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The Right Opinion: The Guy Who Sued h3h3 - Inside The Mind Of Matt Hoss | TRO
When I was a very small commentator, I made a little video called Matt Hoss Could Win, in which I expressed my feelings on his whole lawsuit and how in fact he could be successful, at the time Fair Use was still a very untested concept, and there had been cases in the past where creators had lost against claimants, so I was especially sceptical of how some out of touch court might handle the case, I think it was a justified concern, and at the end of the video sister snapped and went off on a memorable rant that today would make such a typically placid individual like myself cringe.
That video was really the first taste of any success I had as it amassed approximately fifty thousand views at the time, and I was pretty excited, I mean what would this spell for an aspiring commentator like myself? Well, basically nothing for another year as all my videos afterwards didn’t really do much, but I guess today, like Chris Martin once said, we’re going back to the start, because I do find Matt Hoss a fascinating bloke.
Matt Hoss’s channel is known as the Matt Hoss Zone, he did used to have an Instagram but that’s gone, and he has been relatively inactive on all platforms where he expresses his distaste of Donald Trump, and promises his inevitable return to the followers who are eagerly awaiting another masterpiece from the maestro himself. As a creator he is fairly established, running on the platform for a few years, with a fairly respectable backlog of content, his description reads: “Original comedy, action, horror, and fantasy short films. With electronic dance music. From the mind of Matt Hosseinzadeh.” Hosseinzadeh being his full last name, which you know he has mercifully shortened so I appreciate that, it’s going to probably knock around 10 minutes off this video. The original comedy, action, horror and fantasy short films, were a mix of him picking up girls with his mad parkour, and vampires, I mean that’s a simplification, but I think the emphasis on his description is “Matt”, there is no other way to describe his channel, other than it is Matt Hoss, unfiltered Matt Hoss. Like The Room was unfiltered Tommy Wiseau. This is where h3 are introduced.
Most people know how the story goes, that basically Matt filed a civil action against h3 under the premise that their use of his content wasn’t fair and defamed his character, h3 disputed this, and this then escalated to the courts, fortunately this time round, the judge then, Katherine Forrest, the absolute legend, ruled in favour of the Kleins, it was probably one of the most famous motions and it was really heartwarming to see an often divided community uniting for the cause of something that transcended the differences.
Matt Hoss, the man at the centre of the lawsuit, became the sort of Disney Villain of US-first, he himself was a content creator, and thus the lawsuit felt very personal. I spoke about this in the Smosh video, but often when businesses file lawsuits there is a lack of accountability, we’ll hate the business, but they have no personality to hate, they have no face to lambast, Matt Hoss put himself at the front and centre of the controversy, and there were very few people who were willing to defend him, he didn’t set himself out there as a likeable character.
He often came across as highly egocentric, and narcissistic and people tended to hone in on this, people hated him for it, and when videos came out, they were very critical of Matt Hoss in the moment, but no-one really asked why he did it, and in a way, when the situation is transpiring, I wouldn’t expect people to, the stakes seemed very high and theorising over motivations when they weren’t exactly relevant to the outcome seemed unnecessary, but I feel like now the time has passed, and we’re all on the Tubes, just chilling, like the fellow kids we are, I feel maybe we have time for a discussion, because as I said, I really do find the character of Hoss a very one.
I think many people at the time just saw him as this delusional reactionary, completely high off his own hubris, and with this image in his head that the persona that he had crafted in his content had been completely undermined, and you know when you look at the evidence, it’s one hundred percent a credible point of view, and one that I may even agree with to an extent, but I want to have a discussion, because I think there was a level of calculation that many people didn’t pay attention to, and I want to watch his videos so we can perhaps understand the mind, and motivations of Matt Hoss.

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Feb 6, 2019




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The Right Opinion
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: This video was definitely a more theoretical video, I just wanted to experiment a little and start a discussion, a more low key one ahead of some pretty intense stuff, I definitely regret not looking at the specific legal documents more for the lawsuit but after having a gander I don’t think they would’ve changed my position too much. I’ll have more analytical videos out in the next couple weeks hopefully. Had some new editors on this one too so be nice ;), think they did a pretty good job! 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Kiryu Kazuma
Kiryu Kazuma 4 months ago
Biodegradable had an amazing segment, makes me wish they edited all your videos lol
Funkmaster Red
Funkmaster Red 4 months ago
What was the name of that cool song at then end?
JacsonKass 6 months ago
The Right Opinion my day with this is “ Hey, I just saw some really cute puppies and amazing kindness... it’s too much time for the complex psychology and cynicism!” Why am I like this?
Dr. Lex Winter
Dr. Lex Winter 10 months ago
Unfuck yourself, your audio is cancer, mixed with really loud shitty background music this video was insufferable. I thought it was old - not 2019. This is unacceptably bad quality dude.
jenis betzke
jenis betzke Year ago
blablabla bla blablablaaaa and then some bla.
Julia Lora
Julia Lora 22 hours ago
Sometimes I like to listen to your videos and imagine it's Dan Howell with a secret channel/identity haha
Anne Frank
Anne Frank Day ago
I think he really wants to be viewed as cool and instead of accepting who he is he tries to put on this act that he imagines would come across as cool and it just makes him a dork
Cheryl Hartwig
Cheryl Hartwig 3 days ago
Pineapple on pizza is awesome. 🍕🍕🍕💖
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
The creepy guy doesn't need to get the girl... The creepy guy can just learn better social skills, no? Maybe teach people how to speak to people.
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
12:36 okay, but why's he have the same accent as Ren from Ren and Stimpy...?
Julia Lora
Julia Lora 4 days ago
Sometimes I like to listen to your videos and imagine it's Dan Howell with a secret channel/identity haha
Billy Bust Inside
He looks like Mr.Bean
something diff
something diff 7 days ago
i am unsure if you are aware of this (as an australian i was not) but in certain parts of america; namely the south/rural -- areas where horses are commonly handled -- people say "hoss" instead of horse. it was funny to me because my closed captions read "horse" whenever you say "hoss" and i was thinking damn, a british dude out here really saying hoss instead of horse? but nah.. i guess youtube cc just has an middle-american accent.
Ty 12 days ago
Eh fuck this guy for suing h3. You could see the stress aging them from that lawsuit. Absurd.
EmbraceAether 12 days ago
kinda wish matt hoss had won now...
Amparo B.
Amparo B. 13 days ago
Not to sound shallow, but he is overwhelmingly confident considering the way he looks... props to him!
samuri master
samuri master 15 days ago
I subbed but da bell off
Steve Wagner
Steve Wagner 16 days ago
My closed captions thought you said "click beatty" and that really stuck with me
Amparo B.
Amparo B. 13 days ago
It is Warren's less known brother 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kteg 21 day ago
Nice content, but I honestly cannot watch these videos because your voice sounds as though you have some sort of large object perpetually stuffed/shoved inside of your throat, or you just drink too much alcohol which is causing your flat, slurred speech.
Amparo B.
Amparo B. 13 days ago
I think it is called an accent
Leopold Taylor
Leopold Taylor 23 days ago
aka the man responsible for turning H3H3 into whatever it is today
grutopsy 26 days ago
wtf is with that retarded music almost at the loudness of the naration? fire your editor
Maj Varada
Maj Varada 27 days ago
you should be a lawyer
Caidyn Brown
Caidyn Brown 27 days ago
is no one gonna talk about how good the editing was in this video
nicolas sieh
nicolas sieh 28 days ago
i constantly read h3h3 as hehe
Gumbo Grapplium
Gumbo Grapplium 29 days ago
Nice coldplay reference
Øxygэи Month ago
He looks like Wil from The Inbetweeners.
xXBlackKZoruaXx Month ago
why dress up vore when its already attractive as is Kappa
WriteSoundMusic Month ago
I don't think Matt's content was really constructed with too much thought , it's all just supposed to come off as what his day dreams would look like
Yesenia Month ago
As thorough and well put together this video is, I feel you’re giving Matt Hoss way more credit than he is actually displaying, especially since he has literally no skills or achievements to back up his so called, “intellect,” in his real life.
H4jim4 Got7
H4jim4 Got7 Month ago
TELL ME WHY I USED TO WATCH HIS VIDEOS AS A KID... this has opened a part of my mind that I didn’t even remember...
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Month ago
Honestly Ethan just looks like he smells like shit. And you know he fucking does
Backward Palindrome
Am I the only one who thinks Mattt Hoss sounds a lot like Coach Redpill?
CalicoJack35 Month ago
Anybody else think Matt Hoss looks like Gaunter O’Dimm from The Witcher 3 in this thumbnail?
Dark Rider42
Dark Rider42 Month ago
I really don’t understand why he insists on calling h3h3 “enemies” or “opposition” kinda feels like something incels would say towards anyone who they dislike
Some One
Some One Month ago
This is definitely a possibility, but so is pretty much anything else. IMO this is giving that Matt guy a little too much credit.
Veronon Birdsong
matt:Ethan i know you didnt mean to hurt my feelings *throws him to the wall* But that fucking hurt! *throws him down and grabs the screwdriver this time photoshopped as a lawsuit* lets see how you like it!
Jt Misivono
Jt Misivono Month ago
Oi. I happen to like hawaiian pizza.
Yasir Khan
Yasir Khan Month ago
So even tho we still don’t like him he had a point?
Idk Its Your Name
for those of you who are too lazy: us-first.info
He looks like what Mr. Bean would look like if he was an asshole.
pl_nails_ Month ago
Why does he look like mr bean?
Shadow Girl42
Shadow Girl42 Month ago
You slightly remind me of Sherlock Holmes, it is hard to explain but seeing your content does remind me of one of my favorite fictional characters.
Sandtoise Month ago
I know this vid is like 1.5 years old, but why tf does this guy look like douche bag Mr. Bean
HSLOLq HSLOLq Month ago
Cark Cark, Pyro Shark!
J K 2 months ago
So, he said the actress can use the reel for her acting career, then he asked her out after the shoot and she said no, then he took down her channel with a strike. edit: this makes me think his character is close to his real personality. In his imagination the girls would never turn him down after some "edgy" and pushy advancements. When reality strikes and he gets rejected he doesn't know how to take it and acts petty
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
This dude is more like Mr. Bean. Anyhow, Eff h3h3 too. That awkward cosplay-looking, marvel vs. capcom 2 clown.
The Void Cult Boi
The Void Cult Boi 2 months ago
The thumbnail pic of this guy is just: *PoV, you're h3h3 getting sued*
Brandersnatcher 2 months ago
"on their second channel" LOL
Peachy Gloss
Peachy Gloss 2 months ago
3:22 Why does he look like that one gym teacher everyone disliked in middle school
Aleka Dela Cruz
Aleka Dela Cruz 2 months ago
So he sued H3 cause he became a meme? 🤔
LoGhandi The Imperial Diehard
5:45 Looks like the Blink-182 album cover of Take off Your Pants and Jacket. Opportunity missed to go off topic and review the album tho.
Erinski 3 months ago
The "Bold Guy" series was the incel's answer to Mary Sue fan fiction.
Vields 23
Vields 23 3 months ago
Ethan’s eyebrows have a life of their own.
Evie .G
Evie .G 3 months ago
It looks like he has some facial tics. Although, his eyebrows remind me of the Cadbury’s commercial. I don’t know if you saw it (I’m in England), but maybe you can find it on US-first?
MaximumMomo 3 months ago
I was cooking while listening to this and occasionally looking at the screen, and every time I heard Matt say something or I saw the actual content of the videos he wanted to protect, I did a double take. People watch that? They enjoy watching it? What in the fuck
DigitalHarmony 3 months ago
Pineapple belongs on pizza.
John J. Jingleheimer-Schmidt
Don't ever try and sue an Ashkenazi. I'm sure we all know why. US-first wont let me say it because of who owns it.
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton Month ago
John J. Jingleheimer-Schmidt Why did you have to take it down an ignorant road
viddergrapho 3 months ago
17:15 I love that youtube allows us to slow down videos.
Yak 141 Freestyle
Yak 141 Freestyle 3 months ago
I MUST not be the only one who got an ad as soon as TRO said 3 2 1
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton Month ago
Yak 141 Freestyle I think he intentionally places the ads in his vids
Dejuh Vuh
Dejuh Vuh 3 months ago
The first red flag was him wearing Hollister
Tori Ladybird
Tori Ladybird 3 months ago
I heard about this in other discussions about US-firstrs abusing the copyright rights on other users who are using fair use. So a year late BUT I am here to learn!
Erica D
Erica D 3 months ago
I absolutely think Hoss saw his characters as an extension of himself which is why he became so incensed at H3H3's unflattering commentary, or at least it was commentary that he saw as unflattering. In reality, while Ethan did make fun of him and refer to him as part of cringetube, he also seemed to have a grudging admiration for his shtick. So it wasn't all bad. However, to someone like Hoss, it was devastating. The smug, arrogant way he spoke about the lawsuit demonstrated that he's an egotistical narcissist. The reality of his life however, is that he's a middle aged, part time pizza delivery guy with no chin, which is why under the surface, like many narcissists he's actually quite insecure.
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton Month ago
VustyRenture hoss wanted people to laugh at the girls, not him
yodafour 3 months ago
What are you on about>>>????????! Ham and pineapple pizza is an Aussie legend!
Michael Gossman
Michael Gossman 3 months ago
Subbed. I love it when you're just researching Matt Hoss and serendipitously end up finding a great new channel instead.
Samar Ayyaz
Samar Ayyaz 4 months ago
*Making a Pineapple-Pizza right now..... why do you do this to me?
ellobec 4 months ago
This is a long video full of assumptions where you provide minimal evidence that Hoss had different intentions.
Stickman Charlie is disgusted TRO! Matt Hoss has marked my comment sticks as spam on his videos! Can you believe how sticky this situation has become?!?! - Stickman Charlie
Bass Player
Bass Player 4 months ago
Matt Hoss is the main character from the Notebook
Nineteen81 4 months ago
8 minutes of real content in an almost 30 min video. Bravo. 👏
Ms DarkstaR
Ms DarkstaR 4 months ago
For the most part I usually find myself agreeing with TRO. I do not agree with this video. Matt Hoss is not a calculated genius who plans his every move with meticulous precision! He's a self centered, mediocre, womanizing, tool who felt butt hurt when his ego was bruised due to much more successful youtubers calling his videos out for what they really are. Once he realized he couldn't one up H3, because not only did they not give into him but they also put all of his ridiculous demands on blast, he then had no choice but to try his luck at suing. The guy is a complete moron!
Deborah Khora
Deborah Khora 4 months ago
You lost me on the don't put pineapple on pizza part! The issue is sweet and salty. Ever tried a tomato and cream cheese sandwich on a frshly baked roll with salt on it? Same thing. Deee licious! But back to the point, I definitely don't think Matt Hoss deserved to have the internet gang up on him in hate.
Willard Jr
Willard Jr 4 months ago
Why hasn't pyrocynical made petscop 2 yet
Kiryu Kazuma
Kiryu Kazuma 4 months ago
Holy crap, biodegradable had an amazing style for their segment
Funkmaster Red
Funkmaster Red 4 months ago
What’s the name that cool 80’s song at the end?
khandava_burns 4 months ago
Your production value is on point but please stop calling women 'females'
Danielle 4 months ago
Matt Hoss' spirit animal is an incel. I wouldn't want to give the impression to people that literal chasing and not taking no for an answer is acceptable. It's not ok to do to ANYONE, nor is it ok to encourage it.
Broski supps
Broski supps 4 months ago
Me ignoring tro and admiring hoss's parkour skills
Brendan Corey
Brendan Corey 4 months ago
The real winner is EmblazonHD. I trust TRO with my content choices, and it looks like others do too
Detlaff von Drac
Detlaff von Drac 4 months ago
Hol' Hoss
IAWIA 5 months ago
I'm feeling a new lawsuit coming. 3 weeks ago he said: "Currently raising funds and obtaining legal representation so that jealous, unskilled parasites won't be able to steal entire works from me again." I'm guessing Ethan is the parasite leader he is referring to in other comments.
Yesenia Month ago
Ethan should have just countersued for legal expenses and ended any attempts of his stupid antics from happening again. They have much more compassion than I would have for someone who wasted so much of their time and people’s crowdfunding money.
Sick Bee2
Sick Bee2 5 months ago
Mans like daddy derek 2.0
madblackliam 5 months ago
Matt Hoss, who looks like a mash up of Mr. Bean and Simon Cowell, honestly disgusts me.
Blacktooth Fox
Blacktooth Fox 5 months ago
Bisected widow-peak a lothario does not make. Creepy fucking desperado
Jazzy Paffy
Jazzy Paffy 5 months ago
For a while I thought he was saying bald guy instead of bold guy
Laugh Police
Laugh Police 5 months ago
Projared should have sued H3
DonVal86 5 months ago
16:47-16:57 WTF?
Chris Bartek
Chris Bartek 5 months ago
It was said that h3 would distroy the copyright strikers, not join them!
Juan Maldonado
Juan Maldonado 5 months ago
EmblazonHD Channel is dead :"(
A% 6 months ago
that fucking jump scare
Josh May
Josh May 6 months ago
thank you for teaching me that incel means "involuntary celibate." the internet makes so much more sense now!
meaty cabbage
meaty cabbage 6 months ago
So assuming that your analysis of Matt Hoss is correct, the man is literally a narcissistic psychopath. Edit: Great video btw dude it's clear that you put a fuck load of work and thought into this.
Sun Jara
Sun Jara 6 months ago
3:56 🤣 What a hilarious comment!
Devz 6 months ago
ur voice is just so annoying bruh
Ab Panda
Ab Panda 6 months ago
I really want to see his videos to see how cringe they are, but don't want to give him any views lol.
SoLongSidekick 6 months ago
2:26 no, that's not how any of this works. Not even close.
MyCat IsChubby
MyCat IsChubby 6 months ago
He kinda looks like Mr Bean
evmanbutts 6 months ago
Now that H3H3 got their fanbase to ruin Keemstar's Gfuel sponsorship, I feel like this was just preemptive karma.
TRO: ready...set...go! Ad: *ITS WATCHING YOU-*
ComfortMsfit 6 months ago
Play TRO at 0.5x and you get...
Ploosh 6 months ago
Wait... Hoss isn’t satire? Yikes.
NeilMakesThings 6 months ago
"Ready, set, go" *ad break* just joshin'
NikkiMcMistie 6 months ago
Pineapple belongs on pizza
Funworks 163
Funworks 163 6 months ago
So basically the guys a creep who doesn't understand the word no.
Epic 6 months ago
Lol emblazon did actually take off a few years back
L L 6 months ago
As someone who likes pineapple in the pizza. I'm hurt. :C