Life Advice and Mental Health Stream 

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I answer your questions.

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Mar 17, 2018




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Keyanna Wiehr
Keyanna Wiehr 10 days ago
I felt a slight sense of unease by the response to the question of how to cope with jealousy, I feel like inflating ones ego to deflate the perceived threat to ones own success is simply an approach that in itself can cause a lot of harm. The way we allow ourselves to think about others can, in time turn into the way we think of ourselves/how we believe others see us. If you feel jealousy I would highly recommend to instead allow yourself to be in awe of the achievements of the other, accept that they got where they got through a mixture of work and circumstance and that they themselves face many problems ect maybe not visible from the outside. The success of one person should never undermine the value or success of another. Instead let’s rejoice in the fact that people exist that excel in areas we ourselves aspire to, and use them as inspiration while knowing that you yourself are on a unique and meaningful journey through life. As we all coexist in an intricate web with unique viewpoints on reality, experiences and strengths. Or, indeed try to crush your enemies and dance in the glow of their failure.. it does sound more fun haha
Cosplic 6 months ago
The wholesome TRO content I didn't ask for but eventually needed. Your regular videos are hefty on their own so this stream was an experience haha. I love the idea, and you executed it pretty well overall. To be fair though, trying to analytically solve mental health questions (although charitable in thought) in this approach seems almost apathetic. I assume these submissions were by fans, and I know you had ZERO malicious intent, but from an outsider perspective you could easily have come across as indifferent, and sometimes did come across as idealistic. Simultaneously though, your approach was very refreshing and distinct. As someone used to your content, it was a great change of pace (plus this stream is over two years old haha) Loved the content, do more streams!
Cosplic 6 months ago
Not really good cop bad cop.. Maybe "positive therapist, realistic therapist" haha
Cosplic 6 months ago
Another thing, I think it would have been a great idea to implement different techniques of advice from person to person. It seemed to mostly be James talking and the others echoing it In different terms. I'd go for like a "good cop, bad cop" therapy edition.
Riding Gambit
Riding Gambit 9 months ago
This is some of the most vacuous saccharine advice I have ever seen...
Meghan Ehlers
Meghan Ehlers Year ago
Wow! I really appreciate the insightful answers to these questions. Thank you for making this!
Rachel Velander
Hate to have missed this. But a fantastic stream nonetheless. Thank you for keeping this up, you have valuable advice
JenaValjean Year ago
TRO seems like he'd be the best kind of friend tbh. 5 HOURS dedicated to trying to answer questions and give advice to strangers. Wow
Lydia Sketo
Lydia Sketo 2 years ago
So I know I'm extremely late to this but I just finished watching this whole livestream (well it took me around a week because of lack of time and also some parts were too hard for me to watch in one sitting). Anyways I just wanted to tell you that this is the best idea for a livestream, the fact that you spent so much time out of your day to help others is amazing, you're a great person tro (and your friends as well). Your advice were really helpfull (even for someone that didn't let a question). You should definitely do this again. Thank you
Abandoned Channel
Abandoned Channel 2 years ago
James, is that ur face?
Slackr 2 years ago
Awesome stream. Great job answering all of those people's questions, you guys are awesome!
R1da 2 years ago
literally saw your twitter and thought you werent a youtuber haha
Wolficide 2 years ago
wish i didnt miss this
Joshua Henry
Joshua Henry 2 years ago
Damn, shame I missed this.
1498 2 years ago