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At one point, I had also planned to make this a kinda “New Year’s” thing, but knowing how long these videos take I think there’s a reasonable chance that it’s closer to next year by the time this video’s out. That is of course a hilarious joke, though you may have believed it regardless. Obviously this is a minor instalment in the TRO catalogue, but I still think it’s a necessary one. As implied in the title, there will be a Q&A that will hopefully provide you a little more insight on the man behind the avatar, I also have a fair few announcements to make, but first of all, I would love to spend some time thanking those who have helped me on this rather chaotic journey.
The main party who have probably played the most prominent part in the advancement, are of course, the editors. Now, as you probably know, I have a fair few editors, so I’ll be leaving them all in the pinned comment, however, I do want to give a few special mentions to individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in the past few months in particular. It’s hard to know exactly who to start with but I’d like to mention Peter Day, he has worked around the clock with some of the toughest edits and post-edits, when other people haven’t been quite able to deliver, he has been on call every time, no exception, the dude is a superhuman and I can’t understate that. We’re going to be working on a new channel project together and I can’t wait to get on that ground.
I’d also like to give thanks to anyone who has helped post-edit on a regular basis, most notably to Lanooski and Mullenax, if you’ve ever heard Danganronpa music in the background then I can tell you that was the product of Mullenax’s magic. They’re both also really talented editors on their own terms with really distinctive styles, I love what they do and all three of these beautiful people have been working with me for over a year, and I hope that we can continue through this year.
I’d also like to give a mention to people who have consistently delivered high quality edits on a regular basis, a large majority of them have, and we’ve all worked on improving throughout the year, it’s good to slowly work to push the bar higher, and I hope I can match their quality. I also want to give a huge shout out to my Discord server, the admins, and the head admin and furry, Derumisis. Many of you probably don’t know that when I was starting off I ran Colossal Is Crazy’s server for a bit, and it was an absolute nightmare. Discord has obviously made it easier to manage certain elements since then, but it’s still a challenge, and when I was working on it, it was always tough to make the decision that I felt would represent Colossal the best. So if you see him, tell him he does an alright job and that he’s a furry, he loves to be told that he’s a furry.
I’d also like to thank my Patrons, for their support, it gives me a bit more security when talking about topics that may be sensitive, obviously I’m always paying money out to others for their work on my videos and so their contributions are a lifeline. I don’t really plug my Patreon too much, I only mention it right at the end of the videos, and a lot of people tend to click off at that point so the fact that people wanna actively involve themselves like that does mean a lot to me. With special mention to the 50 dollar Patreons: Caroline, Niko Deschamps, and somehulabaloo, the latter who has been supporting for over a year now. And extra special mention to Brandon, Stanton and Christopher Karas, my a hundred dollar Patreons, Brandon who, once again, has been donating over a year now. I actually have never met him, but if you’re watching from afar, know that your generosity doesn’t go unnoticed.

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Mar 19, 2020




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 8 months ago
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keda 3 months ago
Cameron Archibald where'd all the podcast videos go :(
Skooter 1993
Skooter 1993 6 months ago
I just found you recently and I wanted to say I love your videos so much and I hope everything goes good for you
pkguhgjnr 6 months ago
Hey TRO I just watched maybe too many of your videos and it appears that in your older videos you were really enjoying making them. Unlike the ones expaining dramas. I just wanted to ask you, are you ok after all these things you have seen and read? Maybe you could do some shorter not so heavy videos to have a pauze between all this drama stuff.
StreakTan 7 months ago
Hmm I’m new and I watched two videos of you The first video was for Kurzgesagt then this video You’re a German and you can’t pronounce “kurz gesagt” So that bothered me and I’m gonna watch other videos of you Please explain why did you pronounce it like that
- lisa
- lisa 7 months ago
you have a nice smile skdbdjdbfjfb
Chaoss Creations
Chaoss Creations 8 hours ago
I at first thought this was a Right-wing opinion channel so I always avoided it. I'm so glad I decided to give one of your videos a go. I've since watched and greatly enjoyed all of them.
Skrillexbaby101 11 hours ago
I absolutely love how well edited and comical the part bio edited, amazing. Jako did a good job too, hes a vibe Edit: I WANNA SEE THE SHORT FILM OMFG AAA
Filly Harionago
Filly Harionago 14 hours ago
Honestly i find it kind of weird to hold grudge against people who changed their mind, its like encouraging them to stay there And thats personal and i know that's personal content for you, and it's high quality enough to engage a discussion, however when you sometimes just throw the shade on some communities on unrelated subjects (i don't remember the video I guess its about that kid that's flexing there was a quick two lines of script to throw shade at trans), it's just that for someone who opens the debate, it's put in a context where its not relevant to stir a discussion, but just a free low hit really and it might reduce the audience and push ppl to ignore the amount of work and research for the rest of the video, im not saying what you should do, just sharing my thoughts with you as a creator, separating different contrevercial subjects that aren't linked seems like a good precautions to manage the US-first format and algorithm, but it mostly helps managing the passing of time and how content ages to you as a creator and to the public Sorry for the essay, thought that might help
Dorielle Brashears
8:30 This part is so relatable. I was going through the exact same thing at this exact same time. I know so many people go through something like this in their lives, but when it’s you, you feel so alone. I just like the reminder that we all have tough times.
Mel Ferguson
Mel Ferguson 8 days ago
It's funny- emotionally speaking, I think we evolved in the opposite directions. I used to be pretty disconnected from my emotions and had such a monotone voice that people would get unnerved by it, but I figured out how emotions were supposed to feel and how inflections were supposed to sound that now you'd never know. Interestingly, I too experience some emotions, like anxiety and stress, physically but not mentally. Kind of weird.
Nicola Marie
Nicola Marie 9 days ago
To outsiders England seems like a wonderful place but to everyone in England its depressing and has shit weather but its home
Ryan R
Ryan R 11 days ago
You are pogchamp
catdog 18 days ago
I discovered your channel a few days ago and now have watched more than 20 of your hours long videos lol I'M OBSESSED. Thank you for all your hard work. This is now one of my favourite YT channels. Greetings from a random 28yo Turkish lady!
Mighty Page Unbinder
Always brilliant, and your editors never shy from excellence. Great QA
RedoranMagic 21 day ago
27:38 I'm late, like super late- But does anyone know the song here?
Nora Minor
Nora Minor 23 days ago
lowkey he looks like drew gooden with different hair 36:14
Gisiamo Library
Gisiamo Library 25 days ago
TRO and Pyrocynical?? Hell yess!!
Zaraerae Smith
Zaraerae Smith 26 days ago
Bro you type "excited introverts" is just a synonym for Primink, I see you (;
DhiscoStu 27 days ago
Well aren't you just a delight :)
Remco Kieu
Remco Kieu 27 days ago
the way you said Groningen just made me cringe, no one out of the Netherlands have ever managed to say our weird and wacky names right
smalllittledot Month ago
This is a great extensive video, Thanks for sharing your thoughts & dreams they are wonderful. I first found Primink then yours, at the beginning I wasn't sure about the channel name, I keep seeing your video on my feed, but then into the rabbit hole I go, I am a fan. Love your content, you are doing an amazing job! I hope those ideas you mentioned do come true!
Mya Moore
Mya Moore Month ago
I have never been able to explain who I am but energetic introvert is pretty close
OneTrueBelmont Month ago
Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself in your Q&A, Mr. TRO. I think a collaboration between you and Down the Rabbit Hole would be fantastic.
the champion ribbit
Ive started it before and ul say it again. You do this platform a service. You're a cool guy, I like your cynical optimistic pessimism. Not gay but you're a cool dude and feel like we'd be friends if we knew each other. I watch your videos alot and enjoy them even more. Keep up the great work and don't let anyone get in your way. That includes you'r self. Keep it up man, great job.
Woah it’s like the captions are in the description
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor Month ago
I feel like this was more of a documentary of your life then a Q&A
X Fade
X Fade 2 months ago
me: Goddamnit give GradeA back.
Irritating Person
Irritating Person 2 months ago
Not gonna lie these are still some of my favourite types of videos, and I'm glad you managed to admit to things you were afraid of admitting to and get things off your chest, I hope all goes well.
Avrilyn Ravenee
Avrilyn Ravenee 2 months ago
iron duck
iron duck 2 months ago
I first saw the clip of you singing in the predator video and thought you were just lip syncing messing around with jaubry but now that I just found out it was actually something you did I want more lol would totally buy songs and albums from you
Mark 073
Mark 073 3 months ago
The music at 8:06?
BHᴇaR†sD 3 months ago
Huge fan found your videos quite by random :? perhaps that mysterious youtube gadget called hey click this one :P lol Anyways I've watched many of your vids now and I must say your very articulate and your videos are super informative and oddly exciting considering that I was never truly invested in so called "youtube drama" however watching you vids and digesting your commentary really shows the seedy underside of the power that can seep into a creators mind and twist someone into doing something which really makes no sense to normal folks/non creators and creates so much drama is unreal :P So guess what huge fan now and very looking forward to all future content!!!!!
Colby Smith
Colby Smith 3 months ago
Keeley Wheelz
Keeley Wheelz 3 months ago
TRO rewatching your videos is really helping me with my anxiety and depression. I find your voice really comforting (if that's not too weird) Thank you so much for your hard work, if I had cash I'd sponsor you. I love you so much!
Jordan 3 months ago
I've essentially been binging your content and I've thoroughly enjoyed everything. As a side note, your mid-roll placement is top tier.
gp'art 3 months ago
your so wholesome i love how i can hear your happiness, I'm a new subscriber, for the past 2 days I've watched a lot of your videos. i enjoy you content and how long it is. i listen to your videos while i illustrate. you seem like a great guy. please keep up the amazing work and take your time. i understand your paranoia but hey a lot of ur vids have positive feedback, that means your doing something right! :-)
Colleen Anne
Colleen Anne 3 months ago
I think you’re a dickhead philosopher, and I love it. 😘
Douglas Nolen
Douglas Nolen 3 months ago
If people wanted to know if you were gay, you should have just listed your top 5 Taylor swift songs. It tells a lot about a person.
Data.Complex ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
Dude your mind is absolutely wasted on this influencer drama bullshit. I empathise with what you said about politics. Im in a similar position myself. However, I cant help but feel like you're treading water: wasting your time analyzing the minute details of incredibly banal people and situations. After watching basically the whole 4 hours of your last video on that mukbang dude I just want to see that level of care and nuanced thought go towards a topic that isnt fucking stupid.
Bella Gomez
Bella Gomez 4 months ago
Cranjis McBasketball
Taylor Howard
Taylor Howard 4 months ago
I subscribed yesterday but after watching and you said your celeb crush was Tom Holland... I’m a dedicated fan
remster 4 months ago
"Hey guys, it's tea time"
Diana Herbst
Diana Herbst 4 months ago
Just found your channel about a week ago and I've just got to say I'm glad I did. You do your research, which is awesome, you're mostly impartial and you own up when you aren't. And your voice is super soothing and helps me calm down when i get wound up in my own anxiety.
BLUEFURY787 4 months ago
27:47 miner warfare 28:18 battle blocks theater That were i know that music from
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark 4 months ago
I’m wondering if you could do a video on the EAS (Emergency Alert System) community. They do mock-ups of Emergency Alerts on different scenarios (End of World is a popular one). There’s a bit of toxicity involved, especially since the creators are young, and boys will be boys. A lot of them are really talented and creative. The toxicity is apparent if you roamed their Discord servers. Some good ones are ElectricFanatic, Harvester, EASNY (there are a lot of issues due to him-accusations of h*bephilia/eph*bophilia and using bots to get more subscribers are among them). Another admitted to playing EAS tones on the air and was unapologetic about it (that is a crime punishable by a prison term and/or fine).
Misah Edwards
Misah Edwards 4 months ago
This man is so cute and precious to me :,)
emiel acton
emiel acton 4 months ago
Cool to see that you have studied (and probably lived) in my country The Netherlands. Great video as usual!
Eric Barker
Eric Barker 4 months ago
Sounds like you could use "One hell of a butler"...I hope you have a great day!
ME EAT YU WHOLE 4 months ago
Proud of your progress TRO
hassan kassir
hassan kassir 4 months ago
You do write an essay don’t you?🤔
Omari Lee
Omari Lee 4 months ago
This is extremely understandable
Ambiguously Ominous
Ambiguously Ominous 4 months ago
Shit man, I never bothered to go searching up the music I knew you´d self-released(?), as I guessed it wasn´t on Spotify, and I´m simply too lazy to use another medium. Morning sun slaps, my man. Great vocals and I adore the instrumentals and vibe of it all. Really good song, slips right into my playlist. Btw; I remember that you mentioned that you got insecure about your weight as you gained and lost a fair bit (same as me, I can go up and down 30 kg easily twice a year, very healthy, I know. Life of a relatively healthy junkie) through your time. Out of all the videos I´ve seen of you, you have just looked normal, never even getting close to overweight. I hope you know that, at least. It isn´t the best to believe otherwise, gotta watch out for your own health, bud.
Brandon Parks
Brandon Parks 4 months ago
My wife and i love you! Stay safe and healthy. 😁❤ As well as everyone in the comments. Keep be careful guys and gals.
Tony The Tiger
Tony The Tiger 4 months ago
Lool uploaded on my birthday thank you 😁
Keuchhustinator HD
Keuchhustinator HD 4 months ago
He even makes an essay for a q&a video. I hope you also take a break from time to time
oats nope
oats nope 4 months ago
aw i want you to be happy with a man who makes you happy cuz u deserve it
Patte de Chat
Patte de Chat 5 months ago
I like how even you Q&A are written like essays. I would be disappointed if they weren't.
武义 5 months ago
武义 5 months ago
Is it a pain to write the credits?
Cheese Man
Cheese Man 5 months ago
25:44 and 10:01 might be referring to Mumbo Jumbo
Marriam Y
Marriam Y 5 months ago
Onomato Poeia
Onomato Poeia 5 months ago
Your videos are amazingly well constructed. The research done is commendable and the storyboard for every video is solid. I've enjoyed many an evening running your stuff in the background. So imagine my surprise when I saw this video. Regarding the university: you were rejected because others were better. That actually is a legit reason and should tell you your level on that particular game. Meaning you have a choice there: either keep playing but knowing you'll never reach the leaderboard, or pick up another game. Regarding the "incident" in the laundromat: somebody yelled at you and you bring it up as this life changing event. Holy shit dude, what did he yell at you? If words from an intoxicated person has such an impact... why choose US-first as your platform? I hope you keep making these highly enjoyable videos, but most importantly, you get the most enjoyment out of them. Cheers dude!
The Raging Vibrava
The Raging Vibrava 5 months ago
I will say one really positive thing about this channel. Your ad placement. They feel like real TV ads when they come on. Feels more professional then just watching an individuals thought piece. Keep it up, love this channel.
Liam O'Donnell
Liam O'Donnell 5 months ago
James, first, good job on the content, I've been watching you since you essentially rebooted your content, with the we shall say current style of content. The accent is of course posh, I'm from the north of the UK, you sound like an afternoon tea sort of person, dial that shit up to full posh sort of thing... I love the style of content, I don't generally like the drama scene, I find daddy keemstar toxic, essentially a nuke in a China shop, while you don't cover every drama story that would be impossible I get any drama info from you, it's enough for me. If there's one thing, you sometimes talk at a break neck pace, generally it seems when the passion/emotion is flowing, but it's not to the extent for me personally I can't follow unless I'm not focusing. Keep up the work! There's not too many US-firstrs I watch every video, only a hand full if that where I keep watching over a year plus, your one of them. I'm sure your fans would back me in saying, keep the content coming, experiment if you must, we will let you know if it's shit :)
The Inappropriate
The Inappropriate 5 months ago
I cant believe this guy collab with internet historian in sundance rejects
Nevaeh Brown
Nevaeh Brown 5 months ago
Skip to 5:50 for the q&a part :)
Finnegan Jensen
Finnegan Jensen 5 months ago
Despite your distanced approach to the core of your content, you're probably the most human creator I've seen in my time on US-first. It's really impressive, keep doing what you do!
KrausHaus 5 months ago
I can feel so sure before a presentation only to find out that I’m shaking so bad that I can’t breathe, nice to hear it from someone else
Tabby3456 5 months ago
"You lost because other people beat you" Now your story can go 2 ways
DomZilla 5 months ago
Talks about he would like to play more of a game where you aren't allowed to use your arms. Continues to say it's hard to say arm pains make it hard to play said sport
B00B13_B1RD 5 months ago
Your voice turns me gay
Damn never new you were homosexual damn my dreams crushed but im part of lgbtq+ im pan but ily no matter what but hey not much of a twat lol
dot 5 months ago
Biodegradable's editing makes me happy :)
madgirlmuahaha 5 months ago
Just got around to watching this and...man, I kind of feel the same way about my emotions too. Like my body’s reacting way more severely than my brain is telling me to. I take anxiety meds and it helps, but any form of public speaking just sends my body into a panic. Cold sweat, shaking knees, choked voice, the works. I thought doing theater throughout high school would’ve helped overcome that but it’s kind of had the opposite effect. It’s made it even easier to dissociate emotionally-which is fine for an actor who needs to slip into the role of another character, but kind of terrible if you’re trying to be genuinely engaged. It’s frustrating, especially since there are circumstances regarding how I grew up and where I am now that probably give me a valid reason to feel extreme emotions, but I’m constantly second-guessing myself. I’m an extremely logical person who feels very strong emotions, but I’m constantly evaluating whether my reaction is proportionate to the actual threat. Kind of like how you’ve said, it’s a blessing and a curse. I’m blessed with insight and introspection but I tend to downplay the amount of stress I’m experiencing and blame myself for not coping better. I’m still trying to find the happy medium to all this. Anyway. Good video. I can relate. Best of luck on your future projects.
Christopher Wager
Christopher Wager 5 months ago
red is indeed the best color
Minimal Grammar
Minimal Grammar 5 months ago
Sir, don't associate Sociopaths with Psychopaths. Sociopaths aren't mean :( Also never choose the easy path, doing it once can fuck you over in a big way.
primink uwu
primink uwu 4 months ago
Kimberly Curtis-Sherman
Always enjoy your videos but really loving the personal content like this. Side note I could listen to you read the ingredients on the back of a cake box and it would put me in the right mind set. Keep up the good work!
Nick Edds
Nick Edds 5 months ago
Jenna Mejia
Jenna Mejia 5 months ago
Your voice makes even onision content bearable. Keep sharing. I am a nurse assistant and I play your videos in the background while napping or cleaning haha love the channel ❤️
Clouds 5 months ago
Isn't the word "Abonnenten" German? It's seen on screen in the beginning of the video.
Pedro A. Grilo UtL
Pedro A. Grilo UtL 5 months ago
What makes your content unique is exactly the fact it is so polished. While I may watch., let´s say, a 15 minutes gameplay, the chances of me reminding it the next day are scarse. With your videos, however, I not only do I remember them, but also look forward to the next upload
Adrian Ramsey
Adrian Ramsey 5 months ago
22:43 I didn't realize that other people experience this kind of thing too. Whenever I feel intense emotions now, due to what I see as years of extreme forced emotional constipation in my tweenage-early teenage years, I only feel it as an effect on my body. I cry a lot, but I never actually feel sad when I do, and any time I have a panic attack or breakdown of some sort, I'll physically react to them while still remaining completely mentally aware and thoughtful. Most of the time, I feel as if I'm trapped in a sane mind and insane body.
only vib1n
only vib1n 5 months ago
le epic ngl
Alaksandu the Exorkizein
As a metalhead I'll let this slide.. for this time.
NicholasKreuz 6 months ago
I got stuck on cloak room and haven't been able to move on lol
Energy The Fox Productions
K.E.B JD 6 months ago
5:46 If you don't want to see people who are amazing, talented, flawless, never the same, and/or outstanding. than here you go.
Ricardo Fermé
Ricardo Fermé 6 months ago
Internet Historian and IHE are both fucking great! cheers mate! Hope you continue to grow, I really like your channel.
Lian Kai Wu
Lian Kai Wu 6 months ago
The view count on this video is rather disappointing. Its practically criminal. I am a big fan of the way you research and present your opinion. It was very nice to find out more about the man behind the channel.
raddish owo
raddish owo 6 months ago
"My favorite colour is red." Me: hm yes, this floor is made of floor.
Cosplic 6 months ago
TRO's "I'm a trained vocalist" is just the poor mans "I'm trilingual"
Lui Shirosagi Lawliet
Hey guys, it's tea time
rman719 6 months ago
When you find out he has a whole room for his cloaks. Hahaha
boi 6 months ago
TRO makes me question my sexuality
ThatLazyWolfo 6 months ago
*Gives a right opinion hug* Better than most drama channels because you always see both sides of the story and makes you an amazing human as it shows your flexibility that most ppl dont show because of probably fear and backlash holding them back but we will always love your videos! ^v^
Rikki Rikki
Rikki Rikki 6 months ago
uh oh TRO is an enlightened centrist? my heart breaks. four quadrants unite against this heretic.
Anything Agency
Anything Agency 6 months ago
47:57 Nah dude, twitter just perma-banned him
Crisp Harris
Crisp Harris 6 months ago
This was wonderful!! I always love getting to peek behind the curtain and see the backstage, thank you for sharing!
Fuck wugget
Fuck wugget 6 months ago
Just a reminder that your videos entertain hundreds of thousands of people which might be hard to envision, thanks a bunch for entertaining videos at a reasonably constant rate, fat cheers
Sainimere Kurumaira
Sainimere Kurumaira 6 months ago
Damn you're finesse 🤩
Felixthecatfish 6 months ago
bro im so psyched for the tro pyrocynical collab
digifalc0087 6 months ago
When it comes to longform (30+ minutes) videos, I dare say that you're the best, for me. This Q&A has only solidified my opinion (no pun intended), and has me thinking about what I can do to improve myself. Many thanks to you, your editors, and your patrons for keeping this channel 'on the air!'
Midas De Zeeuw
Midas De Zeeuw 6 months ago
Spreek je Nederlands, you mentioned you went to a Dutch University.
A Cat
A Cat 6 months ago
Im pretty new to this channel but im definately staying a while. I say a while but probably a looong time.