching a documentary and I think other creators can be jealous that you have so much to cover.
Fuck Off
Fuck Off 10 hours ago
the way she lazily flopped into the pool after saying "imma teach yall how to swim like a real n____" LMFAOOOOO
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 14 hours ago
Is Vicky a racist taking using the ridiculous racist 1 drop rule?
Halies 17 hours ago
why are all these white pipo in the comments kiss her ass omg
SLAANESH 18 hours ago
Shes the perfect advertisement for abortion. Yea. Insufferable.
Juan Rosado
Juan Rosado 18 hours ago
Everyone fell for her im black scheme and Shes smiling all the way to the bank...YOU GO GIRL!!! hustler of the century..
Connecting The Dots
Connecting The Dots 19 hours ago
the only thing dumber than a black man yelling at a woman that she's "not black" is him calling her bro ever second word.
Laura Molony
Laura Molony 22 hours ago
Where is she now?
Cheems 22 hours ago
This video reminded me that Rice Gum exists
K⃟a͛m͛i͛n͛a͛r͛i͛ D⃟e͛n͛k͛i͛
Off topic but can we just talk about how he looks like a ✨fancy✨ oikawa 👅👁
mizza9595 Dee
It hurts my ears to hear her
Lightning Bug Manga!!
Most black people don’t sound like that, my best friend is a black girl and she sounds wayyy different then that, so :/
Roger Limoseth
I can't understand 70% of what she's saying.
Si Si’s Castle
I can’t believe how well you broke down the race relations nuance 🤯💪🏾
Jess Chii
Jess Chii Day ago
"you like my voice in the backgound." Welp. I've been called out.
Jeff Merz
Jeff Merz Day ago
Wonder if she knows she's popular for being a clown
Shanan Fuller
I will go with what YAH (ELOHIM) in the Bible says since there is no higher authority on the. Matter. I am no Jew at all as far as DNA as far as I know. i am gentile as I can be. Yet because I Love the Lord YAHSHUA with all my Heart and Love His Holy Spirit Mother as my own and His Holy Father AHAVAH as my own I am blood if His blood, flesh of His flesh, Spirit of His Spirit and Fully as YAHZRIREL£€ as Himself. Apparently with YAH DNA means nothing but heart and belief who you are and who loves you enough to die and go to hell for you and then ascend to Heaven with the Keys of Eternal Life and Death in His hands and whom YAH€££€ chooses by judgement of their hearts.
SxmplyAmari xo
SxmplyAmari xo 2 days ago
I love snoop dog sm😂😂IM IN THE GYM SO I CAN BEAT ONE OF YALL UP ON SITE.Nah I’m just playing BAHAHAHAH
DJ Prey
DJ Prey 2 days ago
DNA tests are very low quality meaning you can't believe it whether it claims you are from country A or country B next problem you have as well quite a lot of companies run fake DNA tests to make money so someone could easily bought a fake one meaning not worth anything again. For example lets say 5 people are related directly in family one of them does a crime if DNA is found they may suspect it was say the one who does not do it since they can't tell the difference well between DNA of the other 4 meaning the wrong one gets done for the crime which does happen quite often.
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Byrne 2 days ago
What a fool. I bet if it was 400 years ago in the states she wouldn't want to be black. I can hear my Brain cells commit suicide every time she opens her mouth. What a fool .
hey yo
hey yo 2 days ago
Edit: She makes auto generated captions have a stroke lol. Anyways. This phenomenon is ancient dude. I went to a suburban mostly middle class high school in the 90s and there was a whole set of white folks who acted black. Accent, clothes, music of course... the more black the better. And actually having black friends was a life goal for them. This was when Tupac, Biggie, Snoop etc were really big and of course some white people gravitated towards that lifestyle. Like Eminem but a couple of years before he got big. I knew people who lived it every day 24/7 like this girl, I wonder what they are like today.
Auset Ali
Auset Ali 2 days ago
Y'know what? That's a good question. What HAS hip-hop come to?
Melissa Love
Melissa Love 2 days ago
Had this same fool been born even just 100yr ago , she wouldn’t of been claiming she was black then ! 😏
Roisin Doyle
Roisin Doyle 3 days ago
i actually pity her for her childhood, but that still doesn't excuse her racist actions.
Play Mahajan
Play Mahajan 3 days ago
I know I'm commenting late but can someone explain wtf are you allowed to use a Derogatory word such as the N word even if you're black. Shouldn't it be only used for like educational or historic purposes right? Am I wrong to think that it is associated with discrimination? Or is it just part of their slang that I am in unaware of? Regardless of the slang wouldn't it be developed after the birth and development of a individual and would not be connected to the race of the person whatsoever?
Archetype00 3 days ago
EVERYONE is African to a varied degree, as all humankind originated from there. But if your skin isn't black you can't really call yourself black.
Kitten Mitten
Kitten Mitten 3 days ago
How come no one talks about her obviously being autistic or some other type of mentally handicap.
A bling Of boy
A bling Of boy 3 days ago
i mean we all are technically african
Nate Noriega
Nate Noriega 3 days ago
Foxyoner 367
Foxyoner 367 3 days ago
6:59 wtf are you a magician as I was stepping in to my shower ngl bit creeped out
Loot Leo
Loot Leo 3 days ago
I’m genetically more than half white. I am a very fair-skinned African American. I only mention my ancestry because if i chose to pass I’d still feel this way: I can safely say this broad is not representative of any ancestry other than a product of a fckd up childhood & encouraged awful behavior because people like a train wreck. However she is a damn adult now and is accountable for her nonsense. Send her to BLM. There’ll straighten her out.
GearConscript 3 days ago
28:12 that trigger discipline though
Emerald Floyd
Emerald Floyd 3 days ago
I only watched 3 minutes of this it's very boring who cares if she wants to pretend she's black.
Alex Vives
Alex Vives 3 days ago
How can you say "we know she's not african american"? You are so dumb. Do you mean we know she's not black? African and black don't mean the same thing.
Alex Vives
Alex Vives 3 days ago
I think it's disgusting when people including hispanics (almost always american born or raised) use the term spanish to describe people from spanish speaking countries that are not Spain. I hate it so much. It is so ignorant and just perpetuates stereotypes that we are all the same when our cultures are completely different including the Spanish we speak.
James Forsyth
James Forsyth 4 days ago
I heard her Dad gives her a Thousand dollar of week allowance she basically pays for Friendship.
Jennifer Schaake
Jennifer Schaake 4 days ago
Hehe...I am a red haired Chinese girl. Seriously, why did she do this? She was as is.
Rose 4 days ago
I think her accent is real. Accents are based off where you grew up/who raised you, not what race you are. Most black women in LA have an LA accent. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, so she's gonna have an accent that reflects that.
Sunny 4 days ago
Yoooo it's dazzz
strawberry court
strawberry court 4 days ago
That bit in the description where you said dr.phil is to jerry springer as pyro is to leafy had me giggle
Debby Buff
Debby Buff 4 days ago
Sorry, I just cant listen to her.
Abeltensor 5 days ago
Ugh, what really bugs me about this person is that what she is saying is just objectively wrong. Race itself is not a real genetic concept. Race is a social construct that was invented in the 1400s to help the slave trade and dehumanize answer of people based off of the color of their skin. Prior to this, people discriminated by nationality and religion and not due to something as abstract as race. All human beings are descendents of the same set of humans from Africa and the genetic diversity between races is not as large as the genetic diversity in these races themselves. In other words, if you look at the genetic material for the subset of all people with black skin, you will find more diversity than if you looked at the entire human race as a whole. It's possible that she was trying to coopt the black culture as her own but again she's not black, she was raised in a white culture.
MysticMaven 666
MysticMaven 666 5 days ago
She came for snoop. That poor child. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Donnie Rey Ko
Donnie Rey Ko 5 days ago
Idc I love vicky
Zoey101_reboot 5 days ago
I know I’m making another comment but this guy who is her ex-boyfriend was with her for a reason so why is he acting surprised and angry about her actions now that they’re broken up. That’s kind of shady
Artemis Layman
Artemis Layman 5 days ago
One of the most upsetting parts of this is watching two young women in their late teens surrounded by adults just letting them fight. There are grown men in that video that are allowing teenagers to engage in totally inappropriate behavior. Adults have failed these women at every turn and it's very sad
dongle dingle
dongle dingle 5 days ago
Its funny... I dont partake in this dramatic bullshit, but I do watch videos about it if the person presenting it is literate and not annoying. Even if its a topic I enjoy, I cant stand it when someone doesnt sound intelligent even after extensive editing.
dongle dingle
dongle dingle 5 days ago
Also, obligatory "I like the longer videos" comment because I listen to you at work.
Zoey101_reboot 5 days ago
She will hate herself in 20 years
Brittany R
Brittany R 6 days ago
If people can claim they identify as a women/man when they were born with female/male parts why can’t people identify as another race. What’s the difference
A Negro
A Negro 4 days ago
?😀 HUH
User Data
User Data 6 days ago
Her voice makes her infinitely trashy to me
laurel roberts
laurel roberts 6 days ago
What a wholesome ending :')
dj osearth
dj osearth 6 days ago
36:58 Nice saggin' bouncieless bits. She's 18 so it's ok right?
Zavier 6 days ago
Was she really goth? Or was it like ... how the rest of the U.S. gets their alternative genres wrong and she just wore black and went a lil alternative.
steph ann
steph ann 7 days ago
watched a few videos, but they r way too long 30 min 35 ok but i ain’t got hr plus. other than that 👍🏼 so many commercials, i get that’s ya $$ but def too much ..edited: GREAT CONTENT OVER ALL
AllDetected 7 days ago
A person who has gotten away with antics and trolling is daylyt.
AllDetected 7 days ago
I just see a girl with a limited vocabulary and unable to express herself properly
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 7 days ago
Two things: 1) Woah Vicky is an idiot 2) Her antics ironically shine light on the, while perhaps somewhat culturally legitimate, ignorance and vapidness of “ghetto hood black culture and dialect”. The ignorant sound doesn’t improve when a black person says them, it’s just that people won’t say so.
Rebecca Pfeiffer
Rebecca Pfeiffer 8 days ago
Imo Snoop Dog could've cared less about that little girl but rather saw an op for self-promotion...his hands are in EVERYTHING as time marches on and his career comes up on what, 30yrs? As well, there are LOTS of black rappers who haven't the gangsta cred to be "legitimately" rapping about the streets. I think ppl were just particularly put off by WV's extreme appropriation and the audacity as trying to sell it as "real". She could've playbed black, lots of ppl do, but trying to say it was authentic is where it was just ridiculous
franky 8 days ago
i find her extremly funny, she parroting blacks my acting extremly stupid - haha
Zahabu Brown
Zahabu Brown 8 days ago
The language used is rather condescending to the idea of being black and blackness... labeling Vicky as classless... trashy... amongst other words... your using language to categorizes a group of people as such. She isn’t necessarily being black... because her behavior is not black... its her take on ghetto urban culture. This discredits your video and approach. Work on doing more research.
Koncert Queen
Koncert Queen 8 days ago
How did she become famous in the first place?
Ant orious
Ant orious 8 days ago
If guys can be girls, she can be black!
Avery Wylson
Avery Wylson 8 days ago
The lil clips in the first part of the video when there was a montage of tubers say “why does she act like she’s black” I can’t help but to feel offended af... hold on let me speak... what does it mean to act black exactly??? People should refrain from saying that because that shit sounds ignorant af. I don’t understand why people can’t just say why does she act like she’s from the hood?
Amparo B.
Amparo B. 8 days ago
The amount of people who think that Spanish is a race or just a language... 🤯🤯🤯 wow
Amparo B.
Amparo B. 9 days ago
Shes the most annoying brat ever
Kate Sharp
Kate Sharp 9 days ago
“...or do I? HMM” 😝
N Valiente
N Valiente 9 days ago
She sounds like she had a stroke
Jarl Ardgrim Thrymgardar
So what happens in today's world when and utterly repulsive person emerges from whatever pit spawned her? Some shower her with money, ofcourse. This girl and Danielle Bregoli are two of the most loathsome "people" I've ever had the misfortune of seeing and I can't stand them in any form. The more I watch & listen to this video, the more I feel like I'm in the brink of getting a burst of anger. If there hasn't been proof before that life has become tainted, this is it. I'm so tired of every lowpoint I come across >_< The video is well done though, commendation for that ofcourse :)
Jarl Ardgrim Thrymgardar
I'll reply this as I see it as a continuation of that prior text. It may be because of her friends but why would she idolize black culture? That seems obscene to me. It's nothing but emotional emptiness, sex, indulging in substance use, demeaning women, killing, money, the absence of morals and so on. These all are poisonous things but yet they seem to define this culture which has had way more noble roots. It may be oversimplifying things but everyone who idolizes this culture, has something wrong inside their head and they should take a long look in the mirror. All this behaviour should be stopped and not multiplied! I'm not saying that white culture is more noble, we are tarnished beyond repair and that is the problem too, cultures gone wrong. There has to be a change for the sake of the continuatinuation of the human race and not a race of immoral beasts.
Ben Bell
Ben Bell 9 days ago
I just hope she’s done with the immature stuff. She can be whoever she wants to be, as long as she’s real. I mean we are who we are, and when we try to be someone we’re not, people can tell the difference.
Magneticitist 10 days ago
Just your regular every day brainwashing people have been brainwashed into absorbing. They actually call some shit she would put together "music" like she's some kind of "artist". It's how youth is destroyed by feeding them a fuck the world suck my dick get the money fuck these hoes mentality and brainwashing them into thinking gangbanging affiliation or being a whore or selling drugs is some kind of trendy life fashion statement we are all free to adopt and it comes with perks. This was how hip hop was infiltrated in attempts to destroy black American youth. They started noticing the vast majority of every fan was white youth so they started using what they knew worked on black and white kids alike. Think about why she would immediately change her entire personality even if she legitimately learned of some kind of large percentage of African ancestry somehow.. would that make sense? Obviously not, the point is to associate mannerisms and activity with ancestry.
Cali Lycan
Cali Lycan 10 days ago
Her nails fucking scare me
Haidyn W
Haidyn W 10 days ago
When even Ricegum has to tell you that what you're doing is stupid then you're probably doing something REALLY stupid.
Daniel Dickson
Daniel Dickson 11 days ago
She should get married to Nuka Zeus and have beautiful black babies.
jasoncolon96 12 days ago
NuclearNuke41 12 days ago
How people talk all thug like is pretty cringe and gettoh.
PBJ 12 days ago
Unfortunately I need to format my comment as follows because the US-first jannie bot automatically deletes it despite my earnest belief that nothing which is said is offensive to anyone but fools. Obviously US-first has a problem with white people. I can ̛̮o̠͂n̎͟ly ̝͒h̳͋o̳͡pe̛̙ ͕̿h͇̑er ̖̕famḯ̱ly d͚͐i͍͂s̡̑ow̪͡ns͍͋ ̺͡ĥ͚er̙̈́.̰͞ ̬̈́Pè̠rso̻͞na͐͢ll̥̅y̜̽,̺̐ Ì̧ a̛̞ṁ̯ ̖͐q͕̆uĭͅt̙͒e ͔͊s͉̀ȋ̞ck͕̽ ̼̃õ̮f͖̃ theṡ̝è̱ ̹͗"f̜͊a̳͒cų̽ḽ̀ṫ̗y-c͈̃h͓͠a̠͛l̦̓le̼̔ng͔͒ę̊d"̼̋ ̦̓l̫̐i̼͐be̢͠r͓̚ạ͛l̗̅ ̜̆r̪͆á͙ci͎̇al-tur̦̃ǹ̳co͙͊ats ̜͊wi̼̓tḣ̩ n̺̚ó̙ re̫͗s̩̉pec̩̿t̛̹ ̻̈or̥͒ ̘̃a͑͟p̻̕p̲̒ṛ̔e̗͑c͚͋i̲̐ati̤͘on̳̒ ̬̍for ṯ̾h̻̋e̺͝ī̯r ̣̀gene͙̐tic̗͗ ̤̊i̪̓denṭ͆ity̞̋ ̦͌a͈͋n̪̕d̨͊ the̤͊ ̟̈́nę̓a͍͘r̳̽ e͚͘n̄ͅdless̢͡ ̩̅nṷ͝mbe͆ͅr ̡̾o̧͛f scie̻̋nt͈͌ifį͆c,̺͞ mã̰ẗ̘h̥̔ema͈̓tical and meḋ̘ic̫̿al br̝̄e̅͜akt̤͒h͗ͅrou̮̾gh͗͟s madě͢ ̘͐by͖͑ ͈̍p̹̾e̔ͅop͖̐le ̥̕of̢͋ Că͍uc̞̎asiả͍n̯̽ ̛̝heŕ͍itā͕ge͚͠.̱̿ Thes̼̋e ̺́foo̧͡ls ač̦t ̢̓like̛̖ ͉̂the ȏ̝nlý̥ ̬͛peo̊͜pl̟͞e̍͟ ̲̀to ̲̇hã̳v̯̈ȩ̉ e̟͌vê̲r d̟̂ȏ̙ne ̗͞a̯͡n̺͡ything ̊͢ba̼̐d ͔̽á̙r̻̓é͜ ̳͞wh͙̓ĭ͚t͖̏e pḙ̿õ̦ple d̩͑ẹ̅s̢̕p̜̍i̿ͅte̮̓ the v̭̓ery͎͞ ̟̑r͂͢eal ̡͐fact ̪̆that͖͘ ̀͟a̠͊ll͕̎ of̠͞ ̻̋h̻̉uman̯͐í̱ty̢̕ ̠̇h̺̉ã̻ṣ̎ be̠̅en ̬́ȁ͙t ͗͜w̳͂a͈͐r,̳̈ ̌͜beé͙n͚̆ ̩̋r̳̀acis̰͡t, ̣͗b̲̑e͓͂en së̪́xis͉̿t ̦́anḏ̂ ̣͒h̺͗ad̰̄ ̢̓s͚͗lå̼v͎͋e͈̎s ̯̃sì͍n̟͡ce̜͌ th̝̀e ͖̄beg̨̏iṋ̎niṉ̓g̯͆ o̹̐f̈́ͅ t̢̕i̢͞me. ̲̈́Af͉͆r̩̆icã̳ ̹͒S͓̿Ṭ͒I͎͐LL̡͂ hâ̠s ̨̊hundr̤͞è̗d̬̄s o̧̿f̧̍ ͚̔ṱ̈ho̰̓u̟̐s͔͗a̗͡n̹͡d̳̓s,̱̚ ̘̇ev̰̏ê̢n po̖͞t̡̉eǹ̳ť͢ial̮̓ly m̗̓i͔̍lli̞͂on̯͛s of̛̥ ͔̍pȅ̪opl̍ͅe ̥̒e̝̽n͖̓s̱͝lḁ͛v͚͐ed͔͐ r̨͋iǧ̙h͉͘ṭ́ no͎͛w ̫̀i̭̚ņ̍ 2̠̅020,̲̈ yě̪t̫͂ ̇ͅtḧ̜́e ̧̿ç͂lȗ̝e̺̔l̛͇ē̦s͎͑s̱̀ ̗͞id͍͊en̛͙ta̹̽riȃ̦n s̟͠e͙̚l̲͋f-l͎͞o̼͂ạ̋th̲̀i̞͞ṉ̏g ̭͞f̠͂a̖̔n̛̩ǎ͢t̜͠ic͎͛s ̪̊oḟ̮ ͎̍t̜̆ẖ̂ë̡ Cult of In̹̄ţ̈́e̲̍rs͓̾ecť͓ioň̢ā̹lity͆͟ ͐ͅare͔̿ s͈̍o̰͐ w̤̓ra̰̎p̫̔peḍ͑ u͈͊p in͚͊ Lë͟ftis͓͐t ̻̇mȁ̡ss-hysteria ̘̓tó͖ evę̕r͍͠ ack̛̹no̗̿w͎͘le̢͘dge̽͟ ì̲t͊͜ ȯ͎r s̏͜top ̂͟to c̞͠o̻̓n͖͐s̛͕i̖͐der͉̾ t̘̅he pos̭̏sì̮b̢̽il̠̃i̙͠tý̠ ̗̓t̩̂ĥ̤at ̤̋th̹͆eiŗ͑ i̳͞r̪̆ë͍́ ̟͞ị̅s̈́͟ ć͇omp͈͋let͆ͅe̒͢l͎̽ỷ̝ ̍ͅm̙̕iṡ̲pla̳̎c͇̈e̹̋d͍͞ ̤̎and͓̿ th̟̃e̗͛ir̾ͅ ̤͋conc̩͐ep̻͂tion͈̓ ̖̾ó̺f̗͂ ř̗ea̗̚l͢͝it̖͠y f͉͝l͎̊ȧ͍wĕ͈d̙̋ ̊͟t̗̿o the cor̢̈ê̻.͖͐ 100% 🤡 🌎 Also, do you call English Black people "African American" as well?
Marshall Smith™
Marshall Smith™ 12 days ago
Spanish and white...
Jaden Lindsey
Jaden Lindsey 12 days ago
Joke or not I can’t believe she threatened snoop like this man was not involved in a whole murder trial 💀. This is the problem when fake “ganstas”😭😭😭
Samurai Levi
Samurai Levi 12 days ago
I’ve never seen someone so delusional until now. Damn girl you may have family from Africa, but you’re whiter than Casper the friendly ghost.
jb hu
jb hu 12 days ago
how to speak like woah vicky: hello: SEDFHGJHjiyt goodbye: ghjiygtfTGYUI9s please: dfgloiuytfgyhuytfrghu thank you: rftgyhuijytfghjihjjhuhgb
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AftermathRV 12 days ago
11:00 i didnt think ill ever agree with fucking ricegum. 38:30 snoopdog is one dignified man, i wouldnt have taken it so well not even as the lord of the weed
UdonNOmeBUTuWIL49- 12 days ago
You can absolutely pull up genetic markers pointing to one particular race over another. We use this genetic-marking testing all the time in forensic lab inquiries required by law enforcement agencies when they are particularly desperate for a "direction" in stranger-perpetrated criminal cases. These tests can point law enforcement in a specific direction as in "BLACK MALE." Learn your facts prior to giving the world false information.
the girl with the sun in her head
Race is not a personality trait. Simple. Bye
Phone Guy
Phone Guy 13 days ago
She never seemed evil to me. Just extremely Not self aware and broken. I'm glad she redeemed herself and wants to be better
Phone Guy
Phone Guy 11 days ago
@Under Construction I mean she obviously was. Im just saying she was not aware of it. Wrong word choice on my part. I edited it so it makes sense
Under Construction
Under Construction 11 days ago
If you aren’t black then maybe that’s why. She really was offensive and owned up to it.
Kyler Stottman
Kyler Stottman 13 days ago
I feel like giving fame and clout to Lil Tay may have a negative impact on them. Look at Lt. Corbis and how she turned out. Yes, her parents may have influenced her, but she still had people on the internet who added fuel to that dumpster fire.
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
By buying an animal from a horribly neglectful breeder because you pity it, you promote that breeder to neglect more animals. By sharing and highlighting people like this, we promote the production of more of them. We love to laugh at them, but the more we do the more of them there will be.
Garbeaux Æ
Garbeaux Æ 13 days ago
I feel sorry for her bc she’s still young. She maybe technically an adult but you personally change so much & grow year to year until you’re about 25 or so. She will never get passed this. She will wake up one day regretting all of this. Thank God the Internet had no social media minus AOL when I was that age.
Brie B
Brie B 13 days ago
The accent is annoying but if she's not walking around proclaiming she's black anymore, I'm fine with it. It's just an accent. Not even bothered by the hairstyles b/c i don't usually take issue with a person trying to emulate beautiful, traditionally black hairstyles b/c they genuinely like them. Still don't really like her though. I doubt she understands that there's alot more to black culture than just hip-hop and "hood life". Good thing she cooled down with all that foolishness though, cuz if she kept going or stepped up to the wrong person her and her little friends would've learned _real_ quick how things work in the real world, and America would be down another rich girl.
isa 14 days ago
bringing up race as a social construct (it’s real because we make it real) is rlly important and i’m glad that a large youtuber brought it up because a lot of people don’t know that surprisingly
Belenus3080 14 days ago
“I wanna be mature and grow up.” Then stop talking that way. Fact is, no one serious is going to take you seriously with your stupid hood speak.
Missy D
Missy D 14 days ago
This young lady speaks that badly, that even the subtitles can't interpret what she's saying. Let alone another human. Her parents must be so proud, knowing that their daughter has become an internet failure for all the wrong reasons. What gets me, is why people do this to not only themselves, but to the people around them. SMH
R A 14 days ago
Why is there an hour video on this person?
BarelyTsunami 14 days ago
As someone who's half black, I don't even have a black card. No way WoshVicky would.
BarelyTsunami 14 days ago
10:45 Even if you're 'allowed' to or whatever, who actually says the n-word that much?
It's_just-chase ._.
yo when she was trying to swim bro i laughed so god damn hard at 11:05 she was flopping like a fish
kropka 14 days ago
12:00-12:09 LOL! all of us do if you go far enough. ALL OF US DO.
darrenmuse 14 days ago
That kid is going to try to talk shit about Snoop Dogg? Snoop actually killed a guy. Not the best person try try to flex on kid.
Wolfe Moon Tarot
Wolfe Moon Tarot 15 days ago
With exs video video "Talk Proper One Time" bro this, bro that, n word this, and n word that. Can YOU talk proper at least one time.?!?! Vicky and Danielle is ignorance at its finest forms. Both of them NEED to get an education and speak like they have some goddamn sense. The way you talk is NOT cute! The way they talk gets on my nerves...As Chris Tucker From Rush Hour would say..."You are NOT African American STOP humiliating yourself!!!"
M. Y.
M. Y. 15 days ago
This chick, and people like her are literally why I try to tread carefully when expressing that I am biracial since my skin is just as white as hers is, but I am. In fact. Actually biracial via my father who is entirely black.