The Dr. Phil Problem 

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In this video we look at the original case study: Danielle Bregholi: the teen who said her mom was "crazy", “overbearing,” and “controlling,” and said she wanted her to back off and let her live her life. Well, now her wish has come true, did she get all she wanted, and did Dr. Phil really help her come to that realisation? So in the spirit of Triggered Tro and XDBenji I put myself through the Dr. Phil treatment and see what all the hullaballoo is about, and hope that I don't become the next ex-US-firstr he embarrasses on national television ;).
Don't miss all my spicy takes on the Dr. Phil episodes that have came and will come in the future. Dr. Phil supposedly uses the power of television to tell compelling stories about real people. For over a decade Dr. Phil has ran shows to the masses, today, we ask the question, how ethical is this?

Inspirations for this video:
us-first.info/player/video/iplliISGXZ9zjKM.html (This February on the Dr. Phil Show!)
us-first.info/player/video/pN6KebGAhqSee2g.html (13-Year-Old Says Mom Will Do Anything To Stop Her From Having Fun by The Dr. Phil Show)
us-first.info/player/video/m9yDm4GTfpx9mKM.html (Dr. Phil Embarrasses US-firstr on National Television by Triggered TRO)
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Jan 30, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
No hate to tro really lol, but he stole my abbreviation :'( CREDITS BELOW - Edited by: us-first.info - Special Thanks To: Nocty, Zany Jester, The Spansh Inn Physician, Yoo Toobah, Yerzi, Yeahsure, a7f, viirium, raener, The King Cow Show, Duster, LiquoricePepsi - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUgi
TomTom 9 months ago
triggered tro is lowkey cooler than u bro
kizunaryu vermillion
@Angel DoubleG quite true and i agree with a most of the things you said..if punishment worked there d b no criminals repeating their acts or kids repeating their mistakes...
kizunaryu vermillion
When i saw this show i didnt know whether it was real or not tho i dont remember much about it except that there were ppl on stage which had issues i hadnt seen and that they talk about it on screen(i.e if ppl were actors paid to do it,it was scripted/stories were real but their names and identities and original ppl were replaced by actors) i saw some eps of it on youtube when i was a teen as well (and i m not from the place that show is made or aired so i didnt know a lot about it).. But there was something bugging me when i thought "what if ppl on this show and their issues are real" And hypothesizing that made me feel uncomfortable at the time and you confirmed what made me feel uncomfortable at that time... It was (idk if intentional or unintentional) exploiting kids issues and stories on television which is actually quite sad because it might have the opposite effect than actually help the kids..so thanx for reminding me of this show and its problem.. On the other hand it might educate people on such issues but only to people who are willing to take that knoweledge from the show than just entertainment and Even if it does it shouldnt b doing that at the cost of peoples mental health..if thy wanna educate ppl then just use the story and change the names and patients or people involved to actors so their reputation arent hurt. Peoples issues shouldnt be on screen except unless theres a show like satyamev jayate in india which discusses crimes and other ethical issues that put ppl through hardships and it brings and interviews victims of those but it does that respectfully Unlike dr.phils show...i think you should check that out in case u have time since it does have english subtitles on its website..www.satyamevjayate.in/ (you ll see three seasons on the top and option to change languages i.e hindi with english subtitles after you choose the episode) This is the link to their shows site it airs on indian television on ethical issues in india and i prefer this over dr.phil because it brings awareness to people..
Vallis Daemonum
Jeremy Kyle, but an old Texan
Monk Killedababy
Cat I’m gunna respond just cause I want to prove you wrong. It was seen. And it was responded to. But I don’t know the music. Sorry. I’m guessing it’s some copyright-free music you get without paying, from US-first directly.
Manon627 Day ago
he's not qualified! he lost his license
NataliePlays 2 days ago
Parents only watch Dr. Phil to get their anger out if you ask me. He literally talks back to the children. Cool, I guess? Like.. a basic psychology tip is when people are being defensive it comes from fear. Anger has an illusionary effect of dominance. So when this grown man fights back, one of the first thing you learn is that this DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but enhance this behavior. His audience as I have seen look like parents or people who are just mad at the younger gen. That says a lot about how he asks with them. Wow, Dr. Phil so edgy and quirky! Fighting with kids finding their identity and self-worth. I can’t say enough about how shameful he is to the whole psychology community. He is not welcome here.
NataliePlays 2 days ago
Elizabeth O'Ham
Elizabeth O'Ham 29 days ago
I have watched Jeremy Kyle and the american equivalent of that is actually jerry springer/ maurey, NOT dr phil.
Eris Month ago
I saw an episode today where this poor girl called into his show to ask for help, because she was having homicidal fantasies about her family, and she wants them to stop. She described the feelings as a monster telling her she needs to do these things, and so Dr. Phil is like “Are you actually hearing a voice? What does it say?” And the girl couldn’t tell him, because it’s not an actual voice, it’s just how she describes the urge. Dr. Phil then says “Oh, so the monster is just you, and your thoughts. You *want* to hurt people.” And this poor girl is crying. She moved across the country to get away from her family so she couldn’t hurt them. Like, urges aren’t the same as *wanting???* This man does not understand mental illness, and how that can cause often harmful feelings and urges that you can neither control, nor explain. They’re labeled as illnesses for a reason!
Chris White
Chris White Month ago
He exploits people, bottom line, he is a smug arrogant ass.
Sahethi Month ago
thanks for mentioning that you are british cause i was so confused about the accent
Toxic Unicorn
Toxic Unicorn Month ago
Its crazy that a lot these people need serious help and dr phil apparently has connections to people who can give the best help. You just need to go on his show and tell everyone that your damaged
H Month ago
Someone needs to write a novel about this
dr_dick_merdock_pi 2 months ago
Dr Phil is a problem as old as time, a person willing to exploit and use others for their own gains
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 2 months ago
I detest Dr. Phil because I watched him a long time ago & the episode covering bisexual relationships was awful. I came out as bi at 17 (& Pan in my 30’s). Dr. Phil is NOT an ally regardless of what he says about himself
New York Palm Trees
New York Palm Trees 2 months ago
Dr. Phil is a trade off of embarrassment, ridicule and exploitation for fame and attention. Think about it I’ve never had an issue or had a family member struggle with something and think that oh yeah let me go on tv to fix this. There’s plenty of professionals that you can see, this is for attention and shock. The truth is most viewers aren’t watching to see the person get better. It’s a pick me up that people use to say “I’m better then that at least, my problems don’t seem so bad now”. It’s the same thing as bullying others to boost your own ego.
STEVE P 2 months ago
Dr. Phil is a condescending, know it all bully who gangs up on people.
MiniRex 3 months ago
as someones who's watched the show awhile i can say it started well and had good intentions but as time went on it became more about the entertainment value than actually helping people. a mother recently went onto to show to help an alcoholic daughter. she had asked if help could be arranged quicker, you could tell this woman was genuine and desperate for help. instead doctor phil tore this poor woman apart and called her a control freak and a manipulator. while yes you've asked someone else for help and they have their terms and conditions it's unfair to tear someone down on national tv for wanting to improve their situation all so you can get good ratings and a good pay check.
Jerome Sankara
Jerome Sankara 3 months ago
Without getting into too much detail, my mother contacted Dr Phil about my sister (18/19 at the time) and her relations to her boyfriend that was possibly toxic and unusual, and without hearing anything from the man himself, we had been booked to be flown out a week after she had requested the help. Never had been interviewed, never had people come to us, we had an appointment and that's it. I cancelled it because my sister was suffering a huge breakdown and was potentially suicidal. She didn't need to be shown to the world, she needed someone to listen to her. Just to show that their behind the scenes can be very sudden and unfeeling until you're actually there. While Dr. Phil may be a person who gives advice and is qualified to help, it's still a business and is treated like a business until you're in that chair. It was mostly my mother wanting to have answers and going to the most extreme measures to get it. I had been a huge dr. Phil fan until that time, and watching the episodes now makes me uncomfortable. And that's even without being on the physical show. I'm assuming that if we had been on the program, in the care of Dr. Phil's assistants, it would be more helpful, instead of having the trust in a person who's job was to get us on the show in the first place.
SnootPatrol 3 months ago
I’m so glad that there’s a video on this. I watch cinnamontoastken and his content on Dr. Phil, and I won’t be hypocritical, I love their content on it. It’s super fun and funny. But almost EVERY episode they cover, after the joke video is done, I’m left with such a sour taste in my mouth. Dr. Phil doesn’t actually help anyone?? Or if he does it feels like a happy accident. So many of the “crazy” families or “asshole” children are actual real humans who are struggling. And I just watch Dr. Phil tear into them and fill them with shame and anxiety and resentment. And I bet you that when those people go home, nothing has truly been solved, if anything they just feel worse. I’ve been to many therapists in my life and if some of these people on the show went to a real therapist they could actually have at least a chance of solving their issues and moving on to be happier healthier people. 😔 It all just makes me so tired.
Queen Of Berries
Queen Of Berries 4 months ago
*note; I'm sorry this is soooo long but this is just the insight of what I think.... I have a lot of thoughts about Dr.Phil both being negative and positive. I see the show as a form of entertainment about the "abnormal" or "strange". I remember watching it when I was younger (because my mum loved him at the time), it was mainly about parents struggling with their relationship and all of them were fine being on the show. I was never interested at the time because I was a child who didn't care or understand. Now that I'm older and understand that life has its issues, the show is quite sad. The show seems focus on younger people who are going though something that would be considered private. Not only that, most of these patients that Dr.Phil has coming to his show are minors that were forced by their parents to come.. If the child doesn't comply with their parents, Dr.Phil sends a team of people who will either "kindly" escort them to a vehicle or basically carry them to the car from the arm.. For a person under the age of 16, it would be quite scary. Dr.Phil's employers read emails that were sent to the show for his help. They read about what the PARENTS are saying about their troubled children. The fact is, most of these kids have learned this behaviour. Danielle, Gabrielle, Brittany, Nico and other "aggressive" kids are being sent to this show with a mindset of what they get away with. This is caused by the parents not showing them the right things or ways to society. Giving them learned behaviour, these kids have taken it to what they would like and the parents blame them for being out of control and aggressive. When you look at the parents answers its either they tried or gave up. That is terrible. disgusting even. Some of these kids have grown out of their ways with some help but it was when the parents stepped out the picture. Gabrielle: us-first.info/player/video/lZ2uhaZ2mJpnl4U.html Brittany: us-first.info/player/video/qZx5poqRlX2HZZs.html Nico: us-first.info/player/video/rJWOaK9zpWt9iac.html These are the children I stated (not Danielle because everyone knows her) that have been shown for their misbehaviour, they all have one thing in common; Their parents gave up. Gabrielle's mum gave up and decided to join her when using drugs. Brittany's parents gave up on her and they have no relationship with her. Nico's parents gave up because their have their own issues and have to bribe him to do things. It can be shown with other parents but I picked those 3 as they have different background's but their behaviour is caused by the same thing. Being given up on. When adults come to the show, they have some form of consent about being there. I don't agree with Dr.Phil airing people who are suffering REAL problems, I would think the best course of action would be more private and one on one sessions. If you have a look at what is happening after the show ends. The people now have their face everywhere. People commenting on their issues and saying they're a psychopath because of their mindset. A few people came out having schizophrenia. Now image if you went on a worldwide known show talking about how you're not perfect, giving your side of the story and someone tells you how your delusional. Everyone agrees when watching. How would you feel? I've read some hateful comments on Dr.Phil's US-first and Facebook about some of his guests, it would hurt me reading all those comments about how I'm insane or crazy. Telling me how I'm not fit for this world. One person knew this right off the bat. A person who publicised insane homeless people. He arrived at the show and when Dr.Phil watched a video introducing him, he kicked him off. I agree that the man who was invited did some disturbing things but he says to Dr.Phil; "If you think I exploit people, every time you bring a guest on the show you exploit them and spread what ever problems they have to the whole world. You think that helping them?" This was very accurate but how Dr.Phil says "Yep, keep talking." Is going right over his head, basically lowering is respect as a guest. Plus with the amount of people in the audience (being mum's who would follow him like heard of sheep) who just know him after watching a introduction chip that lasted a minute, they all start boo-inng him to get off the stage. This man has said nothing to back him up, being forced off the stage. Here is that video; us-first.info/player/video/ebOFqZuleohfpXU.html Over all, I personally believe that the show should be more private. Rather than exposing people, Dr.Phil could become a talk show about promoting overcoming issues. He can still talk to people and being a therapist but privately, where there are no cameras and patient's can comfortably speak to him . Then once they are more stable, they can be given the option to come to a show and talk about their journey to explain how challenges can be overcome with help and support.
Jinee 4 months ago
Mental health isn't something that you make a reality tv show about.
Lauren Wasinger
Lauren Wasinger 4 months ago
Actually, I think some of the fault lies with our healthcare system and the availability of mental health treatment. The show is the money maker that funds the treatment programs because they are stupid expensive. He tends to send people to treatment facilities that are long term programs, and that’s probably 30k plus for that one person to receive treatment. If we had better treatment available for people who aren’t rich, he’d have a smaller pool of interested parties. But imagine being so desperate and unable to fund your treatment that being blasted on television sounds like a reasonable trade off to get help.
Mc sandwich
Mc sandwich 5 months ago
I stop wachting dr Phil after he (dr phil) tried to make a woman stay with her abusiv husband.
D YellowMadness
D YellowMadness 5 months ago
The name of Turnaround Ranch reminds me of the scene from My Name Is Earl that shows all the slogans Right Choice Ranch tried, including "Making bad kids turn around", "Touching bad boys since 1963", and "Bringing bad boys to their knees since 1963". until they gave up & changed it to "We don't do anything to the kids."
that guy
that guy 5 months ago
What Lofi song is this
boosie 4l
boosie 4l 5 months ago
The disgusting thing about Dr Phil is he take advantage of people’s mental disorders or illness to make a quick buck while insulting them on the show, and let them leave. It does more harm than good.
Mary Sunshine
Mary Sunshine 5 months ago
The problem with Phil is that he's a disgusting piece of human garbage.
helen smith
helen smith 6 months ago
I dont see the "enjoyment" of humiliating people to over millions of people tbh, smh
Gothic Moon Child 36
I was a Dr Phil fan for awhile but recently I'm seeing what he's all about and intentions aren't good. He's he exploiting kids, addicts, and the mentally ill and I'm not cool with that. He's been smoke and mirrors for the most part but he's not even trying to hide what he is and he's a total sellout. I've lost all respect for him.
Sarah Corbett
Sarah Corbett 6 months ago
dr phil is also majorly homophobic and i think a bit transphobic too
JacsonKass 6 months ago
Oh my gods! A short video?
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
Pretty sure Dr Phil isn't a real Doctor. But that's because I heard a comedian say Dr drew is a real doctor. He's no Dr Phil. And the beginning to make fun of Dr drew
abdulahi tullu
abdulahi tullu 6 months ago
I saw on another video that turnabout-ranch was actually abusing the kids sent there. There was another facility he recommended that was also abusing the children. One kid didn't take to kindly to the abuse and after 5 days, he killed one of the staff there. So, even the places he recommends don't help.
Kernow 7 months ago
"In the months of recent". LOL
Jessica Chang
Jessica Chang 7 months ago
His psychology lisence expired in 2006. He is very old school
Emily Reed
Emily Reed 7 months ago
I like to think of myself as semi intelligent. I avoid the clickbaiters and care greatly about what channels I view and follow on US-first, but Dr. Phil is my guilty pleasure.
Kai T
Kai T 7 months ago
This is just dumb for dozens of reasons. It's like you've misunderstood the whole point of the show, you have no idea about the set up, you've used the most extreme example as representative of the show, you haven't even seen the show, you know nothing at all about the older shows. I could go on hut this whole video ought to be embarrassing to you. This isn't the thoughtful and logical opinion I'm used to now. You should use this to review how you've improved your analysing skills over the last few years and then remove it from existence.
Kai T
Kai T 6 months ago
@Enemy do you struggle to read or just understand? I listed about half a dozen facts at the start of my comment that support my analysis that his analysis is beyond inaccurate. Have you actually got anything to add to the debate or are you just being a pathetic fan boy?
Enemy 6 months ago
You sure its not because you dont agree with his opinion? So in your mind its all wrong.
I know I’ve got a small PP but
Although me and my mom fight and even have disorders to the point where we physically fight? I’d never email to him for help because he sides with only woman and not man themselves. Many episodes with similar situations are just proving that he’s using his doctor knowledge as a way to gain power over another and force them into making him believe him even when they don’t. So in away, he will brainwash you ( if you’re a man against a woman in the scenario ) and actually he played during in two separate episodes. In around season 11 or 12 a dude came to the show because his wife was beating him right? He plays a voice message out loud that she said “I will ******* bury you 6ft under” and etc etc all because he went to the funeral and god NOTHING about it! Now in the new season: Dr.Phil has a teen guest that where the girl is again crazy or rather they’re relationship is rough and he admits that hitting her was wrong yet he also shows her keying the car of his during the three day wait to air and as during that they also had at the time a restraining order and because of that she had ( WHICH SHE VOILATED BTW ! ) he actually threatens to put HIM in jail all because that the restraining order was voilated and pinning the blame on the kid ( man ) rather then the girl ( the teen woman). He’s a menace and needs to be stopped now.
I know I’ve got a small PP but
Let’s just admit it... we all watch his episodes for the memes and freak outs..
tess 7 months ago
Oh my child is drinking and skipping school? *Let's force cameras in their face and make them cry on TV*
Cutie Star
Cutie Star 8 months ago
Dont talk some personal shit in front of millions of peoples wtf it doesnt help... Should be done on private and not humiliating peoples
Britz NK
Britz NK 8 months ago
One thing I noticed is that whenever a guest so much as slightly or even very delicately questions what McGraw does, ot even hints at so much, McGraw immediately pulls out his big guns to shoot him down with comments like "Are you always that argumentative?" or "Don't insult me...". And when even when the person is agreeing with him, McGraw keeps on talking until he has finished his pontificating monologue.
Ankita Mondal
Ankita Mondal 6 months ago
Aubergine Man
Aubergine Man 8 months ago
Me knowing all of this is true But choose ignorence Because i l like the memes: But, But, the memes???
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 8 months ago
My biggest problem with him is his gender bias. He always sides with the women no matter the situation and tells the men to just "walk away" and it just gets grating.
truly a wonderful bush to behold
Jerry Kyle is more a wannabe Jerry Springer than dr Phil. Dr phil has been exploiting ppl since the shows inception. I've always hated this about the show but not much I can do about it because tons of ppl love it for some reason...
The Ace of Lemons
The Ace of Lemons 8 months ago
I'm so happy The Jeremy Kyle show got taken down, that show was a big hot mess.
The Ace of Lemons
The Ace of Lemons 8 months ago
Can't even be explained with words.
Snow 8 months ago
"big hot mess" is such an understatement
Han Wirtz
Han Wirtz 8 months ago
I must say, I always thought Jeremy Kyle was more like Jerry Springer than Dr. Phil.
Don Immortal
Don Immortal 8 months ago
What people don't understand about television SHOW ? did it said anywhere that Dr.Phil SHOW is therapy session?
Fazbear Fright Fan
Fazbear Fright Fan 8 months ago
Dr Phill is dank.
(STUDENT)William Giles
*the ranch is at my house who wants to sleepover?*
bruh moment
bruh moment 8 months ago
Eh I just watch Dr Phil to see people get roasted
Soumyadip Bairagi
Soumyadip Bairagi 8 months ago
Whatever. I like to see these kids being made fun of. I don't care. It's entertainment.
Deep State Thrombosis
Dr. Phil isn't licensed to practice. His show is for entertainment. He is on par with Jerry Springer except he exploits mental instability instead of relationship instability. He causes real damage to real people to make money & gain fame, then cuts them loose like Japanese shark fishermen cutting off fins and throwing the live, suffering animal back in the ocean to live in agony until succumbing to it's mutilation. F*ck "Dr." Phil.
sagiepuff 8 months ago
I just don’t understand why anyone should have any type of “therapy” session while there’s a giant audience, like that’s horrifying
David Bosy
David Bosy 8 months ago
I don't like how he calls himself a doctor. Most of the time he doesn't help people. He just embaresses them on TV. They should sort things out in private. Not on TV and put it on US-first for everyone to see.
Delilah Doughnut
Delilah Doughnut 8 months ago
i know this isnt related to the video and also im suuuper late, but i just want everyone to know that i was born on the same day as dr Phil. thanks for coming to my ted talk
Alex 8 months ago
I always imagine how it's like for these kids to go back to school after being humiliated in national television
Toasturhz toastbunz
Toasturhz toastbunz 8 months ago
Child exploitation or not, i still personally think this whole "bringing broken families onto a popular show" is still disgusting. As things like family issues and mental health are EXTREMELY personal things and shouldn't be shined with such entertaining light like this.
Mr Yellow
Mr Yellow 8 months ago
I agree in the sense that "Help! My child is being impossible!" literally translates to "Help! I have no clue what parenting is!"
best gameplay
best gameplay 8 months ago
I would say some of ish shows with kids where good esspiacly the ones where he actually helped them by getting them help and where he just goes at older people like the juice women
Shun 8 months ago
I know this is a old video but, I knew this girl from my school on the dr. Phil show. She got made fun of regularly and he portrayed her being a dick to her mom. In reality she has Bipolar disorder and doesn't know how to cope. She's now homeschooled because of all the rumors shes gotten herself into.
Dana 9 months ago
Dr. Phil used to blur the faces of children on the show, I don't get why he stopped. Its better for them psychologically and it didn't stop anyone from watching. 🤷‍♀️
A M 9 months ago
I totally understand where you’re coming from with these comments and everything but I’m honestly a fan of Dr. Phil and his work. I grew up in a really abusive house, (sexually, physically, mentally etc) and for a long time it felt like Dr. Phil was the only adult who ever really had any idea at all what it was like to live that way. Through the years and various episodes I learned about anger and how parents should be treating their children and what dysfunction looked like. My mother discouraged therapy and kept us isolated so that we didn’t have the means to defy her. My world at the time was so messed up I truly think I wouldn’t have been able to see it if it hadn’t been for the alternate perspective his show provided. I know it’s not perfect but I believe that’s why he does things the way he does them, so that other people can relate and adjust their behaviors or get help.
Radio Daddy
Radio Daddy 4 months ago
You’re brainwashed, my guy.
PeachDoesArtYT 9 months ago
Dr.Phil is a double edged sword. On one hand he does take a lot of people and throws them on for a second before letting them go, but there are some addicts and abuse victims he helps by sending them to rehab, and no I dont mean the ranch. The ranch isnt something he controls directly and all things considered he should pick a new juvenile rehabilitation center cause it clearly isnt working.
Chrissy B
Chrissy B 9 months ago
Maybe someone shoudl take a look at the treatment centers Dr. Phil sends them to. Does he have any financial gains from sending them there?
Angeline 9 months ago
lost respect for him after he stated that disabled people can't be in romantic relationships with people who take care of them.
Angel The Atheist
Angel The Atheist 9 months ago
I watched doctor Phil a lot when I was a it younger, and it interested me because I was inyerested in psychology however, as I've gotten older I've noticed a lot of flaws in his logic, the way he acts. As far as I know, there are not any statistics that show how successful turn about ranch or the show is in helping. However, I do know every so often they do a check up on the people who went amd ask them if they feel it helped, what it did good, what didn't help. It's not often and it could he incredibly bias however.
CR - 06DA 780813 Hillside Sr PS
....this blew my mind 🤯😳
Sophia M
Sophia M 9 months ago
The sad thing about Dr. Phil is that people think that what he does is therapy, many probably see his insanity and think that if you go to therapy you'll be yelled at, told what to do and insulted, that in itself is very harmful because he makes real psychologists look bad, people see him and may mistakenly think that his behavior is typical for clinical psychologists. He couldn't do most the things he does if he had an actual license because he breaks so much of the code of ethics just for drama and views, he would eventually have his license revoked, he probably knew this and that's why he gave up renewing it. This is not therapy people, this is a psychology themed Maury show.
Leul Mamo
Leul Mamo 9 months ago
I think he's the one who needs the help for using people for a ******* stupid show.
loaf Bread
loaf Bread 9 months ago
Ok, so, the show can do some good. It brings to light the crappy nature of so many people, and shows exactly why they’re wrong with what they do. It does however create great struggle within those who are actually on the show. They’re put on TV to be mocked and made into an example. That’s far from okay. Even if they’re terrible people. You can correct them without breaking their mental state further. So there are two sides to this. No real black & white answer. It does some good for the general public, and quite a lot of bad for the very few people who end up on the show.
Jailbird's Jailhouse
Remember when Dr. Phil denied a victim for being physically and emotionally abused by his wife because he's man? And basically said he's not allowed to defend himself because he's a man?
Brenton Linnett
Brenton Linnett 9 months ago
How much can dr Phil big note himself while supposed to be Helping others but the show is all about Dr Phil . Like Oprah just a big head who are puppets for the elite
ashe bennett
ashe bennett 9 months ago
I mean, dr. Phil exploits and believes teenagers need to grow up now, like right now, but a 21 year old guy named Logan Paul, who treats foreign countries like his own personal amusement park and films a dead body of a suicidal man, is still developing. Like wtf?
Thomas Decker Studios
Dr. Phil is a quack. I can't imagine someone going onto television to get help. You were better with closed doors.
theo Last
theo Last 9 months ago
Im surprised you didn't bring up when he humiliated a rape victim and basically told him he wasn't raped because even though he SAID NO he didn't try to fight her off.
Ethen Brown
Ethen Brown 9 months ago
Having children on tv for therapy was a valid criticism, but I dont think it's fair to blame dr Phil on daniel (idk of I spelt that right, and I domt care enough about her to find out) that one is more on society as a whole. He gave her a platform to get viewed by thousands, but that would only add to the fire. She was going to be that way anyways. She's generally a trashy person. She could've changed in the last few years from when I last seen her though
Slapstick Genius
Slapstick Genius 9 months ago
To take it softly, I’m not saying much about Jeremy Kyle at all because of what he did to the fellow humans appearing in his show.
Gabrielle Fowler
Gabrielle Fowler 9 months ago
He/his staff supposedly offered an alcoholic vodka in the prep room, and the. Staff filmed a mother taking her pregnant daughter to find cocaine. He has kicked a woman off the show once- for agreeing/offering to be a spectacle. I saw it and was like “isn’t that what the show us there for, honestly?”
Luezoide 9 months ago
And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids
MeyeHolyTacoz 9 months ago
Eat your cereal
Amara Selene
Amara Selene 9 months ago
I'm still salty Triggered Tro hasn't posted in a year 😤
E2B2 9 months ago
Congrats, I only selected this video because you were in Mr. Sr Pelo Esquire’s ehdjjenfivideo
Just Dukx
Just Dukx 9 months ago
It kills me inside. How is this shit any different from mocking someone with a disability. We all are crazy from time to time but that dont mean its ok to put our weird phase online which is forever.
Strange 9 months ago
What song ws mans using in this video?
Jasper Derek
Jasper Derek 9 months ago
*catch me outside how about that*
i shat my jorts
i shat my jorts 9 months ago
bro what makes it worse is that adults can choose to go on the show or not but they can send people from the dr Phil show to force the kids to go theve done it a few times the camera crew goes with them and the kid is usually crying and its never apparent where their parents are
Wicker O'Seer
Wicker O'Seer 9 months ago
I hate Dr. Phil's show on concept alone. To me, therapy and counseling seem like something that should stay behind closed doors, purely between a licensed professional and the patient(s), and maybe the family. It shouldn't just be broadcast for millions to see just for entertainment. It might be be okay if it were more of an educational thing, focused more on actually helping, no live audience, maybe even keep the patients anonymous.
doctor hunter
doctor hunter 9 months ago
Thinking about it, i mostly thought Dr. Phil is internet meme thanks to PewDiePie reacting to Dr. Phil's videos but as i grow older and gain some understanding i do feel skeptic on the internet and society. i think it was because of a game called Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty made me think the " junk data "most of us consume and a quote popped into my head " Memes, the DNA of the soul "
Callmemary 9 months ago
But I mean, people do come on there though, like they’re asking for it..
XxTaiMTxX 9 months ago
Dr. Phil is honestly just the "high society" equivalent of "Jerry Springer" in America. That's all you really need to know. You watch it when you feel like Jerry Springer is "too bottom of the barrel" or "you're above it". Otherwise... exact same show. Nothing gets solved. A lot of the issues on the show tend to just come from very bad parenting. But, Doctor Phil is like, "we need to help the child!". No, you don't treat the symptom, you treat the problem. The problem is bad parenting. The parents need to learn how to do their job long after the kids leave the show, so that any help you give the children AFTER will be effective.
Meredith Parker
Meredith Parker 9 months ago
You attempted to be extraordinarily fair, but I suspect there is nothing here except a racket for all of the guests, and the "ranch" does not have a great success rate. There is a shaming, blaming, controlling, and simultaneously exploitative emotional tone around everything this show does.
ytmm 9 months ago
Don’t underestimate daddy Phil
Timmy 9 months ago
I’ve always thought this. Why can’t he “help” them in private? 🙄
• ItzGabby UwU •
If I were trying to defend him, I’d say that he hopes someone else with the same problem would learn from them. Right now, I’m pretty sure he’s just greedy and loves humiliating people (even though he just sounds like one of those “OoOoH iM sO sAvAgE dAb On Da HaTeRs” people) more than he actually wants to help them.
Lonely Pluto
Lonely Pluto 9 months ago
He cares for fame more than actually helping people. Which was sad because in his old shows he genuinely wanted to help people
Jo McNally
Jo McNally 9 months ago
The other reason to reach out to Dr. Phil besides attention are the resources he provides for free. As opposed to now, when Danielle was on the show it was made pretty clear the family was not well off; Danielle's mother would never have been able to afford any sort of correctional programs for her daughter if it weren't for their appearance on the show.
Fearsome War Engine
Fearsome War Engine 9 months ago
I'd like to know more about this Ranch thing. Having just read tales from the Elan School and other Troubled Teen things I dont like the sound of it, at all.
‡ shelleysmonster ‡
doctor phil seems like a condescending bitch tbh. And there's no way that having ur delusions aired on national television is gonna help with them at ALL, so they could literally just get a burger kind employee to host it because of doctor phil has any education in psychology or smth it doesn't seem to impact his behavior
W33DB1X 9 months ago
Remember that dark era when 'camy owseye howbadah" memes where going around?
KatKaleen 9 months ago
Sorry, I can't watch this. As soon as I heard that the girl is thirteen years old, a mic dropped in my brain. Two good friends of mine had their first times at age thirteen and it was awful in both cases. Curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, satisfaction DIDN'T bring it back.
Cyberman King
Cyberman King 8 months ago
KatKaleen I think she just turned 17
Little V
Little V 9 months ago
He's qualified as a clinical psychologist. He is NOT Licensed. He is not a doctor. He is detrimental to the wellbeing of any 'guests'.
karina gentzler
karina gentzler 9 months ago
My mom who has a degree in child psychology thinks that he is very unprofessional and she says shes not impressed with him
RyanSellman1 9 months ago
Danielle Brigoli will be the reason why aliens would want to exterminate us.