The Fall Of GradeAUnderA - End Of An Internet Giant | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: The Fall Of GradeAUnderA - End Of An Internet Giant | TRO
In less than a year after Grade’s channel was resuscitated through a Reddit post, he had turned his content into some of the most unique and marketable work on US-first, and was approaching the peak of his career, he was stepping effortlessly between his drama and non-drama content, and gaining support at an unassailable rate. The sudden interest in an actual genre that could generate its own conflict while simultaneously being able to comment on it definitely had its appeals, and being a person of strong, unmitigated sentiments, Grade had found his rhythm.
His content picked up to an unbelievable pace at around mid January of 2016, just after the release of his second Nicole Arbour video, in which he breaks down Arbour’s side of her abuse story against Matthew Santoro, and exposes some rather glaring inconsistencies with her testimony, but equally, as quick as he took off, he was to encounter his fair share of drama.

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Apr 24, 2019




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The Right Opinion
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Sheldon Juiceシェルドン
whos watching during covid? 36:11
thedarkknight1971 2 months ago
If you like these kind of videos, I follow Sgt Ducky, one of his funniest vids is "Ducky's Spicy Bag" hahaha 🤣🤣😎
Ninja Gamer
Ninja Gamer 5 months ago
Thot Destroyer69
Thot Destroyer69 5 months ago
Oda Sofie K ok?? Dude you have to respond to his arguments and points not if there actually friends tho I know you are just saying but still it shouldn’t matter that their friends either his point is good or his point is bad. *it should not matter* edit:they’re
Oda Sofie K
Oda Sofie K 5 months ago
@Thot Destroyer69 Just saying, if your friend is accuse your other friend for being a pedo just for the heck of it, would you not couterattack him to make him either say sorry, of atleast take it back?
Three of them Thangs?
He recently returned because he wanted to make videos again after having gone through a lot of mental health problems. Sadly, his channel got demonetized, and I believe he ultimately just gave up on US-first all together because of it. I mean, when the platform you wish to believe in turns it's back on you, then I don't fault him for in turn choosing to dump it all together.
David Churchman
David Churchman 3 days ago
This unbiased delivery is exactly why this is the best drama channel on youtube.
b 3 days ago
Did this guy literally animate an outline of a limp weenis with some lines and dots scribbled on it?
Michelle 4 days ago
TRO: People's lives aren't going to be changing soon. At least I don't think they are... Year 2020: Let's have a word.
Applepop Applerancher
Ya'know, this is very insightful on both Grade and Leafy, both I haven't really heard about. Well, never heard of Grade until this video, and only knew Leafy as a relic brought up by as an insult against/joke on commentators. Another brilliant video, 10/10!
Amparo B.
Amparo B. 5 days ago
I wanted a satin bustier, not a glittery one. My bathroom looks like a disco ball 🤦🏻‍♀️
Silent Knight
Silent Knight 8 days ago
"People's lives aren't going to be changing soon-" IF ONLY WE KNEW!!
The Clever Gamer
The Clever Gamer 9 days ago
"My man Sky Williams." Oh my fucking god the omens.
giant head
giant head 12 days ago
I just wanna know what the right opinion is but youtube wont let me
Ijneb1248 15 days ago
I dont like keemstar but thats fucked up what grade A did to him
Atretochoana 16 days ago
Who’s here after grade returned again?
Morgoth 15 days ago
And then
Equimanthorn 24 days ago
i cant believe i didnt catch him in the iddubz vs leafy drama videos where he was wrong. Im a big fan of him.
ross pratt
ross pratt 25 days ago
36:10, 2020 really be correcting you lol
PlayBoX 1452
PlayBoX 1452 25 days ago
I don’t really care cause I don’t use his opinion on topic too much I just like watching grade’s vids cause they’re funny.
Emil Stumpf
Emil Stumpf 25 days ago
36:08 if only TRO knew
Shannon 26 days ago
I love that the guy who took down Grade A Under A is Tim Pool’s brother. What a weird timeline we live in 😂
Jack C
Jack C 28 days ago
Just discovered your channel a little while ago, and have been binging these commentary videos. I absolutely love long-form, well thought out content like this.
ТТШ Month ago
great videos, really enjoyed them
Caity Good
Caity Good Month ago
"people's daily lives aren't going to be changing soon"
Leading Auctions
What was the very First US-first Drama video?
Dank Poster
Dank Poster Month ago
37:42 this is deep😢
Mint Month ago
"Peoples lives aren't going to be changing soon, at least I think they won't" -2019
Raymond Tracer
Raymond Tracer Month ago
36:08 "Peoples lives aren't going to be changing soon at least I dont think they are" Oh boy you thought wrong.
blobbem Month ago
I found his original stuff to be entertaining. Funny even. It's rather timeless because of the topics and the hilariously simple art and animation. But the moment I saw the drama stuff coming I jumped ship. The whole drama craze that was so prevalent around 2016 really did a number on a specific circle of US-first. Hope it never comes back.
Ryan N
Ryan N Month ago
"People's lives aren't going to be changing soon" Oof
SharkSprayYTP Month ago
im was just laughing when ImsnakeyAlexx was talking about lying.
Qalidurut Month ago
0:39 You thought it was TRO But it was me DIO
Bally Month ago
The one thing I have to disagree with is that Shane Dawson is definitely the cockroach of youtube, not KEEMSTAR.
Grim Month ago
It is keemstar tho he's falsely accused many people and he once made a 70 year old man cry
Waskomsause Month ago
I know this is a year old, but honestly, GradeAUnderA kinda fell from grace once he burned bridges... I also saw, for myself, the stupid things he decided to go out of his way to do. He went after Markiplier for, here it is, his HAIR. The pink hair? yeah, he called him a man-child for doing that... He totally missed that it was a fucking charity thing, something he did with 3 others if I remember right, got their hair dyed to promote a charity for sick kids. Totally lost respect for him then, he doesn't do research, he looks for surface level stuff.
-_- Month ago
Mans back
UFHoee Month ago
I think Grade is proof that you can be an idiot even if you are a mathematical genius.
WTFOOL Month ago
He flexed about how intelligent he is a few times before and I thought "that's not gonna end well".
Therealpaul Kaminsky
Showing iamalex in the intro didn’t age well
Asael Dafalla
Asael Dafalla Month ago
But he’s back
super ninja
super ninja Month ago
He's gone now
olivia seils
olivia seils Month ago
36:09 & here we are 1.5 years later with our lives flipped completely upside down
Jacob knapton
Jacob knapton Month ago
2019: people’s lives will never really change that much 2020:
Frank Month ago
Liam Garrett
Liam Garrett Month ago
'people' a lives aren't going to change ' 2020: Ahem
durr realist
durr realist Month ago
Grade is back. He was battling depression and didnt take pills due to erectile dys. as a side effect. Also, grade actually doesnt like keem bro, not anymore at least. The irony of the situation is that you took alot of grades clips out of context. You prob. wont read this due to how long ago this was, but you kinda need to do a little more reaserch instead of making a bunch of claims and using irrelevent clips as your evidence, but you are kinda acting like a conspiracy theorist. I like some of your vids But hopefully you have learned from this amd are getting better at not trying to spark your own controversy. Using idubs calling ppl retarded doesnt really track due to idubz being a massive hypocrate and a liar. At least you get to get some hate clicks from this. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but you kinda suck at getting me to believe that you have the right opinion. Ik you wont wanna read my paragraph but i would be open to a dialogue to see if you can make me believe that your opinion is right.
Yeetus Deletus
Yeetus Deletus Month ago
how is idubbz a hypocrite and liar?
Abdusk50 Month ago
He didnt fall, he left at the right time
Emperor Sheev Palestine
24:37 me: ok *closes video* XD
Esmee Hulskamp
Esmee Hulskamp Month ago
22:21 sircheeseknight please, whats with the obnoxious powerpoint transitions, we're not in a lyrics video :/
Starr Forshaw
Starr Forshaw Month ago
"People's lives aren't gonna be changing soon." Oh, the blissful unknown age of what 2020 will bring...
Elon Hall
Elon Hall Month ago
Lol @ all the Grade fans from 4 months ago claiming he's back once again.
When you mentioned idubbbz it made me re watch all the content cops again but I *came back*
Torai Tsuyo
Torai Tsuyo Month ago
Silver Lee
Silver Lee Month ago
"People's lives aren't going to be changing soon, or at least I don't think they are" 2020: *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme*
Chris Bartek
Chris Bartek Month ago
0:12 "would be the first time you've lied, because basically you lied a lot of times mate." Rich considering who that's coming from.
MonsterBxtch 2 months ago
“Peoples lives aren’t going to be changing soon... at least I don’t think so.” *COVID has entered the chat*
God of Power
God of Power 2 months ago
He lost his touch
Maya Johnson
Maya Johnson 2 months ago
“Peoples lives aren’t going to be changing anytime soon.” :////
MG Wray
MG Wray 2 months ago
@ 24:46, is that really your couch? It isn't, right? Right?
thedarkknight1971 2 months ago
If you like these kind of videos, I follow Sgt Ducky, one of his funniest vids is "Ducky's Spicy Bag" hahaha 🤣🤣😎
Tairy Hesticles
Tairy Hesticles 2 months ago
Isn't Reactor Tim Pool's brother?
Martha Baggins
Martha Baggins 2 months ago
"People's lives aren't going to be changing soon--at least I don't think they are"...That aged well
DR.Z 2 months ago
36:25 "life wont change soon" 2020- hahahabaha sucker
Long Hair Carolyn
Long Hair Carolyn 2 months ago
Hahaha people’s daily lives won’t change much.
Front-facing Doof
Front-facing Doof 2 months ago
Bro he came and then left Just like my dad
Sidd 2 months ago
I believe Grade was a math teacher. I’d love videos about different math topics done in his style
Wraith 2 months ago
The more I learn about idubz the unhappier I become
Tyler Snider
Tyler Snider 2 months ago
Grade is gone again 😀👍
The Knox Crew
The Knox Crew 2 months ago
I like grade’s work but i don’t like his voice , especially when he shouts
Domojar wOW
Domojar wOW 2 months ago
literally, i think he fell and hit his head and fell asleep
Lourca Bachevalier
Lourca Bachevalier 2 months ago
I just find Grade fucking hilarious.
bubble tea gremlin
bubble tea gremlin 2 months ago
“People’s lives aren’t going to be changing soon” Me watching in 2020: Ohhhhh boy
Notiffications 2 months ago
I remember calling him and he actually answered and was super nice. :)
Automaticg36 2 months ago
Before leafy got banned he said they did the keemstar drama for money
NOIZZ! 2 months ago
You need to make a keemstar video for 1m subs "The insanity of Keemstar - The mastermind of youtube drama"
Freddy Fazbears
Freddy Fazbears 2 months ago
Idubbbz's content cop isn't the one killing the channel/content creators, it's the way they react to it like does it justify Ian's opinions? That's where the 180 Idubbbz is known for, It exposes how people react when someone they didn't expect spilled tea... you can see the pattern Jinx became overly defensive to the point where he's responding violently to idubbbz's sarcasm Ricegum Made a diss track so bad that a chunk of his fans got 180'd Tana mongie Responded like a little bitch despite knowing Idubbbz is being sarcastic And so on.....
Dana Avocado
Dana Avocado 2 months ago
I have recently just come across TRO during quarantine and have almost binged every video on this channel. I absolutely adore listening to James' incredibly well-written essays on topics that he is invested in. Please keep up your amazing work TRO
•DitsyDaisy• 2 months ago
15:40 *I'm lovin this editor*
Lawls 2 months ago
36:08 oof
Secret Mentos
Secret Mentos 2 months ago
Grade a bitch, he ain't shit
Akira Toro
Akira Toro 2 months ago
It made me super sad I grew up watching him
Unreliable Part 2
Unreliable Part 2 2 months ago
People's lives won't be changing Carona: *cough cough* hold my beer
Lily M
Lily M 2 months ago
I really enjoyed this. Found out some things I never knew. Great Video!
Kimberleigh Lesnick
Kimberleigh Lesnick 2 months ago
Lol "People's lives aren't going to change anytime soon" and then a year later covid happens and everyone has to adjust their way of living
Vanquish12V 2 months ago
Yoooooo!!!! That intro song is fucking slick! 🖤 Does anyone know the name of the song? (Sorry if I missed it) Edit: Found it! It is called Endless Sunset by Nastya Kazanteva for those who'd like to know. 🎶
NeoCookiez 2 months ago
nah he was just depressed but then he came back
Random Dude
Random Dude 2 months ago
Oh I miss him he popped up and then just disappeared again
Bueno Excellente
Bueno Excellente 3 months ago
And leafy came back
Avianna NEverhart
Avianna NEverhart 3 months ago
ggg ggg
ggg ggg 2 months ago
@Bueno Excellente uwu
Bueno Excellente
Bueno Excellente 3 months ago
IKEE 3 months ago
2016 was a magical time.
SteveoMagician 3 months ago
Intro music?
Dragon's Breath
Dragon's Breath 3 months ago
It's 2020 and Leafy has returned. I didn't think this year could get any worse but here we are
Spelunking Monkey
Spelunking Monkey 2 months ago
Aaaaaand he’s gone
gunt 3 months ago
Grade's video on keem is why I subscribed and am still currently subscribed to Scarce
Mrdestiny17 3 months ago
i forgot quintin reviews made grade a videos. I thought they made great points, then he went and got a gun (figuratively) and did the same thing as grade. When it backfired he reloaded it, shot himself, and then got pissed off and asked his community why they shot him.
Shroo Moo
Shroo Moo 3 months ago
Everyone always talked about him but I’m over here never watched a single video of his
Zoe Bear
Zoe Bear 3 months ago
inchresting "life isn't going to be changing soon" hmmmmmm in the middle of a pandemic
Andrew Philip Sur
Andrew Philip Sur 3 months ago
36:09 "People's lives aren't going to be changing soon..." Welp, that didn't age well.
a random person with a 2013 phone
He's back and we need grade to do a 2020 review
Yuliia Meshcheriakova
Never heard of gradeA but his voice is very hard to listen to
Cecilia Bruh
Cecilia Bruh 3 months ago
Yeah, he put a voice on which got annoying
athena christine music
Okay the advert reactor did was amazing lmao
Da Disser
Da Disser 3 months ago
Shit i really do wish keem was off the platform.
Alien 3 months ago
36:08 Don't be too sure.
Everything Thrice
Everything Thrice 3 months ago
*Season 4 of my favorite anime has now come out!*
gonna GET you
gonna GET you 3 months ago
This was like war of the adult man babies. I’ve never seen so many grown males gossiping and canceling each other
Linley Summer
Linley Summer 3 months ago
You Ned help
debby dee
debby dee 3 months ago
Toxic Unicorn
Toxic Unicorn 3 months ago
Grade sounds like JackSepticEye. Maybe its me thinking all Irish people sound the same lmao
Down With the SICK