The Deranged Cult Of Onision | TRO (ft. Pinely, j aubrey, Mista GG, Fainted, & Internet Historian) 

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The Right Opinion: The Deranged Cult Of Onision | TRO (ft. The Squad) (@Pinely, @Internet Historian, @Mista GG, @JAubrey & @Fainted)

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Jan 8, 2020




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 10 months ago
(PART 1 OF 3) EDITING CREDITS BELOW: Definitely one of my most ambitious videos, maybe a few things I wanna improve off in the future, but hopefully I'll perfect them. PLEASE CHECK OUT ALL MY COLLABORATORS BELOW. Apparently I can tag people in titles now so hopefully that explains the title change. In order of appearance: - Pinely: us-first.info/more/iHRg_hyyHQe_IZ-efHR5Vg - Internet Historian: us-first.info/more/R1D15p_vdP3HkrH8wgjQRw - Mista GG: us-first.info - J Aubrey: us-first.info/more/YvEb6iLPxLPZTe6NcUUUeA - Fainted: us-first.info/more/ktXW3AQVjtZOFVjjiZRQpw Check out the editors: - Coniptuous: us-first.info/more/wWRd2dnTNNmakqWrsv4O4Q - Kringeh: us-first.info/more/gqS2Yn8f7dGraWb7j9e4uQ - Chloe: us-first.info - Lanooski: us-first.info/more/xfVbuWXJAPQ26tL6_BeLng - Onion: us-first.info/more/c8SSAqwbPtm4IYggRsaZbg? Post-Editing: - Lanooski: us-first.info/more/xfVbuWXJAPQ26tL6_BeLng Character Stills by: - HessDaBest: instagram.com/hessdabeast/ - Special thanks to my Patrons: a vdl, Low60, Mac Maunder, Jade Rose, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch, Adam VIllareal, Ashley Butts, Adam Goetz, Bryan Langley, cloudfruit, Connor, Divinireigns, Miru Kado, Neo, Brandon, Emily Yoder, Megan McCallion, Mikey K, Miru Kado, Neo, Nipple Man, Ristretto Eva, Michael, Shane Reese, Mama Fujo, Yuliya Terekh, Spoonie The Rogue, Natasha Gray, Bruhreallysnapped, Darren Barcrest Plays, Ellie, Nassim J, Spoonie the Rogue, Gravidea, Lena Zhivun, Valerie B, Shelby Schulze, Kie, Austin Clothier, Bob Jazzypoo, Emily Jane Willems, Philip Wesolowski, Neuwwington, MuglyfuglyThug, Nico Mendoza, Sydney Plasky, puking dog, Isabelle Pond, Jacob Matthews, saberfang, Casual User, Ella Elric, Jennifer Stachuska, Maria Diamantoukos, Seth, YarnWitch, York, Paulina Joensen, Julia Fesst, Ammene, Leslie Miller, Ambros, Emma Hinniger, Hillary Dryer, Kathryn M Sorroche, Mirthe, triangulous, 10$+ Patrons: Adam Goetz, Ashley Butts, Elizabeth Looby, orkfighta, somehulabaloo, The Derbinator, William Thatch, Ursula Holm, Eduardo Pedrero, unknown_hat, Al Graham, The Spectre Angel, nella, Jessica Thomas, Harle Quin, Jenn Sulana, Ella Daniels, Ariana McScribbles, Chris F, John, Declan, MentalllyHandicapped69, Yuri’s Fat D, Declan, Brett Mueller, CLM_?, C9 Love, Tabitha Leister, Adam Granger, Dawn Foxx, Iser Doriano, Nicholas, Poofy, Tepi, ジュリアン, Hunter Special Thanks to My 50 Dollar Patreons: somehulabaloo, Niko Deschamps, Caroline Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreons: Brandon, Stanton Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion Facebook: facebook.com/TheRightOpinionOfficial/ Discord: discord.gg/SsgNxWU Instagram: instagram.com/the.right.opinion/ References: docs.google.com/document/d/18f3eNpsTC43IPV592hLePpSk5zYyTG11HKUyeZjSX-4/edit?usp=sharing
leafeonpelaa 8 days ago
Poopy epic bruh
BobbieJean Turgeon
BobbieJean Turgeon 3 months ago
Do you have an instagram? I have some interesting g facts about Russian tortoises ( that is probably wrong but yeah no the point ) I looked up and researched general info and care for that specific tortoise he has and he has quite a few facts wrong, especially the " basking temps" they are 85° is the HIGHEST temp and 75° for the lowest temp, and yes they burrow, that doesn't mean they can dig their way out of a plastic container, they burrow into the sand and dirt but not dig under and escape
Dark Rider42
Dark Rider42 4 months ago
Strange, because some of the documentaries talk about how he was in the Air Force, either way the dude was clown
ZombieMiezz 4 months ago
Onision has a YT Channel called Sicesca (he created it 2016) & he uploaded a video titled:"Onision: Shane Dawson cancelled" just a few days ago & of course other shit that he either reposted or just uploaded to mock somebody. Thought that this might be interesting.
Isabel Escobar
Isabel Escobar 7 months ago
The Right Opinion Oooo
Beth Jackson
Beth Jackson 14 hours ago
This is amazing! I am older and don't really care about who is who, but it's like there's a whole other Hollywood online...like people become famous like movie stars...lol....I'm so old!
toxic avenger
toxic avenger 20 hours ago
Wait this is the "I'm a banana" guy?! Wow he has done umm not to good for himself
Nassi Againnam
this was scary.......
BMW 329
BMW 329 Day ago
I'm assuming honorable discharge is when you get your let's blown off in combat or something, not striping naked and parading about your commanding officers office
kursna Day ago
TRO still salty about leafy OMEGALUL
Aaron P
Aaron P 2 days ago
It's a shame he wasn't born in the mid-to-late 70s, because such a "class a" person like him would have made an excellent member of heaven's gate. The aliens will never know all of the life lessons he has to teach....
Gameovr17 2 days ago
Can't believe this guy's youtube channel isn't taught in college in psychology classes. He's clearly not right
magnusm4 3 days ago
I remembered when I was a young teenager, basically a kid in still grade school. My friend showed me the stand up with the terrorist dummy, it was pretty funny but once he showed be onision and I just thought it was vulgar, depressing, boring and just really bad taste by edgy punk rock weirdos. Still don't know what he saw in it.
Illiterati 4 days ago
IH's RAID ad aged extremely well
Anna Redman
Anna Redman 5 days ago
the hispanic dude who was talking with the mustache sounds like paymoneywubby
Maddie Does
Maddie Does 6 days ago
I used to watch him back in middle school and you will not believe,,,, that after all of the shit he had done by that time.... I literally only stopped watching him because he vocally hated Minecraft
VeteranRedBeard 6 days ago
Keep in mind to get veteran benefits you have to get a general discharge upgraded to honorable. So yes theres a difference. And "under honorable conditions" is general
I can survive all the Nostalgia Critic cringe in the universe and yet I refuse to sit down and watch a single Onision video in the world
Psycho Guy
Psycho Guy 7 days ago
Christ, Onision uses so many jump-cuts it gave me a god damn seizure
taysikanen 8 days ago
Why the fuck are you exploiting pictures of a ED person? Especially without giving a proper warnings nor timestamps to skip? This is exactly the same shit both Eugenia & Onision puts up in order to profit.
Shiraya 8 days ago
He's really just a narcissistic sociopath. An I'm not saying that to call him a sociopath as a drag or something but if you look up what a sociopath is, he fits that description perfectly.
G Rosebud
G Rosebud 8 days ago
This is greatly produced and made. Good stuff!
Nadine Bueno
Nadine Bueno 8 days ago
I love seeing videos that talks about Shane Dawson TODAY because 🤣🤣🤣
criminal senzuri
criminal senzuri 9 days ago
A guy who makes that much money was using friggin Turbotax?? Hire a tax professional my dude, even my poor ass has had to do that in the past.
Sweet & spooky
Sweet & spooky 9 days ago
Yass a good docu to listen to while drawins UwU
Vandalla 9 days ago
The best crossover since Jimmy Neutron and Fairly Odd Parents
alli alias
alli alias 9 days ago
This commentary clearly reminds me of why this jerk has vanished from my YT feed. If watching this brings it back I'm coming after you TRO!
:D 11 days ago
wikipedia when you don’t donate to them: 52:34
LilHeinz 94
LilHeinz 94 11 days ago
Wow. People actually joined a freaking onision cult ??? Wow the fact that any actually would possibly consider following the religious teaching of an onion is terrifying. Imagine if the guy was smart enough to use the influence he has to become some politician or get to some other form of authoritative position.
Courtney Baltezor
Courtney Baltezor 11 days ago
I saw one video of his and decided it wasn't for me and he was crazy.
Olivia 12 days ago
Onision made a video about Eugenia cooney 3 weeks ago so clearly he isn’t done with making videos on her
A Adams
A Adams 12 days ago
What was all that crap about foreskins and rape?
ateez in the park
ateez in the park 12 days ago
"life" *this includes paid promotion* me: "where's my life's paid promotion then??"
DeadHead Gaming
DeadHead Gaming 13 days ago
I love the irony of him making a poem about senseless wars and who fights them, then he joins the army.
The Injured Toa of Metru nui
Me eating 17 hot pockets at once while listening: intherethtink!
Lux Marie
Lux Marie 13 days ago
I find it fascinating when things relate to birthdays (like me and Melanie trump having the same bday and our sons have the same name, etc) and I’m currently watching this video on Onisions birthday and I’m just in a random rabbit hole of YT at 5am 😂
Tea Porty
Tea Porty 13 days ago
Yes gamers, this video is sponsored by RAID: Shadow Legends Install Raid for Free ✅Mobile: clcr.me/Y62AKc ✅ PC: clcr.me/cz3kWa Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program The Right Opinion: The Deranged Cult Of Onision | TRO (ft. The Squad) (@Pinely, @Internet Historian, @Mista GG, @JAubrey & @Fainted)
Zavier 13 days ago
He has the award for literally the dumbest circumcision argument I've ever heard. As if rape doesn't happen in countries where people aren't circumcised? I feel like he is Donald Trump for young people. He only caters to the most stupid of young people who are most likely (though I wouldn't be opposed to the opposite) not going to get any smarter. The people so unable to critically think they would actually believe some dumbass on youtube (with no credentials) 's argument. Also I was like "Does he hate Shane so much cause they look kind of alike?" then yeah, he admits it XD.
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 13 days ago
PLEASE TELL ME I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED ONISION HAD A BNHA POSTER UP IN ONE OF THE CLIPS?????????? OML LMAO (i don't usually comment on these videos, let alone over something like a poster, but i really enjoy your work. much love
Jully Arsenio
Jully Arsenio 13 days ago
the beginning this sounds a bit different
Felix Prower
Felix Prower 14 days ago
Internet Historian truly just slipped in an ad and left 😆
Joshua Mana
Joshua Mana 14 days ago
I had a mini heart attack hearing GG's voice. so good
Sarina DePetrillo
Sarina DePetrillo 14 days ago
I can't even watch the clips of him in this video, he's disgusting
Gemma m
Gemma m 14 days ago
The sad thing about watching this in November 2020 is that he made another video on Eugenia just 3 weeks ago :( I don't get why US-first isn't going to ban him
Jose Garnier
Jose Garnier 14 days ago
I've seen the 3 videos backward depending what showed up and now I see this is that same army wuss? Everything mske sense
opinions that absolutely dont matter
TRO: *explains how love is the best thing on earth* Asexuals: *yeah okay* *sniff* *im fine whit that*
Briana Alisa
Briana Alisa 14 days ago
I'm torn on Onision because I actually agree with him on some stuff. I wasn't necessarily a fan, but I did watch his videos. He was right about Shane Dawson, and even though the amount of videos he made on Eugenia Cooney were gratuitous he did bring a lot of awareness to her condition (that's how I found out about her), and I think he was right to call out fans for supporting her. Fast forward to today, and everybody's making videos on Eugenia and her toxically positive fan base. I don't think he's always wrong, but I think it's really easy to hate him because of his personality. The guy is definitely a narcissist. I'm pretty sure he would love to run his own cult.
Star Marchment
Star Marchment 15 days ago
ohh shit i totally forgot about eugenia cooney, which is crazy because a few years ago i could not stop seeing her... what happened
InTheMindOfDavid 15 days ago
@13:25 Brohoho oh no 😂🤣😂🤦‍♂️ Onion Knight that angel ain’t doing your Neanderthal brow any favors. Either stick to eye level or the camera placed a little bit higher. I almost split my sides. Rape was(maybe is?) happening every moment of everyday? Wouldn’t everyone have been raped at least once by now? I don’t know maybe my maths is off seeing as how he didn’t bother to qualify that statement. Fucking idiot. @15:19 The best antagonists are usually the ones who see themselves as the Protagonist of their own story. Or on rear occasions are just the embodiment/personification of Chaos.
Caitlyn Donnermeyer
I got second hand gaslit by this holy crap What a nasty fuck
Magnolia TM
Magnolia TM 16 days ago
funny how onision was kinda right about shane
AloeMineralWater 16 days ago
What song is played at 44:21 I absolutely love its monumental powerful vibe!!!!
Peach Fruit
Peach Fruit 16 days ago
I needed a warning for the tweet reading my face is bright red now from the shock and second hand embarrassment
leah rose
leah rose 17 days ago
Veteran status. Lol.
Da Beast From Da Weast
Onision seems like he was the typical middle school class clown that's desperate for attention, but when the fart jokes stopped being funny in high school he went to US-first to try and keep the dream alive
Emma D
Emma D 19 days ago
I remember when I first stumbled across an Onion boy video; I would have been about 14. I watched about 4-5 of his but felt he had weird vibes? Like there was something off with him/he seemed super condescending. Basically I felt this deep wrongness and bad vibes if that makes sense? I'm so glad I listened to my gut because I would have been his target demographic, and I was SUPER naive at that point. I mean ffs I thought sex was a very bad swearword until I was 12-13.
Jed Malig
Jed Malig 19 days ago
Tywin: He who must yell I am king is no tru- Greg: I AM KING Tywin: Wai- Greg: I AM KIIIIIIIIING Tywin: stop Greg: REEEEEEEE!!!!
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover 19 days ago
It's highly upsetting that many of onion boy's clips shown in this video really resonated with me
Ijneb1248 13 days ago
Just dont forget that he mainly uses his political values to make himself look better
Christal C
Christal C 19 days ago
“When I got divorced I signed a contract agreeing to pay alimony and now I have to DO IT???!?!?? Please donate today because I’m a slave now”
Ovenment 20 days ago
maya613 21 day ago
Man, I missed this whole mess. What a creepy pr*ck.... I really do wonder about people who are loyal to these sorts of sociopaths. sigh.
Shannanigans 23 days ago
As someone with borderline personality disorder we don’t claim him
june32nd 24 days ago
30:26 onion boy was literally playing with a needle....
Summer Melrose
Summer Melrose 24 days ago
Onisions beef with Shane Dawson really aged like milk...
Jacob Sibert
Jacob Sibert 24 days ago
"I have nipples Greg could you milk me?" LMFAOOOO Mr GG Is the goat🤣🤣🤣
DJ KaYLaR 25 days ago
Gotta admit the fucking scum song is kinda catchy
Alyssa Jansen
Alyssa Jansen 25 days ago
Ok, time to info dump. I own a betta fish, his names Benji and he’s the first pet I ever bought with my own money and I love him to bits. I did a lot of research when I bought him, to make sure he could have the best life. Do I do somethings wrong, definitely. Do I try my best to give him the best quality of life, which means re-researching, abso-fucking-lutly. Now, I wasn’t about to go on a 2 hour research trip about Russian tortoises, but I was curious at what a reputable source had to say about keeping Russian tortoises outside. You can, and even it’s recommend WHEN CLIMATE PERMITS. Idk if whatever onion had going on there was a permanent enclosure, or something else, idk. Either way, it’s completely unacceptable. The recommendations that I found that really applied to the situation were, a 2 x 4 ft fenced in area with minimum water bowl and shelter (for protection from the elements). The fencing had to be at least a foot above ground and half a foot below so that they couldn’t burrow underneath and escape. The shelter needed to provide shade incase of OVERHEATING. The water bowl in necessary to avoid OVERHEATING. So yes, he cooked that poor tortoise alive because he’s a adult baby that was never told no. Not to mention, lacking the proper enrichment to entertain him and avoid depression and anxiety. Fuck this guy
Matthew Krupa-Gregory
Okay so like, on the topic of the tortoise, I have and have had a desert tortoise for the greater of 13 years now and can for sure say that if it “wanted to dig out” or escape the tub, it absolutely could have. The first 5 outdoor inclosures we tried where escaped in about 2 hours of putting our, at the time, pre adolescent tortoise in them. Digging as far down as 3 inches below the walls and digging up the other side. They’re pretty quick and can dig aggressively well
Matthew Krupa-Gregory
But, they are extremely picky on diet. It’s more likely that he was not feeding it perfectly to the T and it died of malnutrition as they require variation and certain food items to get their necessary nutrients
LovinaVargas1076 27 days ago
During Pinely's segment, I noticed that Greg spelled "bowel" wrong ("bowl"). It's a dumb thing to notice, but I've seen this video several times now, so I'm starting to notice stupid little details.
That Virgo
That Virgo 28 days ago
The one constant in onion boys life are the death note posters on his wall BAAAAD news when Light Yagami is your idol at age like, 27
oumar diop
oumar diop 29 days ago
1:08:40 well hes not wrong
Kertu Papagoi
Kertu Papagoi Month ago
Onision is such a mess he needs THREE hours of content
Samantha Gutierrez
oh god this isn't unironically mentioning Raid, its a legit ad
K.T. Dennison
K.T. Dennison Month ago
If he was in the military, he should of had a mandatory physical with a psychological evaluation to see if he was eligible to join.
DK H Month ago
What turbotax is he using? Turbotax has never told me "the IRS won't audit you". Like wtf
DK H Month ago
If any man ever looks at you, and in all seriousness, says to you, _" am I good? or am I pure evil?"_ *Just run, baby girl, just run*
Andrew Month ago
I hate this manipulative piece of fucking shit and all others like him. He preys on the weak.
juliana Month ago
i was eating dinner as he narrated the tweets. time to never have an appetite again
IdiotBox Month ago
woah, a crossover episode
Erica Emmerick
Erica Emmerick Month ago
god damn i really just got reminded that i used to say fluck bc of him
Doggo Poggo
Doggo Poggo Month ago
Erica Emmerick
Erica Emmerick Month ago
@Doggo Poggo nah not really lol you're good
Doggo Poggo
Doggo Poggo Month ago
@Erica Emmerick I was joking sorry if it offended
Erica Emmerick
Erica Emmerick Month ago
@Doggo Poggo don't blame me i was an impressionable 13 year old trying to copy a youtuber I unfortunately looked up to
Doggo Poggo
Doggo Poggo Month ago
lexi Month ago
The irony with the Shane part...
Kenzie Leigh
Kenzie Leigh Month ago
Idk but every time I see mista gg I always think “damn...he has really nice teeth”
Brooke Hall
Brooke Hall Month ago
Waiting for TRO to make a video about the youtube community's relationship with Raid Shadow Legenda.
Pandine Month ago
I can't believe you didn't mention the absolute narcissism required to represent oneself in court.
Birdygamer Studios
Based on what I saw in this video: Onision is a greedy, predatory, hypocrite with one hell of a god complex. Also those tweets were f****** disgusting
Brie Month ago
Dude it so h l forefront aul relationship got for a comment
Birgit Lee
Birgit Lee Month ago
How dare TurboTax not provide a "You are about to commit tax fraud" pop up.... shame.
xv Month ago
Honestly I enjoyed onision speaks, it was a raw channels where he shared his opinions without censoring himself. It was entertaining to hear what he thought and like it was usually pretty interesting
Eveta Lee Brai
Eveta Lee Brai Month ago
This videos full of second hand embarrassment
thotticus prime
thotticus prime Month ago
The part with Shane Dawson felt like that photo that says “the worst person you know just made a good point”
Antonio Lopez
Antonio Lopez Month ago
I hate to nitpick.... But Greg was 17 and then three years later, in 2004 he graduated HIGH SCHOOL? Who graduates at TWENTY YEARS OLD? I graduated in 2000.... I was 18. Just barely. I'm confused on how he was SO old at graduation...
Jose Cezar
Jose Cezar Month ago
Uuuh... i had never heard what he said about circumcision before😮🤣🤣🤣 Mmmkay guy. L M A O !
Plush Gaming
Plush Gaming Month ago
Had it with you... and your Shadowman bollocks...
GoldenProject Month ago
Who is this "you"? They could be you, they could be me, they could even be...
Nightmare ¿
Nightmare ¿ Month ago
Perhaps this has been answered before but, where did he get this music form?
William Evans
William Evans Month ago
Hol up he's almost forty??
Kendoll the Alien
why is no one talking about the beat drop in 41:05 ?
Colin Myers
Colin Myers Month ago
Onision- "I am literally a God" Also Onision- "Turbotax"
Fuck me senseless but,
I used to listen onsionspeaks videos on a playlist as a teen. I'm a butcher now.
Cindygr8ce Month ago
The turbo tax thing makes me crack up because of he didn't cheap out and use the damn minimum lowest cost turbo tax business he would have gotten free audit support from them and access to a tax professional during filling. All this for what I know is under $100 since I did my father's business taxes for his small business
KindaStupid Ngl
KindaStupid Ngl Month ago
tarxan Month ago
i don't like gregs teeth.
Eccomi Month ago
i wish i had the money to pay you a 100 quid a month.
Nina Van den Abbeele
This is actually sponsored by raid 😂😂😂
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