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The Right Opinion: The Family US-firstr Who Gave Away Her Son - Myka Stauffer | TRO
0:00 - Intro
9:10 - Brave New World
18:25 - After Many A Summer
25:18 - The Genius and The Goddess
31:28 - Point Counter Point
38:24 - Antic Hay
44:11 - Those Barren Leaves
52:10 - Island
58:47 - Time Must Have A Stop
Family. For better and for worse, there is no connection like the one you create with the family, I have discussed this time and time again, so I shan’t go into too much depth on my philosophical thoughts on one’s kinsfolk, but as you are all aware by this point, emotional potential, breeds market potential, and the family channel took its place on the US-first terrain a long time ago.
Now, family channels are no stranger to criticism. The extent that some families will go for views, often places some of the channels at odds with the rather rigorous standards that audience members impose for such creators, why do these standards exist? Well, because of the children. If you are a parent, many would assert that you have a responsibility to preserve as idyllic a childhood as possible for your offspring, and that degree of responsibility is only amplified when you’re uploading content of your family onto a public platform.
In spite of this, most criticism is typically confined to parents failing to be adequate role models, not just for their own family, but for others who they are supposed to be educating through their content. Some of these escapades may lead to some asking if they are equipped properly to even have children, however, it is seldom the parents who are asking that question, or even acting on such inclination, this is where today’s subjects appear to be an exception.

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Nov 5, 2020




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 27 days ago
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Animi Mei
Animi Mei 12 hours ago
I was hoping you would discuss an issue that has been happening on Asian American TikTok. There has been a foreigner who goes by the name of Dallas who is apparently living in Korea and posting videos about Korea. Unfortunately his videos are very very generalizing and has caused a lot of unnecessary hate towards the Koreans, Korean American, and Asians. After gaining a lot of attention and criticism he came back with a sorry excuse of an apology video (twice) which he deleted (also twice) and now he is posting video with improper sarcasm regarding Korean people and culture. For reference his TikTok is @dallasofkoty. I’d really like to see what you have to say. Love your work as always!
M. 3 days ago
NOBODY SHOULD BUY RAYCON PRODUCTS, and you shouldn't promote such trash because it is the wrong opinion. Hope he at least pays well since he's robbing people. The BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU gives RAYCON an F: www.bbb.org/us/ny/new-york/profile/electric-bike/raycon-global-inc-0121-174608 There are plenty of reviews talking about how you will throw away money when you purchase items and good luck getting any useful responses if you contact a non-existent "customer support".
big pog c:
Aaron Whence
Aaron Whence 7 days ago
Hiya dude! Here's a new subscriber "speaking". I love your videos, I've binged them for a couple of days now but I just want to ask; why do you use various editors in your stuff? Are you too busy (that would kind of fight against your intro mantra), do you just like collaborating or is there something else? Absolutely no illwill here, I'm geniously curious. Peace out, all the best to you✌️
Mad Gunny
Mad Gunny 11 days ago
@ZombieMiezZ damn, good eye!
odion taiwo
odion taiwo Hour ago
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Keliam 5 hours ago
So I’d never heard of this family until I saw this comprehensive video and I was just about to post a comment about the mother’s education level (or lack there of)...until it was mentioned that she supposedly an oncology nurse?? Wow...I had been thinking more like a jr. high school level! She is a perpetually blubbering (and blabbering!!) emotional train wreck!
Jib Jibson
Jib Jibson 7 hours ago
You're well out of line making this video. Find a more substantial, and oh, I dunno, important topic.
Cookie Monster, Think!
I'd hate to be filmed my entire life
Dakota Hult
Dakota Hult 9 hours ago
Okay, I have a problem with everyone hating on the Stauffers. How many people have dealt with children who seriously harm other children? Glossed over was the fact that one of the children expressed relief that they would no longer be hit in the head. It’s not possible to keep children safe if you have one in your household who hurts people. I don’t mean sibling spats, I mean trying to stab with a fork, using knees to jump on the back of another child and taking a chunk of skin out of the other child with their teeth. Yes, I have had experience with children who have done that and things like that. When you have a one year old you can tell yourself that it’s because they’re young, but as they get older and behaviors don’t alter, and they have more strength to put behind their actions, there are only just so many excuses you can make for it before you have to seriously consider that you can’t keep other children safe from them, physically or emotionally (one of the other Stauffer kids is in therapy). Are we going to argue that growing up in a household with an abuser is okay merely because the one doing the abuse is young? Is that fair to other children in the household? Has anyone considered that perhaps his new home does not have other children in it and maybe the reason he seems to be doing so well is because there aren’t small children for him to hit in the head? Do we imagine that the Stauffers (who were very aware of their image) were unaware of what finding a new home for the child would do to their channel? That is what keeps me from thinking that it was a mild inconvenience that they were unwilling to adapt to. Who the heck would commit social suicide if the situation were remotely able to be tolerated? Everyone seems to think that the Stauffers are terrible and I just think they’re the typical set of young American parents who just simply hadn’t had experience with special needs children. Perhaps part of the reason they chose to adopt him was because it would look good for their channel (I really can’t imagine why you’d bother as there are other much less inconvenient, life-altering, ways to get views). I think it’s very telling as a society that everyone thinks that Myka should have “known better”. Because all those high school classes you took on parenting, communication, and attachment in high school completely prepare a person for parenthood right? (Jk, you can take like one Early Childhood Education class, but it is optional and really doesn’t cover enough to prepare one for anything). We all know that dealing with you own child, niece, friend’s kid, etc. has prepared you to be an expert on every sort of child out there (including those who are prenatally drug and alcohol exposed, neglected, unattached, food insecure, etc.) So many people are impossibly naive about what sorts of children are out there and also about what they can handle. Have we considered that part of the reason she has so many videos of him crying is because he cried all day long? Some children do. I don’t mean they cry because they’re hurt, hungry, thirsty or because you’ve done anything whatsoever to them. Some children cry all. day. long. It seems that one of the bigger problems people have with the whole Stauffer situation is that they feel they were sold a lie, that the Stauffers weren’t honest about what it was really like. I think they were trying to put a good face on an unbearable situation. You look for words people use to describe situations and get a better picture from that. When people say that “yesterday was really hard” she probably doesn’t mean “I didn’t get ice cream so am now upset” or even “I had a slight headache and didn’t feel like cooking”. It is more likely that that means “he would not go to bed, he fell asleep on the couch at 3am and was up again at 5am. Threw his breakfast, hit his brother, tried to tip the bassinet over multiple times, slammed the cats tail in the door, used feces to draw on the wall, cried for 3 hours, wanted to eat the whole pizza for lunch but can’t let him because he literally pukes from eating so much, etc.” Just an example that not everyone “today was really hard” is the same. Perhaps people do use their children to gain attention and make money (Dance Moms anyone?) But it is not illegal to put your child in competitions or US-first videos unless the content is illegal. All I can say is, if you don’t want them to be successful don’t consume such media. (Also, what is with people watching the Tiger King? Do we really want to promote that? I will not watch it because I refuse to promote it.) I think that perhaps more people should become foster parents and put their expert advice, the advice they freely offer to the Stauffers, to use parenting high needs kids. All the people commenting about what would work and how to properly handle a child with level 3 autism could show the world (well, they’re little world at least) how it’s done correctly. And in case anyone is wondering, you don’t have to worry, last I heard foster parents get a 30 hour training before being handed a child who has who knows what. That’s totally enough, don’t you think? Cheers!
Kiki Mercier
Kiki Mercier 10 hours ago
This couple is like Chris and Shan’ann Watts #2. Geesh!!!! Turn off the camera and stop violating your kids privacy.
immmm, they weren't put into that situation...they walked in to it on their own....
Ryann ??
Ryann ?? 11 hours ago
I'm ready to rage. I'm absolutely fuming. I'm Autistic and I was abused my whole childhood for showing symtoms. Just a couple things here. 1 he's not "throwing a fit" he's having a melt down. He's over / under stimulated. You cannot control a meltdown. It's horrible and terrifying you needs help not punishment. 2 eating issues are extremely common in adopted kids. He's looking at others while eat is because he's scared of someone taking his food. He wants to eat all the time because he isn't sure if he's going to get food. 3. THIS IS MOST LIKELY AN ILLEGAL ADOPTION. FUCK OFF LADY. 4. You cant get rid of an autistic biological kid. Why should you be able to get rid of an adopted kid? I don't know if he mentioned this in the video I still have some left. It's just angru
Ryann ??
Ryann ?? 11 hours ago
That video of him "throwing a fit" makes me want to vomit. He's not throwing a fit she's an autistic child having a melt down. I'm Autistic and I just can't. It's disgusting
Bill Robb
Bill Robb 12 hours ago
Looking at this, I don't believe that they thought it through at all.
sickkate 12 hours ago
where my Abercorns @
Bon Chickenfry
Bon Chickenfry 13 hours ago
Welcome to another video of how fucked up is fucked up
lorraine parrington
lorraine parrington 14 hours ago
He looks like Chris watts
Crystal M
Crystal M 14 hours ago
You don't say... in one ear and out the other... You think?
Crystal M
Crystal M 14 hours ago
How is this lady a nurse?
Izzy K
Izzy K 15 hours ago
Ugh, It doesn't even sound like she's talking about adopting a child, It sounds like she's adopting a stray puppy....
zipperXie 15 hours ago
The last job I had before the one I currently hold, I worked in a school that had residential units for children who either had care needs beyond what their parents could handle in the home or children who had behaviors that were so dangerous (either for them or other household members like siblings) that they could not safely remain in the home environment... with the end goal being developing skillsets enough for them to return to their home environments. The private school that was attached had both students from the residential units AND students who WERE cared for at home but couldn't be safely manged at their normal public school. On our units, we had a LOT of adoptees with RAD. As an adoptee myself, obviously those were the cases I gravitated towards. While the parents of those children DID have to give their child's care over to us, at least for a few years, not a single one of them actually disrupted the adoption itself. They remained involved in their child's life, they were active participants in their child's growth and development, and they were constantly working with us to help the child develop enough coping skills to be able to return home as well as developing their OWN skills as parents of a child with RAD themselves. Same with our parents of children with Autism and ODD and various other disorders and such. Myka and her asshole are people with means. They clearly live pretty comfortably, and that comfort was supported by their exploitation of this child. The LEAST they could've done was found a decent residential facility. Yes, there are a lot of places that are terrible. But there are a LOT of places that are absolutely fantastic and would have given this child the best care and best opportunities he could have had. It wouldn't have been cheap, but this is a CHILD. A child YOU CHOSE to bring home. A child you INSIST was "not returnable." His life and wellbeing is more important than your nice, brand new car or your designer uggs or whatever it is this bitch prioritizes above actual human life. There is no defense for this. The same options for biological parents of children who's needs are greater than what they can provide exist for adoptive parents as well. The only difference is that this child was brought into the family to exploit - not to love. And when he didn't perform the way he was expected to, they returned him like a malfunctioning hair dryer.
Lisa Hansen
Lisa Hansen 20 hours ago
At 13:32 Really??? It couldn't stop beating? Mine either not until we're both dead.
jason_ lonely
jason_ lonely 20 hours ago
How did his video turn to a 30 minutes video into a 1 hours video
dad dy
dad dy 20 hours ago
thank GOD she didn't keep him till he was a teen. that would've been really problematic.
Farahan Isa
Farahan Isa 20 hours ago
She basically used the poor baby for views and clout
Farahan Isa
Farahan Isa 20 hours ago
It sad she got the lil boys hopes high for a bright future but then she just returned him like he was nothing.
Elephant 21 hour ago
That demon photo of her is gonna give me nightmares
Annette Thompson
Annette Thompson 22 hours ago
I want to cry when I see that little boy hugging her! It just shows how unconditional a child's love is even to a wicked witch!
Jerry Switzer
I don't understand how any man could tolerate a women so superficial and attention driven ... I couldn't do it ... James...seems like a total beta male... I suppose that is the only way that would work.... the whole thing is pathetic...
Els Vaughn
Els Vaughn Day ago
She can hardly speak English...
Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap Day ago
This woman upsets me for many reasons, my brother has Autism and for years it went undiagnosed since he had it when it wasn’t “trendy” and at the time whenever a kid misbehaved it was ADHD, like he’s in his 20s now and has the mind of a 8 year old but can talk your leg off about video games or Pokémon, but what pisses me off more than anything is this woman treats that boy like my mom treated My young brother, People need to realize people with autism are humans not Animals, they have feelings and no matter what part of the spectrum they are on they need patience and love and kindness, this woman is probably the same kind of woman who is a anti vaccination because her other kids might become autistic ( which has no scientific evidence), Autism isn’t a bad thing it just depends on the parent or Guardian who cares for them, and this woman shouldn’t even be trusted with a damn house plant.
410_Redline street-team
Ugh.....the fact anyone could watch her and thier brain not scream "this bitch is FAKEEEEE" is beyond me.
Nat Weird
Nat Weird Day ago
Don't just blame the mother, the father was completely complicit in the situation.
Charlotte Shinn
I got frustrated with the whole losing belly fat postpartum = healthy . It really doesn’t
Britzel 1
Britzel 1 Day ago
It really upset me the way she showed him on the channel during times that he was having a moment like all children do. He wasn't having fits he was being a child who had been through a lot and had needs to boot. I hate to think that they got him thinking he had brain cancer and wouldn't survive and would US-first the journey with him. There are those people who do that sick crap. My heart is broke for him but I'm thankful they gave him up to someone who will love him instead of keeping him and totally ruining his life.
Jason VanMeter
It seems that she shouldn't have "let it go in one ear, and out the other", when the doctors were talking to her. The only question that people should be concerned about is, who's paying for the kid now? I'm guessing he's somehow going to be supported by taxpayers now. Even if he's re-homed, it's probably going to be some kind of facility that is funded by taxes. Considering that they're the ones responsible, they should foot the expenses before tax money. The CCP wins again. Why don't people adopt orphans from the United States? I guess she's a wannabe Wal-Mart version of Angelina Jolie.
Marisa Clark
Marisa Clark Day ago
i wonder what my dealer thinks when i pull up and this is playing
Logan McDonnell
My brother is Autistic. I see a lot of these signs in my brother from this young boy. I find this heartbreaking because of the ways I see the parents doing to the worst to this child who is doing everything he can. I am beyond fucking pissed at the extent of the videos showing him "melting down" (which is a normal thing for autistic children to do , and should not be called a melt down) where they are degrading his experience by recording a fucking video. The duct tape around his thumb his bordering abuse, because he sucks his thumb. I would be outraged if my mother did this to my wonderful brother. He had so much going for him and the amount of disrespect I endure from this is beyond belief. Thank you for making this accessible information, unbiased and fairly quite entertaining. I applaud you for not screaming at the mother or father in this scenario.
Madeline Wilson
I have worked w kiddos like him. The attitude they have in the video is what gets me. When they ignored the doctors original advice, found out they couldn't cure fucking autism, and gave him away... It makes me so sick to my stomach. He deserved so much more. Kiddos at that level of the spectrum are the best. They are so unique. These are garbage ppl.
Holly Manley
Holly Manley Day ago
Some people just shouldn't have kids. Period.
Tayla Arlan
Tayla Arlan Day ago
We miss you TRO bring us some quality content
nanners noodles
It is unfortunate that the father isn't talked about as much or getting as much hate as the mother, but it's because she was the one making all the videos and comments on the topic. In the clips shown of their videos in this one, she's doing 99% of the talking when he does speak he's either agreeing with her or about to be corrected by her. They're both at fault, but she was definitely more in the spotlight in the situation.
Darlene Michuk
Tactic : Hold Breath until you get some attention. God Bless Mothers.
Djl Day ago
So the comments are on with minors???
My Soup Too cold
I hope that kid found a loving home
anarcho- aspichist
Raycon we use rapists to sell our products
Diana Branham
She's a spoiled brat herself. She needs all the attention herself and a child needing attention just wasn't for her.
Antony Kingsada
Anyone seen Huxley or abercorn??
pasta la vista
They adopted a child knowing he needed special care and treatment, chose to go with it after being told it was going to be a lot of work, and then when doctors told them it was gonna be a lot more work then they were told before they decide they don’t want to. Why? Was it not worth spending the money on it? You know they would have done everything in the world for their biological children. They had no problem spending on that nice ass house of theirs. People don’t tell people to give their kids up, why are they playing it out like everyone was telling them to give him back
Sinister Day ago
Myka acts less like a mother, and more like a greedy kindergarten teacher that uses her students for monetary gain.
nonoke Day ago
I wonder how their children feel about their adopted sibling being taken away. This is such a horrible thing to do to children.
missmerbella Day ago
If watching this woman doesn’t immediately make your skin crawl, you’re not a good judge of character. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Carry Shirley
What is wrong with those people? So fake 🙄
Prof Plum
Prof Plum Day ago
Another great video. I am beginning to see this format as a sudo-documentary with the personability of a youtube video. Keep up the great work friend.
8th House Alchemist
Some of these people will stop at nothing for US-first fame and fortune.
A-J Hartung
A-J Hartung Day ago
Knew about this a while ago but wanted another perspective HOWEVER am amazed how this " of so falsemy emotive woman held an audience with her high pitched " baby voice ' & weird nauseating body language. nothing genuine about her & generally children run miles frim sych individuals . My late Husband was unsure aroins small people but he ibtruwyed tgem.& they seemed to feel required to put him at ease .THEY understand honest uncertainty it us part of them but run from insincerity ....
God, poor child still would have to grow up with the shitty wine mom name they gave to him, not to mention traumatic experiences he would have to endure from associating it with his previous abusive family
Lisa Mylynn
Lisa Mylynn 2 days ago
It makes absolutely no sense as to why they adopted a child who severe special needs when they had young children and planning more biological children. I was a foster parent when I had young children of my own. The foster children who came into my care were evaluated based on the needs of my children and how they would fit into our family dynamic. If it was determined that the child would not be a good fit or wouldn't receive the level of care neccessary for them to thrive, they would not be placed in my home. When my children grew older, I was able to take on children who needed more care. I would have never been allowed to adopt any of the foster children who couldn't be placed in my home due to care issues and their needs. The same rules should be applied to anyone attempting to adopt a special needs child. They deserve to be cared for by the best people who care about their development, life and hearts. They do not deserve to be an afterthought or viewed as a burden. My youngest child is old enough for us to start fostering children who require a higher level of care. We're in the process of being recertified as therapeutic foster parents. If I ever come to realize I'm not equipped with the neccessary skills to take care of a child in the best way possible, I'll admit to it and ask for extra training and support. Okay, I went further in this reply than I planned.
Mojo Jojo
Mojo Jojo 2 days ago
This episode is so dramatic, lol. What happened?
Watch her at 58:42 when she is leaning over with her lips puckered to give him a kiss but then she pauses and looks at the camera as if she was making sure it was being captured.
Emma Denton
Emma Denton 2 days ago
Its such a small element of all of this, but I fucking hate ABA therapy. Its main goal is to make an autistic child more pleasant for those around it. Parents of autistic children and ABA therapists love to praise it, but the majority of autistic people detest it. Thats a pretty clear sign that the therapy isn't about improving the child's quality of life.
Michelle Paradis
Michelle Paradis 2 days ago
He didn't fit into their life style plain n simple!!! I had a terminally ill son and an autistic son, I raised ALONE 7 yrs...then remarried n had 3 more. I never gave up on them!! Never. In fact my son was give a prognosis of death before 2...he's 16 now. You know why...I gave everything for him...even my health deteriorating to keep him alive. You don't do that...give up....they made a commitment. She did this for publicity n when he wasn't her idea of perfect...out he went!!!
Shirley 2 days ago
Two years they had their son for two years! How truly awful for the child. Oh my goodness the poor young man.
0m3n 2 days ago
The husband seems like a really nice guy :(
Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney 2 days ago
The part where the guy asks her about her favorite failure she brings up that the kids disability will mean she has to take care of him for life instead of a brain tumor make it sound like she was looking for a kid that would die very young and then be done with it just to get the likes for the time
Patricia S
Patricia S 2 days ago
She made the whole situation about herself. This is what’s happening to Me, it was so Hard for Me, taught Me a lot about Myself. This women is a real piece of work.
Echo Orca Animations
Honestly, the second she said, "In one ear and out the other" when the doctor was telling her about this poor child's health, that was a HUGE red flag for me
Nape Dog
Nape Dog 2 days ago
I found her Senior picture. photos.app.goo.gl/pW3xZBkTLahgbmVs9
Nape Dog
Nape Dog 2 days ago
It's all about trauma.
Fshstks Moneybags
She's a narcissist
TheyKilled KennyAgain
34:27 broke my soul 💔
TheyKilled KennyAgain
At 16:30 she starts planning his rehoming (w/e the fuck that is)
TheyKilled KennyAgain
"My heart couldn't quit beating" 😐😒
Bobby Berryessa
Bobby Berryessa 2 days ago
Did she give the money he made her away or at least in some fund he can use when he gets older?
Gavin Davisson
Gavin Davisson 2 days ago
The name she gave that poor child makes him sound like corn
Jaedyn 88
Jaedyn 88 2 days ago
I'm a stepdad to three grown children and stepgrandfather to four(2boys,2girls all under 11). These are not pets or some piece new age decor, rejection for a child can be devastating and these children have already been separated from their biological parents, if you or anyone is considering adoption then you should be preparing for a lifetime commitment no matter the challenges. I am suspect of anyone trying to monetize and make money of their or any child. Once you open the door to public scrutiny then you should be mature and wise enough to deal with any and all that comes with that. Just a couple of shitty people wanting to get rich for just living life.
Jen 2 days ago
What pisses me off the most about this situation is that she specifically requested a special needs child.
Erika Alumno Secutec 1
Man, the foreshadowing in this one is *strong*
Vi Jay
Vi Jay 2 days ago
Maybe their children need therapy because you've just removed one of them. Talk about abandonment issues...
Sunflower Shine
Sunflower Shine 2 days ago
On today’s episode of *Simp and the Dark Triad* ....
kinetic blues
kinetic blues 2 days ago
hey everyone , this is Myka's ex (father of our first daughter). I can personally attest to the fact that she has made a lot of money from that fauxdoption...
Elissa Blankenship
^ Seems fake, prove me wrong.
• Mr. Kurusu. •
Do you personally think that this is in character for her? Like, were you surprised when learning about that situation?
Insomniac Raccoon
Highly HIGHLY recommend everyone go watch Observe's nonverbal analysis of these two 'parents'. Incredibly interesting.
Jaedyn 88
Jaedyn 88 2 days ago
As far as I know being shallow, materialistic and a sycophant isn't against the law. I can't imagine a worse circumstance for an orphan than to be adopted and then rejected.
Section 7
Section 7 2 days ago
@TRO: Who is Vilmos Tauffer?
Benjamin Perez
Benjamin Perez 2 days ago
Retired teacher here. Always was suspicious of colleagues who referred to students as kiddo or kiddoes. It was quite rare as only one of us addressed students as such in the K group. It’s so phony and false. The lingo makes me suspicious.
Section 7
Section 7 2 days ago
I hate the word kid - even goats are only called kids for 6 months, and are generally raised for slaughter or to milk them for what they've got. Why are children even sharing the reference is what I'd like to know. This is a broken world where good people are completely outnumbered - school should be teaching children how to spot con men and scammers, or how to control their emotions and reduce impulsive behavior. In the past parents would sacrifice their babies to fire and make a wish to their pagan false god for their wants and desires - now it's called Christmas, which even the Bible says is a pagan tradition not to celebrate, go figure.
Section 7
Section 7 2 days ago
Awesome video, TRO. This all seems put-on, reality-TV soap opera junk. She was never pregnant once, just wearing a moon belly. Although, I should mention, the husband has the biological womb, the wife has the sperm, if you know what I mean. These things are trying to be human, and more people are starting to notice. Here's two videos just to cement in my inane ramblings, believe what you will - "This is a Man's World" us-first.info/player/video/r6-Jpm2Jj5-Yg2g.html and "Justin Bieber..." - us-first.info/player/video/eZiNkoybkn1zdok.html
Ironically Pineapple
I cannot believe they made their video about rehoming Huxley all white. It’s like they’re begging for you to think they’re innocent and not in the wrong
Emily 2 days ago
My oldest brother was adopted and even imagining him being sent away somewhere as a toddler breaks my heart.
Jason Castillo
Jason Castillo 2 days ago
So, I'm not saying this video s bad or anything but like...If it's not your family, why be mad at them??? Like, I understand if you were related to this family but if you aren't...why even care?
Ironically Pineapple
Sixteenleo’s vid on this was great but I love how deep TRO goes, and the mood of his videos is fantastic
Rebekah Brewer
Rebekah Brewer 2 days ago
Myka legit looks like Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz had a child together. This woman doesn't deserve the beauty that she has. She may be gorgeous on the outside, but she's ugly af on the inside. That poor child....
Bethzaida Ayala
Bethzaida Ayala 2 days ago
i hope the kids sue their parents for compensation when theyre older. they all deserve a cut of the profits the parents made
raydarable 2 days ago
I like how each chapter is named after an Aldous Huxley novel.
alternativejk90 2 days ago
Am I the only one that feels these family vlogs contribute to narcissistic parenting....I don’t know what kids behaviors will be like in the next ten years
Minna Flodmark
Minna Flodmark 2 days ago
Rehoming a child you have taken onto yourself to adopt should not be allowed. You dont get to choose how your child acts or what kind of diagnosis they get. She herself would not rehome any of her own children. Shes way too priviliged and the way she's messed with his life this way when he ALREADY had problems from the start makes her actions just way worse.
Sabrina Phan
Sabrina Phan 2 days ago
Great video!!! can’t wait for the pokimane and fedmyster saga.
fish sticks
fish sticks 2 days ago
this high pitched voice is annoying
KKretin 2 days ago
Is it rude to say even if I can't grasp as to what's going on I still let it run in the background because I appreciate your voice?
Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar 2 days ago
lepto 2 days ago
love this guys voice it like he is poeting
Budgie Cat
Budgie Cat 2 days ago
I wonder if they did CT scans on their own biological children....
Fake-ina Fakerson
In a vacuum the question about what disabilities seem difficult but aren't *could* be innocent. One could know they can only handle so much but still want to take in a child others may skip over due to a scary sounding disability. Given the context though, I think it's exactly what it sounds like
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