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The Right Opinion: The Allegations That Broke A Community - Slazo | TRO
Gaming festivals, who loves them?
I mean, honestly, I think gaming festivals would be really swell if there were less people, because I do like video games, but I don’t like having to wait to play them, often I just find myself aimlessly wandering and occasionally bumping into people who I may have seen at previous events and retaking the same photo, just this time with a slightly greater inkling of fatigue reflected in my weary smile. The pinball machines are great though, especially when you don’t have to pay for them. Hooray for free things, anyhow, the gaming festival that is of interest is Insomnia Gaming Festival 64, abbreviated to i64, this ran from the Easter weekend from the 19th to the 22nd of April. I saw a lot of close friends again, and met a lot of great creators, it’s always nice to do so because it humanises all these people and puts the internet into perspective. One of the people I met at the event was a bloke called Michael, known online as Slazo. He was pleasant, I had some facetious flirtatious exchanges with him, and after the event my life carried on. I knew some of the creators that I had met there were going to London afterwards, I would’ve joined them, but alas, I had University to complete, and I still feel US-first is an unstable source of income so I wanted something to fall back onto in the case of everything falling apart.
A few weeks later, around mid May, I was likely alternating between University work and checking my social blade when one of my acquaintances messaged me some news. Apparently, Slazo, the person who I had multiple exchanges with at i64, was going to be shown up, he was just as surprised as I was. Apparently, these claims were going to be published in a TwitLonger in the following week, so I waited with anticipation, as I hadn’t actually seen any of the evidence I didn’t really talk to anyone about it, although I did tell one of my friends who was making a documentary about i64 to perhaps consider excluding any footage with him in, in case it tainted the finished product, more as an act of caution really. So I waited, and waited, and waited…

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Sep 2, 2019




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The Right Opinion
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Hayyu Hafizh
Hayyu Hafizh 14 days ago
Can someone send some thing to me i wanna know how the people react to this video
Hayyu Hafizh
Hayyu Hafizh 14 days ago
How did the people react to this video?
Kronos The Phoenix
Kronos The Phoenix 2 months ago
This is why I love you mein Bruder
ThatGirlJD 3 months ago
@Marjorie Where were his parents. He was 16-17 and she was 14-15 they were both kids in this relationship.
This Kid
This Kid 3 months ago
I appreciate you coming out with this video talking about this topic of false accusations and how they can happen and how they have repercussions, but I couldn’t help but feel like you were personally invested in this, which kind of detracted from the argument you made. Still top grade content, and still liking it, but just some constructive criticism.
Jason VanMeter
Jason VanMeter 5 hours ago
I have a strong suspicion that one of these US-firstrs were either jealous or seen him as a threat, and they decided to get into her head to manipulate her, and help fabricate this fiasco. This is only speculation, but if this is the case, one of these people is a predator. It could be due to his success, or maybe they want to be with her. I'm pretty sure that it's more than her that wanted him to be hurt by this.
Steve Ingraham
Steve Ingraham 16 hours ago
Fabricating claims should stay with Crusader Kings.
陈俊峰 2 days ago
When Chey dragged a bunch of people into this and on her side that should be a red flag
Jack Jacksonson
Jack Jacksonson 5 days ago
I feel like I'm watching Highschool on the Internet: The Movie
maddie halter
maddie halter 5 days ago
Just because you regret a sexual encounter doesn’t mean it was assault. It boils my blood when people try and come out with claims that aren’t fully legitimate, I can’t even talk to close people in my life about the times I’ve been groomed or assaulted because of people who push either fake or over exaggerated past sexual experiences that they may regret.
Sonjia Lancaster
Sonjia Lancaster 6 days ago
OMG teenage angst!!!!! That is all this is...If it was serious assault police would have been involved and charges placed. This is a perfect example of too much screen time children, and where are your parents?????
Elderith Dragon
Elderith Dragon 8 days ago
honestly, he looks like a bootleg Shane Dawson (the guy he's criticising)
the brain
the brain 8 days ago
its discord screenshots, its the easiest thing to fake
Basic Burrito
Basic Burrito 9 days ago
11 ads.... wtf
Mu Gu
Mu Gu 9 days ago
These kids are ridiculous, annoying, contribute nothing, and pull others into their their shit. No work ethic, extremely selfish, narcissistic and attention hungry. I'm no psychologist, but these all symptoms of an underlying problem.
uwu .-.
uwu .-. 3 days ago
Probably ASPD or some level of psychopathy.
Mu Gu
Mu Gu 9 days ago
kinganiii is EXTREMELY fucking annoying.
Just Sy
Just Sy 9 days ago
Aye it's Mister Founder of Emkay
Chillager 9 days ago
The word "credible" for alex has aged like fine wine
Russobz Net
Russobz Net 9 days ago
Slazo seems like a kind and genuine guy who just made some mistakes. He was honest. He never excused his actions... he simply explained them. Honestly, I'm not mad at him at all.
Olives Of Truth
Olives Of Truth 10 days ago
Everybody gangsta until the falsely accused person pulls out the uno reverse.
Olives Of Truth
Olives Of Truth 10 days ago
Imallex is such a hypocrite for calling Slazo a predator. Seeing as how snakes are viscous carnivores.
kursna 10 days ago
I lost respect for imalexx long before all of this but it does paint him as drama hungry even more than he already looked and it shows him as a snake. I think chey is a snake too, not only because of get false claims but also for shitting on real claims. She should feel terrible for the rest of her life for what she's done.
Gregor Meisen
Gregor Meisen 10 days ago
As somebody who has basically no contact points to anybody in this entire video, it amuses me how self-suficient the US-first landscape seems to be. It's like a perpetuum mobile where US-firstrs become more relevant by attacking other US-firstrs, which in turn makes them liable to being attacked by other US-firstrs. Imagine Seth Meyers and Steven Colbert teaming up to destroy Jimmy Fallon; but wait: Jimmy Kimmel has arrived to come to Fallons aid. And then all of a sudden, everybody hates on Trevor Noah and he attempts to take his live ... It's like a soap opera, populated by characters from Little Britain (no offence intended).
Amiya 10 days ago
i like your logic. but WTF! these mfers need jobs. too much time on everyone's hands. wake the f up. join the real world. maybe im just too old to give a crap about all this gossip
даyж 10 days ago
some days you just want coochie by other days the coochie gets you 😔
Kitty 11 days ago
Why do most allegations on the internet always on websites nobody even knows of?
Yumeko Chan
Yumeko Chan 12 days ago
I saw primik and man I was happy
w4fjhDU514I1 12 days ago
These online courts of public opinion presided over by people in their teens and early 20s are always an absolute circus. It's crazy how casually accusations of rape are treated. Look folks, if someone raped you then you need to go to the police or a lawyer and if someone is accusing you of rape then you need to shut up and get a lawyer. This isn't something to settle on Twitter.
Evan D
Evan D 12 days ago
Lol your sense of humor has me hooked 😁😂🤣
Robert Sell
Robert Sell 13 days ago
Im just disappointed that this whole situation caused him to basically abandon US-first at the very beginning of a promising career. He had just started a new channel, was getting good views and was really a rising star here. Che and the group saw that and put a target on his head all just to try to steal some of his popularity. Instead they ruined their own reps and then basically nuked his career. Just a sad situation and I wish them all the best. Life goes on. Also, WEEST is a douche.
Tamino70 13 days ago
Those stupid no-life geek dramas are so entertaining 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anneliv 14 days ago
ImAllex has done this how many times now? First Zaptie, then James Charles, then Slazo- how did he even survive from these?
frank facts
frank facts 14 days ago
You are eloi - all of you
mr. funny guy
mr. funny guy 14 days ago
Psycho Guy
Psycho Guy 16 days ago
0:49 I'd say he got his wish
John .Murray
John .Murray 17 days ago
Fuckin youtubers. Anyone remember when the only court that could pass judgement was an actual court of law? And the court of public opinion wasn't capable of handing down a death penalty?
Julia Lora
Julia Lora 18 days ago
Slazo seems like a kind and genuine guy who just made some mistakes. He was honest. He never excused his actions... he simply explained them. Honestly, I'm not mad at him at all.
XxTaiMTxX 18 days ago
Here's probably the best guess you're going to get on what actually happened since nobody has ever really said it. Given their ages at the time of the relationship, it's likely that they both fell into what usually happens at those ages. Dude was full hormones and thinking primarily about getting as much sex as possible. That drive to get so much sex only amplifies at that age once you actually HAVE SEX. This doesn't excuse his behavior, but it does explain it. It also explains how he can admit it was wrong and terrible and want to change. I went through a phase where those hormones were exceptionally overpowering and I made stupid decisions because of them (not the degree he did, or even in such terrible ways, but I can admit to being a bad boyfriend as well). I had classmates who went through this exact phase. Not everyone does, true, but it is horrifying to think about once you're an adult and have a clearer head. Or, once those hormones no longer rule you and you can act with a degree of reasonability and empathy. Given her age, she was likely willing to do a great many things just to please any boyfriend she had. Girls approaching those ages tend to be enamored with the idea of being in a relationship, even if that relationship is terrible. She was willing in the moments and highly suggestive in the moments, but later regretted it likely because of how it affected her later in life. Again, this doesn't excuse the false accusations or even his taking advantage of her psychological state of just wanting to please him so he sticks around. But, it goes a long way towards explaining what happened before and after. What likely happened is that their relationship haunted her to some degree. I think almost everyone has been there. Forever pining over someone from your past even though you know it was a bad relationship. So, haunted by this relationship and the events that were so vivid in her mind, she was looking for a way to escape them or solve them. She needed some kind of closure or resolution. This is something he didn't give her and couldn't give her. He says, "we agreed to be friends and I apologized for what I'd done and how terrible I was". I can't speak to whether he did or not. But, assuming he did do these things, it wouldn't provide any resolution for her or what happened to her. This is likely something that could've only been obtained through therapy or some kind or having a life changing perspective shift on events. Since there was no resolution for her, her next step was likely to try to convince him that they should get back together. Normal human response in most cases. If you can't get over someone, you push to get back with them. You didn't get resolution last time, but maybe you'll get it this time. But, it's likely that he told her that they should be friends still. It's likely that he was even seeing someone else at the time (hence her references to "doing this to others"). Jealousy and depression (do note that she is on anti-depressants) likely got the better of her and she confided in the friend you spoke about. Said friend was probably extremely appalled by the situation and the state of her friend and likely tried to fix things for her. That fix was probably convincing her to put together all the evidence she had of the wrongdoing so that they could blast him on US-first for being a terrible person and a terrible boyfriend and that would fix things. So, she waffled for a month on whether or not to do it and spent time cherry picking information (I would assume with her friends' help, given how invested the friend was in helping to cover up the shadier details of the relationship) and it finally just got to be too much. She submitted it. Then, in true US-first fashion, everyone immediately jumps to the aid of anyone they think is a victim without getting any proof all so that they can publicly crucify someone for popularity, views, and virtue signaling. I, personally, have no doubt he was terrible to her. None at all. I have no doubt that he took advantage of her as much as possible. But, I also have no doubt that in those moments, she was incredibly willing to be taken advantage of and probably even instigated some of it. There are no "good guys" here. It's a story of a toxic relationship in which one person tried to make themselves better and owned up to the terrible stuff they did while the other is likely still haunted by what happened and will never be made to apologize for their part in it. Is there a silver lining here? Probably not. Now the relationship will haunt them both until the end of time and they will never be free of it. All because it was on US-first and everyone had to weigh in on drama. All because something that probably should've been dealt with privately ended up in a public forum instead of with the proper authorities (which, let's be honest here, always makes me assume the woman is a liar... when she goes public with the accusation rather than to the police. Going public with sexual abuse would be far more emotionally draining and taxing and horrifying to think about than going to the police about it). But, you know, that's life. And US-first. And people who make their sweet ad dollars covering drama. Always best to jump to conclusions and double down instead of questioning everyone involved and making an informed decision and observation at the end of it. That's how you get views. That's how you get likes. That's how you get subscribers.
Corinne Newsome
Corinne Newsome 3 days ago
Spot on with both of your comments here! I'm only slightly versed in psychological development, but you've covered a lot of what I inferred given the statements of both parties involved in the situation.
XxTaiMTxX 15 days ago
@Poke Emblem The problem that you're having is that you didn't listen to what he said about the situation and events as well as what she said happened. 1. He admits (several times) that he was a "bad boyfriend" and he was sorry for that. Now, in the context of the stories he was telling about a couple of the events that happened, this makes no sense. The stories are framed as if she instigated them and he was reacting to what she wanted. He has no reason to say "I was a bad boyfriend" if he was just giving her what she wanted. There is no reason to apologize to her, either, if the situation was genuinely that his girlfriend had wanted to do sexual things with him. 2. Her explanation of these situations is that she felt pressured into them and that she was taken advantage of. She tells a story of how she was crying and he just wanted to get laid, essentially. Or about how she hadn't wanted to do things in the movie theater with him. At worst, these explanations are her lying about what happened in order to hurt his public image. At best, she was young and naive and didn't know what was going on. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. She was younger than him, he was sixteen, he likely communicated some of his sexual fantasies to her, and she was acting upon those fantasies to please him. At sixteen, there's likely no way he wouldn't act upon clear openings and get carried away with those openings. 3. Naturally, both groups are going to try to spin the situation so they don't look that bad. You have to expect some degree of lying from both, and it's just a matter of seeing where the story doesn't meet the logic of reality. For his part, pretty much any of it where he implies he was basically a gentleman and was giving her what she wanted sexually is a lie. It doesn't jive with his apology (to her in private, either, or his explanation of his apology to the public). There is no reason for an apology if you believe you did nothing wrong. The way he tells the stories, he did nothing wrong, was a perfect gentlemen, was coerced into what they did together, and he didn't know she didn't want to do it. Her story is very similar. She gives almost no details about what actually happened, but is instead just reporting her emotions and state of mind and his "covering up" as part of the problem. This likely means she was probably into what was happening at the time, but with the benefit of hindsight and her current life events, sees how bad and wrong it was for her to do what she was doing as well as how easily she was talked into doing those things. --- Now, the best guess in this situation is that he knew what he was doing at the time and didn't see anything wrong with it at the time. After all, at 16 with sexual fantasies and a willing participant, there's not much reason to behavior designed to manipulate your partner into fulfilling your sexual desires as wrong. There is no way he didn't know he was manipulating her into engaging in those acts. There's the possibility at the time he didn't see that manipulation as wrong, however. Which, is most likely where the apology comes from as well as admission of being a bad boyfriend. A situation in which she was very much an active participant and could be blamed for some of it is likely why she's given no real details, but instead the feelings of betrayal, lies, being manipulated, and taken advantage of. The most logical conclusion to draw is that the were dating very young, he got what he wanted out of the relationship likely through a little bit of coercion and she got what she wanted out of the relationship through trying to be "the perfect girlfriend" for him. Nobody involved really comes out looking good. It was a toxic relationship. This toxicity is likely why he didn't want to be anything more than friends later. He knew he did wrong, felt regret over it, and didn't want to chance falling back into that relationship again. Which, would be very easy to do since the power dynamic of that relationship was already established. She would go back to being subservient and he would go back to getting any and everything he wanted from her.
Poke Emblem
Poke Emblem 16 days ago
@XxTaiMTxX Yeah, but that part kind of feels like assumption. I mean, you don’t know that. Maybe I’m oblivious since I’m a woman, who has also never dated anyone, and I’m awful at picking up social cues, but that feels really presumptuous. It’s entirely possible that he didn’t know that she was trying too hard to please him because he was, well, 16 and maybe even in his first relationship. I just don’t get where you’re getting him being all abusive from. At worst he was being extremely awkward, at least that seems to me. And you accusing him of such terrible things itself is pretty gross.
XxTaiMTxX 16 days ago
@Poke Emblem At the time, he was likely just out for sex. Anytime, anywhere, at any cost. Using it to show her he loved her, but really just wanting to get off. It's terrible to treat someone you date this way. They are a tool to you. A hole to fill. Etcetera. Not even a person. If you can't even be bothered to give someone basic human dignity and courtesy, then you are treating them terribly. Likewise, at the time, he was probably taking advantage of her. She was emotionally invested and he likely held that over her and convinced her to do a great many things to "earn his love" or to stay in a relationship with him. He probably never directly stated, "if you don't do this, I will break up you", but it's likely he knew she was anxious about this and used it against her rather than reassure her or calm the issues. Young girls tend to do whatever they can to "be an adult" and "prove their love" and "be the best girlfriend" because they've been told that's all they have to aspire to and the most fulfillment they will get out of life. A person need only convince the young girl that she should want to do those things (which isn't difficult) of her own volition. She wanted to please him. Most likely to get him to stay with her. This is evident mostly because she has a lot of regrets over her decisions and behavior rather than thinking of them fondly as empowering moments where she got what she wanted. What she wanted wasn't to initiate or engage in sex. She wanted to be loved and hold onto the boyfriend she had, no matter what it took. He took advantage of that. Most likely knowingly. It's rare to see a guy who DOESN'T know he's taking advantage of a girl when she behaves this way.
Poke Emblem
Poke Emblem 16 days ago
Nice analysis! Very insightful. It at least makes Chey understandable, if still despicable. But... what was so horrible about what he did? I don’t see what’s so terrible or abusive about what he did at the time.
Tonya Trummer
Tonya Trummer 19 days ago
Just an FYI, as someone who has been on several different antidepressants over decades... some of these do in fact decrease sex-drive. That said, I do think that there is an argument against prescribing these types of medications to people who are going through hormonal changes such as puberty, which given the stated age of 'chey' at the time is concerning... unless she was severely unstable, which is a whole other can of worms. Additionally, given the consent issues involved already, adding psychiatric medication, changing or stopping said medication in order to increase the libido of an underage person is morally dubious. Of course, given that the alleged predator himself was, as stated, only sixteen years old himself - I am more likely to apportion his blame in the entire situation to adolescent misjudgment. I believe that there is also a degree (on both parties involved) of regret over past deeds and a desire to reframe or re-apportion blame for past behaviour. The problem with doing this in the age of social media... Others are all too willing to assign blame, shame, or condemnation out of genuine solidarity, desire for clout, or in furtherance of their own personal grudges. Once battle lines have been drawn, there is a complete unwillingness to reverse allegiances or barring that even admit to making an error based on incomplete or erroneous information.
SimonTheSeshmaster 20 days ago
The only good thing to come from this is hyojins art
Thomas Mullaney
Thomas Mullaney 20 days ago
"IF YOU WANTED TO BRAND IT RIGHT YOU'D BE A FUCKING TURKEY!" never thought I would agree with Keemstar
The Injured Toa of Metru nui
It seems like there were good people in this event, but so many were biased heavily to their friends and were severely underinformed
Austin Burchwell
Austin Burchwell 21 day ago
"You upload a video full of lies about me" but daddy keemstar you've built a empire and personality off of doing that.
princess_ bubblegum
Watched Slazo before...but i stopped for a while and didn't know all of this happened... I saw his video but had no idea what he was talking about i thought he was caught kicking a dog or something and was cancelled so i tuned off ... I'm glad i watched this video tho...i like two side perspective instead of one...and as a girl i can say...i think the girl was just in love with him and was willing to do whatever for him not realising she didn't want anything she told him...and slazo didn't know this...and yeah def the distance made it worse... it's misunderstanding from both their side..slazo was 16 and was dumb the girl 14 and was in love... My bf is 23 and I'm 21 and he's stilk saying dumb shit like this... especially the anti depressants one... although it sounds wrong but I'm pretty sure from a 16 yo guy's perspective it was justifiable... especially when the girl openly stated she wanted to be intimate with him. The girl is in the wrong here tho...she met up with him...acted civil... asked if there's a chance between them in the future when the guy refused she was bitter and her mind played tricks on her to remember only the bad things slazo's done.. embellished the story to paint her as the victim and rolled with it... But both these people have room to grow...just grow personally and not on the internet
Moses Supposes
Moses Supposes 21 day ago
Are these people in fourth grade?? 😂
Corporal Adrian Shepard
12:55 didn't expect pilotredsun here
annekagrif 22 days ago
Slazo comes across as a gaslighting manipulative person despite your support for him. Feels like you are blaming the accusers more and i do feel like your opinion is manipulative especially when you call yourself the right opinion, lol. Just feels very ego driven. Sorry dude.
Madhusree Roy
Madhusree Roy 10 days ago
Lol Chey lied about her abuse. All her "proofs" were proven false. It's not "blaming the accuser" it's "blaming the liar"
WRIS 17 days ago
TRO is showing in a two-way perspective. It does often be a frustrating experience when there's more than several points of view. If you still think TRO is biased, compare his Matt Watson video to Emplemon's version
Camsters_Cool 23 days ago
Hey wait you put Kwite in smaller creators but he has like 200k more than you tiny man
Ben Glynn
Ben Glynn 12 days ago
Russobz Net
Russobz Net 24 days ago
It's all fun and games until you falsely accuse someone for some clout
Danny Morales
Danny Morales 24 days ago
5:44 idk if you have made a video about Im Alexx but he is aperantly a backstabbing friend that keeps just fucking people over by just the slightest things. I mean this Slazo thing was very sketchy and I understand him at this point but he has also done bad stuff to other previous friends
Clickity 24 days ago
wait what?
Mona Megistus
Mona Megistus 25 days ago
I am a real victim of sexual assault, honestly, fuck the people who make false claims. Actually fuck off. OTHER ACTUAL VICTIMS: You're not alone and it isn't your fault. There will always be people who will support you
WRIS 17 days ago
Sadly, allegations are often used by those who are aware of it.
pianomanhere 25 days ago
You can't assert that all the directly-involved actors were acting in good faith. Many accusers who want to "MeToo" someone DO have selfish, malicious intent. It is NOT in good faith to allegedly marshal evidence, then tamper with, redact or omit parts of that evidence. It is not good faith to promise more and then not deliver, especially when accusations can affect the rest of someone's life. It is not good faith for others in this laughably-so-called "community" to offer commentary that smears or distorts the facts and doggedly beg the question of a man's guilt or innocence. Human beings frequently act in their own selfish interests, up to participating in a cabal of wolverines in the name of taking a side or in service of one-upmanship and personal gain.
chicken nuggets
chicken nuggets 26 days ago
As a victim of an almost rape when I was nine, I am disgusted that someone would lie about being raped for clout. Rape is not a joke and false accusations can ruin someone's life.
Freddy Fazbears
Freddy Fazbears 26 days ago
The internet is like GTA : Vice city, When you got lucky and floated for once, You gotta grab unto others to stay afloat, Even for the cost of them drowning.
fmadiva 26 days ago
Primink need to sit his ass down when he thinks the me too movement is nothing but a witch hunt. He doesn’t have very good takes himself.
Rensy 26 days ago
People who falsely claim sexual assault not only hurt the people they are accusing but they are damaging the believability of all real sexual assault victims. It's disgusting.
cordelia mills
cordelia mills 26 days ago
I honestly feel bad for Slazo myself
Chloe Does Stuff
Chloe Does Stuff 27 days ago
I've rewatched this video 10 times...
Depressoclinical 27 days ago
oh boy, here we go again.
LunaFox OwO
LunaFox OwO 28 days ago
Yo I just realizef I found Squizzy from an e621 post Bruh
WRIS 17 days ago
There's literally only one post. And it's not even porn
LunaFox OwO
LunaFox OwO 28 days ago
Wait this was last year How did I miss this entire fucking thing
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
49:45 fangirl moment, lol....
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
As a woman, it really makes me feel horrible how mens' lives are ruined by false allegations. My bio mom accused my dad of being abusive all the time and it ruined him. I no longer have her in my life.
Blank Svi
Blank Svi Month ago
same here. It really isn't fair for them, how one woman's word can ruin their whole life i don't get it,, its all really stupid
ernandis watspher
How did I go from dancing dog to this?
WRIS 17 days ago
Squizzy's dog?
jerbil Month ago
chey's the type of person to say that hooking up with an ugly person is rape.
Finesse03 Month ago
Third wave crazy ass feminism has taught young wamyn that their feelings, regret, shame, embarrassment, anger, rather than being part of life, justify any actins and that morality is non existent. Social media is horrible for the development of young minds, I find it gross this was even put in public, why were they keeping all these messages. I suspect she regrets some things, possibly not even having to do with him. He I guess is prominent, and I could see a boy, bc they are boys at those ages, may have given her a hard time over dating him, and boom, she wanted to disprove the internet equivalent of being called a jersey chaser back in the day. I feel bad for all of them, growing up with all your awkwardness online. Their parents just cashing checks and saying fuck it when it comes to mitigating the downsides of online fame and money.
Wamber Month ago
shit man, a year already
Liam Leggitt
Liam Leggitt Month ago
Does TheRightOpinion have a video on the King of the clowns, the Ddossing boss and the champion of being a genuine asshole aka keemstar?
WRIS 17 days ago
And yet, Pyrocynical, the King of Commentary at the time (ex-King now), isn't in this video. And you would've expect his name to be involved given that in a Nicholas DeOrio video, he has shown a claim that Alex wanted to "bring his lawyers on" Pyrocynical.
Kokiri Month ago
Man I have been watching slazo since his early days of youtube. When the allegations first came out, I was 70% sure that he was innocent. He didn't seem like the guy to do this kind of stuff. I was so relived when it was all fake. Still, his channel still suffers to this day.
Madhusree Roy
Madhusree Roy 10 days ago
@WRIS I think that's very subjective. I personally enjoy his videos because they aren't over the top yelling at your face or being extra
WRIS 17 days ago
His videos have a lackluster appeal
Lokmister Month ago
Quick question: Is there any chance in the future you’ll do a video on the ABYSMAL way Craig Thompson/MiniLadd handled the controversy against him?
Lokmister 16 days ago
@WRIS ahhhhhhhhh definitely
WRIS 16 days ago
@Lokmister It's a chess opening where you make poor excuses on why you're on the losing side, hoping that you'll win in the end. First implemented by Alinity.
Lokmister 17 days ago
@WRIS what?
WRIS 17 days ago
Isn't that the Alinity gambit?
splits Month ago
i literally dont understand anything, is this vid even abt slazo
Damon Roels
Damon Roels Month ago
He looks like a young Mumbo Jumbo
Mira Galanodel
Mira Galanodel Month ago
how did i get over here?
Mira Galanodel
Mira Galanodel Month ago
like, i used ro watch the zany out of control youtubers like jacksepticeye, markiplier, etc just a month ago, but now all i watch is these documentary like videos.
this guys here
this guys here Month ago
you know what. my verdict is neither is entirely guilty and neither is entirely innocent either.
rewester17 Month ago
I use your videos as background noise but at the end i just heard your voice and just know how you feel. You're a good content creator
Cavin Lee
Cavin Lee Month ago
at 41:44 how else thought their phone went off
Miss Rose
Miss Rose Month ago
man, I liked Kingani too. :( but I cant justify supporting her after this
Rat Man
Rat Man Month ago
This man seems to be the only one with common sense
cannibal_cat Month ago
Wow, I'm a supporter of Hyojin, but not anymore I guess. That's awful thank you for opening my eyes ❤️
Fucking grass
Fucking grass Month ago
Honestly, I always hated Ana, Alex and Bluesdank beforehand, but Weest’s reaction broke my heart. I’d always thought he was genuinely funny and fairly reasonable until he started with this stuff about “long distance relationships never work” and such..., so, now, this? Damn, Weest. Fuck you, honestly. Go off, support ruining an innocent man’s life with the basis of fake accusations and get your shitty “rEsPeCtiNg WaMeN” points.
Fucking grass
Fucking grass 27 days ago
@Ridashippu Could not agree more with you. And yeah, everyone does forget about Ana. XD She’s not exactly bright or funny.
Ridashippu 27 days ago
@Fucking grass That is definitely understandable. I'm just glad he has apologized. He seemed like a smart individual, but his stance shocked me. At least, in the end, he realized his mistake and apologized. Most of those involved ended up apologizing, actually. Some on stream, some in videos, some on twitter. Except King Ani. Which people always forget about. And Chey, who deleted all her socials.
Fucking grass
Fucking grass 27 days ago
@Ridashippu You’re totally right. At least, he apologized. I’ll never be able to look at his content the same way, sadly.
Ridashippu 27 days ago
He ended up apologizing for it all. Doesn't excuse how he acted at all, but he did realize his behavior was absolutely ridiculous. Still won't be watching him anytime soon myself, but still. twitter.com/weesterner/status/1200172671193026561
Katniss Month ago
Slazo is an awesome lad!
A K Month ago
Another excellent critique. Your insight & delivery continues to blow me away. I intend to just watch a few minutes but usually become engrossed in your videos which are also very funny. Great stuff & thankyou
Bence Szabo
Bence Szabo Month ago
duddeeeeee morio cho radio :3 mori mori mori...
Anneide Month ago
About a year later, and nothing has changed. I feel bad for Slazo. If you take a look at his channel, he barely uploads anymore, having uploaded like 6 videos in a year instead of the at least 30 in the year before that. Even though he was able to prove the accusations were false, he never bounced back from them. It's shit how his career just kind of ended like that. Even though he handled it as well as you can (waiting to make a good explanation video instead of crying on camera and having evidence etc) he still took a huge hit from it all. It sucks man, he was a good youtuber..
riffsix Month ago
I just realized how this channel is called the right opinion but he tries to be as objective and non opinionated as possible
Ijneb1248 23 days ago
Cuz no opinions are the "right" opinions
Josiah Month ago
The amount of hate I have for false accusers is beyond the scope of understanding. People that lie to ruin a man's life deserve the absolute worst pluse whatever they lied about.
Eleanor Mason
Eleanor Mason Month ago
Why was the 'age gap' brought up? She was 14, but he was 16. They were both teenagers and as it's only two years, it's hardly a concerning gap. That pill thing, definitely a bit of a yikes but if it's just a one off it's hardly a pattern of behaviour, and is only indicative of teenage boys saying stupid things occasionally. The important thing is growth, and this man has clearly grown from his 16 year old self. Who among us hasn't said something insensitive or poorly thought out? Yeah it's poor form but the main thing is growing from it and moving on.
inactive one
inactive one Month ago
I know that this is an old video, but I'm really happy you represent both sides equally with little to no discrimination. It gives a lot of room for viewers to make their own conclusions and gives us facts from everyone's points of view rather than one persons point of view. You're a really good youtuber and I appreciate that there's a person like you on this platform.
Who Am I?
Who Am I? Month ago
TRO being protective over Primink is pretty wholesome, just sayin 🥺
Thine Frick
Thine Frick Month ago
the same guy that helped someone accuse another person of sexual assault, Kwite, is the same person who showed people how to make lean on the internet, uncensored. oh the irony
DuckyDae X
DuckyDae X Month ago
I think accountability is certainly important here because the biggest issue I have with him is the way he spoke to a minor. 16 and 14 are only two years apart but there is a big difference in maturity level and whilst they were dating she was a minor.
oldaccount24 Month ago
Although he himself was also still a minor and not fully mature either :/ doesn't excuse his behaviour of course
Erik Stensgaard
Erik Stensgaard Month ago
What probably happened is a small group of the total group immediately went with Chey and the rest felt pressured to go along with it
manifestgtr Month ago
Allegations against Slazo: “END THIS MAN” Animal abuse allegations against some chick youtuber: “innocent until proven guilty!” This is why “me too” went down in flames, guys. People don’t remain blind to these double standards of justice forever....
Arien Nicdao
Arien Nicdao Month ago
This reminds me of the anime; The Rising of Shield Hero.
still waiting for season 2
Doing your mom
Doing your mom Month ago
Slazo was just a classic case of a bad boyfriend Chey, kingani, and imAlex were so fucking irritating during this whole ordeal
Delaney Cardwell
i was gonna ask abt college and how you afforded it but i realized from the accent you prolly didn’t go to university in the states where it’s over $100,000 for 4 years
Salty potato ———-
This is actually my third attempt at doing this. The first time, I didn't save it. The second time, the Neocities editor crashed. Now I'm writing this in Notepad, then copying it into the Neocities editor instead of typing it directly in the Neocities editor to avoid crashing. It sucks that my past two attempts are gone now. Those actually got pretty long. Not the longest, but still pretty long. I hope this one won't get lost somehow. Anyways, let's talk about WAFFLES! I like waffles. Waffles are cool. Waffles is a funny word. There's a Teen Titans Go episode called "Waffles" where the word "Waffles" is said a hundred-something times. It's pretty annoying. There's also a Teen Titans Go episode about Pig Latin. Don't know what Pig Latin is? It's a language where you take all the consonants before the first vowel, move them to the end, and add '-ay' to the end. If the word begins with a vowel, you just add '-way' to the end. For example, "Waffles" becomes "Afflesway". I've been speaking Pig Latin fluently since the fourth grade, so it surprised me when I saw the episode for the first time. I speak Pig Latin with my sister sometimes. It's pretty fun. I like speaking it in public so that everyone around us gets confused. That's never actually happened before, but if it ever does, 'twill be pretty funny. By the way, "'twill" is a word I invented recently, and it's a contraction of "it will". I really hope it gains popularity in the near future, because "'twill" is WAY more fun than saying "it'll". "It'll" is too boring. Nobody likes boring. This is nowhere near being the longest text ever, but eventually it will be! I might still be writing this a decade later, who knows? But right now, it's not very long. But I'll just keep writing until it is the longest! Have you ever heard the song "Dau Dau" by Awesome Scampis? It's an amazing song. Look it up on US-first! I play that song all the time around my sister! It drives her crazy, and I love it. Another way I like driving my sister crazy is by speaking my own made up language to her. She hates the languages I make! The only language that we both speak besides English is Pig Latin. I think you already knew that. Whatever. I think I'm gonna go for now. Bye! Hi, I'm back now. I'm gonna contribute more to this soon-to-be giant wall of text. I just realised I have a giant stuffed frog on my bed. I forgot his name. I'm pretty sure it was something stupid though. I think it was "FROG" in Morse Code or something. Morse Code is cool. I know a bit of it, but I'm not very good at it. I'm also not very good at French. I barely know anything in French, and my pronunciation probably sucks. But I'm learning it, at least. I'm also learning Esperanto. It's this language that was made up by some guy a long time ago to be the "universal language". A lot of people speak it. I am such a language nerd. Half of this text is probably gonna be about languages. But hey, as long as it's long! Ha, get it? As LONG
Darkphon1x123 Month ago
“Who for legal reasons i must disclose is not actually a turkey” wat.
Kizlm Month ago
More reasons to hate waman
Cindygr8ce Month ago
My guess is everyone involved probably thought like most males I know don't he didn't still have years worth of dms and text messages
Flame Of Phoenix
That avatar is so cute
Zecrom King
Zecrom King Month ago
49:23 thats just a theory... A GAME THEORY
Zecrom King
Zecrom King Month ago
this enitre video; everyone be simping for a girls story, one simp got curious and went to investigate and surprise... watch the video :D