The Boogie2988 Problem - How It Hurts His Reputation | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: The Boogie2988 Problem - How It Hurts His Reputation | TRO
I went to Vidcon. I had a great time met a load of top lads and handsome chaps, and if I did have the chance to meet you then I hope to see you again, and if I didn’t, I will be at conventions in the future hopefully, and it’d be cool to see you there.
I was inside one of halls at Vidcon, as the roaming fees are absolutely insane I had to rely on WiFi, and there were only certain places I could attain it, this hall was one of those places. But it was fairly late, the hall was fairly empty, and I was messaging people to try and ascertain their location so we could go and chill. Then, I saw something, the doors opening, I turn my attention. Lo and behold, there stood Billy The Fridge, and there sat, in his mobility scooter, Boogie2988. They were stopped by another fan and they told them that they were on the way to a meeting, so I decided against intercepting them myself. I am a courteous gentleman.
For the very few who are unaware, Boogie2988 is a US-firstr known for a range of videos. He has this persona, Francis, who is a satirical take on gamers, and then his other set of serious videos which discusses some more deeper and personal topics.
So I saw them, I let them go. I didn’t have anything to speak to them about regardless,I mean what could have possibly unfolded over a few days of banter at Vidcon?
Due to my lack of internet in many places, I paid less attention to the internet, and when I did, it was typically at unsociable hours. So when someone asked me what I thought of the Boogie situation, my response was “Wait, what?”.
Yes, apparently the time I saw him, a situation was actually at the peak of unfolding, one very interesting discussion, which were to result in an eventual apology from the man in question. I’ll explain the basic situation before going into an exploration phase.
The situation that arose wasn’t actually sourced at Vidcon, it was sourced briefly before Vidcon, when Boogie made an appearance on the h3 podcast, you know the podcast, hosted by h3. It’s in the name. But anyhow, he was on there, and the topic of Vidcon 2017 came up, an event I’ll be covering in more depth later. But to summarise, he hosted a panel with Video Game Feminist Anita Sarkeesian, and at the end of the panel he said something that she objected to, and this led to a confrontation and subsequent discussion.
However, during this discussion about this incident Boogie said something that people took objection to. He made a comment about gay marriage that some felt was in poor form, this led to a lot of back and forth between Boogie and these critics, and eventually led to him retracting his original statement.
This inevitably led to accusations that Boogie was fence-sitting, some for the comments he made, and then some for the subsequent retraction. However, this isn’t really new, in fact, Boogie has been in this position times before, even the original situation where he made a video on meeting Anita he received the same accusations. Unfortunately, you can’t please everyone.
However, generally, I do believe that people should stand for what they believe in, and shouldn’t just cater to every side, as although these things often bank on some sort of subjectivity, there is a societal context that may make a certain choice preferable.
So today, what I’m going to be doing is doing my own little personal investigation into whether Boogie can be considered a fence sitter, initiating with a little exploration, discussion and then reapplying it to the situation in question so we can hopefully come to a bit more of a steadfast conclusion on it.
So what I did is I pulled up a selection of Boogie videos over the last few years in which he covered drama, some more contentious than others. To try and decipher if he’s been employing any tactics that we would be able to pin down to fence-sitting, pandering or anything else. Maybe I was pleasantly surprised and found him to be a man of strong principle, just of elaborate reasoning…
I’ve watched a few Boogie videos on drama in my time, but generally I don’t follow him too closely. So although some of these were revisits, most of them were looked at with fresh eyes.
Well let’s discuss it.
- iWaffleTV: us-first.info/more/gMsb_pjK_tJmrm-npoAkuQ
- Sir Cheeseknight: us-first.info/more/6ThPBLQ6dfeRLkDskw62uQ
- DampBroadcast: us-first.info/more/O82dbDOrkwl6NN0dOFqEow
- WorkingUsername: us-first.info/more/ZpQH8Q9QjmyY9h-MLVgtlA
- Benjamin Rogers: BenjaminRogersX
- Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w
- Outro: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg

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Jul 27, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
CREDITS BELOW THIS PARAGRAPH: Apologies if the visual editing is a bit much in the first minute, the guy doing it clearly had a lot of fun, it calms down after that. Still, hope you had a good time and take something away from the vid. Also won't be replying to many comments as I'm out tonight. But you can still reach me on Twitter if you wanna chat. - CHECK OUT THE EDITORS! - iWaffleTV: us-first.info/more/gMsb_pjK_tJmrm-npoAkuQ - Sir Cheeseknight: us-first.info/more/6ThPBLQ6dfeRLkDskw62uQ - DampBroadcast: us-first.info/more/O82dbDOrkwl6NN0dOFqEow - WorkingUsername: us-first.info/more/ZpQH8Q9QjmyY9h-MLVgtlA - Benjamin Rogers: twitter.com/BenjaminRogersX - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w - Outro: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg - Special thanks to my Patreons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder, Jade Rose, The Biotechnological Fragmentation Gr*nade, Charmed Skull, Colin Hart, Taylor Leibel, Hunter Antonelli, James Bryan - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr Links References Part 1 - iWaffleTV Boogie on Anita Sarkeesian: us-first.info/player/video/ipKWrYanhINlhKM.html Boogie Tweets: twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010684940789248000 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010581891081228290 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010582381458178053 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010583115922747392 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010580284545224704 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010579678610898944 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010578724360630272 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010683235079057409 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010685286408318976 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010689272007913473 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010689540736995329 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010687273745055744 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010809259796254720 Boogie Retraction: twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1011330623074693126 References Part 2 - Benjamin Rogers & DampBroadcast Videos covered us-first.info/player/video/mrdsf3yDiYVmpnE.html (Dear Fat People) us-first.info/player/video/jN2BlHCTaW54pXU.html (Logan Paul) us-first.info/player/video/j7NiqZ-Mn4Rpq30.html (Fine Bros) us-first.info/player/video/adZ6qomMYIWsnXE.html (Anita) us-first.info/player/video/is-inZuamap5qHE.html (Apology for Matthew Santoro) us-first.info/player/video/hbGedaWWn395bXk.html (Matthew Santoro Plagiarism) If By Whiskey Speech: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If-by-whiskey#Canonical_example GradeAUnderA on Matthew Santoro: us-first.info/player/video/bKaAg6dipI-anok.html References Part 3 - Working Username Boogie on Anita Sarkeesian: us-first.info/player/video/ipKWrYanhINlhKM.html Clip about Same-Sex Marriage: us-first.info/player/video/ipKWrYanhINlhKM.html Boogie on toxicity of both sides: twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1009833524734509056 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1009833926175518722 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1009834995375050753 Boogie Tweets On Same-Sex Marriage Drama: twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010684940789248000 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010581891081228290 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010582381458178053 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010583115922747392 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010580284545224704 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010579678610898944 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010578724360630272 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010683235079057409 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010685286408318976 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010689272007913473 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010689540736995329 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010687273745055744 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010809259796254720 Boogie’s comment on the left: twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010572191069425674 Boogie’s comments that lit the fuse: twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010581891081228290 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010582381458178053 Boogie saying “fuck you” to Nazis, and “burn them” while still appealing to convincing them: twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1009846553094176769 twitter.com/Boogie2988/status/1010687273745055744 Someone talking about Martin Luther King: twitter.com/shaun_jen/status/1010680833957683201 References Part 4 - Sir CheeseKnight Channel concerns: us-first.info/player/video/l7aJhJmEk51lhYE.html
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 9 days ago
Yeah, people on the left really are afraid, that merely "re-education" won't change a fascist mind set. But people on the right definetly don't just think that other's just need education. They scream blood and murder. How did you miss the Charlottesville rally? Just look at the US right now & tell me the MAGAs just want to re-educate? Go ask a trans person how they fell about this...
Its A Cat
Its A Cat 2 months ago
The intro reminds me of a cod montage, and I like it
angelidez13 7 months ago
I got a bit of motion sickness lmao but nothing a Dramamine couldn't fix...still totally worth it! It'll take more then that to sway me from watching till the end. Love your channel
Phung Ho
Phung Ho 8 months ago
Nah it was fun
Little Miss Herde Derp
Not sure if you came across this and it's obviously like a few years late/possibly not relevant but I ran across this while viewing your video and looking up information on what you were talking about; www.reddit.com/r/SamandTolki/comments/ajzm5h/the_hidden_truth_boogie_doesnt_want_you_to_know/
I like baked beans
Battimen r nasty
Peter Pan
Peter Pan 9 days ago
Yeah, people on the left really are afraid, that merely "re-education" won't change a fascist mind set. But people on the right definetly don't just think that other's just need education. They scream blood and murder. How did you miss the Charlottesville rally? Just look at the US right now & tell me the MAGAs just want to re-educate? Go ask a trans person how they fell about this...
TheBizzle1984 9 days ago
I have VERY strong opinions, so people being wishy washy just annoys me. I feel like they're just too scared to stand up for themselves and their opinions, and they’re usually the kind of people who aren't prepared to admit when they're wrong, so they just try their hardest to never be wrong, which, of course is impossible, and wrong thinking in itself, because fence sitting obviously is also viewed as wrong by some people. When it comes to human rights, I don't want to have debates or take the long view. I think all people deserve equal human rights immediately. Also, making something legal changes the public's view of that thing. Look at Canada, we've had marriage equality for 15 years and we're finally at a point where it's not a controversial issue in the slightest. In fact, people are starting to reject religious institutions that won't extend marriage equality to all their members. That's not to say there aren't still religious blowhards and bigots, but they're a very small minority, and a big part of that was them not being able to rely on the trite argument that "iT'S ilLeGal" (🙄).
TheBizzle1984 9 days ago
Thanks for mentioning the "if by whiskey" argument. I didn't know about that, it's very interesting. Although, I must admit, I kind of see the point the original statement was making. Whiskey isn't inherently bad, just bad in some people's hands. Maybe we should have enacted a drinking license system, wherein your right to drink can be revoked if you constantly acted the fool and endangered others while drinking. This is a tangent obviously, but I found it very interesting.
Michał Wysocki
Michał Wysocki 14 days ago
You must be a persona fan, great choice of music!
JACKEL inc. 15 days ago
3:55 looks like the dark hour is here
Reese Sanchez
Reese Sanchez 15 days ago
Im pretty sure that’s the ultra despair girls theme song in the bg shhdhfhhf4 I see u
Demon from the North Sea
While it's important to stand for what you believe in, I believe it's also important to be able to say "I was wrong. I've changed my mind." Changing your mind constantly is bad.
furyberserk Month ago
The fine bros format trademark thing wasn't bad. People were just too sensitive about the idea of trademarking the concept which they can't do anyway.
m f
m f Month ago
boogie is IRL jabba the hutt except he doesn't have the money, power, influence, or gang.
Why does this video seem to begin midsentence?
Cody Clark
Cody Clark Month ago
Just a nit-pick: why does this video start in the middle of TRO's intro instead of like a normal video?
BodilyFunctions Month ago
Mmm this video has aged like a fine wine.
Aaron Stepien
Aaron Stepien Month ago
I hope people come back to this video. boogie is trying to lie to and manipulate the internet once again. He has once said that he is more addicted to twitter than FOOD, so that should say something. When boogie made his video talking about the gun incident the FIRST thing he mentions is that he's "trending on twitter"
M. ierardi
M. ierardi 2 months ago
...time for a follow up, perhaps?
Kanto Emblem
Kanto Emblem 2 months ago
Shout out to TRO using the Tartarus music in this vid
Calvin Leblanc
Calvin Leblanc 2 months ago
Found my first TRO video recommended and kept watching because of the Persona music in the background (and the great video of course). This video delivered! I heard P3 and P4. This brings me joy.
Sean Bax
Sean Bax 2 months ago
I just realized this video is missing the “Hello and welcome to T.R.O.” intro and it just cuts to his catchphrase... how was this missed
Brendan Mlejnek
Brendan Mlejnek 2 months ago
The only problem I ever had with gay marriage is with interfering with freedom of religion since marriage is from religion
Farstar YT
Farstar YT 3 months ago
1:55 my new background
SpaceCaseWriter :3
SpaceCaseWriter :3 3 months ago
If every single person waited for the “crazies” to be okay with them nothing would ever happen. Women were threatened if they tried to vote! I’m the end it’s the choice of the person if they are willing to take that risk. If they would like to risk their wellbeing for their beliefs, then that can end up being pretty admirable.
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman 3 months ago
Do we really think the left is more radical though lol ???
John Adams
John Adams 3 months ago
Boogie's a pseudo-intellectual who plays the victim/mental illness card at the slightest adversity or criticism. He has all the depth of a puddle.
Lindsey 3 months ago
What’s up with the start of video? It’s like the first 10 seconds of his intro got cut or something?
Julisa Watt
Julisa Watt 3 months ago
I feel for the guy honestly. I used to be that person, needing approval from everyone around me to feel acknowledged/validated.. imagine realizing you have no sense of self outside of what people think around you. I hope he takes time to really think about why he does what he does. Edit: shit! I love the ending to this! I hadn’t finished the video before making this comment and you addressed it! I appreciate you truly seeing both sides of this! He needs to get to know himself for sure.
BHᴇaR†sD 3 months ago
"Hell is full of good meanings, but heaven is full of good works". Tro my man intentions are like fine wine. Everyone thinks they are a wine connoisseur. It's not for everyone, it's the internet. You can't and want make everyone happy. Trust me Twitter is a very dark place. Lets see how long you last with the click of the mouse and canceled. Just depends on if you can stand it. Sometimes you can't have your cake and eat it. Good shit very good.
DigitalHarmony 3 months ago
I’m a very non confrontational person but when I’m standing up for something I’m passionate about I don’t care who I offended. A man who stands for nothing falls for everything.
Dante Edgeworth
Dante Edgeworth 3 months ago
Love that P3 music
Green Fox
Green Fox 3 months ago
unpopuliar opninion: Personally i find boogie extremly disgusting. Weakness is not a virtue and banking on sympatie while trying to at from both sides is a tactic i would never trust nor respect.
Dod o
Dod o 22 hours ago
It depends on how people treat there weaknesses, if they try to work on them and grow them it can be considered a virtue, if they blame everyone else and make no effort it is not
Lee M.
Lee M. 3 months ago
The fine brothers just further the stereotype that all homeschooled people are losers
Juche Necromancer
Juche Necromancer 3 months ago
That gay marriage take is peak liberalism.
William Lee
William Lee 3 months ago
Isn't that background music from persona 3?
Rob G
Rob G 3 months ago
After watching a few of your videos, I've learned some of your editors love Persona lmao
Harry Todhunter
Harry Todhunter 3 months ago
I really enjoyed his MTG openings, shame he doesn’t do them anymore
Scaper JR
Scaper JR 3 months ago
Anyone else hear those sad persona jams in the background
Miss Tiktaalik
Miss Tiktaalik 3 months ago
Tfw the first song comes from ultra despair girls and ur vibin
scout1011 4 months ago
look, i am a big fan of your videos TRO but sometimes I really can't take your verbosity. It gets to a level that borders on unnecessary
Jared Moreno
Jared Moreno 4 months ago
I love the meme you put. My favorite color is green. It’s sums up the state of the world right now
Bred 2
Bred 2 4 months ago
BurncideGRPW 4 months ago
I used to really like the guy but the years of just refusing to choose a side and stick by it drove me away. Gaming is my passion, its my favourite pass time and hobby, and I care a great deal about it which also means I care a great deal about the various issues and discussions about it, and when you have someone with a large audience who refuses to stick by their word on these issues, it pisses me off because he could be a great voice for good if he weren't so afraid of argument and unfriendly discussion. It frustrates me that he has this audience but his own personality means they can never actually be educated because you can't take anything the guy says seriously, since by the next day he'll renege on it.
Mysterious gay
Mysterious gay 4 months ago
"If you stand for nothing Boogie, what'll you fall for?"
Philipp Ändern
Philipp Ändern 4 months ago
Geez, boogie owns a lot of toys for someone who doesn't have any children.
Baf Lange
Baf Lange 4 months ago
Finally found milo yinopolpuus secret channel
SoulDevoured 4 months ago
I mean from where he's coming from is a big deal. It DID take decades, probably really starting with the AIDs crisis in the 80s and millions of gay people dying, for people to start to come around to the idea that gay people are 1. human and 2. not really a dangerous enigma to society. I don't think legalizing gay marriage in 1982 would have gone as well as legalizing it in 2015 did. Because by then the point had been hammered in so well all but the most diehard and hateful of people had stopped giving a shit if not supported.
oats nope
oats nope 4 months ago
10:07 i love big ben the editor please do more with him, james!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bobo Jarboe
Bobo Jarboe 4 months ago
this is my favorite tro video. partially because tro does a very good job of not only speaking about drama that doesn't involve someone being the devil, but explaining the very intricate flaws of stances made; but also because one of the editors made jokes about the facts that tro mentions opinions and his name is the right opinion
Buckett 5 months ago
This is an old video, and I don't know what I could say that hasn't been said yet, I just wanted to say I like the persona 4 music
Kaja Metež
Kaja Metež 5 months ago
10:00 give that man a raise
Bv44 5 months ago
Video is great, I feel that when you could end the video, you go beyond and giving even more in depth information. Also persona music is a big plus.
David Kirwan
David Kirwan 5 months ago
Is that _Persona_ music in the background?
SdB SdB 5 months ago
i honestly feel sorry for boogie because he grew up in an inviroment were he would lie constantly to not get abused
Turtle CO.
Turtle CO. 5 months ago
Whatever editor put the Tartarus theme in the video deserves massive props
Hayato 5 months ago
LTG's roast of this inflated twat has aged the best out of all boogie criticism.
Me Mes
Me Mes 5 months ago
It would be so heart breaking to have to wait to marry someone I love just so the "crazies" won't get riled up. There are always going to be people who are crazy and will get riled up
tiptipkitten 5 months ago
I feel like Boogie forms opinions very similar to me, I appreciate being able to learn from videos like these. Although I tend to just try and not express them at all haha
Louis Palafox
Louis Palafox 5 months ago
Boogie is a good guy but he really does pander to both sides. TRO really does hit all the notes that Boogie should take heed in.
Micha Ryan
Micha Ryan 5 months ago
Boogie's takes are basically just like how Eddie Izzard describes little kids lying their heads off. Kid: I didn't do it! I was...I wasn't...I was dead at the time! I was on the moon! With Steve! Dad: I haven't even accused you of anything yet. Kid: Oh, all right. Well...what is, what's the que...well, I-I-well...what? Dad: Did you brush your teeth? Kid: No. Yes! Whi-what's correct? Anyway, yeah...I was dead at the time!
harry biggins
harry biggins 6 months ago
How can you justify an ad 4 minutes into a video?
Yukai 6 months ago
Everyone in the comments: sharing their opinions in nice and logical ways Me, hearing the video’s Persona BG: WASURENAAAAAI YO DAIJI NAAA
Neon-Sky 6 months ago
I looove the persona music 🤩
shukezi 6 months ago
the editors of this video went off the rails in this vid, i love it.
Max Hyde
Max Hyde 6 months ago
Gay marriage shouldn't be legal. Straight marriage shouldn't be legal. The government shouldn't have the ability to legislate marriage at all.
Lord Gaben
Lord Gaben 6 months ago
Boogie be like "imma kill myself, hunger strike, see you in six years"
Yelena Antipova
Yelena Antipova 6 months ago
Man it's so refreshing to hear someone that doesn't just entirely shit on someone they criticize.
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
BTW I'm the one who figured out Mathew was plagiarizing. I forgot what was the video about. But it was interesting and wanted to look more into so when I goggle it. I clicked on the 1st page and it was literally word per word.whatathew said on his channel. I left and comment and link and figured it wasn't a big deal. And felt most you tubers where probably doing this.
Heath De Young
Heath De Young 6 months ago
Lovin the persona 3 music bro
Shawn Harris
Shawn Harris 6 months ago
So basically boogie is a yes man ? And actually kinda a bigot.
Urgan Nagru
Urgan Nagru 6 months ago
The American left is full of SJWs and annoying pricks that damages the left in general. The European left is true leftism about equality, common humanity and class struggle
Oni's Arcade
Oni's Arcade 6 months ago
Is boogie a face sitter? Good lord I hope not. My poor nostrils.
C JJ 6 months ago
Must be a strong fence for him to sit on
Yamin Rashid
Yamin Rashid 6 months ago
Boogies people pleaser behavior probably stems from his childhood trauma, the dude desperately needs a therapist.
klarise 6 months ago
unrelated but i love the persona 3 music in the background! but that aside amazing quality and editing :)
off brand harry potter
18:54 I like watching him on infowars
Aisaka Taiga
Aisaka Taiga 7 months ago
Hell yeah tartarus
maya yaser
maya yaser 7 months ago
Every one talking about persona 5 music, but what about danganronpa ultra despair girls in the beginning?
Melancholic 7 months ago
Nice job discussing the politics behind these types of issues from a more neutral view. Neutrality in politics in my own opinion is very important as it allows you to see the whole picture and I really like how you did it here. Also I'm new to this community so hello lol
Jester 7 months ago
one for me and one for my hooker
Angel Bunny
Angel Bunny 7 months ago
Did Krypt do one of your icons?
Maui Randall
Maui Randall 7 months ago
The right not caring about morality is not the same as them having ideals that align with "what works" their ideals don't work, they just have ideals that don't align with morality.
Maui Randall
Maui Randall 7 months ago
Maybe different in England but in America it's laughable to say the "left are morally driven by ideals and the right driven by what works" That or This truly is the *right* opinion
Victor Cobane
Victor Cobane 7 months ago
I dislike Boogie's stance on gay marriage because it feels like willingly living in fear and letting others control you without having to even do anything. Like, if hypothetically gay marriage being legalized does lead to an increase in hate crimes, that doesn't tell me that we shouldn't legalize gay marriage. That tells me that we need to find a more effective system to put in place to handle and prevent hate crimes. Bad things are always going to exist, but if you prevent the creation of good things out of fear of the bad things that may emerge because of it, then those good things will never be made, and there will simply be less good things, with the same amount of bad things. I am not sure how well I am articulating myself, but it really makes sense in my head. Like, you can't make the world a better place with inaction, and you can't make the world a better place by trying to make it a worse place (duh) so the only option to make things better is to take positive action. Yes, more challenges or some unforeseen negative consequences may emerge out of that positive action, and it is good to really think things through and try to assess what those bad things could be, and how they may be preventable, but eventually an action does have to be taken.
Jake Goodman
Jake Goodman 7 months ago
Someone showing a hanging lifeless body in their video and uses suicide for views= good intentions
Jenova Strife
Jenova Strife 7 months ago
I'm a bit late to the game here, but i think he just wants people to get along. And i dont think that's a bad trait to have, it just isnt very good if you want to be popular if you want people talking about you and wanting people to hear what you have to say. Let's be honest, people like drama, they like emotion, it's why you dont see a bunch of stoics in media it isnt entertaining. I think he's a good guy, i'd love to hang out with him and hear what he has to say and all that jazz. But i probably wont watch him to be entertained.
Reese 7 months ago
9:42 Please tell I’m not the only one who immediately said *“If you stand for nothing Burr, what’ll you fall for”* here.
skeleleton boi
skeleleton boi 8 months ago
Kat Howard
Kat Howard 8 months ago
22:40 that tweet reads as “most of you can’t change my mind- I still don’t care to take any initiative. But those who said they were personally wronged by having a discrepancy in rights- I’m sorry for you, but that’s your fight- I’m not getting involved” It definitely reads as someone who couldn’t care less whether or not gay people had the right to marriage, and by extension other legal benefits to marriage such as visiting their partner in the ICU, and as someone who would rather leave the educating and fighting to other people. If you’re going to be this passive fence sitter- then fuck off and don’t even insert yourself into the discussion if you’re just going to be hypocritical in the same breath.
Kat Howard
Kat Howard 8 months ago
Boogie saying “we’re going to have backlash” when it comes to passing gay marriage equality sounds suspiciously like a lot of anti-civil rights rhetoric many more “politically correct” yet delusional white people had in the 1960’s when we were passing the civil rights laws. Imagine saying “oh let’s try in a couple decades and slowly change people’s minds” during the civil rights era when a significant portion of people lacked rights to even use the front door of restaurants. But I bet the fact that it took 100+ years for civil rights to pass following the civil war- I’m sure Boogie would argue that this is evidence for “methodically changing people’s perceptions and opinions”. I’m sorry, but people shouldn’t wait hundreds of years to be afforded basic rights when it was obvious we could get it done now. He’s so afraid about hearing a small minority opinion that he’s willing to push off the rights that the vast majority of people are fine with having or even fighting to have. The stupid rhetoric of “let’s make it the next generation’s problem” is such a problematic mindset. Who cares if you upset a few of the older generations? Majority of people who are resistant to progression tends to be the older generation, but they still instill their values and ideals onto some of the newer generation. Wanting to appease everyone, or at least who had some value in society, is the primary reason why it took over one hundred years for civil rights to pass. And there are still people today who think black people and other minorities shouldn’t be afforded these rights. So it’s still even more moronic to think that there will ever be a right time to pass equal rights acts. You’re going to upset someone when a law passes. That is an inevitability. It should upset at least someone- because if it doesn’t that means there is a flaw in the legalese of the laws terms. We have a yay-nay party, but if everyone is happy with the law, it shows that people are interpreting it differently dependent on political leaning and rights can be mitigated or exploited as a result. If there is no initiative or coherent understanding of our legal future, no one will make that initial precedent of changing or fighting for someone’s rights. It’s just blissfully ignorant of how it actually affects people and he’s obviously speaking from a point of privilege and ignorance.
Smo Cloud
Smo Cloud 8 months ago
I’ve seen this before but I really love watching your videos lol. Your writing is excellent.
Leah Logan
Leah Logan 8 months ago
Persona 3
carl 8 months ago
Boogie The Spineless
sparkyspawnoffire 8 months ago
That music at 4:07 sound really familiar but i just cant put my finger on it, if anyone could tell me what it is I'd be seriously greatful
sparkyspawnoffire 19 days ago
@Implosay 7 months late or not you still took the time to reply to me, I appreciate it! Thank you! :)
Implosay 19 days ago
I know this is 7 months late but it's "Mistic" from Persona 3.
Subwoofer 8 months ago
This video could have gone on longer and it did not paint the full picture of the issues with Boogie. The fence sitting was one thing, his bigger issues stacked when he started detracting and dismissing criticism about his weight, which he constantly makes excuses for eating habits. He also makes passive aggressive attacks towards accusations against him, regardless of validity which ended up shedding light on how his behavior on camera was probably a facade he put on, where there are several videos of him cursing and venting towards the audience out of frustration over his inability to cover his excuses about his weight and online behavior. He really riled up the online community when he turned Etika's suicide into a sort of "self promoting" pity party. You really should expand on this. There's a LOT more then just his fence sitting that got people upset
crazykirsch 8 months ago
I've really never understood why or how people get so sycophantic about YT personalities that they'll brigade and downvote-boycott any videos that challenge the idolized, perfect mental image they have of someone. Grow the fuck up.
Ryan Morris
Ryan Morris 8 months ago
oh i get it hes a liberal
Mark O
Mark O 9 months ago
I don't think you understand the full range of right wing ideology very well. I am neither right or left, ideologically. I think there are sound conclusions as well as foolish misunderstandings expressed across the entire ideological spectrum. But your description of conservative thinking was incredibly shallow.
Mark O
Mark O 9 months ago
Actually, the "if by whiskey" speech, if you consider carefully, is anything but pandering. It's a brilliant piece of satirical rhetoric, and it says something very profound about the nature of public controversy.
Preston K. Productions
I thought someone with the name "The Right Opinion" would be really stuck up and pretentious, but you're actually the most level-headed and sensible commentary channel I've ever seen. You're far more considerate of all opinions and evidence than any of the others, and your takes on any situation always avoid putting things in broad terms and blanket statements. Maybe there are no right opinions, but you've shown me that there's a right way to form an opinion. Also, great soundtrack for this video. Just felt like I watched a really good anime or something.
IceHarvest929 17 days ago
TRO and D'Angelo Wallace are pretty similar in that way. You ought to check out his channel if you haven't, already.
Maltaball Month ago
@onometre like that fuckwit “Mr Obvious”
Dahlia Productions
Dahlia Productions 3 months ago
what about pyrocynical
Kohana Greyelk
Kohana Greyelk 3 months ago
You said it better than I could.
Naming is Difficult
Naming is Difficult 4 months ago
onometre same
Carl Manvers
Carl Manvers 9 months ago
Boogie is in the center of a society that has been conditioned from birth to believe things are black and white. People don't seem to realize that both sides or an argument can be utterly wrong.
Luxai 9 months ago
Actually, the if-by-whiskey argument makes sense if you think about it and doesn't deserve the cringe label you attach to it. I read the wiki site you used for demonstration, and what I gather from what the lawmake said is that good or bad are dependent on how you view and use things. He provided both the negative and the positive outlooks on whiskey, which displayed that the responsiblity of the consumer is what the ultimate verdict hinges on, rather than an inherant good or bad. Applying either label without hearing opposing views, knowing the personal stories, and the individuals character would, in my opinion, be the real crime. Being of the mindset that you can't call something good or bad without looking at it through a looking glass made out of consideration and understanding is definetly a point you can defend, and in my opinion you should do so. You said it yourself - it's more about the presentation rather than the points. Present it as evil, and confirmation bias will attract people who agree. Present it as good, the same thing happens. Because of this, neither side is truly comprehensive. Some could argue that you are a twat stuck up your own ass, and some could argue you are a wise man who does gods work. I know that I enjoy your content, and that's likely not going to change, but I would still hear opposing opinions for the sake of understanding people better. I believe that in the end, this is what the lawman wanted to say. Judge based on comprehension, not confirmation bias and presentations that are skewed in the same direction that your own feelings and opinions are.
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