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The Right Opinion - How This Beauty Guru Betrayed Her Fans - Olivia Jade | TRO
You see my friends, I attend University, or college, as the Americans love to call it, exciting, I know, behind basically everything else in my life, education is my favourite activity. However, I’m not here to discuss how much I definitely love my courses, because for all I know, my tutors might be watching, but if they are, give me good grades or else my next video might be on you.
No, as always, the subjects I cover have a US-first twist thrown in, and today is no exception, because we’re going to University! Yay! But more importantly to the University of Southern California, to a situation that has garnered a lot of attention recently, and a US-firstr who has been at the centre of it. Now, to provide some background for all you twats, the University of Southern California, abbreviated to USC, is one of the more prestigious educational institutes in the world, which specialises in business, performing arts, and engineering, and if I asked you, my audience, what you think it would take to obtain entry into such a coveted establishment, you might say… good grades, strong SATs…
A willingness to learn, strong work ethic
And of course, no meddling, and no corruption whatsoever
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Olivia Jade.
Olivia Jade is a US-firstr, a beauty, fashion and lifestyle US-firstr to be more precise. She makes videos in which she buys expensive items, does fun quirky challenges, publishes tutorials for her adoring, loving fanbase, and more interestingly, collabs. Sometimes with her friends, sometimes with more popular US-firstrs, but sometimes, and most interestingly with her mother, who is also deeply involved in the topic today.
Her mother is actress Lori Loughlin, if you’ve watched any mid-tier TV show then you’ll probably be familiar with her face, because that’s the market that she has decided to dominate, her husband is Mossimo Giannulli, the founder of Mossimo fashion house, so with all that talent in the genes, she must have success running through the veins, right? Well, let’s discuss that.
Because Olivia Jade was a student at the prolific University of Southern California, and on top of this it appeared that she was a competitive rower, with athletic credentials to boot. However, all was not as it seemed, as in 2019, she was involved in a huge scandal which alleged that certain families, had been bribing various institutions to enable admission where they may not have obtained it otherwise. In the midst of this, Olivia Jade’s parents were amongst those indicted for their participation in the scandal. Now, in the instance of many of these children, because they weren’t public figures, the attention was on the parents, as they were considerably higher profile, the exception in this situation being our good friend here: Olivia Jade, because she, is a US-firstr. It seems that the only rowing Olivia Jade was doing was up the creek without the paddle.
The publication of this led to immediate backlash spilling over onto her channel and subsequently causing her to practically disappear from social media, disabling comments on her Instagram account, and laying low throughout the public uproar. On top of this, many sponsors who had worked with her in the past made the decision to cease relations, including Sephora, and TRESemmé, she has suffered, and many would argue, justifiably so. Unfortunately, when you’re a public figure preaching all this content, when people claim you’re involved in a corrupt scheme, many don’t just feel annoyed, but betrayed, that a person who may have inspired them, was not who they claimed to be.
In the heat of the moment, and with the outrage brimming, it was probably understandable that many people just wanted to go in on her for hand in the whole situation. But as always, at The Right Opinion, we go deeper than I go in Primink.

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May 5, 2019




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V Fountain
V Fountain 2 months ago
This seemed somewhat whiny and wishy washy and lacking in any new info. All conjecture, few new facts.
Hugging Lewdly
Hugging Lewdly 6 months ago
Did you end up crossing those arms?
Cavin Lee
Cavin Lee 7 months ago
My man with the Elton John damn
alani rose
alani rose 9 months ago
CEO of doing his research
ty_kaylaC 10 months ago
your vids are awesome
Dork One
Dork One 22 hours ago
Olivia Jade should have gone to prison with her mother. She was in on it, and she's just as guilty.
Augustine Day ago
Why not go in harder on USC? They're equally guilty here. This has been going on forever.
Kia Roane
Kia Roane 2 days ago
I promise I do not feel bad for privileged, wealthy white folks.
K J 2 days ago
Sir I never cheated on a test you’re just telling on yourself
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
4:42 I love these inside jokes 🤣
Jason Green
Jason Green 3 days ago
Watching this one after the emma chamberlain one makes this seem way more contradictory when your talking about how she’s rich and “down to earth”
トキtoku 3 days ago
She looks like michael jackson (not really but looks similar) on the thumbnail
Loot Leo
Loot Leo 5 days ago
She can still keep her lights on? No potty for her or her parents.
Elizabeth McIntosh
I believe that people (no matter their age) idolizing US-firstrs should take responsibility for their own idolization. Let me clarify. Fans often don't realize that their favorite youtubers are as human as they are. Therefore, they take the idols’ mistakes personally and believe that their role model has disappointed them somehow. Everyone has the right to make mistakes in life. It’s okay to discuss the mistake, to point it out and even feel a certain way about it, but your feelings are your responsibility, not your idol’s. I’m not justifying the mistake. I believe people should take accountability for their faults and missteps. I just find it a little unfair for people to blame the idol for more than just the mistake. (I’m referring to: ‘Many don’t just feel annoyed, but betrayed, that a person who may have inspired them, was not who they claimed to be.’ )
Judy Brown
Judy Brown 6 days ago
She new what her parents were doing.
Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson 6 days ago
When I realize that I frequently combine and confuse these personalities, because, in effect, - they might as well be the same person.
stella floyd
stella floyd 6 days ago
The amount of times you said Stella woke me up from a nap
speedsketch 44
speedsketch 44 6 days ago
I hope she sees this video and it helps her to become less ignorant of other peoples struggles. She may be rich and she may have taken advantage of the system but she's still human and everyone deserves a second chance. I wish her well in the future.
Michellina van Loder
speedsketch 44 I hope she sees your comment and the video. I think she deserves a second chance too. It’s got to be embarrassing just the fact her mother didn’t believe in her enough to let her attempt to get into collage organically. She could easily come out with a video with the truth and most people would respect her for it. Olivia comes across as a sweet young woman, entitled but sweet.
Bryce Armstrong
Bryce Armstrong 7 days ago
The "Right" opinion gives a shit about a college education. Typical phoney Conservative.
seanblacketer 7 days ago
Don't care!!!
Joann Monkey
Joann Monkey 7 days ago
Pretty girl. Idk why she bothered with college at all. I agree, serious learning experience.
topumasum 8 days ago
I like Primink.
Mustaph Aliq
Mustaph Aliq 8 days ago
I go to the University of US-first.
F. Moussa
F. Moussa 8 days ago
Money was and is power. With enough money EVERYTHING is possible. Anyone surprised knows nothing about history.
Actual Wakandan girl
Makes me wonder how many more rich people have done this already!
catdog 9 days ago
I love the idea of you being a top hmmmm
Ellie Simpson
Ellie Simpson 11 days ago
So sorry you were a victim of the system. After you worked so hard.
Ellie Simpson
Ellie Simpson 11 days ago
Very, very good video. Well researched.
Anna Colucci
Anna Colucci 11 days ago
When the stock footage of the campus is immediately recognizable as my college 👀
Yahuhanan Benyamin Eliyahu
Really i have no idea what and who these trends and people are.. 🤪 and i am also quite glad about it, but i sure like listening to your Voice; that is, charming Sir. Thank you 😊
Olwydd 12 days ago
Considering that people are waking up to the fact that US college graduation papers are worth about as much as used toilet paper, who gives a damn. 🤔
I Forgot
I Forgot 13 days ago
I personally don't think she's to blame for all this, but I definitely think she's spoiled and ungrateful. She got into a prestigious university, probably taking away a scholarship from someone who actually needed it, and she says she "doesn't care about school"? Honestly, I just can't with her.
Evanjuleen 14 days ago
I'm actually shocked noone realized the scope of this problem earlier. It seemed obserd to me that every millionaires kid had earned an ivy league education. 😂 A college education takes intense commitment and focus. So many wealthy ppl are foolishly dumb... They have been buying success not earning it
Robin Bot
Robin Bot 15 days ago
This whole video feels like the longest "Duh" in history.
Todrire 15 days ago
it’s crazy to think that people basically pay college to just party. like whos gonna tell them that you can still go to parties without paying for college if you truly don’t care about higher education🙄 leave that spot for someone who really wants higher education
Austin Burchwell
Austin Burchwell 15 days ago
Everyone's super shocked that rich people rig the system for their kids? I thought this was something we all knew? Think about all the library's/wings at colleges named after people you've never heard of......
Lilith Jensen
Lilith Jensen 17 days ago
Wish my parents had bribe money cause the system lost my sister's paper (and one of mine but I didn't care about the subject) so she wasn't able to do Engineering at top universities. But she worked hard at her rubbish university and managed to get a master's at Imperial in the end. Take notes on hard work Olivia
glrxyminii 17 days ago
The amount of these comments that are about the "deeper than i go in primink" comment is honestly pretty funny
Kirsten Ornelas
Kirsten Ornelas 18 days ago
Parents who are so much into my kids must go to this school and no other school often have zero say and at the risk of losing their family and lifestyle they are accustomed to are easily quieted when they do try to ask any questions or fight against the decision. The fact she went ahead and tried to get into another school that seems more to what she said she was interested in as far as college. Not trying to throw any shade at that college it is probably a great school that's not my point but as far as wanting to be in a prestigious schools she doesn't seem like she wanted to be part of going to that school in particular and being who her parents are and their wants being made known I'm going to put far less anger her way and while she must have known about at least some of what was happening, like you pointed out, she most likely had very little choice in the matter unless she wanted to lose everything and lose her father's acceptance which can be huge for many children.
• Super Maurizio Jackson •
Damn! You got 938k views within an hour- Holy shit- o-o
devon 18 days ago
the reason i feel bad for olivia is because i feel like she herself probably didn’t even want to go to college, so i do believe she was aware of what her parents were doing but i don’t think it’s what she wanted.
Katsu the Otaku
Katsu the Otaku 19 days ago
I personally don't like University and I know that I'm a very slow learner. But I have no problems with people attending it, I have a friend that likes going to College and really tries hard to get amazing marks. If you're already in it atleast give a damn or try. If you never wanted to go in the first place just don't and find a way to do what you want for income. I love learning online, self learning to ease myself in that craft, but I'm also grounded in reality thinking of ways to profit from it.
Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy 19 days ago
0:33 yoo why is this literally my university pls tell me you go to trent
The University of TRO
Brian Finkrod
Brian Finkrod 21 day ago
REPENTLESS 22 days ago
No need to say shes from california (Dumb bitch suprised shes not blonde)
Favillion Bellarion
*the twat who has too much free time* You have my attention
Kendra Erin
Kendra Erin 29 days ago
When this happened, I was applying to colleges (not cali colleges, I'll pass, that's kinda expensive) and this was all anyone could talk about, more than even where I'd go or what I'd study, and I remember thinking "why and how would someone do this? Sounds like a lot of work to take more classes you don't care about" and I suppose I found the answer here. Welp.
Cat rymer
Cat rymer 29 days ago
It seems unbelievable did she knew nothing as if she was five or six and seven 8:10 and Mom and Dad are just deciding on the schools and you'll just whatever I'm sure there was lots of conversation around getting her into that University No Doubt. It must be nice did not have to work for it or work for a very hard but never be able to get there and then others are handed it because of who mom and dad are and how much money they have.
Refuze2Lose Month ago
Lesson here is stop looking at famous people like there God's and are perfect. There not. Live life outside the fucking internet. Get a life and real friends. Stop pretending there your friends and are talking to you.
tiny_petty Month ago
Eat the rich XP
Stay woke
Stay woke Month ago
She's to blame too she knew about it and went along with it
Beanie Kid
Beanie Kid Month ago
"the only rowing Olivia jade will be doing is up s*** creek without a paddle" What a beautiful insult
Ella Jones
Ella Jones Month ago
Ok it must suck for any of the kids who thought they had actually done really well and made it in.
wishi Month ago
Honestly this is the saddest shit. Just knowing that these millionaires are always just going to be shitting down on us no mater how hard we try. The best we can do is get people to dislike their youtube videos and then more scandal's happen in the background. Fuck this girl, she knew she was pushing someone out of their dream school one that they've worked hard for and if she didnt know. Then she's brainless and doesn't deserve to be going there regardless.
Legeard Charlie
Legeard Charlie Month ago
*high pitch voice* "Let's discuss that"... XD, love it.
TeKnoVKNG23 Month ago
I just don't see the big deal about going to a certain school to the point you would pay someone that much money to get your kid in. Must just be a case of "I'm rich and I want it and no one is going to tell me otherwise." Just go to school somewhere else, especially if you want to party and not go to class, lol.
BeQuick 24 days ago
Hi TeK, it's only a big deal because 8 of 9 Supreme Court justices graduated from Yale or Harvard. As for POTUS: Obama- Harvard Law Bush, W- Yale, Harvard Business Clinton- Yale Law Bush, H.W.- Yale Ford- Yale Law Kennedy- Harvard The Ivy League is the gateway to power in government and success in business. And I think that sucks.
Honning Jordbaer
As someone who can't afford college and is relying on academic scholarships. This girl makes me livid. I believe that anyone has the potential to go to a very prestigious school, if you work for it. I bust my ass working on schoolwork from 6 am to 9 pm, it's a career for me. Seeing her just say, "I just want to go to party, you guys know I don't care about school." It makes me disappointed. I'm glad her parents got called out, but she shouldn't be at the USC. She should have had her spot given to someone who actually deserved it.
Olivia Month ago
Come on... of course the girls were in on it. They would know they’ve never rowed crew in their life. 🤦🏼‍♀️
Lizzi Storm
Lizzi Storm Month ago
I now ship the fuck out of TRO and Primink
Phenix Month ago
So many people who are very smart can't get into college and she paid to get into college to fucking PARTY she is disgusting
Ky and jordy
Ky and jordy Month ago
i just got a ad for a university-
Zig Field
Zig Field Month ago
Dude you suck
Kerrington H.
Kerrington H. Month ago
In the US we have both colleges and Universities. I went to a technical collage while my brother went to a University. I finished a little over a year while my brother took 6 years, he did undergrad and grad.
Hello World
Hello World Month ago
I love how tro talks about primimk bc both of them are my fav US-firstrs 😹
curry bread
curry bread Month ago
I despise ppl like these, ew
Skybleck Month ago
2k subs in one day, I wish I could have that. I get 1 sub every 10 days about
FeralBite Month ago
i never knew tro and primink were a thing until just now 😳
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith Month ago
they should have charged her and her foreheadless sister has well. there's no way they didn't know. if my dad wanted to me to get in workout clothes and pose on a rower, I'd want to know why.
210 vodka's_Soup
nice. i usually dont love to listen to tea but this is h o t
Jagielski Gaming
Remember, it's only a crime if you get caught.
Hello Month ago
Remember when the world was slow enough that this was the hottest news topic for a whole month Good times ;__;
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis 2 months ago
I don’t blame teens for doing what their parents want when they are living with them. She didn’t want to go, she was already building the career she wanted to have. Her parents forced both girls to participate (I think the sister wanted to get in on her own merits). As you said, the parents could’ve bought a new rowing machine & had her picture taken on it by telling her it was a brand deal. I’m not saying that’s what happened, maybe she knew exactly what was happening but I’m not trying to hate on someone when those questions are still in my mind. I’ve cheated on a test twice, the 2nd time was a complete accident, where I saw 1 of the answers before taking the test. The 1st time wasn’t an accident, I was a teenager & it was my mum’s idea
Sierra Edmondson
Sierra Edmondson 2 months ago
I have spent the last two weeks binging this series while running around at work. 10/10 content
Pablo Clairmont
Pablo Clairmont 2 months ago
I could kinda buy it tbh, being rich and detached towards school and trusting your parents when they say they are taking care o it
cuber360 2 months ago
I have a friend who goes to rada and she says there are a couple of people who are very obviously only there because they have connections and/or money. Rada is on of the most selective schools in the world, 7000 applications for 28 places. So people were definitely rejected in order for these people to make it in, I feel bad for those guys
Natasha Dore
Natasha Dore 2 months ago
"Right??.... MMHMMMMMMM..." Best part of this video I miss Primink
PurpleZombie 2 months ago
I only know Olivia Jade from this and I can't think of her without cringing
Sims 2 months ago
Pretty sure she just goes to my uni now lol
Hannah Levin
Hannah Levin 2 months ago
Olivia Jade and her parents are super dumb. Why waste half a million dollars on bribes and elaborate scheming, to get into a top school, when you're not even interested in performing when you get to college, let alone in highschool? Olivia said herself, in one of her videos, that she didn't even care about her education; she just wanted to party. If she really wanted to attend USC, what she should have done was attend a community college for 2 years and then transfer. If she was a transfer student, USC would NOT have looked at her highschool grades and SAT score; only her performance in college-level classes. USC accepts 1,500 transfer students a year, and considering she was a communications major and had a big US-first following, she probably could have transferred in as a junior based on her merit and celebrity status. Then she would NOT have needed to cheat. I know a few people who failed highschool or got their GED and then attended community college; they were able to transfer into UC Berkeley since they got good grades, and their highschool records and SAT scores didn't haunt them. I WORK SUPER HARD in school and attend a community college, and so I have a 4.00. I had GOOD grades in highschool, but not spectacular, and so that's why I'm going to be a community college transfer student when I apply to UCLA and Berkeley. There's no way that I would have gotten in as a freshman to those schools, but I have a shot at being a transfer student. I'm proud of myself for being a hard worker and doing things ethically! I wish everybody would do the right thing, by working hard, to accomplish what they want.
Myranda 2 months ago
Honestly I've never cheated on a test(even math tests even though im notoriously the worst in my family at math) and knowing that kids can get into prestigous schools because of rich influential parents is actually mind boggling
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea 2 months ago
She wasn't famous ! I am tired of the lies from the media...
Lara Oude Alink
Lara Oude Alink 2 months ago
Alexis Rose irl
Da Beast From Da Weast
This chick's life is what I imagine when someone tries to tell me white women are an oppressed minority
R 2 months ago
Now she needs a onlyfans
aidan aidan321
aidan aidan321 2 months ago
i would rather watch this then go to school
moon pie
moon pie 2 months ago
Am I the only person that gets extremely annoyed by her smile?
Jiri Hepnarov
Jiri Hepnarov 3 months ago
4:43 i'm weirdly horny about that
Kenneth Southard
Kenneth Southard 3 months ago
This was more than about her daughters going to college. Lori was looking down the road in a few years when a host spot came up on something like the Today Show or CNN. Her daughters would also be older and the type of videos they were doing have a shelf life that trend toward being younger. Granted, any such TV job was going to be awarded solely based on connections and how much of the US-first audience could be converted to TV viewers. However, her daughters needed the credibility of a degree from a prestigious institution to get the job. Otherwise, average people would question why is someone who only graduated high school and applied cosmetics on themselves for a living now interviewing world leaders and being paid millions of dollars? I have a similar background, but I'm having to bust my ass at Denny's for minimum wage. At the end of the day Lori knows a thing or two about turning a stupid mindless gig into a multi million dollar operation.
Julisa Watt
Julisa Watt 3 months ago
We seriously need more people like you! Your morals and honesty stands out more than anything to me!
Flash 3 months ago
The music makes me want to die
the champion ribbit
the champion ribbit 3 months ago
What also really bothered me about this whole ordeal was that everyone was pointing a finger at the parents ,and I say parents but more attention was put on Lori. But -all they did wrong was pay a different person to get their child into a good school- and nobody was pointing their finger at the school for taking a bribe . But all of this was to get children into a good school so how bad was this whole "scandal"? I know that's not the topic of this discussion but I felt like saying it. I needed to get it out.
Kenneth Southard
Kenneth Southard 3 months ago
The school didn't get the money. Singer and the coach did.
the champion ribbit
the champion ribbit 3 months ago
Really made me laugh "or I might just cross my arms".
Thetrollkraken 3 months ago
TWAT or The Wonderful Amazing Twat
the bean
the bean 3 months ago
AtomicKitten666 3 months ago
It baffles me how people keep making idiots famous and then they are surprised that these people are actually idiots.
Nuclear Nadal
Nuclear Nadal 3 months ago
She never needed to go to University. Her Parents made the wrong call. She could have 5m subscribers by now and could have entered fashion industry through it. She can still go to Europe and do something though. I hope she does well because everybody deserves a second chance.
Amelia Joy
Amelia Joy 3 months ago
The US college system sounds so stressful and competitive. I live in Australia and I did fine in high school- not great, but not terrible, but I still was able to access a really good university with a good reputation. I didn't do amazing in my undergraduate degree either, but I've still been able to go onto to getting accepted into the number 1 uni in Australia to do my Masters degree- and I'm doing really well. It's only because I had that access to fantastic education in the first instance that I was able to discover hard work and discover a passion for learning. I can't imagine there being that same level of elitism here and being able to perform well under that pressure.
Shelby Ward
Shelby Ward 3 months ago
I love your cadence and the subject matter you focus on. You are far more educated than I am but I relate to your round points of view. Hitting every corner from all the tiers in a respectable fashion yet perfectly controversial. You never leave anything too vague and I am always craving more of your videos! Please continue making more of these I am so relaxed hearing someone so perceptive. Thank you so much for existing
i dont understand why you would bribe or fake your way into university like other staff that have not been bribed will literally look at your preformance and compare or something. Just work hard and try your best to get admitted, that's what every normal human being does.
Knave of Dogs
Knave of Dogs 3 months ago
i'm gonna be honest here, ADHD makes it really hard to focus on what you're saying, but i love your voice so i watch your videos anyway despite not taking anything away from them
Victor Ivanov
Victor Ivanov 3 months ago
What is up with the quality of png in the second part??? Sooooo pixelated
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I mean I’m not surprised
viddergrapho 3 months ago
12:25 He's beauty and he's grace, he's Miss United States...