The Opinion That Might End The Right Opinion (Exposing The Worst) 

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In my time, I’ve spoken about many controversial topics, stuff that has hit close to home for many individuals. But today, I delve into new territories, and even as someone who likes to remain impartial, there is no middle ground on this subject, there is no room for compromise.
This subject is something where even the utterance of such lexicon boils the haemoglobin within my arteries, where it slowly absorbs what ignites the rage that may exist within this frosty skeleton, even as I gradually fade into the abyss, this is something which I cannot stand by and allow to continue transpiring in front of my eyes, I have to make a stand, even if it kills me, even if drains the colour from my epidermis. Even if the cult that backs this monstrosity turns up to my house and torches me alive, I will die on that hill, and will be a martyr for the cause.
So without further ado, let’s talk about the abomination, the atrocity, the obscenity, that is… Pineapple on Pizza.
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Mar 18, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Help defeat this monstrosity. - Zalgaloo us-first.info/more/NJOXktHX8o19aGhixYJk9A - James Marriott: us-first.info - CrimsonStudios: us-first.info - Edited by: us-first.info - James Marriott's part edited by: us-first.info - Special Thanks To: Nocty, Zester, The Spansh Inn Physician, Yerzi, Yeahsure, a7f, viirium, The King Cow Show, Duster, MrRadiance, - Thumbnail: us-first.info - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr
aba paper
aba paper 8 months ago
Is chicken pizza ok
Khiry Wiley
Khiry Wiley 11 months ago
So when is there thing to be a right opinion on yourself? Criticizing oneself makes your stronger for critism. 😌
warlock040269 Year ago
I love pineapple on pizza and have had it on pizza for 40 years. Pineapple has enzymes that break down meat so they are perfect for pizza
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis Year ago
Slander! Pineapple on Pizza is awesome and underrated. This is *FAKE NEWS!* Do I like it ALL the time? NO! But... if I have the option to have it, once in a blue moon, I think it tastes just delicious. You know what tastes even better than Pineapple on Pizza? Pineapple on Pizza... _with Bacon._ I know, the horror, right? Oh, the yummy controversial horror! XD
Oliveali Year ago
Thomas MacDonald
Thomas MacDonald 5 days ago
Brother, you are well remembered for your efforts in continuing the battle against pizza defilement so heinous.
SpockMcSheep 14 days ago
Skyler Saunders
Skyler Saunders 26 days ago
I am ashamed to be an ontatian.
Maddie Thibault
Maddie Thibault 27 days ago
The only time you have the wrong opinion, TRO
Osvaldo Claudio Boianover
This might be your best viseo
Everydayanarchy Month ago
I dont disagree with your position but celebrity chefs are far more celebrity than chef...
Keith Davison
Keith Davison Month ago
Sod trump vs Biden coronavirus vs humanity I swear allegiance and my life to spreading the Word And bringing out the truth, the truth that I’ve known all my life. pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza
Darksoulpoetry Month ago
Dear TRO I used to love your calm creamy (and British!) narration of social media shenaniganry. But then I found this video and I love pineapple pizza more!!!
Benjamin Rochon
Benjamin Rochon Month ago
I'll be honest, Pinnacle pizza, worst flavor
Deelana Sumathipala
Whoever likes pineapple on pizza should be put to trial and given pineapple for life as their punishment since they like the bloody thing so much. End of convo. Move on.
skymen jones
skymen jones 2 months ago
i like pineapple and sardines
Amanda Clark
Amanda Clark 2 months ago
Ah sir, now, NOW, you have gone TOO FAR! TOO FAR I SAY! Pineapple on pizza is dELICIOUS!
skymen jones
skymen jones 2 months ago
it is
Austin Casey
Austin Casey 3 months ago
here I always thought it was made in Hawaii, FALSE ADVERTISING I SAY! but your crazy TRO, that shits dank.
C h e d d a r
C h e d d a r 3 months ago
SweetToxicity 3 months ago
No pineapple on pizza? Nonbinaries? I've never felt so included in my life.
Potocto 3 months ago
We've been found out! Shit. I need to hide.
Kage Kuroo
Kage Kuroo 3 months ago
r/usernamechecksout This is the right opinion.
Li-bat09 .T
Li-bat09 .T 3 months ago
He just alot of danganronpa themes cool
Turtle-Tank 82
Turtle-Tank 82 4 months ago
The Right Opinion Forever... Wait what i love Pineapple on Pizza with Ham
Pacer 4 months ago
You’re a straight bitch 💀
Pen Panhapich
Pen Panhapich 4 months ago
I hear that Proleter April Showers remix >.> Comment made by Mumbo Jumbo gang
Arthur Oliveira
Arthur Oliveira 4 months ago
pienaple on pizz is good stfu brit boi
bread man whatfor
bread man whatfor 4 months ago
It is poison I heard that 1000 died from it (very sad) Jk
coffandro Thedocter
coffandro Thedocter 4 months ago
The right opinion you have changed my mind i originale Said it was good but i now see my former fault and i Will Bow for my New master you
coffandro Thedocter
coffandro Thedocter 4 months ago
Bristena Mutiu you too😀
Bristena Mutiu
Bristena Mutiu 4 months ago
@coffandro Thedocter See you on the battlefield! 😊
coffandro Thedocter
coffandro Thedocter 4 months ago
Bristena Mutiu and if I die then that will be it
coffandro Thedocter
coffandro Thedocter 4 months ago
Bristena Mutiu I understand you and hope the “oppression” will have mercy on you
Bristena Mutiu
Bristena Mutiu 4 months ago
@coffandro Thedocter At I know I will stay loyal and die on the battlefield. We, pinapplers, will rise up and fight against the opression.
Scary Sun
Scary Sun 5 months ago
How dare he bring this sin into this cursed world, pineapple on pizza must be destroyed no matter what
Sora 5 months ago
It was a good ride. That's a bad opinion tho, and an end of my subscription 😢
Noah M.
Noah M. 5 months ago
i looked up "the right opinion social repose" and i get pineapple on pizza
KEK 5 months ago
Yea THE BLAC......wait pizza?
Izz ICX 5 months ago
Why are people so mean to pineapple being on pizza?? Like, I like it and I don't want your opinions about it to be pushed onto me so please leave me alone. >^< Give pineapple a break pls. People like what they like and what I like is pineapple on pizza. I feel like people are really discriminating pineapple. Its like racism, food racism. Pls don hurth mii..!! .3. >p
Izz ICX 4 months ago
Diamind How is pineapple a douchebag..? I see pineapple as a minority thats always getting discriminated just because people think warm fruit is gross. What about apple pie? The apples are warm but most people don't think its gross. Also, how is watermelon different from pineapple on pizza..? Both are fruits.. I'm pretty sure people would think of watermelon as the same as pineapple when discussing pizza toppings. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a pizza topping preference. Pls don't bully pineapple.. :((
Eva 5 months ago
Diamind your response was beautiful, but unfortunately, I shan’t agree with your watermelon pizza idea
Diamind 5 months ago
It isn't food racism, it is more like when you see your best friend has chosen a douche bag (in this case a pineapple) for a life partner. You want to prevent this abomination, so you speak up, and perhaps in their lovestruck phase, your friend tells you the cursed phrase: "you are just jealous of me and my hubby because you are still single, and forever going to remain in the singledom hypermarket". That's when you know it is over, you can't save your friend from the sour and tongue excruciating prick, because you are allergic to pineapples. They aren't obviously, and their life papple is the apple of their pine. I have never tried pizza pineapple combo, but it probably doesn't mix well with the cheese. Watermelons do though, so I can't wait for watermelon pizza. At least watermelons aren't pricks, and they are adventurous, but still family oriented.
AriettaTheWild17 5 months ago
I am the true monster because I do... not like pizza at all. Still a hilarious video, and great choice of soundtrack for it as well. I know I’m late to the party but then again, I usually am. Also only found this channel recently so meh. I’m cool with whatever your choice of pizza is, as long as I don’t have to eat it myself ;)
Cosplic 6 months ago
pseudobullshit? I agree, it's not genuinely bullshit.
Alester Chase
Alester Chase 6 months ago
someone doesn't like pineapple on pizza
W.T.C 1990
W.T.C 1990 6 months ago
pineapple on pizza is awesome 😁😁😁
Syzygy SS
Syzygy SS 6 months ago
hold up whats wrong with u. i'm leaving. pineapple on pizza is the best thing to ever exist. It's a miracle. you horrible, disgusting, useless person. i'm shaking my head in disappointment. (I'm kidding. you get a sub. how do u sound so serious wtf this is probably one of my favorite videos now.)
quirina 1014
quirina 1014 6 months ago
2 years and I cant forgive this guy for this polemic opinion
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
Pineapple on pizza is awesome
Niamh Corrigan
Niamh Corrigan 7 months ago
I have been laughing for 7 minutes fksbfk brilliant, thank you
Backup 7 months ago
I’ve lived in Ontario for my whole life and I had no idea this horrible creation began here... I’m so disturbed
salty*citrus 7 months ago
Good sir I used to enjoy pineapples on pizza but after watching this video you've converted me
Bristena Mutiu
Bristena Mutiu 4 months ago
You traitor. :)
Trix 469
Trix 469 7 months ago
Pineapple on pizza.....the heart wants what the heart wants.
Argon Snake
Argon Snake 7 months ago
Dear TRO and the other person it concerns, I was at a friend’s house once. I ate dinner there and when the pizza came out of the oven I was met with a monstrous sight... pineapple. There was pineapple on the pizza! I did not want to be rude so I forced myself to go through this traumatic experience. That horrendous taste returns to my mouth as I write this comment. I am forever changed by this experience and hope for the end of this atrocity. To my friend, I hope that you and your family recognize your betrayal of all that is right in this world. Sincerely, ~A Canadian Who is Sorry For All of Us P.S. I am ashamed of our country for the creation of this abomination.
DNAsGhostzHouze 8 months ago
Im not the biggest history buff, but Im pretty sure every tragedy in recent human history has been caused by pineapple on pizza.
Tues_Days_ 9 months ago
Sir, Mr. Opinion. I recently subbed you for your sound opinions, but, I like my Hawaiian pizza. However, I've heard abominations with eggs on pizza or peas. Don't kid yourself when I tell you I heard of other abominations...
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder 9 months ago
Over kill much? Pineapple on pizza?
Helena Raichartová
Helena Raichartová 9 months ago
I like it. It's one of my favourites. Suck it.
Super Alsters
Super Alsters 9 months ago
You'll live
Aidan Attard
Aidan Attard 9 months ago
Well, you can’t argue with science
elitezrule 9 months ago
Coosey 9 months ago
Who's the black guy
GraffitiTurtle 9 months ago
Another Brit disliking pineapple on pizza? I'm impressed
NunyaBizness 9 months ago
Pizza without pineapple is a travesty
Chris M
Chris M 10 months ago
Im glad to know that you have the right opinion on this most important subject. Pineapple has NO PLACE on pizza!
Dannii 10 months ago
So that would be a No on the pineapple then?
Milky Way Chances
Milky Way Chances 10 months ago
Jaiden Carroll
Jaiden Carroll 10 months ago
I used like pineapple on pizza tbh, but uh...I developed a hatred for pineapples in general because I don't like their taste. They're too tart and taste too, too sweet and repulsively bold. And I especially don't like their texture and taste when cooked or with meat or any other kind of grease. I don't think it'd be good on pizza if I tasted it again. However, I also dip chocolate chip cookies in fruit punch and apples in ranch. So I mean, I wouldn't call myself a professional in culinary taste. I haven't had apples with ranch or cookies dipped in juice for years though so I can't describe the taste.
Lexicon Devil
Lexicon Devil 10 months ago
Pineapple on pizza is great. a different opinion is wrong
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips 10 months ago
All the dangonronpa music! Also, ew, pineapple.
Margo Kitten
Margo Kitten 10 months ago
This is the only acceptable reaction to the abomination that is pineapple on pizza.
kel lee
kel lee 10 months ago
I’m Canadian. I love pineapple pizza, I’ll often order extra pineapple. Am I a psychopath? Maybe.
Leslie Miller
Leslie Miller 11 months ago
Holy crap, so glad you survived this video! It takes a brave guy to take a stand and you sir, are my hero!
R M 11 months ago
I live in Ontario...and I just pissed myself.....love your videos....keep up the awesome work
Rice Truck
Rice Truck 11 months ago
one of the reasons i quit my old job was because my boss wouldnt stop buying me pineapple pizza everyday for lunch
Ari Silver
Ari Silver 11 months ago
>>citrus and dairy dont go together >>key lime pie would like to know your location
IWTD 11 months ago
have you ever heard of chocolate pizza?
amanda tao
amanda tao 11 months ago
I love the editor that put in soundtracks from danganronpa
Tatertot :{
Tatertot :{ 11 months ago
It’s not bad though...
JaraManga 11 months ago
$100 says you had yet to try pineapple on pizza when you made this video.
stiflingmystrife 11 months ago
Oh wow. A Brit talking about cuisine. lmao
Person Oisels
Person Oisels 11 months ago
The war on terror should be expanded to include pineapple pizza
Alfred Sanders
Alfred Sanders 11 months ago
I cannot accept such horrendous beliefs regarding your aversion to topping your pineapple on pizza. You are simply not well adapted to taste the fine mixture of the tartness of the pineapple and the savory taste of the cheese. Truly, only the lowest of brows would be revolted by such sights. jk. (I like pineapple on pizza.)
Spinozilla Saurian
Spinozilla Saurian 11 months ago
0:37 You'll eventually stop thinking...
Sophie Marshall
To be fair, pineapple on pizza is the fucking worst
Titi A
Titi A Year ago
Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave? I have so much respect for you. I know it was tough.
Rosemary Vien
Rosemary Vien Year ago
Disagreements cause very, very bad things. You have just said some very, very bad things about a pizza that some people eat. That's very bad. 😂Lmao. I'm just joking, but come on! If you don't like it, just don't eat it.
Spencer Oxendale
Spencer Oxendale 9 months ago
The video was a joke
Babs hammond
Babs hammond Year ago
We learned about him in school lmao 😆
The Other Holly
i mean, you're wrong, but ok
CLM_ Year ago
I've finally found my favorite TRO video, one that made me love you even more. I'm bubbling with joy at finding another connoisseur willing to abolish the atrocity that's pineapple on pizza. Thank you for your service. Keep up the good work.
MjauDuuude Year ago
One of my favourite pizzas are banana and pineapple pizza :D
Exited Aardvark
I’ve just shed a tear...
Cristaliana Ivor
Im one quarter italian and we INVENTED Pizza. And I think pinapple on pizza is truly satans offspring. So yeah, thats all the proof you need!
Chibi Syrup
Chibi Syrup Year ago
I know its a joke but the script is still lazer tight
Veganissimo Ⓥ
citrus doesn't mix with dairy? Never had a citrus yoghurt mate?
Kevin Walsh
Kevin Walsh Year ago
The Right Opinion DESTROYS The Right Opinion with Facts and Logic!
Rosie Rebecca
Rosie Rebecca Year ago
Never tried it, soooo...
Pandahero Year ago
What's worse though, pineapple on pizza or cheeseless pizza? Also, I very much appreciate the non-binary inclusion.
Pineapple on pizza is good, I'm never going to stop eating it. Knowing how much people hate it only makes it better.
dude bro
dude bro Year ago
I will like legit fight you over this you heathen
Charlie Perrey
You might be right, but come on, we can all agree that bananas and ketchup on pizza is sooo good.
Angelica Rodriguez
i use my pineapple allergy to make sure there is never any "Hawaiian" pizza at any of the gatherings i go to. we must continue on fighting, even if it means fighting dirty.
Flynn Year ago
I like pineapple on pizza...
pussy slayer
pussy slayer Year ago
Lmao imagine not being able to appriciate pineapple on pizza stay mad imma enjoy my deicious food www.silviocicchi.com/pizzachef/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/pizza-ananas-ev.jpg
A Waits
A Waits Year ago
You should try sausage apricot pizza topped with mustard dressed spinach or blueberry apricot pizza. Lol I can't believe this is a video.
Jasmine Eubanks
This was definitively the Right Opinion. Fucking pineapple on pizza, what are we? Cromagnon?
Kruela DeSavic
i dont like that food
Dylan McCormack
You, sir, are just WEAK. You can't accept CHANGE. Don't be a baby. We STAN pineapple on pizza.
Kareem Emotion
What about broccoli on pizza? They're plenty of people who don't even like broccoli to start with.
Lauren Kennedy
Melanie Shell
Melanie Shell Year ago
watching this while chewing on a juicy slice of Hawaii Pizza
and here i was thinking he was gonna cover kpop
Old Acc
Old Acc Year ago
10 Hours of Nothing