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The Right Opinion: The Morality of Michael McCrudden - Is It Wrong?
And boy have I been waiting for a time to do this video, and in a way I could’ve done it sooner, but there’s just a timeless appeal to me, I had bigger fish to fry at the time so I left it in the lake. But now, The Right Opinion has his rod out, wait, that’s not what I meant.
But anyhow, this man is Michael McCrudden.
Michael McCrudden is a person, I use the term “person” to the most broad effect, but he does still classify in my books as a human being, just about. He has been the topic of hot controversy in the last few months.
You see, Michael McCrudden owns his own channel, in which he talks about celebrities, before they were famous, after they were famous, their rich life, a few other side series, and most notoriously, before they were gone.
We’ll be using that last one to talk about a lot of questions that have been flaring up amongst the community, because McCrudden has probably been the best example of what happens when people become slightly too opportunistic and slip into the public eye. But why?
Well, when someone passes away, many think it’s important to be respectful of the deceased and give them and their family some space during the times of mourning. However, McCrudden’s philosophy has come to show that he might not be so concerned with that, now I’ve always been vaguely aware of McCrudden’s channel, but more as an onlooker rather than a commentator, he’s a significant size, in spite of the incredibly inconsistent view counts.
Other than the regular allegations that not all his facts are completely accurate, the first taste of controversy that he gave me was when my friend James Marriott decided to release a video criticising him for his video on Lil Peep. All in all, it’s quite a good video, and one that we might revisit in a bit, it definitely levels some very legitimate criticisms.
I considered covering it back then, but it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, however, over the last couple months it has definitely brewed, and now The Right Opinion, is ready to serve up piping hot Earl Grey. Delish.
Michael McCrudden, on the other hand, is finding himself in a metaphorical sort of hot water, after the rather sudden exit of extremely popular and equally controversial rapper, XXXTentacion, he was criticised for making not one, not two, but three videos in quick succession, all capitalising. They were shameless to say the least.
This led to a lot of outrage and criticism, which subsequently led to a lot of videos, and then consequently led to a lot of people asking if these videos were hypocritical in how they behaved, and if McCrudden was even in the wrong at all. Essentially people were tripping over themselves in attempt to have the moral high ground.
A similar situation occurred earlier this year with Logan Paul, many asserted that those who made videos on his little voyage were no better than him, particularly those who then decided to monetise and sponsor those videos.
Most people have contradicted themselves here and there, when they’re slight details like the ones in question, it doesn’t make you a bad person because you may not be thinking about it. However, I am The Right Opinion, the blessed messiah for all you argumentation, and I’ve been mulling this over for a while, and I propose myself to be the one to lay out some ground rules for conditions that may or may not affect whether a situation could be considered distasteful, and to help you get a clearer grip on your opinion.
Allow me to clarify that in this video I will mostly avoid pushing for one position, I will state my opinion at the end after applying all the conditions that I deem relevant, but the thing is there are many reasoned arguments that can be made for all points of view, but hopefully by the end we’ll be able to distinguish the ImAllexxes from the Michael McCruddens, if you know what I mean. You might come out thinking neither of them were acceptable, you might think both of them were acceptable, but let’s clear the air a bit, alright?

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Aug 11, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
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Noah Brinn
Noah Brinn Month ago
Noah Brinn
Noah Brinn Month ago
Noah Brinn
Noah Brinn Month ago
Noah Brinn
Noah Brinn Month ago
Noah Brinn
Noah Brinn Month ago
Corporal Adrian Shepard
Why does he have reptile eyes?
phobletera 22 days ago
Are you the voice of the remarkable2?!
hydro toxin
hydro toxin Month ago
TRO: "Without further ado let's get right into it" 3:46 me: gets ad
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson Month ago
i love ur vids!
lilmx Month ago
Could just insert those clips as On Cinema segments
Robin Parker
Robin Parker Month ago
Real talk, people joking about x’s death makes me laugh because dude was a fucking shithead I don’t even care. Taking advantage of someone’s death is wrong but if it’s a piece of shit like him I ain’t care so much.
Heather Gray
Heather Gray Month ago
I have had found out about at least two celebrity deaths by scrolling through my feed and coming across a before they were gone video. I want to say it was actually three but I'm not positive of that.
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
He looks like a guy who uses his parents money to "succeed" at Amway, to get you to give him money.
Neiasaurus Creations
Not sure I care about X, dude tortured and abused his girlfriend, stabbed people, robbed people, and a bunch of other stuff. I'm not able or willing to pretend he's a good guy.
MrWatto1988 3 months ago
RIP to ol matey but did no one ever suggest to him that he gets a name that rolls off of the tongue a little easier....
Em Marie
Em Marie 3 months ago
I hate michaels mannerisms.. they’re so weird.. the way he moves his head &; hands.. so awkward..
Theohybrid 3 months ago
McCrudden seemed like the TMZ we have at home.
Maria Quiet
Maria Quiet 3 months ago
Why does he move his hands like that? So many people in US-first videos move their hands like they were on strings. They should have theirs hands chopped off if they can't find anything worthwhile to do with them. He needs to put them on a slab.
Not Thom Huntley
Not Thom Huntley 4 months ago
Funny how James is a snake now like alex
Jai Singh
Jai Singh 2 months ago
No he's not Alex's friends don't like Alex
1-800-TRASH-ELVES 2 months ago
Yeah why?
Lucy Williamson
Lucy Williamson 3 months ago
Y he a snake too?
Nolan Leslie
Nolan Leslie 4 months ago
Holy beardless james
The Ace of Lemons
The Ace of Lemons 5 months ago
0:19 I spat my drink out 😭
asoftdolphin 5 months ago
where’s ur gamersupps sponsor your gamer
Cosplic 5 months ago
Every time TRO says "The greater good" I can't help but think of IHE
Pc-98 Fan
Pc-98 Fan 5 months ago
...and now he just made a video about late George Floyd... This guy didn't learned
Logan Hall
Logan Hall 5 months ago
He has a video about Kim jong un before he was dead and he’s still alive
melon soda
melon soda 5 months ago
Yeah. Michael has no idea about what he is talking about
Logan Hall
Logan Hall 5 months ago
I love watching him so i feel smart but he always loses me half way through
RZRREDD 5 months ago
What I want to know is why he compares x to Kurt.
Torontoguy81 Jeffrey_Henry
Please do a follow up
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith 5 months ago
This aged well as he back In the same spot again
Wayno ToTheSwayno
Wayno ToTheSwayno 5 months ago
This cat is a real piece of work. What a clown.
Tyler Hughes
Tyler Hughes 5 months ago
Margate, MARGATE !
You might have to update this video
wiggle- ninja
wiggle- ninja 6 months ago
I like listening to you talk.
hell yeah
hell yeah 6 months ago
3:28 aged like a fine glass of milk.
Rain Thomas
Rain Thomas 6 months ago
Hm I'm no fan of tea but if you have Kool-Aid I'm all in
christian smith
christian smith 6 months ago
RIP LIL PEEP tho :( always tho 💗 and rip XXX.
OkayLame 6 months ago
made you look
Bart SiMPson
Bart SiMPson 6 months ago
Young X looked exactly like pousay from Orange is the New Black
Jacob Parry
Jacob Parry 7 months ago
Holy shit, stubby James though😳
bigest meme
bigest meme 7 months ago
I like how jay station and mccrudden are both from the same city
Darth Reven
Darth Reven 8 months ago
Your videos are addictive
Redcorvin 8 months ago
McCrudden profiled a racist. nothing wrong in him giving his opinion. pesonally am glad the white hating fuck is dead. Hanging a white boy in his video said all thats was needed about the type of POS he was.
majiks s
majiks s 7 months ago
balam the knowledge
balam the knowledge 9 months ago
The right opinion: "Let's get right into it" *2 unskippable 10 second ads play* fuck you tro
Xenopuff72 B
Xenopuff72 B 9 months ago
It is so clear from McCrudden''s attention to detail, or rather lack thereof, his unemotional (fake) responses to a death, plus the adverts and sponsorship etc that he's a cold hearted , money grabbing chop.
Aylexx G
Aylexx G 9 months ago
he's treating this like a pitty party. have some respect Michael
Aylexx G
Aylexx G 9 months ago
this bloat seems unapologetic and doesn't actually have any fucking sympathy? tragic...... nobody gonna make a vid about michael when he's gone....
Aylexx G
Aylexx G 9 months ago
"he JUST about justifies as a human being....hardly" god i love TRO
maddog 9 months ago
Dont forget the time ImJaystation "contacted" Abraham Lincoln and said he gave his Gettysburg address and in the middle of it inserted BUY JAYSTATION MERCH YALL AND WATCH JAYSTATIONS SLAVE VIDEO And subscrib! 😂😂 IDK why but him saying abe Lincoln wants u to watch a slave video and sub to his channel kills me. I imagine some 8yr old in school learning about abraham Lincoln and being like OHHH MISS TEACHER HE LIKES JAYSTATION AND LIKES HIS SLAVE VIDEO LOL
maddog 9 months ago
I hate how US-first has made having a trendy clickbaity title, that has good tagwords 1000x more important for a video to do good, then just making good content.
maddog 9 months ago
I Can't wait to see the, "after they were gone" video for Onision. Lol.
Lemons W Sushi
Lemons W Sushi 9 months ago
I didn't remember this guy, but as soon as you showed the first clip of him, I immediately remembered and sighed. Also, nice rod uWU
christian smith
christian smith 9 months ago
christian smith
christian smith 9 months ago
It's always REST IN PEACE X 😓 fuck what anyone gotta say. His music was amazing
Asterope 10 months ago
I personally believe in absolute freedom, i don't care who uploads what, exploit someones death it doesn't matter. Really it is up to the viewers to stop watching what they think is wrong. The viewer can collectively make or break a channel, the fact that Michael is still successful speaks volumes about the people supporting his content. Just do what you want i guess, the dislikes and sub loss directly after his video are the viewers telling him he fucked up. Even if he has no care for rappers or the feelings of his viewers, he obviously has invested interest in keeping his business successful. At the End of they day, the audience will be the decider of a channels fate, and there is no shortage of morons who subscribe to morons.
Jennifer W
Jennifer W 10 months ago
He also has bot responses. His first XXX video posted a bot response under my name! I never personally commented on any of his videos.
Chips and Salsa
Chips and Salsa 10 months ago
Guys a complete tool and seriously what is he like 50 years old? Complete fucking NONCE
Beklee Dee
Beklee Dee 10 months ago
I have a family member that uses the death of my 6 year old daughter for sympathy, to avoid work, to avoid cleaning and to make everyone else around her do things for her. It repulses me. Like, she's my daughter but sure. You go ahead and make it about you.
Booby Wit Dat Tool
Booby Wit Dat Tool 10 months ago
Yo on Jah. I'm fumin' bruh..rip #1 women beater😔💀
haleypotter417 10 months ago
Couldn't place why he looked familiar, turns out he used to host InformOverload
Ellen L. Sandor
Ellen L. Sandor 10 months ago
so sleasy.😳
Orthall Gro-rugob
Orthall Gro-rugob 10 months ago
Lmao gotta call out someone Makin money on a dead domestic abuser there's not a moral high ground to have. Anyone "calling" him out is still defending someone who at least, beat the person they were intimate with. Hypocritical? Who care. Is Beating some to injury less disgusting than talking about a death? Who know. I Liked some of his music, but he was a shit person. Off topic, but he was so fuckin "I'm 14 and this is deep"
y / n
y / n 10 months ago
why did I think Zac Efron was in the thumbnail
Bob Barker
Bob Barker 10 months ago
Can someone make a before they were irrelevant about mc crudden?
BrotherBoresIsBest 10 months ago
This Michael guy describing rap is like me making a tutorial on advanced chemistry... No, he wasn't capitalizing, he was obviously a scholar on hip hop culture. No, he doesn't look like a basic frat douche, he is for sure Harlem to the socks.
BrotherBoresIsBest 10 months ago
You give attention to people that otherwise... I mean I never knew Nicole Arbour, this guy, or many of the YT/Twitch people before I found your awesome channel. They should thank you.
Kaldaryn 10 months ago
The British James harmonic convergence is nigh...
Crust Ocean
Crust Ocean 10 months ago
relevance eh?
TDotWitch 11 months ago
I just found this video and I’m dying! I see this guy get cussed out daily on IG 🤣. Nobody in Toronto likes him 😂. I don’t bother with him but holy crap ppl dislike him.
Indagrow guy
Indagrow guy 11 months ago
I never heard of that xxx guy until he died... Elves i think not
Unsuspecting Narwhal
Unsuspecting Narwhal 11 months ago
I'm happy I'm happy because I've found exactly what I'm looking for in a content creator. This seems like such a rare thing nowadays. Like, "Its almost 2020 and I'm still finding amazing content.". I'm sad I did not know about you until recently, but please keep up the fantastic. Love Justin
Unsuspecting Narwhal
Unsuspecting Narwhal 11 months ago
PS I'm not gonna apologize for my name and picture. made it when I was 15 and i refuse to change it.
Apollyon 11 months ago
Money is money.
Plantasia 11 months ago
ThrashMetal 11 months ago
Tentacion did the world a favour. By dying. XxxTentacion is probably one of the biggest modern personifications of how society has gone wrong. And respect is still a commodity, alive or dead. Dying does not earn you respect for the sake of dying if you were the personification of how society has gone wrong One man's opinion? yeah, maybe
Tuesday's Art
Tuesday's Art 11 months ago
The Rod Opinion
Lil Weeb Vert
Lil Weeb Vert 11 months ago
i could not care less about x or respecting his name he was abusive and not worth anyone’s time dead or alive!! michael made some points profiting off HIS death, but if this was a video of someone who should actually be respected, that would make more sense
Erick Ballon
Erick Ballon 11 months ago
The news and such cant turn off ads there determined months before
Rei Capezza
Rei Capezza Year ago
How does this differ from true crime videos? A good portion of true crime videos or podcasts I watch will include jokes, some even aimed at the victim. My question isn't meant to be condensing in any way. I'm very interested to see what others think.
It’s not my fault It’s yours
You were doing good until you said that when he died people you knew were really down about it but you didn’t get it like huh? How can you not get it? Someone they cared for died. Obviously they’re going to be sad about it. Idk man people still being sort of petty towards this man even after he died is upsetting to see. Pathetic mindsets.
kk marie
kk marie Year ago
Michael used to be on a US-first news channel along with 5-9 others and the content was well thought out and informative, kinda sad he left to do this money hungry bullshit
Anton Vernooy
Anton Vernooy Year ago
facts about the earl gray tea. Best stuff on the earth
Simon Maček
Simon Maček Year ago
Any video about xx before he was famous. Dude was a human garbage lookinh for fights every time he went out. I think karma took him.
That One Guy
That One Guy Year ago
Michael McCrudden's channel is kind of..cruddy..hee hee.. Jk I actually love Michael McCrudden about as much I love DEATH AND TAXES..
Michael will make a video about someone the day before they die, just to get the most views
PrettyFungi Year ago
Michael Mccrumby
Moose Man
Moose Man Year ago
I started listening as soon as you said ‘James Mariott’
cowboy gucci
cowboy gucci Year ago
Instructions unclear, got my rod stuck in the ceiling fan
Solanum Tuberosa
All McCrudden videos are basically 30 minute fiverr videos
Carol Marshall
Who' is the character that TRO uses??
Ophelia Valentine
LOL! Shows a Clip of SSSNIPERWOLF and says “all of his facts are not completely accurate” when that is one of the most accurate vids Micheal has done. Just because SSS says it’s not her and she didn’t do it is not true. On the other hand I do agree with what u said about waiting to make a video of a deceased person
Holo The Wise Wolf
I think y'all should leave Michael mcCrudden alone, let's just say he has to eat and get his paycheck just like the other guy working a pizza delivery job. It's not his "moral duty" to be righteous and give justice; that's all extra, the question is if whether a person addresses the fact in their own way. In this world there is no right or wrong. There is only law and order... Don't confuse sense of morality with ethics. All I gotta say.
"Milked it til the cows come home"... is a bit of an inconsistent metaphor since if the cows being out leaves nothing to milk.... also "more deeper"
aesthetic doggo
this doesn’t have enough views
Sjin Year ago
Crud's videos are mostly people I've never heard of: "Before 2cin2myIz was famous"
dumbnoodle Year ago
the comments here are fucking with me.
『You’re ARIdopted now』
Wow, his channel is so dead a year later... 3 million subscribers and occasionally struggling to get over 30k views
Walkin' Tall
Walkin' Tall Year ago
Yeah, with Google at everyone's finger tips, it surprises me the amount of youtubers that when making a video, and are unsure on a pronunciation, are STILL to lazy to do a quick Google search and LEARN the pronunciation. It's a simple concept, a simple action, yet sooooo many are to lazy to do it! And it frustrates me. I don't know about others, but for me.... If you mispronounce a simple word that could have easily been avoided, and pronounced correctly.... The channel immediately loses credibility for me. If your to lazy to get the correct pronunciation, I can only assume the channel was equally as lazy in their research. Also.... Comparing xxx to 2pac - ugh, no. Xxx doesn't even come close to 2pac status. And that's no disrespect to xxx, but it's just the truth.
PongoXBongo Year ago
Am I the only one who's never heard of this XXXTentacion fellow?
Poop Head
Poop Head Year ago
Youre either too young or too old or not into hip hop music
the angry australian
Man the commentary community seems pretty cutthroat...on an unrelated note nah fuck McCrudden lol what a name to
Xenostra Year ago
You think this guy is bad, look at jaystation
Chris Fouts
Chris Fouts Year ago
Acceptable... Ax-sep-table... Acceptable.
Alexis Burrows
X tentacion was abusive trash and people (including Eilish) used his death for clout.
willow Year ago
I am beyond confused by X's impact and how people can effortlessly erase his serial abuse as being a defining character trait and only recognizing his musical talents-I think this goes with almost any musician that has come to light recently for their allegations...but in this case, they're not allegations. In one case, X even admitted to abusing an ex girlfriend and bragged about another event where he attempted to kill or nearly kill someone because of their sexual orientation. I'm not even saying this to stir drama but there needs to be a psychological analysis on avid X fans so I can understand what compels people to become so transfixed by bad people because of the spec of good they have done...
Thomas Beemer
Thomas Beemer Month ago
@Joe When the hell did this turn into a discussion about race in America/BLM? You've taken this to a place that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Calm down.
Dead Meme
Dead Meme 2 months ago
@Thomas Beemer I hate ppl like that. They pretend like they don't like rap because it's mainstream.
Thomas Beemer
Thomas Beemer 2 months ago
@Bass Player Another one of these "rAp Is CrAp" types. Wonderful. Just wonderful.
Reaper 4 months ago
you can appreciate the art while the artist is not a good person I like x's music, but as a person I don't think he was great. I don't think many of his fans claim he was an angel who could do no wrong, calm down.
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
It's fake music by fake people for fake people. That's why they always say "keeping it real" because being real to them is actually a struggle
Carlos Acevedo
Please James, no one likes it when your rod is out 😓
Ilja xox
Ilja xox Year ago
Adam 22 isn’t ant better, he criticized everyone who monitized X’s death yet since he knew X personally it was completely fine to do videos, interviews and livestreams about him where only the interview with Denielle Brigoli actually added something and was of any value. Because exploiting a friends murder is moral but exploiting a rappers murder is immoral.