How Two "Girls" Became YouTube's Greatest Joke - Girl Defined | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: How Two "Girls" Became US-first's Greatest Joke - Girl Defined | TRO

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Jul 31, 2019




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The Right Opinion
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Some Guy
Some Guy 3 months ago
You made 700? Wow that’s amazing
Eldritch Mess
Eldritch Mess 3 months ago
you stretched a 10 min video to 30 mins
tessa lynne
tessa lynne 4 months ago
Angelic Girl
Angelic Girl 11 months ago
The Right Opinion who is the girl at the 19:13 min mark?
AOWRecords Hour ago
Rename your channel to the clout chasing opinion joker
Liliam Agatha
Liliam Agatha 11 hours ago
Thanks for bringing this channel to my attention! Def gonna go subscribe to them.
Joe Fuller
Joe Fuller 17 hours ago
wow that relly is something , who'da thought that seman can knit 😆😆😆😁😁😁
Sara Wallace
Sara Wallace Day ago
Sorry, but I won't watch this. I'm a Christian, and I see where this is going.
Sara Wallace
Sara Wallace Day ago
Sorry, but I won't watch this. I'm a Christian, and I see where this is going.
Karrington O'Rourke
Based on your intro I can tell you’re the person that can stretch an essay 3 extra pages by rambling about nonsense and still make it sound logical..
Lady Fervor
Lady Fervor Day ago
this is all typical low brow cringe.
Classical Gas
It’s interesting that you have soooo many opinions to say about everyone else pinions. You are really no different than these girls...monetizing you daily opinion. They just have sincerity and strength about their beliefs, where you just cut everyone down for having beliefs. 🧐
Classical Gas
What is so wrong to want to live a clean, Godly like life? These girls have obviously grown up in a Christian family, with Christian beliefs. This is a breath of fresh air! If you find things wrong with this, then you have the problem. They are just teaching what they believe, you can either listen or not...it’s your choice! Let them live the way they want too and leave them alone! This is how I was raised and I raise my daughters. They have all grown up very happy, well rounded, hard working women! With strong personalities. There is nothing wrong with this at all.
Minh-Tri Dang
don't let those men define your feminine self indenity, instead let's these men
Venin Rouge
Venin Rouge Day ago
It's hilarious to me how people make fun of Girl Defined, but defend Islam even though Islam is the same shit, even worse.
Gregor Meisen
Gregor Meisen 2 days ago
Just to clarify, the Spanish Inquisition aren't really missionaries. More like a secret police, hence nobody would expect them.
Starlette 2 days ago
These two really push some harmful rhetorics about how women should find fulfillment in being homemakers and pleasing their husbands, and that they can have side hustles to bring money to their home, but shouldnt be the breadwinners. I found myself agreeing with general things they would talk about, but the minute they started telling me that some kooky dead dude with a beard was the only one who could give me self worth, and that i need to get married and have kids to be worth anything, i tuned out.
Lorenz Dominique
Lorenz Dominique 2 days ago
What unfortunately faced individuals.
Sugar Plum
Sugar Plum 2 days ago
10:08 this shit is actually terrifying. First of all the "UH HUH, UH HUUUUH" constant nodding 1 does while the other speaks is so retarded. That aside though, basing your self worth on a book full of shit that was alledgedly said by an alledged being that you have never seen or heard, the stories passed down for generations before ever being written at all and then translated over and over.....how do you ever know, assuming these people existed and any of this shit was said at all, that it's even what was said. It seems like a big game of telephone and if you've ever played one you know they don't turn out great. While it is sad to base your self worth on others or on your looks it's not as sad as basing it on a book of shit someone maybe said sometime in the past.
Just Cats
Just Cats 2 days ago
They preach about finding your identity and security in God but they probably spent two hours a day in front of the mirror trying to look perfect for the camera or they would be insecure as heck
catz Keet
catz Keet 2 days ago
They’re not “targets” they’re jokes.....and that is totally and completely their own fault. They constantly say stupid things, and when called out, they double down on their stupidity. Just because they can trot out self evident truths doesnt make them wise....it makes them parrots. And btw, it’s bloody stupid listening to two blonde, blue eyed, impeccably made up and expensively coiffed women complaining about the value placed on looks in society, while using said looks to push their own agenda
Tia Gen
Tia Gen 2 days ago
2 blond bimbo's, surprising
Ceponatia 3 days ago
Man I haven’t seen someone ignore and twist the clips he just presented in order to fit his prewritten narrative this blatantly since... I watched your last video.
Dark Paw Paranormal
Ok. Do they ever switch sides?!?! Even In the car they stick to their sides. I need to know this. It’s bugging me. Lol
Carl Soll
Carl Soll 3 days ago
12:46 Okay. But uhhh if the outcome is a divorce (after having rushed into marriage) Than just kiss.
Evendur13 3 days ago
What annoys the hell out of me is when one of them is talking, the other is bobbing their head in acknowledgement almost constantly, going mmhmm, or yeah. over and over and over. and it's annoying and distracting
Nicola Kerr
Nicola Kerr 4 days ago
I'm not sure which girl but i heard one of their husbands has been through gay conversion therapy 3 times. Not sure how true that is but not exactly a far reach
lettuce house
lettuce house 4 days ago
seriously missed the mark on this one, man. i understand that you believe in letting people live their life, but that is the exact opposite of what these two push for and you didn't express that at all. they are actually terrible and i don't like that you let them off so lightly.
Susan L
Susan L 4 days ago
I believe in 7-11, Walmart, You Tube, The Housewives of Beverly Hills, Green Peace, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, BLM, The Kardashians, Jimmy Kimmel, the WHO, Greta Thornburg, Barack Obama, the CCP, the Dollar Store, Planned Parenthood, Antifa, Marx, AOC, and Disney, The Great Re-Set, Seattle's CHAZ, de-funding the Police, Medicare for all. Crush the rich, except for 7-11, Walmart, You Tube, Jimmy Kimmel, AOC, Seattle's political leaders, Antifa's donations, BLM's bank accounts, Barack's bank account, Nancy's stock holdings, Biden's family ... I have it all together! But those Christians... bad bad. Seen one Christian seen them all. Seen one white person seen them all. Seen one Chinese person seen them all. Seen one black person seen them all. Seen one accountant seen them all. Seen one Heating and Cooling person seen them all. Seen one roofer seen them all. Punch up, punch down. Just keep punching... a good way to spend our days... forget family, forget friends, forget earning a living to buy macaroni and cheese and a little ground beef... NO .... rise to the occasion and spend your time attacking your neighbors and friends and perfect strangers! ONWARD soldiers.
Cal Sheridan
Cal Sheridan 4 days ago
"This is a nut." iiit sure is....
Lauren H
Lauren H 4 days ago
What I hate about these girls, above all else, is the way that one of them will sit and talk for ages and the other one will just go “mhhmmm” “mhhHHHMMM” over and over.
Diane Brazil
Diane Brazil 4 days ago
Create fears then exploit them and be sure to pass the collection plate.
Jamie Yayme
Jamie Yayme 5 days ago
Get to the point already
Jamie Yayme
Jamie Yayme 5 days ago
Get to the point already
Amaya Hinageshi
Amaya Hinageshi 5 days ago
I think there's a certain "finality" to a lot of religiously charged comments that's extremely off-putting. Whether you like it or not, the bible is complex enough for its messages and their intent to be a matter of interpretation. You wouldn't really have moral authority even if you _did_ have a perfect understanding of scripture, so an individual interpretation of scripture is a pretty pathetic foundation on which to build an argument. Still, people will read the bible, decide what it means, and use that to dictate what other people should think or how they should behave. Hypothetically, even if you believed in the Christian God with every last fiber of your being, you really shouldn't be acting as if you have any right to pass judgement on their behalf. Social credibility = obliterated.
Tina 5 days ago
I prefer dressing modestly, and G_d has nothing to do with it. It’s just my preference. Girl Defined is so obsessed with purity that I don’t find them easy to watch. And their smirking expressions are so annoying.
Mister Squiggles
Mister Squiggles 5 days ago
IDK. As a long time atheist, I don't see what the problem is...? Let people have their religion, these women seem harmless. I don't understand the bullying.
Holly Davidson
Holly Davidson 5 days ago
girl one is like: BLAH BLAH BLAH *talks a million words a minute. Girl 2: mmhmm yeah. mm. mmhmm. *sounds so bored*
The Kid In Blue
The Kid In Blue 5 days ago
Im muslim and i would hate convert some one to my religion it seems a bit sinister do do that
Ray k.o
Ray k.o 6 days ago
Purity is mocked, so sorry on that point, I see your bias
Felix Felix
Felix Felix 6 days ago
Girls.. I'm old.. take it on many test drives. You don't want to find out he isn't interested in sex (fat, pedophile or other issues), or learn of fetishes that you aren't comfortable with, or learning he is selfish sexually, so many things you can learn BEFORE you commit to life. Trust me, he isn't going to share his secret sexual self if he isn't in a sexual relationship..
Felix Felix
Felix Felix 6 days ago
Beauty isn't fleeting. Beautiful women often stay beautiful.. Example: Christie Brinkley, Dolly Parton, Angela Jolie, Cher and so many more. So I guess God was wrong that one.
brianna Baze
brianna Baze 6 days ago
Both if their husbands are gay. Not just saying that it's a fact
ZoeAlleyne 7 days ago
Ok but the girl defined boyfriend on the far left looks like he thinks even waiting for marriage is too soon for sex. He looks like he thinks they should wait until their 80th anniversary for sex.
LeoCurrently 7 days ago
You need to update the video because of them being nazi apologists
Gillian Omotoso
Gillian Omotoso 7 days ago
“Girls” lol
Liz Barry
Liz Barry 7 days ago
Preaching cheerleaders oh dear. Probably republican and conspiracy theorists. Indoctrinated by their parents and church. It’s puke inducing stuff.
Rhi Rhi
Rhi Rhi 7 days ago
What I got from this video is if your a white “privileged” Christian you should keep your religion to yourself?
HEADS HEAD 7 days ago
How full of yourself do you have to be
Cliff Yuan Año
Cliff Yuan Año 7 days ago
where are all the mr struggles at?
Katie Baily
Katie Baily 8 days ago
Wonder if TRO will cover Classically Abby, Ben Shapiro’s sister who keeps showing up as an ad in our feeds
dskid28 8 days ago
Kristen is usually the one that sits on your right, has the thinner face. Bethany has the fuller face and usually sits on your left. They also preach a lot of hate
Fritz Monorail
Fritz Monorail 8 days ago
I believe that girl defined specifically are peddling a purity culture narrative towards young girls. They have written books targeted towards young girls. While I see no problem in modest dressing and waiting till marriage This type of narrative preached at a young age causes girls to feel shame about their own sexuality.
Kia Roane
Kia Roane 9 days ago
I don’t see this channel is different from any other channels that are niche. This channel should exist a long side all the other channels were people are sharing their views. You don’t have to agree or watch them. I just think it’s culturally acceptable to bash Christians. As a black American Christian, i don’t identify wit them, but I don’t hate them.
Emma is Awkward
Emma is Awkward 9 days ago
Don’t let a man define you, let God (a man) define you.
thawhiteazn 9 days ago
These two look like the most basic of bitches.
Canal Targeto
Canal Targeto 9 days ago
Gowri Krishnadas
Gowri Krishnadas 9 days ago
You are very well spoken
Halies 9 days ago
the homophobia is so angering. i mean that poor thing woman who sent in a message about “struggling with same sex attraction” im so curious how they really live their daily life what they think when they wake up and before they follow asleep do they really think their lifestyle is okay...they are crazy i just can’t understand what it would be like to be like them
Halies 9 days ago
people like them scare me...it’s so weird
Tammy Kovacs
Tammy Kovacs 9 days ago
They both are wearing so much make up and perfect hair. Perfect clothes. Looks like rich backgrounds. I just couldn't take them seriously.....
jim Hayes
jim Hayes 9 days ago
Their videos have a pinkish golden hue, just like the sets they have on televangelist shows. Makes me gag. It is difficult to determine the target audience. Is it kids? Is it adults? I feel the same confusion when I turn on the Jim Bakker Show. It is all pinkish and golden, and it seems like a kid show for adults. I guess its partly because they talk all sweetsy. I don't know how else to describe it. I have never talked that way to anyone, not even a kid.
Dr.Catnnibal 9 days ago
Take a shot every time one of them say "Mmmhmm".
Malita Ashura
Malita Ashura 9 days ago
The one chick looks like whitney wisconsin 😂
LOKDOWNKING 9 days ago
These girls are ridiculed and mocked because they're white girls who believe in God and speak about it. And in today's world it's an easy target make fun of the Christian. You would never ever ever see people mocking and making fun of Muslim girls talking like this because that is a No-No apparently
Kenneth Anson Lee
Kenneth Anson Lee 10 days ago
The second I hear someone say "I hate gays cause they're not doing what God built them for" I just ignore them forever.
entertain7us14 10 days ago
Why is “Girls” in quotations, I’m sweating
lettuce house
lettuce house 4 days ago
because they are adult women
Im Clueless
Im Clueless 10 days ago
its mind boggling that people with such archaic views can even grow up to be functioning adults ....
TheBizzle1984 10 days ago
This whole "who defines you?, what gives you worth?" narrative is ridiculous, because you're a human being who exists. The worth is inherent, and you choose how to define yourself. They're just substituting one bad view of external worth for another. They're barely even different (ie, to paraphrase: 'we don't want men defining us, except one particular man who is super dead and never actually wrote anything down himself'). It's still all about external validation, instead of promoting self-worth and self-esteem based on Christian principles (ie, you can feel good about yourself by living a humble, charitable, non-judgmental, and anti-consumerist lifestyle, following the teachings of Christ). I'm an atheist, but I grew up religious (United Church of Canada), and I do see value in both the charitable and community focused aspects of religion. It bothers me that these women seem to have so thoroughly missed the point that they've decided they're judge and jury on what Christian womanhood is, despite the very first tenent of the faith being "Judge not, lest ye be judged. For with what judgement ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again". In that light, all their "haters" are just doing God's work, if you think about it.
Tacit Black
Tacit Black 11 days ago
If you told me that these Girl Defined videos were a recurring sketch from SNL, I'd totally buy it. Lol.
Ace K.
Ace K. 11 days ago
Yoake no Hikari
Yoake no Hikari 11 days ago
I use to be a Christian b/c of my family but the one thing I’m confused is that there is god and there is Jesus and that Jesus=god but are also two separate entities so is there two gods _(┐「ε:)_ so when ur praying are u meant to pray to Jesus or god or is god Jesus and Jesus god and that god just copy pasted himself into Mary’s womb and then there are two gods but in a sense it is one god because they are both the same god. Idk what I just typed
People’s Patriot
People’s Patriot 11 days ago
People always make fun of other people who are confident and secure with themselves
frank facts
frank facts 11 days ago
You literally censored a nut being screwed onto a bolt. Idiot
Tacit Black
Tacit Black 11 days ago
I agree. He should have censored the bigoted, hate-mongering psychopathic POS holding the nut and bolt. Priorities.
Alison Leader
Alison Leader 11 days ago
What I see is a very biblical doctrine. Not the watered down palatable incorrect progressive Christianity most churches go for these days
Hayder Almullahasan
girl defined: girls should not put their looks first girl defined two clips later: waring 3 layers of makeup
Usani 12 days ago
Hell yes! I kept forgetting to watch this, so happy youtube threw it back into my recommendations! :D
Chubby surprise
Chubby surprise 12 days ago
Spiffing Brit sighting
Mary Echo
Mary Echo 12 days ago
3:30 I have never seen such a literal instance of "Godphoning" The religious content I watch is witchcraft related (pagan, neopaganism, practition, wicca (although i dont practice wicca), whatever else it may be called) I never get Christian content related. US-first must know they scare me, lol Edit: they still valid tho! I don't mean to sound like i dislike christians
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior 12 days ago
As a person who previously religious, I find two things troubling: 1) GirlDefined assumes that one is inherently going to become bad if they step out line with religion in any way whatsoever. This mindset really freaked with my head, making me thing that I was destined for a life of hell because I thought watching Johnny Sins was a good way to use my lonely times. (Spoiler: I am not a coke addicted hooker. Thanks mom.) 2) The broader Christian community is so fear-mongering . They create a bubble of thought instead of giving you any tools to defend yourself from the true evils of the world. Instead of telling you how to avoid sexual harassment, they tell you "you shouldn't have been in a situation where you could have been harassed in the first place". Instead of teaching you to speak up, they teach you to "obey your elders". This creates a horrid dynamic where quite frankly, you're setting people up not the explore things for themselves and stripping them of their problem solving capabilities. But then again. This thoughts are my own.
debbie uzo
debbie uzo 12 days ago
From your first point they think people become bad if they step out of their definition of "Christianity", because am sure the wont acknowledge other religion.
King Judah
King Judah 13 days ago
Much love to all, repent, trust and believe in Jesus and be saved. We all have done wrong and all need remission of our wrongdoings. God is real, and there is truth. If you have any questions and are a seeker of truth, I’d be glad to answer any questions or doubts. Much love and God bless.
lorena costa
lorena costa 13 days ago
The girls: it's not about that outside is about the inside ( or some s*** like that) Me: you're f****** stupid.... Of course we need to go in exercise eat well and take care of ourselves so does matter out the outside so we f****** survive..... I'm not mad at u..... Just saying
Niklas Kronlein
Niklas Kronlein 13 days ago
Tbh, this kind of Christianity makes the rest of us look insane. I used to be an evangelical like these ladies, but thank GOD I left that very contradictory thought process. I'm still a Christian but highly reformed in the way I think.
Castiels Penance
Castiels Penance 13 days ago
These bitches just keep "mhm mhm mhm" *nods head nonstop* "mhm mhm mhm*
Aaron P
Aaron P 14 days ago
They look prim and proper on the outside, but as uptight as these girls are you know it looks like a mangy gorilla down there... I would be surprised if they've even seen their own.
Arsham Sobbi
Arsham Sobbi 14 days ago
These sister say more provers then in& out packaging
Aurora Chantel
Aurora Chantel 14 days ago
I don't like religion, monotheism specifically, because I have never felt safe. The forced positivity. The feeling that if I don't do what you want you're going to get a weird kind of intimidating I don't know how to defend. The feeling that, in some places, my behaviors could get me assaulted or even killed. The condescending tones. Being looked down on because I haven't been a part of the same church group since I was born. I have never felt safe or comforted by the bible. It's never made me feel secure. Or happy. All it's ever done is make me feel anxious and scared. And I can't even express that to religious folks because they have some condescending speech for me about sin and ignorance and vaguely calling me a slut. It's actually not just the people, who also have never made me feel comfortable or safe. It's the actual content. Religion has been used as a means to explain life in an easy to digest way. I have learned these lessons outside of religion just fine. I'm quite philosophical on my own thanks. So then to go in and see stories and lessons and how they're.... well they're not quite right. They have threatening and violent undertones. Sometimes just blatant violence and discrimination. And then to see other people reading and digesting the same words and having no problem with them? That's extremely uncomfortable. And again, it makes me feel extremely unsafe to be around religious folks. To me, when I step foot into that world, it's like watching brain dead, indoctrinated, drugged up people trapped in pretend happiness. Also these two married gay men and you can't convince me otherwise.
Aurora Chantel
Aurora Chantel 14 days ago
11:40 using this idea and going on to say that god judges us how we believe it will is pretty alright with me. Because I'm someone who also takes the responsibility away from society to judge me, but I don't put it into god, I put that responsibility in myself. In the form of self awareness, compassion, and sympathy. Not everyone can do that though, there can still be a sense that you can "see" that. By handing off that right to judge to an invisible sky creature, you can't see it. Out of sight, out of mind. I can understand why religion would comfort people. I can. I think many others would agree, though, that that's not why people dislike religion or just can't believe in an invisible sky creature.
andrisuto art
andrisuto art 14 days ago
I am legit from a religius school , with NUNS actual nuns giving us CLASSES , we showed them this girls and ohhhhh boi they did not like them lol , they said and I quote " they have a cultish mob mentallity , you see someone like this in real life , run the other way ok" lmaoo
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder 14 days ago
Its the same as other channles, its fair game if its Christianity but if it's: Atheism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, you wont hear a peep. Girl definded has strong religious beliefs that you dont have. You will be surprised uncomfortable like with any other religious belief you dont share. I know I am uncomfortable with atheism but you tolerate thier channels thier expressions because you can never fully know why we are here and what our existence means fully. One of us might be right the others wrong but you can never know . Without omnipotent certainy who are any of us to claim judge on another or any persons life giving meaning. I thought you a respectable man tro but i have lost respect for you and your opion since you think you have the right to judge peoples religion and how they express it. Unsubscribed.
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder 14 days ago
14:28 I am gone i have watched anti-Christian skeptics before. Didn't think you would do that.
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder 14 days ago
I swear u twat 😒 if u go Christian bashing i a. Gone.
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder 14 days ago
If u make from of the catholic church i am unsubscribing now.
whyioughta 14 days ago
Thanks for your intelligent analysis and steering clear of Christian bashing. I don't agree with everything you say but I really enjoyed the content. Bravo!
Mohamed Zayed
Mohamed Zayed 14 days ago
So let me get it this whole video is documenting two girls with religious beliefs showing that but also with the modern mainstream presentation of normal youtubers. I do see whats wrong people always share their beliefs. Now we shouldn't allow people to convey their beliefs because its just doesn't go with the western culture. That is an opinion well be it a popular one.
Kate S
Kate S 14 days ago
23:19 - exactly! They remind me of those cultists from "midsommar", who were all so happy, smiling and nice, and then managed to lure the main heroine into their cult and kill other heroes. And the scary fact is that the luring into a cult part in this case is accurate. Girl Defined does try to lure people into cult-like dogmatic beliefs
Observer 75
Observer 75 14 days ago
One never shuts up, the other just nods and goes, "uh-huh"; the one that never shuts up looks just like Corey Feldman.
Srictly Do Not Care
Man apparently a woman’s confidence should not be found within her, but another male figure... not bashing Christians but come on
Wendy Shepherd
Wendy Shepherd 15 days ago
Why is no-one talking about the fact that when asked if saving sex til they were married was "worth it" (and what exactly does that mean?) the guy is pauses, goes a bit red, looks entirely uncomfortable, and SHAKES HIS HEAD "NO" WHILE SAYING YES.
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger 15 days ago
Religion is like a penis, it's fine to have one, it's fine to be _proud_ to have one but don't take it out and wave it around in public and for "God's" sake, don't try shoving it down peoples throats.
AftermathRV 15 days ago
Oi you, yes you. You dont like religion? after this video you like it even less? you just dont know how religion has ever done anything good for the western world? well, read on. So, incase anyone ever stumples on this comment and wonders how religion did actually help the western world, even back then, and why christianity is good or was good even though most popes were scandalous and we killed ourselves because of it alot: It centralized funding into holy orders which became holy knights which became kingdoms, which kept christianity strong and, more importantly, the pope had that authority thanks to a emperor giving him all of europe. Everyone listening to the pope, and everyone comming together when the church said so IS important in our history. If you look back to 700-1100 or even 800-1600, you will see threethigns First, our religion was split into two churches since 106Xesque. Secondly, the islamic world was almost constantly unified and they were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY richer and largerthen we could ahve ever hoped to be , and last. They were not our only enemy. like it or not, the zeal of catholoicism, the moral authority when converting entire KINGDOMS, the unity of a continent that just cant stop fighting eachother (both major christian empires, the eastern romans as wlela s the holy romans, had not outlawed internal wars, the holy roman emprie couldnt.) that is technologically, culturally, and developmentwise behind, IS important to who we are today. BY the way, Christianity, like every religion, is almost purely dogmatic, even though its focus on deitism is quite large in comparison , especially iwth 1000%ly dogmatic religions like buddhism, the tenets and baseline religion is still completely defined with very strict laws that rely on no god. it has tenets and doctrine. zealousness, zeal , all of those things, were never a virtue, but cynicism was never a sin either, that was the catholic church pushing it onto the peasantry, not the bible stating that. You can be a good christian/muslim/whatever your nations religion of choice is, withotu believing in deitism. Just be a good person. Unless you are part of an underground nahuatl rivival society, then please dont be a good and pious person.
Foxyoner 367
Foxyoner 367 15 days ago
God exists If you take of his mask it's an alien
Foxyoner 367
Foxyoner 367 15 days ago
That channel reminds me of *"One of us, One of us!!!!"*