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The Right Opinion: The Mistakes of Doug Walker - The Channel Awesome Legacy | TRO

If I were to list off channels that served as motivation for my US-first career, Channel Awesome, and most notably, Doug Walker aka. The Nostalgia Critic was one of them.
Every Tuesday night, I grab a takeaway and pull up my laptop, and watch his latest review in an almost ritualistic manner, that habit has continued until today, even though I’m not unconditionally in love with his content, it’s hard to deny that they’ve brought me gems like Sharkboy and Lavagirl that had me chuckling for days following, and I don’t laugh at much, so for someone as emotionally soulless as me, to have that sort of content to at least entertain the vacuum was meaningful, and I’ve learned a lot about cinema and the standards surrounding it through the indirect messages often portrayed in their episodes.
I found out about The Nostalgia Critic through ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, I can’t exactly say how that happened, we’re talking about approximately 2011 when I discovered their content, so bringing specifics into my memory is a challenge to say the least, though I will say that I also discovered two other critics, ToddInTheShadows and The Rap Critic in quick succession, although I’m not certain which order, but much alike to the NC, they are two critics whom I still watch to this day.
I’m not going to enter too much depth as I assume it’s a story you already know by now, but ThatGuyWithTheGlasses was set up by a partnership between Doug Walker and a few people we’ll get to in a moment, this was done in light of the very stringent copyright rules regarding US-first and a situation regarding his series of 5 second movies, this is covered in a nice article that I’ll link below, now whether that’s fair use or not, is very subjective, it’s the sort of comedic cutting that came into contention earlier last year with Sargon of Akkad and Akilah Obviously, but either way, hosting videos on Blip and using their domain as a way to embed their content, they decided it would be reasonable to host a numerous selection of creators. But wait a minute I hear you say, who are “they”, well Doug Walker, we’ve already introduced, his brother, Rob Walker, and a third individual named Mike Michaud. The two other individuals were Mike Ellis, and Bhargav Dronamraju, the latter of which there isn’t too much to say, and the former whom we’ll address later.
Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, “huh, I’ve never heard of him”, don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of him until a couple days back when I coincidentally found myself on their Wikipedia page briefly before the document in question was released. I remember thinking to myself “I’ve never heard of this bloke, what does he do?”, well, things, he does things, things that we’ll address very soon.
I was having a discussion with Quinton Reviews over this a couple weeks before the documents were released, we had both noted how many creators had left abruptly and seemingly with little notice, we’d wondered about the explanations for such decisions, well, on April the second, after rumbles of activity, we received their full side of the story.
The document itself is a seventy page condemnation of Channel Awesome, and their questionable behaviour and incidents that resulted due to it, now I’m someone who always look into such claims with an element of scepticism, it’s an integral part of my philosophy, because if I didn’t then I think that such an approach could be easily exploited by people with malintent, although I do completely comprehend that it’s a tender subject.
Even with that said, the sheer number of corroborating testimonies and accounts makes it hard to dispute, saying any of it is false at all is a push, they persuaded me over the benefit of the doubt line for Channel Awesome. I’ve read all seventy pages, and it’s convincing content.
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Apr 27, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
I know this video was slightly delayed due certain circumstances so I apologise for that, hope you enjoy nonetheless. I’m aware I speak slightly quickly at the start but otherwise feel happy with the vid. - CHECK OUT THE EDITORS! - r1c33: twitter.com/r1c33 - Sir Cheeseknight: us-first.info - WorkingUsername: us-first.info/more/ZpQH8Q9QjmyY9h-MLVgtlA - Peter Day: us-first.info - MrFluffySavage: us-first.info - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr
woooudo Month ago
.. You mean that bullshit no-evidence ''document'' cooked up by man-hating obfuscates-lupa and others like her and marz-wh-re no court in their right mind in the entire world would consider even for a little bit? Yeah no not paying it any mind or anyone like you who tries use that shit as ''evidence against doug and channel awesome.'' That document was garbage then and its even more worthless p.o.s garbage now thats going to roast with every page in hell.
Uncreative’name 3600
Man I hope for irony no one mature says “f u”
Uncreative’name 3600
Bbhubhubuh g yet r ctvigy ivy ft rd dry trvugbijng $😄😄😑😜😴😜😀
SkerikIsBae 10 months ago
I haven't watched the video yet so perhaps you answer this in that, but I'm really curious as to why someone as analytical as you ever really liked this guy. I never really liked him tbh. I can respect the impact he has made on US-first, but his critiques on films are so unashamedly bias its hard to watch with a straight face. He makes his videos with the serious tone and format of a legitimate, unbiased critique/review, yet his actual critiques and opinions are unfounded and unjustified, pretty much boiling down to well thats just how I feel without giving any kind of justification. In other words, his criticisms and praises are less about the actual quality of the film's writing, pacing, production, editing, acting etc, and more about personally how he just wants the film to be, which wouldn't bother me if his videos were presented as that more lowest common denominator, outlandish opinionated style of critic like GradeAUnderA, but he seems to want to be taken seriously and for his opinions to be hold to the same regard as say Redlettermedia or Filmento or The Closer Look etc. But that just makes me so irritated because he makes little to no objective criticisms in his videos. I think the best example of this is his Old vs new - the spider man movies video. It was honestly laughable how he was trying to make a case for why one film is objectively better than the other, yet all he did was sprout stupid opinions on personal preferences that did not at all comment on the actual quality of either of the films. Its like me trying to make a serious review saying I think the avatar the last airbender movie is better than the nickelodian show, and my reasoning is I thought it was dumb that firebenders could make fire out of nothing, and that I liked how the new movie was more grounded because they had to get the fire from somewhere to bend it, e.g. a lit torch or campfire. Its an opinion I guess, but it doesn't really say anything about the film's narrative quality, pacing, etc etc you get it. Its a dumb thing to say in a serious critique, and for that the Nostalgia Critic will always be a huge fucking joke in my humble opinion.
FireMario124 11 months ago
The Right Opinion I know I’m late but I bet that if someone downloaded a nostalgia critic episode (more recent ones) and edited all of the boring and long skits out, it would be way shorter
IL006 16 hours ago
and that garbage album....
Preston K. Productions
I wonder how you feel post-Wall review.
MrTurtleTail 11 days ago
"I was having a discussion with Quinton Reviews..." Oh god. Good to see you're past that idiot now, TRO
XxTaiMTxX 15 days ago
What I learned from the whole thing is that very few people involved end up looking like "decent human beings". That is, there was a lot of "I'll not bring this to the other creators attentions in order to maintain my spot on the website". Sexual Harassment and misconduct? Almost nobody knew about it. Stalking? Almost nobody knew about it. Those who did know about it, didn't tell anyone about it. Some of them didn't even bother telling HR about it. There was a lot of, "I'll help cover up the bad things and help keep the bad things going on, as long as I keep getting my slice of the pie here." Which, you know, fair enough. I understand that perspective. The problem, for me, arises when these same people are actually accomplices in this terrible behavior, but they don't want to take blame for it and want to lay it all at the feet of someone else. I have no doubt that the accusations against the Walkers and Machode are accurate. The problem is that believing these to be accurate... I have to accept that a very large portion of the creators involved in the site are just as guilty and just as terrible. And, if you've watched a lot of videos about the fallout and all the infighting that ensued after things had died down... There is very little doubt of that either. My takeaway is that everyone involved is basically a piece of crap. Especially bad when the document didn't even come out until after the website was already in freefall from lack of viewership (which, maybe this isn't true, but it does look suspicious... I think the document existed in order to try to salvage something for many of these creators when nobody was even bothering to watch their content anymore. With the website in freefall and many creators producing content MAYBE once a month... Yeah, I can see why they'd want to have a large event happen to try to renew interest in them or the website at large). Creators on the platform were all fine and dandy about each other being treated like crap. They didn't speak up or stand up for each other at all. It was one big "F You, I Got Mine" party over there. I stopped watching content from all of those creators years ago. Their shtick has gotten old. Dated. Less funny. Less interesting. The times have changed and most of them have not. Heck, I've moved on to other people who produce the content that they used to over at Channel Awesome. New personalities who do the shtick better and keep it fresh. Or, put their own interesting spin on things. I watch people who genuinely care about what they're talking about rather than doing so for views and ad revenue (this is probably why some of these creators were so popular to begin with. They cared about what they were talking about and weren't just putting something together to make those sweet ad dollars). Honestly, this is probably why Spoony remained popular for so long despite being an abhorrent and despicable human being. When he played a video game and scripted it and put it to camera, you could see all the care and love that went into it. There's a reason his "Livewire" stuff doesn't do nearly as well. He has no passion for it anymore. He doesn't care anymore. He's in it for the money now. That's what happend to most of the content creators at Channel Awesome. They took something they loved, turned it into a job and an obligation, lost the love they had for the content they made, and then lost most of their audiences. The biggest mistake most content creators at US-first make is turning their content into a full-time job. It should be used to supplement your money and as a passion project rather than your real job. Otherwise, you fade away instead of burning out. And, we all know it's better to burn out than fade away.
LoneWolf EnderGrad
LoneWolf EnderGrad 15 days ago
AVGN was right. Doug is actually a poopyhead
Leo Przytula
Leo Przytula 16 days ago
Sweet jesus. As someone who is not interested in scandal, and therefore not aware of it, I can say that this video is very poorly made. I tried to keep watching it to understand the situation, but after 6 long minutes I just couldn't keep going. The video comes across as pretentious, slow and boring. And on top of that, I couldn't get any more information by reading the comments since everyone is just whining about nc jokes they don't like instead of referencing any facts about why is nostalgia critic supposed to be falling to oblivion. That does not encourage me to keep watching. If your intention was to inform unaware viewers about the state of nc, you failed completely.
Penguin Ice1031
Penguin Ice1031 20 days ago
@the right opinion I’m sick and tired of your stupid negativity of the awesome you tubers and you are nothing but a fucking idiot and so fuck you stupid negativity fucker 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡 and FYI you suck
Penguin Ice1031
Penguin Ice1031 21 day ago
The right opinion YOU SUCK 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
A Bizarre Youtuber
A Bizarre Youtuber 23 days ago
Is this man the fgtv guy
Puppet person
Puppet person 11 days ago
No he's better than him
Unhumanized 26 days ago
That apology was always so weird to me
Black Dog
Black Dog Month ago
I worked with a guy named Mike Michaud. Not this same one, but still its bizarre hearing the name assocoated to US-first drama.
Kat W.
Kat W. Month ago
I only gave you a thumbs down because I still like Doug and Snob. The Fury Road episode was fun.
Puppet person
Puppet person 11 days ago
The snob is great
Lotan Month ago
Great video, but I still wonder why you used footage of Polish tax returns.
Samantha Barboza
kanye west
VELutke Month ago
I think the biggest lesson out of this is: if you start a company, don't pretend you're anything else than a company. And if you are a company, at least be competent.
Der McLoud
Der McLoud Month ago
Nujabes is playing in the background! Counting Stars I think it is. Give em some credit!
k m
k m Month ago
Heartworn Fox
Heartworn Fox Month ago
You know, I watch him ironically now.
Jason Leon
Jason Leon Month ago
What brought me to DOug Walker was his 5 second films and the one of Titanic.
Archodus Vaxal
Archodus Vaxal Month ago
1:49 - Is... is that Zaric Zhakaron?
ushee santos
ushee santos Month ago
in the end
mmorpgal Month ago
As someone that is ignorant to the situation I find this video kind of scatter shot. I had to rewatch a few times to make sense of it and I feel like later videos (samurai buyer) did a better job of laying out clearly the events.
Charlie Foxtrot
Charlie Foxtrot Month ago
18:27 Jesus look at the size of that mouth
some dude
some dude Month ago
Truthfuldrake 27
Truthfuldrake 27 2 months ago
Jesus christ you talk so fast
Luna Lockhart
Luna Lockhart 2 months ago
you know Quinton? god, youtube is smaller than I thought it was.
Logan Youngs
Logan Youngs 2 months ago
I Personally believe that Doug and Bob are not bad people however the mere fact that they decided to hire one as their management most likely did them in and caused them to make bad decisions causing people to think that they’re bad people I do believe that their manager or boss or whatever time you decide to use is a bad person a manipulative knob head with lack of a better phrase.
Sean T
Sean T 2 months ago
Mistake 1: Exist
D4NOMAUS FPS 2 months ago
Thought that was Michael Van gerwin at first lol
Babadoe 2 months ago
I honest prefer their first viewings and sibling revival
rzum81 2 months ago
I hate the skits his channel has. They aren’t funny and just drag on and on.
gasai yuno
gasai yuno 2 months ago
It's kind of hard to listen to TRO's older videos like these because of how fast he talks. The content is great still it's just he talks way too fast.
SunyCartoons 2 months ago
I remember when this whole thing happened, and I'm still int he camp of believing the former producers. I follow a lot of them, and I feel like they were being honest about the shit that happened. I stopped following Doug after the situation, however I have to admit that I was losing interest in his videos before the documents came out. I just didn't find his videos fun anymore. I know it's been two years and Channel Awesome is still going, but I can't see it going another five years or anything. I haven't watched any NC videos in a long time, but from what I've heard, they've really dropped in quality over the past two years. They seemingly have become click-baity and uncreative, which is really sad.
Mike’s flim and cartoons reviews.
Yeah and Doug’s Dark Toons series isn’t any good either.
Graham Turner
Graham Turner 2 months ago
The only thing I knew Doug Walker for was a movie he made about invading a micronation in Nevada.
DevMag 52
DevMag 52 2 months ago
All those exoduses and yet CA still holding a strong sub rating. Intriguing.
Steph A
Steph A 2 months ago
lol omfg. These were my clients 😳🤯🤯🤯🤯
Elias Nicolas Miranda
I'm still surprised that NC and Channel Awesome is still going after all the shit happend
AnalizaTheSnark 2 months ago
Hm I can’t take Michaud seriously. He looks like someone photoshopped a younger Fester Addams so his face was too large for his head...
Vapid 2 months ago
The right opinion actually allowing that amount of emotion into the "Be fucking careful" was beyond empathetic, he feels like the people that he's talking about aren't the only people it's affected
Un Sure
Un Sure 2 months ago
TRO the videos you creat are a piece of art with your amazing vocabulary and mesmerizing voice i love you and love every video you are by far the best youtuber
allosaurus bruh
allosaurus bruh 2 months ago
He reviewed every single Jurassic park movie what THE FUCK
Code Underground
Code Underground 2 months ago
7 minutes and still don't know what the video is about
Morten Aanstad
Morten Aanstad Month ago
In short: - Doug Walker wanted Channel Awesome to be a major business rather than just a mere US-first channel, but he didn't know how to run a business at all. - He gets someone named Mike Michaud to be CEO, but Michaud obviously took the job just for the money and the glory and didn't even have a proper job interview or anything. He does very little and still takes all the glory, and he also turned out to be argumentative, childish, misogynistic, and probably even violent. - Channel Awesome is basically a voluntary organization to most of the members, meaning that the majority of the content creators do things without pay and get motivated to join Channel Awesome either because they think it sounds fun, it creates a sense of community, it can be pragmatic for a further career, or because they dreamed of working with Doug Walker. However, the organization also lacks a contract and doesn't have much structure when it comes to rules and obligations and rights. - The content creators had bad experiences with either Doug Walker or Mike Michaud (most notably during the production of "To Boldly Flee", but the female content creators in particular experienced abuse and not being taken seriously during their time with Channel Awesome in general), so they gathered their stories in a document called "Not so awesome". Some tried to speak directly to Doug Walker, but often got unprofessional responses like "We're sorry that you feel that way" or got ignored completely. The Right Opinion tries to look at the case in a more neutral and skeptical way because businesses often have to make sacrifices and be unfair for the sake of money or thinking pragmatically, and because we don't have positive evidence that the document is completely true; some of the stories could easily have been exaggerated. However, it seems pretty plausible that Doug Walker just hired a CEO uncritically, didn't think about contracts and rules and obligations properly, treated his staff in an unfair way even for business standards, and generally didn't have the experience or drive to take the business to the level he wanted. The worst thing is that he gave the rights to the Nostalgia Critic persona to Channel Awesome, meaning that if Doug Walker leaves, then he no longer can use that name (Mike Michaud can also easily dismiss Walker, but probably keeps Walker because of the branding). Walker is basically stuck in a position where he either has to conform to Channel Awesome's chaotic and often cynical structures in order to keep the Nostalgia Critic persona, or has to leave and take the difficult task of starting from scratch without his persona.
Code Underground
Code Underground 2 months ago
Whoa man slow the fuck down.!!!!!
Dillon Walsh
Dillon Walsh 2 months ago
I'm sorry, your videos are legitimately great on all objective levels, I just happen to be part of the like, 2% of Americans who are actually kind of turned off by the British accent
MforMovesets 2 months ago
That 70 page manuscript is highly questionable. I believe some of the people. But I've experienced others as hateful social media nutballs who shouldn't be taken seriously, and are the kind that breaks down even in a normal work environment. I've been in a terrible job and collegues of mine described their experiences way worse than they were out of spite.
DevMag 52
DevMag 52 2 months ago
Armzgurl is one of them. Not reliable in the slightest
Wolfexer 2 months ago
While i don't like channel awesome, did anyone notice that before this drama when people mentioned them people were mildly positive, but now everyone says that their videos are the worst thing ever ? Like if their videos are so terrible and unfunny then why did people notice only after a drama ?
macneto1984 2 months ago
Guy- Good content but consider your avatar. Why?????? What are you saying????
Two years late and it doesn't matter, but in my view... Like I'm not really an IQ guy at all, the science is bunk, but it provides a useful framing device sometimes; with that, Doug's the kind of guy getting by between one and two standard deviations below the rest. He's not helplessly stupid like the kind of person who can't do their own finances, but he's just stupid enough that he has zero critical skills or any kind of depth to his worldview. Like he's stuck at 14 or something. But since intelligence is multi-faceted and he was blessed with the ability to read from a script without going dead inside he managed to get lucky right when a niche opened up in the internet ecosystem capable of sustaining him. It's why his analysis even when he really tries is shit. It's why his humor lacks any sense of nuance, and not just because 'looney tunes inspired him', but because he's incapable of weaving the clever shit looney tunes could pull off into the zaney. It's why his understanding of the world is nothing but strawmen. It's why his understanding of fair use is shit. It's why he lacks any foresight, from how he quit his real job in the day, to how he planned the movies, to how he ran his business, how he signed away his character's ip, how he tried to kill the nostalgia critic off, what demo reel was, to how he handled the controversy. And he's just so stunted as a person that of course he thinks he was 1000% in the right for CTC, what 14 year old boy in his position wouldn't? One of the interesting things for me watching the channel awesome crew is because Doug wears his iq on his sleeves, and Doug established the formulas they're obligated to, you could get a surprising feel for the differences of their awarenesses of the world around them. Even if you hate their guts, there's just a lot more lights on in the heads of people like Lindsay or Phelous or Brad than Doug. Which is all the more damning of Brad, but whatever.
Guantanamo Clay
Guantanamo Clay 2 months ago
If you think he talks too fast turn down the speed to .5 and viola, now he is slower (and sounds incredibly drunk)
icegodz2 3 months ago
You lost me at Quiton reviews
Bonzai 3 months ago
soug walker
Bonzai 3 months ago
Art blender
Art blender 3 months ago
All I needed to see was Allison's video when the shit hit the fan. I rarely commit to cancel culture, Infact I think channel awesome is the only thing I've totally canceled because it was so upsetting to realize that these friendships were all basically just lies and I felt lied to. It actually hurt to watch it happen because I really had a lot of respect for Doug especially. I avoided looking further into it until now because it was still rather upsetting to remember. So your video was the first in depth look I've seen into the debacle, Holy shit this happened two years ago o.o
Teagan Edits
Teagan Edits 3 months ago
I dissagree
popo129 3 months ago
Was following this when it happened but never saw this video. Years later and Doug still making content and so is mostly everyone else. I am curious if any real damage was done other than people leaving the platform. Seems like a few have improved too over time so they were probably already in a place where they didn't need to stick around. Funny enough I say Doug is making content but I stopped watching him entirely since his videos just stopped being fun either because of age or just the whole thing made me see him differently. Also a lot of people are now just criticizing him and he also released that one horrible review. Meanwhile, from what I seen from Ellis, she won an award for her video essay on I think the Hobbit and has a show on PBS. Angry Joe even ended up making his peace with Geoff Keighley after his lack of research and trying to make Geoff look bad and from what I heard, he was also part of this US-first show in one of the E3 streams.
Toffoarancia 3 months ago
Mate slow it down! It seems like someone is chasing you. Lol
Dan Eyal
Dan Eyal 3 months ago
Channel awesome made me laugh so much over the years. I still see Doug's videos as the Nostalgia Critic, because I separate the art from the artist, but after the revelations about the channel...it's just not the same anymore. I'm sorry for all the members of the channel that were hurt over the years because of all the events behind the scenes...
long face
long face 3 months ago
You wake up, and you hear Doug say "the review goes on"
Frogboy 3 months ago
I saw Doug Walker at a grocery store a few year ago. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.
Mike’s flim and cartoons reviews.
It seems like Doug Walker is a rude person in real life.
Sarah D.
Sarah D. 3 months ago
I was avoiding these issues when the drama was hot and it seemed everyone was bashing the NC and CA, so I'm glad I found this video eventually. It doesn't feel like a hateful person attacking someone popular and feels like an actual good take on the drama and problems behind it all.
VARiiOuSdeadly zack
VARiiOuSdeadly zack 3 months ago
Russ Fox
Russ Fox 3 months ago
I enjoy the cast of channel awesome more than doug himself
Dupas Raja
Dupas Raja 3 months ago
apdarkness905 3 months ago
Mike Michaud looks like he BLEEDS soy. No, no... wait... no, he sweats soy. He practically exudes it.
Deep Phase
Deep Phase 3 months ago
As someone who worked at Wal-Mart you'd be surprised at how hard they push hero worshipping doug McMillan
Franco Diaz
Franco Diaz 3 months ago
Is it just me or does TRO talk alot faster in this video than any of his newer ones?
molotov20 3 months ago
Fun fact when I was 8 he picked me up for a picture
Camilo Hiche
Camilo Hiche 3 months ago
AVGN the only wholesome, genuine, real deal.
Camilo Hiche
Camilo Hiche 3 months ago
ducciboi Every business has inevitably its issues, but that's beside the point.
ducciboi 3 months ago
Eh Cinemassacre has issues too. Their reddit and forums have been heavily censoring criticism and it's been taken over by a bunch of fat guys from Screenwave Media/Silvermania and shoehorned themselves in by doing that bootleg RedLetterMedia show. James doesn't even write the episodes anymore since he probably lost interest in being a director when that awful AVGN movie ruined his chances ever taking a step in Hollywood.
kris 3 months ago
lol - "downfall"
Crea Kimoi
Crea Kimoi 3 months ago
Mundane but "I'm sorry that's how you feel" is a passive-aggressive nonapology...It puts the actions and offenses you made onto the person you yourself hurt and excused it with an "I'm sorry" Essentially, you are saying that it's not your fault but their fault that an offense occurred because you're not offensIVE so much as they are offendED...It's a leftover from the age of the authoritative teaching their kids that as adults we do nothing wrong and are never wrong and it's the fault of those we hurt for not controlling how they feel that's to blame. and it's gross and toxic.
KankeyDong 4 months ago
I don't like sailor moon at all cuz i'm an edgelord at best, but being a popular review channel and claiming that the show is bad because you said so is the most egotistical and dumbass argument ive heard in my life. Just like IGN's review in pokemon ruby/sapphire
Крутой Кролик [Ингушетия]
Two years later, they're still afloat and they still earn more than they lose. Maybe that reply, and their utter ignoring of the situation was the right way to go? Most of their fans don't care, they don't care, to my knowledge they didn't even lose any employees.
Thumbellina J.
Thumbellina J. 4 months ago
I remember that I started to watch him when I was a little girl. Then one day I saw a video he made, a review of Sailor Moon. I was really excited! I was a big Sailor Moon fan (still am, I just really love the music and the aestethic) so I was really happy. But then he started to sexualise Usagi and everyone elses transformations, he even said that Sailor Moon was made for horny teenage boys or some shit (that's they only thing I remember from the video, I only watched it once as a kid). After that I stopped watching him, he gave off creepy vibes to me. Thank god that he had a downfall, he honestly gives off creppy and pervy vibes to me.
allosaurus bruh
allosaurus bruh 2 months ago
He did the Jurassic park movies which I hated all of his reviews
JonGuitar 4 months ago
The highest quality content that Doug has ever produced is mediocre unfunny reviews of silly movies. To have serious drama come from it is frankly just embarrassing. He should quit the Nostalgia Critic, it's not worth all this
carl goddard
carl goddard 4 months ago
You should do a video on Oliver Harper and his split with Richard and Duncan and the creation of their rival channel....
ldb 4 months ago
I’m honestly having trouble following what he’s saying and can’t take it anymore lol , can someone fill me in?
Anto Mac
Anto Mac 4 months ago
Mean while nastalgia critic is still going strong
Izch Izch
Izch Izch 4 months ago
Really good video. But dude, you talk in 1000 mph
Kyle Hixx
Kyle Hixx 4 months ago
could only get 8 minutes into it before I release he hasn't actual said anything at all so I stopped watching
N D M English
N D M English 4 months ago
I keep getting requests about this topic. I keep watching them. I even read the document. My thoughts remain the same. Only long time video creators seem to care. For video watchers its the content and only the content that matters.
terry ham
terry ham 4 months ago
so in the long run they were on a site with no contracts. they could of broke off and done their own thing but didnt until now
terry ham
terry ham 2 months ago
@DevMag 52 under 10k views per upload and political cringeposting, also a rape rap
DevMag 52
DevMag 52 2 months ago
And look at most of them now 🤷🏾‍♂️
Morrigan Arianrhod
Morrigan Arianrhod 4 months ago
Does the fact that most CEOs, you know the richest, most powerful, and most valued members of society, who are afforded special rights, have a tendency to be psychopaths, not terrify and horrify you? and the way it's said, casually, in the video, like this is normal and ok, is also horrifying
Dr Bright
Dr Bright 4 months ago
It’s really sad how much of a downward spiral Doug Walker went down.
coolfinel 4 months ago
When the Not So Awesome document came out, I followed a good majority of former Channel Awesome contributors in support. Then the Vic Mignogna situation happened. I made a post on Twitter in support of Vic. Shortly after that, I discovered that MarzGurl was one of the people who started KickVic. I went to unfollow her, as I didn’t want any drama, only to find out that MarzGurl had blocked me, despite me not interacting with her at all. So I checked Allison Pregler’s Twitter to find out what happened, as I knew she and MarzGurl are best friends, only to see that she had blocked me as well. I eventually unfollowed Lewis and Nash after they got involved.
DevMag 52
DevMag 52 2 months ago
She’s a garbage human. She not blocks anyone who sides with Mignona.
Iz The wiz
Iz The wiz 4 months ago
It dont mean a thing, if it aint got that swing.
The Mighty Goza
The Mighty Goza 4 months ago
Two years on, the stories in the document are still so fucking....bleak.
G'day Lads
G'day Lads 4 months ago
"Imagine if you were having sex and when you came you went tunnelvision and the nostalgia critics theme song started to play"
Shaggy Satyr
Shaggy Satyr 4 months ago
"Blinded by his own Apparitions" LOL fuck man. I hate when ghosts of myself cover my eyes. They like to do it while I drive sometimes.
MurIcan sOLdIer reee
So doug and Robert walker are the bad guys here
wat the hell is this??
conroy 5 months ago
was expecting the image of doug to change into the bald version of him at any time
Toasty Is Digimon Trash
TRO: what can we learn from Channel Awesome? US-first: CHERriessssss
Emily Greene
Emily Greene 5 months ago
A fair and neutral review. I don’t watch Todd in the Shadows hardly ever and I have not watched the other guy either. I’m personally more sick of the amount of liberal regurgitating on their channel as well as Nostalgia Chick, Phelous, Movie Nights/Obscurus Lupa, etc. I prefer the fair or neutral reviewers who are able to keep their political and social opinions either not the focus or to themselves.
DevMag 52
DevMag 52 2 months ago
TDS is for real. It’s pretty pathetic how they’ve been whining for four years on
Timed Revolver
Timed Revolver 5 months ago
Lost all respect for Doug Walker after seeing the screen grab of a chat proving he and others KNEW JewWario was a predator, and did nothing with it. He KNEW the guy was a monster before making the tribute video he did. He didn't even warn other content creators, some of whom had young relatives that the bastard was interacting with. So, yeah, Doug can fuck right into a deep ravine.
steven shar
steven shar 5 months ago
It's somewhat jarring to see Angry Joe. I forgot that Angry Joe was also part of Channel Awesome, man seeing this really puts the meaning in Nostalgia Critic. I can't believe Nostalgia Critic has become apart of my nostalgia.
Chino Nakaji
Chino Nakaji 5 months ago
Isn't this the guy who was on Sr Pelo's vid on Storytime ?
BrandonScott RobinsonMusic
I hope this comes off as constructive criticism. I've never been able to watch more than 3 minutes of your videos. Your speech cadence and vocal inflections hit the same beat every sentence, you sound rushed, and they're usually longer than 40 minutes when they could be about 15. I think you put a lot of work into editing and if you could only get a better narrator I think the quality would improve but you're killing it when it comes to views so I might be wrong.
Carbon In My System
Carbon In My System 5 months ago
You should make an update video on this. There's alot of new revelations and stuff to sift through.
The Gentlemen Hunter
This video is cool but why isn’t Melvin brother of the joker number one on this watch mojo list?
Tsquare22ESQ 5 months ago
Channel Awesome was promoting a couple of charities on The Nostalgia Critic Videos. I wonder if they started doing that after all this came to light?
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We Broke Up
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