How This Twitch Streamer Became A YouTube Villain - Alinity | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: How This Twitch Streamer Became A US-first Villain - Alinity | TRO
Twitch and US-first, although having a lot of creator overlap, also have very different dynamics, which is why there are people who use both platforms. In a way, it seems that there is a mutual understanding, Twitch understand that they probably can’t compete with US-first’s upload features, and US-first, although attempting to have their own stream assets, know that Twitch’s specialised setup are a bit of a step up from their own. Twitch and US-first, however, due to the overlap, will have similar audiences, and that means that you can typically expect that you can find some underlying commonalities in the popular content creators, one of those markets being: attractive females.
Now, being an attractive female does not predispose you to success, but in the glorious society that we live in, many younger individuals feel excitement from viewing people who may be attractive, probably the US-first embodiment of this character is SSSniperwolf, you know, that person who won a gaming award, even though she switched to reaction commentary ages ago. She flossed, and although I can’t say for sure, my judgement deemed it lacking the sufficient irony to be classed as remotely humorous, she’s also doing it with very little gusto, I want more effort next time. Now, I don’t doubt that Sniperwolf has a great business mind, but as a creator, her work sometimes leaves a lot to be desired…
This is what I’d class as the sort of “attractive female content”, and I’m not stating that being attractive is a prerequisite for success exclusive for females, there’s a reason I haven’t started doing facecam content yet, and it’s clear that it’s good clickbait that might grab external audiences, but in the core fanbase, yeah…
So yes, SSSniperwolf may be the best example of the exploitation of that sort of appeal, however, very few people necessarily see her reflective of US-first’s cultural landscape, in spite of the significant views she pulls and the number of times she ends up on US-first’s trending. If I was to say “women of US-first”, people would probably come up with a variety of answers, Lele Pons, Jenna Marbles, Lilly Singh etc. If you asked any standard creator about the “women of Twitch”, well you’d probably hear an answer that encapsulates one of the more notorious genres.

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Sep 20, 2019




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The Right Opinion
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Jonny Walker
Jonny Walker 8 days ago
Hey great video. But I have have to throw out there that Allinity isn't that bad of a person. We live in the same city and have a lot of mutual friends. I've met her several times. And, she's a really cool and down to earth person. Her Twitch persona is purely just a character she plays. Although you do have several valid points throughout your video.
Bremarcle 3 months ago
We love SSSniperWolf
e- w-
e- w- 3 months ago
Imagine using words like whore unironically and thinking you're even a crumb on a decent person's lip
General Zelda VBM
General Zelda VBM 4 months ago
It HAS to be done...AMAZING !!! Save these eyes from...well, ya know😇
Amaya Mari Minkowski
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 5 hours ago
Doesn't twitch make money from her? The culture and the powerful people aka CEOs enable narcissists.
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera 6 hours ago
She's a classic narcissist
Eddie Byrne
Eddie Byrne 23 hours ago
Someone should have properly reported her for a serious crime. Just cos she's a women , she used a man to get to Canada ? And continued to use men AGAIN .- ( shock horror she's a user .
mchoxdbs Day ago
unfortunately she's still as popular as she is on twitch guess there are too many horny twats
Token Green
Token Green 2 days ago
"Tell me what it is that im hiding" I wonder how many dudes imagined her cheating on them and that conversation as they jacked... lol just me?
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
35:31 Physically cringing when you hear that xc
The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
16:08 Wait WHAT?! It's an abbreviation?!
Princess 2 days ago
interesting video but the use of the word “females” like women are some strange sex based specimen is quite toxic you claim to respect women and then you dehumanize them with your language i’ve noticed that when talking about men you call them men so why not call human women women? and do this every time? you don’t have to respect someone to acknowledge their humanity. just a thought
Lord Muck
Lord Muck 3 days ago
toni clifford
toni clifford 4 days ago
Screw everything else she has done, she broke rule zero, and that's enough to get people to want her banned. Luka Magnotta should have shown why you don't break rule zero.
fluffy boi. [Bites the dust]
13:39 Is this a jojo reference?
Charley Edwards
Charley Edwards 5 days ago
their all just practice cam girls.
Hayyu Hafizh
Hayyu Hafizh 6 days ago
Momma Jesus
Momma Jesus 6 days ago
It probably seems typical to say this as a huge Pewdipie fan... but I cannot stand this broad. 🙄 Not even focusing on what she did or said towards Pewds. The way she talks... ugh.
Momma Jesus
Momma Jesus Day ago
@Anti Hero Detective tell us how you really feel. 😂
Anti Hero Detective
Pewdiepie is a fascist,a sexist and a complete clown worshipped by white supremacists Hbomberguy and Vaush thankfully destroyed that loser. Alinity is great fuck pewdiepie.
Jacob Letendre
Jacob Letendre 6 days ago
Idk man I've met a few people who love dicks....
MrLlama 7 days ago
Eeeeeewwwww, we Canadians do not claim THAT WOMAN
hjki hd
hjki hd 7 days ago
Guys use half naked women on their video' s thumbnails all the time, it's nothing different. Or expose their gf,even worse. And that's all. Girls look how boys are making the videos and just do the same, it's not their fault they happen to be female as creators. They could wear a suit and talk about politics but it can be difficult to gain popularity this way. Especially when the comments will get misogynistic.
hjki hd
hjki hd 7 days ago
soda poppin used also his body,he had no shirt on sometimes
Queer Cripple
Queer Cripple 7 days ago
Personally, I don't really care about her throwing the cat over her head. I have had cats my whole life and you could yeet one over your head and over a two story balcony, and it will be fine unless it has some sort of issue where it cannot reorient itself to land on its feet. However, seeing her trick the cat into partaking of alcohol made me see RED. There is a difference between tossing a cat over your shoulder when cats are literally biologically engineer to be able to land on their feet, and introducing a toxic substance into it's bloodstream.
Colton Stephens
Colton Stephens 8 days ago
At 4:17 who’s the guy with the shrek monitor I remember watching him but I can’t remember his name
Julia Lora
Julia Lora 9 days ago
honestly it's kind of funny how alinity is older than pewdiepie but acts like a literal 14 year old
Anti Hero Detective
Pewdiepiue is a literal fascist Alinity is a lot more mature than that.
Tonya Trummer
Tonya Trummer 10 days ago
I really DO want her to lose her pets... and her platform.
Constable 1976
Constable 1976 10 days ago
Does she have pretty feet? They seem to be a little big...nah, it'll be ok!
7663226 11 days ago
I thought the PUBG glasses said PUBE at first lol
Devilish 11 days ago
Cheyenne 11 days ago
Man she really is so unlikable and this video really reminded me of how much she irritates me lol
Jessica Dia
Jessica Dia 12 days ago
I'm a huge cat person and if anyone spit vodka(at) or threw my cat. I'd beat the heck out of them. She is not responsible , god help her future patient's. Might I suggest a rock as a pet and a therapist.
Hiraeth 1545
Hiraeth 1545 12 days ago
NO EGIRLS! Not even once.
Bella Story-taku19
Bella Story-taku19 12 days ago
I realized I only heard about Alinity by Josh Dubs and Ree Kid’s parody of her during a VR game
Cartato Blood
Cartato Blood 13 days ago
There’s a difference in meaning between the words “instant” and “instance”. I knew what you meant but I’ve noticed it in more than one video now.
D Isme
D Isme 13 days ago
HER: brags about moving to Canada ALSO HER: Moves to Saskatoon, literally the worst place in Canada.
My Thought's
My Thought's 11 days ago
Why is it the worse place in Canada?
Kris Bien
Kris Bien 13 days ago
19:39 @TRO It would appear that your proofreaders might have missed this.
Ronald Gorman
Ronald Gorman 13 days ago
23:14 @TRO doesn't understand feminist/feminism.
Elliot Vega
Elliot Vega 14 days ago
Omg I cannot stand her fucking voice.. it makes me want to murder somebody..
kingskill 4567
kingskill 4567 15 days ago
Its funny because she didn't get banned for being female she didn't get banned because shes popular and money making a waaaaaayyyyyy worse reason than gender bias
Nalisa S
Nalisa S 15 days ago
Not going to finish the video bc I'm a bit uncomfortable with the topic and i haven't even heard of her until now but she absolutely had the right to get upset at what pewdiepie said. Thot isn't a bad word in and of itself but the way he used it ABSOLUTELY is
1s4 15 days ago
home of a twot with too much free time
Brie B
Brie B 15 days ago
And months later, she had a full-on nip slip......... *still never been banned tho* Yeah, Twitch totally doesn't have double standards.
ChezDayable 16 days ago
"We speak the Queen's English" ... "People where mad"
Ahana 17 days ago
just found your channel. as a nineteen year old, I am gonna watch this one religiously.
SunnyDaysRFun 17 days ago
Gag, as soon as I heard this voice and saw his opener I had to leave, ugh.
Greg Frey
Greg Frey 19 days ago
lashings of double standards
mann workers
mann workers 20 days ago
LoneWolf EnderGrad
LoneWolf EnderGrad 20 days ago
Ngl, Alinity sounds a lot like Catalina from GTA 3.
Faz Gaming 2007
Faz Gaming 2007 23 days ago
pewds called out pokimane but the play among us together now the irony
das banane
das banane 24 days ago
2:04 Was that Primink?
James Porquez
James Porquez 26 days ago
When a queen declared war against a titan.
Randy Lee
Randy Lee 26 days ago
Anyone who spends their limited time in life, watching some attractive chick who doesn't know or care about you play video games at a mediocre skill level because you can kinda see some cleavage is an idiot. People like her, who rely solely on their looks and have little disregard for others are the absolute worst people to know and interact with.
Randy Lee
Randy Lee 26 days ago
Wow, who would think that a Attractive woman who has a history of using her looks to get what she wants in the past, regardless of who get hurts in the process (the marriage/divorce thing), will do whatever she thinks she can get away with, and just use her looks to skirt the consequences. I'm sure she would be a doll to be in a relationship with...
Doot 27 days ago
Brightest chest but not the brightest mind
Bobby De Sinatra
Bobby De Sinatra 29 days ago
I thought the TWOTS was for The World Of Twitch Streaming
Yeetus the catuss
Gary Holy Jr
Gary Holy Jr Month ago
“If I flag it , it gives me money” that’s her in a nutshell so because she got money once she will try to shit down channels people have put hours into becoming good at a game and getting on stream then these girls just come on and show their tits, ass, and toes and get a following if only they knew they had it easier then men on twitch. Where are the menimist? We need equality 😂
Red Scar
Red Scar Month ago
Fuck twitch. If you're giving someone your hard earned money or your parents hard earned money so they could play video games for a living you're stupid and fuck you too
Zohan John Gerente
I love the Jojo references like kars and valentine
Cavin Lee
Cavin Lee Month ago
how are their 107 million nine year old though
Ryan Bricker
Ryan Bricker Month ago
I don't know who most of the people he talks about are, but man I find these documentaries so interesting to watch!
Saifullah Shahbaz
Now this. This is content.
Blaumacher XY
Blaumacher XY Month ago
Is throwing a cat over ur head that bad? Like nothing happens its a cat not a baby
Noname Month ago
it wouldn't be a big deal but that's against discord tos. A man gets banned because his fish jumped out of his hand yet alinity doesn't even get a warning.
Kaela Wilson
Kaela Wilson Month ago
this is an older video but 2:03 Primink???
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis Month ago
16:23 I feel like that should be the name of some kind of yoga twerking exercise
Naiem Sanjid
Naiem Sanjid Month ago
This is some high quality documentary shit. Of course someone is doing high quality documentaries on dumbasses on US-first and other platforms. I love the internet
Alyssa Sowell
Alyssa Sowell Month ago
10% black gives you the n word pass lmfao does she have like 10 braincells?
ShyCrystal67 Month ago
Alinity is banned from Twitch as of April 26th 2020 (I think this is a termination)
Holphana Scott
Holphana Scott Month ago
Allinity's response to pewdiepie may have been an overeaction but maybe we should have a good hard look at what is going on with discrimination around here, banning words in all context because its upsetting. It's learned behaviour, this is just what we do now apparently.
Alyssa McCain
Alyssa McCain Month ago
Okay, just hear me out... Watching TRO while high is an experience.
Husky Proxy
Husky Proxy Month ago
The only thing that can stop the right opinion is the left thought
Wolfie Month ago
Some people call them thots, I prefer conservative camgirls. We all know that people watch it go wank off, it's just porn for the more conservative market that thinks that being undressed is a bit too stimulating!
Nobody Asked
Nobody Asked Month ago
“Pokimane” Poor leafy
createdtowatch Month ago
Man, the Mixer part didn't age well. XD
Ol' Dreäddy
Ol' Dreäddy Month ago
As Leon Lushy would put it "You got brain worms"
AbyssSanGaming Month ago
Alinity really had the xbox mic.
Cindygr8ce Month ago
Don't come after the 9 year old Army and our General, we held off T-Series with it's millions of dollars and monopoly of an entire genre of music until Felix asked us to stop.
Leia Jiang
Leia Jiang Month ago
Gee i hate pewdiepie
kuruta Month ago
It's not about freedom of wanting to do whatever with their bodies. Twitch is not a platform for this kind of content. Period.
Jack Of No Traits
And a cat abuser! Can’t forget about the cats
cheez it man
cheez it man Month ago
Sargasso Sea Massive
So this geezer is "smart" but then doesn't get language is contextual. ok. i guess this is what Oxbridge teach now!
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson Month ago
Wow peta talking shit about animal abuse. The view must be amazing from that glass house of theirs.
J_Jammer Month ago
And that's why you don't say sorry to people like her. She's a dumb person that not enough people have called her out on that because she surrounds herself with horny men that see nothing wrong with her. She's pretty when she doesn't open her mouth.
J_Jammer Month ago
She can't eat like a normal human. Terrible sounds.
Mushroomanjc c
Mushroomanjc c Month ago
Imagine copyright striking someone cause they said a mean thing about you. What a fuckin baby
sergiu bducoci
sergiu bducoci Month ago
10:04 That is a very creative way to call a visa marriage: Sponsorship. Tits up :)
The Torcher
The Torcher Month ago
48:32 i won't lie.... that sounds a bit like how Roblox acts... lol
Jason Leon
Jason Leon Month ago
Well. Alcohol of any level can kill a cat. Their livers aren't even able to process of alcohol.
Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys
We Ss
We Ss Month ago
1.3k simps disliked this video
Zachary Dubón
Zachary Dubón Month ago
Since I know this is going out not ever going to the top I’m going to understand that you were like me and you slow down when you lie when you talk
Zachary Dubón
Zachary Dubón Month ago
Since I know this is going out not ever going to the top I am going to understand that you were like me and you slow down when you lie when you talk
Zachary Dubón
Zachary Dubón Month ago
And I just noticed our speech pattern is literally almost the same
Zachary Dubón
Zachary Dubón Month ago
Except I can tell when you’re telling the truth when you slow down because voice gets lower
Pepper Mint
Pepper Mint Month ago
Shes the kind that slaps a man and gets surprised when she gets slapped back.
Tiffany Els
Tiffany Els Month ago
I know you had the best intentions of defusing the word Alinity was so offended by, you may not be aware of the different dimensions of American slang, and if she reacted this way neither does she. The word you used, "wtAt" in most of America, is just as offensive as that ugly word "Ucnt", in most females eyes. (I misspelled these words so that hopefully this gets through.) "Thot"atrocious when
I think she's good to look at so that's why I follow her on instagram but I've never watched a stream or followed her for her opinions on twitter.
Alice Rose Iddon
Tbh I don’t like pewdiepie and I think they’re both dumb and the whole controversy was pointless.
Ritzy Month ago
My guy sweated english
CreeperSammyB AKA Gray the Foxwolf!
absolutely no one: not a single soul: SSSniperwolf: C H E E S E
GettingCrazy Month ago
alinity is a girl who gives her cats vodka, throws them across rooms, shows her private parts, and is very open about commiting marriage fraud
Rebel Tvshka
Rebel Tvshka Month ago
Eh... what's new.
John M
John M Month ago
legally, in almost all cases and countries, women are statistically treated better than men REGARDLESS of what either did, so a man could be given a jail sentence for a woman's lies, while there are cases of the opposite happening as well, men are more likely to be given a punishment or at least a harsher punishment than the woman even with media this is because of the societal "you are a man, suck it up and move on" and "men dont cry" etc. regardless of how people want to give an equal standpoint, modern day feminists only want to further this divide, by gaining extra "rights" or "privileges" that are either better than or nonexistent for what it is for men
GettingCrazy Month ago
yeah i agree
Darksoulpoetry Month ago
LMAO I've seen the Smug Dancing meme used in a TRO vid. Double the dapper dressed chaps! My life is complete now.
HylianMango Month ago
The rightest opinion
I'm a Mobile Game