The Failure of 13 Reasons Why | TRO (ft. I Hate Everything) 

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The Right Opinion: The Failure of 13 Reasons Why - A Three Season Tragedy (ft. I Hate Everything)
V shows, honestly something that I have an interest in, but seldom get around to actually watching.
My biggest problem is how much time they tend to consume, and although I promise you, I have too much free time™, it’s not time that I typically decide to dedicate all towards one TV show, I like to allocate it across various activities to maintain mental well-being, because after all, in this world called US-first, we can all use that from time to time. I mostly indulge my time in films, which are typically shorter in total (with exceptions), and gaming, because, as I have always asserted, I am a gamer. Nonetheless, recently I have found myself in an interesting predicament because US-first’s slow monetisation process has basically delayed so many of my videos that I found myself with a week on my hands, and a desire to cover something slightly different.
So, without further ado, I suggest we tackle that slightly different subject on this glorious, glorious day, and if you have basic reading capabilities you will know that this is 13 Reasons Why.

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Apr 8, 2020




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 7 months ago
EDITING CREDITS BELOW: One clarification, around the 30 minute mark I say Alex's memory loss wasn't possible, I wasn't talking about any memory loss in general, as that is possible, I was talking about the specific memory loss the plot writers gave him. That one's on me for not specifying. In a twist of cruel irony, this video had 13 draft renders. I hope you enjoy, but safe to say I probably won't be making a video like this for a while. Was fun to test out at least, and hopefully a nice collab. Also big thanks to I Hate Everything, easily one of my favourite pieces he's done. *Link to his channel below.* I Hate Everything: us-first.info Check out the editors: - Lynn: twitter.com/alphamxtion - hihi: us-first.info - Claire: us-first.info/more/d76lmm-QWR-e-hWIic58KQ - Stafoh: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w - Elijah: us-first.info/more/sfafH-yfWHRaMInfyjxfrg - Abi: twitter.com/Abi_Chixx - Daniel Torres: us-first.info - Mullenax: us-first.info - Logan: twitter.com/LoganERivers Post-Editing: - Logan: twitter.com/LoganERivers - Lanooski: us-first.info/more/xfVbuWXJAPQ26tL6_BeLng Artist Credits (if your art appears here please contact me): instagram.com/hessdabeast/ twitter.com/otaku_zera/status/1143940236017225728 twitter.com/suzukiPCArt twitter.com/AwkwardDoodle instagram.com/fireinsect/ - Special thanks to my Patrons: a vdl, Low60, Mac Maunder, Jade Rose, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch, Adam VIllareal, Ashley Butts, Adam Goetz, Bryan Langley, cloudfruit, Connor, Divinireigns, Miru Kado, Neo, Brandon, Emily Yoder, Megan McCallion, Mikey K, Miru Kado, Neo, Nipple Man, Ristretto Eva, Michael, Shane Reese, Mama Fujo, Yuliya Terekh, Spoonie The Rogue, Natasha Gray, Bruhreallysnapped, Darren Barcrest Plays, Ellie, Nassim J, Spoonie the Rogue, Gravidea, Lena Zhivun, Valerie B, Shelby Schulze, Kie, Austin Clothier, Bob Jazzypoo, Emily Jane Willems, Philip Wesolowski, Neuwwington, MuglyfuglyThug, Nico Mendoza, Sydney Plasky, puking dog, Isabelle Pond, Jacob Matthews, saberfang, Casual User, Ella Elric, Jennifer Stachuska, Maria Diamantoukos, Seth, YarnWitch, York, Paulina Joensen, Julia Fesst, Ammene, Leslie Miller, Ambros, Emma Hinniger, Hillary Dryer, Kathryn M Sorroche, Mirthe, triangulous, darkestweb, Letichia, Sarcastalshisss, SnowFreak, 10$+ Patrons: Ashley Butts, Elizabeth Looby, orkfighta, The Derbinator, Eduardo Pedrero, unknown_hat, dr_snuff, Jenn Sulana, Ella Daniels, Chris F, Adam Granger, Poofy, Tepi, ジュリアン, Hunter, Amanda, Mattias Kronsten Nygren, Bénédict Knecht, ayro grego, Jessica Silansky, Kasi, Kezzstar24, naoh123, Fayrith, David Alejandro Moreno, Heisenberg White, Kaiser, MuglyfuglyThug, lordpikachu96, Emma Hinnige Special Thanks to My 50 Dollar Patreons: somehulabaloo, Caroline, Hypercube, Amanda Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreons: Brandon, B_More_Cool_J, Christopher Karas Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion Facebook: facebook.com/TheRightOpinionOfficial/ Discord: discord.gg/SsgNxWU Instagram: instagram.com/the.right.opinion/ References: docs.google.com/document/d/1RAjeef6mYrj39pMRUbQdlO6ZBbV3SfJrB6Yecv8GobU/edit?usp=sharing
Tim Oliver
Tim Oliver 13 days ago
TA RA 17 days ago
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First Name Last Name
I appreciate that fact that you put just as much effort into your credits and shoutouts as you do your script. For someone so cynical, you seem to care quite a bit about your viewer base
Alyssa Feliciano
Alyssa Feliciano 2 months ago
Nayfairy 2 months ago
Loved this analysis. I never wanted to watch this show because it looks way too triggering. I couldn't see how they could possibly have a show with this premise and it be safe and palatable for consumption, especially being directed at a younger audience and being drawn out in the form of several series rather than a film. I did try to watch it at one point out of curiosity (and because it was recommended to me) and the disclaimer clip effectively put me off doing so (thankfully). I'm surprised they didn't have anything like that there before. That seems grossly irresponsible. When people use themes like this they should be responsible and sensitive to the effects it could have. This show sounds like exploits serious issues for drama and money, without enough regard to the impact it could have. Which is pretty much what I assumed it would be like. It's great to see someone calling out the creators and holding them accountable. Bojak Horesman is awesome! So funny!
Drake Vegas!!
Drake Vegas!! 2 hours ago
The weirdest part is that I can see a lot of the common complaints totally working if handled better. Clay talking to Hannah can happen in a dream, so the show doesn't teach "you get to see your revenge plot if you kill yourself". The school councilor can tone it down, and not be so direct, so he doesn't have to assault people, just let them know they won't get away with it. The tapes were recorded from a character's perspective, and they can literally tell the audience whether they can be considered totally true or exaggerated, so there's no ambiguity. The only reason this show can be considered "starting a conversation" is if you turn your brain off during the conversation.
A .M. Ali
A .M. Ali 14 hours ago
i hte everything dissing british people while on the the right opinion huh
•smøl child•
1:17:14: well, get ready for season 4
Sandy Schauf
Sandy Schauf Day ago
If you want a series that touches on topics that 13 Reasons Why did, and more, there's this show called The Magicians. Mental health isn't the main thing, but it touches on it well. The feelings of depression. R@pe and how to get your mind back afterward. Suicide and how to handle trauma. While these things aren't always in the foreground of the show, when they are touched it's with care and realism.
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera Day ago
I feel that my parents love, religion, and my dog saved my life from depression and any suicidal thoughts.
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera Day ago
👏👏👏 yes
NewWaveGoth Day ago
For fellow book readers who want something that is better than 13 Reasons Why but fits the genre of Social/Problem Novels; I highly recommend Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. It hasn’t been made into a show or movie thankfully and it is more heartbreaking than this show ngl
Birdygamer Studios
The Right Opinion x I Hate Everything The crossover we didn't know we needed
Nerd Drinks Coffee
18 minutes in and it felt like an hour
Halies 2 days ago
the fact that they showed tyler’s sexual assault was fucking insane. Once they decided to make a second season the whole discussion excuse IS JUST AN EXCUSE. THAT WAS DISGUSTING and unnecessary
boz i
boz i 2 days ago
Your the only person allowed to verbal trade mark something
Rnnsige 3 days ago
HiImMaryMary does a better job at displaying a positive message than 13 reasons why where they have professionals screwing around
Entitled Goober
Entitled Goober 3 days ago
Wait a second... Isn't TRO into dudes? So he isn't a gamer. He's a gaymer (I know it's a dumb joke but I dunno, the world is in shambles so here's a laugh)
MN MandoGal
MN MandoGal 3 days ago
It sounds like they tried to be deep and edgy, but didn’t want to put in the effort to do a good job of it
MN MandoGal
MN MandoGal 3 days ago
I haven’t seen this show but I think I’d rather chew my arm off than sit through it
Auset Ali
Auset Ali 4 days ago
I remember watching every single episode of the show because I wanted to critique it on my own accord, as well as understand what people with mental health issues go through. But, episode after episode, I just couldn't see how any of the events that took place could be realistic. I mean, thank my lucky stars I've never had to endure such intense feelings and experiences, and God bless those who have, but I found it very difficult to believe that any of this could happen in real life. Also, I was extremely upset about suicide being portrayed as an act of revenge. Such a concept makes no sense to me. It isn't my intention to discredit her experiences because they were absolutely awful and incredibly traumatizing. But, I just wish the show got more real about these topics. Like, I'm literally seeing people who've actually struggled with mental health butcher this series.
kusakabe3264 4 days ago
is the I hate everything part of this video literally a copy paste of his season 3 video?
Isabel Sofia
Isabel Sofia 4 days ago
the entire thing is so triggering that I couldn't look away. I have struggled in the past with ideation and it did not help and fueled it even more. to make matters worse I go to the school and live in the town where it was filmed, I literally cannot escape the scenery of the show and can't stop thinking about it. I get the idea and I don't fault any of the actors but the show should never have aired.
Gr8Sc0tt 5 days ago
I remember watching the first season and having to take a step back from it before finishing it, had an episode then finished it so I could rationalize it better. My ex who I was dating at the time liked the show more for the melodrama and while we did watch season 2 and I did enjoy some parts of it, I think I've already underlined the huge issue I have with this awful message and the people who are into it. Basically summarizing the entire video's message: this is a show that became more about contrived "high school" melodrama than exploring mental illness to help people understand those afflicted with it better. Do you really think that anyone who watched this and continued into the last season got anywhere closer to understanding people with mental illnesses? If anything, it's helping to reinforce the stigmatization of actually talking about these things.
Mistah J
Mistah J 5 days ago
Fun fact 13 reasons why season 2 court room scenes were filmed in my home town the wall clay and I think his dad on on is right next to a star bucks and one of the businesses my grandfather owns look it up its Martinez California
Alyssa Bennett
Alyssa Bennett 5 days ago
I hate this show. Not because of the content, but because it masquerades as a social awareness show with none of the help. Message aside, it’s still bad, but it’s obvious they’re using the “this show is made to start a conversation” angle to get people to watch it.
Aureux 5 days ago
I'm going to be honest. If this came out and I watched it during my worst time before I got help it would have pushed me to go further than I did. It would have given me the view that its not my fault and that people just suck in general so what is the point when there is nothing you can do to make it better? It would have told me that suicide wouldn't be my fault, a belief that I held strongly onto and what kept me from making a more serious attempt. Heck it is already bringing back some shit and this is just a review so I'm calling it quits at the 21:40 mark.
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 6 days ago
oddly enough, watching this only made me want to watch the show. Unfortunately, I've now been spoiled on it, but it still looks like a good show
Three of them Thangs?
The video explains in detail why it is not. Had it just been the first season, then maybe it would have been debatable.
Xehanort10 5 days ago
Trust me. It's not.
Joshua Carroll
Joshua Carroll 6 days ago
Wow. I actually cheered when I heard that Bryce died.
Odd Sara
Odd Sara 6 days ago
I'm still not okay from watching the original bathtub suicide scene
Play Mahajan
Play Mahajan 6 days ago
Your voice is therapeutic
miss0petersburg 6 days ago
You’re a genius!! Unfortunately looking at some comments, not everyone understands your genius which actually makes your point;). Ill just advise to watch all the way to the end and don’t assume ahead of time. Watch more than once as well, it’s like watching Hitchcock movies 👀
littlekitsune1 6 days ago
I feel like after the book, Netflix just looked at other popular teen dramas involving hilariously shallow characters, comically evil rich jocks who suddenly turn "sympathetic", and mysterious dead girls who happen to be vindictive assholes, and turned to Life is Strange. But it was somehow even more boring because it didn't have the time travel bullshit.
Nate DS
Nate DS 7 days ago
I will never get tired of hearing people complain about this show
Essy Chilcutte
Essy Chilcutte 7 days ago
I did stop a shooter at my school. He is a good guy...
John Willar
John Willar 8 days ago
They got a genuine laugh out of me with the “Bryce, the rapist?” “Alleged rapist*” “Shut up Courtney” scene
Lee Ann Ponstein
Lee Ann Ponstein 8 days ago
Please watch Anna Bright’s story here on US-first. They are personal friends of mine. Their son was my son’s friend. The younger brother is who found her sister after she staged her suicide based on Hannah Baker’s. Reading the book as an adult I felt it was a great book for an 8th or 9th grade literature class and way to open discussion of how small things to you may have a huge impact on someone else. It never occurred to me I would be faced with friends actually living this nightmare. Anna was beautiful, a cheerleader, active in church, artistic and sensitive, kind. Before your child watches this show you as a parent should view it and openly discuss the issues. My son lost someone he looked up to and his friend. They never returned to the house and then moved away needing a fresh start. This impacted my son’s mental health; he has tried many substances from vaping, alcohol, weed and we don’t know what else. We have had him in counseling but I caught him using today. There is no way to escape the reality of how broad the ripple effect of suicide is or the influence of media.
Stephanie Corneau
I wont watch it, but I dont watch depressing things. For me it makes me more depressed. In my opinion 4 sessions about suicide is a tarbull idea
Theamazingpug 9 days ago
Personally i like 13rw but it gets BORING
Sketchtastrophe 9 days ago
Aight cool well I liked the show. In my opinion, it didn't romanticize suicide. For me it pushed the fact that if you are to take your own life, it has infinite consequences. You can go ahead and attack me but I liked the show. If you think Hannah is a role-model then you shouldn't have social media in the first place.
bunny 9 days ago
the s/uicide scene really got me. i saw my own parents in hers. not really a good show to watch if you have ever had suicidal ideation, even if you are in recovery.
Jungkook's International ARMY
I believe the whole “we wanted to start a conversation” is bullshit. They wanted to make a melodramatic teenage show romanticizing suicide for financial gain and needed an excuse when people figured it out. They had so many options and resources to make an actual informative/helpful show, and they missed all their chances. I watched some episodes of this show back when I was severely depressed and suicidal, because i was curious. After watching i was so angry. Suicide is not romantic. Suicide for revenge does not work, because when you commit suicide you’re DEAD. You cannot see the people left alive, you cannot communicate with them. Suicide is final. God I hate this show. Depression and suicide are not pretty.
Zachary Bell
Zachary Bell 10 days ago
Borrowed the book from my friend back in high school. She liked it. I wondered how anyone would give it a good rating
Hawkings 10 days ago
As someone who struggled with suicidal thoughts while watching this show and reading the book, it ABSOLUTELY drives revenge fantasies. When I decided to attempt I even wrote different letters for each person like she had, and spent all my time when things were hard imagining what I could write that would hurt them the most because I truly believed it was their faults. This was incredibly unhealthy and made me into a disgusting toxic person, this show fuelled those fantasies and now that I am better I am more grateful than anything that my family never had to read the vapid things I had written to be their final memory of me.
Carolyn Miller
Carolyn Miller 11 days ago
You can't blame the show for a character doing a bad thing. That's like watching a murder mystery and then saying it glamorizes murder.
Three of them Thangs?
He never blamed the characters for doing something bad, it was the poor writing and execution of it that was the problem.
Carolyn Miller
Carolyn Miller 11 days ago
Idc about any of the serious issues, I mean I do that's just not why I watched it and it doesn't offend me. It probably should as a bi teen girl who has been sexually assaulted and used to be suicidal. But it didn't. I think it was a great drama and I'm sad it ended.
Carolyn Miller
Carolyn Miller 11 days ago
I loveeeeee 13rw
Rayla Kame
Rayla Kame 11 days ago
The first half of Season 4 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) had Leonardo deal with PTSD. While he was a bit of an ass, you could tell it was due to being traumatized and constantly being in fear of his family being put in near death yet again. And when he accidentally hurts his father, he's sent away to get help since they've exhausted all their other options.
Julia Lora
Julia Lora 11 days ago
What might have worked: Hannah, everytime something horrible happened to her, recorded tapes, breaking down in tears, talking about what happened, because it helped her. Then, she has a really dark episode.... and commits suicide. Not planned, just her feelings overwhelming her in that moment. Then a classmate finds her tapes and realizes, that every tape is about one of the people in her life, that hurt her. That classmate decides to distribute the tapes among all the people that hurt hannah, to show them, what shitty friends/people they were in that moment. Then build some kind of narrative around that, some of her friends trying to uncover crimes, trying to work through their feelings, trying to understand, what they could have done better, ect.
Tania Arréllaga B
Tania Arréllaga B 12 days ago
That hair drove me crazy, with all that budget, they could get her a natural looking wig? I didn't liked season 1, it felt too melodramatic, like they were focusing on all the wrong places, and I hated season 2, it just sucked.
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 12 days ago
This show wasn’t about suicide awareness, it was about suicide promotion and glorification.
JosiePlays 12 days ago
They should have just made one film from the first book.
Juliette Weber
Juliette Weber 12 days ago
It could have been a decent series. But the fact they so cut-dry try to invoke drama just for the sake of, or place characters into the drama because he/she needs to be a scapegoat for the next big situation was just horrible, no thorough thought of writing. I absolutely hated the reasons Zach was involved in the tapes, he was the last character who deserved to be treated as a reason to acccuse of the horrible things leading towards suicide. Honestly, humanize a shool-shooter? A rapist?? Things that can actually happen and have a huge impact in people lived? How dare they treat that as means of sensation and drama? Absolutely horrible the way the writers went about that.
OrangePreZ 12 days ago
All they had to do was stick with the FUCKING BOOK
Steven Baksh
Steven Baksh 12 days ago
This show as a whole fucking sucks
Captain Price
Captain Price 12 days ago
sucide scene is bassically no russian for tv/movies
Nightly 13 days ago
The fact this show is being advertised as this important series to show teens to understand this heavy topic is so fuckin shit
Call Me Ghoul
Call Me Ghoul 13 days ago
As a mentally ill person I approve this video
Savannah Whalen
Savannah Whalen 13 days ago
This feels more like a revenge fantasy a person has when the people around them are being shitty. Like the same way kids fantasize about running away from home and how upset their family would be- leading them to treat the kid better and give them what they want.
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 13 days ago
13 movies to watch instead of 13RW: *Suicide Squad* One of these things is not like the others!
Callum Lambkin
Callum Lambkin 13 days ago
Me after seeing TRO spent all this time making a near feature length vid about 13 Reasons Why: "wow you're an actual nerd, aren't you?"
Stephaniebeav 14 days ago
My favorite, well written mental health shows/movies are BoJack Horseman, My Crazy Ex Girlfriend, A Silent Voice, and Silver Linings Playbook (but this one is a bit less on the nose).
Miss Anonymous
Miss Anonymous 14 days ago
Zuko had a fucking better character arc than Bryce and Monty. He had such a better redemption arc because it showed how his past and his abuse did not define who he was, and it was only him who was able to shape his destiny into a better one. Mind you, this was a span in ONE year of TLAB. Hell, even AZULA had a sadder character arc; the father her and Zuko shared was emotionally and mentally abusive, and he molded Azula to be his perfect daughter, all the while he tossed aside Zuko for being weak and pathetic with his firebending. Their father was just using Azula to fulfill his plans and do his dirty work before he became the supreme ruler of the world, with his broken, unstable 14 year-old daughter to simply rule a single nation and have little power as possible. 13 Reasons Why is a failed series, honestly. While interesting that this high school girl recorded thirteen tapes and framed those people for doing her wrong, the series is just poorly written. Two years ago, I read the book in health class, and that did a slightly better justice to what the plot was aimed at, but I still think the book wasn't written well either.
Tim Barr
Tim Barr 14 days ago
Prolly gonna get buried, but perks of being a Wallflower
SKETCHY basic 14 days ago
I absolutely loved this show. Every season.
SKETCHY basic 12 days ago
@Father Pork no bother to you 😂. I mean, all I said was I like it......
Father Pork
Father Pork 12 days ago
Fuck off
iamthesolitude _
iamthesolitude _ 14 days ago
They had such monumental resources to create a show that could have showed and provided insight to teen suicide and depression, but instead they made an emo version of fucking high school musical.
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie 15 days ago
rewatching this i forgot that i agreed with everything you said. zach is also the most sane character and the one who behaves the most like a high schooler 🥰
gunter smith
gunter smith 15 days ago
God this girl is insufferable. I cant believe adults wrote, produced and released this. No one made her kill herself but her. Terrible things happen to billions of people. We dont all get to off ourselves and blame other people.
Laura Turner
Laura Turner 15 days ago
The suicide victim did not want to take responsibility for ultimately taking her own life. Rather wanted to make certain others were responsible for her act. Very very selfish. Which is ultimately stating, suicide is A SELFISH THING TO DO!!!! People... 😐😕 It's sickening 🤢
Aili Murray
Aili Murray 15 days ago
My memory about this show is hazy, but My So-Called Life has some real positive messages if you can get through some cringe dialogue. It was groundbreaking for its time. It's a show that I hold in much higher regard than the 90's shows most people remember fondly (*cough cough* Office *cough*), and it definitely deserved a second season much more than 13 reasons why. It even did better by some of the topics in 13, and you get to see Wilson Cruz playing a better character than a prosecutor in a shitty courtroom drama.
Trent Adam
Trent Adam 15 days ago
That show was beyond lame. My girlfriend liked it a lot and I have been legitimately skeptical in watching or listening to anything she has suggested since.
ᒪITTᒪᗴ ᖴᖇᗴᗪ ᗷᒍÖᖇᑎᗩ
This show is beyond insulting, ignorant and trash. The way it depicts mental health makes it look like a fucking joke.
Barney Carran
Barney Carran 15 days ago
This show so obviously glorifies suicide and it's.. Odd
* LovMyIdol *
* LovMyIdol * 16 days ago
Blaming the survivors in a way of “You should hate yourself because I’m dead and it’s your fault” Is a disgusting misuse of mental illness and “suicide awareness” and I will never stand up for a show that deliberately does this. Being suicidal as a teen isn’t blaming those around you for your death and recording conversations trying to make tapes that could make those people kill themselves, it’s silent and it takes you however it wants. Yes, she could very well be suicidal, I’m not disputing that, I’m just frustrated that they portray her as this amazing person going through tough shit and then making other people nearly kill themselves over it. I can’t and won’t stand for it and I am so glad that I didn’t watch it after my friend recommended it. It’s disgusting and I hope they learned their lesson from making a show like this.
Xehanort10 5 days ago
The worst part is people tried to help her but she just pushed them away then complained no one cared or was there for her. Before she killed herself she seemed to selfishly believe people just had to put up with how badly she treated them and help her anyway. If they wanted her to be a good but flawed person they failed miserably at trying to write her that way.
Fleato 16 days ago
this show came off as " wah i didnt tell anyone about my issue and kept telling everyone im fine and your at fault because you did nothing about the thing i didnt tell you about especially you, the guy i had a crush on that i never gave any indication of" yeah fuck off. if it was my friend, even without the fucking tapes i'd be pissed at them initially for not coming to me or anyone for help..... i would know..... i've lost 2 people i was close with in the army in a few month period.
Aether Toast
Aether Toast 16 days ago
So it seems like the only way for these writers seem to understand how to make drama or conflict is to add Anger.
Chlo P
Chlo P 16 days ago
Something I never seen talked about but which makes me so so angry - Clay's sense of entitlement towards Hannah. He's that typical "nice guy" who feels like he deserves Hannah and if she ever gives attention to another guy, he's furious at her. Screw him. It also feeds into the "if only you loved her more she might be alive" narrative - very toxic for anyone who's lost someone to suicide.
JT 16 days ago
25:23 made my day
JT 16 days ago
Watching the first season of this show was like drinking something I thought was soda but it eventually turned into wet cement. Then months later I saw that a second season came out, and I nope'd right away from that. Same with Runaways. Got through season 1 and I think half of 2, before tapping out from rage and disappointment
Jenna Mejia
Jenna Mejia 16 days ago
if you have to edit a disclaimer that your show is "meant to start a conversation" you clearly failed as a writer. You do not need to spoon-feed your message to your audience. Black mirror for example makes me scared of my phone without ever outright saying I should be scared :') glorifying suicide is not only morally wrong but it's also boring.
Nico 16 days ago
i read the book as a teen and you hit the nail on the head for season 1. every season after that was such an obvious catch grab and that's why they had to add the "is she lying?!!" stuff. it changed the message of the book from what i remember.
Harry Mounce
Harry Mounce 17 days ago
Why would they just dump all the guns in a bag in one place why not take the guns apart go in one area dump a piece move a few dozen metres dump another rinse and repeat and it will be highly improbable that some could piece together the guns.
Queen Bee
Queen Bee 17 days ago
dude, its American - nuff said!
Catherine Kline
Catherine Kline 17 days ago
58:41 uses strad music disc soundtrack from minecraft
Misha Rogerson
Misha Rogerson 17 days ago
The suicide scene of season 1 was the most triggering scene I've watched in my entire life. The third, fourth and fifth were also from this show. That's 4/5 of scenes that have triggered me, were from this show. I have only been genuinely triggered by media five times. Yeah, great show made for the mentally vulnerable guys lmfao. 10/10
Marjohn Buncio
Marjohn Buncio 17 days ago
This was one of the stupidest shows ever. I couldn't sit through one episode.
toni 18 days ago
The second season is like that one onision book but a tv show
longstrangetrip 05
longstrangetrip 05 18 days ago
Nobody - Me - vibing out to the vaporwave in TROS videos
Mrpooh Mc'Baggins
Mrpooh Mc'Baggins 18 days ago
Is this Riverside High? Show's just fucking stupid. 🤣🤣🤣
kt1pl2 18 days ago
The one that kills herself was so completely unlikable I couldn't even watch it.
Shiraya 18 days ago
One of my biggest problems with the show was how Clay was still seeing Hannah and interacting with all the time. If you're dead, you're dead, you're gone. I've been very suicidal before when I was around 15 and I would sometimes imagine how people would react to my death and this constant portrayal of Hannah still being there can give people, especially young people, the idea that this is actually possible, that you will actually be able to observe people's reactions, which I think is very dangerous. As I said, if you're dead, you're dead. You can't feel, see, experience anything and other people also can't see you or interact with you. You're gone. I know that it's supposed to be all in Clays head and is therefore more an indicator of his mental state but imo it's still a very dangerous approach.
consumer of bepsi
consumer of bepsi 18 days ago
13 reasons why 13 reasons why is a bad show
Teddy Cush
Teddy Cush 19 days ago
I hate that accent. Why is every English actor in American drama have a ‘posh’ accent
Jed Malig
Jed Malig 20 days ago
the book: the fantasy of the "left-behind" who just want closure, tells readers that they don't always know what everyone else is going through, so just be nice the show: R̶̡̛̻̊Ḛ̸͓̒̀V̷͉̫͗̊E̸̺͖͆N̶͉͔͂G̴̤̊̒E̸̜͂͝ ̶̱͐̾ F̶͎̐Ȧ̴̬͐N̸̘̈T̴̹̂̑Ă̴̰Ş̴̈́Ỵ̵̽ ̵̹͗ R̸̖̲͛Ẽ̶̪E̵͇͛Ē̵̙̅E̸͉͑͆E̸͖͋E̸̦̱͂E̴̟̦͋̈Ẹ̶̽̑Ȩ̴͌!̶̨̣̓!̶̺̒̈!̸͐͜!̵̧̍!̶͍̚!̶̟̜̓!̵̗̤̒!̵̲̓ *edgy music plays in the background* F̷̝̯̿̉E̴̮͖͌̒T̵͉͉̎̓I̴͔̺͗Ș̸̆̂H̶͇̏͝I̶͎͊͐Ẑ̶͉͕I̶͉̦̅N̷̜̉̍Ǵ̴̢ͅ ̶̮͊̈M̸̢̹̂̂Ĕ̴̤̏N̸̨̈́̊T̶̤̟͗A̷͍̜̽̃L̷̖͂ ̶͙͠Ȉ̷̥̙̕L̸̦̂̄L̷̥̬̽̆N̶̠͊͝Ë̸̯̝S̷̨̻͋S̷͕̣̄ ̷̜͇̏̀R̸̢͕̍Ẻ̴͜Ë̸̬̗́̆E̴̡̘͒E̸̩̓̆Ȩ̶̥̾̎Ḛ̷̛̟Ě̶̤̹̕Ë̵̟̙͘Ȩ̸̲͑̌!̸͓͌!̴̡̹̂̃!̴͚̀!̶̝́̆!̶͍̏!̷̭͘!̷̗̂!̶͚̉͐ Q̷͓͝Ŭ̸͔̞͛Ẻ̶̟̥E̶̺͛R̶̨͎͑B̴͋ͅA̴̡̬̓I̸͈̐T̶̮͖̂Ḭ̴͎͑͑N̷̼͋̑G̵̦͔̎̔ ̴̳̖̌̀Ä̶̮́̐N̸͇̈̉D̶͙̤̑̈́ ̴̠̈́̍͜ S̵̥̫͒͌Ḧ̴̦̣A̶̛ͅM̸̧̼̔͌I̷̗̲͋̕N̶̹͠͝G̸̝̈́ͅ ̸̻̭͋͝ Ṟ̶̞̊̀E̶͔̔̌È̷̙̩͘Ē̷͇̒E̷̙̒̐Ę̷̫̔E̶̦̙͋Ë̴̫́̚Ẽ̴̛̳Ẹ̵͐̕!̶̲̎͌!̴̭̕!̶̞̏̑ͅ!̵͕̰̊̑!̷͎̂̌!̵̗̇̕!̴̪̱̈̓!̴̬̩͐ S̴͚̾Ỵ̶͕̚M̷͎̀͝P̶̡̑A̷̮̖̅͑T̸̫́̚Ȟ̶͔̟Ì̸̗Ź̷̩͔̋İ̸̦̲͐N̸̮̩͛Ĝ̷̹ ̶̖͔̔̃ Ŕ̸̛̠͜A̶̹̓P̶̨̛̼͐I̸̮̫̾͝S̶̹̕Ț̶̡͊S̸̛̩̪ ̶͕̘͝ W̷̠̣̌̽I̵̘͊̚T̵̝̓H̴͚̎O̵̬̞̓͒Ǔ̶̢T̷͉̾̍ ̶̱̐Ñ̵͈Ư̵̢͓A̵̘̙͊N̶̜͕͒͛C̴̢̺̈̃Ë̶̖́͂ ̵̖͉̐ Ṟ̷̓Ē̵̙̝̒E̷̳̬͂͑Ē̶̟͙Ė̶̪̭E̴̡̛͝Ė̸͓Ẻ̸̻̿E̸̟͒̎Ė̵̼!̵̭͕͋!̷͔̝͂!̴̰̙̈́!̸̨͔̓!̶̠̅!̶̛̜!̴̻̾͝!̸̰͗̀͜
M Simpson
M Simpson 20 days ago
You know it really is the right opinion when it's got 1.2 million views and 600 dislikes.
Lovecraft Minus the Xenophobia
A good alternative to this, weirdly enough, is bates motel. It tells a kind of whacky story but the writing of the human experience and how toxic family relationships and mental illness can destroy a family and the people inside of it.
Lovecraft Minus the Xenophobia
Honestly they might be doing a “each season is a stage of grief” thing and that really bothers me.
Aesthetics 21 day ago
(This is long, read if you're bored) What was weird was that in the first season we are lead to hate all the characters But in the second season somehow, with literally no kind of previous character development we are kind of just forced to empathize with them and like them. Like I didn't hate them in the first place because it's simply unethical to judge someone based on the worst thing they did. But it's like why lead us to hate them in the first season if we're going to be forced to empathize with them in the second season. Like first season was like "Omg no why would Justin leak Hannah's picture? I hate him!" Second season it's like "Well, he did do that but now he's a drug addict so lets root for him" Why couldn't they give more characterization in the first season rather than just make them out to be villains? If they wanted us to empathize with them they should of just made it a point beforehand that they made a mistake but they still care about Hannah and stuff. They all hate Hannah in the first season (In both past and present time) but then they suddenly want justice for her in the second season? It was just a weird switch up idk. They created a twisted atmosphere of high school. Like honestly what are the chances of all these terrible things happening in one high school in one year? And they fail to remind us that hey these are just stupid teenagers they had no idea that even the slightest thing they did could ruin someone's life. I Another thing that bothered me was the constant fascination with controversial topics. They really said "You thought suicide was controversial in this show? Think abortions! Think murder! Think rape! Think drugs!" You'd think with all those there would be at least ONE they could portray respectfully but no, there is some kind of flaw presented in each one. Honestly, the show punishes the audience for taking interest in the characters. Like they keep switching up what we're supposed to think of the characters. Seasons 1-2 we hate Bryce! Season 3-We're supposed to forgive Bryce for literally no reason? One of the biggest flaws in the show is we have nobody to root for or root against. When you watch a show, you want to have a character you enjoy keeping up with. You want to have a villain you greatly dislike. In 13 reasons why, it's unclear who we should or should not like. My middle school is obsessed with this show and it really pisses me off. This show isn't helping anyone. If anything, all we know is that the show could have influenced more people to end their life. And what really bothers me is the constant "we're starting a conversation" If they didnt constantly shove that phrase down our throats we would just look at 13 reasons why as another dumb show with weird messages.
Bre H
Bre H 21 day ago
i love the book
Claire 21 day ago
I know it’s supposed to be “starting a conversation” but it feels more like people watching people with mental illness like circus freaks.
Xehanort10 5 days ago
The way the actors and the Netflix executives constantly repeated "We're starting a conversation" like robots it's like it was in their contracts "If anyone asks you why you're doing the show say this."
LoneWolf EnderGrad
I got confused as heck when I read the title
connor 22 days ago
Alden Crane
Alden Crane 22 days ago
Each season illustrates a different genre 1:drama 2:fuck up 3:riverdale 4:comedy