How One "Man" Fooled Us All - The Strange Story Of Samurai Buyer | TRO 

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How One "Man" Fooled Us All - The Strange Story Of Samurai Buyer | TRO
0:00 - Intro
5:59 - The Rise Of Samurai Buyer
12:26 - i Dubbbed
19:02 - Cherry Blossom
25:57 - Stormy Weather
33:09 - Collateral
43:39 - Samurai Liar
52:29 - Sayonara
Image can be reflected in our demeanour, our actions, our comments, and equally, it will be defined by how people interpret that behaviour. When we encounter people, and other alike entities, we spend a lot of time attempting to paint a mental picture in our head for how we envision them. Now, we cannot look into their minds and read their every intention, but some judgement is always necessary, because when we have to make a decision which may involve bestowing responsibility or trust in certain people, then that mental picture has to be factored in.
However, this is typically reserved for personal relationships, and although we may hold greater opinions about certain issues, we won’t typically assign a face to it. This is particularly the case with corporations. Now, it’s completely valid to have distaste for companies and their conduct, but it’s also reasonable to accept that most companies are made up of a lot of interacting tiers, and this can lead to them pretty much being separated from the idea of consciousness altogether. Although I wouldn’t actually agree with that, and urge others to keep in mind that a decision will typically have a person behind it, it is often hard to conceptually feel any emotional connection to what a company may do, hell, if we did we’d probably never stop being upset, and we need to look out for our mental well being too you know.
US-first occupies a weird medium between the world of intimacy and distance, because although we may not feel a connection to a lot of creators on a personal level, their success partly relies on the direct support that we pledge towards them. A lot of celebrities feel a bit beyond our world, and US-first creates communities that people can be involved in, however, because of that, there is a bit more direct accountability, and a judgement that does feel a little more personal. Therefore, we tend to apply certain standards for creators that we may not give to large multinational corporations, partly because of that connection, and partly because we actually have the power to hold them accountable.
Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed companies attempt to be quote “woke”, and relate to the human condition, yet it never feels particularly real because, although amusing, you receive the impression it’s just another campaign focused towards the demographic of depressed teenagers who occupy the Twitter hellscape. On top of this, the Tweets are never really channeled through the mind of an individual, and therefore we never put a face to the company or develop a personal connection.
However, in 2015, a business managed to infiltrate a budding US-first community, through a character who would become almost synonymous with the product that he was offering. Yes, long before BetterHelp would cause many creators to reevaluate how they keep an eye on the sponsors they collaborate with, there was an even more bewildering controversy, surrounding one of the most iconic US-first sponsors: Samurai Buyer.

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Jun 17, 2020




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The Right Opinion
The Right Opinion 5 months ago
EDITING CREDITS/REFERENCES BELOW: Ahhh have an extra video because you guys are epic (Also sorry for a few visual glitches, frustrated, but life must go on, *please do not blame the editor it was a mistake that occurred in post/render* , it is my responsibility to notice these things as much as it is anyone else's) Check out the editors: - Claire: us-first.info/more/d76lmm-QWR-e-hWIic58KQ - Benji: twitter.com/JustsomeGuy00_ - Tactical: twitter.com/Tact1c1 - Benjamin: twitter.com/BenjaminRogersX - Spencer: twitter.com/SpencerGrantV - Biodegradable: us-first.info - Jako: twitter.com/ladthatedits Post-Editing: - Logan: us-first.info Special thanks to: - Peter Day: us-first.info - Chloe: twitter.com/chloemeredxth Thumbnail: twitter.com/Stafoh Artist Credits (if your art appears here please email me): instagram.com/hessdabeast/ twitter.com/otaku_zera/status/1143940236017225728 twitter.com/suzukiPCArt instagram.com/mia.martian instagram.com/fireinsect/ twitter.com/dipshyart twitter.com/mehringguie - Special thanks to my Patrons: a vdl, Low60, Mac Maunder, Jade Rose, ColossalKiwi, Ash Black, Darren (Barcrest Plays), Light, Marc, RistrettoEva, WilliamThatch, Adam VIllareal, Ashley Butts, Adam Goetz, Bryan Langley, cloudfruit, Connor, Divinireigns, Miru Kado, Neo, Brandon, Emily Yoder, Megan McCallion, Mikey K, Miru Kado, Neo, Nipple Man, Ristretto Eva, Michael, Shane Reese, Mama Fujo, Yuliya Terekh, Spoonie The Rogue, Natasha Gray, Bruhreallysnapped, Darren Barcrest Plays, Ellie, Nassim J, Spoonie the Rogue, Gravidea, Lena Zhivun, Valerie B, Shelby Schulze, Kie, Austin Clothier, Bob Jazzypoo, Emily Jane Willems, Philip Wesolowski, Neuwwington, MuglyfuglyThug, Nico Mendoza, Sydney Plasky, puking dog, Isabelle Pond, Jacob Matthews, saberfang, Casual User, Ella Elric, Jennifer Stachuska, Maria Diamantoukos, Seth, YarnWitch, York, Paulina Joensen, Julia Fesst, Ammene, Leslie Miller, Ambros, Emma Hinniger, Hillary Dryer, Kathryn M Sorroche, Mirthe, triangulous, darkestweb, Letichia, Sarcastalshisss, SnowFreak, Casey Dickinson, Christian Lincoln, Rinnie, K., Linkin, Logan, Psycho Alchemist, Emily Ward, CaptainBunnincula, Megan Erwin, Jonas Picinich, Ryanna, Mireli, Floral, Margrethe, 10$+ Patrons: Ashley Butts, Elizabeth Looby, orkfighta, The Derbinator, Eduardo Pedrero, unknown_hat, dr_snuff, Jenn Sulana, Ella Daniels, Chris F, Adam Granger, Poofy, Tepi, ジュリアン, Hunter, Amanda, Mattias Kronsten Nygren, Bénédict Knecht, ayro grego, Jessica Silansky, Kasi, Kezzstar24, naoh123, Fayrith, David Alejandro Moreno, Heisenberg White, Kaiser, MuglyfuglyThug, lordpikachu96, Emma Hinnige, True Joker, Shiro Chigo, Mark Sanschargrin, Kazza Jackson, B_More_Cool_J, Christopher Henry, Leslie Shaddon, Fretless108, Elizabeth, Marissa Lyn, Ariel Fisher, Hunter R, VideoSyncratic, Special Thanks to My 50 Dollar Patreons: somehulabaloo, Caroline, Hypercube, Amanda, Devan Very special thanks to my 100 dollar Patreons: Brandon, Christopher Karas, Yesenia Ramirez, Çäñďÿ Śkûłłš Twitter: twitter.com/TheRightOpinion Facebook: facebook.com/TheRightOpinionOfficial/ Discord: discord.gg/SsgNxWU Instagram: instagram.com/the.right.opinion/ References: docs.google.com/document/d/15lWaMIaJ_sPpK2-FGYK7aH61lywsLTnpXOeD0WLXDFc/edit?usp=sharing
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bitten egg
bitten egg 11 days ago
"i am not ni**a i am yellow" misaki talking to idubbbz
Frying Raijin Awful Gaming
Hey, they‘re called tweets. Dunno why you chose to say twitts sometime😅
ref 2 months ago
Hey what's the track playing at the start of Tactical's part (19:02)? Sounds great and I'd love to listen to it more
Bass Player
Bass Player 3 months ago
Hey I was watching a TRO video and I can't find it anymore...all I remember is some dude was trying to get this chick go into his car or something to that effect and TRO sounded pretty pissed lol. I don't know the name or anything else or even the context. I just remember think oh man this will be a good one I thought I saved it on a playlist and but i didn't
Bri 777
Bri 777 3 hours ago
Well Jesus I didn’t know this is what happened ;-;
u nan bob
u nan bob 14 hours ago
Idubbbz is my favourite you tubers
Asiya Dj
Asiya Dj 20 hours ago
Can someone please give me the link to the background soundtrack that we can hear during "The rise of samurai buyer? I can't seem to find it in the description and I've been vibing to it not even listening to what TRO was talking about
Lio Local Chibi Thief
its kinda weird to be honest, most of Japanese rules for employees restrict the employees ability to communicate about stuff related to the company, you can go check hololive on it if you are interested, thats as far as the dismissal of Merry weather go. I wanted to ask Merry if Samurai Buyer ever made her sign some sketchy document they refused to translate into clear English or explain it much or something she signed without knowing at the time having Samurai Buyer tell her some BS about the context of what he signed.
Unidentified Corpse
As someone who buys things from foreign areas that are not shipped to where I live, I make sure I look into the shipping prices first. If they don’t have shipping, I don’t buy until I talk to ppl who bought from them. The person I’m buying from rn has their precise shipping method in their bio (it’s on Instagram).
Mshark308 Day ago
i forgot this man even existed i mainly remeber him from idubbbztv
Juan Julio Jesus Jiminez
I like Japanese snacks
triaxialcape Day ago
what is the song at the beginning, I really like it but cant seem to find anyone talking about it.
PastaAivo 2 days ago
Interestingly, they are now shutting down. But very good video on the matter, never knew most of this stuff.
Anthony Dolan
Anthony Dolan 2 days ago
Being full time or not is irrelevant to the issue of unfair dismissal in Japan. Also, layoffs are substantially illegal in Japan.
Trayce Martineau
Trayce Martineau 2 days ago
You act like this is somehow embarrassing for the content creators. It really isn't. I don't look back at the Idubbbz videos with upset because he didn't figure this whole situation out, I look at it and enjoy it for what it is. I don't fault the creators for anything. You're not above any of this just because you didn't find it funny when it happened, talk about cocky. The evidence wasn't easily available for a while. You, of all people, should know that hindsight is 20/20
WIHTS 2 days ago
This entire situation was just full of twists and turns. Well at least we know what happened to them and it seems that now they’re doing better and masaki seems to have been fired. Thank god for that.
House of leaves
House of leaves 3 days ago
Ok what I don't get with the broken English thing is that Joey (the anime man) speaks fluent and can read Japanese as good as he does English. I'm wondering if he had this non PC persona before or after idubbz is what I wanna know and how he talked to Joey.
dennislp3 3 days ago
what a garbage opinion...you didn't even touch Eastern (and specifically Japanese) culture. Masaki sounds like a "rogue" person (perhaps even a foreigner of western descent) trying to leverage social media (and successfully so in my opinion) . The problem is face and honor and all that hypocritical bullshit. Sounds like an employee who reached for gold and management said "FUCK YOU CAUSE ZERO RISK IS ACCEPTABLE AND YOU HAVE TO COMMIT SEPPUKU"
Theodore vassil-horse
You know one of idubbz views on bad unboxing.... I was one of those views.
LOKDOWNKING 4 days ago
Am I the only one who's never heard of Samurai buyer before
I understand that one threatening legal action against you is definitely fear provoking, particularly when it is just "his word against yours" at a given point in time. Hindsight 2020, but this guy was ABSOLUTELY bluffing. He was bluffing his ass off. This guy with a shit ton of sales and statistics which go against all business ethics, as well as the amount of evidence brought forth by Merryweather.... He was not about to go and pour a bunch of money into a libel lawsuit. Good riddance. Legal action is just as suicidal from him as it is anybody else. This man was threatening legal action towards people *outside of Japan.* Which means they would not be going through a Japanese court. "Masaki" is a sociopath and his last play was to put it all on the line with a bluff. A bluff the majority of these US-firstrs should have called. Particularly Slazo. Edit: It seems that Merryweather was still in Japan when he was threatened with legal action. As I do not understand Japanese courts (at all), I completely understand the hesitation to keep moving forward with the whistle-blowing.
Jesus Christ, this guy is a textbook sociopath.
SilentVinyl 5 days ago
Nice history
Olivia White
Olivia White 5 days ago
I like how some of the editors censored swears while some didn’t
Church Velasco
Church Velasco 5 days ago
Great video but also british so dislike
Pumbe And Chumby Solidarity
I actually started happy stimming seeing chibi you, it's adorable!!!!
Trey Jennings
Trey Jennings 6 days ago
They're still promoting that "sexy suit" (green suit) on the home page.
Helena Roßmy
Helena Roßmy 6 days ago
Winnie the poo face shows up. Me - a millenial with boomer level tech/inet knowledge: "ha! I get it! I got that reference" (just like cap) 😅👍❤ love your vids!
Retrojunk 84
Retrojunk 84 6 days ago
Isn't dubbz not from the I'm gay meme???
samuri master
samuri master 6 days ago
I miss read that lol thought it was bout me
Forward or Jump
Forward or Jump 7 days ago
Didn’t expect to see Merry’s anime backstory. But jokes aside, what they did to him was messed no matter how you view it, and the fact they are keeping that narrative is beyond childish and insane.
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 7 days ago
Wendy Williams Says Blac Chyna Texted Her Because She Needs A Place To Live + Chyna Responds www.hot97.com/hip-hop-news/ho...
Son Mintolc Uchiha
its weird I bought Goku hair from them it wasn't a scam I think I mean I asked my mom and I received it but this is interesting.
Gregor Meisen
Gregor Meisen 8 days ago
Video: "... a creator by the name of 'The Anime Man'..." Me: "You mean the Hentai Man?"
Craig Hartanagel
Craig Hartanagel 8 days ago
Wtf! How did I get unsubbed to you? No joke I been a sub for a long time and just thought you weren’t posting. Went and looked and I was not subscribed????
Vibe ASMR 8 days ago
TRO always has the coolest stories... That I don't watch because 1 hour just doesn't fit my viewing habits. Good content tho
Yahye Ali
Yahye Ali 8 days ago
For the people reading this dont trust a business even if they act nise because they do everything for money if they need to do something good to get money they will do it if they need to do something bad to get money they will do it that is why businesses where mad that slavery and childlabour where banned and now they are suporthing self love and blm they do never something without a reason they do it because it brings them money
The Clever Gamer
The Clever Gamer 8 days ago
>punishing whistleblowers Yep, he's definitely spent time in Australia.
Cool Dude
Cool Dude 8 days ago
33:52 what is he talking about here? What other rabbit hole?
Samozuo 9 days ago
i didnt think that samurai buyer was an actual real company
PoobieSims 9 days ago
To be fair: my boss is Indian. He still has the accent and on minimal occasion speaks broken English but all in all he speaks great English. But his writing and texting is still very very broken.
Charlotte Bauer
Charlotte Bauer 10 days ago
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 10 days ago
Nigerians from California
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 10 days ago
Everyone is a Tosh ripoff
Invidious Ignoramus
Wait, there are people who didn't know it was an act? LMAO The scam comments some people made definitely sounds like they have no idea how proxy buyers work, though. Good that they figured out how to estimate shipping before ordering.
FoLoTi 10 days ago
i honestly had zero clue merryweather had a part in samurai buyer
Summer 11 days ago
Hey so the animated girl in your thumbnail is work by Jayden Animations btw. Like the thumbnail itself isn't but the cartoon is
Psyfi x
Psyfi x 11 days ago
Im literally just skipping through this lol this is not worth an hour long video. Milking the fuck out of this
tiffany God
tiffany God 9 days ago
But yet you still watched
Baby Baby
Baby Baby 11 days ago
Misaki? More like Me-Shocky 😜 🦗🦗🦗 That one hurt to watch
razor dad
razor dad 11 days ago
Senpai misaki, why
blobfish 11 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks the editors need some ADHD meds bc you don’t need to move the whole screen every second
Draupnir_EcoGang. 11 days ago
the frank video where he rips into his bullshit will forever be hilarious.
Sabīne Marta Hāgena
The Diomedan War Sword
Well done. Appreciate you.
William Mays
William Mays 12 days ago
"Thats racism man. I love to racism bro."
death taco
death taco 12 days ago
I do not like this channel
death taco
death taco 12 days ago
@FECK I think that it is not good
FECK 12 days ago
why big man.
Yuv Boghani
Yuv Boghani 12 days ago
Can someone explain in short what they did wrong?
Assiman 12 days ago
I've used many different services like this when buying from Japan, but I've never even heard of Samurai Buyer before. Huh, guess I've been living under a rock.
jz35 13 days ago
I,ve not got as far as you explaining the con . And how he fooled everyone , but the idea of his business is a good 1 that if done legit and correctly I,m sure would be a good money maker
Tex 13 days ago
Is Slazo the one that got his under age girl "fans" to twerk for him?
Tex 11 days ago
@Madhusree Roy Thank you for clearing that up. Poor bloke that sort of shit is putrid and should be listed as a hate crime to, totally evil thing to even think about doing.
Madhusree Roy
Madhusree Roy 11 days ago
No. That's Austin Jones and Lionmaker. Slazo was falsely accused of sexual abuse by his ex girlfriend Chey
Tex 13 days ago
Always outstanding content and production. You efforts never go unnoticed!
JJ 13 days ago
Well this is a blast from the past indeed lol I hadn't heard about all this, but I remember hearing about them, checking them out and just not liking how this service worked. Not even estimating shipping...? I mean, that sounded so sketchy. And seeing how Joey called them sketchy, I feel vindicated. Now I want the boys to talk about this in the Trash Taste podcast lol
Clay Davis
Clay Davis 13 days ago
Yeah like you're one to talk about people's early content
LaroonDynasty 13 days ago
This video today is sponsored by samurai buyer, thanks for watchingt
FECK 12 days ago
ً ً
ً ً 14 days ago
That was unexpected to hear about Merry on here ngl.
Creationizer Nunya
Creationizer Nunya 14 days ago
50:56 doesn’t make it ANY more tolerable. ALL corporations that act like this are disgusting. I even hate Nintendo anymore, I hope all the shareholders lose 100% of their share value.
fry 14 days ago
OH MY GODDDD when he said hooray and the anime face popped up I DIEDDDDDDDDD BAHHAAHHAA
DerfQt 14 days ago
This video could have been like 50% shorter
Ranger 14 days ago
wait, the founder is Tanaka? As in Tanaka's shady commodities?
McLovin 15 days ago
I never thought i’d see these two in a thumbnail together. they are polar opposites
Blueberry 14 days ago
Gaming Sokz
Gaming Sokz 15 days ago
I feel like I’ve heard this name before, but I don’t know where from...
Jimmy Lollington
Jimmy Lollington 15 days ago
Ahhh 2015 idubz back in year 10 when life was simple and before Ian was a simp who made Shit content and Joji was frank. Oh how things change...
Jimmy Lollington
Jimmy Lollington 15 days ago
I thought it was pretty well known that when u import goods u can be taxed additionally and usually are especially when it’s from far away. That’s why I never shop shit from the USA, to here (UK.)
Spencer Geller
Spencer Geller 15 days ago
While I do appreciate this video as a comprehensive history of the subject matter, the opining, especially at the end, is an extremely bad take. There is no youtuber, not a single one, including Jayden animations, who genuinely bought into the Misaki persona. Every single one of them knew that it was being played up, if not a farce entirely. It's ironic, because the assumption that youtubers are "gullible idiots" is the exact same way people viewed Misaki, and that, as you know, was proven to be false. They were using the opportunity for free money, goods, and views. It's even more bizarre when the company would send people free stuff, and they complained that the stuff was not good enough. Sorry, next time we'll ship the Rolex, Gucci goods, and the Lambo.
Yttrx Stein
Yttrx Stein 15 days ago
I mean... we *could* just burn it all the fuck down.
Faire Play
Faire Play 15 days ago
Man that "Stormy Weather bit hit me. Especially when you know Merryweather and have a clue what's going on. It's like cathartic or something
Caffeinated King
Caffeinated King 16 days ago
My perspective may be skewed as an Aussie, but that Skype call with Misaki sounded a lot more to me more like an Australian with a very convincing "Japanese" accent. It almost sounded like he was slipping out of the Japanese accent, rather than slipping into the Aussie accent.
A.P 16 days ago
Samurai 🗡 buyer
Jettaboo 16 days ago
I literally watched all the Ian videos and literally thought Samurai buyer was part of dudes name never realized it was the company so it didn’t work on me pretty sure I really enjoyed a drink or two back then
Franco Carranza
Franco Carranza 16 days ago
At least we still have natsuki
cheng chao
cheng chao 17 days ago
After such a long time, it seemed like the story was scattered to the wind. I'm impressed you managed to find so many details about it, and you gave a very good analysis on the whole affair. I want to admit that at the time, I was much younger and more inexperienced in how I handled myself online. As you mentioned, the Twitlonger was without a doubt far too dramatic, and focused in part on the wrong things. I should have focused on Misaki's behavior towards me. I do not believe the company had any malicious intent with the shipping issue, as that is how proxy buyers function, and I should have clarified that. The best thing would have been to criticize the lack of information on the site, which they did end up fixing in the end. I don't think there is anything wrong with Samurai Buyer as they are now. When I made my Twitlongr many people were complaining about not being informed about the extra charges, but they made this much clearer on their website now. They definitely made the best out of the extra items people couldn't or wouldn't pay second shipping fee for, but that's something all businesses would do. Being in a foreign land, and my brief position at Samurai Buyer only being my second job ever, it was a pretty drastic thing to jump right into just like that. As you mentioned in the video, it is not surprising for a company to lay off foreign employees once they felt they'd outlived their usefulness. I just wish he would have done it in a nicer way. Suddenly deleting all my company accounts, changing all passwords, and kicking me out of all work-related skype chats overnight with no warning whatsoever definitely shocked me, as I had just extended my stay in Japan specifically because of that job. I really thought Misaki seemed like a nice guy. There was times when he was nice to me, too. We were on good terms for a lot of the time I was with the company. Things changed pretty drastically once I started working at the office. I had attempted for weeks to get some sort of resolution with Misaki before I posted the Twitlongr. I was unable to get any sort of reaction from him that wasn't just sarcasm or mockery. He even sent me DM's from the official Samurai Buyer account taunting me. I told him to start communicating with me, or I would go public about the way he was treating me. He replied "Go ahead." The only time he messaged me in a non-mocking manner, was after the Twitlongr went public. But at that point it was pretty clear to me he just messaged me to get me to delete it. After I told him I didn't want to delete it, he started sending vague threats to me. The most ominous one was probably him messaging me in Japanese, saying something like "it's too late to fix, and that I would pay for it". During one situation which I feel a bit embarrassed about now, I had a panic attack and started frantically tweeting things about how he was scaring me. This was because of various vague messages he was sending me, about knowing my location, knowing which airport I was going to, and that he had friends in many places. It's obvious to me now that he was probably just trying to mess with me, knowing I had anxiety about the whole situation. I don't think he was ever actually going to hurt me, or send anyone after me. He just wanted me to be scared and feel bad. Being temporarily stuck in a foreign country with no friends, no family, and getting ominous messages like that was probably one of the scariest situations in my life. At the end of the day, I wish the entire situation had just been handled in a different way on all sides, including my own.
Jack Jacksonson
Jack Jacksonson 16 days ago
Well said
Randall Weaver
Randall Weaver 17 days ago
This has more adds than my TV
FECK 12 days ago
remiisme 17 days ago
The background in the Samurai Liar part is really makin me trip
Frostare 17 days ago
Never heard of the brand until now... phew!
Mora 18 days ago
30:53 "Claim 3: Merry was being racist on twitter" response: "Misaki never asked me not to do it..." Sooooo you were racist on twitter and that is a valid claim? Even following your extended logic that you ran all tweets past Misaki and he approved them that doesn't mean they didn't get backlash for the comments and felt forced to address them in some way. Firing the social media person who made the tweets is by far the easiest solution. Seems to me like this is why you were fired lol.
Cloud 18 days ago
I follow merryweather and I thought he was a girl
Penny Lynch
Penny Lynch 18 days ago
Hi do u really wear a top hat? Love your channel thanx Jesus loves you! Xxx 😃
Alexis Blue
Alexis Blue 18 days ago
Can someone do a tl;dr? Ive tried to watch this many times but for some reason i never finish it
Jeko Mauser
Jeko Mauser 18 days ago
It's 12am and I am now 19, and I couldn't think of a better way to usher in my birthday than to listen to your smooth British voice😂
GavReviews 18 days ago
37:42 Same kinda language big shot politicians and government people like Trump used against people like Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. And if your actions as a Japanese merch shipping business can be compared to an American government cover up, then you done f***ed up.
Theohybrid 18 days ago
So, a troll got trolled?
mac_II 19 days ago
you feel a connection with jacob paul?
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 19 days ago
Worst voice ever
geraldthe penguin
geraldthe penguin 19 days ago
You should've seen the stuff they sent to akidearest.
SOOK 19 days ago
Damn, can't believe I was tricked. I loved him. But I remember after watching Jaiden's video and think, "Why, how can someone like him exists. Ha, wouldn't it be funny if he was fake."
Gabriel Tripp
Gabriel Tripp 20 days ago
Normally I don't enjoy story telling with a moral opinion, but you analysis resonated and I think it added a lot to your recounting of events.
Shirokuma Kun
Shirokuma Kun 20 days ago
Was watching Jaiden video about Misaki saw a comment about him being a scammer search for this video realized this was a one-hour long video *I've done f**cked up*
evil_befall 15 days ago
Most of TRO videos are long I like it because with being longer then a hour It means he and editors put time in the video
Ty 20 days ago
I feel like as an Alaskan I have to analyze every word you say because we have the most monotone average speed voice and you have a thick accent that has oddball delays. Messes with my brain a lot. Edit: notably, non-native but rather normal populace who has moved via military within a couple generations.
baund 5 nm
baund 5 nm 20 days ago
baund 5 nm
baund 5 nm 20 days ago
7 fucking mid roll ads
Who? 21 day ago
51:28 why she start smiling like that when she points to D 🤔
PlaysWithBlades 22 days ago
20 years ago I learned the hard way not to do any job with Asians unless I have at least minimum guarantee that I'm talking with a westerner holding a whip, then I can at least hope I will get what I paid for. But even that changes in this brave new age of ours. Business, work and especially legal cultures are not compatible, sorry to break this fact to all the weeaboos.
Demonologist 22 days ago
I thought Samurai Buyer was his username, not the name of a company
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