In Defense of h3h3productions - Why Ethan and Hila Needed A Break | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: In Defense of h3h3productions - Why Ethan and Hila Needed A Break | TRO
h3h3 is the US-first pair comprising of couple Ethan and Hila Klein, they’re pretty damn well known, there are loads of things that even people not particularly cultured with the internet will be familiar with, whether it was FUPA or Vape Nation, they understandably have an overarching impact on US-first past and present, that can never be taken away. However, to understand a lot of what I’m going to be discussing today we have to go back in time.
Now the h3 account was created in 2011, on the 29th of April to be specific, originally made by Ethan and Hila to help Hila with her college project.
However, due to my work on the wayback machine, it appears they didn’t start gaining any traction until 2013, doing the wayback machine we can see that approaching the end of the 2013, they had around just shy of 2,000 subscribers. A modest but not insignificant amount, especially considering at the time one of their other videos had over 200,000 views. It’s the foundations for a strong channel, what were the main source of these views at the time, well it appears to be mostly these exe videos. The first real banger was Warm It Up, which really is a bona fide classic at this point. Most of these captured the very minute, seemingly irrelevant movements of an interaction, often by an eccentric, and put emphasis on them, almost exaggerating the more minor quirks, making them either mesmerising or amusing.
They still practiced other types of video in this time span, and had videos that focused more on their own personalities, mostly Ethan at this point, who was like everyone’s favourite creepy uncle. Not that I’m endorsing creepy uncles, of course, I wouldn’t leave them alone with the kids, but my point stands regardless. h3 was creating an identity for themselves, and this finally began to snowball towards the end of 2014, when they moved over to the h3 reaction videos, which intertwined their creativity as editors, and their slightly off kilter humour. It worked for them, and they experienced incremental success through it, all their videos, have really withstood the test of time, and the fact that many of their old reaction videos still perform relatively well with the algorithm is a testament to their timeless appeal.
Given how well many of them still perform, it would be easy to deceive yourself that you must have discovered later than everyone else, and I definitely fall foul to that, I looked back at their view count initially and thought to myself “Wow, how didn’t I come across these guys sooner”, but I was introduced to them by a friend when he showed me their “How To Clean Your Gamer Gear” video. I think I must’ve subscribed to them between 1 and a 1 and a half million, I was definitely a sucker for the videos that placed more emphasis on the editing, rather than the skits, and the skits definitely had their place, without a doubt, but US-first comedy needs to be high energy and sort of unexpected to get me properly chuckling. Just my taste.
I think another really important aspect of these videos was they introduced a somewhat moral standpoint, although it was often shrouded in large amounts of humour, which is expected, you also had the feeling that with videos like the pranksters, they were challenging US-first in promoting them, although this was regularly mixed in with other videos that didn’t really have any deeper meaning rather than, funny memes, and they did create some great memes from them.
This definitely gave them the foundations to be a somewhat moral voice on US-first, and over the years they would become more involved in the specific controversies surrounding the platform, how they conducted themselves. A lot of creators typically avoided making separate videos to necessarily talk about the guidelines, and with creators like myself, I understand why, however the h3 format allowed them to branch out, and this led to more directed videos on The Fine Bros, SoFloAntonio, and of course the infamous, now removed Leafy video.
Now as noted, not all these videos were without their flaws, and he has subsequently retracted some statements, but what a lot of people appreciated about these videos were that they were done in a way that sought the betterment of US-first as a domain, and not just a specific person, which I can respect. On top of this, with these serious videos, they still intertwined some of their own personal humour into these videos, made them less of a tonal shift from their standard content, although it definitely existed on a spectrum. But still, it was them. And that’s what I think sometimes serious videos out of nowhere can lose, the personality.
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Oct 13, 2018




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 years ago
CREDITS BELOW: Alright so I've heard that there is a situation regarding BetterHelp and them, I've been very busy with exams, I was planning on making a video on the BetterHelp situation in general. Bad timing if they've not done themselves justice, this is independent from that situation, and more focused on the hiatus. If I have to criticise them in the future I will. Still running behind schedule (I might be running behind forever), I know I speak faster in this one I do not have a clue what I snorted before recording but it must have been pretty good. CHECK OUT THE EDITORS: - Tobi: us-first.info/more/wDaUfqAa_eZG8Uv_emUxVw - JoeMakesGoodVideos: us-first.info/more/p0iQ7hD6EsysGtF90Dg25w - Wisps: us-first.info/more/o3rsapWL2CEbZ3g0nEKXcQ - Corticera: us-first.info - Lanooski: us-first.info/more/xfVbuWXJAPQ26tL6_BeLng Part 1 References - JoeMakesVideos Wayback Machine 2013: web.archive.org/web/20131228155524/us-first.info Warm It Up Exe: us-first.info/player/video/gMeao4VmlIB-loU.html How to Clean Your Gamer Gear: us-first.info/player/video/h7V4d6ZzfnmdoGQ.html A few Serious h3 videos: us-first.info/player/video/fpiUf3-jj6Ccoqc.html us-first.info/player/video/n91poIuXm6FlgX0.html us-first.info/player/video/mcaLeKCbpH5kqpc.html us-first.info/player/video/gd-dZJCMf3mijok.html us-first.info/player/video/i7qgnWuaj4mjYWA.html us-first.info/player/video/aJqsjaarhYGel3k.html Fine Bros Rant: us-first.info/player/video/mtyYoI6agJiGn2g.html SoFlo Rant: us-first.info/player/video/btasq5CTip2He3E.html Leafy Rant: us-first.info/player/video/eMyefYGigImjm2A.html The Big The Bold The Beautiful: us-first.info/player/video/eb2Kpmx4f6RffnU.html Matt Hoss Video on Lawsuit: us-first.info/player/video/g6pneGqGl4Gdeqc.html H3 videos on lawsuit: us-first.info/player/video/nKp8iYaro5d1bKc.html us-first.info/player/video/o5lllY6Zh31qhp8.html us-first.info/player/video/b8qDY3p7qXtko5s.html Part 2 References - Wisps h3 Podcast Bill Burr: us-first.info/player/video/arOuhaJ2loSEoJM.html Norm Macdonald Red Carpet: us-first.info/player/video/d51pa6-io3l8lqc.html H3 videos on lawsuit: us-first.info/player/video/nKp8iYaro5d1bKc.html us-first.info/player/video/o5lllY6Zh31qhp8.html us-first.info/player/video/b8qDY3p7qXtko5s.html h3 podcast Pewdiepie incident: us-first.info/player/video/lbqPlZ56Y6WBdnE.html Part 3 References - Corticera h3 Ball Rider: us-first.info/player/video/gLNspJiXmYejbIU.html h3 Explanation Video: us-first.info/player/video/osqai4tpkmhjgX0.html Matt Hoss Video on Lawsuit: us-first.info/player/video/g6pneGqGl4Gdeqc.html H3 videos on lawsuit: us-first.info/player/video/nKp8iYaro5d1bKc.html us-first.info/player/video/o5lllY6Zh31qhp8.html us-first.info/player/video/b8qDY3p7qXtko5s.html Bed Intruder Song: us-first.info/player/video/nrKpjZ2JYq9rmKc.html Examples of modern reaction commentary: us-first.info/player/video/g9eOdLGChYVqZZs.html us-first.info/player/video/ebeCdI9je6yohoU.html us-first.info/player/video/g52IpqaThZ9-pIE.html Part 4 References - Lanooski New h3 video: us-first.info/player/video/rbhtlGyTo2mWYXk.html h3 Podcast Bill Burr: us-first.info/player/video/arOuhaJ2loSEoJM.html Matt Hoss Video on Lawsuit: us-first.info/player/video/g6pneGqGl4Gdeqc.html H3 videos on lawsuit: us-first.info/player/video/nKp8iYaro5d1bKc.html us-first.info/player/video/o5lllY6Zh31qhp8.html us-first.info/player/video/b8qDY3p7qXtko5s.html h3 podcast Pewdiepie incident: us-first.info/player/video/lbqPlZ56Y6WBdnE.html us-first.info/player/video/fpiUf3-jj6Ccoqc.html us-first.info/player/video/n91poIuXm6FlgX0.html us-first.info/player/video/mcaLeKCbpH5kqpc.html us-first.info/player/video/gd-dZJCMf3mijok.html us-first.info/player/video/i7qgnWuaj4mjYWA.html us-first.info/player/video/aJqsjaarhYGel3k.html Psychological studies on happiness: psycnet.apa.org/record/1980-01001-001 link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF00292648
refined cigarette
refined cigarette 11 months ago
The Right Opinion nvm
refined cigarette
refined cigarette 11 months ago
The Right Opinion This video aged like vinegar.
refined cigarette
refined cigarette 11 months ago
The Right Opinion I miss the old ethan
nicolochan leo
nicolochan leo 11 months ago
@The Right Opinion TRO do a video on AVGN PLEASE
Half Moon Fox
Half Moon Fox Year ago
What is the song at 0:13 ?
Garren Sequeira
Garren Sequeira 15 days ago
This video din age so well
Skittles 2 months ago
I have caught H3 lying about 2 or 3 topics while clearly just trying to destroy other creators. He has a personal bias and is willing to be dishonest to make his point. I can't stand him or his wife now.
Da Beast From Da Weast
Never been the biggest fan of H3, nothing against him I just never _got_ his style of cringe humor commentary, but I'll never forget the Bill Burr fiasco because it was blown way out of proportion. I watched the podcast because I love Bill Burr and it was exactly what I expected it would be: 'ol Billy Red Nuts busting Ethan's blue balls for well over an hour. It was a dude who's worked an entire career dealing with hecklers on the fly as a stand up comic vs. a 40 year old internet dweeb that generally banks off of scripted content. Once again, nothing against Ethan or scripted content but some people just do much better writing their own script than winging it live. Ethan is not one of the "do it live" people so it's hard for me to imagine him going toe to toe with a legend like Bill, but I guess his fans disagree lol
Dana White's double chin
I am triggered by this video
Bueno Excellente
Bueno Excellente 3 months ago
Then... oh then he sent a NUKE!
Benjamin Lesczynski
Benjamin Lesczynski 3 months ago
Bill burr is an asshole in interviews anyway so you cant really blame ethan for not catching up
impossibly cautious
impossibly cautious 3 months ago
lol *defends h3h3 and now looks like an idiot TRO*
Jonathan Straccia
Jonathan Straccia 3 months ago
Hila doesn't look at Ethan like she use to. He is a different person. They had their time. Go get a real job. Nah they'd never. Ethan has no motivation to do anything it seems. Who can blame her though. Look at Ethan. He s pathetic. Imagine when the camera is off. Yikes. All those twitches he does. Fucking gross. And he doesn't even have the ambition to put a hat on all the way. This video is just excuses for them. He s fat she hates it. He refuses to do anything to progress. He looks so unhealthy
Jonathan Straccia
Jonathan Straccia 3 months ago
They shouldn't come back. He needs to get his meds figured out there show is so fucking boring and pointless. It's an hour long cringe comp of his million facial twitches and awkward conversations. He really has changed from the old days. He used to be so animated it seems. Self Interested bores with nothing good or interesting around them. Blunders. They make themselves look awful.
My mom packed me a turkey sandwich.
fuck yeah love the vid
Feebs Z
Feebs Z 5 months ago
19:12 Is that Bob Saget?
TopicalTurtle 5 months ago
Well, with all the critique of H3H3 going around at the minute, this didn't age very well
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
I blame US-first for h3 not uploading their old content. How can you make a quality, thoughtful video every week when you need to upload almost every day to please the algorithm and actually eat off of your work? US-first changed Ethan but not in the way everyone says. They said it themselves that they couldn’t handle the uploading schedule and creative block and I believe them.thats why sketch comedy has disappeared from this platform.
IFG 6 months ago
Phenomenal video. Classic track playing in the background.
Segeric 6 months ago
Ethan is toxic, he may be right most of the time but that is just indicative of our times.
Blue Phoenix
Blue Phoenix 6 months ago
I really dnt see the appeal of H3 H3
Criss Kitchn
Criss Kitchn 7 months ago
Man why didn’t you acknowledge the hypocrisies. Good vid tho
Croissant Sandwich
Croissant Sandwich 7 months ago
This was from a year ago
princess in mittens
princess in mittens 8 months ago
I think Hila is one of the most beautiful women on this platform. And I don't think she realizes that. And I don't think Ethan gives her as much credit as we deserves. She absolutely gorgeous!
sayvar44 9 months ago
Ethan is boring and a terrible interviewer!
PurpleRanger 9 months ago
Now do one on why he's an actual piece of shit. Ethan Kline. The liar, the pussy, the manipulator, king of bad hot takes, he wont even give keemstar a clear answer on if ethan talked to susan woahvicky, "HoW ManY BaLLs cAn YoU juGGlE KloWNStar" got gokunarus video removed. made daddy jon tron insanley uncomfortable on his podcast. He took money from his subs for his court battle with that cringey fuck that sued him. but where's that money? I know the court system didn't see a dime because they won the lawsuit. Ethan is nothing but a piece of shit clout chaser. who uses famous comedians and bigger youtubers for exposure. I absolutely despise what H3 has become. He lived long enough to watch himself become the enemy.
Liam 10 months ago
why does everyone put emphasise on the break, the issue was the way he went about it, just vanishing while continuously posting on the h3 podcast. 4 months went by and they come back to post a fucking advert. and now look, he done the exact same thing, just fucked off and I knew he would, thats why I lost all respect for him because it became about money when he sat behind a camera making a career insulting the very people that done the same... they quit h3h3 to focus on Teddy fresh and the h3 podcast because it was more financially rewarding. I'd have no issue with it if they wasn't so snakey about it, no one cared when filthy Frank moved to greater things and he was much bigger than h3... I think after his attitude people just saw him for a person that some US-first celebrity, that's why everyone turned on him with bill burr, he gives himself a sense of entitlement because their fans follow them blindly. h3h3 were just hypocrites, thats why I had an issue with them and stopped watching them back in the July, fans are too clouded up with nostalgia to see past his lies.
Chris M
Chris M 10 months ago
Bill burr did the same thing with theo von on his podcast, who obviously idolized bill burr, and it made for an awkward podcast rather than an amazing one like i expected. It was disappointing
Humbug Ryerson
Humbug Ryerson 10 months ago
My problem with h3 is after we as fans donated money to keep their channel going and fighting matt and they win instead of making content they start a podcast and their first upload on h3h3 is an add for a mobile game i felt truly betrayed, i lost a community, i lost when they won
SlikSilk 15
SlikSilk 15 10 months ago
Gawd I fcking love them. I really enjoyed this video you’ve made, I’ve been on a bit of a kick of your many videos lately and have enjoyed them all. Your level headed opinion is a fresh breath of thought on US-first and very much am growing to love your channel and will be continuing to support. 🖤🤍🖤🤍
elliot king
elliot king 10 months ago
I get the impression that Ethan always hated making videos and that the podcast was much better for his soul.
Quilt 11 months ago
A year later and this video aged like a giant steaming pile of shit. Try "The Wrong Opinion" now.
C.M. H.
C.M. H. 11 months ago
This video seems a whole lot to do about nothing. They didn’t upload for a few months? So..... What am I missing?
nicolochan leo
nicolochan leo 11 months ago
They recently had a baby, 👏👏😭😭
Usongo Year ago
Doesn't matter where H3 is now, I'll still rewatch the classics every now and then
JH vibes
JH vibes Month ago
Im a member rn, im currently waiting for the early access to the new episode of the pod at the moment haha
Usongo 5 months ago
@PED GSP Do you think that your opinion is the right one or why do you spread it in such a cringe worthy way?
Usongo Year ago
People who were seriously angry at H3 for coming back with a mobile game probably weren't even real fans. Or just extremely entitled dumbasses
Danta Year ago
People who seriously call people expecting real content when they see a upload instead of a ad aren't even real people or just extremely idiotic
Splash Daddy
Splash Daddy Year ago
He's like a older Danny Duncan and stezzy Kane
The Old Bore
The Old Bore Year ago
The footage of him using the worst slurs for gay and black people has made it so that I can't stand even looking at his face. It's an absolute shame. The other people in the room mostly look horrified. Those two words, coming from a straight, white man are fucking inexcusable.
Danta Year ago
You do know one of those people is Idubbz who gladly says slurs and only really cared cause Ethan looked like he was completely enjoying it rather then the words being said themselves
Gody P
Gody P Year ago
Ppl just love jumping on hate bandwagons shit is pathetic
David Crooks
David Crooks Year ago
I was late to finding H3. By the time I found them, they had already moved on to the podcast but I didn’t know that. Watched through all the H3 productions videos and then found the podcasts. Their biggest challenge to their podcast is their old videos. It’s disappointing watching the podcast. Plus he’s started to throw in political opinions that aren’t anything he’s knowledgeable on. I’ve pretty much stopped watching by now
Imagine Kudryavka
1:51 Who's dat skinny boi?
Jimmy Pratt
Jimmy Pratt Year ago
my only problem with them was that she was just constantly doing whatever he said and agreed constantly
Hamdi baruti
Hamdi baruti Year ago
Hila married him for thr american passport.
Hamdi baruti
Hamdi baruti Year ago
Hila was never i college u liar.
Rebecca 11 months ago
Hamdi baruti she went to art school
R M Year ago
Have you forgetten filthy frank??
Nemo Sundry
Nemo Sundry Year ago
"are you ready? no? too bad we're doing it anyway". You might be the right opinion but I can still pause your video.
R2 DHue
R2 DHue Year ago
Dude, son, dun, “loov”, mate, “bruh”, baby boi; I love ya’ and all, but please, PLEASE switch up the “vocab” a bit. Everything’s not “overarching”. There are: massive, considerable, comprehensive, enormous, monumental, colossal, defining, redefining, category defining, seismic, weighty, sensational, seminal, paradigm-shifting, powerful, transformative, revolutionary, groundbreaking, “broke new ground”, pioneering, tremendous, major, very big; very, very big;…HUGE…etc… And don’t get me started on “disingenuous” being bandied about so much. It’s derived from “ingenue” and specifically means feigning naiveté (ny-eve-it-tay) for the purpose of deceiving (esp. in escaping responsibility or blame). It’s not a “synonym for all seasons”. Much to your credit, though, at least you don’t commit the “literally” or “litrally” offence. (Which I can’t say for MOST US-firstrs for whom it is their every other word). Make it stop! Make it stop!
AlexAlexAlex Year ago
Half Moon Fox
Half Moon Fox Year ago
Anyone able to tell me the song at 0:13 ?
Liz Torres
Liz Torres Year ago
A curse? But I love ethan and hila
Joeseph Broeseph III
For someone so critical of others I didn’t expect such apologist bullshit
spectre 263
spectre 263 Year ago
There is no defence of ignorance.
It's more H3H3 are pretty shitty people in actuality.
trax72 Year ago
Never cared for their podcast, I don't understand its popularity. He can't interview for shit.
Franz Pattison
That background music is so bad
Chloe Clive
Chloe Clive Year ago
i support h3h3
christopher pobsky gilroy
i suppose im not an expert as i only got into h3h3 from the podcasts i stumbled on one day and i still enjoy it every week ! i like that hes not a pro at interviews, its nice to see people be vulnerable which we can all relate too and also great to see them flourish when they do well
That Saxy Nerd
He spoke about his mental state on a podcast episode long before the update on the main channel. Everything he said sounds very relateable. however, its interesting that with the advent of hilas pregnancy, Ethan seems to be doing better. i think that depression can play on a lack of direction or goal in life and i think that was getting to Ethan and now with the fact they are going to have a kid, has given them a renewed meaning in life that matters to them. Now the channel seems to be rolling again which is great and Ethan seems like he is being creative again, something that depression can really drag down.
Ethan Klein has given me some of the best and hardest laughs I've ever had. People are acting like he kicks puppies. Oh, he's shown actual human emotions and flaws? How DARE he. Cut the dude some slack, he hasn't done anything worse than any other person.
Moses Year ago
I love h3h3, but it’s like he became the one thing he hated.
Gil Hushpond
Gil Hushpond Year ago
That Misery Business/Extraterrestrial mashup is pretty sweet.
Peter Nicholas
I like the relaxed commentary as long as the host is funny, like Ethan or Drew. Your videos on sticky stuff like Zoe and Daddy o' 5 and are engrossing, but too much in a day leaves me feeling like a vulture.
crimsonJapery Year ago
US-first commentators are bottom feeders, cannibalistic vultures waiting for the next channel to slip. I really can't stand it, when done carelessly they sow hatred in the community and turns fanbases toxic. It's aggravating. Maybe I'm crazy.
Alban Year ago
Hey man im still a fupa trooper
Carlos Penuelas
Waiting for that Filthy Frank video...
Kermit The frog
fucking hating on h3h3productions what the fuck, watch now hes going to hate on filthy frank
Zero Black
Zero Black Year ago
H3 is an hypocrytal jew
Maddy Krebs
Maddy Krebs Year ago
The way you described there being a “hole” where the chaos was is EXACTLY what makes addiction and eating disorder recovery so hard. It’s obviously better not to have an eating disorder but it can be extremely hard to find better ways to cope and spend your time.
Pancakebunny21 Pancakebunny21
What remix is at the end
God Year ago
Friend or “boyfriend”
Taga Way
Taga Way Year ago
Never really watched their reaction channel. When I discovered them, it was during their podcast. And I didn't like his way, but tried coming back many times because youtube kept recommending his contest. I always wondered what was their main target audience as they seemed to have different ideas/opinions & guests. Found the girl to be akward and he didn't let her talk much or/& she wasn't taking more time for her. Now I know they are a couple cuz youtube recommended me their "we are pregnant" video. Anyways my point is.... Their channel has been something I know is there, but I can not connect with. Have you ever been in the position? U know channel is popular, because others mention it and show images of it... U try to watch it... Can't connect with the person/people. Move on. Try again watching them, trying different videos, but you end up skiping tru them and just getting out of there and actually put something that u actually like... Well, that's their channel for me. I tried mates, I tried.
MR. OBVIOUS Year ago
I like listening to you but I completely disagree. us-first.info/player/video/aNlqqWyFYIqng5c.html
Marill Sweatshirt
I see you're a Yung Bae fan well count me as new subscribers and thanks for the dope content.
Dash Mash
Dash Mash Year ago
The best take I've seen on the H3H3 situation. Pretty much sums up all my thoughts
Spencer Bruggeman
i hear some Rav in the background. good shit
xPandaemonium Year ago
I was not happy about the way they handled William Osman's visit to the podcast
Pewdi Gang
Pewdi Gang Year ago
I love how in every video he is like. "Are you ready?" Bitch I came for you lectures, why tf did you think I subbed? I was born ready for this shit.
Everton C
Everton C Year ago
The only thing I don't agree in the video is that depression can't emerge in a situation that's not the worse you had in your life. In the end of the day it all depends on your state of mind, if your mind is weak you can get depressed even living the most trouble free life possible.
rrpostalagain Year ago
Every video it’s like I’m just waiting and waiting and waiting for the point... for the words to end and the idea to begin... ahhhhh
Gounard's son
Gounard's son Year ago
12:21 is that my boi beef stew?
Bound4Earth Year ago
I think the bigger issue was not the break, but how they took such a long hiatus from their US-first channels and chose to comeback with a video selling a mobile video game. They left for ages and comeback to milk their fans. Seems like a shit move to me. His handling of the Betterhelp stuff also made him look terrible. He comes off as insanely defensive every-time criticism comes his way. I ignored it years ago, but every-time it happens again and again, he goes on the defense, even when there is none to be had objectively, instead of just apologizing. He needs to learn how the fuck to be humble. He also needs to stop claiming fans should just fuck off when he does fuck up. Sure some criticism goes too far, but not all of it. I think he only apologized once for trying to sell out with the mobile game. Once out of four notable fuck ups that he did. He really needs to just shut the fuck up about this shit on his podcast. He works well enough on the podcast, but when it comes to defending his actions, he turns into a child. Throwing a tantrum for 15 plus minutes just repeating the same bullshit. He needs to learn to stay in his comfort zone. I enjoy his content and it shines when he does. His Bill Burr interview showed how unprepared and showed how little research Ethan actually does. He does enough research to know about things that happened, but not enough to not just ask about the "Philly" incident. If you bring it up have a plan or some incite to add. He just asked like an ignorant pile of shit. I enjoy his podcast less and less every week. He keeps abusing the soundboard when he gets nervous, or repeats his shit Italian impression with backing music over and over and over, or when they call up a fan and drone on for 30 minutes with an ill prepared and boring as fuck competition. He should stick to his strengths by showing and critiquing videos and news. Maybe he needs to take an actual six months off everything. Because I don't see myself watching them in a year.
Scully Year ago
I unsubbed them because Ethan started to be unforgiving with his completely oblivious, misogynistic, racist and politically ignorant comments (he is heard by impressionable youth who want to seem cool in Ethan's eyes) - even if for jokes, it sounded like he didn't care either way. I want to support creators who respect others.
Jolie991 Year ago
i need you to understand that i dont know SHIT about what's going on with youtube. i literally did not know who h3h3 was until i started watching your videos. i need all the background explained to me because somehow my youtube tastes are niche enough that i have never been recommended a single lele pons or jake paul video. i only know of them through commentary channels. im the dumbest person in the world. context? i dont know her
Sweener Year ago
I never have (and still don't) like Ethan or Hila, but I can definitely understand why they needed a break. Schilling-out to a scam-site like BetterHelp and being a massive hypocrite when it comes to free-speech tends to lower people's opinion of you, and when people's opinion of you is negative on this site they become irrationally vicious and toxic. Anyone would need a break from that.
Monk Killedababy
Yeah... I didn’t watch the bill burr one cause I had a feeling it would be cringey. I like Ethan but I don’t like tryhards lol.
Monk Killedababy
It’s actually pretty intense how much impact Ethan’s editing style has influenced other channels. So much so that, I’d have to imagine that not everyone who’s influenced even knows it.
Az Year ago
That instrumental. Smh that's from a kill bill song right?
Connor Parnell
love that sneaky misery business at the end ;)
oskari61 Year ago
Dude... Evidence of depression ? I thought you actually understood mental health issues from personal experience when i watched the "online therapy" thing... From experience i can say; you can be pretty fucking depressed and remain functional, and then you get better or hit a wall. (or remain depressed and functional.. it happens..) And i really enjoyed your video, thank you !
stxries unfold
The Katy Perry and Paramore mashup though
Raf ThePianist
Raf ThePianist 2 years ago
What about the bullying of shoenice?
SVENNE 2 years ago
i liturally supped after i heard your intro XD
Pjams 2 years ago
'its very possible he just wanted to sit down and saw a comfortable couch' in reference to the Norm Macdonald bit earned a sub. I actually laughed out lout for a good minute.
Grant Huling
Grant Huling 2 years ago
"seemingly amiable"
Cyber-Bully 2 years ago
11:34, Tf, i remember seeing that same image in my math textbook in 3rd grade, I don't know why I remember that.
Morten Pedersen
Morten Pedersen 2 years ago
You don't talk to Bill Burr. You just invite Bill Burr and he talks for himself for as much time as you want the microphone to record. Then you leave the room, shut off the light, go home and he'll most likely still be talking when you return to the studio next morning.
knøvis 2 years ago
I think this video might need a part 2
Andrew Zimmern
Andrew Zimmern 2 years ago
He called me a member of a satanic rape cult... that's when I drew the line (especially coming from someone who is part of their religious heritage to this day)
Lonelaw OnePunchOnion
the problem with h3h3 was they took a long "break" from H3h3 but kept making podcast and then finally make an h3h3 video and its just a fucking ad
Lonelaw OnePunchOnion
+ his ego's through the roof now and we wont probably ever seen the old ethan and hila again
TheShadowHatter 2 years ago
Now I'm curious if you'll make a new video about h3h3 and the whole Gokanaru controversy.
suzy 2 years ago
Everyone is a hypocrite. Everyone experiences growth and experience changes in opinion. I think most of their h3h3 content gets demonitized. It makes sense for them to explore options they can make money at (game & podcast). They're expected to do h3h3 and not make any money. They need to make money just like anyone else. And just like anyone else doing the same thing all the time becomes redundant. I love h3h3 content and I usually throw on the podcast at bed time and dose off too it. The things they've "done wrong" don't warrant the hate they get at all.
Jordanious77 2 years ago
us-first.info/player/video/aNlqqWyFYIqng5c.html you seen this video? Woooohhhh boyyy LOL
Eddie Dingle
Eddie Dingle 2 years ago
Norm McDonald would totally crash the award show because he sees a comfy sofa
sinistersharkfish 2 years ago
Did this seriously need to be almost 30 minutes long
The great challenge
Are you defending the most bland podcast ever created?
Joe Hashbrowns
Joe Hashbrowns 2 years ago
His contents fine but he thinks way too highly of his status on US-first, causing him to come across as ignorant and arrogant when he makes mistakes and doesn’t recognize that it has happened