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The Right Opinion - The Attack On MrBeast | TRO
Here and there, I’ve dropped the mention of media, often in a less than favourable tone, and often it does seem abstract to me, that something, which, before I started paying attention to the internet, I never was really particularly bothered by, now really frustrates me as a medium. This is, in part, because I never really used it, my childhood experience of the PC constituted of FIFA Manager, and a brief spell in a Call of Duty clan, a venture that will forever bemuse me, though it did yield some pretty epic throwing knife montages. I told you guys I was a man of many talents.
But anyway, before I get lost in the forest that is my own ego, we were discussing the media. When I started using online sites, it rapidly became clear to me how many sites had agendas to push, I remember the 2015 UK General Election, when the Daily Mail posted a tactical voting guide on how to keep Labour out on their front page, despite the fact that, as a radio host myself at the time, not being allowed to express any political views pre-election. The media do have extensive freedom, and damn do they milk that.
I realised it then, but it never really caused me any concern, because people did seem to see through such a vapid attempt to manipulate the many audiences, no, not until year of 2016, when I decided to pursue this damned US-first dream, did I encounter my initial qualms. Social media, particularly that on Twitter, seemed to focus on reactionary titles, exceptionally poor reporting, and the farthest reaching within their legal realms, aimed at masking fallacies with facts. Ones that which, although not libelous, I always found pretty manipulative. I think this has become more apparent over the last few years as certain figures have provoked that narrative into the open, often bringing it into scrutiny. A person who has practically become the media nemesis is obviously American President Donald Trump, I don’t want to go into too much detail, but his election was a real indictment to a media almost entirely hostile to him and his beliefs. I think that was a turning point for when I realised that wasn’t exactly working out, I wasn’t particularly happy but I saw it coming.
Many people disagree to the extent of the toxicity of modern journalism, however, one situation that brought creators, near and far, together, was the situation surrounding MrBeast. Now, MrBeast, is a creator who bases his channel, in part, around philanthropy, that is, handing out the dollar to the less fortunate, he often finds creative ways to do it at least, while balancing this with content based on ideas so absurdly intriguing that they pull the views to fund his generosity, although he did say most of his money nowadays comes from deals beyond the US-first platform, as the monetisation process hasn’t been particularly merciful towards him, either way, it’s a reproductive process, and long may it last.
The Atlantic must’ve seen his success, and thought “how can we get a good click out of that”, and then thought “scandal”, so reads this title.

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Jun 18, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
CREDITS BELOW THIS PARAGRAPH: Firstly, sorry if the opening audio is quieter in comparison to the others, don’t know how it’s happened but it has. I’m incredibly busy right now so if I don’t respond to too many comments I apologise. I’ll be back in form by the end of next week. You can still reach me elsewhere if you wanna talk specifically to me. ALSO, when I use the word "biased", I should probably say subjective. Although there are definitions that definitely support my use of it. I don't mean to cause confusion. - CHECK OUT THE EDITORS! - iWaffleTV: us-first.info/more/gMsb_pjK_tJmrm-npoAkuQ - Sir Cheeseknight: us-first.info/more/6ThPBLQ6dfeRLkDskw62uQ - ColeoIsCooleo: us-first.info - Joe Murphy: us-first.info - Corticera: us-first.info - Thumbnail: us-first.info/more/pCeUlldSsXKRwJvFLYw64w - Outro: us-first.info/more/yuNHQVfhMgszyJ2FRPfHUg - Special thanks to my Patreons: Mr Radiance, Low60, Mac Mauder, Jade Rose, The Biotechnological Fragmentation Gr*nade - Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion - Patreon: www.patreon.com/therightopinion - Discord: discord.gg/VKFReyr Links References (Part 1) - iWaffleTV My Old Throwing Knife Montage: us-first.info/player/video/i8qla3hqoo6HdmA.html Daily Mail Tactical Voting Guide: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3069464/How-vote-tactically-Red-Ed-Constituency-constituency-guide-50-key-seats-help-Labour-Number-10.html MrBeast’s money not coming from monetisation: gyazo.com/5ff584536ebf96a29a69145dce43d5d0 MrBeast Tweet: twitter.com/TheAtlantic/status/999771493738442753 Mr Beast Article: www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2018/05/youtubes-biggest-philanthropist-has-a-history-of-homophobic-comments/561248/? MrBeast: us-first.info Pogo Controversy: us-first.info/player/video/eNdonpmTXYhmmps.html References (Part 2) - Sir Cheeseknight Times article on US-first: www.newsmediauk.org/write/MediaUploads/Fake%20News/Times_9.2_Investigation.pdf www.thetimes.co.uk/article/google-faces-questions-over-videos-on-youtube-3km257v8d Wall Street Journal Article on Pewdiepie: www.wsj.com/articles/disney-severs-ties-with-youtube-star-pewdiepie-after-anti-semitic-posts-1487034533 Wall Street Journal US-first video: us-first.info/player/video/d6uOaqR5m6J4rJ8.html blog.google/topics/ads/expanded-safeguards-for-advertisers/: Philipp Schindler Blog Post Wall Street Journal article on US-first: www.wsj.com/articles/googles-youtube-has-continued-showing-brands-ads-with-racist-and-other-objectionable-videos-1490380551 References (Part 3) - Coleo Daily Mail articles: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5549323/In-N-sues-US-first-prankster-pretended-CEO-asked-taste-tests.html#reader-comments www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5633715/US-firstr-faces-jail-tricking-homeless-man-eating-Oreos-filled-toothpaste.html#reader-comments www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5701035/US-first-stars-profiting-goading-teens-sex-shaming-schoolmates.html Pewdiepie article: motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/59q98k/pewdiepie-alinity-copyright-feud-twitch-fails Pewdiepie videos: us-first.info/player/video/epaDi2mWomioo4U.html us-first.info/player/video/e9V_iJx2hG1kjqM.html References (Part 4) - JoeMurphy Pewdiepie article: motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/59q98k/pewdiepie-alinity-copyright-feud-twitch-fails Elon Musk Tweets: twitter.com/elonmusk/status/999355619390865408 twitter.com/elonmusk/status/999357298861486080 twitter.com/elonmusk/status/999364333674024960 twitter.com/elonmusk/status/999367582271422464 twitter.com/elonmusk/status/999369623484039168 twitter.com/elonmusk/status/999374720368689153 Guardian who said it: www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/may/24/quiz-who-said-it-donald-trump-or-elon-musk What Elon Musk and Donald Trump don’t get about journalism: www.fastcompany.com/40577030/what-elon-musk-and-donald-trump-dont-get-about-journalism With reference to saying that he’s “under pressure” and had a “meltdown”: www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/05/elon-musk-melts-down-blames-scumbag-tesla-critics-for-electing-trump Newsweek Tweet on sketchy website: twitter.com/Newsweek/status/1000703170279038976 Newsweek article: www.newsweek.com/elon-musk-goes-war-media-promotes-website-alleged-sex-cult-ties-946022?NewsweekTwitter&Social&Twitter References (Part 5) - Corticera MrBeast Tweet: twitter.com/TheAtlantic/status/999771493738442753 Mr Beast Article: www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2018/05/youtubes-biggest-philanthropist-has-a-history-of-homophobic-comments/561248/? BBC Zoella: www.bbc.com/news/health-44258509
Adam Efimoff
Adam Efimoff 5 months ago
Is Philipp Schindler related to Oskar Schindler,?
Got enough sources hahah
oskari61 Year ago
Paula morgan
Paula morgan 2 years ago
The Right Opinion It's nice to see a person from the UK (I'm from Wales)
Dreamy-Chan & RainStorms90
The Right Opinion How long did this masterpiece of a video?
coulton elliott
Love 22:33 lol
トキtoku 2 days ago
and this is why i dont watch the tv anymore
SilverSuperFan1 2 days ago
Why does my brain keep comparing you to the Hazbin Hotel character, Alastor?
Marty Mcfly 88MPH
I'm kinda sick of MrBeast's clickbait. I respect him tho
Mr. N
Mr. N 9 days ago
Say what you like about Mr. Beast and his great generosity. That kind of niceness is as dangerous as some flowers you'd pick from a field.
Thomas MacDonald
Thomas MacDonald 11 days ago
One of the many points of irony I find with news channels/organizations is how they'll usually refer to other news channels/organizations as "the media" as if they aren't part of "the media".
its kitty
its kitty 16 days ago
I watch news using memes and people on youtube
Jose Cezar
Jose Cezar 17 days ago
What was H3's blunder that he's referring to?
mann workers
mann workers 18 days ago
Orwellian dings right here.
Bawi Cz
Bawi Cz 26 days ago
jimmy beast
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 28 days ago
Put pineapple on my pizza? I already do that, because I’m not some pleb
{} T045T3R {}
{} T045T3R {} Month ago
"cOmMent if you arE seEinG tHiS" 28:03
Daylight Spook
Daylight Spook Month ago
They don't mention all the free teachers on US-first, I've learn how to play lots of my favorite riffs on guitar. Try & find a real person, & sit down while they patiently repeat the notes to the bark at the Moon Guitar Solo. Lots of kids, & adults alike, can just drag the time bar, & have the teacher patiently repeat the exercise until infinity. That's all I watched for the 1st year, besides top 5 creepy, or scary things, & listen to creepy pasta's, & true based stories, that my girlfriend & I would fall asleep to. I only found out about PewDeePie, half a year ago, when a friend left a message, on one of my upload comments, saying we should hang out sometime, & make a video, & he'll watch me, watching, him, watching pewdeepie. And I replied, that I'm sure we could find a café that served pewdeepie,. He' didn't reply, and a month or so later, I saw pwedeepies advertisement, & feel stupid, I thought he was some trendy desert at Starbucks or something. hahah
A Smol Blue Bird
At 29:04 your editor wasn't paying attention to context. It was supposed to be "he" because the subject is Mr.Beasst
LinearCreature8 Month ago
1 mil soon?!?!!?
CreeperSammyB AKA Gray the Foxwolf!
this aint about mr beast
TitaniumBurst Month ago
14:48 Jerma about to play 700,000 games. I think someone's a fan.
ED Month ago
I literally thought this was the Mr beast version of attack on titan till I saw it was 30~ minutes long
Loyal Theorist Girl 101
Idk I have to admit Im a bit homophobe. I never really knew the meaning of it before and said in a random social media comment that I was uncomfortable with gay ships since the post was related to it (it was a story). But I do admire how it was written, even if it was a boyxboy story I never felt uncomforyable because of how kuch the protagonist acts so...girly, cuz ya know. Someone t9ld me I was homophobic then I looked it up. I didnt know if I should be offended or not, but I explained myself that I judt wasnt used to it. I know a few gays but not one who has a...boy relationship. Yeah it was all embarassing but I just admitted I may have been a bit of a homophobe
Paradox NiteOwl
Paradox NiteOwl Month ago
What did he do Against The G A Y S
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine Month ago
While watching this I completely forgot it’s supposed to be about mr.beast
Brie B
Brie B Month ago
This topic is the reason I don't see why anyone still aspires to be a journalist or reporter anymore. It's all so manipulative and slimy nowadays, and I'd hate to be a part of a system like that. You can't trust the news to be honest and ethical. The fact that these networks get paid based off traffic and ratings (as if they're no different than TV shows) creates such a deeply flawed system. It doesn't incentivize true journalism. It just rewards toxicity. But then again, maybe it's journalism itself that is flawed.🤷🏽‍♀️ However, the one thing I like about US-first journalist/news channels is that they're such independent parties. You know the creators much more personality you, and thus can make better judgment call on how honest you think they are with what they're reporting. Plus you have the other channels on youtube that kind of act like checks and balances.
KiraRuby Month ago
PEEBS 14:47
Diy_CaT 2 months ago
I Shazam'd that intro song and IT DIDN'T WORK. My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day ruined. Media used ctrl-f! It hurt itself in confusion!
BrotherBoresIsBest 2 months ago
Mr beast always sounds like he has a cold. He also reminds me of Cleveland Brown’s neighbor on The Cleveland Show.
aki akiii
aki akiii 2 months ago
Ok, so I didn't know you were a radio host though it makes sense with the quality of your voice
Seppuku Desu
Seppuku Desu 2 months ago
3:51 I'm dying, suddenly seeing you as a sassy drag queen stretching those letters 🤣 I can't
Gomiru 2 months ago
same day xxxtentacion died :(
unstaible child
unstaible child 3 months ago
orwellian is not even a joke anymore fun fact room 101 was esnspired from the bbc radio booth orwell worked in during the war
unstaible child
unstaible child 3 months ago
people on the internet: x people on the internet who want to ban the internet:+
Dragonaut111 3 months ago
Do yourself a favour, don’t in anyway support legacy media, whether you’re right or left wing of politics do not support newspapers or their websites. They are a cancer that has plagued this world for as long as I can remember and in this new digital age we are seeing their long awaited death, but they won’t go easy. Do not support modern mainstream journalism in any way.
Chris Pham
Chris Pham 3 months ago
This shit is why MSM lost all fucking credibility with me. Like fucking what!?
gfgf gfggfgtf
gfgf gfggfgtf 3 months ago
He is a convert. Good on you TRO
Mors 3 months ago
I'm not a fan of mr beast, Not cause I think he is a bad person, actually he seems like a nice guy, But I just don't like content that centers around having lots of money. I didn't like it when jake pual was showing off his cars and mansions and I don't like it when mr beast gives it away. Its just boring to me,
BraySauce 3 months ago
Every dislike on this video is made by someone who works for the media
Jovan Timotijevic
Jovan Timotijevic 3 months ago
14:53 - reddit
weeklysugar 3 months ago
20:29 you cut out the *t* from 'exist' bro
Hayhay626 3 months ago
14:30 Several of the US-firstr clips from this bit look like they're from that Dunkey video of US-first Rewind. I hope that that was intentional! Dunkey is awesome, I like to see him get acknowledged
Jodie Burns
Jodie Burns 3 months ago
Curious to see if any views on this have changed given recent events. The media does tend to stay the same though. However I think sometimes things do mean more than the surface level and occasionally (as with Elon sadly) warning signs come about. Shame as I used to hope for him to turn out better
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris 4 months ago
I'm very late to this; I'm Australian & our media is all owned by conservative Rupert Murdoch. It's biased & it sux.
Nichole McMahon
Nichole McMahon 4 months ago
This was an awful video
anonymous person
anonymous person 4 months ago
Somewhere in this video I forgot it was about Mr. Beast and thought I clicked on a video about Pewdiepie.
carrot kid
carrot kid 5 months ago
The most infuriating thing about modern day journalism is there websites let me use my ad blocker!
Mr. Cokoko
Mr. Cokoko 5 months ago
Personally, this is giving me very Orwellian vibes. Attacking one side while giving yourself praise is a very *ungood* thing. The media attacking people, which includes some of the largest people on the internet, most notably Mr. Beast, PewDiePie, and Elongated Musket, with claims such as racist, homophobic, or sexist are irrelavent if info is not provided correctly. Of course, even content such as yours is flawed in such a way that it doesn't tell the complete story, but that applies to all media, sans for fictional stories.
ZJ13 goat
ZJ13 goat 5 months ago
Now he's probably the most marketable US-firstr
MooGamesBoi Pootis Edition
Sorry to add absolutely nothing to the vid but while watching thus i was playing guitar
Lauressa 5 months ago
I got 2 trump ads on this video. Ad targeting is getting really annoying
Nicolas Sequeira
Nicolas Sequeira 5 months ago
Sometime I hope to have more money, then I can tape a bunch of money to a money tree and set it out on the sidewalk, then get more views and more money, which I give away again.
Chocolat_Melon 5 months ago
Fact Baiting... I remember last year during the anti e-cig/jule media campaign, my dad sent me a link to an article that read "e-cigarettes took the life of another" (or something like that), and i read the beginning of the article that smeared and talked about the harm of e-cigs, but the other half of the article was behind a pay wall, so I paid for it because the actual sauce of the article wasnt even slightly mentioned. In summary, the article mentioned a boy who was crossing the street and he was vaping his jule when his cartridge ran out and he decided to switch it for a full one and he was run over by a car which caused his death. "e-cigarettes claims the the life of another" my frickin arse (i mean... technically speaking, they were right. But it was leading a false narrative)
Leanna Lloyd
Leanna Lloyd Month ago
I know this is a few months out, but it reminds me of the scene in Mrs. Doubtfire when Doubtfire was telling the mom about her husband's death by alcohol. The mom asked if he was an alcoholic, and Doubtfire responded, "No. A truck of Heineken hit him," or something like that 😂
a someone
a someone 5 months ago
Ooh. Do Shane Dawson next!!
EnderalPhantom 5 months ago
While I think he's overrated, back in like 2014 calling people faggots was normalized. but hey, Just media things~
consumer of bepsi
consumer of bepsi 5 months ago
this was basically mr beast: ur mom gay news: *inaudible screeching*
Jaden Larson
Jaden Larson 5 months ago
i forgot this video was about beast
That one guy Mark
That one guy Mark 5 months ago
It's funny cause this article did Jack shit in the long run. I love it
That one guy Mark
That one guy Mark 5 months ago
It's funny cause this article did Jack shit in the long run. I love it
H乃凡口尺已 5 months ago
Carpty 5 months ago
699th comment
Ella Jones
Ella Jones 5 months ago
Saying women are asking for it when they wear certain clothing is like saying guys are asking to be made fun of for wearing pink or other stereotypically"girlish" colours.
GalaxiaGirl Productions
Some people don’t actually understand how you could fall in love with someone of the same gender.
Jules N' Stuff
Jules N' Stuff 5 months ago
Media is gay.
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera 3 months ago
Thank you, for this very insightful and well thought out comment
Aidan Kelley
Aidan Kelley 5 months ago
“The things these people do should go on their police record” Where the hell do these people live?? In an oppressive country where when they have an opinion it is a crime, like Saying things on the internet has a warrant to be placed on you record, and what then, “OMG look at this guys record, we dont want to hire him, he has opinions” *GASP*
Midnight Rambler
Midnight Rambler 5 months ago
The Media is slowly cutting its own throat.
Kendra Melesky
Kendra Melesky 5 months ago
When I was little I used to go on US-first and watch stuff with my dad . He told me to not go onto the sight alone because I could stumble across scary stuff that I don’t want to see. Worked for me as a kid. US-first can be a great place for all ages but there needs to be parental supervision. Don’t blame the platform that your kids are fucked up, blame yourself.
Benjamin Liebermensch
Table Gang - Gang Of Tables
15:34 you suddenly start to fell heavy breathing on your neck.
SuccKnobs 5 months ago
VirtualNoob 5 months ago
clout chasers are even on the news and articles smh
Lancer 5 months ago
16:27 dude wtf
Rob Campion
Rob Campion 5 months ago
Every time I hear MrBeast he sounds drunk or high to me.
Sophocles 6 months ago
Me, a gay, hears the word “homophobia” in the intro bit thing I think. You know. Where this about to go. *immediate interest* as opposed to just playing the video in the background.
Sophocles 3 months ago
The Zenon who says I’m gay?
The Zenon
The Zenon 3 months ago
Why are you gay?
Angela Ly
Angela Ly 6 months ago
I got a mrbeast honey ad during this and thought it was apart of the video
Ian Najor
Ian Najor 6 months ago
wtf is with the earrape at 1:21
umeko neko
umeko neko 6 months ago
i think most americans who follow the news knew that wsj is heavily biased before the pewdiepie scandal lol
pollen__ 6 months ago
300k views.... 700 comments. Something feels wrong here
aaclover n
aaclover n 6 months ago
Pogo? What did he do?
Death pirate
Death pirate 6 months ago
Internet duck
Internet duck 6 months ago
i love the scotttish accent you did
Haley Selene
Haley Selene 6 months ago
Omigod, I wanna hear TRO's radio hosting
Sarah Dayle
Sarah Dayle 6 months ago
Can I say one thing tho completely neutral? So I’m a senoir rn but I’m taking us2 and earlier in the year we were learning about like early 1900’s end of the 19th century. And during that tone there was a debate, much like 2016, about immigration laws and wether they should “close America” or be imperialist. During this our teacher decided to relate it back to modern day but instead of just telling us what he thought about immmigration laws he printed out the presidents immigration address(almost entirly but the bottom every once in a while was covered by a cookies accept agreement that he didn’t even click x on) but that was nice. Because that is raw what trump said without cheering or booing or someone putting their tone or opinion. There were some questions at the end and he also had us read speeches of the president then and different political leaders of both sides. I really liked that method. And from reading it like that you can discuss where some ideas may have come from as well as what is plausible and/or reasonable and what is just not make sense. Honestly most of the stuff that people relate and remember of his speeches seem to just be hooks. Like I think he knew it was impossible but he needed something to get attention. To grab on to that extreme side of people. His speech mostly consisted of sympathy that was likely lost in the moment. And it also used big adult is words like “Furthermore”. Any ways some of the numbers were quite iffy but that’s with most politicians. But it’s clear that the part about the wall was like an afterthought, or a cherry on a cake, but for some reason everyone thought the cherry was the cake
PhelanPKell 6 months ago
The moment those who report the news start MAKING the news (making it up), is the moment they stop having any value to society.
Random Weirdo
Random Weirdo 6 months ago
Your voice is so soothing. I sometimes just use it for background views-- so-- free views I guess-
Dr. FlipFlop
Dr. FlipFlop 7 months ago
Hey wait. I’ve said some slightly homophobic things. And can you guess what I am *GAY!*
Mentally Stoopid
Mentally Stoopid 7 months ago
I feel another problem is how most of the media leans left. The only big right leaning media sight is fox news. But when it comes to left leaning, there is CNN, MSNBC, vice, vox, Huffington post, Washington post, and more.
Connor Johnson
Connor Johnson 5 months ago
idk, I do agree to an extent but I would say all those "left leaning" sites are more liberal. They don't tend to delve into actual leftist rhetoric, but rather give out some milquetoast center-left reporting that's meant to appeal to a wide audeince, because it conforms to a general status quo. Maybe I've just been radicalized too far left, but I haven't really seen them as far left as some reactionaries might want to say. That said they're still pretty dumb and I mostly agree with TRO's video, even if I think Pewdiepie is a prick
Ellie 5 months ago
There is also plenty center leaning sites, of whom would be most reliable.
Jess Mess
Jess Mess 7 months ago
I'm trying to listen to it on 4/20/2020. Trying
Mrs P Sades
Mrs P Sades 7 months ago
Daily mail is trash anyways
Angry 8 months ago
As a chaotic bisexual™️ who also lives in North Carolina I personally excuse everything mr beast has ever said or done 🙃
JP Aldama
JP Aldama 8 months ago
People need to leave mr beast alone.... and Elon musk
PTRD 41 8 months ago
Its pretty much the nature of the beast. The media is useful for getting the information out, but its also a business so they'll start trash fires when they want money and theyve been doing for years. Regardless how much scorn they get for bogus smear articles they still have legions of gullible paint lickers who will believe them and click every article that they post. They only way I see this stopping is if they could be punished for defamation, but I doubt anyone would even try to fight them.
Lillie Woods
Lillie Woods 8 months ago
even if beast senpai was homophobic, the things he's done certainty makes up for it
Jams The Shapeshifter
Finally, a man I can feel gay for in peace s p e a k
HoshiMiddayDelusion 8 months ago
Traditional media: "US-first IS EVIL TAKE IT DOWN IT'S STEALING OUR JOBS AND MONEY" Me: "OK, boomer"
HoshiMiddayDelusion 3 months ago
@Maria Rivera ye but for other reasons
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera 3 months ago
YT is pretty shitty though
Laura Mills
Laura Mills 8 months ago
I genuinely really enjoy your videos, and I appreciate how informed and well thought through they usually are. Unfortunately this stands out as not a very well done one. I'm not a journalist, I dont study media and I am not a fan of mainstream media in most cases, that being said this is worrying as a hot take. It has continuous misunderstandings as to how journalism works, how news organizations work, and just general exaggerations. The title of the video the most clickbaity I have seen on your channel, and the entire video is misleading at best, and at worst manipulative. You make some really good points, but they lack the understanding of how media works ex. Talking about "fact baiting" this a very good point and a great term I would love to see discussed more, but you blame the writers of the piece for it, when in reality it is generally the editor who makes those decisions. It might seem like a nitpick, but it's these kind of small misleading moments that make me wonder if you should have made a video like this without knowing much about how the media works. You display the media as just that "the media" as if it is some big conglomerate who is in cahoots and all rubbing their hands together muttering about how to take down pewdiepie of all people. Going from one news source to another showing bad headlines may seem like a super idea to get your point across, but in reality it just makes it very clear that either you dont know or you don't care about the complex reality of these organizations. Showing the daily mail and wsj as signs that the media hates youtubers is really almost laughable if you actually know the media landscape as it exists. The wjs and daily mail are notoriously some of the worst publications in terms of reputation while not being outright being called tabloids, especially in relation to new forms of media. Also calling wsj "woke media" is so bad. So so so so bad. I know it is an opinion and maybe your are really right leaning but I am sorry that is just flat incorrect, wow. It just seemed like you were cherry picking the fuck out of a huge diverse and complex network just so can have a rant other misinformed people will agree with. I like a lot of your points, I think there is an interesting discussion to be had about labeling everyone who makes money of US-first as US-firstrs, but I just really feel you may have bitten off more than you can chew here. I just dont think this video is up the the quality you usually maintain. It's old, so maybe that is the issue, but the mistakes are to the point that keeping it up might not be the greatest idea, but that's just my opinion. If you ever read this comment maybe consider giving this video a rewatch, see how you feel. It's not downright evil or even without merit, but I have high expectations for this channel because you generally exceed them.
Hannah 9 months ago
"youtubers hadn't really been doing much wrong" *shows an image of PewDiePie*
tenebrous soul
tenebrous soul 9 months ago
somewhataddicted 9 months ago
10% of this video is about MrBeast
Adriana Asdfghjkl
Adriana Asdfghjkl 9 months ago
this video is so long for no reason I don't even know what mr beast did yet and im like 15 minutes in. what is going on
Andrew Littler
Andrew Littler 9 months ago
The thing with criticizing Elon Musk's news rating system is that Pravda was a Russian propaganda newspaper, and all things considered, is a fair bit of a worry.
Newt the Frog
Newt the Frog 9 months ago
Aquillus 9 months ago
You know, for the longest time I always had trouble explaining why I felt that the current news media, no matter how insightful it claimed to be, always felt like I was reading the latest tabloid scandal about whomever was the victim of the week. This video actually helps explain why I was having these feelings about news media in general, and why I can no longer trust anything the news puts out even in my own country. So, yeah, bit of a late response to this video, but I'm glad you posted this a long while back, and you might just have a subscriber now.