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The Right Opinion: The Mistakes Of Nicole Arbour - How To Ruin: This Is America | TRO
In case anyone isn’t aware I’m a man of music, I have reviewed music on this channel, I have covered various controversies with regards to music, I’ve talked about provocative content, and it creates probably some of my most polarising content. I’m also a trained singer-songwriter, and I guarantee when I get the chance The Right Opinion is dropping a fire album.
But that’s besides the point, I realise that now I’m doing longer content, that it’s not gonna be so easy to just chuck out my opinions on music, and often given the length of a song, it’s hard to talk in the mini-documentary styles that I do. But that won’t stop me from trying, and every now and then, an absolute sitter comes in, and I have to take a swing.
Enter stage left Nicole Arbour, the comedian slash US-first personality has caused a fair bit of commotion throughout her career, infamously in 2015 she decided to release a video known as Dear Fat People, in which she lambasted obese individuals for their excessive weight, and told them to lose it in quite a crude manner. A lot of people took offense to the blunt way she attacked others, and yeah it is rather insensitive, and revisiting it in preparation for this video. In all honesty, the only thing I found offensive was unfunny it was. Now, I accept that comedy is subjective, but it was all distraction comedy with no real punchline to me. But yeah, I can understand why people were annoyed by it, and in true controversial fashion she released a part two, I assume because she had so much more to develop on from the first one.
The other major controversy that you probably know of, is of the abuse allegations. In which, ex-boyfriend and fellow US-firstr Matthew Santoro, alleged that Arbour had isolated him and exploited his weakness, Arbour denied the allegations, and it sadly became a “he said, she said” case, that will probably never be fully resolved, but it had been a couple years and she had ducked out of the public eye. I certainly wasn’t thinking about her.
Enter stage right Donald Glover aka. Childish Gambino, the jack of all trades has been praised for his work all over the spectrum of media, from scriptwriting to music production, I have to give him props for that. I respect the grind. But realising he had yet to make a vociferous political statement, he decided that why not infuse it with his natural talents, and brought us “This Is America”. The meticulously crafted creation impressed me on both a technical level and an interpretative level, I can’t express how much I appreciate the detail of the subtext and imagery, too many artists just don’t appreciate how much more potent it can make your content. And I think that part of it is the multitude of interpretations, and I’m glad people are discussing it, and hopefully it’ll inspire more profound conversation.
But, nothing is sacred, and Nicole Arbour saw a chance to give it her own spin, well not necessarily her own, but a women’s spin, one for women’s rights and highlighting their maltreatment in modern American society. How brave.
Now if you are familiar with me, and the title of this video, you will be bracing for the inevitable amount of criticism that is about to come her way. My opinion, is that this is bad, very bad. I heard she’d responded to the criticism, and when I read it, she really did make a compelling case for her content, and then I went and watched it again. And realised, it doesn’t matter how pure the message is, if you deliver it in a dodgy way. Due to the backlash she has subsequently disabled ratings and comments, but it wasn’t well received to say the least, with many people claiming she had completely butchered what the original stood for. Now, many have criticised her as making a cynical cash in riding on the coattails of something so much better, but I’m going to go into this video with an optimistic outlook on her character.

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May 31, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
CORRECTION: North America also includes Mexico, doesn't change any of my points but would hate to be sending geographically inaccurate messages. Had a few problems with this one, this is the sixth draft, the odds have not been in my favour of recent, apologies for the delay, I still enjoyed making this one, so eh, I hope you take something away from it. I’ll try and have another video out Sunday to make up for my unpredictable upload schedule. - CHECK OUT THE EDITORS! - Corticera: us-first.info - HariusAwesome: us-first.info - Blunderly: us-first.info/more/vGNl_iR19qLadAEIOouFAw - ColeoIsCooleo: us-first.info - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w - Outro: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg - Special thanks to my Patreons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr Links Dear Fat People Original: us-first.info/player/video/qLJ-hnp8gqCTk5s.html Dear Fat People 2: us-first.info/player/video/rMmega6rnIF5fGQ.html Childish Gambino - This Is America: us-first.info/player/video/jL6EnY6gg2mVgYk.html Instagram Response: instagram.com/p/Bix5eLJlVri/? Nicole Arbour This Is America: us-first.info/player/video/h7xtqp-Zna6GgoU.html Laws protecting against pay discrimination: www.eeoc.gov/laws/statutes/titlevii.cfm Breastfeeding Laws: www.ncsl.org/research/health/breastfeeding-state-laws.aspx Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is: us-first.info/player/video/mbSafqCWoGKbi58.html Sexual Assault Statistics: www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/rsavcaf9513.pdf Eminem - Stan: us-first.info/player/video/nbSCm4VfmJt_qIk.html Kacey Musgraves - Follow Your Arrow: us-first.info/player/video/obZtq6irn4-Kd5M.html Vice White Woman Attack: www.vice.com/en_us/article/59qp9k/this-white-comedians-rip-off-of-this-is-america-is-a-pile-of-garbage More content: people.com/music/youtube-star-nicole-arbour-slammed-version-childish-gambino-this-is-america/
miss0petersburg 16 days ago
@Rebecca Mannion That’s not what he said. He didn’t give his opinion about pay gap whatsoever! He was explaining why the problem hasn’t been fixed yet and the different opinions of different people. And he clearly was saying that it’s not just American problem. You are just looking for something to complain about. This vid isn’t about a gender pay gap, but some chick monetizing on: 1)Somebody else’s work, and doing it cheaply: 2)Discrimination: 3)Misinformation..... You just trying to change subject. I’m not “fat” person but my sister always had weight issues because of slow metabolism. I seen her practically starve herself and get bullied daily. I seen her ride bike in NY for over 20 miles daily and not able to lose but maybe 5 pounds a month. One can’t survive one little food and hours of workout! It’s YOU who should keep quiet about something you obviously know crap about!! If you’re trying to get educated, go read a book!
Rebecca Mannion
Rebecca Mannion 2 months ago
@Silent Golden you're uneducated so shhh
Rebecca Mannion
Rebecca Mannion 2 months ago
I like your videos but it's very easy to see you have some sexist ideologies. Like saying the gender pay gap isn't a real problem and therefore shouldn't be fixed. You seem a little misinformed or a bit uneducated on the topic. I'd rather you be quite about gender issues until you do all the proper research and self educating. You have a huge platform and with you disregarding these huge issues other men will to. You're doing more harm than good and it's just very disappointing to see when you can do so much good with such a large platform
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris 3 months ago
I love what u said about the ' ' ' hysterical media' TRO 👍 I'm Australian so like u in the UK, have the Murdoch press to gag over. As awful as Nicole's vid....
addy bishop
addy bishop 3 months ago
The Right Opinion hey. You were at 20k back when you did this
mr Biggs
mr Biggs 21 minute ago
Real life dee from always sunny
Vi Jay
Vi Jay 12 hours ago
If you wanted to make a woman's edit of This is America, why not make it from the point of view of a black woman ???
tinfoil magnolia
tinfoil magnolia 2 days ago
Wow she is a dime a dozen, what is she giving ppl a hard time for? She is so BORING! She looks like the type of person that has ' inspirational phrases' like LIVE, LOVE , LAUGH hung up on her living room wall.
Akuma Smiles
Akuma Smiles 2 days ago
I just hate her so much, she’s a brat and you can tell she’s never had to face any sort of real struggle in her snobby blonde life
Matt S
Matt S 2 days ago
TRO is going to start dropping circuit house tracks bwahaha
Rich Lann
Rich Lann 6 days ago
Wait a second, Lando Calrissian wrote a song?
Møreign Fānce Døves
Its hard for me to fathom that these types of videos existed pre cv, with that said, Im quite glad they do.
Shelley Noble
Shelley Noble 9 days ago
I don't think crap people can make anything worth watching. Don't forget she hits her boyfriends. See Matt.
Andro Gaming
Andro Gaming 10 days ago
I tried to watch the music video for context...It was so hard to get through
Michael Longford
Michael Longford 11 days ago
It's like a Scottish person singing "this is England". I don't get it.
helveticaneue 12 days ago
America is a continent.
helveticaneue 12 days ago
"Without further ado *ad break* let's get to it" -_-
chudobs 12 days ago
also i mean...taking a song that is specific to african american problems and making it about very specifically white woman problems is, ironically, very american
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger 13 days ago
Looks like she's had some work done.
Chili Women
Chili Women 9 days ago
@Wayfaring Stranger Really unnecessary to comment it then
Wayfaring Stranger
@Chili Women Never said it did. No need to get your knickers in a twist. It's called an observation.
Chili Women
Chili Women 9 days ago
That does'nt matter
Candyishere 14 days ago
Isn't Canada a part of America anymore? I'm confused.
Alice McGee
Alice McGee 14 days ago
I haven't watched this yet but i really hope he isn't saying Americans are like this person
XxPiRoXxX 16 days ago
Last I saw, she was collabing with Dave Rubin. yikes.
The Bog Wizerd
The Bog Wizerd 17 days ago
I love that you said that the song being changed from a black perspective to a white one wasn't the problem. I think alot of people don't get that that wasn't the reason and the song is bad for a lot of other reasons.
isa 19 days ago
idk i love ur videos but this one is kinda yikes in some ways
Casey S
Casey S 21 day ago
I only wish nicole arbour watched this video
Karolien van der Louw
This is America by Donald glover is a song that changed me. I think it provided so much information that people should know about problems in the worlds “golden child” . This song made me change my views and even though I believe Nicole’s intentions were good I don’t care. You cannot just do that. I felt like she did it to dismiss the topic Donald was touching on and trying to convince people that hers was more important. And while I’m obviously not saying that the topic she writes about isn’t important. I’m a young woman in a western country and I truly think there are a lot of issues in our society where we need to think about when it concerns women but fucking hell are there a lot of things that negatively affect the black community. And while I probably should not speak too long about my opinions about Black Lives Matter it’s important to note things are happening right now to this movement. It just seems ignorant that she uses this song to convey her opinion.
SexyBabyHotStuff13 27 days ago
We need one of these for WAP
A Loaf Mill
A Loaf Mill Month ago
Me no like she from the same country I am in >:(((( grrrrrrr......
Kiwi Banana
Kiwi Banana Month ago
Why does she look exactly like the type of person to do this though Another primer example is Sharon lester
Mahou Shoujo Hime
Psh, why develop actual talent when you can just rely on being offensive and politically incorrect?
Emesca Month ago
i might have a problem with the smt games... once the ost started i totally forgot about the video and just started to chill, i have to watch the video all over again. (not that it bother me)
Andrew Month ago
Do Simmons next!!! DO SIMMONS NEXT!!!! 😂😂😂👏👏👏
faceboy12 Month ago
tbh im surprised you didn't mention "concerto in x minor" tbh its a lit song about social issues from the 90's it slaps hard
kukalakana Month ago
"Dear fat people" relied far too heavily on "jokes" that were already old and used up when my grandmother was a kid. Such cringe.
Charlene Brunskill
Feminists don't help women's rights , feminists ruin what women's rights are trying to do, which is equal rights not trying to take over
Chili Women
Chili Women 9 days ago
@Charlene Brunskill I did, maybe you are just not right🤷🏽‍♀️ I'm open minded, I hope you are going to be it too
Charlene Brunskill
@Chili Women you have not listened to me which means you are a feminist, and I don't have time to waste on them so have a good day. I hope you learn to be more open minded and listen to what people are actually saying
Chili Women
Chili Women 9 days ago
@Charlene Brunskill A Feminst (who is obviously for equal rights)
Charlene Brunskill
@Chili Women then you are not a feminist, you are a woman that is for equal rights
Chili Women
Chili Women 9 days ago
@Charlene Brunskill most don't and I don't
Emperor Sheev Palestine
6:24 its also partially because its nearly impossible to find accurate statistics to address
MOLDY MAYO Month ago
So what I’m getting from all of this is women shouldn’t be able allowed to vote probably.
Chili Women
Chili Women 9 days ago
They should
Karl Hinbern
Karl Hinbern Month ago
No matter your accent and your pretense. Saying something is American as a criticism is BS. She still has good satire on this current leftist shift. You sound like you have no idea what you’re talking about. Speak of your own country.
Lauren G
Lauren G 10 days ago
Left or right, both are wrong.
Sercha Month ago
Her entire career is based off on insulting other groups of people.
Um Bongo
Um Bongo Month ago
Nicole Ar-bore
Bell Wolfie
Bell Wolfie 2 months ago
Is it odd that the This Is America remix kept playing in my mind while watching this?
Katette 2 months ago
Wide tro
furby bodacious
furby bodacious 2 months ago
nicole arbour just SCREAMS all lives matter
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
You gave a Senior year analysis to a video made by a second grade intellect.
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
In all honesty, her song is supposed to be a parody, correct? There is no way she is making an actual argument for anything.
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
She's not funny at... all... She's fairly attractive when she's caked-up in makeup, but that's about it.
joseph roszell
joseph roszell 2 months ago
I used to comment terrible things to Nicole after her dear fat people video I still don’t really regret it but I don’t really approve of lashing out normally but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more unaware person than Nicole arbour. Chris chan > Nicole cmon ms arbour wouldn’t you rather be mrs mr/and or mrs chandler? I’ll forgive you if you just marry the creator of sonichu I’ll never say anything bad about you Nicole if you do that one little thing 😊non ironically go go to chan!!
joseph roszell
joseph roszell 2 months ago
FYI Nicole that is not an invitation to bully! the only way to equalize how much negativity you created you must love the most unloved and your reward could be honest love in return instead of trying to be famous........ and you would also totally get attention if you could improve each other’s lives but it would be real positive attention. Marry that pickle hater you can do it! Marry in da friggin holy love!!
So Vidushi
So Vidushi 2 months ago
I lost it when the emoji movie almost made it
Zach Adcock
Zach Adcock 2 months ago
Watching these videos have made me realize one thing: I want to date a boy from the UK. Or maybe I just want to date Tro 🤔
Tamara 2 months ago
I haven't heard much of her lately but she still pretends like she knows about the US but shares incorrect facts
Sarutta A
Sarutta A 2 months ago
Nicole Arbor uses “hot chick humor,” that’s why she’s so unfunny
dragon tea
dragon tea 2 months ago
"We have scooter's bitch"
Homeboi 2 months ago
I love TRO as much as GradeAUnderA hates Nicole Arbour
Honestly the Minecraft remix of this is America is better than Nicole’s
Cole G
Cole G 2 months ago
Is that, behind the mask from p5 as the music?
Can I ask you kind of a weird question
Imagine taking a song about first world American issues and spinning it into an “problem” that has pretty much already been solved is ridiculous. What about gay rights, trans rights, black rights, etc? These are all prominent things that are not even close to being solved. If anything, guys are the ones being treated unfairly nowadays, they can literally be groped in public by a woman and can’t say anything because society says it’s “uNmAnLy”. The “edit” doesn’t even hold up that much in the modern day world. I’m actually ashamed to be the same gender as her
Kody Lakes
Kody Lakes 2 months ago
you sound like you eat dictionaries for breakfast
Simply Shukri
Simply Shukri 2 months ago
You are very eloquent!
ghosty 2 months ago
Here's the thing- Nicole is an absolute clown and she 100% butchered Glover's 'This is America', HOWEVER I see where she was coming from with her woman's edit, even if it was misguided. Nicole's edit seems to be very outdated- yes, someone may get upset over seeing a woman breastfeed, but it's very unlikely in the grand scheme of things. Then there's that whole thing with getting married and having kids which is fine if you want to do that, it's fine if you don't. Many woman have kids and work and I feel it's kind of shitty to indirectly put those who want to get married, have kids and be housewives down because it doesn't fit your personal narrative of a being a woman. Housewives can be feminists, too. I do feel like, even if Nicole made something absolutely groundbreaking about the 'woman's experience' (which is a very wide topic as there are thousands of cultures each with different attitudes to woman) it would not be well received because of her fat video. Nicole's video is very Western-centric which isn't a bad thing, that's what she knows, but it's a very ignorant video to make.
Justin Fitzsimons
Justin Fitzsimons 2 months ago
Who’s disliking this stuff?
Sprunk Papa
Sprunk Papa 2 months ago
People who don't like TRO. Jokes on them though, liking and disliking are pretty much the same in US-first's eyes.
Levaniel Midoriya
Levaniel Midoriya 2 months ago
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris 3 months ago
'Hysterical media '. Great line Right Opinion👍 I'm Australian so like u, have the biased Murdoch press machine to cringe at. Just as I'm cringing at Nicole's vid
Blanca Hernandez
Blanca Hernandez 3 months ago
She reminds me of that Shallon Lester chick
Seppuku Desu
Seppuku Desu 3 months ago
I hate that you're making me have to go and watch her actual video and give her the view
Robert Mendoza
Robert Mendoza 3 months ago
20:08 underneath the mask plays in the background
Leukoplasthea 3 months ago
"The only thing I found offensive was how unfunny it was." The blatant fatshaming wasn't offensive enough?
Cephalea Orion
Cephalea Orion 3 months ago
bro I love this is America how could she
Rickman 3 months ago
If you ever wanna cover the turmoil in Venezuela let me know, I grew up there and know about it first hand.
joanne walker
joanne walker 3 months ago
Who is this bitch/? no one knows, overwhelmed by nail varnish.
Codinhammer 3 months ago
I like your vids, because your voice is nice and calming........... they are also well edited and well researched
Gomolemo Morolo
Gomolemo Morolo 3 months ago
If '"All Lives Matter"' was a person
Haora 3 months ago
The problem isn't the fact that Nicole Arbour is white (I think a lot of critics saying her being white is the problem are missing the point). It's that her rendition brought nothing to the table, wasn't specifically about American issues, and was just a bad song as a whole. If she was black, it still would have been bad.
BrownChickenDog 3 months ago
It's been years but I still cannot get over just how disrespectful is in not only only what you said here, but the very dancing itself. Gambino had these carefully constructed moves that were built other things that piled directly onto the subject while Arbour took that and just put some poorly done dancing. It felt like she was spitting on the original in every single way possible.
Tickety Blue
Tickety Blue 3 months ago
Ugh. This is just gross and talentless.
Mary C
Mary C 3 months ago
Boy this made you mad. XD I enjoyed it.
Kirbsplayer 3 months ago
The thing about the dear fat people vid, is that it would be taken completely differently if a comedian made it.
Sprunk Papa
Sprunk Papa 2 months ago
At least then it may be funny.
Bethany Bee
Bethany Bee 3 months ago
I disagree with your point about race not being an issue... I think it’s very tone deaf of her as a white woman to rethink “This is America”, a song about racial issues in America, as a song about feminism. If she had picked any other song it wouldn’t have been a problem, but painting over a song with a political message in order to convey a different political method seems insensitive to me.
RaverMader 3 months ago
Can't wait for her sequel song "This is Idaho"
Brandice W
Brandice W 3 months ago
Ok, you are a hero of mine if for no other reason than making me laugh, so soooo fucking much. And I usually do not comment because you get thousands and doubt you will notice mine at all. (Reality, not low self esteem all you reading this thinkin aw she needs a fuckin hug. No. I'm good. But thanks. 😉) Not to mention, it is 2 years later. (Do not like her stuff so didn't think to watch the vid the fiest time around.) But I do have one thing, sexual assault, although it is in most cases against a female, and harassment by the same token, (I have been a victim of both and most women I know tbh.) But I think to say it is a women's issue is incorrect. It can and does happen to men. Just because of the stigma and attitudes of people, same with domestic violence, men at 95% less likely to come forward. There, that's a short way to broach such a subject and sorry for that but a comment box isn't really for this. The video you made is. So, cheers, thanks for the continued uploads.
Blagard12 3 months ago
I really don't like childish gambino... His music isn't good.
Bryce Cheng
Bryce Cheng 3 months ago
This video definitely didn't age well.
Dod o
Dod o 7 days ago
And why is that?
lit edits
lit edits 3 months ago
We know she used a black women for a reason
lit edits
lit edits 3 months ago
How did u talk about the visuals and not the black rights movement
The Lovely Lexie
The Lovely Lexie 3 months ago
It shocks me that she would do a video like this after openly admitting (and being proud that) she is anti feminist
Gracie Jo
Gracie Jo 3 months ago
Throwback to when Nicole Arbour abused Matthew Santoro 😾
Swaid 3 months ago
Isn't women's rights worse outside of America? She probably could have scored better if she called the song "This is the World" because then she could easily cover issues of sexism across the globe, where instead of being paid less, women are beaten or forced into marriage. Also, it'd be a Jojo's reference and that's super fly.
HeshanTheGamer 3 months ago
Za warudo
Gina King
Gina King 3 months ago
I'm surprised Nicole arbour didn't just call it this is murica
Maximvs Dread
Maximvs Dread 3 months ago
It took my ears 2 minutes beyond the ending of the video to catch up...lol...
The RoGus
The RoGus 3 months ago
I think the funniest thing Arbour ever said, is that she is a comedian.
Tip Aly
Tip Aly 3 months ago
🙋🏼‍♀️actually, breastfeeding in public is allowed and protected by the law in Idaho as of February 2018. I think it was on the table longer than that. And I can say with a lot of certainty that most places wouldn’t have bothered a mom nursing her baby in their establishment. Since most businesses function upon their personal rules of what they will and will not allow within their premises, many in my area had been very accepting of nursing mothers, some even providing comfortable, private feeding areas that wasn’t a bathroom. Typically in Idaho if you want something pushed through, we have to start with our local businesses. They have the clout and financial backing to make shit happen.
Angela Adams
Angela Adams 3 months ago
Why did I go listen to hers? She just screetches over his song. Fuck, she's terrible.
Carly J
Carly J 3 months ago
What was interesting about 'This is America' was all the subtle messages. There was a video done on these messages, like the guns being carried away gently while a person's body lay dead. I didn't notice Gambino mimicking Jim Crow movements in the beginning until it was pointed out. It's genuinely like Nicole thought, 'teehee he's dancing funny' and thought, 'better do something quirky like that.' She missed the message that those who danced with Gambino (American) were not harmed and those who payed attention to the issues were. So in conclusion, I really love the effort and time you having taken to point out how awful her attempts were. 👏
VGY QAZ 3 months ago
Art is?
Amber Something
Amber Something 3 months ago
Childish Gambino: gives me chills every time I listen to it Nicole: I feel nauseous just remembering that she did this.
Victoria Hawke
Victoria Hawke 3 months ago
I’m a white woman whos experienced a TON of sexism, abuse, rape etc. but her version ain’t it. If she wanted to do a song for women, she should’ve made her OWN or actually tried having depth. I appreciate the attempt but ... No. Childish Gambinos song was ART. I don’t think Nicole understands that -_-.
Jake Wright
Jake Wright 4 months ago
Do you ever wonder that maybe you overthink these things. Lol
Jerome Sankara
Jerome Sankara 4 months ago
I appreciate the persona 5 music around the 21:00 mark
Oreo Bitch
Oreo Bitch 3 months ago
Was looking for someone to point it out lmao
Justme 4 months ago
mom: we have this is america at home the this is america at home
dad dy
dad dy 4 months ago
i am a proud canadian however, we do not take her as our own. atleast i dont.
Cyril Sean
Cyril Sean 4 months ago
LegendaryOdin 4 months ago
This person here is cultivating a personality. They might not have looks, charm or athletic ability, so instead they are internalizing their experiencing and tilling a rich, wonderful garden inside that weird little head of theirs. Nicole, on the other hand, is pretty, skinny and popular. She doesn't NEED to cultivate a personality. And if the first person is a late-blooming garden, Nicole is more like a brand new convertible parked in front of a beach house. She looks great now but in 20 years she'll be a gaudy, faded piece of plastic covered in dried seagull shit. - The Oatmeal, kind of.
XL B 4 months ago
Josh nguyen
Josh nguyen 4 months ago
Fuck these racist President who believes he’s a doctor ads on top of these videos!
JuggerNuts1994 4 months ago
I guess we're lucky TRO focused mainly on one subject. Otherwise "The Mistakes of Nicole Arbour" would have been MUCH longer than almost 26 minutes
mizakichicrow 3 months ago
I like his longer videos though, but your right, it would wind up being a couple hours long lol.
Calamity Janine
Calamity Janine 4 months ago
an abusive and snobby white woman making a cheap knockoff of a skilled work from a black man? wow i guess this really IS america, huh,