How One Comment Can Take You Down A Rabbit Hole - The Truth Behind Logan | TRO 

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The Right Opinion: How One Comment Can Take You Down A Rabbit Hole - The Truth Behind Logan | TRO
0:00 - Intro
6:04 - Red Herring
12:56 - Hackerman
21:30 - Unprotected
38:51 - A Crooked System
47:38 - The Solution
Security online, it’s something that a lot of us value as a personal liberty, for our privacy, and our safety. In the last decade, security online has taken multiple steps forward, but as large platforms are taking steps to protect their users, hackers are never too far behind, always looking for methods to stir up trouble, whether that’s attempting to obtain user data, or merely hijack someone’s account for comedic purposes. Plenty of sites have encountered data breaches, it’s an unfortunate hazard that some are clearly ill-prepared for. However, as much as hackers obtaining user data justifiably causes concern on a macro basis, I think people are much more protective over the possession of their personal accounts.
Our personal accounts, regardless of size, or influence, often pertain great personal value to us, as a platform that represents our thoughts, feelings, and even our creative ventures, it’s a piece of us. That sort of thing can definitely be exemplified with one’s US-first account, now of course many people create US-first accounts for the mere purposes of commenting, subscribing, and following content, however for many people, a US-first account allows us to express ourselves, and even if we’re projecting our content towards a large audience, it’s still a product which feels deeply intimate to us, which is why people care about others when they have their channels unnecessarily terminated or restricted. We like to think that all in all, US-first, in spite of their flaws have a grip on keeping our accounts secure, however, when you look at their track record, this could be called into contention.
Over the last few years, many creators have reported their channels stolen, and subsequently used for less than dignified purposes, in fact, it seems to be an overwhelmingly common occurrence for many users. Now when you have so many channels on a website like US-first, it seems inevitable that some accounts will be hacked, or stolen, but today we’re looking at an issue that transcends a few occurrences, and outlines a trend which appears pervasive on the platform, and encompassed by one account, which went by the name of Logan.

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Sep 9, 2020




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 2 months ago
EDITING CREDITS/REFERENCES BELOW: More low key, hope you enjoy :) Sub to Mugcup
Billy K
Billy K 10 days ago
Hey TRO! I actually know how these hacks are happening. When you go to those links they get your browser and ip info which they clone so they don't get caught by the system. They usually use a fake site to get your username and password, but that's not necessarily needed. Let me know if you need a better explanation.
Fredrik Granström
Fredrik Granström 15 days ago
Wait logan is your editor?
Leading Auctions
Leading Auctions 16 days ago
You should see what us Amazon FBA sellers deal with. You US-firstrs are spoiled.
Samar Saliba
Samar Saliba Month ago
I am new to the channel! Dude, but i really like your voice! WaNnA bE fRiEnDs XD
or Month ago
khornetto 7 hours ago
US-first staff is so incompetent... woah
ItsOutTheWindow 19 hours ago
Wanna be friends? Jkjk
Kylie Brenton
Kylie Brenton 21 hour ago
Where is Megan's cred??
Lloyd Irving
Lloyd Irving 21 hour ago
00:38: *Skeptical Eyebrow* 00:47 / 00:48: WaPo always gotta blame Trump somehow...
Juvena Vera
Juvena Vera Day ago
US-first is run by bots and the hackers are probably US-first itself
Aietra Day ago
I have sympathy for Meghan, but my goodness, she is SHRILL.
CloudyShiba Day ago
Storytime: Not about Logan but one of those other “wanna be friends” bots It was one of the trap town bots I forgot if I ever interacted with the comments However I know I got them After a couple weeks I had seen that somehow I was subscribed to the account? Later on I checked what devices were signed into my google account and multiple devices were signed in There was about 9 devices 4 of which that I didn’t own Luckily they hadn’t changed my password or uploaded anything So I just signed out all the devices I didn’t own and put 2 step authentication on my account (I didn’t think I needed it beforehand cause I only had around 150 subscribers)
logan nigh
logan nigh 2 days ago
Saw my name in the thumbnail, guess I'll watch the onision video later
Twigg 2 days ago
I'm sorry but that chick's voice at 25 min was absolute nails on chalkboard. I literally couldn't think... Jeeze
WREN 2 days ago
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
I got one question though..... Wanna be friends?
It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo
We should all just boycott US-first until they actually do their job.
mathtron✅ 3 days ago
Song at 6:04?
Mary C
Mary C 3 days ago
I've never heard of this beauty vlogger, but I am so enraged on her behalf. So would this "30 day time limit" not been an issue if someone more competent dealt with her problem in the first place?
Elementary School Computer
Wanna be friends
X Existential Crisis X
US-firsts investigation is equivalent to a child googling "why do i have a head ache".
Magda Harms
Magda Harms 5 days ago
LOL I love your videos AND your intros but I hate that you call yourself a “twat” because you’re more awesome than awesome. You’re the most awesomest (yes I am aware that’s not an actual word lol).
Gorelesque 5 days ago
Deji "My IQ level was is dumb high."(sic) - So dumb high that he can't speak properly.
Clayton Reardon
Clayton Reardon 5 days ago
Can someone please class action lawsuit against youtube? They're such a shitty company that has absolutely no concern for the people that make them money.
Remi 5 days ago
At the begining I was think man she's a bit angry, just a few minutes later I am thinking. Damn she is way too calm, US-first's response team are dense like bricks
Wayfaring Stranger
I had to quit this one half way through, that womans voice was making my ears bleed.
FPSGamer48 6 days ago
I am convinced that every US-first employee is a robot. Every. Single. One.
Alekej Zelinskij
Alekej Zelinskij 6 days ago
Was interested in this hacking/highjacking issue. Only to get 40 minutes bitching about youtube support.
Shaun Hammer
Shaun Hammer 6 days ago
Damn that girl just talks and talks
SilentVinyl 6 days ago
gunter smith
gunter smith 6 days ago
If the FBI came in and said there is info in those "deleted" videos they need , I have a feeling those videos would somehow magically reappear.
Arpit 6 days ago
I skipped first few minutes of this video thinking It was an advert for vpl Lul
Rhettorical 7 days ago
Introducing the second section with Down the Rabbit Hole music was a gigantic troll, was looking forward to Fred being a guest.
Terra Faye
Terra Faye 7 days ago
I remember these bots. The ones I saw the most was "nice job" and "wanna be friends". It was usually on videos with not alot of views and a few comments.
Daze Tupontu
Daze Tupontu 7 days ago
4:08 Do Brits say _"Growed"_ and not "grew"? - a German learning English
Chili Women
Chili Women 7 days ago
That Megan story wtf?
Unoriginal Asshole
Jokes on them. I hate making friends
TTeuio Youtube
TTeuio Youtube 8 days ago
Wanna be friends? Anyone?
samuri master
samuri master 8 days ago
wait if people can make money by selling my information can I sell my information time to make 50 alt accounts
Niebruh 8 days ago
33:55 damn OF works faster then US-first
Dante Deloden
Dante Deloden 8 days ago
wanna be enemies?
a_MhetOtw. 9 days ago
HEY! wAnt B3 FriEnd5?
Okay ImSorry
Okay ImSorry 9 days ago
Dude, if people are ever suspicious of you and your behavior, do not defend yourself via bragging about your IQ and stating you're too "smart" to be immoral. That is not something a smart person says. Take for example the nazi scientists we recruited after world war 2. One might even argue that being smart ENABLED them to participate in one of the biggest genocides ever.
Riley Mosier
Riley Mosier 9 days ago
Noti Gang
Riley Mosier
Riley Mosier 9 days ago
Rel 9 days ago
Damn and here I thought by rabbit hole means the vtuber rabbit hole -_-
GenX Rants
GenX Rants 10 days ago
Some of these hacks sound like an inside job.
Preston K. Productions
pianomanhere 7 days ago
I think it's even worse than that. US-first doesn't care about 99% of its channels, even many of the huge ones. If they gave a sh** they would have consistent processes in place, along with thoroughly trained employees and contractors.
Faith 10 days ago
it’s the fact that i double checked to make sure this was tros real channel
Faith 10 days ago
didnt found any💀
(STUDENT)William Giles
John Smith
Azazel .01
Azazel .01 10 days ago
I noticed this strange thing aswell , about a week ago I decided to clean my youtube subscriptions and noticed a bunch a random accounts I dont recall subscribing to... this may have been going on for some time now..
John .Murray
John .Murray 10 days ago
There's a big fuckin difference between "we are so sorry this happened to you" And "we are so sorry for the part we played in what happened to you"
Faith 10 days ago
exactly. the difference between being sorry you got caught and genuinely being sorry for what you’ve done.
Gondwan 10 days ago
Wow she's annoying
MacKayla Hogue
MacKayla Hogue 11 days ago
Cool Channel
Pink Snapper
Pink Snapper 11 days ago
Has anyone sued US-first, Google, et al? They are profiting by committing Theft by Fraud. They make money off of OTHER PEOPLE's content, and then refuse to honor the Payments that they promised. (I'm sure their contract is written entirely in their favor.)
Foxyoner 367
Foxyoner 367 11 days ago
Wanna be friends? Hackerman
Foxyoner 367
Foxyoner 367 11 days ago
Hey has this been happening to any of you A ad starts and goes 5 seconds and I can't skip anyone know why?
Foxyoner 367
Foxyoner 367 10 days ago
@Faith tank u
Faith 10 days ago
@Foxyoner 367 yeah it doesn’t happen all the time but i think it’s just a glitch. if you genuinely think you’ve been hacked though i’d change your log in information to be safe :)
Foxyoner 367
Foxyoner 367 10 days ago
@Faith ok I thought I was hacked like the comment above states
Faith 10 days ago
yes. it’s annoying.
MacKayla Hogue
MacKayla Hogue 11 days ago
You’ve been hacked.
Giantrobochicken 11 days ago
Wait does it happen when you respond to the comment? I responded it but not subscribed to the channel and now I’m kind of worried
a lucozade bottle
a lucozade bottle 11 days ago
Okay but live frees voice is calming.
a lucozade bottle
a lucozade bottle 11 days ago
It sounds like a voice you would hear on a learning vid to me
pepe the frog poops on right wingers
i like that whenever hackers are depicted on screen, they are wearing a hoodie 😂
ruhl1337 12 days ago
Do they hire 419 scammers to work at youtube? The emails they send back seem to fit the exact level of grammar, sentence structure and competency.
IABI TV 12 days ago
I knew this shit was malicious since months ago.
Corinne McKenna
Corinne McKenna 13 days ago
Honestly a bit surprised their service is so terrible. My experience with generic google help has always been positive. What a shame. They should be deeply embarrassed.
Corinne McKenna
Corinne McKenna 13 days ago
Honestly a bit surprised their service is so terrible. My experience with generic google help has always been positive. What a shame. They should be deeply embarrassed.
Fee Fraser
Fee Fraser 13 days ago
I can't listen to meghan blather on.... OMG her voi e, tone and pitch is like nails on a black board.... Aaargh
Jackson IsJackson
Jackson IsJackson 13 days ago
They could make a very complex code that can't be changed which the original owner could just type in to automatically get it back. (It could also kill people's income who sell US-first accounts!)
vizthex 14 days ago
9:12 also that specific channel didn't have the verified checkmark MrBeast has
hateeternalmaver 14 days ago
So scary, I'm a little channel in a little niche (~100 subs) and yeah, I actually had them pop up several times in my comments. First time I was in some kind of "target" group and gave me the shivers when I heard the stories behind it. -__-
Mariah Hightower
Mariah Hightower 14 days ago
The way that Meghan chick talks bothers me. I know she's upset but something about her attitude irks me lol
hell no
hell no 14 days ago
Please make a video about hornbots,these are horrible
TomKat Gaming
TomKat Gaming 14 days ago
Want to be friends? :)
Nathan Rail-Road
Nathan Rail-Road 15 days ago
This happened to AKindAleWar too
ava sisx
ava sisx 15 days ago
I had to stop watching, that Meghan girls voice was honestly going through my head
Brayonetta 15 days ago
40:56 In my experience, companies keep a Customer Contact Register detailing all information that is exchanged via email or phone call between a customer. So either the higher up did not read this, or "Claire" and "Walter" neglected to even detail their interaction with Meghan, in case anyone else who Meghan came into contact with at US-first can read the register and understand what has happened up until this point.
Tony Moncelle
Tony Moncelle 15 days ago
this made me run a virus scan on my pc haha
captain price
captain price 16 days ago
yeh i got 2 sex bots in my comments on one of my vids i almost got my account hacked by like ing their comment
theghosthunters445 16 days ago
I love how he has the windows XP/Vista background and icons, but he has a windows 10 taskbar! 🤣
Agent Smith
Agent Smith 16 days ago
I was subscribed to a small channel that suddenly went from blog type videos to Japanese game show clips. Turns out, the owner clicked a link in an email that bypassed the two factor verification and hijacked the channel.
Assiman 16 days ago
But who was Alex?
Paul Productions
Paul Productions 16 days ago
wanna be friends?
kat sandytoes
kat sandytoes 16 days ago
holy mother of queen hhjdkms this guy is P I S S
CrypticP 16 days ago
Whenever he starts talking abt the value of privacy I fully expect it to go into a vpn ad
Mannimarco 16 days ago
I think I'm going to start commenting want to be friends on random videos.
HOLLEY ROCKS 17 days ago
I guess my main question would be.....why wouldn't a creator that's super big make sure you keep back up copies of your videos? I save all mine on my external hard drive. And intend to get a second one just to back up that one. You would think if a creator has a content manager then that person would want to back up your content for you?????
Allibaad Cortzen
Allibaad Cortzen 17 days ago
omfg this Meghan youtuber is like Amy from Kitchen Nightmares; obnoxious, loud AND wide-eyed
wrxt 17 days ago
dam, dotn midn me unscribing from a lot of channels
Ok what if he comment on here omggg
Gurza 18 days ago
Burrowsworth !!
Burrowsworth !! 18 days ago
Hehehe, hey guys, guys, guys, Wanna be friends? (jk, I'm scared of people now)
NotTooGud Andy
NotTooGud Andy 18 days ago
im gay
L OL 19 days ago
WoNA de FriEnd is a joke tadapam!
L OL 19 days ago
RPG FReeKZ 19 days ago
Honestly, when I first started making videos and actually did laughably bad content I was offered by some company in a similar manner but as a grammar nazi I couldn't forgive how bad this rep butchered English. I'm now realizing that may have saved my account. My channel is dead but I still like having my shitty videos up. Makes me realize I actually grew a bit over the years.
y o u r n a m e
y o u r n a m e 19 days ago
''Just Some Guy Without a Mustache'' *came to my mind and I don't know why*
Logan Burke
Logan Burke 19 days ago
wanna be enemies?
Connor O'Driscoll
Connor O'Driscoll 20 days ago
@54:22 the irony of this statement after US-first's communication in this video 😂
Connor O'Driscoll
Connor O'Driscoll 20 days ago
Surely US-first could pull enough justification together to take these marketplaces to court? They'd be able to just run them out of business through legal fees
Mr.Megalodon 20 days ago
Could youtube be in on the hacking? They obviously are trying not to recover her account.
MilanousMedia 20 days ago
I was someone who got one of those comments on my channel. Knew there was something fishy and stayed away. Targeting vulnerable up and comers is beyond scummy.
Marsh Nello
Marsh Nello 20 days ago
Wanna be friends?
Marsh Nello
Marsh Nello 20 days ago
Nah JK i aint a scammer
Wamber 20 days ago
how am i supposed to find friends on youtube without them thinking i’m a bot :’( wanna be friends? 😳
Zachary Wasilewski
Zachary Wasilewski 20 days ago
wanna be friends? Jk
stapuft 20 days ago
........social engineering is not only extremely possible IRL, its even easier, look like you belong, act like you belong, and no one will question you. if you want to get something, either act impatient, or apologetic. if you want to know something, act friendly. if you want to get somewhere, just go, so long as you look like you belong, by not asking permission, people tend to assume, you are SUPPOSED to be there, "because, obviously, if they weren't supposed to be there, they would have asked, or seemed more suspicious." if you have to lie, make it a small, believable one, that you have rehearsed, so that when you say it, you say it naturally. it is also a BIG part of some peoples jobs, as penetration testers, and other people in the security profession.
Zinith 20 days ago
wanna be friends? "Naw, I think we should be enemies"
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