The Never-Ending Nightmare Of Nikocado Avocado - From Vegan To Villain | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: The Never-Ending Nightmare Of Nikocado Avocado - From Vegan To Villain | TRO
0:00 - Intro
10:28 - Origins
17:58 - New Era
27:10 - Devil's Advocado
38:04 - Calculation
46:27 - Worth The Weight
56:39 - Drama Queen
1:08:31 - Enduriance
1:17:19 - Cracked Foundations
1:31:20 - Trisha
1:42:52 - Twisted Reality
1:59:41 - The Joker
2:11:20 - Collecting the W
2:23:39 - The Standard
2:31:37 - Stephanie
2:49:26 - Nick's Retort
2:57:22 - Self-Incrimination
3:12:15 - Playing Yourself
3:39:56 - By The Sword
3:51:50 - Old Dogs
4:06:59 - New Tricks
4:18:33 - Undeniably Nick
4:28:49 - The Never-Ending Nightmare Of Nikocado Avocado
Drama. In the world of US-first, the word “drama” is typically used to refer to a conflict regarding a creator, or multiple creators at that. It’s a pretty central theme to the current content that I make on my channel, and is a focal point for multiple commentators alike. We tend to associate most drama with a more contemporary era of US-first, originating from the mid 2010s, spearheaded by many commentators, and really popularised by the Content Cop series, but drama has existed since the dawn of US-first. I remember all the way back in 2012, when I watched a lot of Call of Duty content, because, as always, I am a gamer, and there was a very renowned callout video uploaded which obtained well over a million views, and probably would have obtained many more if it had not been deleted. In an environment like that, that was hugely impressive.
However, with the constant manifestation of communities, and lack of real culture surrounding the nature of drama, with it more seeming like an unintended side effect, nothing ever seemed mould its way into US-first history, and we tend to reminisce about the early 2010s on US-first with the innocent nostalgia that we have since assigned to it. That’s not a facet that can be considered with commentary, and since its rise, every major conflict seems imprinted on this beautiful platform, for better and for worse.
Yet the sensation that drama provokes ever remains the same. It was still one of the most iconic feelings when that Call of Duty drama in 2012 was transpiring, it was a rush, someone being exposed, conflict within the community. The truth is plain, many creators, and audiences alike, thrive on drama, the appeal of it is indisputable, and as it has grown out of its reputation as a byproduct, and into its own genre, it becomes more powerful, and people feel less afraid to indulge their more dramatic side. On top of this, with the increased mobilisation of online communities, it has been granted additional consequential value that we can observe over the past few years.
One of the most noteworthy outcomes of this is “expose culture”, when a person makes strong or revelatory claims regarding another individual, and their behaviour, typically with the intent of depicting a character that had not been previously shown to the audience. You might find someone sitting quite sternly, glaring at the camera, before going into details of whatever they wish to disclose, or you might just see a neatly posted Twitlonger. The overarching message will tell you, this person isn’t who you thought they were, whether its mere business malpractice or something more sinister, there can be very real ramifications.
The mid 2010s weren’t just for sewing the seeds of drama, and commentary though. No, in fact many new genres rose to US-first prominence, one of those being mukbangs. Mukbang is another delightful portmanteau whose literal translation would be eatcast, with such information you can probably take a guess at what I’m referring to.
Yes, the videos where we have an individual consuming portions of food, often accompanied by them making casual chit-chat with the audience. It originated in South Korea at the end of 2000s, but only really caught fire in 2015, when a few larger channels began to pay attention to it. Since then we’ve seen a wave of creators all over the spectrum take part, either engaging in it as a side venture, or as their dedicated pursuit.
So we have drama, and mukbang, simultaneously emerging into the limelight… two, seemingly quite distinct genres, but what would you end up with, if you merged the two together…
Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Nikocado Avocado.

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Aug 5, 2020




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 months ago
Now it’s your nightmare too :) Special thanks to Lord Vega for the incredible intro: us-first.info/more/Fpp6cpU7jWBcADtq--qDbQ His legendary cast: - Jurne: us-first.info - Mystic: us-first.info EDITING CREDITS/REFERENCES BELOW: Check out the editors: - hihi: us-first.info - Jako: twitter.com/JakoEditing - Elijah: us-first.info/more/sfafH-yfWHRaMInfyjxfrg - Blunderly: us-first.info/more/vGNl_iR19qLadAEIOouFAw - Flix: twitter.com/flix141_ - LuckyMe: twitter.com/LuckyMeYT - Logan: twitter.com/Coniptuous - Riley: twitter.com/variiants - Urban: us-first.info - Onion: us-first.info/more/c8SSAqwbPtm4IYggRsaZbg - Lace: us-first.info/more/U-DSiAtT8OCjdH_b3w7HOw - Liam: us-first.info/more/MkDniIw2fmgxoVfsKKXNMw - Elvorn: twitter.com/ElvornStudios - Tree: us-first.info - Benjamin: twitter.com/BenjaminRogersX - Peter Day: us-first.info - Spencer: twitter.com/SpencerGrantV - Kaiga: us-first.info/more/7mMBbDT3xo1KSGM9qazojw - Sir Cheeseknight: twitter.com/sircheeseknight - Lynn: twitter.com/alphamxtion Post-Editing: - Logan: us-first.info - Peter Day: us-first.info Thumbnail: - Stafoh: twitter.com/Stafoh Artist Credits (if your art appears here please email me): twitter.com/lilamuses instagram.com/hessdabeast/ twitter.com/otaku_zera/status/1143940236017225728 twitter.com/suzukiPCArt instagram.com/mia.martian instagram.com/fireinsect/ twitter.com/dipshyart twitter.com/theeggrollslord twitter.com/Hecatoncherie/ - Special thanks to my Patrons: a vdl, Low60, Mac Maunder, Jade Rose, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch, Adam VIllareal, Ashley Butts, Adam Goetz, Bryan Langley, cloudfruit, Connor, Divinireigns, Miru Kado, Neo, Brandon, Emily Yoder, Megan McCallion, Mikey K, Miru Kado, Neo, Nipple Man, Ristretto Eva, Michael, Shane Reese, Mama Fujo, Yuliya Terekh, Spoonie The Rogue, Natasha Gray, Bruhreallysnapped, Darren Barcrest Plays, Ellie, Nassim J, Spoonie the Rogue, Gravidea, Lena Zhivun, Valerie B, Shelby Schulze, Kie, Austin Clothier, Bob Jazzypoo, Emily Jane Willems, Philip Wesolowski, Neuwwington, MuglyfuglyThug, Nico Mendoza, Sydney Plasky, puking dog, Isabelle Pond, Jacob Matthews, saberfang, Casual User, Ella Elric, Jennifer Stachuska, Maria Diamantoukos, Seth, YarnWitch, York, Paulina Joensen, Julia Fesst, Ammene, Leslie Miller, Ambros, Emma Hinniger, Hillary Dryer, Kathryn M Sorroche, Mirthe, triangulous, darkestweb, Letichia, Sarcastalshisss, SnowFreak, Casey Dickinson, Christian Lincoln, Rinnie, K., Linkin, Logan, Psycho Alchemist, Emily Ward, CaptainBunnincula, Megan Erwin, Jonas Picinich, Ryanna, Mireli, Floral, Margrethe, Maura, Eddie Guthrie, Canadia True Cr*me, David Burton, Apocalyptic Strawberry, Trevin Liberty, Johannes Gustafsson, Christopher Cantin, SnazzyStarlight, Jeremy West, DonFanucci, Cameron Bartlett, Peter Williamson, NebulousBounds, grace, Peter Melling, Amber Wavesatgrain 10$+ Patrons: Ashley Butts, Elizabeth Looby, orkfighta, The Derbinator, Eduardo Pedrero, unknown_hat, dr_snuff, Jenn Sulana, Ella Daniels, Chris F, Adam Granger, Poofy, Tepi, ジュリアン, Hunter, Amanda, Mattias Kronsten Nygren, Bénédict Knecht, ayro grego, Jessica Silansky, Kasi, Kezzstar24, naoh123, Fayrith, David Alejandro Moreno, Heisenberg White, Kaiser, MuglyfuglyThug, lordpikachu96, Emma Hinnige, True Joker, Shiro Chigo, Mark Sanschargrin, Kazza Jackson, B_More_Cool_J, Christopher Henry, Leslie Shaddon, Fretless108, Elizabeth, Marissa Lyn, Ariel Fisher, Hunter R, VideoSyncratic, izzisa, jaycore, kate, kayechbee Special Thanks to My 50 Dollar Patreons: somehulabaloo, Caroline, Hypercube, Amanda, Devan, Rain Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreon: Christopher Karas Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion (Inactive) Facebook: facebook.com/TheRightOpinionOfficial/ Discord: discord.gg/SsgNxWU Instagram: instagram.com/the.right.opinion/ References: docs.google.com/document/d/1FXRxX6U11_D-dkLRhfkVY_3z-YbV4yJM6Zy1Ol-QDn4/edit?usp=sharing
Wrathbtw Ultimate
Love the intro
Gary Stinten
Gary Stinten 6 days ago
make a part 2.. the final conclusion..
Mikey Nitsch
Mikey Nitsch 7 days ago
I like your funny words cute english man
Johncraze30 :0
Johncraze30 :0 12 days ago
POV: gunna goes to McDonald’s
Winter Shows
Winter Shows 15 days ago
Yep, the song Wozwald covered by Miyashita Yuu definitely fits you-
J.U.S 2 hours ago
I really dislike Trisha but compered to her, Nick looks like a sociopath ...
Riri Flamingo
Riri Flamingo 4 hours ago
bro, why is there so much f*cking drama around MUKBANG channels. it's crazy
Wallis_ 6 hours ago
I can't believe TRO doesn't even have 1 million subs yet. Look at all this fucking effort bro
Pumpkin Lol785
Pumpkin Lol785 10 hours ago
Did he say he killed himself when Avacodo asked fo marriage I guess thats normal?
Coolio huahua
Coolio huahua 11 hours ago
You know whats the saddest thung here nobody probably realizes? Thia guy was villified by his own comunity, a bunch of pathetic "mightier than thee" vegans, but he ended up becoming as bad as them who gave him a bad time.
Original Character, Plz No Steal
Nikocado Avocado's voice reminds me why I'm homophobic lmao. *Before you comment, yes it's a joke, but for real his voice is really fucken annoying.*
Meaghan Jack
Meaghan Jack 15 hours ago
Oh my God its 4 and a half hours long lol
Wrathbtw Ultimate
Wrathbtw Ultimate 15 hours ago
GremlinEli 16 hours ago
Whenever he tries to justify something, it keeps going into another direction which kinda makes his points forgotten or just left alone into a corner. It makes his argument hard to follow, tbh.
Alec Barron
Alec Barron 16 hours ago
*Is this a ad read?*
jazmin 17 hours ago
i thought it was a act..
borjitasstoi 19 hours ago
i dont know but i am masochist why every video i watch the people are involved have a emotional rollercoaster and not to mention how annoying is for me makes difficult follow the video in that way maybe i be hard but thank god i m not like him but i have my issues and anyone is perfect but lesson learned never cry front camera like that because thats for weak people
Kelly Lai
Kelly Lai 20 hours ago
brogan OfRiverSeese
brogan OfRiverSeese 23 hours ago
When is Chapter 2? The one with Orlin and Nick breaking up and making a fake new bf named Jasper ?😂😂😭😂😂
Palestinian King Jerry 0
This Monster makes me sick
MsGrimly Day ago
I'm literally only an hour and a half in but I really only heard of the big avocado from the PayPal stalker scandle. I try to stay away from her too but cant help but watch a drama vid here and there.
evil_befall Day ago
The amount of food he eats reminds me of me back in highschool Two big frozen pizza Now i even dont like frozen pizza anymore
Sasha Burts
Sasha Burts Day ago
What a seamless way to introduce an ad
DaWhoDoo Day ago
damn 4 hours long!
Xploeding Pideons
I like this is 4 fucking hours
Seina 99
Seina 99 Day ago
How did you even make this video? I didn't even realize it's a 4 hour video.
Mark Harris
Mark Harris Day ago
I get most of my knowledge of these US-first characters from Dennis at 'Def Noodles', a good man with common sense and good comedian. I have no intention of ever watching their videos as I admit to being a boomer. They’re just not my taste in entertainment, but I acknowledge this gives me a skewed opinion. I also enjoy your videos, they remind me of an academic essay with brilliant bits of humour thrown in. This one has to be a dissertation though if not a thesis for a PhD. Very well done indeed and well done to the editors, to amazing how well it all comes together.
Mark Hammarskjöld
Nikocado Avocado is an interesting comedian
Took 3-4 days but I watched the whole thing 🙃
DaBlackStar Day ago
If u finished this whole vid give yourself a pat on the back, it's longer than the original 10 commandments movie and the titanic, amazing work, now I need a strong drink to wash down all the food porn
DaBlackStar Day ago
That beginning was just like Toonami.... Love it
TDotWitch Day ago
I seriously just sat through 4 hours of this! I can’t stand the dude! This was very informative though. I didn’t realize he had beef with so many people.
Isa Schiller
Isa Schiller Day ago
i watched it all in one sitting holy hell
Wrathbtw Ultimate
I heard a little of some of the drama over time but like 4 hours of a video that’s more drama then I thought
Sky Squad
Sky Squad Day ago
Compassion Through Seeing
He was one of the vegan youtubers I watched in the early days of my own veganism. It's honestly sad how far he's fallen. He seemed so lovely and kind and compassionate before, and he glowed with happiness and health. Now he's a shell of a human being
Orange Blossom
Number of subscribers is obviously not a measure of success. Just b/c you have millions of subscribers does not mean you're not a train wreck. All they do w/ their so-called "success" is use it to self-destruct on the world stage. You can see right away where his mind starts to go.
Jonny SouthSide
I woke up and this video was playing. I said dammit the wife has taken the remote while I slept. Then listend for a while, and immediately realized that I know one of the people that Smart guy/ "investigative Mind" is talking about. So I started it over...interested...short lived, the whole time all I could focus on is how these youtubers are All FULL of shit with no real friends,no trust,ok money and a shitty lawyer/commentairian. This has to be the worst thing I've ever seen or heard. I'm sorry you have know idea how to make it better. But o well I'm glad to finally leave...dam started feeling like the guy that cant leave this shitty shit. Feel bad for him
Gamer Rainbowcorn
im so happy for your super long videos because i binge them when working on really long school projects :-33
Auset Ali
Auset Ali Day ago
Amazing job, sir! You really are a twat with too much free time 😅 Thank you for such a wonderful gem!
iamcoolalot Day ago
the hands that show up around 4:17:00 are bad. looks like a bad cosplayer.
lily wilson
lily wilson Day ago
the New Tricks segment with the hands is my fave tbh
garik loran
garik loran Day ago
four and a half hours? are you some sort of longman?
Roxanne Heart
This is some serious dedication, bravo! Also, the part 16 intro makes me feel like I'm launching a video game and the ad at the beginning was awesome. Well done team! 👏👏
Anathematica Day ago
Niko always reminded me of Ricardo López. Don't know why. Don't look up his videos if you're underage or easily disturbed.
Kate S
Kate S 2 days ago
38:53 - LOL, his parrot is sitting there, probably thinking "I have to listen to these crazy rambling every day..." 😆😆😆 Poor lovely bird! 💕🐦
GammaTheLoser 2 days ago
niko really let themselves go after oneshot huh
ezekiel tipton
ezekiel tipton 2 days ago
The only thing that this 4 hour video told me was that he had a parrot
Alexandra Ledesman
I hate myself he is born the literal day after I was born. >.< God help me.
Penny Lynch
Penny Lynch 2 days ago
Yup Jesus is coming! He loves u all and doesn't want you to wreck yourselves with too much food! Goodnight xxx 🐵🐒🦧
Penny Lynch
Penny Lynch 2 days ago
Hey everyone overeating is a sin meaning unhealthy and bad! Jesus wants u to be healthy and happy and he loves you. Your choice tho. Goodnight. Xxx 🐵🐵
Krinh 2 days ago
nick is the human version of the saying "you either die a hero, or live long enough to become a villan"
Ginko 2 days ago
He obviously knows his drama equals money. He calculates his actions (badly). The sad part is how many people eat this shit up and give hi m and others like him his platform. It's not easy hearing things about yourself, but that's life. You can't please everybody, and the ones you cant, just ignore them. If you have to listen to them, then at least keep an open mind and maybe you'll learn something about yourself, or how you can better yourself. If their comments are baseless and inflammatory, who cares? Move on. I wish more people knew this, but the subjects of this channel are proof enough that people dont. Also, I'm usually indifferent to petty drama, but the second you fraudulently submit copyright claims I got problems with it lol. And when you make Keemstar look reasonable... 2:24:50 Can any humans actually watch this?
Katie Whittier
Katie Whittier 2 days ago
I wonder if he ever gets seriously ill and throws up a lot because....he eats so much now, and it’s all fast food or junk in one big meal. I can barely eat a medium meal from mcdonalds myself because eating so much at once makes me nauseus but YEESH. Even in the early parts of this video There’s just so. Much. FOOD.
JenosideVEVO 2 days ago
This poor guy. He was just a dude and he had potential to be a real person, he had so much going for him and he threw it away for a mukbang career. Unfortunate.
tony mancuso
tony mancuso 2 days ago
God the stephanie chick was so melodramatic
Dead Channel
Dead Channel 2 days ago
Horror movie
Norm Rayos
Norm Rayos 2 days ago
38:08 - totally random, but I have to send some love to the editor ‘Urban the Myth’ for using ‘Serial Experiments Lain’ clips for the background of this segment. Just always nice to see that anime referenced since it unfortunately seems forgotten even though it’s always been my absolute favorite.
Raven 2 days ago
Shout out to Carl Sagan 42 on the right 2:11:25
Cameron Reynolds
Cameron Reynolds 2 days ago
i see those unus annus videos in your “up next” section...rip
Mistah J
Mistah J 2 days ago
Dude to be honest I wish you did way less Trisha I'm tierd of seeing her shes hideous inside and out shes extremely toxic shes gotten a lil better in the last couple years but only by a small SMALL margin she doesn't really deserve attention
kaguuki googi
kaguuki googi 2 days ago
Bro just say you wanted to eat meat and go
Naz does stuff
Naz does stuff 2 days ago
What happened to his bird
Bryce Krispiez
Bryce Krispiez 2 days ago
Bro I really don’t even know what’s happening anymore
sam mcburney
sam mcburney 2 days ago
Oh boy. 4 hours? Welp, say goodbye to my sanity lol this dude (not you, TRO) is such a cry baby (dude seriously, how the hell can they laugh about the cheating and STD's. That makes me really uncomfortable.) Though tbh, a LOT of this makes me uncomfortable
z Lextn
z Lextn 2 days ago
The Stephanie stuff is so annoying, she is the worst. Total narcissistic brat.
Durio reece
Durio reece 2 days ago
@sam mcburney 😂
sam mcburney
sam mcburney 2 days ago
@Durio reece don't feed the troll lol
Durio reece
Durio reece 2 days ago
How is she a brat?
Jeyphr 2 days ago
This singular video about Nikocado Avocado is an hour and a half longer than the film "The Wolf of Wall Street". *HOW*
Aminsuld Davaasuren
That thumbnail is my 1st nightmare
Little Lady Toge
Little Lady Toge 3 days ago
Trisha is living in Nicocado's head rent-free
Sophia Denny
Sophia Denny 3 days ago
I can't believe I just spent 4 hours learning about how controversial an ex-vegan who eats a lot of food is hahaha it was very entertaining though
123idreamjeannie 3 days ago
Why is this a 4.5 hr vid?
Mikael Mortensen
Mikael Mortensen 3 days ago
It's sad that people follow and watch this faker (and similar channels). This doesn't give me much hope for humanity.
Richard Landgren
Richard Landgren 3 days ago
On that tiktok predator video you made, you decried cringe binge, but it looks like it has proven to be a very profitable endeavor. Oh, I do like the videos, don't get me wrong, I just find it deliciously ironic is all.
James B.
James B. 3 days ago
My first time ever seeing a vid of his was drama with Trisha Paytas, and I couldn't even watch since I lost interest immediately. All he did for the first 10 seconds was show his phone with Trisha clips Edit: specifically the video shown at 1:43:47 Tf kinda movements is he doing @ 2:24:45???
Drewmena 3 days ago
4:25:50 This dude talking about starving is the funniest thing I’ve heard this decade. Wonder how third world kids would react.. New Channel idea “Third World Kids React” nickacado avacado
Ben Swine
Ben Swine 3 days ago
watching people fill there shit box with food is disgusting. imagine how many people around the world are starving.
Shine W
Shine W 3 days ago
I used to be subbed to Nick, I enjoyed his content back in the day when he shared his travels. Currently I have nothing but distain for the man. It’s the fake domestic violence that irritates me most.. and we know it’s fake bc most abusers don’t film themselves in the act then edit and post it to a public forum, I just don’t see the point of a mukbang channel portraying such nonsense. Orlin is no better, they both punch, slap, spit, throw objects and food at one another with Orlin barely being able to contain himself from laughing bc it’s so over-acted and fake. I didn’t know until recently that there are petitions going around asking ppl to sign it in order to have Nick booted off US-first bc he’s not made to follow their rules like other US-firstrs. It’s not something I choose to participate in, I simply don’t watch his videos anymore. He’s also the queen of clickbait, it’s a dishonest way to earn a paycheck in my opinion. Every time you click on one of Nick’s videos you will see that he’s pinned a link to a previous video but it’s ALWAYS mis-titled. The last link I clicked on read: “watch Orlin throw me down the stairs” but when you click on that link it takes you to a video where Orlin can’t even be found, not even a small cameo. He lies quite a lot and that irritates me too. Don’t get me started on the man crapping himself and visually showing his viewers the crap on his chair. He lost me right then and there.. done.
Alden Yek
Alden Yek 3 days ago
Unfollowing nikocado because he is gay
God i love the way everytime the editors changes✨👏👌
*m a s t e r p i e c e*
Pepto 3 days ago
His gopher lookin face annoys me when he snarls
Mikey M
Mikey M 3 days ago
You can actually see him progressively gain weight throughout the video
GDNacho 3 days ago
That was a ride, you and your editors made an amazing job, I congratulate you all and I'm glad I finally got to watch this full video
Laila Dawn
Laila Dawn 3 days ago
He's drinking tea out of the creamer. It really bothers me.
Roger Limoseth
Roger Limoseth 3 days ago
2:00:10 have I been pronouncing euchre wrong all these years?
Travis Jugum
Travis Jugum 3 days ago
I can't tell who is more awful. Nickocado or that ratchet girl
Jamie 3 days ago
great video, wow. super interesting i cant believe im 40 mins in and not even bored LOL
DallasUNBOXER 3 days ago
Ahizzy 55
Ahizzy 55 3 days ago
He had some flawed ideology, shit.
Miranda 3 days ago
i really like the editing in the "new tricks " section!
TheLydie17 3 days ago
Did anyone watch this in one sitting? I have to keep coming back to finish.
tony mancuso
tony mancuso 3 days ago
Bro four hours.
Hey Child
Hey Child 3 days ago
And it’s 60fps???
Something about hearing TRO say “Ay pull up.” Makes me very happy lol
John Estrada
John Estrada 4 days ago
Bruh, WHAT is this channel! How haven't I seen it before?! There's more production in the first minute of this vid than half the crap I see on Netflix or Disney+!
HacknSlashMB 4 days ago
Someone give this man an Oscar what a journey this was 🏆
Higgs Bonbon
Higgs Bonbon 4 days ago
Next up; the rise and fall of children's entertainer Zuccotti Manicotti.
I feel like I'm learning from the teacher in Willy Wonka. 💙
Linda Versadia
Linda Versadia 4 days ago
You guys really made TRO upload a four hour video lmao
Keydoor 4 days ago
How you make a video this long about this dude lol
AnToN 4 days ago
Trina Made It
Trina Made It 4 days ago
This video is so long I need multiple breaks to get through it.
pamela nunes
pamela nunes 4 days ago
He really should of stuck to violin! He's really good!