The Cracked Reality Of The ACE Family - The Truth Behind The Drama | TRO (ft. J Aubrey) 

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The Right Opinion: The Cracked Reality Of The ACE Family - Behind The Drama | TRO (ft. J Aubrey)

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Dec 13, 2019




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 11 months ago
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cheng chao
cheng chao 18 days ago
Imagine being so rich and egotistical that you can't even say the word "Sorry"
The Wandering Gamer
There's a description my guy,
amiable llama
amiable llama 2 months ago
J Aubry talks in rap
Domojar wOW
Domojar wOW 2 months ago
you know that the description exists, right?
iamdetinu11 3 months ago
High ih
Shannon Moore
Shannon Moore 20 minutes ago
How do these ppl keep their fans... ...it's disturbing
I am Ghast36
I am Ghast36 4 hours ago
If you really think about it, that $10 million house should have security all around it, no matter how rich you are that is always part of it, so wheres the tapes? And why didnt the robber take EVERYTHING in that house, everything was worth selling in there from the clothes that are expensive looking, to that diamond play button, smelt it for all i care you can sell it guaranteed(but how would i know if it's made of metal, never got one in my life. Would still take it though). If he heard that there was glass shattering and dropping, ngl if he heard that in his expensive ass house, he should've ran all the way where that sound was and started beatin whoever the f*ck went and broke his window, but no he ran back to his family and called the cops. Deadass this guy is lying. And I've never seen cops actually WANT to be filmed, ever, they usually just stand there and let the camera wash over them as they do their jobs and not interact with the camera at all. And fingerprints checking the morning after? They shouldn't even be IN the house, that place should've been cleared of all humans and covered in powder(idk what the powder was called), and the fact that they remained so calm when they knew that someone broke into their house is very amusing, no one is calm after shit has been taken that's just a fact, especially when you're sitting inside a $10 million house everyday. Pure BS and im not hating on Austin, can't i didnt even know he existed, just pointing out the bull that popped up in my head while watching this mini documentary.🤣
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 16 hours ago
These are the people having children 😨🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 16 hours ago
Why buy and notice something you don't care about? "All the bags". They were trying to prove that people are more important than things but hiding their disappointment seems fake.
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 16 hours ago
What kind of theif shatters something valuable(the US-first plaque)?🙄
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 16 hours ago
Don't they have security and who would break into a house with visible security did no one question this?
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 16 hours ago
Sounds like Austin is a narcissist 🤔 his wife is either an enabler or one too
Inspirinq_ Day ago
If I remember didn’t Catherine deject lebron James or some other basketball star for Austin?
This man just ruined his career
Maddie :0
Maddie :0 Day ago
Uh police can’t show there face on camera
Thomas H
Thomas H Day ago
11:56 "We love giving back" but having a fully stocked room with expensive wine in the background, and 20x cars parked outside their huge ass mansion. Yeeeea. They really love giving back.
glen harper
glen harper 2 days ago
Another bag of shit like deji, the Paul brothers, ricegum, jaystation, jeffree star, Shane Dawson and fouseytube all a bunch of talentless losers who’ve become disgustingly rich just cos thousands of dumb kids who don’t know any better yet cos they still haven’t reached puberty make these douche bags egos inflate to gigantic proportions, love ur stuff TRO, really refreshing to hear an intelligent man talking sense on this platform love from a fellow uk 🇬🇧 brother, why aren’t u, colossal is crazy, shoe on head, mista gg, tehmimi, nerd city and j.Aubrey millionaires there’s no justice???
equal89 2 days ago
what is that beat starting @ 36:47 ?
Lisa Page
Lisa Page 2 days ago
Austin nods and gestures so much, I automatically dont believe anything he says.
Hemalatha Saravana ganesh
I just came here for the comments, and I was not disappointed
Alisa Webb
Alisa Webb 2 days ago
Watching your videos has made me fascinated by how many YT vloggers seem to be either emotionally or socially deficient. It begs a psychological study on whether or not there is a correlation between success on the platform (with vlog-type or family content specifically) and actual disorders. I'm late to the party, but I really enjoy your channel because you watch and analyze these dumpster fires so I don't have to. ^__^
Alyssa Vantong
Alyssa Vantong 2 days ago
Austin acts like my 15 year old brother omg.
M M 3 days ago
You know the credibility when you put everything about your life on US-first.
Kim Harris
Kim Harris 3 days ago
This Austin guy who I've never heard of till now is a narcissistic lil prick, can't imagine it's much fun living with him and his massive ego
Isabella Greenblatt
21:20 , while he was complaining about the headbands, 800 people logged off his live stream
shellbell Packson1583
Spoiled rich kids trying to act grown.
Loot Leo
Loot Leo 3 days ago
They want “inspire”? Be a teacher. Become a teacher. Oh wait, they won’t have all those fancy things anymore. I am by no means an artist but I love art and I support artists. Austin needs to have a good a$$ beating for that behavior. Seriously. Stealing someone work is reprehensible. Also, Austin is the live version of that wolf character in Paula Abduls video Opposites Attract....MC Skat Kat 🤣 These people choose this life.
Lisa Smyth
Lisa Smyth 4 days ago
What the fuck? Head bands were worn in the 50's 60's 80's etc.. Yes he is a dick! lol
Keb Light
Keb Light 4 days ago
Don't mean to sound like an idiot but...isn't it dangerous to ride a jet ski, in a infinity pool, close to the edge, that has a drop which seemingly could cause severe injury or death? Just wondering.
Greta Hoiland
Greta Hoiland 4 days ago
Cant stand him. He’s an obnoxious dick!
Craig 5 days ago
I love The Right Opinion
Arbeter 3333
Arbeter 3333 5 days ago
Austin seems like an asshole and his wife seem like an idiot
tsunamijin 5 days ago
Thumbsing up just for the James Brown reference.
Penguinboy888 5 days ago
Hannah Galeazzi
Hannah Galeazzi 5 days ago
I mean obviously this man and his ethics are upsetting... but the fact that so many people follow them and support them is what is scary to me.
Stephanie Avila Rodriguez
it is never ok and i mean NEVER! OK! to make fun of a abusive relationship that is something that people should talk more about in that clip he loki laughing about how the heck is that funny its not funny no one and i mean NO ONE! should be laughing about it its not even funny stop going on his side and open your eyes and welcome yourself to the real world UGH!
Artemis Layman
Artemis Layman 5 days ago
"we legit have no valuables" WHAT
Artemis Layman
Artemis Layman 5 days ago
If you film yourself doing charity, it's not charity it's press and it's gross. If you have to constantly say "I love giving back, look at me giving back, look at how great I am giving back!" You are mega rich, not spreading around your wealth would be disgraceful, you are doing the same thing anyone with shit loads of money would do. Your not special and you deserve no special treatment.
Jose-Villegas 6 days ago
Are you still talking. Wow.
Morpheus Bott
Morpheus Bott 5 days ago
I came back and your comment is still here
ace vanta
ace vanta 6 days ago
Austin is more stale then my humor
Interwebz Bell
Interwebz Bell 6 days ago
eww hes racist.. them tweets are SUS and his wife basic as hell id rather date a black queen he mad lmao
Citrine Stone
Citrine Stone 7 days ago
He wouldn’t take a photo with a children’s book for his baby, but, took multiple videos of him show casing his child; buying a phallic lollipop 👀😩
kujaisabiatch 7 days ago
Could do something on seanzview ent ?
James Williams
James Williams 7 days ago
I literally have no idea who the vast majority of people you make vids about are, but I find the presentation brilliant and your videos keep me interested regardless. I even sat through the 4 hr Avocado vid. What a tragic character! Anyway, good work! X
Alexa Mejia
Alexa Mejia 7 days ago
i also like how they’re fans are always saying how strong catherine’s genes are. how much the kids look like her. one problem..... She is plastic. she actually looks nothing like the way she does now. look at all the before pictures of her and you will see how her “ genes” are totally different from the way her plastic surgeon has carved her face into. 💁🏽‍♀️😳🧐truth. c white
Aleena K
Aleena K 7 days ago
i love how everyone just brushed over him saying Urban was coming at him like a 'female'. Austin always rubbed me the wrong way. I just hope their kids and Catherine are okay around him
Hagen Re
Hagen Re 7 days ago
Its content for kids, stupid people and especially stupid narcissists whose only character trait is having a child
Christina Ann
Christina Ann 8 days ago
Keem should box Austin and shut that d-bag up
christian kim
christian kim 8 days ago
I think the whole, "THEY GOT ROBBED? YEAH RIGHT," segment of this video was completely tasteless. Whether they actually did or did not get robbed is irrelevant.. the attitude of the narrator had me cringing
Dee Collins
Dee Collins 8 days ago
It's actually not against the law to hire actors. Lol.
DJ3J 8 days ago
Imagine faker people
Kaine Mayer
Kaine Mayer 8 days ago
Ace family: gives away $100.000 Mrbeast: hold my coffee
EspressoStreams 9 days ago
I enjoyed the video but please never say "Arnold Schwarzenegger" again.
Arleigh lenstein
Arleigh lenstein 9 days ago
Catherine’s a sellout Latina. Y’all Latinos know what I’m talking about.
Remi 9 days ago
what kind of parents take their children into a sex-shop?
Julia Lora
Julia Lora 9 days ago
what irritates me the most is whenever catherine does choose to open her mouth, it’s basically what austin said but in question form.
Be As A Rose Co
Be As A Rose Co 9 days ago
So basically Austin is narcissistic.
Morpheus Bott
Morpheus Bott 5 days ago
Crazy af just hearing him talk hurts my ears
Mykowser 9 days ago
What an obnoxious human being
Mykowser 9 days ago
Family channels fucking weird me out. I don’t understand why people follow that shit
Mykowser 9 days ago
Man that guy is someone I’d never EVER have anything to do with
M H 10 days ago
Why does Catherine always sit in her bra with an ace family Tshirt draped over her shoulder?
A A 9 days ago
For views
Nicole Ahammer
Nicole Ahammer 10 days ago
I give you infinity kudos points for presentation 👍😂
Mindy Lavalley
Mindy Lavalley 10 days ago
This guys gross
BioHazard Gaming Official
Yeah, they're dysfunctional... But at least they aren't Daddy O Five.
A A 9 days ago
Although they are pretty close
hisoka stitch
hisoka stitch 11 days ago
im hisoka stitch lol
Karina Jane
Karina Jane 11 days ago
The blood on the bed should be brown, not bright red....
PinkyMiya 11 days ago
I love falling asleep to these documentaries oh my god
Kat Sheedy
Kat Sheedy 11 days ago
Here's a pro tip: if a store sells phallic lollipops, don't bring a young child there. Or at least keep them away from anything inappropriate.
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
Family vloggers actually make me sad for multiple reasons: 1.) Their kids are having their privacy taken away. 2.) Their audience are just a bunch of kids who don't know what's wrong, and honestly probably watch it because their own family is neglectful and they want to just feel included. They defend their actions without even understanding them. 3.) It gives people a false ideal, much like how instagram shows a body type that many can't achieve, and makes themselves feel worse about themselves.
A A 9 days ago
Completely agree
Thomas Mullaney
Thomas Mullaney 12 days ago
What is the background instrumental?!!!!!
Jean Ely
Jean Ely 12 days ago
Who gets robbed and spends the entire investigation recording themselves?
Moose Man
Moose Man 12 days ago
Sometimes you just need to get a golf club.
Mya 12 days ago
And also about the box, their room was a lil two clean to be broke Into,plus that a serious matter that if y’all child was in there ,something could have happened to her,They don’t think!!!😡
Mya 12 days ago
About the head bands,Ummmm on the video that Austin did tryin to explain his self,He was doing a lil to much to know if he was being real.And his grandma...like bro what?
Fiona Nici
Fiona Nici 12 days ago
Oh my God, that terrible. 😳 And with his own father in tow. Vile.
Fiona Nici
Fiona Nici 12 days ago
I'm not surprised there was confusion, they can't understand each other, let alone any1 else understanding them. They are so busy trying to look cool and talking 'dope? dip? A dab' a doo '? That they are absolute bores. It's a sad state of affairs that these shallow, useless boring people are so popular and aspired to by the youth of today. 🤪
Liam Pope
Liam Pope 13 days ago
@22:00 when some acts like that you know that they know they’ve been caught so they act indignant like this
Morpheus Bott
Morpheus Bott 5 days ago
So out of character to what he presents lol must've been a stressful period for the guy 💀
Marea Evans
Marea Evans 13 days ago
Something thats not mentioned.. the CHLORINE water that was running off the property, was draining into a vineyard that a family relied on as their livelihood. There's a video of their side
Dani Tanchay
Dani Tanchay 13 days ago
i just learned that flustrated is a real word and its just flustered and frustrated merged
HonorStar 13 days ago
Epilepsy warning for 7:45-7:59 Great video 👍
PBJ 13 days ago
I really don't get the appeal of vlog channels at all. These people are appalling even without the drama. P.S. Sorry to break it to you TRO, but your taste in guys is shit. Austin ain't even a little cute. ...and Pyrocynical is a furry inflation fetishist degenerate.
Mistynne D Strong
Mistynne D Strong 13 days ago
Keeping “ god “ first..seems to be a recurring theme..in these “:family reality shows”..and the shadiness of it annoys me..it’s about promoting the religious right..who already have far more influence than they should ..why doesn’t anyone talk about that.?
Vee Vala Vee
Vee Vala Vee 13 days ago
Well the screen shot saying he was being sarcastic don’t make sense, both days says Friday but that not how iPhone msgs works,those are different days! If not it wouldn’t be separated like this! Im pretty sure he was paid!
Eduardo Escobar
Eduardo Escobar 13 days ago
Referring to the section of where their house was allegedly broken into. Why would you keep wearing the Disney land Mickey Mouse hat? It feels like he purposely put the hat on just to prove that they were at Disneyland. Also I feel like a burglar would have either ignored the US-first play button or taken it but not just put it on the ground. The lack of security camera footage is very suspicious, especially for US-first influencers in a million dollar home
Ella Marie's Vlogs
Ella Marie's Vlogs 14 days ago
I really hope Catherine wakes up real soon and ditches That loser 🙈😡😡 but she’s won’t bcoz she’s t far in it all now but I no behind closed doors everything isn’t what they try t make out it is 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂 iv seen a few videos leaked we’re he’s been aggressive t family members, Catherine and even Elle oh and forgetting how he treat mr Kate he’s got a massive ego 😡 He thinks he’s god and everyone should 🙇‍♂️ t him 👎 I don’t no what happened t Austin but he needs t take a leaf out of his little brothers Landon book bcoz that’s a proper partner, dad and all round nicer person 🤭🤣🤣
Morpheus Bott
Morpheus Bott 5 days ago
Cat used to be an escort for tazs angels when instagram was new.. I don't think she's much better than Austin they deserve each other
A A 9 days ago
But his brother dies seem like a good partner and dad less ego and much more honesty
A A 9 days ago
I think she is aware but maybe just got used to him being like that.and probably stays because he is her baby daddy and they have so many business together and she got used to the luxuries.
Cali Lycan
Cali Lycan 14 days ago
31:57 That's why you don't want to film your kid?!?! Shouldn't you be considering how that could effect their later life?? Not everyone wants to be filmed, and it's not like you could know what a baby will want in the future, I probably sound crazy but that's just because I wouldn't want to see videos of me as a child online to a large viewership
COD GHOST 141 14 days ago
As a former supervisor at Spencer’s, I’m having some PTSD flashbacks of hearing that freakin doorbell all day 😳
PortalOfKaden 14 days ago
US-first subtitles gave us a gift, the AIDS family.
28-skate -masturbate
Everything that comes out of austins mouth is verbal diahorea
28-skate -masturbate
I can NOT stand the as*hole... i mean ace family😣
Ashley Cantrell
Ashley Cantrell 14 days ago
Does this bitch really think that...just because there wasn't that much water it shouldn't cause too much damage? You live in LA. California at that. A dry ass state The smallest rainstorm can cause catastrophic landslides.
Kaleigh Corey
Kaleigh Corey 14 days ago
No. That fool is sick
AftermathRV 15 days ago
g p
g p 15 days ago
As a human with 2 kids, a husband and 1.5 dogs, I would never willingly watch a family vlogging channel. Why waste my free time watching kids crying and shitting about.. I'm more of a TRO deadbug lady myself
Shiraya 15 days ago
I feel sorry for the children. At some point in their lives they'll probably stumble across all those controversies and videos and I also feel like it might be used against them at some point. Especially teenagers can be cruel so having a very public dad who's accused of being a r*pist or in general just having all that stuff about your family (and yourself) on the internet could make things difficult for them in the future.
[] 16 days ago
Austin reminds me of my ex; self centered, childish, can't take critisism, lack of empathy, annoying, kinda stupid in some ways, and overall ew
Alfredo Salcedo
Alfredo Salcedo 16 days ago
I had no idea this was the first video jabby was featured in your channel
shaddowvex 16 days ago
skill issue
Snowy 17 days ago
"She said she gonna steal it if i don't buy it" Im against violence towards kids but a slap would've been the solution (Im ready for the comment backlash, bring is in baby)
Adrian Tarrant
Adrian Tarrant 17 days ago
Ah the douchebag goatee
Daniel Wheeler
Daniel Wheeler 17 days ago
I don’t know what’s worse, that people create these accounts or that people actually watch and pay for this.
Stephanie 17 days ago
Austin makes my stomach sick. Narcissistic boy.
Demil G.
Demil G. 17 days ago
33:30 putting this here because it was fLustrating trying to find it.
Shantal2501 18 days ago
Guys, that caterpillar on his face is clearly a failed attempt to hide his weak chin 😂