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The Right Opinion: The Mistakes of Butch Hartman - Why He Only Has Himself To Blame | TRO
I have a really diverse audience.
And in a way that’s somewhat expected, but because I’m so integrated with many commentators, I can occasionally lose sight of this, despite the fact that I know I have people who don’t even follow what’s going on with FouseyTUBE, despite it being spoken about non stop in my circles. In fact, I clearly have a significant amount of people who are more interested in today’s topic, which is interesting to me, because although admittedly, I am fairly familiar with the individual in question, it kind of falls outside of the typical content that I would turn to.
However, with that said, my Doug Walker video did very well, and that was, in a way, in the same vein, so I only think it’s justified to discuss this person, who once again, some of you will be very familiar with, some of you will probably have never heard of, some of you will might be big fans of him, others may despise him. One thing I know is that these less commentary, more niche individuals provoke strong feelings within individuals, to the point where they might give me rather strong opinions.
So, I don’t expect this to go down fantastically with everyone, but I don’t do it to please everyone, I do it for the people who want to enjoy my content, and if you wanna come along for the ride then you’re more than welcome to join me. And many people have asked me to do a video on this chap, so it clearly does have an appeal, and hopefully today I can provide a more impartial look at everything he’s said and done, and give some thoughts and opinions, it’s what I do.
Also, once again, I know this will be a late coverage of the subject but I prefer to wait until all the dust has settled before pulling out the duster, if you know what I mean, it also allows me to have a look at what more can be said, and rather than just observing the current drama that is going down.
So let’s briefly have a run down of why Butch Hartman is of interest today, because on the surface, if you were just scrolling through his Wikipedia page, Butch Hartman has no right to be involved in the US-first community. If you’re an internet casual, like most people, you wouldn’t be able to tell him apart from any other TV producer, or an imator. But as we’re going to find out today, there’s a lot to distinguish him beneath the surface.
Now, to the people who are unfamiliar with this gentleman, Butch Hartman is a multi-talented individual in children’s cartoons, he has produced many popular TV shows. The one that you lot are probably most conversant with is the Fairly Oddparents, a show that I used to adore growing up. It’s the sort of show that, in spite of its rather ostentatious attitude, just has the plots to really inspire the imagination with all the possibilities of the fantastical world that it creates. Given where I lived, and the sort of TV service that we used to receive, I never really had the opportunity to watch it on a regular basis, so any time I did was a luxury.
However, that is merely a ripple in the ocean that is his career, and he has helped produce many other children’s television shows including Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy, and Dexter’s Laboratory. Which, although it’s something we wouldn’t really think about too much as kids, it’s easy to see the striking stylistic similarities, ooh, that was some nice alliteration.
Anyhow, before I become too caught up in my own language, let me make it clear, it’s no criticism that you have consistency in your animations, plenty of franchises have a lot of overlap in their technique, if you can evolve the storylines and characters, in a compelling fashion, then having a formula for animation is merely an unchanging cog in a greater machine.
Thus far I hope I have painted a picture of a person with a prominent profession, ha, did it again. But anyway, Butch Hartman, through this signature flair, created a real following, typically when you have something unique, and defining like that, it’s what happens, much alike to Doug Walker, that whether you personally, loved him or hated him, there was an undeniable appeal to what he had created.
He also really involved himself online, particularly using his Twitter as means to create a relationship with his fans, and often involving himself in many online trends and memes, leading to some… interesting results, I jest, it was mildly entertaining. He’d also provide his daily dose of wisdom, which typically inspired people to go and… well, retweet it. Can’t knock the impressions, but Hartman had clearly made good impressions. So why are we here today?
Document: docs.google.com/document/d/1HGFo3PMdK_OKez2dZmw6TQe1V1hHaQpgcHNXLIVDOeQ/edit

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Aug 27, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
CREDITS AND REFERENCES BELOW THIS PARAGRAPH: Firstly, sorry if my delivery is slightly tired, the final part wrapped up around 5am and it was the last chance to record before I moved places. Secondly, I think I say “Kickstarter” at one point, it was meant to be a general term, but upon checking it seems quite specific to the website, so if you want it to make more sense substitute “crowdfunder” in. Thirdly, not gonna be responding to comments as I’ll be in class. - CHECK OUT THE EDITORS ! - R1ce: twitter.com/r1c33 - Jafzy: us-first.info - Lanooski: us-first.info/more/xfVbuWXJAPQ26tL6_BeLng - Northnik Films: us-first.info/more/dK3Xos0HVCNRAYei8YNUvA - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w - Outro: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg - Special thanks to my Patreons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder, Jade Rose, The Biotechnological Fragmentation Gr*nade, Charmed Skull, Colin Hart, Taylor Leibel, Hunter Antonelli, James Bryan, ColossalKiwi - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr Part 1 Reference - R1ce Credit to person who provided me with the information: twitter.com/DuelingDuelist Part 2 References - Lanooski Butch on Leaving Nickelodeon: us-first.info/player/video/o5mblHt7g6yFip8.html I’m Starting A New Network: us-first.info/player/video/p82sgXh_l41ooaM.html Butch Hartman campaigning for OAXIS: twitter.com/ShonWolfbark/status/1018891934033641473 Fast fundraiser from weird locations: Document: docs.google.com/document/d/1HGFo3PMdK_OKez2dZmw6TQe1V1hHaQpgcHNXLIVDOeQ/edit Hartman talking at a Christian conference: us-first.info/player/video/jcigpqWJqoR5jaM.html Hartman on a podcast talking about Oaxis (see if you can use any clip from this): soundcloud.com/thebottomlineshow/butch-hartman-former-nickelodeon-producer-launch-family-friendly-streaming-july-13th-2018 People asking for their money back: Part 3 References - Jafzy Hartman talking at a Wallnau’s conference: us-first.info/player/video/jcigpqWJqoR5jQ.html Lance Wallnau and Seven Mountain Mandate: lancewallnau.com/7m-strategy/discover-7m/ Butch Hartman on stream: us-first.info/player/video/r96Mg4lfhX2MbZM.html Part 4 References - Simon Rood Hartman’s written response: twitter.com/realhartman/status/1022212126796988416
Psycho Choop
Psycho Choop Month ago
Mike DiCiero
Mike DiCiero 4 months ago
Nothing wrong with having Christian values.
Yukina Ushwa
Yukina Ushwa 11 months ago
The Right Opinion do you have an instagram account ? Cause I would like to follow you there too. Since I am more active on that Social Media.
Wosh Year ago
I just realised Butch Hartman tried to create an animated Catholicism Wow.
Grave_stars Year ago
Cant tell if smart or just british
austin pierce
austin pierce 13 hours ago
Keep it up
austin pierce
austin pierce 13 hours ago
Good video man. You make great work
Caroline Grace
Caroline Grace 17 hours ago
when bro compared himself to Jesus I screamed audibly
LOL Legends of Life
when i was a kid, i loved his shows, he taught me that i can do anything art wise no matter my equipment, it all comes down to me. my autism gives me a flare i wouldn't have in art otherwise then he turned around to cure autism. the one thing that gave me an artistic flare, he wants to get rid of. the irony is not lost on me
Rachel Elizabeth
Rachel Elizabeth 2 days ago
tbh, at least he’s not a predator. this is refreshing imo, i was expecting much worse
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
I'm gay and religious tbh. I think there is a God, but I don't think he'd ever hate gays. I don't see why two adults doing something that causes to harm would be an issue.
DB 4 days ago
Is US-first funding some kind of British weeaboo group that's behind these channels? I keep seeing these more and more; A British dude with an anime avatar talking about other content creators. I click them, watch them and feel like I watched literally nothing afterwards. 2020 is fawked.
Miranda Rose
Miranda Rose 5 days ago
update: it is 2020 and oaxis is still just a homepage asking for money
joseph roszell
joseph roszell 7 days ago
He could of just focused on the whole struggle of good/evil and kept Jesus out of it he probably wouldn’t of actually referred to religion at any point in his shows beyond it’s nice to be nice it sucks to be prejudiced👍by using religious language he not only scared away people but he also probably misrepresented his product it’s like he said “we’re making a cg animated cartoon with action and values that can be appropriate for an audience with traditional Christian values but everyone can really enjoy it” you probably are picturing veggie tales but he was describing reboot badly so reboot never got made because of a bad sales pitch that made everyone think he’s selling Christian cartoons but really he just sucks at pandering. Disney adapted exodus but didn’t try to pander to Christian audiences in their marketing so they sold an adaptation of a bible story to secular audiences with waay more success than this which is just funny to me
Hannah Price
Hannah Price 10 days ago
I would love to write a paper in TRO's style looking at a zoomed out analysis of him 🤔
chuu 11 days ago
He looks like a chad
Jude welos
Jude welos 14 days ago
My best friend who is an immensely talented artist and I are working on a cartoon together. Do you think he'll let me ask these questions? :^)
Da Crammers
Da Crammers 15 days ago
Never knew Dr. Elmer Hartman in Family Guy was a reference to Butch Hartman
K.C. Gray
K.C. Gray 16 days ago
NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) is a pretty dangerous cult (claims to be Christian but aren't). Hope this guy doesn't get his channel.
Porcupine_ 200
Porcupine_ 200 18 days ago
Ooo I loved Bunsen is a Beast but just don’t like Butch.
K McIntosh
K McIntosh 19 days ago
Danny Phantom has big trans guy energy, if Butch was trying to put christian values in his shows he failed HARD
Cheek Loins
Cheek Loins 21 day ago
With that forehead crease, he looks like a budget Handsome Jack.
littlekitsune1 21 day ago
Butch is a con artist. I mean the $200 art commissions that look like they're traced but in highlighter colors kinda says it all.
GrisheeXI 28 days ago
8:25 So he’s basically comparing Danny phantom to Jesus....
olserknam 28 days ago
For a long time I've wondered why your content can be so hard to watch. Aside from how you tend to bombard the viewer with loads of information every minute without slowing down, but I didn't believe that was the only reason. So when I decided to watch another video of yours, I thought I'd try to analyze what exactly causes my confusion. I think I might have an answer now. Why do you organize your commentaries in such a... peculiar manner? I couldn't see any major issues in this particular video until the last section. It's titled "The Apology", yet you spend very little time talking about the actual apology. You spend a minute to say "it's an okay apology" and then move on to discuss "what this says about the greater situation". You talk about two plausible scenarios, and when discussing the first one you go back to the same points you've already made: that Butch tried to appease and deceive two different demographics at once, and that was his mistake. You've already talked about that in the middle of the video. Why did you go out of your way to suddenly repeat that near the end? You didn't give any new information or draw any new conclusions, you just repeated something you've already said, only formulated it differently. Now that I think about it, you tend to do that a lot in your videos (I don't remember any specific examples, but I remember watching some of your other videos and wondering "why does he regurgitate the points he already made half an hour ago, and in such exhausting detail too?"). Even if you wanted to go back to that, there was no need to spend so much time detailing the situation again, since we've heard it in this very video, it could've been much more short and concise! But then, almost ironically, you stumble upon a problem from the opposite end of the spectrum. You try to discuss the second plausible scenario, which is a conspiracy theory about Butch intending to put subliminal messages in his work. The problem is, you hardly bother to set this theory up or explain it and instead immediately start commenting that it would've "sacrificed part of the appeal of modern media", whatever that means in your head. I guess that's also something you do a lot, you tend to imply things and assume the audience is automatically on the same wavelength as you (on another note, I am also sort of baffled that you're even entertaining this ridiculous theory in the first place). Another thing you fail to set up properly is at 24:14, when you talk about Butch telling people to trust him based on nothing but his own accolades. Was that anywhere in the video? I mean, you showed him being disrespectful towards the critics, but that's not exactly the same thing. You spend the next half a minute talking about specifically how people didn't trust Hartman based on pure authority and explaining in a rather annoyed tone that you shouldn't trust someone based on pure authority. But if that means so much to you, perhaps you could've shown any examples of him saying that in the previous parts, and your point would've been clearer. As it is, I'm getting a feeling of "uhh I guess it happened if you say so?". You seem like a busy person, so I don't know if you'll even read this, but if you do, I sincerely hope you ponder on what I've just pointed out. It seems that in every other video, you end up either regurgitating the same things you've already said (again, in exhausting detail, as if you've never talked about those things before) or not bothering to explain some of your thought process, even if it's not immediately obvious (you could say I'm just stupid, but I believe things like "sacrificing part of the appeal of modern media" are vague enough to have a myriad of different interpretations, since appeal is inherently a subjective thing). I'm saying this because I admire your attempts to always access the situation calmly and reasonably and want to see it done in better way. Most major youtubers who attempt the same format are definitely more eager to jump to conclusions and to blatantly manipulate the viewer's emotions. But the way they organize their content definitely tends to be better and more easily understandable.
Bianca F.
Bianca F. Month ago
If you need religion to be a good person then you're probably not a good person to begin with.
Andrew Month ago
This is an impressively nuanced & thorough analysis of the VERY complex issue. Well done homie 👍🏼
TheValorousDong Month ago
He looks like a scuffed Charlie Sheen
Faceless Month ago
I love how eccentric his vocabulary is. It's interesting.
Me and my BobbyGee
"family values" *parents ditch Timmy every episode*
J.Ludlow Month ago
Came from prison mate luke
Mister Gentleman
I like this mans voice
Take the danimal Young one
He looks like papa Johns less known brother papa jeff
Jared Schappert
Jared Schappert 2 months ago
more like bitch fartman, right guys????>?
Pervis Edmonds
Pervis Edmonds Month ago
Oh shit! 😮
_sweetie pot pie
lol !!!!1!!!!!!1!1! 😂😂
WillieManga 2 months ago
"I'm not even gonna look at it because the question's being asked by..." Let me stop you there, Butch... "So, here's the thing; I've never flown a helicopter. But if I saw one in a tree, I'd be like 'dude fucked up.' Not supposed to be up there." - Steven Hofsetter
Whovian Girl
Whovian Girl 2 months ago
Ah yes, happiness, the purely Christian value that no other religion promotes. Tf
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
It is kind of sad that one has to hide morals in order to appeal to the masses.
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
Why did Jesus need to be included in basic cartoons? Go to a Christian network. otherwise, he is trying to have it all: Push his views on people, while making that mainstream money.
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
Truth. I haven't seen many of these people, but I love the way you break down these clowns, and their basic-bitch audiences.
C Yikes
C Yikes 2 months ago
TRO has come so far since this video
Huhulo 2 months ago
One guy called 'Many People' asked for this video. Many People must be quite important.
Erick Landa
Erick Landa 2 months ago
I hardly see religion making anyone a better person, if you shield yourself with a higher being and point fingers from there, you become a toxic oportunist
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 2 months ago
So basically... he saw himself as above others? That's it?? That's what all this has been about?!
GyroScope 2 months ago
" If you can't do it, then don't criticise anyone else" How stupid a response is that? I can't fly a plane but If someone smashes a plane into a tree I can still go "hey that was pretty stupid" You can't just ignore valid criticism because you don't think other people are qualified enough to question you.
Anonymous L.
Anonymous L. 2 months ago
i thought the guy on the thumbnail was Rick Astley
Accuracy 2 months ago
why does he look like George Bluth from arrested development
Des Des
Des Des 2 months ago
He's equating "Jesus" with basic morals??? A lot of those old cartoons had a moral idea to them without being religious...
Des Des
Des Des 2 months ago
Honestly I like cartoons with a moral as simple as "lying is bad" and "respect others"--not heavy-handed, but there. I'd like cartoons like that, which I suppose could be considered as having "Christian values". Idk if that would satisfy all sides, but it would satisfy me.
ARandomPerson Month ago
Des Des Those are good morals for shows or ones like you should value friendship/love or stuff like that. I like it because while some people may see it as religious values it’s also values everyone should have and encourage religious or not. Something that works for everyone.
ITZYAboiGAVIN 63826 2 months ago
The hot fuzz meme made this video for me
Tito 2 months ago
"Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice..."
Demi-EmberGirl Studios
Funny thing is that his drawings kinda suck 😂
A Hippy
A Hippy 2 months ago
I hate generalising people but don’t you think he looks like a meme for born again Christian people. Like a religious Simon Cowell
John P
John P 3 months ago
I love this guy like, he makes my brain feel so good with t he monotone British voice its just fantastic.
Kylehatespotatoes T
Kylehatespotatoes T 3 months ago
Butch Hartman: Christian values Cosmo with boobs:
Cryptic Canine
Cryptic Canine 3 months ago
dexter's lab was actually made by Genndy Tartakovsky
Christopher Morris
Christopher Morris 24 days ago
I think he meant when Butch worked on that show as one of Genndy's Team, b4 Butch made his own shows
Hunter Brickey
Hunter Brickey 3 months ago
I assume every US-firstr with an animated persona is just highly overweight or they’re highly insecure
Volvagia´s Blaze
Volvagia´s Blaze 3 months ago
Also, while it doesn't have to do with the subject matter of the video, i'd like to mention that Butch is a terrible artist and for the love of god don't spend money on his work. for 200 bucks you can get way better commisions from multiple artists
Sleepy Sheep
Sleepy Sheep 3 months ago
Butch Hartman is not responsible for the art of Danny Phantom and Fairly Oddparents, the person responsible for both shows is Stephen, the artist and animator of Kim Possible.
Harbinger sev-oh-wohne
It doesn't matter, your inherent values are going to come out in what ever you endeavor. Avatar the Last Airbender is all about Hinduism.
ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ -
Honestly all his shows were boring to me, even as a kid ._.
ARandomPerson Month ago
ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ - I only ever watched fairly odd parents and that was just because I liked the concept of a kid having these new fairy god parents but having to hide them from everyone. Honestly the show could have been so much better than it was.
Josh Shuck
Josh Shuck 3 months ago
I wish I could turn on notifications lmao
joseph306 3 months ago
Oasis Axis So its the oasis for the axis powers
Lee M.
Lee M. 3 months ago
How about we just have nice values without the whole cult type stuff
Lazar Dragicevic
Lazar Dragicevic 3 months ago
The only thing I have taken away from this is that Danny Phantom is the second coming of Christ
The Amazing Man Man
The Amazing Man Man 3 months ago
your voice makes me happy
AtomicSpoon 3 months ago
You don't have to be a pilot, to see a helicopter in a tree and know someone fucked up.
blessedtwelfth's art
If you are watching this, please i BEG you to google STEPHEN SILVER's work. He is the original designer for danny phantom. He designed kim possible, the proud family, johnny test... Butch didnt design danny phantom, he copyied him and silver got no credit for it. Thats why butchs drawing style suck. Its not his style, its stephen silver's.
Autumn Splash
Autumn Splash 3 months ago
28:17 MOOD
Retrosteampunker 3 months ago
So some people are arguing about criticism. Yes, people can criticize you even if they can’t do what you do, this applies to things we create for other people’s consumption. You can criticize your food for not tasting how you like, you can criticize a song for being too basic or cheesy, you can criticize and animator for making poor content. For an animator it needs to be honest and not straight up attacking but if the people you are making content for think it doesn’t look good then you need to do better.
Kingster Productions
Do a video on the offline tv drama
Waddles ワドさん
As a Christian I don’t agree with the notion that you can realize the plan god has made for you, because you can’t. It’s like trying to predict the rapture, or comprehend heaven as a concept; it’s so massively abstract that it’s impossible for us as mere humans to comprehend, so it’s best to go about our lives and for our own plan, one that god knows and realizes but one that we do not. If you’ve ever played earthbound you wound know that “You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’ attack!”
mooneverland 3 months ago
I do not like him very much
Roman Sides
Roman Sides 3 months ago
WORNING to people who are sensitive to talk about religen you may not want to wach this or prosede with coushon Someone help me spell it i have no clue
toshapink 3 months ago
Danny Phantom confirmed Jesus
Omari_X 65
Omari_X 65 3 months ago
This comment section made me realize there's really some people out there just LOOKING for opportunities to correct someone. 2:54 TRO: He has helped *produce* . . . Dexter's Laboratory Correct-o-philes: ACTUALLY, Genndy Tartakovsky created Dexter's Lab. Butch was just an artist Me: Do you not know what *produce* means?
Dimo 3 months ago
Twisted genius
Toongamer 3 months ago
9:08 this comment on screen is so stupid bruh.
Toongamer 3 months ago
Idk why everyone thinks Dexter's lab is made by butch. It's made by Gendy Tr- uhh something. That last name is something else
Oli Ver
Oli Ver 3 months ago
Tartakovsky is not that hard, dude.
Tyson Hollingsworth
Tyson Hollingsworth 3 months ago
I thought he was nice, I wrote him a nice comment, I saw this, I surched up how to delete a comment
None of That Matters Bro
Bitch Fartman
mikki 3 months ago
two years later and hes not any better 🤡🤡🤡 like especially his recent stuff, namely his commission pricing and how some of the works are so bad or just blatant tracings that go for like $200 😭😭😭😭
Rayhan Satrio
Rayhan Satrio 3 months ago
forcing religion is stupid lmao in islam theres a rule or whatever "my religion for me, your religion for you"
crunchy 4 months ago
i just made a sandwich and it was fucking great
red v
red v 4 months ago
Moments with Molly
Moments with Molly 4 months ago
I grew up Catholic, so family values just means Christianity to me. But I can understand how someone didn't realize and feels uncomfortable backing something they didn't understand.
its ya boi jell
its ya boi jell 4 months ago
Whos butch hartman? Oh wait do you mean bitch shartman?
Serious Face
Serious Face 3 months ago
yandere dev x shitch bhartman
Sup Lol
Sup Lol 3 months ago
dude nice pfp B)
Eric Barker
Eric Barker 4 months ago
I love listening to these videos while I work...it's funny because I have rarely heard of any of the people he talks about...but the voice is nice.
KittyB Gaming
KittyB Gaming 4 months ago
I didn’t expect this from the guy I casually or sometimes watched his show when I was younger. Fairly odd parents is silly until they added cloe. When he did that, I knew things were going to go down hill but what I didn’t know is, it’s been going down hill already XD
Katerina vl
Katerina vl 4 months ago
that intro was waaaay too long and unnecessary. not watching the video because i got annoyed
Bernard Wright
Bernard Wright 4 months ago
Anyway he makes amazing shows so nobody cares
Cass Ual Tea
Cass Ual Tea 4 months ago
Honestly, FoP and DP were pretty good but they can't hold a candle to many of the shows that were also around at the time. I can't even say either were the best in their channels because Nick also has ATLA and Spongebob. I'll say they were lucky and then they were milked, they arent really amazing, just convenient and dependable. They were entertaining enough for children to watch so they could make a steady profit from FoP in particular. But comparing it to shows like PPF, Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack, Spongbob, Phineas and Ferb, Kim Possible, even My Little Pony* It just doesn't hold up. If you throw in more modern shows that were produced later but still during the run time of FoP in particular (Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, TAWOG etc.) then at that point you realize that Butch's shows were mediocre at best and below average at most. I just think Butch hasn't earned a lot of what he brags about, his claims that he created our childhood when it was just a fraction of it at best, a small fraction too, or his authoritarian stance when it comes to cartoons and the audience that consumes it, particularly when you take into consideration that there were more talented and passionate people creating numerous better shows, and there continues to be talented and passionate people making better shows. *(Some of these cater to different demographics entirely but we're discussing overall quality, a show being targeted towards younger children should NOT be used as an excuse.)
Introsomnilad !
Introsomnilad ! 4 months ago
"Christian Values" Pregnant Cosmo:
Katherine Allaye-Chan
nman551 Month ago
jhorielle 2 months ago
Wiki the human
Wiki the human 3 months ago
Pregnant Cosmo is a Fanfiction Value. You see, when a yaoi fangirl wants her gay ship to have babies...
poiuytrewq11422 3 months ago
It's not Christian in its content, the dude literally said that. He meant it's more so Christian in the lessons it taught.
Gary Naccarto
Gary Naccarto 4 months ago
Maybe the Dinkleburgs meant the heretics,the pagans,or maybe perhaps the Jews.
Gary Naccarto
Gary Naccarto 4 months ago
Danny Phantom the Holy Ghost. LOL
William V Afton 82955
I mean I was a big fan but not anymore I hate when you donate to something oaxis and not get what was supposed to happen
Toxic Unicorn
Toxic Unicorn 4 months ago
Hes in a cult
VanguardAngel 4 months ago
Honestly, I'm late as hell to all of this junk so I'm here for the ride!
Nine PointO
Nine PointO 4 months ago
Yeeeaah I'd like to add my two cents here. Butch, you're a talented creator I give you that. We loved you, but ask yourself: How many introverts have not grown up on your shows like Fairly Odd Parents or Danny Phantom? I find it amazing that a cartoonist who gives a message about standing up to bullying in his work is a bully himself. You're one of the prime examples of separating the art from the artists since we all know that good things can come from equally terrible people. Alienating your fans is just one of many reasons why we have mixed feelings about you.
kid with problems
kid with problems 4 months ago
The man that says depression wasn’t a thing when he was a kid
Diffuse Wings49
Diffuse Wings49 4 months ago
His drawing has a massive underbight
mixable puma
mixable puma 4 months ago
People are critizising him for no reasson
mixable puma
mixable puma 4 months ago
People are critisising christianiti thats messed up you are going to hell people
KristiChan1 2 months ago
Better yet, jump ship from all of them. They're pretty crap.
KristiChan1 2 months ago
If Christianity is as fragile as Bitch Hartman's ego, then ya might want to find a different religion.
Zink Hero of Youtube
Going to Hell for not believing in Sky Daddy is dumb
Karim Clarke
Karim Clarke 4 months ago
You'll understand when you're older that not everyone believes in god child
Master Nub
Master Nub 4 months ago
I tried to figure out his absent but now I got it your a scouser it makes sense now
AJR 1986
AJR 1986 4 months ago
Minor correction: he worked on Dexter's Laboratory as an artist but was certainly not in any way responsible for its creation or production. That is Genndy Tartakovsky. Giving Butch a bit too much credit - and for a man whose ego is gigantic, there's no need to give him more ammo LOL
joneken Wong
joneken Wong 4 months ago
The guy once said Timmy Turner, a lonely introvert that no one understands, is the alter ego of himself. But he somehow hated introverts?? What?
Cracked Helm
Cracked Helm Month ago
Not defending him by any means but couldn't it be possible he just hated himself? lol.
Hannah Whittington
Hannah Whittington 3 months ago
Must be why he ruined the show and turned the main into a mary sue who is the worst. Ever.
Serious Face
Serious Face 3 months ago
bruh moment
Anything to give the fans meaning.