Is Amos Yee Alright? 

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Amos Yee has undertaken the duty of being the spokesperson of a highly marginal group of people, how does it turn it out for him? Well if the title hasn't said enough, I'm too pleased, in fact I'm wondering if he is alright at all.

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Nov 24, 2017




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 3 years ago
- Edited by: us-first.info - Special Thanks To: Nocty, Zany Jester, The Spanish Inn Physician, Yoo Toobah, Yerzi, Yeahsure, Bagsy, a7f - Thumbnail: twitter.com/NotReallyJacket
lol 9 days ago
He is hated by like 3/4 of the population of Singapore lmao
xthefinalbulletx43 11 days ago
We got em boys!!
sokee13 20 days ago
anyone tell me the cartoon at 2:33 ?
milk_enthusiast 21 day ago
well.. it wasn’t bait. unfortunately.
Jaden debeer
Jaden debeer 21 day ago
Make a follow up
Ľâuqètte Qi
Ľâuqètte Qi 22 days ago
wow thanks for being transphobic
Ben D. Banana
Ben D. Banana 22 days ago
No, no he's not alright.
sag 13
sag 13 15 days ago
Sums up the vid
Radical Roach
Radical Roach 26 days ago
Dude's about to get extradited back to the phillipines and get the death penalty his life is over in the literal sense, so he's not alright
Ben D. Banana
Ben D. Banana 22 days ago
@Juan Yu See He's Chinese but was born in Singapore where he uses to live.
Juan Yu See
Juan Yu See 23 days ago
He's a Singaporean, not Filipino, so he's gonna be extradited back to Singapore when his asylum status is revoked, which AFAIK does not have the death penalty for possessing CP.
Carnyzzle 28 days ago
as it turns out, he is not.
Lillie 28 days ago
The answer is no. Saved you your time.
Amy Bill
Amy Bill 28 days ago
Pedro filling is in jail now.
Kian Brennan
Kian Brennan 28 days ago
this video aged well....
wubsyman 29 days ago
Lol I got recommended this the day after he got arrested for CP
MrShriven 29 days ago
didn't age well as this piece of shit is in prison
He's down with the kids man
Ainsley Harriot just makes me laugh
JQ Bapperz
JQ Bapperz Month ago
Ladies and gentlemen, we got him.
Herr Derr
Herr Derr Month ago
This aged poorly
360 Fov
360 Fov Month ago
HE'S BEEN SENTENCED AFTER CLAIMING COVID. They're going to behead him in Singapore without a doubt!
bleh whatever
bleh whatever Month ago
Haircomb Man
Haircomb Man Month ago
Sam Walter
Sam Walter Month ago
guess not
Joel Fernandez
Joel Fernandez Month ago
Wow. What a creep. Who didn't see the cp charge a mile away?
CEO of Tomboys
CEO of Tomboys Month ago
He is not alright.
Kildar 0000
Kildar 0000 Month ago
The libs and right loved this guy ha ha ha vetting is a must
Bob Smudger
Bob Smudger Month ago
I think we can now safely say he is definitely not alright.
ChrisHazFun Month ago
lmao the timing for this being recommended to me couldn't have been better
Arvid Alexander Atsinch
Didn't milo and kraut and dankula defend them and then sargon was almost nuked off US-first and only came back after a mass discord campaign to take down "alt right" accounts and ramzpaul had to disavow every single race realist to survive? Am I missing something or wtf is going on
HGAMES69 Month ago
Dankula never defended this guy lmao what drugs are you on you SJW? He roast the fuck out of them for an interview he did on his (Dankula) channel.
sid gregersen
sid gregersen Month ago
So,he was hiding in plain sight all along!!
Sgt. Buck
Sgt. Buck Month ago
I don't know why US-first is recommending this to me know, but Amos Yee's opinions did not age well.
Noah Leach
Noah Leach Month ago
Now arrested
J MH Month ago
October 2020 here. I can safely say the answer is a resounding NOOOOOOO- [insert relevant Michael Scott meme here]
Brian Zimmerman
Brian Zimmerman Month ago
This aged in a way.
The Awesome Pie126
Oh this video aged so well, this fucker got into jail
H3avy Month ago
It seems the arrest has made this video pop back up.
Elijah Miller
Elijah Miller Month ago
wow. the backpeddling from the right is staggering
the weirdest person you would ever meet
The Right Opinion: *Makes 7 minute video* 6:31 "A bit of a longer video" -2017 TRO 2020: ...
attichris Month ago
*crab dance*
Sin Burner
Sin Burner Month ago
I don't usually come to old videos but this one just aged finer then quality French wines. Man, I remember rooting for Yee back in the day when he was getting persecuted in his home country. Legitimate supression of freedoms, but the moment get got out he fucking went down hill. Turned into a proper monster.
j s
j s Month ago
Aged like wine
frenchabortion Month ago
And now he’s been busted for it...
The Lord Cobra
The Lord Cobra Month ago
and now Amos Yee is in court over CP...
trevor jainese
trevor jainese Month ago
Yikes this is an old video but this 'spin on us Chanel' is him say a pedo is right
Jesse Month ago
No he's wrong... I believe in free speech and being as filthy as you want to be but leave the under 18s alone it's not much to ask of simple decency
sinphoenix Month ago
2 years later... HAHA
Swan Month ago
cori Month ago
hoo boy
ROMCOM309 Month ago
He just got arrested for child pron so no he's fucked
Joshua Amparado
Joshua Amparado Month ago
Count Dankula brought me here.
Dk What to call this
Guess not...
I love History!
I love History! Month ago
Got this in my recommended today, ironic.
Swag Mouse
Swag Mouse Month ago
And now he's in prison. THE END!
Joshua Amparado
Joshua Amparado Month ago
Yep, so I've heard from Count Dankula's recent video on his second channel. Marcus even had a debate with this pitiful excuse of a human being.
Lemon Molestatio
Well I think today we can definitively say, no.
TheHeavenly FB
TheHeavenly FB Month ago
2 years later and no, no he is not.
Mei Mei
Mei Mei Month ago
Yo, TRO you gotta revisit this. It's wild now.
John Bacon
John Bacon Month ago
Hang Amos yee. Change my mind
Stoic Month ago
Kmv Month ago
Spoiler:He's not.
Dencent Beatz
Dencent Beatz Month ago
hopefully this dude gets some help in prison
Dencent Beatz
Dencent Beatz Month ago
They say that the abused become the abuser... Amos yee is batshit crazy. I feel like his childhood was f ed, but there is no excuse for having CP.
JLX 256
JLX 256 Month ago
It's funny watching this now after he's been arrested for possessing cp
Dank Poster
Dank Poster 26 days ago
Ladies and gentlemen we got him.
Dot Nerd
Dot Nerd Month ago
He kept saying he's not a pedo, but that was suspicious... Well this video aged well huh!
Emre John Nebioglu
Emre John Nebioglu 14 days ago
I heard he was with a 14 year old girl. I'm pretty sure that makes him an ephibophile
Amos Yee was just arrested for CP. Who's surprised?? .....*crickets*
DaddyTitoplz 6 days ago
He just wanted to troll the FBI bro, it’s just a prank
this video aged well
Mr. Bell
Mr. Bell 21 day ago
Dave Rubin, Sargon, Andy Ngo ... they acted quite surprised in light of this 'revelation'.
Visitormassacre 21 day ago
Ladies and gentlemen.... we got him.
jhonatan paguay
jhonatan paguay Month ago
Oof this is relevant in 2020
TheFatKid Month ago
Heck Dongle
Heck Dongle Month ago
We found the definitive answer.
FroZen Month ago
RayNightshade Month ago
He’s not alright. And he’s in jail now lol
rice eater
rice eater Month ago
He was not, in fact, alright
Dencent Beatz
Dencent Beatz Month ago
yes lmao
Rotting Orange
Rotting Orange Month ago
We gotta get better therapy for pedophiles and support those who get help. But those who decide to not get help and harm people can get their neck snapped.
Zio Billie
Zio Billie Month ago
Lee H
Lee H Month ago
He is in jail now. hehehe
Zepfstein Month ago
Didn't he die?
Eduardo Hoseok
Eduardo Hoseok Month ago
this aged well
alex hernandez
alex hernandez 22 days ago
@Karolina Bartosiak he was arrested recently for fooling around with a minor online, if I remember correctly he coerced her into nude pictures. I could be wrong it's been a couple weeks since I last read anything about it but look it up for yourself, it's a pretty rancid affair
Karolina Bartosiak
Karolina Bartosiak 23 days ago
@Eduardo Hoseok Thank you for the information.
Eduardo Hoseok
Eduardo Hoseok 23 days ago
@Karolina Bartosiak i mean considering this dude was basically saying children can consent and how pedos are treated too harshly im not too surprised he got caught - as for how he got caught it happened a few weeks ago so i cant remember and i dont think these videos of his linked him to his crime but it is pretty ironic the drama isnt well known by many people expect for people who were disturbed by his words and spoke up against him its relatively low - it was forgotten about pretty quickly i would say
Karolina Bartosiak
Karolina Bartosiak 23 days ago
@Eduardo Hoseok Thats good, was that somehow linked to his videos? The content he was making does seem like something that would put him on some kind of a watch list. Also, was this some kind of a big drama? I'm a college student with too much work to do so I have no idea what's going on US-first nowadays.
Eduardo Hoseok
Eduardo Hoseok 23 days ago
@Karolina Bartosiak this dude got caught possessing cp
Tasha Florence
Tasha Florence Month ago
2 years later, American laws disagree with him
red comn
red comn Month ago
He's been detained now
LilNye Month ago
UPDATE he got caught with cp. chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2020/10/16/21519739/internet-troll-amos-yee-charged-with-child-porn?fbclid=IwAR0A1kgvNf5ksC-C-Avb4K7Pl2Lqg_wkOieiXqubcCnhxM4WnVNZBE2PvqU
Rachel Tan
Rachel Tan Month ago
He's back in the news again..
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis Month ago
Haven’t started the video yet but “No. He isn’t right”. Edit: I’d always assumed that his stance was part of his crippling denial of his own trauma. If there’s nothing wrong with having “relations” with a child, then he never has to face the fact that he was abused. I don’t agree with anything he says* but I can’t help seeing a crying child in their underpants cowering in a corner. Idk why that particular image but there it is. I can be empathetic without condoning * I honestly do feel a profound sense of “pity” (for lack of a better word) for anyone who has to face the fact that they’re sexually attracted to underage people. I cannot imagine the anguish of finding something like that inside yourself. My pity is completely gone the SECOND you lay hands on a child, just get the therapy & do your best to avoid children in your “target age” completely
AvatarEnd777 2 months ago
I am looking for substantiation of my next article on what I believe the new social justice rights front. Pedophilia. Fight for change is the always their goal. They always need the next battle and now its our children. Surely this is the line we can draw! The age of consent is there to protect our children and NOT serve the adult pedophiles!
:Seesick: 2 months ago
lmao when he says "bit of a longer video" after watching his 4 hour nikokado documentary
Haley S
Haley S 2 months ago
Dead pedophiles don’t reoffend. Kill them all
John Bacon
John Bacon Month ago
Wrennyyy 2 months ago
As someone who was asked by a 19 year old to sext and agreed at the age of 9 on a minecraft server KIDS CANNOT CONSENT. looking back I am absolutely traumatized and had no idea what I'd agreed to. I trusted that man and was used without understanding it.
Xavier Cockerton
Xavier Cockerton 2 months ago
Amos Yee: BuT wHat iF tHe ChiLD cOnSEnTs tho?
bobby shaw
bobby shaw 3 months ago
Children can not consent and if you believe they can and want to treat them like adults in sexual manors then my gun views you as a target
Average individual with a Smart Phone
Disturbing someone like this is allowed such a platform...pathetic.
Average individual with a Smart Phone
Not sure what someone could be thinking when they thumbs this video down...didn’t like the choice of background music?
Sarah G
Sarah G 3 months ago
Fantastic. So incredibly eloquently stated. Well done.
IzzIsa II
IzzIsa II 3 months ago
im really scared of his views
The Rev. Dr. Dewey Brown Jr
My mother and my grandmother were both molested at a very young age.Its things like this that make me want to go on a killing spree of sex offenders.P.S. I’m going to kill the man who molested my mother I’m going to send that fucking bastard hell!
Reina Suwa
Reina Suwa 3 months ago
Hope Yee sees this. Points well written.
A Rhyme A Dozen
A Rhyme A Dozen 4 months ago
couldnt help but notice the absurd like/dislike ratio, who the fuck are those hundred and twenty people who dislike this?
tzehleng 4 months ago
i only know he left singapore but i didn’t know that he chose america as his new playground. but wells i wasn’t surprised lol, only america could hold his chaos
Kancerous Dog
Kancerous Dog Month ago
In Singapore, he offended a hero and ex prime minister of the country. The man helped improve our housing and country all together. He was sued and exiled to the US as i think he wanted "freedom if speech" or something
Solomosos 5 months ago
Wow TRO has really been consistent throughout the years
LOLI taku
LOLI taku 5 months ago
Pedophilia scares me, and I believe it's abusive on so many levels. I look relatively younger than my current age, so I made jokes that I'd be the perfect FBI bait
november crow
november crow 5 months ago
I can't believe I've found this. my first immediate thought was "WAIT, WHAT?! HOW FAMOUS IS THIS ASSHOLE"
korngotmuted 5 months ago
Amos Yee is awful. Murderers are hated, so we should make muRdEr LeGaL
Ashley Tkl
Ashley Tkl 6 months ago
Kid raped. It is not ok. When they are Not mature enough to know how to say "NO". I know your arguments. I wish you can make it to the court of law.
Bass Player
Bass Player 6 months ago
The only sympathy I have for pedos are the ones who are aware that they're attracted to kids so they seek help before anything bad happens. I heard of a bus driver who was slowly becoming attracted to kids so he got a chemical castration and quit his job
brooklyn bebe
brooklyn bebe 2 days ago
@SpiralPoli Productions i mean if they have not acted under any circumstance on their illness, then i do believe they should seek help and should not be told to kill themselves or receive death threats. im talking about people that do not act in any way on their "attraction"
SpiralPoli Productions
@Death to the CCP hang those fuckers up like christmas ornaments
SpiralPoli Productions
I usually advocate people for mental illness. But either way, these people need to die either way.
Elira 2100
Elira 2100 Month ago
@Pranav Gopikrishnan chemical castration is the consumption of medication that reduces your libido (sex drive) to. It does not mean you have to chop off your manhood
Apple TV
Apple TV Month ago
and now he's been arrested for cp..
Giraffe Enclosure
Giraffe Enclosure 7 months ago
Troll or not, it doesn't excuse anything. : /