"The Gay HIV Connection" 

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The Right Opinion goes to talk about the gay once more, and in particular about the HIV discussion.
So on the first of February, I was reminded of something that had gathered dust in the back of my brain, that it is LGBT History Month, Twitter were kind enough to remind me with a cheeky hashtag slapped in the trends for me. So, being the nosey bugger that I am I decided to click on it and see what people were saying. Now mostly, it was the usual positivity stuff, and it’s vacuous, but mostly harmless, so who am I to judge. No, the spicy stuff that caught my eye was this one very provocative Tweet, nicely tucked in amongst all the self-affirmative content. What does Tweet say, I hear you ask, as if I could hear with a pre-recorded voice, how stupid.
But anyway, I’m going off on a tangent, here’s the Tweet, essentially noting the clear disparity between the HIV contraction rate between the homosexual male community and the heterosexual community. Sprinkled at the end is the colloquial phrase “Figures don’t lie, folks!”, giving us a nudge as to what he’s trying to imply.
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Feb 8, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Don't know why there are some heavy breaths towards the end, concentration must've lapsed on my behalf when editing them out. CREDITS BELOW: - Edited by: us-first.info - Special Thanks To: Nocty, Zany Jester, The Spansh Inn Physician, Yoo Toobah, Yerzi, Yeahsure, a7f, viirium, The King Cow Show, Duster, LiquoricePepsi, MrRadiance, IAmLordOceanus - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUgi - Twitter: twitter.com/RightOpinionYT - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr Links used: twitter.com/JWilliamXIII/status/959023669803659266 www.avert.org/professionals/hiv-around-world/western-central-europe-north-america/uk www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20406794
꧁Bon Bon of the Bun ꧂
@The Right Opinion I know you would probably not read this, and even if you read this, your content now is so diffrent that you would probably not make anything out of it... but, I also know you are part of the LGBT community, and you would kinda understand. I.. was a little girl when something happened to me that.. I haven't wanted to. I'm part of vary bad statistics of Asexual people, we are no1 in the entire LGBT community in "corrective" sexual asult, r*pe, and others. there are many many survivors like me who try to speak up but no one hears us. not a while ago, a bunch of LGBT youtubers made a video mocking the asexual expirinces... one of them, a trans youtuber named "Kalvin Gurreh" even joked saying "It's something in their brain" and "they aren't hurt for being asexuals, they can ask for help when they would be beating in the streets like us, suffer from real violence" I wanted to cry so badly. It's not the first time an LGBT youtuber makes fun of the asexual community, but... this time he was denaying our most horrific statistics of violence, people tried to call him out but he just priveted the video, his friend, Ryan, another trans youtuber, even made a joke video and kinda made it looks like asexuality is the same as beastiality. I can understand if they doen't want asexuals in the community, we aren't anything amazing, there are laws aganist us but not as many as homosexuality or trans people, but to mock the one sensetive topic of the asexual community... it was just too much for me. I didn't chose to be born Ace. I didn't chose to be forced to... be part of statistics, just like any gay person or trans person. to deny the things I went through for being born.. me... it's just too much to take.
gold dust
gold dust Year ago
@Dunno Yet too fucking weird to even attempt to understand
Dunno Yet
Dunno Yet 2 years ago
SOOOOOO, not even a mention of the bugchasing community?
The Former Texan
The Former Texan 2 years ago
The Right Opinion keep kicking ass bro, I love the channel, and specifically this topic. I was introduced to you by a friend I lost recently, so you kinda keep his memory alive in a way. Thanks!
The Former Texan
The Former Texan 2 years ago
john logan no, sexuality as you're using it isn't a choice. I prefer the color orange. Always has been my favorite color. When my now ex wife and I started having kids, I wanted daughter's, over sons. Some things are just hard wired. Acting on an attraction is definitely a choice, but HAVING that attraction is not. I'm thinking you may also think that addicts choose to be addicted. Which is also untrue. Or that clinically depressed people choose to be depressed. I get how those views can make the world seem a lot easier to understand, either to a young mind, or an under developed one, but that doesn't make them any more true. My best advice: get out in the world, out of your comfort zone! Or get in some continuing education in psychology! Try to take your own experiences out of any equations, and reevaluate your understanding of the basic human condition! Life's short, the alternative is an ignorance devoid of bliss.
Wulfric Wolfblood
Wulfric Wolfblood 12 days ago
Michelle William
Michelle William 17 days ago
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Bob Bobinson
Bob Bobinson Month ago
"Think of the right opinion when having sex" Right on it!
Frank Johnson
Frank Johnson Month ago
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Michael Lombard
Michael Lombard 2 months ago
Great video.
Steve Greene
Steve Greene 2 months ago
Pool's Closed From the start I thought you were nitpicking and going after some homophobe on the internet. I was dead wrong. This is a valuable lesson and its something a lot of people get wrong, hell I can remember growing up, and well as early as 5th grade all throughout highschool, which is ugly and well males me wonder where they learn this crap, thanks for setting the book straight.
Cutie Cupcake
Cutie Cupcake 3 months ago
The statistic is important, we would not be having this important convosation (that could save lives) if we chose to ignore the stats bc other people can use to to suit their agenda and becuase it is offensive.
Dat Cat
Dat Cat 4 months ago
I still think of you
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
I took a Stat math in hs. The whole lesson was how easily we can be deceive by stats and how hard it really is to perform a real survey. I did a survey in hs and most of what I got back was people fucking around. So I redid my survey and made it seem that most people in my school are dumb and it's because they don't listen to metal or rock.
yanopez 9 months ago
im high, how did i get here i couldnt understand anything sorry
Clitatits 11 months ago
Wait. Your gay? Would have never guessed mate. The more ya know 🌈
Aldo Paulino
Aldo Paulino Year ago
I just love this MAN, you should've given this guy a link to your video. It's oficial i'm not gay anymore, i just decided that my sexuality is: @The Right Opinion
No Signal Audios
This entire comment section is an amalgamation of either agreeing with TRO's statement, reference to both the bottom joke and "Think of The Right Opinion while you're having sex" line, "Wait TRO's gay-", and some more clusterfucks of gay jokes. And I love it.
Kenji Sakamoto
Lot of cases nowadays is caused by iv drug use and lack of syringe exchanges.
highlander723 Year ago
Yes but you cannot deny that in the early on stages of the outbreak in San Francisco particularly the bathhouses contributed heavily to gays getting infected with HIV.
Valodjka Stalker
It doesn’t say that half of the HIV infected people are heterosexual, but that half of the heterosexual HIV infected people are between 25-44 years old... you are a hypocrite for twisting statistics too
Vikrej Year ago
let's get to the BOTTOM of this? I GET IT!!! :D
thunder bolt
thunder bolt Year ago
Anarcho ohcranA
@The Right Opinion You seem to be quite the feminist yourself, thank you for helping spread our feminist message! love you!
Basteal Year ago
I didn't know you were gay. Now I'm a tiny bit more gay.
Softren Production
Wait, Tro's gay? You're telling me I ACTAULLY have a shot?!?!?!
BulletBill110 Year ago
Hmm. It’s almost like Sodomy, especially when done promiscuously, is more dangerous than traditional sex 🤔🤔🤔
Seance S
Seance S 9 months ago
BulletBill110 oh shut up, at least i dont have the risk of a annoying ass child
x prizmz
x prizmz Year ago
Lol was it intentinal to say "lets get to the BOTTOM of this" on a video with the main topic of gays
IDidntKnowTheyAllowed ANameThisLongForAttention
"Statistics Don't lie Unless your eyes are blind"
Michael Scott
Michael Scott Year ago
I do not agree with the person using statistics to prove his point, but aids is most commonly contracted from anal sex, because that is the main way for gay men to have sex, it means that more gay men will contract aids than the rest of society. Another problem with your video is that he never said stop being gay, and that is what you based most of your video on, that gay people shouldn’t stop being gay, no one said that, this is a common leftist mistake I see, immediately after someone says something in the slightest opposition to their views, they automatically assume that person is completely against them, that they are an alt right racist and sexist and all the other stuff, you can’t assume someone is on the complete opposite side to you just because of one statement
Kindle Year ago
2:06 Asian peninsula?
Crammananne Year ago
You didn't credit Kurzgesagt.
Crammananne Year ago
@Alek Palm-Leis Still should credit/link where he got that material. It's only been seen on Kurzgesagt's videos, so it's his.
Alek Palm-Leis
Crammananne I don’t think he edits the videos
Dakotasan Year ago
Wrap it before you tap it. ‘Nuff said.
choopy bohn
choopy bohn Year ago
1.5% of the population? You're kidding yourself kid...
choopy bohn
choopy bohn Year ago
Perhaps its just where I'm from, but that still feels pretty low to me. I dunno, hard to say a real number I would think
Seance S
Seance S Year ago
choopy bohn 2-5% of the world population I believe, but obviously they could be skewed again
Anony Mousse
Anony Mousse Year ago
Wait, is the right opinion gay? Just wondering.
Anony Mousse
Anony Mousse Year ago
I would've never guessed.
jeb _
jeb _ Year ago
Anony Mousse Yeah he is
Jacob Keary
Jacob Keary Year ago
*_Look, I think we can all agree that homosexuals are gay_*
Seance S
Seance S Year ago
Jacob Keary um I disagree, gays are obviously heterosexual
Poxnet Year ago
"let's get to the BOTTOM of this" liked, subscribed, shared and pleged
a dolphin eating children
Can we people stop from being African?
Boogie Meister
"I was waiting to be attracted to women, until I wasn't"
Evan Fox
Evan Fox Year ago
Sir, I'm sorry. I diagnose you with the *big gay*
Who the fuck gives a fuck?
It is time to change your name. Your opinion is wrong.
Miss Moxie
Miss Moxie Year ago
The last person who bitched to me about gay people didn’t know how to clear their internet history. Just saying...
Theohybrid Year ago
Sorry but, this doesn't make sense.
Mercedes Lefrancois
Is it even possible to have sex without thinking of TRO?
Jax Steel
Jax Steel Year ago
Are you a top or a bottom?
blacklite911 Year ago
The problem is that this whole thing is stupid. Like it forgot the history of the world. Why don’t people remember history? Of course HIV has been a problem in the gay community for reasons said in this video. We knew this already. This is old news we’ve had the whole hiv epidemic already in the 70s80s. Why is old news being taken as valid ammunition for arguments.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Year ago
Because it's still an issue.
Nitrox Nova
Nitrox Nova Year ago
I disagree with your comparison, Its more like getting cancer from smoking than getting ebola from being african. I am a smoker so Im not saying people deserve these fates, but you do have to be realistic about your lifestyle and the consequences of it.
I also think one of the reason it spreads more for gay people is because they usually don't use a condom
Seance S
Seance S Year ago
also there is alot more cases of people catching HIV through uncleaned needles
Seance S
Seance S Year ago
YungYokaiWatch theres also no lgbt sex education
Commander Shepard
''Think of TRO when you're having sex'' alright then
C Calhoun
C Calhoun 2 years ago
Show Of Force
Show Of Force 2 years ago
1:05... Wtf was that?
Seance S
Seance S Year ago
Show Of Force nhs supporting pride i think
S.S RADON 2 years ago
an entire fucking month....im speechless
Boopy Schmoops
Boopy Schmoops 2 years ago
Just use condoms guys, you’re not safe if you’re straight. These people use statistics so horribly wrong, it’s like using the wage gap statistic to tell women to stop being women because they’re more likely to be paid less. Stop messing with what you don’t understand, it’s so embarrassing.
Marion Morrison
Marion Morrison 2 years ago
I've been around for seventeen years & I've noticed condom usages amongst my peers have dramatically fallen away. Prep & TaP may be playing a very big role here, but there are other STIs out there & diagnosis of these are already skyrocketing!
AOP on Twitch
AOP on Twitch 2 years ago
So when is Black History Month
Seance S
Seance S Year ago
depends on country, in the UK its in February, in US i believes its November
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Year ago
When they actually achieve something.
Thijmstickman 2 years ago
Wait, is the right opinion gay?
Bitch Please
Bitch Please 2 years ago
I made this for music.
Quick question: Are you Captain Holts reincarnation?
Ostrava of Boletaria
People really became discontent after California made the spread of HIV without consent a misdemeaner.
Austro-Hungarian Egonomist
Epic vid my man
Michael Fung
Michael Fung 2 years ago
Don't worry mate, I only listen to your voice when I'm in bed. Wait...
Oskar Sułek
Oskar Sułek 2 years ago
Did he just hate on destiny 2 and say that he's gay in one sentence?
Tom G
Tom G 2 years ago
Well said my dude! You’re a real G.
Mary42877 2 years ago
This was so really enjoyable. it was serious, funny, short, dense. idk, this one was so exceptionally good.
Grant Fikes
Grant Fikes 2 years ago
Wait, February is LGBT History Month? Gay people are so self-centered that they need two whole months? Fucking hell.
vocal procrastinating
Says a furry
emf 303
emf 303 2 years ago
Guarantee Willam is gay. The people bashing the community the most are usually closeted. Great video tRo.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Year ago
Are people who bash nationalists closet nazis?
emf 303
emf 303 2 years ago
Michael Lewis Or are you talking about Ted Haggard?
emf 303
emf 303 2 years ago
Michael Lewis Is that the name of this phenomenon?
Have you heard the gospel of Xenoblade Chronicles
Evan Fields Haggard's law
Gopher 2 years ago
As long you don't shove your gayness down my throat I don't care
Bible Illustrated
Bible Illustrated 2 years ago
I basically clicked on this video (without being too much interested in its subject per se) to see the tone, and you handled it superbly, gentlemanly, in fact. Keep up the good work!
Ztoritz Z
Ztoritz Z 2 years ago
Stop using drug's stupid.
Orange Peel Productions
Our boy is gay :)
Uranus Inbanana
Uranus Inbanana 2 years ago
Did not know ur gay K
Cydippida 2 years ago
TRO is a bottom confirmed
NHILE 2 years ago
6:45 😂😂😂 i love you
Psychedelic Feline
Psychedelic Feline 2 years ago
Thank you.
Alexisasheep 2 years ago
Oh, now I get the Rags thing
DetectiveChives 2 years ago
"Think of TOR when you have sex..." Well if you say so...btw great video, and I've been binging your content without even realizing it. Subbed. Also I may have a crush on you now.
Cooper Bane
Cooper Bane 2 years ago
Having unprotected gay sex does not create STDs, you can have unprotected gay anal sex and be just fine. If both people involved are completely clean and they are in a monogamous relationship together the chances of an STD ever being present is pretty much impossible. However there is always a possibility that one person within this relationship will cheat and go out and get an STD himself then giving it to his partner. However that isn't always the case, not everyone cheats. So yes, you can have unprotected anal sex and never get an STD technically, this also includes STIs.
Caroline Dowd
Caroline Dowd 2 years ago
I've never seen your videos before, and I have to admit that someone with the name "The Right Opinion", using a cartoon avatar with a suit and top hat, publishing a video simply titled "The Gay HIV Connection" set off a lot of red flags for me. However, you managed to surprise me.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Year ago
>suit and top hat What are you? A commie?
Ethan Reid
Ethan Reid 2 years ago
In the US here a lot of gay folks contract it on purpose, sounds stupid yeah? that's because it is. I've been told that it has to do with being left out of having sex, if they catch herpes or something they feel they don't need to think about it anymore because most of them already have it. Seriously I have been told this by too many people who say it with a straight face they're FUCKING SERIOUS. They do not reflect you, but if the nonsense I heard was true I think that would account for some fucked up statistics.
James F. Ewart
James F. Ewart 2 years ago
Pool’s closed.
LNeri 2 years ago
it ant chrimas
Slightly Mad
Slightly Mad 2 years ago
Sexuality is undeniably a choice, you can choose to not have sex, and you can choose who to have sex with. It is possible to consciously alter ones sexual preferences. I don't know to what degree it can be done, but the fact that it can be done does imply that it might be possible to alter ones sexual orientation.
Atlas 2 years ago
>It would generally work better to define homosexuality/bisexuality as the act, and adress the desire separately. Would it, really? If you have a man who dreams of sitting on hard cocks 24/7 and despises pussy, but hasn't actually had any gay sex, would you really refer to this person as a heterosexual? What about gay men who never had sex? Is it impossible to have a gay virgin? Come on, don't be silly. >As I mentioned in my previous comment, it is possible to consciously alter ones desires Is it really? How would one go about doing that? I'll try to change my sexual desires to get hard ons for ugly people so maybe I can score easier. >whether the desire is a choice or not is as of yet undetermined. The scientific literature is pretty much set on it not being a choice.
Slightly Mad
Slightly Mad 2 years ago
Those who have issues with homosexuality/bisexuality tend to have issues primarily with the act. It would generally work better to define homosexuality/bisexuality as the act, and adress the desire separately. As I mentioned in my previous comment, it is possible to consciously alter ones desires, so whether the desire is a choice or not is as of yet undetermined. If it is a choice, then it is probably a difficult one.
Atlas 2 years ago
This is more of a definition thing, isn't it? When people say sexuality isn't a choice, they're probably refering to sexual orientation, not the the act of enganging in sex. The desire is not a choice. If you're a man, and you desire men exclusively, you're gay, even if you go your entire life without having sex with one.
Jude Lind
Jude Lind 2 years ago
*the presets are strong with this one*
Cory Rojas
Cory Rojas 2 years ago
Fuck and when you thought you knew someone lol
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Sketchy Dood
Sketchy Dood 2 years ago
I never knew you was gay
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
I knew it when he talked about his favorite songs lol
orthoplex64 2 years ago
You came out with such little fanfare I almost missed it
teehee 2 months ago
Seven Cool 😐
SweetToxicity 3 months ago
@Seven Cool neat you made it about yourself. Why should your "completion" in liking him matter more than the truth? Than his happiness? It's not holding him back, it's holding YOU back. Make sure to differentiate these things for your own sake.
Mercy Waterfield
Mercy Waterfield 4 months ago
Seven Cool YIKES
I am Bic Pentameter
I am Bic Pentameter 7 months ago
@Seven Cool OK homophobe
Seven Cool
Seven Cool 8 months ago
@C. Hleb cuz that would complete all my reasons for liking him but his sexuality is holding him back
Mitt Romney XIIV
Mitt Romney XIIV 2 years ago
"Think of The Right Opinion while you're having sex" -The Right Opinion, 2018
Jonathan Henkel
Jonathan Henkel 11 months ago
Something he’s said to Primink before
Tabby3456 Year ago
Wife: I bet he's thinking about other girls Me Listening to a british bloke in my head: ...wohw, …. oh...yea...yea that...right?
Chelsea Newsome
First of all, it's not cheating if we both are thinking it
MarfMagic Year ago
I already do that, ahead of the curve
Aurorain 2 years ago
Oh my god lol
Dudofall 2 years ago
Destiny 2 style! Ahahahahahaha! That's a good one!
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Shnobbs Studios
Shnobbs Studios 2 years ago
Dang, these videos have high production values.
MirthMire 2 years ago
Best thing is the ad on this is a person trying to tell you how to get views, when you're growing really well
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
I'm doing solidly currently
Nicholas J. Barlow
Nicholas J. Barlow 2 years ago
Out of interest, did you join a debating society at your school?
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
For a brief spell but not long at all
Obakawaii 2 years ago
6:38 I always think of TRO, bless.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Good news
dibs dibs
dibs dibs 2 years ago
hey tro. I know this isn't the best way to contact you, although I just have to ask a quick question. I'm a fan of your content, and trying to start my own animation channel. One of the first animations I will be uploading is of you singing the fuck duck song on one of your live streams (drunk). Its more a test then anything, but still I know you've put the videos on private, so I'm asking if its alright.
dibs dibs
dibs dibs 2 years ago
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Yeah alright man go for it
dibs dibs
dibs dibs 2 years ago
wear protection kids
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Unfunny Dilbert 1876
I thought it was _black_ history month.
Seance S
Seance S Year ago
Unfunny Dilbert 1876 in the uk yes, in the us i believe its November
Tommy C's SFTP
Tommy C's SFTP 2 years ago
Great stuff
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
For your approval.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Your approval is what I live for.
CloudTheLemon 2 years ago
These people have triple gay.
Tommy H
Tommy H 2 years ago
Great vid
Tommy H
Tommy H 2 years ago
The Right Opinion no worries great content deserves to be praised.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Thank you!
KVLT TENDANCY 2 years ago
I always hate coming across those people who bring up HIV statistics as if it actually says anything other than gays are more at risk. It's pointless arguing with them too, because more often than not they're so smug and set in their opinion about gays that they can't accept any other interpretations of the data. It's so stupid.
cmdrfunk Year ago
Yes you totally sound open and not smug and not set in your opinion.
Lobster Town
Lobster Town Year ago
Dio Brando No it isn’t. That’s like saying soldiers are more at risk of dying, so you shouldn’t be a soldier. It doesn’t prove why it is morally wrong to be homosexual, or why homosexuality is a choice. It’s just a desperate attempt to get people to agree with them, even though they are wrong.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Year ago
>as if it actually says anything other than gays are more at risk that's exactly why it's a good point.
Strategossable 2 years ago
you are of funnies
Incognito Man
Incognito Man 2 years ago
Great video!
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Thank you!
Ryptoll 2 years ago
The solution is not to stop people from being gay (cause that's impossible, and I'd also advice people to stop trying that) but maybe rather to suggest the use of protection as well as educating people of the risks, and the importance of getting tested. Well I don't have a miracle solution either, although of course the best thing would be if experts could find a cure for hiv, but I don't see that happening anytime soon considering how complicated that virus is. Although I'm probably not the best person to advocate against it, cause as I see it, I'd rather die from anything aids-related before I'll get old enough to develope alzheimer if I can arrange it that way somehow. That god damn shit is hereditary and filled to the brim in my family. And I know I'm not the only gay guy to make that kind of choice, from what I've heard around. That might actually also affect the statistics somewhat. I mean, those who actually try to get hiv, for whatever reason they may have, usually related to getting welfare though. Though I don't think it's very common, and obviously I've got no moral issues with it either.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Yeah definitely, educate is all we can do, just keep doing our best.
brian montoya
brian montoya 2 years ago
I was diagnosed with it..does it suck yeah but I know I’m going to be okay life is gonna have it’s up and downs..just providing education is prevention
Enrique Peña Nieto
Yesterday, i couldn't watch this video, because i got a virus, but now i'm better and now i can enjoy this video.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
Glad you're feeling better :)
Coll Waterman
Coll Waterman 2 years ago
do you find MILO attractive? i'm not gay, but i could see him as being attractive .
Bitch Please
Bitch Please 2 years ago
He's ugly as fuck, especially when he dresses and acts weird. It creeps me the fuck out.
The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
He was cute before he got his teeth done.
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