How One Decision Changed Smosh Forever - Let's Talk About Who Was Behind It | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: How One Decision Changed Smosh Forever - Let's Talk About Who Was Behind It | TRO
When we watch a US-first channel, we enjoy their content, we are involved with them, we create a bond with them, we don’t tend to think about what goes on behind the scenes. It’s kinda strange to think that some of our favourite creators, as authentic as they may seem to us, may just be well focused puppets. But being part of a business doesn’t mean that you’re a puppet, many relationships are forged on very mutual terms, and there are many benefits that can come from business relationships, but as viewers, we don’t really care. We don’t look for the exact ingredients for what creates the content we watch, we just enjoy the recipe, unless the recipe is for pineapple on pizza then it’s disgusting. Anyways, back to the point, we don’t speak about Defy Media because no-one cares about them, they’re a faceless business, however, in many situations they play a fundamental part in being the fabric of many of our most popular channels. One of those channels is Smosh, the channel founded by duo, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, now there isn’t too much to say about them otherwise, they’ve been going on this platform for years now, and Smosh is a huge brand, if you know US-first there is a high chance you know Smosh, even if it’s just from the namesake, contrast that to Defy Media, well, they have less Twitter followers than me.
So it was only natural, that many people’s reaction when they heard that digital media corporation: Defy Media, was shutting down, was “who?”. Well, Defy Media are a Multi-Channel Network, abbreviated to MCN, and essentially that means they host creators for at least some financial cut of that channel’s earnings. So why on earth would you sign up to an MCN, when all you’re doing is reducing your profits. Well, in the right environment, signing up to an MCN can really come with its perks, if you’re a creator who makes reviews, commentaries, and all sorts of content, which often includes other people’s material, you’ll know how much of a nightmare the copyright system is. Many networks claim to be able to alleviate that, they have inside links to US-first and they’ll sort you out, another great example is monetisation, we all know Susan Wojcicki struts around like Thanos clicking her fingers and turning that green money tag to a yellow. I know people who’ll just give their network a buzz, and suddenly, Susan’s frosty grip has rescinded, praise those multi-channel networks for the good work they do, they can also assist with sponsorship, finance, and merchandising, and pretty much anything outside your channel. Though, as we’ll soon find, Defy Media definitely took a bit more of a hands on approach. And I’m not talking about Andy Signore.
Typically the people who benefit most from channel partnerships are larger creators, mainly because they can make the network more money and thus they are seen as a more valuable financial asset, which is why, if you go on US-first search and look up networks like Freedom, and then look for rants on their network, you’ll find a lot of angry smaller US-firstrs who completely felt neglected, signed up under the premise that they would be offered something better than they actually received, and then were basically scammed out of 40% of their earnings, 40%, that’s not loose change. However, as a larger channel you’ll typically find more purpose, and there are many benefits which is probably why, like many networks, Defy Media accumulated numerous clients who would seek their benefits. On one hand some of their relationships were merely the normal partnerships, where a creator would sign a contract and they would enter into a classical business relationship like most network-creator contracts, on the other hand with Smosh, whom will be one of the key topics today, Ian and Anthony actually sold their channel to Defy Media, for the grand total of nothing.
This essentially made Ian and Anthony employees of Defy Media, who then received a salary, now, an anonymous source told me that the salary that Ian and Anthony received was rather small, especially when compared to the person who signed them, but either way, these were the sorts of dynamics that Defy had with its creators, it varied, a lot. This meant that when the situation that we’ll be discussing today transpired, you had a load of differing accounts from multiple people, with none of them necessarily being false. However, each of those portraits can paint a picture of a company, a brand, and channels that eventually succumbed to a changing environment, and one that there can definitely be cause for criticism and perhaps even more. The thing about US-first is that these things are always negotiated on an individual basis, there isn’t a level of wage equality when you sign a contract, so everyone’s experiences are gonna be different, particularly if you suffer from some sort of business naivety.
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Dec 9, 2018




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The Right Opinion
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Dr. Mr. Prof. Lnghr
Dr. Mr. Prof. Lnghr 7 months ago
Check out “capitalist realism: is there no alternative?” By Mark Fisher.
CPT. Spazza
CPT. Spazza 8 months ago
@StuG Life Murica
CPT. Spazza
CPT. Spazza 8 months ago
That's a huge hitch No seriously this is the longest comment I've seen
sexual taco
sexual taco 11 months ago
@Alex I need to know
Alisa Marie
Alisa Marie 11 months ago
The Right Opinion boiii i go to school wit darcy farmer she’s really nice n chill irl
Gray Raven
Gray Raven 7 hours ago
The new smosh I don’t think it’s all bad but I like the old smash more don’t get me wrong new smosh is just a company and I felt upset about Anthony leaving
Blake Gable
Blake Gable Day ago
Is that a clip from Simple History? 4:16
Kitten Mitten
Kitten Mitten 2 days ago
I put jam on pizza 😈
RAE DR 2 days ago
The pineapple pizza bit was spot on.
Joshbor 5 days ago
New smosh sucks
Hailey Landry
Hailey Landry 5 days ago
I used to watch smosh a lot when I was younger. I've seen the start of US-first and the rise and fall of so many creators and its sad. My heart aches for Ian and Anthony, I couldn't imagine creating something myself; pursuing my vision with my best friend and becoming our own bosses just for some shady company to take it all away with false promises... I'm glad Anthony has his own channel now, its not sketches and comedy but Anthony makes great content and his personality is definitely still there. He manages to make serious videos that I can also smile at here and there with the added humor. Fuck DEFY!
Roguememester1330 11 days ago
2011 smash was still okay though. I remember them going massively downhill from late 2013 onwards
Indy RAWR 11 days ago
Wait, is that the same April that accused Toby Turner of assaulting her?
Eddie 13 days ago
I dont feel bad for the people who got ripped off, they were more than willing to sign on the dotted line when money was flashed in their faces
Mrpooh Mc'Baggins
Mrpooh Mc'Baggins 15 days ago
The stupidest thing I've heard a channel doing since the dawn of time. Take the damn cash....
Daniels M
Daniels M 26 days ago
Wth they have to go to prison for this
Colourful Keto With Dori
Popped up in my suggestions today 🥰
Hunter Glidden
Hunter Glidden Month ago
11:48 you have entered the comedy zone
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Month ago
You're really something. I'm glad I've subscribed to you.
Sky Month ago
Honestly the new crew is doing their best, but genuinely i dont see or have anyone that enjoys or absolutely love this new crew, its really sad how what shaped my childhood go down like this.
princessbinas Month ago
1:08 [Pushes a slice of pineapple with miniature pizza slices on top of it towards TRO with a grin.] Does pizza on pineapple count?
Emperor Sheev Palestine
why does every one hate pineapple on pizza so much
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Month ago
Nah I’m good thanks.
joe mumma
joe mumma Month ago
My recommended is full of The Right Opinion. And I'm happy.
Rehaxx Streams
Rehaxx Streams 2 months ago
Smosh was the channel who inspired us in 2011 to follow our creativity, do stupid shet on camera, and don't care about what other people say as long as we're having fun. Saddening that they changed/separated.
Gavriella Rutigliano
damn biodegradable really snapped with the editing on this one
Brooke McKenzie
Brooke McKenzie 2 months ago
Idk if I'd call them kid friendly... One video that sparks my critique is one where Shane is dressed as Aquaman and literally is making finger f*ck motions and humping sea creatures and singing put it in the blowhole. Not kid friendly. Maybe Shane Dawson friendly.
Chel Bells
Chel Bells 2 months ago
This is old as hell but that song 👀 yikes!
Coby Pickett
Coby Pickett 2 months ago
Shane top is f****** hilarious and charismatic out of the ass I would look him up some more or maybe he just wasn't that good a year or so ago but he's f****** fire now
Coby Pickett
Coby Pickett 2 months ago
Scratch that he's been funny for the last 2 years bro
MacyXXDaily 2 months ago
I sitll like the old smosh better, and the food wars and the songs are the good deals, man
A W 2 months ago
I miss food battle ;-; and thank god I downloaded the AC and Zelda songs cuz I cannot find them on itunes anymore. Wish I had the rock anthem too tho...
My_ ChemicalEdgelord
I've watched Smosh since i was like 10 or 11, and when Anthony was leaving, for some reason my fear was that Anthony and Ian's friendship would end. They were the kind of friendship i wanted to have as a kid. I think some of the new crew actually isn't too bad, the vine was a bad example of Shayne's humor,Shayne is actually a funny guy.Noah,Keith, Shayne,Courtney and Damien are actually funny people but then they just kept brining in more people and it wasn't easy or fun to keep up with them anymore.
Sarutta A
Sarutta A 2 months ago
Just gonna say that pineapple on pizza is delicious. People just seem so narrow-minded when they over exaggerate their hate for pineapple on pizza. If you’ve never tried it, don’t say you hate it just because that seems to be the popular opinion.
AJ Eldritch
AJ Eldritch 2 months ago
Really Mumber one is a rip off of don’t hug me I’m scared 3
loveds 2 months ago
contrary to most people, i love new smosh just as much as old smosh. i started watching right when they came in which could be why, but they're very integrated into smosh and work just as hard as ian and anthony did.
Yeet Yote
Yeet Yote 20 days ago
its because youre basiv
SuperMidget 2 months ago
I miss coming home, hopping on my iPad and watching Smosh away from my parents in my sisters TV room cause they thought it was not for my age, cause it was. It’s so damn cringe now but I can’t help but get attached...
Jennifer Johnston
Jennifer Johnston 2 months ago
Johana G
Johana G 2 months ago
dang kinda wanted to watch this video but had to stop after that pineapple comment 😕
MooWillow 2 months ago
T. Gerasimoski
T. Gerasimoski 3 months ago
anyway, smosh still makes awesome content
Kaitlen Jones
Kaitlen Jones 3 months ago
It’s a shame there isn’t a way to mass like videos. I just leave these running all day whilst I’m working. Easy listening and very interesting!!!
Nathan Wood
Nathan Wood 3 months ago
That Fart Lasagna vine was funnier than early smosh, sorry smosh scholar bro
Tony Tullis
Tony Tullis 3 months ago
Smosh is so goddamn cringe now it's physically painful to watch now.
soupdey 3 months ago
pineapple on pizza is fire
DigitalHarmony 3 months ago
I will say it on every video; Pineapple belongs on pizza.
Minty Genius
Minty Genius 3 months ago
Only fools don’t accept the magic that is pineapple on pizza. Unsubscribed.
Felix 3 months ago
Jinjo Love
Jinjo Love 3 months ago
I like Boze though, she is a gem..I don’t watch her on smosh though I watch her on jknews and the b!tches podcast
MapleLeafAce 3 months ago
I would disagree that content creators are entitled to getting money for videos. Remember, when US-first first arose, NOBODY got paid. It's like saying saying I'm entitled to money for the home videos I shot in 2001.
Sean Middleton
Sean Middleton 3 months ago
No one gonna talk about that Australian Hermione?!
Grotto Bear
Grotto Bear 3 months ago
I prefer the new Smosh cast personally, but there's no reason they couldn't have kept them in Smosh Pit permanently and leave the original channel for the two of them. I never really liked the original Smosh, but definitely felt they were disrespected.
Katie 1172
Katie 1172 3 months ago
I remember watching their pokemon parodies and I would cry laugh. Good times..
Eden H.
Eden H. 3 months ago
6:14 that dive almost hit the rocks
Bonita Tauch
Bonita Tauch 3 months ago
super random but I got a weird creepy ad while watching this video and was wondering if anybody else got it. It was an ad of another US-first channel with a mannequin saying "I want to suck out your life blood".
Pyukumuku ‘-‘
Pyukumuku ‘-‘ 3 months ago
Omg the new smosh crew is absolute shit I’m glad you agree
Wolf ki11ed you
Wolf ki11ed you 3 months ago
This is legitimately the exact same thing that happened with Europarts
kMizo whats
kMizo whats 3 months ago
Do you really need to go through your whole plan for the video before you start? The vids are already to long
Ana Brook
Ana Brook 3 months ago
I remember I would binge lunchtime with smosh ohh the good old days 😌
David Campbell
David Campbell 3 months ago
I watched smosh since my oldest son was 9. He is now 18. When the cast expanded and Anthony had left I noticed 2 or 3 episodes later. I think Anthony was the brains behind the skits. Ian is great for his part inbold school smosh, but anthony gone? Smosh is shit
moro! 3 months ago
lmao the “house getting robbed” analogy gave every girl so many bad flashbacks
Bass Player
Bass Player 3 months ago
This reminds me of the latest joe rogan and bill burr podcast....there's a band called anvil and this was.what he said. "Ull make more money selling 20 000 albums and having 100% ownership then it is to sell a million copies and having only 10% ownership"
Bass Player
Bass Player 3 months ago
Man TRO is the best at promoting other youtubers. It's done so perfectly and honestly
Lucid Dreamer
Lucid Dreamer 3 months ago
I LOVED watching Smosh. My brother and I used to watch them together all the time. After a while we stopped watching for a long time. I still followed them on FB, but couldn't even watch their new videos all the way through cause they were just...not entertaining for me anymore. I hope they can come back to their old form of humor and videos someday.
Brian M
Brian M 4 months ago
Excuse me. Pineapple belong one pizza! And for those yards who say fruit shouldn’t be on pizza... what do you think that tomatoes are
Aly Kashin
Aly Kashin 4 months ago
I remember lunchtime with Smosh and mail time with Smosh, I actually preferred those episode to the produced skits. More genuine, but once that was all gone- I kind of just left without even noticing it.
Pacer 4 months ago
Do you even own a suit
Berry Lane
Berry Lane 4 months ago
I licensed one of my videos through a company that does the cross platform media thing. I made them, and myself, a few thousand on the one video.... But i'll never do it again. They put a music over my video that everyone complained about in the comments, zoomed the video in so much that there were complaints of headaches, and they titled the video "woman makes" ... instead of you know... crediting me with my actual human name or at the very very least saying "artist makes" you know? I feel like they mismanaged the whole thing and if I went with another company or did it myself the results would have been cleaner.
Bron Solo
Bron Solo 4 months ago
That cliff jump near the beginning had me fearing for that persons life
Jerome Sankara
Jerome Sankara 4 months ago
I know MatPat from game theory did a huge video about this, I dont know if it was uploaded after this or before, but it also had a deep look in the inner workings right before the huge shut down. So would have been nice to see from him in the video. But! Amazing video! Hoping that people have recovered from this, it looks like most have been able to.
Afears Sol
Afears Sol 4 months ago
And then he said, I kid you not, "I'm making a fart lasagna", funniest shit I've ever seen.
Matthew Blackshaw
Matthew Blackshaw 4 months ago
Pineapple on pizza > any other topping
Jager Main
Jager Main 4 months ago
Those parody songs were actually one of my favorite things to come out of smosh, especially the Assassin's creed 3 one since i had been into the franchise at the time.
Casey Lasagna
Casey Lasagna 4 months ago
i know this is a while ago and maybe it's not the place to do it here, but like. as an old and new fan of smosh, i really do like new smosh. sure it's not the same, but it never will be, and the type of stuff they put out frankly wouldn't be funny in this age anymore. new smosh is definitely like a company now, but i feel like they were able to take what defy made and make it quite nice. the cast members are actually quite funny and their chemistry is nice.
Casey Lasagna
Casey Lasagna 4 months ago
also, the only reason that I found this channel was because of smosh. I was listening to one of their podcasts and one of these cast members (Courtney) listed TRO as one of their favorite channels, and so I went to check it out. i don't know, it feels a little sad that courtney likes these videos and maybe one day she got excited to see one about the company she works for, only to find that someone dissed her and her coworkers. i don't know, just a thought.
Isaiah James
Isaiah James 4 months ago
Just be under 18, then any contract you sign is void, ez pz
SamorZo 4 months ago
Don’t attack the company, attack the higher ups. There would’ve been many honest workers who also got screwed over at defy.
Hus#0408 4 months ago
I'm pretty sure that store scene was ripped from Superstore
Rubén Carvajal
Rubén Carvajal 4 months ago
Why didn't Ian quit with Anthony?
Arthur Oliveira
Arthur Oliveira 5 months ago
leave me and my pienapple alone you monster
Billy Bandito
Billy Bandito 5 months ago
Your blatant attack on pineapple on pizza was uncalled for. Unsubbed.
Sinkliner 5 months ago
Swear down you’re lowkey a battyman
Magiestic 5 months ago
I loved smosh and even smosh games but as soon as the new cast members came especially Bose I stopped watching all of it I hate Bose with a burning passion and I now dislike smosh I really do wish they never sold the channel
Technically Me
Technically Me 5 months ago
I love that so many people are putting clips of James in their videos!
Laura D
Laura D 5 months ago
I have a crush on your voice.
Abigail Murphy
Abigail Murphy 5 months ago
Came for the opinions. Stayed for the 0.3 seconds of footage of the puppy on Shane Dawson’s lap.
Sebas G
Sebas G 5 months ago
"stock aint worth anything if it doesnt go public", so others would´ve to pay for it.
Dumm Bish
Dumm Bish 5 months ago
Unrelated but 6:13 I almost died, because I just glanced up and was about to die 😆
Pewdiepie's Chair
Pewdiepie's Chair 5 months ago
Halfway thru this I forgot it was a TRO video
Aidan Kelley
Aidan Kelley 5 months ago
and that's why you don't do mergers, you only do "partnerships" so that you still have ownership of what you created, and so you also have control of what you do with your channel, and if you have disputes, you can just cut that partnership and your all good and dandy, i feel bad for smoosh, they worked hard making their content what it was and Defy defiled it, they turned the owners of that channel into prisoners in their shitty deal, and taking away all their rights to how the channel moves forward, learn from this, never do this, your just go from making content you enjoy and being your own bosses to being a slay to someone elses ideas, and suddenly its like your in a dead end job again with a manager telling you what to do
Taylor Mora
Taylor Mora 5 months ago
I get like Key of Awesome vibes from new smosh
1oAce 5 months ago
Can we talk about how Ian hecox and charlie day look like the same person at different stages of cocaine addiction.
JLaviation 5 months ago
Nowadays Smosh has become the most unnecessarily hated channel on US-first. They don't deserve all the backlash they're getting for doing nothing wrong.
Thetreeboy 5 months ago
yes pineapple on pizza is a sin
Draft Account
Draft Account 5 months ago
2013 lawl
ᴍᴏᴍᴏ _ sᴀᴛᴜʀɴ
Smosh was a part of my childhood i would always watch them with my brothers and sisters and we would watch on my mums phone and we would fight about us not being able to see cause it was 6 of us watching on my mums small phone, good memories.
Lauren Buss
Lauren Buss 6 months ago
how do you feel about smosh being bought by mythical?
Zero_Dream Maker
Zero_Dream Maker 6 months ago
Pineapple pizza is amazing. Try it
Weeb Girl
Weeb Girl 6 months ago
I miss the old smosh, just Anthony and Ian being their humorous selves. Now Anthony has left, and so many people have come on the channel, and it’s not the same. Not as funny for me, but I guess it’s ok .
hailey 6 months ago
HeresToUsTX 6 months ago
Cant tell if bad editing or intentional artistic liberty 1:45.
Laura Hall
Laura Hall 6 months ago
That damn neighbor, charlie the drubk guinea pig, and teleporting fat guy were fucking masterpieces
Michael Amanfo
Michael Amanfo 6 months ago
as soon as food wars stopped it was wraps
Theifys Nightmare
Theifys Nightmare 6 months ago
So ive been binge watching alot of your content and it makes me so happy to see more brits and their sence of humor x makes me hopeful that i can find funny brits xD defintaly subbing and may i say you sound (and your avitar looks) rather spiffing good sir ~
flowerthinking 6 months ago
matpat used to be a staff at defy and still got screwed over
Cancerous Hit!
Cancerous Hit! 6 months ago
All you have to do is watch the “try not to laugh” series and watch these people STRUGGLE to be funny (especially the women)